Terminate Everyworstthing

Worst-alternate title: Conservative conservatorium of spite and hate and chip on shoulders and THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID

No. Seriously. Dear worst-reader! I try. I really try. Heck. I even read one of Matt Taibbi‘s books. But then. Somehow. Something. Somewhere… Yeah. I had to stop admiring this guy. This talented word-smith dropped off my radar years ago. Why? Matt Taibbi has gone to the dark-side. Such a worst-statement, of course, begs a worst-question:

Is the dark-side a right or a left dark-side?

Put another worst-way: is the dark-side some masterbatory idyllic city on a hill also known as libertarianism-ville or free market plumb money village or just plain old welcome to John Galt Ville where everything, including the air, is for sale, etc? #Nomatter.

Just to recap my worst-confusion with Matt Taibbi, here’s a few worst-thoughts. Why would this guy give up such a great gig like writing for Rolling Stone Magazine? I mean. I get it if he feels he needs to move on. But. Is it such a bad thing to play by some rules? Rules… I‘m worst-guessing, is the reason he left Rolling Stone. Rebellious #OKBoomer children, don’t you know. Then there‘s his short stint at The Intercept. Ok. It‘s not so mysterious why he would abruptly leave the world‘s most expensive blog run by the most expensive over-paid bloggers. Since then he’s been freelancing, I guess. Oh wait. He‘s now basting in comfort behind a blog paywall known as Substack. Which is great. And so. Other than reading about him or hearing his name in a podcast here or there, I‘ve lost all interest in what Matt Taibbi has to say. But then. Suddenly. Stop the presses.

Matt Taibbi hit my radar the other day. Yeah. For. You see. Dear worst-reader. Matt Taibbi was given a bunch of emails that are supposed to contain a political news worthy smoking gun. And what does Matt Taibbi do? He preps everybody via two dozen or so tweets that most certainly do not rock anyone’s world. Except. Of course. Former prez pee-pee-hair. And when you can provoke former prez mango-Mussolini…? Indeed. And so.

Based on Matt Taibbi‘s smoldering-gun tweets, #Trump thinks he has enough proof about election fraud that it‘s time to get rid of the united mistakes of #Americant constitution. And so so. Indeed-deed. My curiosity was peeking so I followed up on a few of Matt Taibbi‘s tweets. One of those tweets lead to a pseudo-debate hosted by some libertarian (I‘m worst-guessing) debate society in Canadiastan known as Munk Debates. Matt Taibbi, along with some pro British brexit dippy, were debating two NYT writers about whether the the mainstream media can be trusted. That’s it. A debate by the THE MEDIA about whether or not the media can be trusted. That such a debate exists is proof enough of it being surely organized by Ayan Randian $hitbags. That worst-said, I watched the whole thing (see link below) because I love Malcolm Gladwell. Long worst-story short, Matt Taibbi and his dippy but British brexit-witty comrade won the debate–that The Media is corrupt and can‘t be trusted. For. In case you‘re not in the now. These Munk Debates are about not just who wins the debate but who the audience thinks wins the debate. The trick here is to get the audience to vote on the issue before the debate and then to vote again after the debate is over. But none of that matters because the only thing I got out of the debate was how heavy that chip is on Matt Taibbi‘s shoulder. In fact, it may have gotten bigger since I gave up on him years ago. Worst-wow.

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, it was just after this debate that Matt Taibbi received the Twitter emails which may or mayn‘t hurt his brand. Why? Matt Taibbi was gifted email correspondence that took place between Twitter execs during the 2020 presidential campaign. I‘m assuming, considering the depths that political campaigns will sink, that someone–from Twitter that is now owned by you-know-who–thought there was something interesting in these emails and only the likes of Matt Taibbi can be trusted to publish that info. The problem is, the only thing interesting that I can find is how these emails show Twitter execs actually putting some worthwhile effort into moderating content. I mean. Ain‘t that a good thing when the content their moderating are dick-pics? It turns out that the material that was supposed to appeal to right-wing-nuts was just more of the same-same from the debunked Joe Biden‘s son‘s laptop story from 2020. And so. Matt Taibbi, I guess, also thinks that these emails prove how a private company can censor speech and thereby infringe on first amendment rights–which, for him, is ultimately what his begrudged The Media do all the time. Need I remind you, dear worst-reader, that a private company does not in anyway have to abide by the first amendment. Only the government has to do that. And so. Some right-wingers, including those ever fake smiling libertarians, especially those on the darker-darkest-side, think, because Twitter censored Joe Biden‘s son‘s dick-pics, the 2020 election is invalid. Former prez Cheeto jeezus now thinks that the constitution should be „terminated“. Go figure.

Wow. You can‘t write this stuff, dear worst-reader. But Matt Taibbi can.

Rant on.


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