The Land Of Fluff

Alternative worst-title of this post of worst: Crime does kinda pay or definitely costs less nowadays.

Who’s celebrating, dear worst-reader? Or is it not worth celebrating that former prez pee-pee-hair kinda was found guilty on tax fraud? I worst-say kinda guilty because, well, he’s not called teflon Donny for nothing. In other worst-words, only two of his so-called organisations were found guilty. Who even knows how many organisations he has? With the recent verdicts, though, it seems that some penalties will be levied on Cheeto jeezus. And so. It’s kinda sad-hill-larry-us how the system that is the united mistakes of #Americant just can’t seem to ever-never do the right thing when it comes to all-things #Americant, especially #Americant crime. Then again. I reckon it can do the right thing when it comes to controlling poor people. Jails are full of poor people. But the rich? The privileged? The Haves and the Have-Mores? Man-o-man. What a scam life really is. The good news? Mango Mussolini is facing a few more legal troubles. The other news? Come on. He’ll never spend a day in jail. I know. I know. I’m laughing too.

Giggle giggle.

Rant (and steal) on.