Two Out Of Three Ain‘t Bad

Don‘t worry, dear worst-reader. I‘m not gonna go there. Well. Not gonna go deep there. For. Don‘t you know. After what happened in Brazil the other day, there‘s a bit too much comparison and contrast going on. I mean. The worst-thing is, there need not be ANY comparison—or contrast—here. Reason? It is the same friggin thing. In fact. If you ask worst-writer–and you obviously should not, the only thing that differentiates Jan 6, 2021 at the united mistakes of #Americant Capitol building and what took place the other day in Brazil, is how authorities–in Brazil–immediately started arresting the nutbags. Of course, let‘s not forget the Germans in this Spiel. Or have you already forgotten about the Reichsburger? If so. No worries. Before these nutbags could even attack the Bundestag, they were friggin arrested. How long did it take to arrest the #Americant nutbags.

But I die-gress.

Rant on.