You Can Make This Stuff Up, Just Go For It

As the saying goes: you can‘t make this stuff up. Perhaps it‘s time to rethink. You know. As in. Who could make up the story that a two-bit, spoiled rotten inheritor kid, from a disgusting family of money earned as a slumlords in New York, who himself could never achieve ANYTHING on his own abilities, who then resorts to skirting the law in order to maintain whatever wealth he hasn‘t managed to squander, and then to rise to the office of president of the united mistakes of #Americant. WTF. Not shocked yet? Reason you‘re not shocked is the same as you wouldn‘t/couldn‘t smell the feces on account you live in a world of feces. Blah. Blah. Blah. Indeed. #Americant skillfully allowed this filth, of which, obviously, the country is awash, to rise to new heights. And why? Politics? Cynicism? Bigotry? Greed? Your capitalism got a snag in it? All the above? Again. Indeed. It‘s time to rethink. You can make this stuff up.

Take for example a repub nutjob that was recently elected to the people‘s house. George Santos. I mean. Come on. Is this guy really the reason that #Americants are gonna start questioning the legitimacy of resumes–as he lied about everything on his? Since Reagan resumes have been a lie. Since Nixon, the concept of meritocracy is a joke. Since Lincoln racism is American as apple pie. Since Washington the fascism has been alive and well. So what‘s the deal with now? Why has the $hitshow taken such a turn for the obvious worst? Again. Indeed. Indeed. Welcome to your world of all things worst. There is nothing else. But the lie.

If the likes of former prez pee-pee-hair can rise to the top as a scammer, why can‘t Santos? It‘s a $hitshow where the audience has been so dumbed down it can‘t tell the difference between rot, more rot and the image in the mirror it avoids on account, like Dracula, there is no image. It‘s about being so dead on the inside there‘s nothing to reflect. And so. #Trump rises. Santos rises. The entirety of the GOP rises like a magical flying feces spreading droplets of poop everywhere and the #Americant masses gobble it all up as an alternative to opioids. So if I sound a bit awash in Schadenfreude, dear worst-reader. You are correct. This Santos thing, including the rot that is New York politics, where nothing is being said about the political vacuum left with the downfall of the Coumo dynasty, I‘m laughing my arse off. This is hill-Larry-us.

But enough of all my pseudo, inverted optimism. Good luck suckers.

Rant on.