How Not To Kill The Little Blue Birdy

I’m referring, of course, dear worst-reader, to my twitter account. Been on twitter since 2009–at least with (at)worstwriter. A few years back, when the right-wingers and #Trump started taking over the minds of THE LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID lost in social-media, I deleted all my tweets. Better get off this $hithole, I thought. It’s not as though worstwriter couldn’t be (mis)interpreted as a crazy. Or? Anywho. Long before that I got off facebag. As far as the other social-media thingies, I’m just not interested. But twitter. Twitter! I really wanted to somehow continue using it, even hoping that it could save itself. Reason? It’s a great source for newz. IMHO it’s also the best example yet of online connectivity (forget the whole social thingy). As far as all the bat$hit crazy goes, I think I’m pretty good navigating unscathed through it all.

Then I came across this article.

The effort was sparked when a tweet from the president, who has 37m followers, generated nearly 29m impressions while a similar tweet from Musk – who has 128m followers – generated little more than 9.1m impressions. -Source: see link below

Ok. Ok. I get it. Musk made a huge mistake NOT by buying twitter but buying it so overpriced that the only way to save himself from his own crazed antics is to either bankrupt it and then try to recoup some of his money selling it or go full throttle on turning it into a über bat$hit bat$hit $hithole of right-wing mindlessness galore that includes the dreams and strawberry flavoured nightmares of Ayn Rand.

Is this article chronicling yet another example of how rich people might, just might, not be as smart as some think they are? Delusions run amok? I mean. Seriously. Musk is gonna solve his bat$hit problems by reacting to his own personal inadequacies because POTUS (Biden) got more attention with a Super Bowl tweet than he did? This is jealously, right? Or is it spite? Stupidity–at the hands of the world’s richest man? This is how to run a business? #Nomatter

When I read this article my immediate reaction was: enough. It’s time to quit the online little blue birdy. But then I went online and only ended up cleaning out my follow list. Since I only use twitter for finding newz–and I made the mistake of following Musk–I’m gonna continue using it without following Der Führer of bat$hit and then reevaluate.

Rant on.



PS What’s the deal with calling people who design a website engineers? WTF.