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Thanks for visiting. I am worstwriter.com, aka Tom Stough (1963). Other than being a sweet-bitter expatriate, I worst-write. I’ve also dabbled in and never had much success ($$$) with…

Other stuff worst-written but not included here: speech writing, ghost-writing, a few corporate presentations here and there and (I) even tried to sell mechanically typed DIN-A5 pages on the street for a nickel (vid above). And so. I can’t remember why I gave up my day job to become a writer but I did. And so so. If you can afford it…

*Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Samuel Beckett

This site and all of my writing is maintained by everything except compulsion and is dedicated to bad if not care-less writing because, well, as some famous person somewhere probably once said in his/her drunken stupor: who cares.

Here a quick look at how/what I blog. The bullet-list are categories. The first one, Blog, contains a whole bunch of stuff not suitable to the others. The other categories are just a bit more specific. Below the bullet-list are blog post tags. Tags are the metadata that apply to individual blog posts that reveal a tick more info about what I’m worst-writing. Or something like that.

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Blog on, baby!

Oh. And before I forget. If you haven’t already done so, thanks for lowering your expectations visiting and/or reading through this site.

Rant on.


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