What Does Freedom (Actually) Mean?

Freedom = my WHO vaccine passport and most recent ersatz card.

The meaning of freedom, dear worst-reader? In these times the answer depends on who you are asking. If you’re asking a slave what freedom is, the answer should be obvious. Just give that a try with #Americants. If you’re asking a sick covid patient, who is perhaps on life support, is the answer less obvious? And so. What does one do when you don’t know you’re a slave or you’re intellectually incapable of understanding the seriousness of the covid? Hence the advent of conspiracy-theory mania a’la my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. You know, that place that can’t even figure out the seriouesness of what happened on January 6, 2021. Of course, #Americant ain’t alone with the question that propagates the most bat$hittery there is. Hence the article linked below. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. When the powers-that-be, those in the hot seat of decision making for the powerless and apoplectic masses, who couldn’t (intellectually) fight their way out of a wet paper bag, when they ask the question of what freedom is, the answer may or may not be obvious. And so. While the apoplectic and ignoramus masses pass on finding a/their answer–you know, so they can lap in the luxury of stupid-fun instead–thereby enabling and facilitating fascism–hence, former prez pee-pee-hair–freedom is only definable through the eyes of those who can afford it or have the biggest podium to speak it. And so. If you happen to be one of the apoplectic and ignoramus masses and then you actually try and answer the question, you will immediately be labeled a terrorist or, worse, a communist. And this is how fake, fiat, fiction becomes the norm in Orwell’s 21st century western world, baby. Or maybe not.

It wasn’t enough that the likes of Brexit and #Trumpism achieved their ultimate goal. You know, power over the world and power over ripping people, banks and heads of state off. Yet. After such power is squandered and the nevermore of yesteryore lies naked at our feet, I’ve still managed to acquire a CDC vaccination card (along with the actual vaccination, don’t you know). How can that be? If you listen to the rightwing talking heads you’d think that I owe my first born now. On the other hand. I’m so thankful for the vaccination that I’m dancing along side two-steppers, Irish kick dancers and let’s not forget the joy of mindless country music dancers in bumfcuk Kentucky, Pennsylvania, or, goodness forbid, Idaho. Indeed. And then there’s the thought that I have to return to #Eurowasteland in a few days where such a card will make my travels that much more less difficult. Freedom anyone? Not only does having such a card mean that I don’t have to pay stupid-money to get another PCR test but, somehow, some way, having proof of a vaccination goes well with all the other vaccinations I’ve had over the years. You know. All those vaccines I got in 2015-2016 because of my travels to India and parts of south east Asia, etc. But let me not get-on about how worst-writer, the most unsuccessful writer in all of history, travels. Or?

So what is freedom, dear worst-reader? Is freedom being able to choose between covid or a vaccination? Is freedom the 2nd amendment, which has become a/the mechanism to kill so many more so haphazardly? Or is freedom the special privilege whereby the Haves can so easily rule over the HaveNots? But on that note, I die-gress.

Rant on.


Link: https://crooksandliars.com/2021/06/nigel-farage-vaccine-cards-government

What Is The Origin Of Science Denialism?

This is a screenshot of a tweet because embeds and URLs work like $hit in wordpress. Why? Oh why?

After reading the linked article, worst-writer concluded that he has a gripe with what’s being said. That gripe, don’t you know, has to do with the claim that the tobacco industry created modern science denialism. Although it is a worthwhile claim, it’s totally inaccurate. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. The origin of everything denialism in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant goes much deeper–and much further back than the industrialisation of the tobacco leaf. Indeed.

Think in terms, dear worst-reader, of the Wizard of Oz. That’s right, I’m talking about the man behind the curtain that no one should pay attention to. Also, think about the tried & true elixir salesman, who, like The Wizard, traveled around #Americant in a horse drawn trailer selling sugared horse piss as a cure all. But don’t get me wrong. I’m not even blaming these industrious salesmen. Where would #Americant be without them? Would we even have a Steve Jobs without all the old conmen of yore?

My worst-point is this. I too quit tobacco years ago. For me, though, it was no big deal. In fact, I could puff at a cig here and there right now and it would not cause me to resort to wanting another one. Reason? There are more important habits. And so. Like most things in (this) life, I’d just laugh off habits (cause I can’t afford them anywho) and brush my teeth and… Now. Alcohol is a whole ‘nother thing. Yea. If only I could quit that one. But let’s move on.

Doctorow is obviously right in calling out the origin of science denialism. I just think that call should go a bit deeper and thereby call-out the idiots that buy-in to this $hit.But what does (could) worst-writer know.

Rant on.


Link: https://doctorow.medium.com/i-quit-9ae7b6010c99

The Crypto Game Show

Source of pic: Bitcoin logo

Why am I surprised, dear worst-reader? Did I believe that Bitcoin was impenetrable? Did I think that the government or authorities would never crack the kryptonite–that could take down the likes of Bitcoin? Or did I simply think, ultimately, Government doesn’t really care–if there may or may not be some competition? That is, somewhere in the back of my worst-mind, I thought (dreamt?) that because government monopoly on currency could never be broken and only at best dented by crypto-currency, it would just stand by and watch the show go on and on and thereby giggle once or thrice as the masses lose their collective $hit about the value of block-chain generated currency. But guess what, dear worst-reader? Worst-writer be all-kinds of wrong.

According to reports, government crypto authorities (FBI) employed one of three tactics to break into the recent ransomware payments from the Colonial Pipeline attacks that almost crippled gasoline supplies for the entire south east of the united mistakes of #Americant. An act, by-the-buy, that made me laugh my arse off. Not unlike any of the ransomware acts previously perpetrated, worst-writer couldn’t help but perform cartwheels along with exuberant $hits & giggles with these recent perpetrations. Indeed. So is it entertainment for those of us who not only question the idiocy of old money in #Americant but also could give a hoot what happens to that old money? That said and before I get too far off worst-subject, the three tactics employed by crypto authorities (FBI) in order to reign in the simple genius of ransomeware pirates includes the following:

  1. Someone from Darkside snitched and provided access
  2. The criminals were careless which could have given access to emails or other related correspondence
  3. Either Bitcoin or a Bitcoin exchange snitched

Not sure about you, dear worst-reader, but something about this story gets to me. I mean. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad they recovered something from the ransomware. Heck, over $4m dollars (of very, very old money) was paid out and just over $2m was recovered (which, of course, don’t make it new money. Am I wrong.). Obviously criminal activity like this ain’t right. But if you allow me to put this in a bit of worst-context…

A private company was hacked due to private company negligence. Put another way. Capitalist entities today are one of two things. First, corporations are borderline criminal entities. It’s the only way they can function in the fiction and pseudo-science that is today’s the market place. Corporate taxes, CEO compensation and stock evaluations should be evidence of this. Second, since the demise of the Dotcom boom–which worst-writer considers that last attempt at subverting the return of the robber barons–old capitalist entities, old money, has been struggling to make sure that that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Reason? The greatest struggle of old money (unearned wealth) is the reversal of all forms of corporate costs–which is what capitalists have been fighting since FDR. In other words, corporations have been given the green light since the so-called Reagan-revolution so that they…

  1. Don’t pay taxes
  2. No longer have to worry about labour or unions interfering with profits
  3. Use stock price, whether inflated or fake (stock buy-backs), to determine the value of the company which also determines management compensation, etc., etc.

So. Again. I could give a hoot if an old-money corporation like Colonial Pipeline (doesn’t the name give worst-reader the creeps) takes one up the poop-shooter because ransomware made one of its privileged and useless employees click on the wrong email link. Again. Whenever I hear about ransomware my arse starts laughing! But that’s neither here nor there.

Capitalism is pretty much, according to worst-writer, upon its nadir. If you’re not in the know, dear worst-reader, just have a visit to my beloved & missed #Americant to see it. The sheer number of #Trump flags making ridiculous claims or conspiracy theories running rampant about how that idiot is gonna be re-instated as prez pee-pee-hair by August 2021 or just look at how much debt people have because gas prices are still at Iraq war levels… Heck! It’s a wonder there aren’t more ransomware attacks. Not that I’m wishing it on anyone, don’t you know. But my arse is puckering up for more laughter. Am I wrong.

Rant on.


Links: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/08/1004223000/how-a-new-team-of-feds-hacked-the-hackers-and-got-colonial-pipelines-bitcoin-bac

The End Of The Illusions

“The success of totalitarian movements among the masses meant the end of two illusions of democratically ruled countries in general and of European nation states and their party systems in particular. The first was at the people in it’s majority had taken an active part in the government and that each individual was in sympathy with one’s own or somebody else’s party. On the contrary, the movement showed that the politically neutral and the indifferent masses could easily be the majority in a democratically ruled country, that therefore a democracy could function according to rules which are actively recognized by only a minority. The second democratic illusion exploded by the totalitarian movements was that these politically and different masses did not matter, that they were truly neutral and constituted no more than the inarticulate backward setting for the political life of the nation. Now they made apparent what no other organ of public opinion had ever been able to show, namely, that democratic government had rested as much on the silent approbation and tolerance of the indifferent and in inarticulate sections of the people as on the articulate and visible institutions and organizations of the country. Thus when totalitarian movements invaded Parliament with their contempt for parliamentary government, they merely appeared inconsistent: actually, they succeeded in convincing the people at large that parliamentary majorities were spurious and did not necessarily correspond to the realities of the country, thereby undermining the self-respect and the confidence of governments which also believed in majority rule rather than in their constitutions.”

Hannah Arendt, Totalitarianism, A Classless Society (bold text from worstwriter)

Rant on.


Why Origin Don’t Matter

Source of pic: wiki

What’s with the who-ha about the origin of the covid? I mean (1), what difference will it make after a year and a half of quarantine, lockdowns, (almost) safe distancing, etc., if/when they find out where this whole thing started? I mean (2), if it did originate in a lab will that prevent another covid? Maybe. Are we gonna have access to labs in North Korea, Russia, the middle of bumfcuk Idaho and a converted meth-lad so we can figure where future viral diseases start? I mean (3), as usual, the grand $hit$how that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, with this yet another bullshit news cycle, is brilliantly deflecting and diluting the real issue. The real issue is simple, dear worst-reader. Namely. Capitalism and its best friend globalisation has forced most of humanity to live in $hit. And as we all know, living in $hit makes one sick. Am I wrong.

The thing is, dear worst-reader, in order for any virus to thrive, as covid has, it needs not only a host but the right environment. As capitalism and subsequent globalisation struggles to cope with its own demise, which is, by-the-buy, part of its cyclical nature if that nature is enabled, that environment is not only readily available but it has also, literally, been facilitated, i.e. globalisation in the name of free markets, labour control, wealth for wealth’s sake, etc. I mean (4), it’s not as though SARS, the sickness resulting from the corona virus, is anything new. It’s been around since the early 2000s. But even before that there were similar diseases. You know, Swine-flu, Mers, various influence strains, etc. Even though I never got one, I can’t remember a day when I return to my beloved & missed #Americant and someone wasn’t getting a flu shot.

Then again, there is this article from Vanity Fair which tries to explain the here & now of the origin of covid. What a doozy of an article, too. I mean (5), talk about winded and long-reads. Even though I haven’t finished reading it as I worst-write this post, the only thing I could think of while reading was: who cares about the origin of covid-19? We’re in it, right? I mean (6), if you come to the US, like I have, you’d think there was never a covid to begin with. Everybody thinks its over. They’ve forgotten it already. Yes. Indeed. Amnesia #Americant has already forgotten that it, the greatest country to be made great again, has already lost touch with the reality that it has the highest death rates from covid in the world. Then again, #Americant is a country that not only elected former prezident pee-pee-hair (cheeto-jesus) but 74m people actually believe that he’s gonna be president again by August 2021 because, well, Biden stole the election. With that in mind, would anyone miss them if covid would took out more of the stupid #Americants? But I die-gress.

Rant on.




Source: worstriter pic of someone’s sidewalk art; pic is inverted to avoid shadows

Few and far between are these visits to my beloved & missed #Americant. When was the last time I was here prior to May 9th, 2021? Well, there was a short kinda emergency visit in November 2019. What a mess that was. Before that there was a short visit in March of the same year. Not so much of a mess but a mess all the same. And so goes the pattern, dear worst-reader. I usually try and come twice a year, sometimes three. Of course, the reason for the visits are to checkup on my ageing mother. Indeed. The prodigal son having a look at how Mom is getting on. Either that or I travel here or there to put out the fires, bandage the various wounds, beg my mothers church for forgiveness that I’ve left her alone in a rural #Americant beach town that is three months out of a year a hell traffic zone full of drunkards or whining brats and the other nine months (off season) it is a find your way around the bottle $hithole. Then again, there is also the chore to maintaining my citizenship, don’t you know. A citizenship that is waning, I should worst-say. How long have I been an expat? Thirty-five years or so? Again. Indeed.

But then, there are the other issues that I must address each time I travel to the LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. For example, this time I renewed my driver’s license. Wait. Hold a sec. I didn’t have to renew my license. But the state issued these new-fangled licenses back in 2017-18 that is supposed to meet federal standards for I.D. cards which is also supposed to make it easier to travel if/when you do so without a passport. Although I wanted to do this in the spring of 2020, covid nipped that in the bud. And so. With this visit I went ahead and paid the twenty bucks to get it done–even though my license expires in 2023 and I’ll have to renew it again then. Also, and get this, after so many years of blowing it off, dear worst-reader, I went ahead and filed my friggin taxes. When was the last time I did that? Of course, since I don’t earn anything (for I am worst-writer, don’t you know), there’s no need for me to file taxes. Ever seen a 1040 tax form with nothing but zeros on it? Then again, with all the so-called stimulus money floating around, I thought, what the hell, why not see if I can get some of that. It’s still not clear if I’m gonna get the stimulus payment but I’ll be sure to let you know if I do. And then there’s the last reason for visiting my beloved & missed #Americant. That’s right. To be reminded of who I am, where I’m from, taste the water that bread me, eat a few blue crabs, admire the Atlantic form this side–say my final goodbye? Of course. There’s also the issue of having a look at what’s happened to my beloved & missed #Americant post president pee-pee-hair. Which begs the question: Does all this soothe my lost soul that is also losing touch with my… beloved… and missed…?

Btw, dear worst-reader, President Biden is only up the road from me today at his Rehoboth Beach house. Now wouldn’t that be cool to run into him on a bike ride and give him all-hell about how I’m just another #Americant on the verge of giving up my citizenship due to his lifelong politic? But I die-gress.

And there you have it, dear worst-reader. I’m here (in #Americant) to check on things. To clean things up. To organise an old shelf. To wipe the table. To cook a meal (for my ageing mother). Etc., etc. But then, also, there’s something else. There’s that thing that one cannot avoid while here. There is this place that is starting to look more and more like a foreign place. Even the crumbs on the table that I’m trying to wipe away that are magically replaced by the local ants, seems foreign to me now. Like something I no longer know. It’s as though I’m returning to that dream of America that I used to have–oh so long ago. It’s that dream where I got a chance to make sweet love to Farrah Fawcett. Oh! What a dream that was. And so. What has become of the America that gave me that dream? Oh yeah. Republicans happened to it. Greed happened to it. (Not that greed hasn’t always been there, don’t you know. But the greed post Reagan has grown a few more tentacles. Or?)

With that in worst-mind, let’s have a look at #Americant today and the things that perturb me like nothing else. Like words. Like the media. Like #Americants. And so. How ’bout the word: patriot. For it is a word flung around here and there as much as I fling around my Farrah Fawcett goo. But that’s not the only word. What about the word hero? Holly-molly, dear worst-reader. If I hear that word one more time, usually echoed when someone does something so banal that the it requires embarrassment banality–everyone cannot be a friggin hero. And so. Shall we (not) talk about diluting, deflecting, avoiding reality? This country is awash in it. And why? How? The media? Is it all the tv channels? The robocalls? Bumper sticker intellectualism? Faux-newz? All the above? Just call someone or something a patriot or a hero and then complain about the foreigners, Democrats and liberals, wearing masks. Should I even get on about the economy? You know that nebulous thing that happens to have a word associated with it and, of course, fits on a bumper sticker? Indeed. And so. Is it a wonder that I came up yesterday with a new word for my beloved & missed #Americant?

Scamerica, baby.

The whole country is but a scam. Which also means: who’s the best scammer? With that in mind…

There you have it. And now I should stop. Nuff worst-said.

Rant on.


Jab 2 Done, Vaccinated

It takes another two weeks for the vaccine to do its full job, dear worst-reader. But at least I can say I got both shots as of today. And how proud, thankful, grateful I am to be able to get vaccinated. In fact, I’m so tickled, I’m thinking of getting an image of the corona virus tattooed on my arm (where I got the shot) with the letters MRNA just below it. Now wouldn’t that be worst-writer cool, eh? For those doubters out there–you know, all those science deniers. If you’re concerned how I’m gonna feel if all this is for not, well, get this. I’m so convinced that MRNA treatments like this (vaccine) are so advanced that the Covid-19 debacle and subsequent inoculation could mean the end of global pandemics. So will I be sad (or dead) if I’m wrong? Maybe. But at least I believe in science–even if science gets things wrong sometimes–instead of all that other bull$hit like free markets, fail upward capitalism, greed-mongering-galore and spaghetti monsters in the sky. So there. ;-)

Rant (and get vaccinated) on, baby.


How Creativity Dies The Slow Death

Source of pic: screenshot from the interwebnets

Worst-writer can remember his first confrontation with a movie sequel. It was Superman. Then came Star Wars. If you don’t know, dear worst-reader, I’m worst-writing here from the POV of movies from the 1970s. Soon after that, the 1980s, the movie sequel would become the norm. But then, probably around the turn of the century, something changed even with sequels. It is worst-writer’s worst-opinion, dear worst-reader, that change was, of course, only for the worst. And so (1). What happened to the movie sequel? Well, the easy answer is: money. The difficult answer is: creativity is dead. And so (2). The movie sequel was replaced with the movie franchise. Indeed. Which begs another worst-question: are you splitting hairs, worst-writer, or do you actually think there’s a difference between sequel and franchise?

I’ve always judged movies, first and foremost, on whether or not they are based on impulsive creativity or compulsive creativity. Most modern movies that are based on a screenplay alone suck–in my worst-book. Unless, of course, those movies are comedies or horror or whatever genre. Most genre movies suck anyway. But before I get too far off subject, let me abruptly close this worst-thought with this idear: The movie franchise, or the new never-ending sequel, sucks just as much. Reason? Again. Creativity, like god, is dead. So take that Robert Downey Jr. And. By-the-buy. Even though the first Iron Man was great. The Marvel universe sucks batballs. But at least Downey made a lot of money, eh?

Which brings me to James Bond and the article linked below. In worst-writer’s opinion, all James Bond movies sucked after they ran out of source material–which I think ended around Moonraker. With that in mind, 2006’s Casino Royal saved the franchise for worst-moi. Reason? I’ve read the book. The 2006 movie, Daniel Craig’s premiere, was a great version of the book. Of course, every subsequent Bond/Craig movie kinda sucked but I watched them all, on account, well, as far as big screen action movies goes, I’d prefer a weak written Bond movie to all other action movies. So take that praise with a grain of worst-salt. Which begs the question…

Am I interested in what a screenwriter says about the business transaction that is the purchase of MGM? Fcuk-no! I mean, Amazon hasn’t created a thing (except maybe one-click purchasing) since its inception. Can the same be said of the business that is MGM? On the other hand, has Amazon sold more books–created by others–than MGM has made original, non-compulsive (written) movies? Indeed (1). Creating anything was never the idear behind Amazon. And since movie sequels have given way to movie franchises…? Indeed (2). Everything and everyone is about making money and that’s it. Blessed be the greedy heart, eh, #Americant? With that in worst-mind, fcuk Bezos, Bond and all the rest where money murders creativity.

Rant on.


Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/31/opinion/amazon-mgm-james-bond-bezos.html

Faux Newz Blood & Guts Worn On Your Emotion Sleeve

Yet another newz article that makes worst-writer think about #Americant elitism (which means you’re not like us), white privilege (which means white people are incapable of coping with their status in society, especially the lower white classes) and affluenza (which means rich people think they can get away with murder because, well, they’re rich). And so. When the likes of Alex Jones employs the same kinda argument and/or pseudo-logic that the things he says shouldn’t be taken seriously on account… Worst-writer is like… How f’n stupid can the LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID get? Then again, it ain’t just talking $hitheads like Jones that make up this grand #Americant problem. The lawyer representing both former prez pee-pee-hair and who also worked with dumbarse Rudy Guilliani also makes the claim that her privilege and elitism means she too can make ludicrous claims in the public square that are equivalent to screaming fire in a theatre when, indeed, there is no fire–and there is no ramification. And so. How many people are dead from the mob trampling that is #Trumpism? I guess, the thing that separates what goes on at faux-newz and what happens when free-speech is abused/exploited, is a fine line. Oh, how it shames me, saddens me, to say such a thing. But what is there to do, dear worst-reader? It is #Americant.

Rant on.


Link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-truly-sinister-message-behind-the-rights-defense-of-its-lies

Slippery Slope Stupid

As a child of the Cold War and, at the time, old enough to have a grasp of what went on in Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s, #Americant dogmatised me to fear two political enemies. The first, of course, is the former Soviet Union, now Putin’s pseudo-reich. By the end of the 1970s, btw, I understood the connection between the Soviet Union and Vietnam. Also, we all know what happened when Mikhail Gorbachev kinda threw in the towel regarding the dream of Hammer & Sickle by the end of the 1980s. The other enemy though is bit more obscure. Now. For those who think China is not the enemy, bear with me. The relationship between my beloved & missed united mistakes and China goes back to the 1970s and, for the most part, Richard Nixon. I may be stretching here a bit, but I’d go so far as to worst-say that the relationship with China helped the US force the Soviet Union up against a financial wall. Of course, as we now know, that relationship was a deal with the devil. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is one thing a right-wing, conservative, republican politician was capable of–even back in the 1970s. Unlike today, he knew the difference between political ideology and a dollar. And so. The powers that be, especially the bat$hit conservative powers-that-be, by the 1970s, knew that the only way for #Americant Capitalists to get back to their glory days prior to FDR and the great depression, i.e. days of the robber barons, days of child labour (hence 20th century #Americant capitalist lust for China) and, of course, as little taxation as possible, was to completely circumvent anything that would prevent full and total externalisation of corporate and shareholder costs. Hence, again, China is where everything is made–and they’ve been working on making everything there since… (insert your number of years here). By-the-buy, the final nail in the coffin of FDR and post Great Depression America (which built the middle class) was nailed by non other than Ronald Reagan as he unleashed his supply side economics in the 1980s. Obviously we know where a two-bit Hollywood actor elected president can lead. That’s right. Have you prayed to your recent tv prez cheeto-jesus yet, aka #Trump? And so. As China became the cheap labour capital of the world, where everything is made, and is now an economic powerhouse because of that, is it inevitable that it also becomes enemy number one? And if it is enemy number, how will the political conflict pan out? Well, for that answer, let’s ask some nitwit who, by-the-buy, is capable of learning Mandarin and that’s enough for many #Americants to believe that he is, somehow, someway, …a fcuking moron all the same. Or? Ok. Wait. Forget that. Let’s move on.

I could not believe what I was hearing when John Cena–an actor I don’t ever recall seeing on film but I have seen him on a talk show, or something like that–recorded himself speaking mandarin and apologising to China for calling Taiwan a country. WTF! And then, after I read through the English transcript, I thought: what a suck up! And this guy is a wrastler and an onscreen action star? Seriously? I mean, would John Wayne make such an apology? Oh wait. John Wayne lived in times when #Americant wasn’t fully sold-out yet. But then I watched the video again. And maybe this has something to do with speaking mandarin. It kinda looks like this guy is actually afeared. I mean. Could it be that the movie studio called him and scolded him as if he is their school-man-child:

I don’t give $hit if you can learn mandarin, you fcuking moron. You’re an actor. You’re a lampshade. You don’t earn money for what you think is in your head. You earn money for memorising what we give you to memorise. Now. Before you go out there and open your trap showing the world how fcuking stupid you really are, keep your trap shut and let your inner lampshade make people think you’re really not as stupid as you look.

-worstwriter playacting

Btw, the political situation that has been brewing between #Americant and China for the past thirty or forty years will probably pan-out after it begins in Taiwan. I wonder, after it begins, if anyone will reference a moronic #Americant lampshade from Hollywood who managed to memorise mandarin.

Rant on.


Link: https://crooksandliars.com/2021/05/john-cena-becomes-tokyo-rose-chinese

Up Is Down, Black Is White

This is a #Interwebnet screenshot

Where does #Americant go from here? Well, let’s have a look at where it’s been–since Ronald Dip$hit Reagan started the $hitshow that can only culminate in former prez piss-hair, aka Cheeto-jesus. Let’s start with a few words. The newspeak words.

  • Right to work
    • inverse use of language; a draconian law that prohibits unions from collecting dues; how can unions function if they can’t collect dues? Hence, no unions allowed here.
  • A woman’s right to choose
    • as opposed to man’s right to choose over a woman’s; religious obsession with hindering female choice about her body
  • Altright
    • extreme right-wing, white supremacy, neofascist political movement that is juxtaposed, without context to:
  • Antifa
    • when used by right-wingers, this is supposed to mean “fascist” as opposed to what it really means: anti-fascist
  • Freedom
    • when political power is threatened, this word is flung around to make sure that power is maintained by exploiting patriotism, nationalism, nativism, etc.
  • Quantitive easing
    • socialism for the rich
  • Democracy
    • corporate plutocracy
  • Extremist
    • Not one of us

Need I go on, dear worst-reader? Well, how ’bout this. One of the bat$hit republicans recently elected to Congress has claimed that wearing a mask or getting a vaccine is the same as being put in a nazi concentration camp or being forced to wear gold stars on your clothing. Did you get that? Good. Then I don’t have to worst-repeat it. Of course, this level of verbiage may or mayn’t constitute newspeak. A claim such as this, though, is but another fantastic example of the decline in #Americant intellect or lack thereof–from a person elected to Congress. Such a claim is about as low as you can go in the realm of moral decay and anti-intellectualism. Or?

Indeed, dear worst-reader. Where to go from here?

Rant on.



Sympathy For The Devil? No Thank You

Source: interwebnet screenshot

Check out this article, dear worst-reader. Then check out this one. Anything come to mind after giving these articles a thought or three? No? Ok. Let’s give it a worst-writer thought, shall we? First….

“A lot of these defendants… they’re all fucking short-bus people,” Albert Watkins told Talking Points Memo. “These are people with brain damage, they’re fucking retarded… But they’re our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, our coworkers—they’re part of our country. These aren’t bad people, they don’t have prior criminal history. Fuck, they were subjected to four-plus years of goddamn propaganda the likes of which the world has not seen since fucking Hitler.”

Source: see link below

The above quote is from a lawyer defending the Q-poopi-shaman from the Jan 6 underachiever insurrection. Obviously the lawyer knows what he’s talking about. Then again, by adding the BS that these people are our brothers and sisters, blah, blah, blah, does ring of sympathy fishing. Am I wrong. #Nomatter. My point is this: there is a reason the judicial system in my beloved & missed #Americant is setup the way it is. That reason is none other than enabling some to get away with crimes while others… Well. Only so many can be allowed to get away with crimes. And so. In this case, because so many–74 million?–who voted for former prez pee-pee-hair, don’t need to be convinced that these people are innocent and are fighting for a higher cause, there’s little doubt in worst-writer’s mind that these crimes will either be forgotten by the judicial or, at the least, diluted to the point of meaninglessness. Now. Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I get why participants in the $hitshow, i.e. the lawyer quoted above, wants to paint these people as “good” people, people who have no criminal record, etc. The problem with this sort of sympathy-fishing, though, means that the true, underlying danger of what motivates these people is washed over.

What is washed over? Check out the second article, dear worst-reader. And bear with me as I stretch a bit. The president of Belarus, a big fan and confidant and boot licker of Putin, ordered/forced a commercial jet, with a Russian MIG, to land under false pretence so that someone could be forced off the plane. And it’ll be no surprise that the person forced off the plane will end up being a political prisoner. Now. I know I’m stretching here. But is there, could there be a connection between the levels/layers of right-wing bat$hittery irregardless of it being underachieving insurrectionists in #Americant or Putin owned former Soviet Satellites, e.g. Belarus? Should I have included a link in this worst-post about what the Philippine authoritarian ruler is up to with things like telling police to shoot first and question later? And let’s not even get into the epic infringement on the rules and regulations of commercial airliners flying over boarders. Put another way, what is the end game of right-wingers and where do their actions and deeds begin? Fascism, maybe? And on that note, I die-gress.

Rant on.



Transubstantiation Wit In Times Of Covid

As you may or may not have noticed, dear worst-reader, I’m visiting my family in times of Covid. Reason? Well, I’m not quite uncomfortable enough to say exactly why I’m here. Let me just put this out there in the mean time: I’m here, during the worst pandemic in a hundred years, because a family intervention is necessary. That being said, I’m actually gonna try to enjoy the company of my mother for a few days, maybe even a week or four. Of course, due to covid–and the sheer angst I now have from how #Americants refuse to accept CDC guidelines–I won’t be doing any of the shenanigans one usually does when one visits a redneck beach resort town. My priority is, in fact, to take care of the family issues surrounding my ageing mother and also, to get my second Pfizer shot, which is scheduled for June 1. Still. There are a few other things that need be taken care of. For example. There’s tons of yard work–which I’m going to hire out. There’s also lots of family finance stuff to be taken care of. And then, well, there’s my mother. With that in worst-mind, let’s just worst-say that she’s gettin’ friggin old and this most certainly won’t be my last rushed trip here in the near future. Hopefully, though, I won’t have to rush here anymore during this hellacious pandemic!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing with my mom as she’s gotten older is going with her to her Church. I don’t know where that comes from because when I was younger I didn’t enjoy it all. And don’t worry, dear worst-reader. I know what you’re asking. You’re asking how can worst-writer, a devout disbeliever, an unabashed skeptic, a promotor of religious alternatives in the form of great spaghetti monsters in the sky, someone who clearly has not been blessed with the gift of faith… How can I attend church? Well, the answer is easy. First. I see in my mother’s eyes her faith. Even for a skeptic like me, that’s good enough. Also. Church is good down time with my mother. Then. It’s also something I can talk to her about–since I’m well versed regarding Bible stuff. (That’s right. I’ve read it. So there!) Also. My mom’s pastor is a really nice guy and if you ask me, she lucked out with this church in redneck-beach-ville. Yeah. He’s a heck of a guy.

Anywho. One of the things that impressed me with how the church has been able to hold mass for the past few months, especially since they haven’t been able to do so for all of 2020, is how well they’ve organised everything according to CDC guidelines. Her church has a rather large gymnasium-like facility attached to the chapel where there’s plenty of room for seats to adhere to social distancing. Of course, everyone wears a mask and even temperatures are checked before entering. But the real cool thing is the transubstantiation stuff. And let me not get-on about how this sort of thing totally doesn’t fit into a Lutheran church. And so. Just get a load of the pics above. I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader. But you gotta hand it to these church managers for coming up something like this. How ingenious. Or?

Rant on.


Is You Stupid, How Much?

We can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany.

-MTG rhetoric trying to defend NOT wearing a mask or getting vaccinated

Get a load of this, dear worst-reader. Of course, this ain’t the first time mindless and anti-intellectual conservatives have invoked the atrocities of Nazi’s or the holocaust in order to further misunderstanding and/or disinformation so they can score political points with their equally stupid constituents. This sort of mindless verbal discharge from a sitting House of Representative, though, is still truly mind-boggling every time I hear it. Then again, didn’t a former congressman employ the same misconstrued tactic albeit minimising the genocide of Native Americans? But let me not show all my bias here (on account I really, really can’t stand political conservatism). For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, AOC, who I am a fan of, also made a kinda misconstrued comparison after she visited one of former president pee-pee-hair’s boarder camps, thereby calling it a “concentration camp”. Her bad, eh.

Source: #interwebnet screenshot

The worst of all this, dear worst-reader, is that there is no consequence to idiocy and/or blatant stupidity in my beloved & missed united mistakes. Mindlessness permeates everything. Is this a consequence of two or three (more?) generations being reared on TV and/or public schools that ain’t worth a hoot ? I mean, I get it when foreign leaders make the same comparison. What can one expect when political conservatism in places like Turkey and Brazil and the Philippines, etc., gain leaders in systems without checks and balances? But when #Americants do it I can’t help but cringe. It’s just gotten so out of hand. It’s so blatant. It happens so much. WTF!

#Nomatter, dear worst-reader. I suppose things could be worse. Or could they?

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

Secede Already, Take Texas With You

It boils down, basically, to two parts hating each other. It’s also about someone, some group, organisations, etc., stoking that hate. Does anyone question how two parts (of the same coin) could let it get this far? I mean. What is the result of literally decimating a country’s manufacturing base–since the end of WW2? Decimating meaning: because capitalist and owners don’t want to share ANYTHING with anybody and certainly don’t want things like unions making decisions (for those capitalists), worker-bees are stuck with fighting amongst themselves. Hence. Polarise. Divide and conquer. Blame the other guy. Or do you, dear worst-reader, have a better explanation of how the #Americant middle-class got to this point? I mean. Political infighting doesn’t effect the rich. Am I wrong. Yet no one questions how it is that a certain part of the country, the part made up of the children and grandchildren of a working class are now so hellbent on hating their grandchildren and great grandchildren because, well, there are a few people, mostly young ones, that want to get back to questioning why things are the way they are? And so. What better example is there of #Americant disunion, confusion, spite, etc., than to look at how #Americants fight with each other?

Would you believe that there’s plenty of representatives in plenty of states that want to join the grand old fallacy of secession? I always thought that this kind of krapp just came out of Texas. You know. Texas! That state down on the boarder to Mexico that thinks/believes it is a gift from a higher power. A power, btw, that derives out of pseudo history and/or its dream of forever shooting first and never questioning later. And let’s not mention the BS about the Alamo. You know. That silly little town that failed to defeat an army of fighters fighting against things like, gee, enslavement. But on that note, I must die-gress.

When I first heard that Oregon’s Das Volk, i.e. the rednecks, the lost and cancelled children of the so-called greatest generation and #Okboomer, have actually proposed a kind of secession whereby they just want to change the boarders of the state so they can join up with like-minded Idaho, I thought: Seriously? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Cough. Choke. Giggle some more. And then I thought: Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. The people doing this–in #Americant today–in a society run amok with the likes of the former prez cheeto-jesus–are actually considered adults. Adults! And this is what they can come up with as a solution to their… Issues? Go figure. Indeed. Which begs the question: How much longer can #Americant last with NO (not enough) adults in the room?

Rant on.


Links: https://crooksandliars.com/2021/05/greater-idaho-secessionists-extremists

No Neutral

Screenshot from the #Interwebnets

What’s the scariest thing about returning to the place you had to leave (thirty five years ago) on account that place was turning bat$hit crazy faster than a QAnon theory-conspiracist can scream the earth is flat? In other worst-words, can you up the ante on bat$hit crazy? No? Yes? Indeed. But that’s not all, dear worst-reader. You know what can be even scarier than #Americant fail-upward insurrectionists trying to tie their sneakers using velcro straps from their high-powered rifles? As usual, I’m worst-generalising. I mean. I did meet with our family pastor the other day. Indeed. There is a rational mind here and there in my beloved & missed united mistakes. Yet. Things are not as they once were–were being the day before yesterday? Take for example my obsession with trying to be informed. As you may or may not know from this worst-blog, I’m a bit of a news buff. That said, worst-writer knows the difference between news and newz. The latter, of course, being the propaganda BS from sources like faux newz & co. So I’ve dabbled here and there in the last ten days actually watching CNN or MSNBC. (Don’t worry, I’m still utilising news sources that I use while living abroad.) There’s one thing that I’ve noticed about CNN and MSNBC that I never noticed during previous visits. That is. I’m not sure when this change took place, so if it did happen a while ago it didn’t register with me. What I know now is that with this hurried and rushed visit due to family issues, during down time (from family issues), I try to take a break and catch up on the news via TV. Something I don’t do in #Eurowasteland. And so. Am I shocked at what I see/hear in my beloved & missed united mistakes?

The thing I’ve noticed while watching, what I consider, non-propaganda networks, is how they too have all become editorialised. I mean. I remember when CNN used to have a five minute non editorialised news broadcast at the top of every hour. What happened to that? Again. Everything here is not only editorialised but each hour is only full of personalities expressing their opinions. Which means. Of course. It’s no wonder that #Americants are bat$hit crazy and don’t know what is up or down or if the door opens or closes or their entire life is only about being entertained. Also. Even though I heard about things like cancel culture from abroad, I had no idear how deep the issue goes. It’s everywhere here. Heck, I had a brief call with an old family friend the other day to ask for some needed advice, and once we got the business of the call out of the way he went off on me about what’s wrong with this country. Keep in mind, he’s only a year or two older than me and he seems to have had some success in his life. Yet all he could do was complain about #BLM, millennials, and how there are so many people who want was he has, etc. Let me worst-repeat that. I spoke with someone the other day and all he could talk about is how everything he’s earned in his life is under threat because there are so many people who question things? You know. Question things like racism, white privilege, inequity, etc. Seriously? Capitalism run amok?

I suppose. In a way. I should be satisfied to hear that people feel threatened by the status quo of #Americant. Who deserves it more than post WW2 #Americant? #Okboomer. I mean. Meritless privilege is a bitch, eh. Heck. It’s why I left so many years ago. I just couldn’t deal with all the hate, the spite, the compulsive behaviourism, the conformity, etc. And now I’m literally watching people drawn in it. What a shame, eh. What a shame.

Rant on.


The Problem With Un-Gentleman Suitors

I try, dear worst-reader. I really do. In fact, I might have broke my personal record when it comes to days watching at least fifteen to thirty minutes of faux newz. As revolting as that is, I’m glad I got through it–and it’s now over. And so. Indeed. It takes a day or two (or three/four) for me to purge the emotion-driven bat$hit political broadcaster from my (mothers) home–if not my own worst-mind (oh the poison of stupid). Of course, until she met her un-gentleman suitor a fews years back, she never even watched the network of lies and untruth. But that’s a whole ‘nother worst-post. Or?

Allow me this, dear worst-reader, about the un-gentleman suitor. My widowed mother has hooked up with a redneck. There! I said it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m only (obviously) a hop + skip away from being a redneck. Or? #Nomatter.

After my stepfather died I was hoping my mother would take the path of independence. But I suppose for her that was asking for a bit much. Of course, over the past two and half to three years, she’s obviously developed a fondness for an un-gentleman suitor. And. Again. I’ve got nothing against that, if it’s her choice. It’s just that. Well. There’s no other way to put it. He’s one of them… faux newz diehard blah-blahs. And that’s not all. He is also a member of one of them #Americant “clubs” (or is it “lodge”) that oh so emulates the clubs of #Eurowasteland history that gave way to the making of conspiracy-theory #Americant. I’m worst-writing, of course–and without getting into specifically which one–that he belongs to one of those organisations where like minded individuals… also freely wipe away their individualism. You know, the clubs/lodges that sew the seeds of convention, compulsion and the grand #Americant sickness that is: conformity. Of course. Let’s give credit where it’s due. As conspiracy-theories have become the new norm, I can imagine that historically like-minded persons of, say, Free Masonry, are laughing in their graves as to what has become of the once great idear that is now #Americant as it is propagated through the mills of never questioning anything or employing just a hunch of skepticism.

But before I get lost in all my family negativity. At least–if you’re not watching faux newz–there’s plenty of other stuff regarding former president pee-pee-hair and what will hopefully become the perfect ending to a life of grift—that can make worst-moi smile:

Link: https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/05/20/whats-behind-the-new-york-attorney-generals-criminal-probe-of-the-trump-organization-489866

Rant on.


When the answer just comes

Source: interwebnet screenshot

There are moments when advertising even works for me. Take for example this billboard. I mean. As worst-writer, it’s kinda obvious I’ve already failed but at least I answered that question long ago. Or?

Rant on.


You Can’t Pick Your Parents Or The State You’re Born

Source of pic: see link below

It is, actually, kinda a beautiful place. The way Maryland cuts in and out and around the Chesapeake Bay is mesmerising. I remember the various motorcycle trips I used to take riding around the Bay when I was young. I would get up early in the morning on a day-off or when I was between jobs and just ride, ride, ride, crossing bridges and swamps and estuaries. Of course, such a trip would often require going in and out of VA. But let’s no go there, dear worst-reader. Indeed. My worst-thoughts about VA are irregardless.  And so. To wake up this morning, while visiting my beloved & missed #Americant, residing, of course, with my mother on the eastern shore of MD, this article popped out like no other. Reason? I was born in MD, I grew up in Southern MD, I tried (but failed) to get fully educated in this state, but I never once heard the MD state song. Of course, am I surprised that the song would include this krapp? Certainly not. Just visit Annapolis, dear worst-reader. The inner harbour there was made for slave trade and, like so much of #Americant, has been well painted over. Any who, at least I’ve always known the state bird.

Rant on.


Source: Maryland Repeals State Song That Called Lincoln A ‘Tyrant’ : NPR

The Not So Grand Intervention

I’ve been in my beloved & missed #Americant during the worst pandemic in a hundred years for a week now. I received my first covid shot within hours of arriving. Should be getting second shot within the next three weeks. I consider being able to fly here and get vaccinated an awesome privilege–and for that I am humbly thankful. But get this, dear worst-reader. I’m kinda shocked that this whole pandemic thing ain’t just a touch worse. I mean. Come on. Check out some of the numbers. Officially almost six hundred thousand brethren have died from this disease. Many many more refuse to even recognise that it’s a problem–even after so many deaths. Yet what do I observe after being here for only a week? People are utterly clueless as to what is going on. They don’t understand six feet distancing. If they were giving cartoon directions they couldn’t wear their masks properly. And #Americants young and old are obsessed with returning to a normalcy that contains EVERYTHING that lead to this problem in the first place. Obviously I’m generalising and there are those who do have a clue. But then there’s that other post Reagan new-fangled #Americant way of life: the gluttony and sloth greed $hitshow. Indeed, baby. Greed is good, eh? (Sarcasm off.)

cases/deaths/rates/death per 100k;
source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_death_rates_by_country

Ok. What is the result of not handling covid from the get-go? Indeed. For my widowed mother, it’s obviously not been good, although she’s vaccinated and safe for now. Hence, this trip ain’t about covid distress per say but instead is a family intervention. Of course, without divulging personal family matters, allow me to worst-write that the ageing matriarch of my family is not well. Put another way, not only has she not done well with widowhood, she’s given in to the demons of sloth and gluttony that are personified by everything that worst-writer despises and ran away from so many years ago, namely the ugliness of white trash galore. Although she has not fallen off the edge, certain activities around my mother’s life and lifestyle have raised alarms. As far as my siblings and I are concerned, something needs to be done. Hence, I have travelled here from afar–during the worst pandemic in a hundred fcuking years and I’m pissed. I mean. I don’t know about how you were raised, dear worst-reader, but are we now in times where parents, after fcuking up both their kids and the world, simply throw in the towel and treat their remaining years as though they were the crud and slime below the sandals of Caligula?

With that in mind, in the past few days things have escalated where the first casualty must be registered. After returning from a short hospital visit, I found our front door knob lock busted (see pic above). Obviously the locks have been changed but the situation does beg the question: WTF Mom!

Rant on.


Safe than sorry with good views

I can feel it dear worst-reader. The contempt. The disdain. The disrespect. It’s everywhere here, don’t you know. Of course, what better place to actually see the origin of it all–the all that is contempt, disdain, etc., than to be in the lower canal bowels of the bellied beast that is my beloved & missed #Americant. Indeed. I mean. I’m actually here and I still refer to Her in the past tense. But let’s not get to far off worst-subject. Let’s just stick with contempt & co. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, it’s a good thing #Americant is vaccinating people as fast as it is. Every time I look around, no matter where I am, someone with a mask hanging half down his/her face is hugging someone who has a mask hanging around only one of her/his ears. And then there’s all the touching. People literally go up to other people and get in their face. I saw this really tall, fat American lean over one of those clear guard panels in order to point to a clerk with his long arms and fingers that his papers were in order. As he pulled his hand back over the guard panel he almost hit the clerk in the face. Perhaps social distancing hasn’t registered here even though there are lots of markings on grounds and floors detailing six feet social distancing. Hence. #Americants hate what is happening to them post Ronald Reagan and the dipshittery of thirty or whatever years of wars of choice. So what should they care about pandemics? But I digress.

The plan was to self-test after three or four days of arrival. You know, check and see if the airports, the planes, the pretty stewardesses, didn’t pass on the covid worst-moi. According to the result above, I reckon I’m in the clear. Then again, this morning I did spend well over an hour in a department of motor vehicle facility waiting to get my new-fangled state slash federal driving license. I mean. I’m not really sure what it’s called or what it’s actually about. But ever since early 2019 (pre-pandemic) I’ve been itching to get me this license on account I was approached in an airport on a connecting flight that inquired about my driving license and that to avoid any sharper scrutiny I should renew my license to this new fangled one. But. Again. I’m not really sure what these government agencies post Homeland are actually up to with their enhanced bureaucracies. All I know is, like the comforts of home (or underneath one), I prefer traveling and talking to as few people as possible about who/what I am. Which means, I got no issues showing an identification here or there. So I went and got the damn new fangled license this morning and after being crowded into such a low ceiling building with so many people–even though you couldn’t get in unless you had an appointment–I’m thinking I need another antigen test. Speaking of which. Time to go wash my hands with lots of lather for twenty or so seconds.

Other than that, dear worst-reader, at least there are some nice fews when taking walks in a beach town.

Rant on.


Pfizer, jet-lag and no pictures

My scheduled appointment was at 10am. I arrived at the vaccination centre and 9:56am. Although traffic cones by the thousands were prestigiously aligned, most certainly capable of guiding hundreds if not thousands of cars, there was no vaccinations being given in cars. In fact, the only cars there were those parked at reserved spaces. So we drove up to the entrance of the old concert hall. A concert hall, btw, where I saw Judas Priest back in the day (forty years ago, perhaps). Turns out that the authorities had changed the office-hours for that days vaccines. It wasn’t open till noon. Bummer, I thought. If only they would have told me that earlier I wouldn’t have put all the effort into driving the 40miles to get their on-time. Heck, they even sent me a reminder the night before–I guess to make sure as best they could that I would show up to get the shot. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, there really are #Americants that refuse to get vaccinated. As simple minded as that sounds, I suppose for any admirer of #Americants past, you know, where it actually did things and built things and maybe, just maybe, fought wars that had some semblance of merit… But I digress.

Turns out while I was killing the two hours instead of driving back home that I finally gave an earnest look at the previous reminder email I had received. And guess what, dear worst-reader? I screwed up. At the bottom of the reminder email they had actually included a new appointment time. So it’s all on me that I wasted the morning. That worst-said, the two hours went by pretty fast as I drove around Salisbury, which I hadn’t done in at least ten years. But I won’t bore you with that.

When I returned to the vaccination centre two hours later things were hopping. Although clearly under capacity, I was somewhat relieved that people were getting vaccinated at all. And since I was at the Pfizer facility, which only recently had been approved for young people, it was nice to see the youth was there en masse getting their shots. Indeed, dear worst-reader. All the newz about how #Americants and their misconstrued skepticisms could actually prevent if not delay the eradication of this obnoxious disease really turns my pickle back into a cucumber. But let’s not go there.

Needless to say I got my first shot with ease and it couldn’t have been easier. With that in mind, does this mean that I might have to consider alternative nomenclature for my beloved & missed #Americant for the success of making this available? Does the success of vaccinations–at least for those willing to get vaccinated–warrant perhaps going back to calling HER America? Now. Now. Calm the fcuk down, baby. Let’s not get out of hand. Instead, let’s wait things out. Let’s give it all a bit more time. I mean. Who knows what these MRNA thingies are doing with me right this sec as I worst-type these words. Even though I’ve felt nothing since receiving my shot, things could be happening behind the scenes. My cells might be changing and dancing more. My DNA could be adapting–or not–better forms of anti-body-cells and whatnot. Are my brain cells swelling to where I might actually and voluntarily watch faux newz? I think not. And with that in worst-mind, it’s approaching that hour where I must cope with jet-lag. So too does my beloved & missed #Americant for which I’m grateful that I could get a shot in the arm today.

Rant on.


PS No pictures allowed on the entire grounds of the vaccination site.

Doozy flight if it weren’t for the mask thingy

Have to admit something, dear worst-reader. I was a bit nervous about my first flight in so long. And then there’s that silly (sarcasm) COVID thingy. Of course, after getting tested negative, the only thing left was to actually get through with it. Yeah, it’s worst-true. I thought once or thrice about cancelling the whole thing. But family does call–especially when one has a rather rampant if not rabid family. Anywho. So I had to rush off with a rash decision to travel the high skies during the worst pandemic in a hundred years. With that in worst-mind, all is not lost and it’s time to appreciate the little things in life. For example. The couple sitting in front of me in economy class had booked the higher priced economy seats where you can stretch your legs. When the cabin crew announced that bording was complete they both got up and occupied two empty centre rows so they could sleep the eight or so hours to the east coast of #Americant. That’s when I jumped up and asked if they’d mind that I took the seats they were vacating. Before you know it, I was cheeping out like a mobster, baby. Beyond that, I heard one of the cabin crew say that the entire economy cabin of an Airbus A300-300 had 57 passengers. It was most certainly the emptiest Lufthansa flight of my life. With that in mind, hats off to the cabin and crew and the airport workers and the ghosts that occupy the skies between #Americant and #Eurowasteland. And. By-the-buy. If it weren’t for the requirement of mask wearing through out the entire flight, LH418 on May 9, 2021 would have been just a touch niftier. And so goes the cheep-o life of a loser-writer, baby. Yeah. It’s all about lucking-out for the little leg stretching things. Or maybe not.

Rant on.