Monster Blueburd Gory Facebag Prime Crack Now Buy More

Alternative worst-title: Musk and the new wave of CEO mismanagement or how to giggle-barf profusely at Zuckerberg and does Beos creep you out?

Probably can’t worst-write about it enough, dear worst-reader. That says a lot considering how much worse there is out there these days. So let’s ask a few worst-questions instead. For worst-example. Are you having a Freudenschade moment? Do you feel for all the tech people losing their jobs? Are we (consume-to-survivors) on the verge of a/the great tech chasm that may or mayn’t (finally) put the interwebnets back in the hands of Das Volk i.e. users as opposed to automaton corporate goons? Does Amazon even deserve to exist? Then again…

What the bee-gee-zees is going on in the tech world?

Within the coming months somewhere between thirty and forty thousand tech workers are gonna lose their jobs. WTF! I mean. Don‘t get me wrong, don‘t you know, dear worst-reader. I was employed and fired several times in the short stint of a tech career that someone told me I had. Every time I was fired (laid off) I giggled my way out of the company. Well, I giggled till that last giggle stopped turning into a new job. Yeah. I was sort of a job-jumper more than I was a careerist. That‘s obvious.

So what’s the big deal with the tech world these days?

Well. First. Social media, at least to worst-moi, ain‘t the tech world. Using the web as a storefront/distribution business aka Amazon also ain’t about tech. On the other worst-hand, worst-writer would give more credit to the likes of Twitter as a tech company. Facebag? That is a media company. What is a tech company? Yeah. You might want to do your own #interwebnet stuff on that question.

Although I have no idear what‘s gonna happen to Twitter, Musk buying it was not a very smart tech thing to do. So is Musk, perhaps, not very bright?

The things is, dear worst-reader. I can‘t care much anymore about all this chaos in the world. Reason? Simple. I don‘t have a full life ahead of me. At my age, my days are numbered. Then again. There is this little speck of desire, not unlike that tickle I can still get sometimes in my pecker that reminds me of those banging days–where I tried to fit into a world of compliant, compulsive, automaton behaviorists but in the end (as in end of my job/career days) I managed to find a way out that was/is only comparable to winning the friggin lottery but never buying a lottery ticket on account, well, I just can‘t get behind the idear of voluntary taxation. But I die-gress.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

-Isms Dream

Fascism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism and, of course, (insert your) religion-ism here, but not necessarily in that order. On the other hand, how is it that all these isms are alive and perky these days? Alive and perky like that little girl in spring who you think is running across a field of joy with her hair waving in the wind when in reality she is running away from yet another sexually repressed #Americant (white, conservative) male doing what he and all the rest do so well to the daughters, sisters, mothers, wives–and sons–of the HOMELAND. Or maybe not.

This is the worst-issue of the morning, dear worst-reader. What motivates this use of a suffix that turns an idear into a/the grand narrative? Well. Don’t you know. It may or mayn’t have something to do with the recent midterm elections in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. The midterm elections combined with a pop-star that can’t hold his tongue or his mind and thereby speaking the naughty stuff out-loud… Or have you missed the uproar that is THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that has always been #Americant right-wing bat$hittery? Indeed. A nation of the aggrieved all of whom have really, really big mouths. What a $hitshow. They can‘t seem to stop spewing all the nastiness of their most inner and cherished voices–as they just don‘t care who is listening. Or have you heard other voices since former prez mango Mussolini somehow got elected? Yeah. Right.

There are no good people on both sides but there are really, really bad people on one side. -worstwriter

Where lies the confusion, dear worst-reader? You know. The confusion that is the misunderstanding of isms? Does this confusion stem out of a lack of intellectual curiosity? Is it the result of national dumbing down? Too much TV and media and porn and computer games? Too much sexual repression?

One of the reasons worst-writer has not posted anything in recent weeks is because of the turmoil spewing round in my worst-mind. It is a turmoil storm, don‘t you know. Perhaps not as wild and willing as all those hurricanes reeking havoc on the shores of the second worst-state in the scam that is Florida, aligned just behind the leader of all State scams: Tex-ass. But let me not get too far off worst-subject. For the storm (of my worst-mind) is mostly due to the fact that, as a unwilling expat, there is very little worst-writer can do to lend a helping hand. I mean. I committed to jumping that ship going on forty years ago. Although I do vote in most elections, never before have I felt, now more than ever, with the advent if #Trumpism, it’s not votes that are gonna change anything. No. What is going to change things is more of the same–even if that same includes former prez pee-pee-hair. For. In case you are not in the know. Worst-writer thinks that most Dems, especially the powerful ones, have been enjoying the past few years. Or do you not at least slow down to gawk at the blood ridden scene of a horrific train wreck? You know. That thing in life that connects us all–even with the rich and powerful.

Of all the things that lead worst-writer to being an expat, suburban-hell racism and anti-Semitism are high on the list. Whether it was the N-word or the J-word, by the time I was a young adult and started experiencing the world, it made little sense to me how so many people back home willingly allowed themselves to get caught up in a spiral of hate. Then again, all that conspiracy-theory krapp fits perfectly into the #Americant world of hate and bigotry and spite and aggrievement. Most #Americants simply do not have anything better to do with their lives. Am I wrong.

Although worst-writer is somewhat pleased with the recent midterm election, I am certainly not as pleased as others. Losing the House is still gonna be part of the train wreck drawing so many interested viewers. Take, for example, how New York has turned kinda red. How can this be? Oh wait. Anyone remember Cuomo? Do you think he was gonna leave the scene of his personal train wreck with dignity? Yeah. Now that’s the ticket. Or do you believe New York lost so many House seats to Repubs because New Yorkers are suddenly bat$hit for former prez Cheeto jeezus? No. Not a chance. These losses are payback from Cuomo. But what the hell do I know about gawking at train wrecks?

Rant(ism) on, baby.



When #Americant Can. Maybe.

To understand the reflexive defense of Alex Jones, one has to understand the ethos of the new right. It is both aggressively punitive and perpetually aggrieved. It lives to smash its enemies in the mouth and “burn down” the American establishment. At the same time, the new right claims that it’s the real victim—as if its lies and conspiracies shouldn’t carry consequences.

Source: The Atlantic

It cannot be worst-said enough, dear worst-reader. #Americant is obsessed with conspiracy theory because of one simple idear. People are incapable of rationalising (their) circumstance(s). In other worst-words, if you’re either intellectually incapable or you are willingly incapable of determining and/or reasoning the cause of being in a perpetual state of demise, follow your feelings dictated to you by others. Indeed. Put yet another worst-way, conspiracy theories fill the gaps of life that is: FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Hence. Can’t explain why there’s a mass shooting problem? Lie about the victims. Can’t figure out why your generation is fcuked compared to your parents generation? Blame globalists. While you suffer at the behest of the so-called economy and there are many others around you that don’t… That’s right. Blame someone or something else. Never consider the fact that your politics have lead to this. Never question what you don’t know. Do what you’ve always been told: comply to a system that is hellbent on screwing you.

The personification of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that is my beloved & missed #Americant has to be the likes of conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones. And boy oh boy did Jones finally get some/his comeuppance. Even worst-writer didn’t think the jury would award this amount. A billion fcuking bucks, dear worst-reader. WTF! Of course. Now comes the burden of making Jones actually pay. Which begs the question: is that the reason the jury awarded so much? They set the number so high that #nomatter what Jones does, he will have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money that it will certainly ruin him. Isn’t that how they got OJ Simpson? Of course. The real issue here should be more about how #Americant has become a cesspool of idiocy where the likes of Jones festers and perpetuates en masse. The only problem is, unlike defamation, it’s impossible to sue idiocy into oblivion.

Am I wrong.

Rant on.



Is That Your Real Hair Colour

A Pseudo Review of the movie: Blonde

Alternative worst-title: A time before Weinstein and Cosby & Co.

She died a few months before I was born. It took till the late 70s before I saw one of her movies–on a black & white TV. As the 80s came and went and worst-writer started taking down all those pin-up posters of scantly clad #Americant womanhood from my boyhood room, which may or mayn’t be because of Monroe’s iconic pin-up status that started with the first Playboy magazine cover, Monroe wasn’t all that titillating anymore. For one thing, she was long dead. For another thing, her sex-symbol image had been surpassed, if not suppressed by the likes of Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd, etc. For worst-moi, the myth of Marilyn Monroe started (at best) in the mid 80s when Madonna usurped her iconic platinum blonde bombshell image in the music video Material Girl. Does that mean Madonna should be accredited with the revival of Marilyn Monroe and all-things platinum blonde? Sure. Why not. What else could have revived her?

The thing is, dear worst-reader, I watched Blonde the other night on Netflix. And I can’t get it out of my head. My better-half quit the movie after the first rape scene, which is at about twenty minutes. She says she’s never gonna watch it. Although the scene made me stand up and turn away from the screen, I found my bearings a few minutes later due to Ana de Armas. In fact, she’s the only reason I stayed in the almost three hour $hitshow of peeling the onion that is/was nineteen fifties Hollywood, even though some of the scenes with Adrian Brody as Arthur Miller were pretty good. The thing is. This movie is Ana de Armas. She’s f’n amazing and that says a lot considering I’ve never been a Marilyn Monroe fan.

What a meat grinder Hollywood must have been (still is). Is there a better example of how the meat grinder started other than Marilyn Monroe? Which makes worst-writer wonder: is this movie about the world as a grinder of human meat embodied in beauty and abuse? Whether it’s the first rape scene, the second or third, the drugs or the blowjob she gives JFK, after which he rapes her…. Holly krapp, dear worst-reader. What the hell is this film about? Even though de Armas is brilliant, this film isn’t about Marilyn Monroe. Which brings worst-writer to other worst-thoughts.

Having grown up in the suburban hell madness that is #Americant, where everything is a commodity–especially all-things love and sex–it’s no wonder that so many depend on conspiracy theory to deal with (their) circumstance(s). If a list could be made of conspiracy theories from beginning to end that determined where my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant would be today (post former prez pee-pee-hair), high on that list would have to be the affair between Monroe and JFK. I’ve never believed it. And the only reason so many prude, sexually repressed #Americants believe it is because of the pure, unadulterated sex Monroe exudes while singing happy birthday that one night to the soon to be dead president. She was hated for that. She was hated for her sexuality. For she was the first to be raw with it–don’t you know. People forget that. There is a whole swath of #Americant that couldn’t stand her because she took sex and sexy to new heights–and she did it all without crossing the lines of explicit sex. Also. Let’s not forget. It was an insult to those who thought JFK and his wife could be #Americants first chance at a new fangled form of royalty. Any idear, dear worst-reader, how many #Americants hate (are confused by) royalty as much as they hate (are confused by) sex? We all know what happened to the Kennedys. Or?

This movie has reawakened worst-moi to the myth of Marilyn Monroe. I’m considering reading the book it is loosely based on. But don’t hold your breath for that worst-review. Like this film, the book is a work of fiction. Fiction means, first and foremost, its makers make it up. They pull $hit out of thin air. The do it because, well, it’s sellable. Make money. Then again. I’m not sure reviving Monroe in worst-writer’s brain is a good thing. And I kinda mean that in a positive way. For. Dear worst-reader. I always preferred Jane Mansfield (as a brunette not as a blonde). Or what about Jane Russell? But worst-writer’s ultimate pin-up is and will always be Raquel Welch. And at eighty she’s still worth a look! But now. In this world of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID, was Marilyn Monroe the first to open the flood gates of a world full of ditzy blondes? Bimbos? Chicks selling IT! Indeed. She was/is a girl who found a way to make a living by churning the loins of sexually repressed movie goers, male or female? Bless her and bless all sex-symbol hearts. Just don’t forget the part where educating people enough so they can tell the difference between conspiracy theory and, well, a really nice girl just trying to make a living… Blah, blah, blah.

This film has given worst-moi a chance to appreciate Marilyn Monroe from another perspective. In a world where it’s taken till now to bring down at least some of the abusers and gatekeepers, aka Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Eppstein, Bill Cosby, this film should be heeded and seen by all. It’s that good at portraying the pain of the female. The eternal and unnecessary pain.

Rant on.


Not A Fan But

Source: interwebnet screenshot

I know there are those who try to have discourse with the other side but worst-writer is usually not one of them. But every once a once I do get caught up in the $hitstorm. More often than not, though, it’s usually clear from the get-go who/what I’m dealing with. And so. It happened recently while the better-half and I were vanlifing at a Bavarian lake. As is the case when visiting idyllic places in #Eurowasteland, there are lots of #Americants to be seen and heard. While walking Beckett the killer pug, a cute, young couple heard me scolding him with kisses and hugs.

Oh, you’re American, she said.

Only on the weekends, I responded.

What a cute pig… I mean pug, he said.

So it begins.

I especially despise moderates. I worst-mean. What the hell is a moderate? Then there are the libertarians (which are only republicans missing at least one testicle). Really can’t stand them. Independents? Well. Le’s move on.

Would you believe, dear worst-reader, that there are those who think fascism is/can be 1) left-wing and 2) inherently violent. I mean. I’ve kinda felt this over the years. Yet it always baffles me. For. Don’t you know. In worst-writer’s humble opinion. There is no such thing as a left-wing fascist. Reason? Fascism is a political ideology that serves all-forms of authoritarianism. It’s what Mussolini invented. It’s what Hitler utilised (albeit in the name of nationalism). But Stalin took it to the highest levels, although one could argue if his was really fascism. With that piece of history in mind…

Are there radical left-wingers? Sure. Do left-wingers use violence? You betcha. But do left-wingers, which include hippies, socialists (not communists), rational thinkers, (some) Dems, aspire to authoritarianism? Seriously? I know. I know. Do you have to pose that question, dear worst-writer? Indeed.

Or allow me to put this another worst-way.

Do left-wingers shoot abortion clinic doctors? Do the police kill people (mostly black people) for resisting being arrested for misdemeanour offences? Do they try and interrupt the peaceful transition of power, Jan 6, 2021?

What examples do you have of left-wingers killing people? (And don’t worry. If you don’t have an example, I do. But it’s a whole nother bucket of worst-writer worms.)

That right-wingers so casually convolute the meaning of politics and ideology can only come from a society that has lost all connection to intellect, science, history and the belief that ones own personal space is all that matters. This is especially true for those who are incapable of discerning their social, political and economic circumstances. Well…

To think that there were a few Repubs years ago in my beloved & missed #Americant that saw it all coming… wow! For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Religion is a form of totalitarianism that easily hides (its) intent. Perhaps the reason Stalin was so much more successful than Hitler or Mussolini was due to his ability to control religion. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

I die-gress.

Rant and quote on.



Humbling The Unhumbleble

Although not an AirTag user, worst-writer is digging this report. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. Where is there a better example of pure, unadulterated corporate arrogance than airlines? That this happens to LH shouldn’t surprise worst-moi. If I have a choice when flying to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant I always use LH. But I assure you. I don’t use it for its service. I use it to a avoid US carriers. Still. That these AirTags can show lost luggage location when the corporate automatons sit around and twiddle thumbs between arse and mouth is delicious.

Rant on.



Blooming Bud Risk

Worst-alternative title: Or How I Finally Looked Up Esoteric

And the day came when the risk of remaining in bud became more painful than the risk of blooming. -Anais Nin; translation help by

So. Like. The other morning I came across a camper with this text printed in small letters on its side. Although not the first time I’ve seen text, sayings, quotes on campers, this one seemed to rise above the level of bumper sticker superficiality, e.g. “camp now or your kids will with the money you leave them”. For one worst-thing, I had to read it several times to get it to sink in. Then I had to look up the words Knospe (flower bud) and verharren (remaining). The problem is, being the thick headed wannabe failed writer that I am, I immediately associated this text with two possible things. The first is something akin to esotericism. And the other… Well. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. It feels kinda sexual. But that’s just worst-moi.

As you may or mayn’t worst-know, dear worst-reader, my German is pretty good. I especially enjoy reading it–which I obviously don’t do enough. But there are times when things just go over my head. My better-half, for example, has the habit of inserting nuanced German into our discourse and boy does she throw me for loops. I also have problems dealing with dialects. I can’t worst-tell you how many times I’ve requested someone speak high-German but then receive the flip-off which abruptly ends the conversation. Also, if I’m in a crowded room and there’s lots of people talking (loudly) I get lost trying to concentrate on what’s being said to me. Needless to say. My ability to speak German, even after all these years, will always be somewhat limited.

I came across the owner of the van one morning and inquired as to the meaning of her bumper sticker. Aware that German is a second language to me, she proceeded to explain the sentence, gently. She said she discovered it years ago and has lived by it ever since. I tried to explain to her that, other than the two words I had to look up, I kinda understood the sentence but was interested in how she perceived it. I even compared it to sayings like it’s not the destination but the road travelled or the seed not having yet become the tree. Obviously for her, the sentence is nuanced and my superficial comparison held no water. But she remained vigilant and patient explaining things to me. Until…

While she dramatised Knospe by folding, dancing, embracing her fingers and hands, explaining how things blossom, especially how life blossoms, I rudely interrupted her and blurted out the question: is this an esoteric thing?

Esoteric: intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest. -a dictionary

“Oh no, oh no. Not esoteric. Esoteric is something else,” she said.

My problem with all things Knospe (flower bud) in the context of way-of-life, life choices, living, etc., is that it’s… wait for it… it’s all about sex. Having approached a stranger, though, inquiring about something she’s published about herself on the side of her camper van, isn’t the appropriate venue for worst-writer to start-on about all-things sex (in the written or worst-written word). I’m not worst-writing (talking) about procreation sex, mind you, dear worst-reader. But sex as in the sexes, which may or mayn’t include things like emotion, love, fulfilment, happiness, etc. And as the camper lady continued to teach me about the saying that she’s lived by for years I couldn’t help but wonder why she shut down my assumption about esotericism. Is esotericism really so far off the mark? She certainly seemed to think so. Is worst-writer so far off the mark? Or should I have got-on about Knospe being all about sex?

I’ve since googled the text and it turns out that it’s a quote from Anais Nin. Which is kinda cool as it reassures me that my assumption of all-things sex wasn’t far off the mark. I remember reading Nin’s book of letters and correspondence she had with Henry Miller. What a turbulent and passionate affair those two must have had in 1930s Paris. Theirs is/was the type of physical love I sought out in my youth. Oh how my lovers misinterpreted my passions as being purely carnal. Oh how much I regret not being able to express my desire for physical love betterly. Which brings me back to being told the esoteric has no place in the realm of the Knospe. For. The thing is. Dear worst-reader. As I translated the text into English in order to understand it better I quickly realised being shutdown for misinterpreting someone’s emotions is probably a good thing. And I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll also carry this text with me for a while.

Rant and love on.


The Plague Of National Incompetence

This story (link below) has rattled worst-moi more than most regarding the #Americant disease of incompetence. What do I mean by that, you ask, dear worst-reader? Well, it worst-goes something like this. My beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has been suffering for decades as the ill-magic-seed of Ronald Reagan has blossomed into the most ugliest of trees. It’s latest ugly fruit, of course, being former prez mango Mussolini. But I die-gress.

#Americant incompetence begins, of course, with the slow and gradual redistribution of inherited late nineteenth and early twentieth century wealth. This is/was the enabler of the Haves fully exploiting the Have-Nots, thereby culling the lower and middle portion of the Haves (including IMHO the middle classes) who are intellectually incapable of discerning that they’ve slowly but surely been relegated to Have-Not status (which may or mayn’t be poor status). Masses of middle class morons have convinced themselves that redistribution cannot effect them thereby unleashing all they have left: bigotry and hate and spite and uglies of political conservatism. Also. Let’s not forget the fact that there is always–ALWAYS–someone else to blame for economic woes un-understood. Right wing media anyone? You go worst-girl!

Hence right-wing faux-newz, if not ALL conservative media, has laughed and giggled and cackled at its success at killing THE DREAM. This can only culminate in conservative #Americant electing former prez pee-pee-hair and thereby not thinking thrice about how it all came to be. And so goes the toxic high of mass delusion which manifests in pure and unadulterated national incompetence. Need a job to pay off student loans? Join the military where you’ll fight wars where there is no clear enemy (wars of choice). Need more money? Get a third or fourth career at a coffee shop. Don’t know what to do with yourself and the military won’t take you? Become an hourly wage policeman where you can play cops and robbers all day masquerading as a servant of the opposite of peace. And that’s the worst-ticket with this worst-post. Cheap cops. Incompetent cops. Wow.

How is this incompetence best exemplified? Have a look at the lower ranks of minions and their delusional dreams of attaining THE DREAM by submitting themselves to earning a buck by any means. You know. We’re dealing with the compulsive behaviourists aka those who think they actually work for a living when in fact they only find ways to exist, aka consume-to-survive, which can only be achieved on the backs of others. National incompetence is the result of not only lacking any form of creativity but it is the complete and utter absence of rational thought. #Amercant has become a nation of anti-intellectuals in all aspects of society. Or. Dear worst-reader. Is there a better way to explain how a policeman puts someone they are arresting into the back of a patrol car that is parked on train tracks?

How fcuking stupid can you be?

Holly krapp! Worst-writer can’t even come up with stuff like this while in a raging, drunk stupor where tears tremble down my face as I morn my expatriation. With that in worst-mind, let’s worst-say it again. A nation of incompetent nitwits full of rage and hate and bigotry and spite, stemming out of fifty years of political disarray that has turned economics and politics upside down and inside out, because no one can figure out how/why the $hitshow of greed has killed THE DREAM, and now the chasers of that ill-DREAM are nothing more than hourly wage boobs carrying guns, riding around in patrol cars, and they can’t tell the difference between a space to park and a live train track… And yet they still put someone in the back of a patrol car that gets hit by a fcuking train.


If this is not another sign of incompetence on a mass scale worst-writer doesn’t know what is. The only question remaining, dear worst-reader, since #Amercant obviously is not on any path toward solving its ills, what will be the next tragedy of all this incompetence? Your worst-guess is as good as mine.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on, baby.



The Fear: Going Nomadland As Leisure Van Man

The trip started, as they all must, in D’dorf. Weather forecast for the trip indicated some rain but for the next ten days we were expecting Indian summer weather from Italy to Bavaria. Indian summer we got.

Our trip began in the early afternoon on a Thursday. Since we prefer to drive in daylight, we were able to put in about five hundred kilometres before nightfall. We spent the night at one of Germany’s, what looks like, a makeshift camp site in the town of Gutenau, Baden Württemberg. These campsites are for those on the road who need a quick overnight stay, with out camping luxury. These no-frills spots are usually available near Autobahns or small towns. There are no bathroom facilities, no electricity and no reception. You park, pay, and you’re on your own. I’ll go ahead and worst-assume these things have sprung up over the years due to campsite supply and demand, all of which have been exasperated by a Covid camping boom here in #Eurowasteland. And so. People who own a bit of land to spare, like farmers, simply cordon-off an area of their property and make it available to vans and mobile homes for the quick overnighter. I think we paid nine Euros for the night.

The next morning we continued to Italy, crossing Switzerland. We made it to our destination just before noon. And what a destination! If you ever have the chance to camp on the side of a mountain, literally parked on a terrace cutout of that mountain, with the most spectacular view of Lake Maggiore, I highly recommended it. We weren’t sure how long we were gonna stay but the view turned out to be worth four nights. A small harbour town was a quick, albeit strenuous (very steep mountain roads) e-bike ride away where we were able to enjoy all-things Italian.

A few worst-thoughts on mountain side, terrace-view camping–as the pic above doesn’t do it much justice. We stayed in the municipality of Oggebio, which is in Piedmont, Italy. According to locals, the town built the campsite for self-promotion. The site is managed by a mother son team of proprietors.

Upon entering Lake Maggiore you cross from Switzerland to Italy. You then drive about twenty kilometres on a windy, narrow highway that circles the entirety of Lake Maggiore. When you got to Oggebio you leave the mini, chaotic highway (full of chaotic Italians battling with German, Swiss, Austrian, etc. motorhomes) and drive up a very thin (one car) steep incline to the campsite. The site is first-come, first-serve. If it’s full you can park outside in a small parking lot where you can wait for an available spot. Luckily we arrived early and there were a few open spaces. During our four days there, though, we were approached by several people asking how long we planned to stay. The small parking lot just outside the campsite was always full of campers waiting for a spot. Btw, no trailer campers allowed or tents. The facility does have two small bathrooms with showers and some sinks for dishwashing. It also has electricity and fresh water at each spot. It’s not a campsite for anything long term. But then there’s the view.

Each of the twelve camping spots in Oggebio is big enough for a small motor home or, as in our case, the VW Wundervan. The spots are narrow which means most of the motor homes couldn’t extend their awnings and larger motor homes can’t turn around when exiting. Needless to say there were a few struggling drivers backing their vehicles out of the site. There are two rows for campers. The front row is the one with THE VIEW. That doesn’t mean the back row was out of luck, though. Each of these camping spots has its own terrace. The back row has a terrace above the spot behind their parked camper. The front row has it in front and below the camper. Each terrace is beautifully walled with mountain stone bricks and wood fencing. The only blemish here is the ugly and steep ladder stairs to access the terraces. We were on the front row (facing the lake) and we never used the lower terrace. Who ever designed this place did it with gusto. Unfortunately there was no way to take a decent picture of the campsite because you can’t see it from anywhere as it’s hidden by vegetation from below or the town of Oggebia from the top. Nonetheless it looks like it was carved out of the lower quarter of the Oggebio mountain side. That means a walk up to the little town centre is gonna test your cardio. With that in mind, we used our e-bikes for a bit of sight-seeing but I would think twice about returning there with bikes. Oggebbio is ALL about the view of Lake Maggiore.

This whole trip was planned around my better-half going to Greece for a few days for work. The idear was to do a long weekend in Italy together and then drive her to Munich where she’d catch a flight to Athens. After I dropped her off I spent three nights with Beckett, the killer pug, on Schliersee, Bavaria, about an hour south of Munich, just before Austria. Although nothing like Lake Maggiore, this place has its own magic. I was surrounded by luscious green forests, high hills (pre-Alps Bavaria???) and was parked in front of the cutest little lake. The thing about this campsite isn’t just the view and all-things Bavarian though. When I checked-in the receptionist ask me if I was gonna stay through the weekend. When I inquired why he was asking, for he new my reservation was for Wednesday to Friday, he pointed out the window at my van and said that there is a Bulli1 meet-up this weekend. Oh, I thought. That motivates. When he said that there were a few spots available and he’d gladly reserve one for me, I immediately texted my better-half in Athens. And so. Looks like I’m gonna drive to Munich airport on Friday, pick up my better-half, and we’re gonna spend the weekend at our first Bulli-treff in Bavaria before heading home. We’ll see if that’s worth a worst-post.

One last thought. Since May I’ve become a van man. Seriously. Never in my life did I think I’d be into van-life. Of course, as this is a life-style choice above and beyond vehicular mobility, I’d associate it more with vehicular utility. Our van is not only our only vehicle but it’s also a traveling home. But before I get deep into splitting worst-writer hairs and ill-defining my life of leisure, let me just worst-add that I don’t need a car anymore. Now. That’s not saying that we shouldn’t have a vehicle–or in this case a van. The thing is, having purchased and now experienced a mini mobile home I feel as though I’ve subverted the entire debate about saving the world and getting a car out of my life. And don’t worry my friendly tree-huggers. If I could I would have bought an all-electric van. But that’s not gonna be on the cards for quite a while.

And with that in worst-mind, you know what’s been creeping into my brain ever since this van life started? Remember that movie Nomadland? Yeah. I do. Here’s a worst-thought or three on it. As much as I enjoy driving around #Eurowasteland and not having to depend on hotels or flights or rental cars, I’m wondering, when it all comes to an end–due to Putin’s nonsense, nuclear war in #Eurowasteland, Capitalists culling humanity of useless eaters (like worst-writer)… Oh wait. Capitalists have already done that. #Nomatter. My creeping thought is worst-thus: will I also end up like Fern (Frances McDormand) in Nomadland? Have I now sealed my fate as a downtrodden, marginalised, discarded serf? Is this new life choice my last as I approach retirement age? If so… Oh well. At least I won’t have to $hit in a bucket like Fern did.

Rant and van on, baby.


  1. ”Bulli” is German colloquial for VW’s line of Vans ↩︎

Defining Fascism: Subservience

Defining Fascism: Subservience

Extremism is the political cost of pronounced social inequality and political stagnation. -Chris Hedges, see link below

We’ve been there before, eh, dear worst-reader? Here and here a few worst-thoughts about trying to figure out Fascism. With recent elections in Italy, with the dire-straights Putin has caused with his “special operations“ in Ukraine, and as #Trumpism continues to digest in the open bowels of my beloved & missed #Americant, worst-writer may have come up with a new idear on how to define the grand ideology that is over taking the world–once again–thereby confusing the gullible and uninformed many.

Who’s your daddy, Bitch!

Obviously the election of Italy’s first female PM is to be celebrated. So let’s have one glamorous clap and bow for her. For if you’re not in the know, dear worst-reader, the clapping and the bowing must stop abruptly. Reason? When one looks under the peaking peak of this #Eurowasteland iceberg of $hit, the issue of subservience that is fascism weighs and floats über-heavy. Which begs the worst-question: is she really the afterbirth of Il Duce? Worst-writer supposes… time will tell.

So what is Fascism? Worst-writer’s newest definition of Fascism stems mostly out of what Putin is doing to Ukraine–but it also relates to what just happened in Italy. With that in worst-mind, one cannot disregard who/what Italy just elected to run its $hitshow. Again. The open digestive track that is post #Trumpism #Americant reeks.

Mussolini is accredited with being the first leader to employ Fascism as a form of governance. Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, Fascism is and will always be the only solution to what right wing extremists fear most. What they fear most is The State controlling what they perceived to be THEIR wealth. This is how the poor, the down-trodden, the confused middle-classes are so easily wound-up with conspiracy theories, the hate of migrants, racism, etc. It’s the delusion of trickle-down wealth, working your way to success, the lie of a good life. It folds and comforts the mindless masses and opium derived ideologies. Mussolini and his capitalists enablers latched on to the hate and bigotry and thereby offered a counter-offensive to the rise of Marxist communism that was overwhelming #Eurowasteland at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. Capitalists and their heirs never forgot (even to this day) the beheading and culling of hereditary privilege that was/is monarchs and/or inherited wealth since the French Revolution. Btw, inherited wealth and privilege is the foundation upon which overt political power exists. That’s why Fascism, together with Authoritarianism, ALWAYS includes violence. It runs the $hitshow with a heavy hammer, baby.

Remember who/what Putin is fighting? That’s right. According to Putin the Russians are fighting against Ukrainian Fascists. And how does Putin/Russia define Fascists? Here one has to look at the various forms of Authoritarianism around the world. Or. One has to look at what maintains, props-up, enables Authoritarianism. Of the various forms of power that rule countries and peoples, whether it’s communism (China), social market economics (Western Europe), or dictatorships (Russia, North Korea) they all rely on one simple thing when it comes to maintaining power. Surprisingly that one thing is not inherent violence. Instead. That one thing is the money.

It’s nothing new that power begets wealth and wealth begets… you get the worst-picture. The thing to keep in mind when trying to worst-understand Fascism is the who and the what the money is subservient to. And that’s the worst-ticket, dear worst-reader: Subservience. Putin’s anger toward Ukraine isn’t so much about NATO expansion or even Russian speaking people in Ukraine. It is about Ukraine’s ability to do what it wants with its own wealth within its own borders. Hence, when Russia wants/needs to export energy via ship or pipeline, the ONLY way it can export it, it HAS to go through Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to negotiate terms and conditions for those transactions. Hence, hence, Crimea was the first to be annexed because Ukraine refused to take a subservient role to Russia as it tried to dictate terms of its oil exports. Perhaps this is where the lines begin to cross when defining all forms of Authoritarianism. Take for example China. China has taken big steps in exercising its Authoritarianism since the 2008 crash which has put the world in a perpetual state of economic discombobulation. Isn’t Jack Ma an example of how the Chinese government forces (wealth) subservience?

Of course, if you’re asking: how bout #Americant in this worst-definition (equation) of Fascism (Authoritarianism)? Yeah, that’s a great worst-question. Worst-writer’s answer? Simple. #Americant has built its Fascism around the idear that The State is subservient to wealth. The difference to Russia or China here is a fine line, IMHO, because Putin has personally profited from his hate of Fascism. That is: Putin controls the wealth. In worst-fact, the realpolitic of Authoritarianism is universal. The only question that remains is: who’s your daddy?

#Americant capitalists are given a chance to pay their share to politicians who in turn maintain capitalist profits. This may or mayn’t be a contradiction–to maintaining both wealth and power of a nation-state and/or calling it Fascist. Unlike China or Russia, #Americant has a kind of symbiosis between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, the HAVES and HAVENOTS, etc. This may or mayn’t be known as the grand delusion of the middle class(es) and that symbiosis is currently being tried & tested like never before. Compared to others, though, #Americant is still quite functional–with or without the likes of former prez pee-pee-hair–including his masses of delusional nitwits who couldn’t define Fascism if it came up from behind and tickled their genitals with the tongue of a porn star whispering the word Antifa.

Indeed. #Americant has not only won the Cold War of idears but it’s also able to hide the truths of subservience. Considering how the world has been slow in responding to this ill, and as blatant Fascism arises once again in Italy, maybe things aren’t all that bad. Wait. What? Did worst-writer just worst-write something optimistic? Well. Don’t get your panties in a bundle, dear worst-reader. Remember. I just like typing–especially when most of what I worst-type probably doesn’t make much sense. And so. Are you as excited as I am for my next definition of Fascism?

Rant on.



The Proud Boys Of Deindustrialization

“We Are Proud Boys”: Far-Right Gang Normalized Political Violence, Embraced by GOP – YouTube

“We Are Proud Boys”: Far-Right Gang Normalized Political Violence, Embraced by GOP – YouTube

Well. There you have it, dear worst-reader. The link/video above is yet another example of how my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has reduced itself to the calamity that is/was the beginning of the twentieth century. You know. It’s like we’re on the edge of WW1 version two point zero. Which begs the worst-question: what would worst-writer say to Joe Biden if/when I have the chance to speak with him just before he falls off his bicycle while galavanting around Rehoboth Beach, DE?

Worst-writer: “Mister President, how does it feel to have spent your life as an elected official and all you have to show for it is a Presidency that follows the likes of #Trump, squanders the achievement of having elected the first black president, adhering to the doctrine of wars-of-choice and, last but not least, you’ve been part of that which has robbed #Americants of the only thing they have: working for the man for a living?”

Biden: “Son. Let me tell you. You’re full of malarky. Get with the program. Blah. Blah. Blah.”

Then again. Maybe I should confront him with the fact that if there was more meaningful work in my beloved #americant, work that could support/sustain a meaningful life, including family, friends and not having to scrape the bottom of the barrel every day, there wouldn’t be the need for extremists to do their best to take over things by cracking heads, misleading the gullible, storming the capital, etc.

But on that worst-note, worst-writer should die-gress.

Rant on.


Careful What You Say Or Sell

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

Now that’s a relief, eh, dear worst-reader? I mean. Isn’t the name McDonald Scottish? Or is it Irish? Maybe it’s just some quintessentially British sounding word. #Nomatter. The thing is, a fast-food giant is closing for a few hours out of respect for The Queen while she’s being put underground. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean. The corporate goons have probably calculated that by closing they might even make some money. You know. As in. Who the hell is gonna buy krapp-food while obsessing over the death of what should have long ago been relinquished? Or killed off? Like France did it. Moving on.

By shutting things down for a few hours, no McDonald money will/can be spent. As is the case with all old-economy corporations, ain’t that how bidness works these days? Than again. Ain’t it about time to get rid of monarchies AND fast-food? Am I wrong. Then again again. According to various reports, more than half of Brits love them some monarchial do-dads–and we know how they eat. Then again again again. I guess the mindless have to believe in something. And as far as Brits go, aren’t they kinda killing two birds with one stone when it comes to their unique form of island and/or colonial nationalism? As in. If the whole spaghetti monster in the sky thing ain’t enough, let’s add some perverted hereditary privilege to the mix. For the Queen, and now the King, are head of the church, not just the state (constitutional monarchy my worst-arse). And the sanctioning of the monarchy starts with the church, don’t you know. That’s how it’s always been. Suck up to the church and you won’t be overthrown. Or. Bag the church and then the monarch. Vive la France! Or something like that. Either way, hereditary BS combined with Biblical lore have proven to be a pretty potent mix on the island of the dentally challenged.

Oh. And before I worst-forget. Don’t go around holding signs up that say something like he’s not my king. Having an opinion about British politics and/or belief system will return once she’s buried. I guess.

Rant on.


Death Of The Death Starr

Ken Starr – Wikipedia

Ken Starr – Wikipedia

Now that the #OKBoomers are slowly but surely meeting their makers, it’s time for a bit of worst-subtle rejoicing. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, as a tail-end #OKBoomer, worst-writer holds no pride in his generational adherence. Together with the lost, silent and greatest-generations, who else should carry the guilt-burden of having turned the world into the $hithole it’s become? How is that $hithole best exemplified? Ronald Reagan. Margaret Thatcher. Or should I just generalise them with the name conservatives? Indeed. But let’s not get caught up in the king-makers. How bout those many and forever inbetween gate-keepers–all with that conservative bent that turns their insides into the same ugly, disgusting rot and filth that is their outsides. With that in worst-mind, good riddance Ken Starr. The world is a better place without you and your perverted sense of righteousness, holistic amorality and, of course, let’s not forget, your obsession with presidential consensual oral sex.

Rant on.


Dinosaurs vs Bolsheviks

Worst-title #2: How the great Playboy scam won the Cold War

Worst-title #3: Worst-thoughts on Robert Scheer’s podcast with Katrina vanden Heuvel that may or mayn’t have missed the point

As a somewhat well read child of the Cold War, worst-writer has to take issue(s) with (his) elderly #OKBoomers. For that’s the ticket, eh, dear worst-reader. #OKBoomers (Heuvel), along with a few & far between #OKBoomer parents (Scheer), have been running the $hitshow that is #Americant (opinion journalism) since ever-more, which has brought us to this worst-world. And what a worst-world it is, eh. Hurray #OKBoomer. You guys are still doing great. (Sarcasm off.)

As an #Americant expatriate who has been living in #Eurowasteland, having arrived just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and living in Germany ever since, there is a worst-thing or three to be said when some people get on and on about this or that and thereby miss the friggin point. In this particular case the point should have to do who won the Cold War and NOT who is trying to reverse it (Putin)–or exploit it (NATO and the buying and selling of lots and lots and lots of guns and bombs). But I could be wrong.

Although the podcast is well-worth a listen, as it provides worthy nuggets of info regarding the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent continued rise of my beloved & missed #Americant as the only beacon of greed-mongering, albeit with a cynical smiley face, the thing that gets under my gander is how these two great journalists misfire the idear Gorbachev has a legacy to be squandered. Indeed.

There is no legacy to be squandered and Putin is proving that as I worst-write this.

As worst-noted above, worst-writer is confident in claiming, at a minimum level of course, to be well-read enough to pass on an opinion or three regarding the Cold War. Am I as well-read as Robert Scheer or Katrina vanden Heuvel? Heck no! So let me just blurt out all this worst-writing as though I’ve got a nasty cold and green and white and brown snot is bellowing out of my nose, ears, eyelids and it’s corroded not just worst-moi but my keyboard.

One of the things that has always stood out in my reading of twentieth century history is how/what the rest of the world perceives #Americant. There are basically two points of contention here that hither and wither in my worst-mind. The first is capitalism run amok. Most of the world sees #Americant capitalism with either admiration or as a guide how not to run their own version of capitalism. That’s kinda good, right? The other point of contention, though, is a bit hairier. Reason? It has to do with #Americant foreign policy. What is it that motivates #Americant to do what it does in the world? Since it’s clear that #Americant capitalism has never been thoroughly exported, what can it then export–without hindering #Americant capitalism? Have I lost you yet, dear worst-reader?

Do you know who imperialist Europe wasn’t afraid of when it began the Great War (=WW1+WW2)? It wasn’t afraid of #Americants. And do you know why? That’s right. #Eurowasteland knew that the hill-billies, rednecks, downtrodden nutcases that were either chasing gold nuggets with bedpans, selling snake oil and religion or getting their kicks killing stuck-in-the-Bronze-Age Native Americans–not to mention the hate and ugliness that to this day is the aftermath of Civil War–were all stuck in prepubescent sexual repression and family inbreeding and were no match for the industrialists that invented imperial high seas shipping, the steam engine, the frickin automobile, the Rothchilds, illuminati, etc. Sure. The #Americants defeated Great Britain in 1776–which lead to FREEDOM TO BE STUPID as we all know it today, pre and post former prez mango Mussolini. But up until the end of the Great War (=WW1+WW2) what did the world really think of #Americant?

Watch out world the playboys are cumming.

Worst-writer has often thought that the reason the fallacy of Cowboys and Indians became so popular and hence pushed by the propaganda machine known as Hollywood was because before #Americants took on the lie that is heroism and ruggedness on the back of a horse in the middle of fcuking nowhere, the word playboy was used. As in: you’re either a play-boy or you are a boy (man-child) stuck in a perpetual world of being played. In fact, worst-writer is sure that’s where Hugh Hefner got the name for his magazine. He wanted to rekindle the adage that to be a real #Americant you couldn’t go around being called a Cowboy. Cowboys are vulgar, farting, shitkicking, knuckle dragging thumb-brains and until Hollywood clarified everything, they were criminals. It was better, prettier, sexier, to be called a Playboy–if you could get there–or buy the magazine. And that’s exactly what Imperial #Eurowasteland called the #Americants at the turn of the nineteenth century. Deservedly so, may worst-writer add. But on that sexy note I die-gress.

The thing that Scheer and vanden Heuvel miss in their podcast trying to prop-up Gorbachev, thereby blathering about fifty or more years of #Americant foreign policy, NATO expansion, #Eurowasteland, etc., is the simple fact that, IMHO, Gorbachev had no choice because the process that would lead to the dissolution of the Soviet Union had been underway for decades. And so. Was Gorbi unaware of this? Or did his ego–that grand male, patriarchal ego–stir his way? As most men do, he thought he had a solution. Yeah. Right.

The reason for the dissolution of the Soviet Union stems out of the uglies that is/was Stalin’s thoroughly whacked-out totalitarianism that robbed human beings of every aspect of individualism, not to mention his perversion of Marxism. Say what you will about the tenants of socialism/communism, the simple fact of its failure will always be–and please forgive me, dear worst-reader, for worst-writing it this way: human beings just want to travel, buy (consume-to-survive) things and surf. Am I wrong, Dude.

In worst-writer’s humble opinion, Gorbachev is no hero and his legacy is exactly what we’re dealing with today: he did it wrong and lackadaisically and without an ounce of that which made Russian culture great–or have I read too much Gogol? Gorbachev did what he did because those before him were just a speck above all that is authoritarianism run amok–and the fcuking Soviet Union was flat-out bankrupt because it was STUPID. That speck of stupid is and will never be enough to give Gorbi a legacy worth remembering. Hence there’s no doubt in worst-writer’s mind that Gorbachev never gave a $hit about people–or as Russia might call them: peasants. But his show was good. I’ve often wondered, if Ronald Reagan wasn’t his counterpart–you know, the wierdly pretty, cowboy actor–how different Gorbachev’s show would have been? Would he have visited Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm, jumped out of his limousine and greeted those Georgia rednecks, perhaps even joining them in spitting tobacco? But enough worst-writing about all-things worst and ugly and stupid and… Hey! Wait a sec. Why do I now have an urge to chew some tobacco? Dip anyone?

And on that worst-note I’ll admit that for all his faults and failures, like so many men who think they somehow, someway, have answers–as opposed to just helping people help themselves–if Gorbachev has a legacy it’s more about revealing how the Soviet Union was one big $hitshow. I mean. Come on. As it dissolved was it really up to The West to show it the way? To help it? Do you think The West wasn’t fully aware of the underlying reality that is/was the KGB and the uncontrollable frustration and anger and spite of all those ugly, ugly white men with their arses stuck in the snow and their bellies a vat of vodka? The Soviet Union and those from that era are now on a hell-spin to further ruin Russia–because they can and they know nothing else. That’s why it hates Ukraine, btw. Ukraine, as miserable and corrupt as it may or mayn’t be, doesn’t want to be part of the old $hitshow. Nor do any of the Baltic countries. Hence, NATO never recruited them. I’ve been here the whole time. NATO expansion has happened because these countries were begging for it. They all wanted some protection from what Russia is capable of, which we’ve been witnessing with Putin for the last twenty years. Who wants to be forced to join yet another attempt at $hitshow pseudo Soviet ill-glory? I mean. Come on. Russia has never been able to get out of its own way. It’s afraid of its own shadows–and considering its history, rightly so. And it can’t seem to get rid of that one fcuked up chromosome that makes worst-writer wonder if Putin has too many of them. But. Again. I die-gress.

Which brings worst-moi, of course, to the rest of what this podcast fails miserably to address. Isn’t Putin the other side of a Cold War legacy coin shared with Gorbi? If Gorbi has a legacy, he must share it with Putin. Two sides of the same fcuking coin, #nomatter if one wrote a book about peace and the other rides horses topless that, well, actually do look kinda sexy. And so. The new & improved authoritarian man-child or child-king of peasantry run amok unable to rid itself of fcuked up chromosomes… blah blah blah…

But they both have their faces on a coin. Now there’s a legacy for ya.

Rant on.


Note: The title of this worst-post comes from something Katrina vanden Heuvel says about Gorbachev and Reagan calling each other names. You can guess, dear worst-reader, who called who what. I guess.

Link: article which includes link to the audio podcast

Humanity Blemish 101

Source of pic: interwebnet screenshot

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. The best example there is of hereditary privilege, the belief in mysticism and the need for meaninglessness run amok has (finally) died. And now? Oh wait. Long live the… the King? Yea. There’s that.

It’s 2022. Monarchies still exist. Why? Oh wait. Why did so many #Americants vote for mango Mussolini? Wait. Whaaaaaaaa?

“You mean,” dear worst-writer, “that the British royal family has anything to do with former prez Cheeto-jeezus?”

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, dear worst-reader. For you see, when there’s is so much STUPID in the world, it is inevitable that (the belief in) magic and un-reality (fake newz) rule the day. The will of the STUPID, don’t you know. Or did you think there was NOTHING underneath The Orange One’s pee-pee-hair? I mean, doesn’t he have dreams of royalty underneath his fake (transplanted) hair? These privileged people and their want of power… How does humanity maintain such a blemish on its existence? Yea. That’s the ticket. But let’s move on.

Obviously worst-writer has a worst-thing or three to worst-say about monarchies. I’m also sorry that the old lady had to die. Then again. Are you looking forward to what Engaland replaces her with? Yeah, can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Rant on.


Boy You Best Prey I Bleed Real Soon

Sub-worst-title: Thoughts on Apple’s Sept, 2022 event.

First, dear worst-reader, the title of this worst-post is from the song Silent All These Years by Tori Amos. If, btw, you want to melt worst-writer, put me near Madame Amos. I would jump off mountains for her, bring down aeroplanes full of conservative idiots for her, crush Republican man-children for her, thereby squishing their innards between my toes, laughing and giggling through my nose, all the while listening to the thunder of one of the greatest rock music composers ever–that just happens to also be the epitome of the human female, female and more female. But on that note I should die-gress for my loins churn me to unrest.

Since I’m on the subject of menstruation and technology and my love and respect for females, something extraordinary caught my eye and ears yesterday while watching Apple’s marketing circus, especially the part about the new Apple Watch. Or am I over worst doing it when I say that I couldn’t help but think of the politics of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant as Apple presented its newest incarnation of a time machine that can also track a woman’s cycle? The video link above, by-the-buy, is time-stamped for the presentation, which starts at about the nine minute mark. And what a presentation it is IMHO.

The thing is, dear worst-reader–and fellow lovers of all-things feminist–I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Apple might be taking a political swipe with this presentation about its wunder-watch capabilities. Well. Political as much as profits go, don’t you know. Specifically. Apple is using this five minute presentation, certainly seen by millions of people, to explain how a watch tracks a woman’s cycle. Now. That’s great. Technology is fun. But. And I may be worst over doing it here. For what do I know about ovulation? Indeed. Using a female doctor to explain all this, she also uses words like privacy and women’s health numerous times. Important words in selling a gadget? Again. Indeed. What do I know about this stuff? Then again… For those not in the know, allow worst-writer to recap one of the pillars of the political krapp-show that is #Americant:

Roe v. Wade

What one should never forget about this landmark decision dating back to 1973 is that it’s not entirely about abortion. It is, in fact, about privacy. Hence the recent overturning of Roe is at the same time an attack on what should be an inalienable human right, with or without a Constitution. That misconstrued man-children, including their delusional if not abused sister-wives (what other kind of female would marry these extreme conservative men), think they have the high-ground on the morality of abortion is only further proof of what’s ahead for my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–unless it can get itself out of the (political) $hithole it’s dug itself in with the likes of the GOP, republicans and so-called centrists. But let’s not get too far off subject here.

During the watch presentation I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Apple was taking a swipe at the current political situation #Americant has gotten itself into by voting for republicans and conservatives for the past fifty friggin years. Does that mean that a watch will help women in need? Of course not. Is there a ten year old rape victim in need of an abortion that can afford one of these watches? But. Again. I die-gress.

Other than privacy, the other issue of misconstrued #Americant politics regarding inalienable human rights that only apply to females is that all-things women’s health should NEVER be questioned by the state. It’s none of the State’s business. It is, in fact, nobody’s business except for the woman. Apple seems to know this. But until that inalienable right is given the freedom she deserves, worst-writer can only hope that an ingloriously profitable corporation making gadgets no one needs, but are still kinda fun, is at least taking one small stance on what is the right thing to do or say.

And so. Apple has a new watch gadget that tracks a woman’s cycle and they want people to know that privacy and health is a priority. I love how they go about explaining that. In times like these, I’m still dreaming about the one that got away and in that same dream she’s singing to me Silent All These Years by Tori Amos.

Rant on.



The Love Of Block Knock Off

Source: interwebnet screenshot

Grew up listening to his dad. Even took apart and old, cheap e-guitar, painted it with spray paint in red and white stripes, eventually never learned to play it, but the memory is good enough. And that pure, American rock sound of VH… Love it. Miss it. And now. This morning I learned that Wolfgang has an album. And what a fcukin album it is. Looks like I got something to listen to for hours to come.

Rock on baby.

Rant on.



Learning Something Newz Everyday

Politico has always been a garbage outlet, but now at least they can inadvertently admit it with its new CEO

Politico’s New CEO Invited Executives To ‘Pray’ For Trump’s Re-Election | Crooks and Liars

As a worst-newz junky, I have to admit that I’m often in a whirlwind regarding my newz sources. Obviously worst-writer doesn’t follow much of the mainstream media, unless bits or pieces of it appear online and I’m (hopefully) sure are progressive. Still, there are few newz sources out there that I wish I didn’t have to scrutinise regarding their biases. With that in worst-mind, I’ve long given up on the likes of Slate, HuffPost and now Politico. Any newz source that requires research regarding to whom it is beholden just ain’t worth my worst-time. With that in mind, how long will the sources that I do rely on remain objective?

Good question worst-writer.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Cringe With That Cute British Accent

As worst-writer worries about his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–you know, that whole twist and wiggle that transcends the thin gap between Neo-liberalism and fascism–what of the rest of the WASP world? Perhaps not as amused as my worst-readers about the whole #Brexit B.S., there is something about watching the enablers fall as I relax within the lap of continental #Eurowasteland leisure. Or are you, dear worst-reader, gonna miss the freak show that is Euro-white-privilege Boris buffoonery? Which raises the following worst-question: if they fall so little is it then falling upward? Yeah, baby. The mantra of the western world post Ronald Reagan: falling politicians equals failing upward consume-to-survivors. Am I wrong. On the other worst-hand. Boris is gonna be quite fine, don’t you know. But I die-gress.

How better to see the reality that the world needs some younger blood to take over things than to watch the highly confused British isles go about its bidness as though a Goliath and David mated only to procreate a glob of snot that may or mayn’t resemble a mouldy glob of strawberries and cream. You know. Politics is getting too old these days. That eighty year old man-walk that Joe Biden performs on a daily basis gives worst-writer the cringe. Not unlike G.B.’s new prime minister and her relatively young physiology that is obviously trapped in the opposite of anything futuristic. Will the likes of Biden, Boris and now Truss fall? Biden and his kinder-gentler conservatism does seem to be working, albeit at a pace that matches his age. The other side of the Atlantic seems to have tied itself into different kinds of political knots–that an eighty year old Brit can’t untie. And so. I keep worst-asking my worst-self as Biden stumbles and Britain belches, when will all this old finally get out of the way?

Oh well. I guess the cringe-fest must go on. Young or old.

Rant on.


The Top Secret

Included were markings related to NATO, foreign nuclear information, and the United States nuclear information, covering atomic weapons and navy nuke propulsion.

What Was Trump Planning To Do With Those Top Secret Documents? | Crooks and Liars

In a way, dear worst-reader, I’m going out on a limb with this worst-post. A thin limb. Or maybe a half limb. Indeed. A weak limb. Namely. I’m going to defend Mango Mussolini regarding the recent raid on his two-bit, stuck in the 1970s (see that carpet below the docs?), pseudo-disco beach club down in that $hit-hole known as Florida. And I’m not sure if, maybe, there was/is a better way to handle this truly #Americant krapp.

So let me just put this out there. Did they really have to raid the place? I mean. I get it. Government, DOJ, FBI… They gotta do what they gotta do. You know. Cheeto Jeezus was given ample time to return all those docs. And the orange vomit prez did obviously obstruct on that front. Again. I get it. But what about this?

As much as I despise the man–and I also believe that my beloved & missed #Americant deserves or should I worst-say has earned him–I don’t really think he’s a risk to national security. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, fomer prez piss-hair has squirted the law his whole life by doing basically two things. First. He does not rip-off elites. Most people that get prosecuted for wheeling and dealing and grifting and scumming do so because they ripped off the wrong people. The best example of this is the likes of Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli. Former idiot-prez doesn’t do stuff like that.

Second. As a two-bit, wannabe pseudo crime boss, projecting all that his mind knows, that can only mirror what he sees on TV, he doesn’t have the balls to tangle with forces and power that would require either mental or physical strength. Am I the only one to not have missed how the likes of William Barr obviously dealt with him. Every time Barr talks about dip$hit Trump you can smell the contempt. Or how he had to give up pretty early on in his pseudo-presidency appearing with high-ranking US military officials? I mean, what four-star general wants to stand next to an obvious pussy? Or have you missed his unshakeable demeanor that is the shadow of trust-fund and parental excrement tutelage. No. Seriously. His whole family from the get-go is but one thing: pure, walking, talking, $hit. But I digress.

Still. I’ll have to say it again. I don’t think former prez pee-pee-hair would sell-out #Americant with top secret documents. Would he maybe try to pawn the stuff that he thought needn’t be top-secret and have the proper judgement for that? Who knows. When it comes to making a buck or ripping off stupid people, he’s already shown what he’s capable of. Will worst-writer be proven wrong and eventually it will come to light that some of those docs have already been leaked into the wild and are at this moment jeopardizing intelligence or human assets? Gee-whiz. I sincerely hope not. Then again. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a former prez rot in jail for espionage and treason?

Rant on.


But What If Your Camper Is Actually A Car

Interwebnet screenshot

This article (link below) ain’t wrong, dear worst-reader. It ain’t wrong because it applies to the majority of camper vans on the market. I guess. You know. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Here in #Eurowasteland I can confirm that the camper-craze, including prices, with or without Covid, has to break soon. But will prices fall significantly? Worst-writer doubts it. But. The article forgets one very important thing. At least in #Eurowasteland there is an alternative class of camper van that it has completely missed, more on that here.

I’m worst-writing, of course, about the cult vehicle aka camper-van known as the VW Bulli? Now. This class of van is also made by Mercedes (called the Marco Polo, which I check-out) and there’s also one by Opel, Toyota, among others. But the VW is the bomb IMHO. In fact. VW has been making this camper van–in the same basic design–since the friggin 1950s. It’s secret sauce? It is just a car. In other worst-words. The only time where this thing isn’t a car–at least on #Eurowasteland roads–is if you’re trying to pass through some alleyway in a small town in Italy and the only vehicle that can fit is a Fiat 500 (did you miss the pic above). And don’t you know. I just traded in a Mini Clubman to buy a Bulli camper because I wanted something that transcends the camping crazies. That’s right, baby. Transcends enough that I only have to worry once or twice a year while traveling #Eurowasteland about how to avoid a street that can only fit a Fiat 500. Tell that to most mobile-camper nuts.

Ok. The Bulli is über expensive. It has limited space–compared to the big guns of mobile home life. But now that I’ve been using it for the past six weeks, camping regularly, it actually has too much space for my needs. Then there’s the idear that it’s not officially for sale in most countries. I think, since the T5 version–I bought the T6.1 version–it’s only available with a diesel motor, which is probably the reason you can’t get one officially in North America, although I’ve heard that some really really really expensive homogenised imports are available. Although I would have gladly purchased the ID-Buzz, VW’s new electric version, its camper configuration isn’t gonna be ready until 2025. So I made the jump anywho–diesel cost be damned. And get this, dear worst-reader. The thing that makes the Bulli so awesome is that it’s actually no bigger than an SUV. Even when it’s equipped with a pop-up roof, it fits in most garages (in the down position, of course), all parking lots and even the occasional small street in whatever medieval #Eurowasteland town.

And one other thing about diesel. I would gladly go full electric–if I could. It’s just not feasible for me right now. Or am I the only feeling the tension once again (compared to how the Dotcom boom had to give way to the old-economy at the end of the 90s). Tesla and electric cars be damned, don’t you know. Governments just aren’t doing enough to push these things through. That’s right. How do you think American car makers did it when mobility went from the horse-n-buggy to the auto-mobile? Do you think the Musks of that day did it all by themselves? Or did government build the roads for them? Did government, with its military might secure natural resources around the world for petrol and tyres? Of course we all know how far the likes of Musk & Co. are gonna milk us #consumetosurvive schmucks as we lust for the future. Or? But I’m also confident that diesel (and petrol) is gonna be around for a long time–with more and more environmental improvements. It’s sometimes called a free market. I guess. Anywho.

When the time is right, let’s see what offer I get to trade-in my diesel Wunder-van and then move on to the ID Buzz. I’m willing when the market is able.

Rant on.



Here’s Your Window, Sir.

Russian Oil Chief Dies After ‘Falling’ From 6th Floor Window | Crooks and Liars

Russian Oil Chief Dies After ‘Falling’ From 6th Floor Window | Crooks and Liars

One of the most confounding things about Russia’s invasion (“special operation”???) of Ukraine and those I encounter that can’t seem to condemn it, or just blame The West, is how easy it is to miss all the indicators of what’s really going on. Like how so many Russian big-shots are either falling out of windows, being poisoned, imprisoned or shot on the streets. To coincide with the link above of the latest window-jump of a Russian oligarch, below is another link from a few months back.

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