Her Opposites

13 11 04 - Moleskine (including handwritten note). Arrival. Home? Home away from home. In a trance. Listening to ghost-like words from my son's wisdoms: Wenn eine Lügt dem glaubt man nicht auch wenn er dann die Wahrheit spricht. I think of nature. What is her opposites? Religion? Politics? Humanity? Belief, love, hope? (Just thought … Continue reading Her Opposites

A Spec

11 11 04 - Moleskine I would fall 1000 times to test whether my heart cannot possibly break. But to what and will my silly gesture lead? I have received it. Yet again. And as I will. Soon. You for it. The jolt of my broken America or perpetual decay the white to my yoke. … Continue reading A Spec

After Math

06 11 04 - Moleskine What are the things that modify? No, I mean motivate. Words and thoughts from others. Just finished Walden. Very inspiring but of all the nature I've been subject to it is the most non-sexual composition I have yet encountered. The author is asexual, right? There are practically no words, and … Continue reading After Math

Old Getting

05 11 04 - Moleskine So few entries. Not just in this notebook. I spent the evening thinking about old people. Odd how so little of my thoughts having anything to do with my oldness. But O, let's review these silly words in another thirty years. Idear: a retire community, a grocer (Publix) and the … Continue reading Old Getting

The End

03 11 04 - A weeping Moleskine. The intellectual (or lack thereof) coup detat is complete. It is now AMERICAN'T. America's dungeon doors are now locked, sealed. Her fate for the next century is enclosed with the emblem of Dubya (George W. Bush). Coins and cents will be tarnished with his resemblance and the mediocre … Continue reading The End

Vote Days

30 10 04 and 1-2 11 04 -- Moleskine notebook. 30 10 04 Listen to the voices before they come. They will tell you things you've never heard before. Like the whisper of children (that is always on) to be had. Or the cries of another woman who hasn't deserved my mistake. How then should … Continue reading Vote Days

On Key West

26 10 04 - Moleskine notebook. Days Pass again. But I have seen another end to pieces I've created as though Keylime were the motivating factor. Still, between the tourists like myself I feel no force that joins us unless content is a new force of nature. Can you believe, faithful black book, that I'm … Continue reading On Key West


Yes, it is in the wake of deeds from dark places that I waddle. And it's wet. That's because it's (something like) a lake. I think. I look not unlike some drunken and/or sober Won-The-Westerner. I know you know the kind. The only difference being there’s a tremble accompanying this motivating (to write something down) … Continue reading Digression

Grappa & Godot

Note. This story took place in the early 90s. The notebook I transcribed this from isn't exact with the date. I reckon that's my bad. But I recall the play mentioned and the rest very well. Good luck. April 5, 1990 A postcard arrived exactly three days after waking up alone on the living room … Continue reading Grappa & Godot