Room With A View

No. Seriously, dear worst-reader. I’ve never been much of a peepee (peep-n-tom). That may or may not have something to do with my relations (successes) over the years. But enough about my ageing worst-libido. I’ve often wondered about the bourgeoisie I’ve encountered here or there that have telescopes in their flats. That worst-said, while working … Continue reading Room With A View

Pseudo-Review and Long-Term Test: RPi4 As A Desktop PC

Worst-writer's desktop Today, dear worst-reader, it is time to take another look at worst-writer’s experience with a/the wonder of the tech world. I’m worst-writing, of course, about nothing other than my favourite computing platform the Raspberry Pi. Specifically. I’m reviewing today my trusty Raspberry Pi 4 after having fiddled with it for the past two … Continue reading Pseudo-Review and Long-Term Test: RPi4 As A Desktop PC

Dada Dodo Doodoo

Worst-title #2: Dada-absurdism conspiracy-theory galore? Worst-title #3: Another Bielefeld Conspiracy? Here's a time-stamp link to the YouTube video. Had a rough night, dear worst-reader. Probably drank the wrong thing--again. You know. Wrong cocktail mixed with a bad vino. Or maybe not. Although I didn’t have a headache when I awoke around two in the A.M., … Continue reading Dada Dodo Doodoo

Perfect Pic

Source of pic: see link below. Get a load of the pic, dear worst-reader. Does it hurt/pleasure? Ache/relief? Split that slight creese between mind and body that perturbs so much (y)our ill-existence aka (y)our compulsive driven existance that is #Americant(ism). Or have you had an original thought (lately) that could/might circumspect (all things) of (y)our … Continue reading Perfect Pic


Source: worstriter pic of someone's sidewalk art; pic is inverted to avoid shadows Few and far between are these visits to my beloved & missed #Americant. When was the last time I was here prior to May 9th, 2021? Well, there was a short kinda emergency visit in November 2019. What a mess that was. … Continue reading Scamerica