Job Krapp

Subtitle: Why does it have to be a career? It's difficult recalling the amount of correspondence I've written and forwarded in the past twenty years regarding employment. I am probably the best living example of a ”job jumper” anyone will ever find. Because of that, at forty-three I am unable to acquire a job where … Continue reading Job Krapp


A friend of mine was named by his parents “…”. I met most of his parents. In fact, recently I ran into one of his mothers at a bar in a part of town where large cars park illegally on the sidewalk in front of it and because they are so shinny and expensive the … Continue reading Friend

Example Cover Letter

This is almost a disclaimer: 1) Now that the peons of most Anglo corporations are scratching their monkey heads about where their futures are (not) going, it might be time to (re)think (a)knew. If thinking without emotional influence or monetary influence is a problem in your life, then you might want to review this documentation … Continue reading Example Cover Letter

Truth Seeking v2.0

(Something I’ve been working on and will likely never finish. As usual.) Subtitle: Isaac Newton and (My United Mistake’s) Radio Talking Heads It hurts me to say this but there is no such thing as truth seeking. Trust me, I’m American’t born - I know these things. Of late I feel compelled to promote this … Continue reading Truth Seeking v2.0

What Is Creative

There are times when I confuse myself so much I could bust. I’ve concluded over the years, with some systematic observation, that the eternal and infinite state of confusion I often find myself in might be the reason, in general, that so many men need sex as a sport instead of intimacy and/or procreation and/or … Continue reading What Is Creative

Duped At eBay

The funny thing about the death of so many ”dot-coms” and the end of the Internet boom isn’t the actual demise of something that might have brought us out of the industrial dark-ages but the aftermath and the who and what that survived. Also. Of the dotcom survivors, it seems that they have all become … Continue reading Duped At eBay

Truth Seeking v1.8

(Incomplete) The fight that can't be won. A critique on the-better-then-never, a-day-late-a-dollar-short, progressive radio voice that is battling the monopoly on stupidity. Or. Why H5N1 Birdflu was predicted by Newton. It hurts me to say this but truth-seeking will never be the answer to fighting neo-cons. I have recently come to this conclusion because, the … Continue reading Truth Seeking v1.8

Schadenfreude 1

Part 1/2 As a kid I watched too much television. And why not? It was the sixties and seventies and television had graduated a bit from the prudery of where it all started. That meant there were shows about martians and talking horses and hillbillies graduating via sheer luck to Beverly Hills. And don’t get … Continue reading Schadenfreude 1


Yes, it is in the wake of deeds from dark places that I waddle. And it's wet. That's because it's (something like) a lake. I think. I look not unlike some drunken and/or sober Won-The-Westerner. I know you know the kind. The only difference being there’s a tremble accompanying this motivating (to write something down) … Continue reading Digression

Grappa & Godot

Note. This story took place in the early 90s. The notebook I transcribed this from isn't exact with the date. I reckon that's my bad. But I recall the play mentioned and the rest very well. Good luck. April 5, 1990 A postcard arrived exactly three days after waking up alone on the living room … Continue reading Grappa & Godot