Source: worstriter pic of someone's sidewalk art; pic is inverted to avoid shadows Few and far between are these visits to my beloved & missed #Americant. When was the last time I was here prior to May 9th, 2021? Well, there was a short kinda emergency visit in November 2019. What a mess that was. … Continue reading Scamerica

When the answer just comes

Source: interwebnet screenshot There are moments when advertising even works for me. Take for example this billboard. I mean. As worst-writer, it’s kinda obvious I’ve already failed but at least I answered that question long ago. Or? Rant on. -T

Such and odd view

Mega empty terminal. Or did I just snap the picture at the right moment of terminal emptiness? #Nomatter. As usual I’m an early bird kinda traveler. Since this is my first flight in 1.5yrs and there’s all these extra precautions and protocols to confuse me and and and… say, how is it that this world … Continue reading Such and odd view

Well, that’s a good sign

My first COVID negative test And with this I can board an airplane that will most definitely be pointed in the direction of my beloved & missed United Mistakes. And so it shall be… in a few hours. Rant on. -T

American Dystopia And The Consumption Of Golf Balls Through Garden Hoses

Same sweater, different film? One is Body Snatchers and the other Animal House. Actresses? Not at all the same. (Sarcasm off.) Alternate worst-title: Back in the day you could play musical cars (as in: musical chairs) at a great drive-in movie. Disclaimer: this worst-post contains spoiler alerts for an old movie and may (or may … Continue reading American Dystopia And The Consumption Of Golf Balls Through Garden Hoses

Pepé Le Pew Or Beavis And Butthead?

Source of pic:é_Le_Pew   There you have it, dear worst-reader. #Americant cartoons. What else is there to explain to the aliens--when they finally arrive--how the human mind/intellect functions? I mean. We don't have to explain much on account, well, it ain't Star Trek and I'm sure most aliens don't speak California English. And so. … Continue reading Pepé Le Pew Or Beavis And Butthead?