Shame And Delusion = Everything Goes From Wrong To Wronger, Stupid to Stupider

Yeah, I bad mouth my (home) country. But do I do it more than Zack Mayo? No, of course not. Then again, unlike Zack, I won’t go on to become a fighter pilot that will probably be bombing defenceless people at the behest of really, really, ugly rich white people. And on that note, I digress.

Two pieces of newz blowing my mind today, dear worst-reader, about my beloved & missed #Americant. The first has got to be about the most obvious crime of stock market insider trading ever? And guess who commits it? That’s right, yet another greed-monger, along with his greed monger family. But this ain’t any greed-monger. He’s an elected greed-monger–and on a side note he is also the first US Congressman that endorsed #Trump when he announced his candidacy in 2015. Coincidence? To top things off, would you believe he’s not the only one who got the call from the insider about divesting his stock holdings in an imminently failing company–before that information was made public? No. His son got the call too. Yeah, baby. Keep it in the family.

The second story is about a twenty-nine year old minimum wage, airport ground facility worker that found a way to fly off in a commercial airline, goof off in the air a bit, and then gallantly crash the plane in a fit of suicide. Ok. Ok. As serious as planes and suicide can be, somehow this one turns my boredom (of it all) into a sorrow-rage. I spent a bit of time this morning listening to the published recordings between the clueless who tried to talk the man down to a controlled landing and the man himself, however slightly, if not stealthily, as he complained about being stuck in the hell-hole that is working-stiff #Americant.

How did he complain, you ask, dear worst-reader? Check this out. He was actually too nice to complain rudely. You know, like worst-writer complains (rants) rudely. The guy was so nice while talking with the air traffic controller that I thought for a moment this would turn out to be some kind of prank gone wrong and the guy would land and everyone on the ground would hug him. The non-pilot pilot admits to not wanting to inconvenience the air traffic controller with trying to help him land because he’ll “just make a mess down there.” Later he even talks about how he doesn’t want to hurt anyone so he shouldn’t try landing at another airport the controller tries to steer him to. Then there comes a few complaints about “minimum wage” and being “white”. He adds “maybe that will grease the gears” of the managers, as though this last mission is to complain, however slightly, about the conditions of being a working stiff. Yeah, twenty-nine years of age and stuck in a minimum wage job! Gee, I wonder how many of his family (who he so nicely apologises to, btw) voted for #Trump, republicans, i.e. those who might not have made the whole #Americant mess but who certainly like the mess staying around for awhile? I mean, seriously. No wonder so many resort to this as their choice of exiting the $hitshow. Quite different than the Vegas shooter, eh? Or?

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on


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When Does The Real Burning Down Begin?

As I’ve worst-said here, the rich, with or without their cronies, will burn the whole thing down before giving even the smallest amount of power to the other side (of the political system) that is so desperate to do something about what’s going on these days. Even though the worst-newz this post is linked to is UK newz, it’s totally connected to #Americant. I mean, come on. Who’s #Americants bestie in this world of greed galore? Who did #Americant inherit it’s lust for greed from? And finally, now that my beloved & missed #Americant has become the Europe of yore that it tried to free itself from three hundred or so years ago, it’s gonna be harder than heck to get this monkey of its back. Indeed. The rich and the greedy, supported by beguiled war-mongers and reality TV is gonna have a hard time giving up what they think is their due.

President Stupid is the perfect scapegoat for what is about to happen. And those #MAGA again again a$$holes that still can’t see what this man is all about also deserve what is about to happen. Namely they (the rich) will burn it all down first. It’s in our nature.

Good luck, suckers.

-Rant on


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Pork Bellies, Wives And The Real Fake Newz


Let us begin, dear worst-reader, with a worst-writer transcription from a great movie. Sometimes I get a kick out of doing this sort of thing. It has something to do with my love of typing. Here’s another one, if you dare. The reason I chose the movie Trading Places for this post, by-the-buy, is because, in these times of fake newz galore, is there really a difference between (comedic) fiction and all things fake newz? With that in mind, let’s get it on.

The worst-writer transcript below is from the movie Trading Places. For whatever worst-reason, the scene transcribed reminds me of the/a conversion between fiction (fake) and reality. Even though the dialogue reflects something that could actually happen in (real) life, the actors are able to cartoonize it not unlike what President Stupid has done with #Americant.

Disclaimer. I transcribed this by watching a clip on the #Interwebnets. I make no garantee of accuracy–especially since I’ve been drinking a bottle of Aldi Weissbegrunder  (Pinot Blanc) for most of this post creation. Indeed. Weissbegrunder and lots of ice is a great way to battle this #Eurowasteland heatwave I’ve never before experienced while living in this gold-cage life for almost a quarter century. Good luck.

Scene: Mortimer Duke, Randolph Duke and William Valentine are sitting in a luxurious, old-money, pseudo aristocratic #Americant office of a Philadelphia, PA, infamous commodities trading firm. They are all watching the commodities market on closed circuit CRT monitors.

Mortimer Duke picks up phone, connects to a commodities trader.

Mortimer: Mortimer here. Buy two-hundred pork-belly contracts at sixty-six point eight.

Valentine: You’re making a big mistake, man.

Mortimer: Valentine, something very important is going on here. Just watch.

Valentine: Alright. But you’all gonna get reemed on this one.

Randolph: Why shouldn’t we buy now, William?

Valentine: The price is going to keep going down.

Mortimer: Randolph, this isn’t Monopoly money we’re playing with.

Randolph picks up closed circuit phone and connects to commodities trader.

Randolph: This is Randolph Duke. Hold that belly order a moment.

Randolph hangs up phone and turns to Valentine.

Randolph: Tell me why you think the price of pork bellies is going down, William.

Valentine: It’s Christmas time. Everybody is uptight.

Valentine gets up out of his chair and walks around the room.

Mortimer: (to Randolph.) Could we please buy now, Randolph.

Valentine: You want to lose money, go ahead.

Randolph: What are you trying to say, William?

Valentine: Ok. Pork belly prices have been dropping all morning. Which means everybody has been sittin’ in their office waiting all morning for the prices to hit rock bottom so they can buy cheap and go long. So the people that own the pork belly contracts are goin’ batshit. They be thinking about losing all that damn money and Christmas is around the corner and I ain’t gonna be able to buy my son the G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip. Ok. And my wife ain’t gonna want to f… And my wife ain’t gonna make love to me cause I ain’t got no money. So they sittn’ there and they panickin’ and sayin’ sell sell sell! Cause they don’t want to lose all their money, right? They out there panicking right now. I can feel it. They out there. They panickin’. Look at em.

Closed circuit CRT screens shows stats of pork-belly pricies on the commodities market incrementally falling.

Randolph: My God, Mortimer. Look at em.

Valentine: I’d wait till you get to about sixty-four, then I’d buy. You’ll have cleared out all the suckers by then.

Randolph is punching on a pocket calculator.

Randolph: (To Mortimer.) Do you realise how much money he just saved us?

Mortimer: Money isn’t everything, Randolph!

Randolph picks up closed-circuit phone and calls commodities trader.

Randolph: Advise our clients interested in bellies to buy at sixty-four. Mister Valentine has set the price.

Randolph hangs up phone and goes to Valentine and shakes his hand.

Randolph: Well done, William.

Mortimer: (Obviously frustrated. Getting up to join Randolph on way out.) Come on,

Randolph. We’re gonna be late.

Randolph and Mortimer exit and Valentines smiles–as only Eddie Murphy can!

And now on with the worst-post about #Trumpism run amok and all (the) things them #Deplorables will never know.

Why is it so hard to read certain newz stories? Can it have anything to do with the farce of #Deplorable facilitated #FakeNews? Seriously. “Fake news.” Who came up with that? Someone who’s never watched TV in the past thirty years? I mean, get a load of the article below, dear worst-reader. Can you believe that someone or some organisation in the journalist world is trying to sell anything #Trump–or #Americant for that matter–as positive–based on stats and stuff? Oh wait. We’re living in these times, eh. These times of all things fake. And so. If anybody thinks that President Stupid is gonna actually do anything positive for the world, stop thinking. (Not that you actually thought much in recent years.) It’s time for you and your cronies to pack it up, hide your junk, the only women-folk that is gonna fall for you is one that luvs to be grabbed by the…

But on a more worst-serious note: the Reuters article (link below) is really hard to swallow. (Wait. Did I actually just write that? Indeed, I did.) The hardest part about swallowing (it), though, ain’t the mess (left on your face)–but instead the unfake-newz (reality) that President Stupid is really there to wreck everything. The propaganda machine that he has behind him–thanks to Reagan, Rush and faux-newz–is doing a pretty good job of it. Does that mean that Reuters is part of it? Who knows. The unreal question is: considering the state of things, that is, how people are struggling, how the middle class has been decimated, the bar of Stupid has been lowered, this level of optimism and/or misinformation that contains no connection to that struggle, should be reason enough to grab your ankles and hope the inserter brought some lube.

If you’re in anyway invested or vested in what Reuters is reporting… Good luck suckers.

-Rant on


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A Told, Untold And Retold Story Or Why I’m Obsessed With Calling Out Those Who Gave US President PeePeeHair

It’s hard being an expat. It’s even harder being an expat stuck in a golden cage. Indeed, dear worst-reader. That’s what I call my not-so-loved Germania where I’ve been living and mentally struggling for the better part of twenty-plus years. When people ask me, though, why Germany, I usually avoid the obviousness of my birth. That is, my mother is German born but since marrying an idiot GI (I was born and raised in US) and had two kids with him, she’s been an American citizen longer than I’ve been in #Eurowasteland. Then I usually add something like: Well, don’t you know, there was always the allure of German Fräuleins and Bier. But all worst-kidding aside.

How pissed are you, dear worst-reader? Well, I’m pretty pissed right about now. Am I more pissed than usual? No. But I’m pissed enough–and it’s too early to get on with getting pissed another way. (For those lacking in anglo internationality, “pissed” in the US means angry; outside US it means drunk. But I digress.)  With that in mind, I read a really long and what turned out to be disappointing article about Otto Warmbier this morning. (See link below.) I’ve always been interested in Warmbier because 1. the odd circumstance of his death and 2. why the beejeezees he went to North Korea in the first place. In fact, I found it astonishing that this young man, who was obviously stupid enough to do what he did… Hold a sec. I guess I have to show more respect. Or? Naw. Fcuk it. This kid was obviously a moron. And guess what? I bet he was fcuking raised by morons, too. Seriously. How stupid can you be to think of a reason to go to North Korea–as a fcuking tourist? Oh wait. The article referenced here does indicate that Warmbier and his family–wait for it–are republicans. Which also means, they are probably religious $hitbags. And ain’t that, then, reason to go to North Korea? I mean, I get it if professionals, journalists, government or humanitarian agencies send people there. But to go there as a white male American tourist with God on your shoulder???

If we (Americans and US government) can’t make NK subservient to us–you know, like we did with South Korea, Japan, etc.–then we should at least try to save their ungodly souls.

Is that what Warmbier was thinking? Ok. Ok. Obviously I got very little new information from this strangely long and tiresome article. So why did I struggle through it? What I really want to know is why Warmbier was returned to the US in a vegetative state? Unfortunately this really, really long article doesn’t provide an answer to that question. It does provide further speculation about how Warmbeir died. He died… Actually his brain died after trying to commit suicide instead of facing fifteen years hard labor in a North Korean jail. Was he also tortured, drugged, beaten? There are no definitive answers to how this kid ended up the way he did. Except, perhaps, the reality, like some many misguided #Americants and their perverted sense of religious righteousness, he was massively in the wrong place at the wrong time driven by the wrong attitude.

Btw, in another article I read this morning, there is more reason to ridicule republican shitbags. Although I’m no big fan of his make-fun-of (people) comedy (because making fun of someone is much easier than writing original stuff worth laughing at), I have to admit that Sasha Baron Cohen might have created his 9th Symphony.  Even though I won’t ever watch the show, instead watching snippets of it on the interwebnets, I think the man has finally found a way to bottle #Americant stupid. Congrats Sasha!

As far as the guy butt grabbing the waitress goes, I can only say this. Having had more than my share of the female body since I started banging chicks for sport when I was seventeen, it never once occurred to me to grab a woman by her sweaty waitress ass for shits & giggles. But Then again, I do like doing just that with my wife. Which begs this worst-question: where do men get the idear to do this sort of thing?

And last but not least, albeit without any further newz link, here my thoughts on President Stupid and how an old friend back in the homeland constantly tries to defend him.

This previous post is a disguised response to an email sent to me by an Old Friend. My Old Friend is trying to get me to read an open-letter published by The Nation (see link). After a few short corresponding and perhaps heated exchanges where I criticise the Open Letter, my Od Friend continues down a pseudo-defense of Trump and his GOP-ilk. Of course, my Old Friend and his living standard, is very dependent on GOP and neo-liberal (i.e. conservative Democrat) politicking. This is my most recent response:

Dear Old Friend,

And not only am I obsessed with Trump but also the fact that I was right all along. I’ve been right since we got out of high school. Although I never thought it would be Trump—since Reagan I always knew that this level of ugly can be the only direction the lie of the American mind can go. There is something so deeply and inherently wrong with the people that have enabled Trump—and I saw it from the get-go. The nastiness, the spite, the pure and adulterated ugliness of American white people. The cesspool of abuse and exploitation of the middle and lower classes—all made up of disgusting people who wallow in their own mindless excrement so they can have their next dollar. The entire Wash DC region has got to be one of the worst places on this planet—and not because of politics but because of the inner ugliness of the people that are there. These people are so deep in their own mind-filth of lies and mendacity that they can’t/will never see truth of any kind. That’s how you get a guy like Trump. That’s how you turn people against each other and Trump can then take advantage of… the fly-over states that are so far from the coasts and, of course, the entire DC region. That’s how you get the republican party to ally itself, willingly or not, with this level of extremism that is fascism pure. Breitbart & Co., is the natural following of über ignorant conservative white people that have achieved nothing nothing nothing and don’t know what to do with the anger they have inside themselves because of their self-imposed subjugation and thereby can only give the world the disgustingly ugly and hideous Trump with hair made out of piss and complaints and blame, etc. Trump can only come out of pure and simple stupidity—what a deserving people they are who made him.

Trump and everything about him, what makes him, disgusts me and I will forever condemn him and those who enable him.

We may be the last born of a foolish generation (the baby-boomers) with some level of hope and optimism but we will also see the sad end of that generation simply because all that’s left is the worst not the best of our character. The coming downfall has been well earned, old friend.


-Rant on


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The Good Book In One Hand, Burning #Americant Flag In The Other

Scream no fear all worst

No. Seriously. It was the re-election of Dubya Dip$hit Bush back in ’04 that probably sealed the deal that I would never repatriate to my beloved & missed #Americant. I really didn’t think things could get any worst, though, after Dip$hit Dubya. And so. Dear worst-reader. Welcome to my… getting worst-world galore.

I can’t forget an argument I had with a (former) friend in early in 2017. President Stupid had just taken office and when I questioned who she voted for she proudly said: Jill Stein.

“So you elected the Donald, eh,” I said. “You know, it’s the same as when Bill Clinton was elected. Do you know how he won with less than half the votes of the #Americant people. It was that silly little Tex-ass whimpy billionaire Ross Perot.”

“Who? What? No. I just can’t stand Hillary,” she said.

Well, at least she was that level of honest.

Long worst-story short, I went ballistic on her because when questioned what the hell was wrong with Hillary all she could say was what she had heard from news sources and their partisan talking points that had been spewed about Hillary for the better part of twenty years. I guess that’s how you kill liberalism, too.

“You do realise that Hillary has never done one thing wrong. Not one. So saying you voted for Jill Stein because you dislike  Hillary based on what you’ve heard is the same as electing President Stupid,” I said. “Which means you must secretly like him.”

“You’re stupid,” she said.

So I left the #Americant grade-school play-ground sandbox and a few days later returned to my golden cage of Germania. I’ve been on pins and needles since. Reason? The worst part about how #Americants elected President Stupid isn’t just his hair, his ugly and seething personality, his banality and that butthole of a mouth that he can’t close. No. The worst part is the power of the office he possesses and how that can sooooo negatively effect the future of humanity. Point being: It’s one thing that the party he represents stole a #SCOTUS appointment from Barry-O. It’s another thing that President Stupid has picked the ugly of the ugliest as his second #SCOTUS appointment. I mean, ugly is ugly but it can’t be said enough. And so…

When fascism comes to the stupidity of #Americant it will arrive with a Bible in one hand and the flag in the other. (-Not sure who said it but its worth forever repeating.)

Welcome to your nightmare land of free to be stupid.

-Rant on


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How To Fight Your Culture Of Stupidity Galore Without Losing Your Shirt Or Your Head

stained flag

First and foremost, get rid of the elite. Not unlike that which lead to the French Revolution–there should be heads rolling through mishandled municipal gutters about now. In fact, there should be something like a pile of heads museum somewhere from the past thirty or so years. But I guess that’s wishful thinking considering the redneck dumba$$es who have long since lost their shirts and given the rest of us a world of #Trump. Wait. Did they lose shirts or…?

The Nation (see link below) recently published an open letter that might be worth a worst-read. At the least, the list of signees–see link to it below–is worth reading. Most of the signees, btw, are pretty rational people. Unfortunately the letter is nothing more than a hark backwards for somewhat rational thinking people who are trying to cope with what they’ve ALL done to bring about #Trump. Republican or Democrat, anyone who participated in the Neo-liberal economics of the past 30 yrs is part of something too big to blame, eh! How do you know if you’ve participated in the Neo-liberal bat$hittery of the past thirty years? Easy. Can you pay off all your consumer debt within the next two or three salary/income earnings? For those living off the Neo-rentier system, you’re heads should be rolling simply because you’re the worst of the worst. But on that note, I digress.

Tangent: Have you ever, dear worst-reader, considered comparing #Trump to Nixon? Someone should write an open letter with a whole bunch of signatures about that. Do you know why #Trump probably won’t be impeached (even though he deserves to be simply because of that hair!) Well, to answer that question all you have to do is figure out how/why they got Nixon to quite after being threatened with almost sure impeachment. It boils down to one thing:

Fcuking Faux Newz!!!!!! Feeding off a culture/society of STUPIDITY GALORE.

If Nixon had had faux newz he would have glided through all his corruption and illegal activities like a hot blade through butter. That’s why #Trump probably won’t be impeached. And that’s why #Trump can play the stupid white man card, taking advantage of THE DEPLORABLES and f’n get away with it. He and the bath$hittery of stupid white people who are obsessed with their feelings over and above rational thought—unless it’s about their f’n money!—has gone way overboard. Not even rational open letters from political celebrities can counter that.

An open letter from people who got famous in politics after the 1980s doesn’t really matter anymore. Democracy died a long time ago in #Americant thanks to stupidity and greed and the only reason there’s trouble with international affairs (Russia Russia Russia) is because there ain’t no real money left for the stupid and the greedy—both embodied by dumbass rednecks and their leader/demigod #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on


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Worst-Writer Newz Break: From Russia With Luv Or Porn In The Voting Booth

The thing to keep in mind, dear worst-reader, if you are at all confused about the whole #Trump colluding with Russia thing, is this: nomatter what happened during the campaign and nomatter what the Russians did, the #Americant people, in collusion with a manipulated Constitution and its Electoral College, were the only ones who voted in November of 2016. Nobody else elected this moron to the highest office of the land. And so. Those who voted republican and those who did not vote for Hillary, you’re to blame for this krapp. Also. If you voted that way, then you are the one that colluded with STUPID and have given the world more than just #Trump. I mean, seriously. I never thought I’d say this. But I’m actually starting to feel bad for President Stupid. This moron is in such trouble–and he obviously doesn’t know it–that one can only sit back and watch the freak show. While doing so one can even shed a tear or three–not over him but instead over the fact that a once great nation-state–indeed a grand social experiment never before seen on this earth–is now nothing more than a nation of abysmal brainlessness galore. Of course, considering recent visit with the Russian two-bit dictator, those same tears might suddenly freeze up and turn into diamond bullets. Those bullets might then be propelled into the brains of the brainless. The bullets, upon penetration, will then shatter and splinter into a gazillion micro-titanium pieces of shrapnel that literally liquify the innards of humanity. This liquid will then become the cesspool of fun-galore that you must waddle in while never considering what you have done by electing this man to the presidency. And so. Long live President Stupid and his rule over Stupid! Long die those who made him. As for the rest of (worst-writers) who only bitch & moan, may the computer screens of voting booths continue showing free porn till the end of intellect-time.

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on


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