Sorry. We Serve Our Reichsbürger Rare!

Sorry. We Serve Our Reichsbürger Rare! Anyone surprised z’Germans arrested a bunch of conspiracy loving right-wingers–who are not unlike #Americant right-wingers–without them having mobbed the Reichstag, which was supposedly part of the reason for the arrests? I worst-mean, dear worst-reader, how long after the #Americant right-wingers stormed The US Capitol did it take to finally … Continue reading Sorry. We Serve Our Reichsbürger Rare!

The Land Of Fluff

Alternative worst-title of this post of worst: Crime does kinda pay or definitely costs less nowadays. Who’s celebrating, dear worst-reader? Or is it not worth celebrating that former prez pee-pee-hair kinda was found guilty on tax fraud? I worst-say kinda guilty because, well, he’s not called teflon Donny for nothing. In other worst-words, only two … Continue reading The Land Of Fluff

Monster Blueburd Gory Facebag Prime Crack Now Buy More

Alternative worst-title: Musk and the new wave of CEO mismanagement or how to giggle-barf profusely at Zuckerberg and does Beos creep you out? Probably can’t worst-write about it enough, dear worst-reader. That says a lot considering how much worse there is out there these days. So let’s ask a few worst-questions instead. For worst-example. Are … Continue reading Monster Blueburd Gory Facebag Prime Crack Now Buy More

Dustbin. Big, Little, Heavy Dustbin.

No institution helps obscure the crimes of empire and buttress class rule and white supremacy as effectively as the British monarchy. — Read on Great read. Who can say/write it better? Rant on. -T

Cringe With That Cute British Accent As worst-writer worries about his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant--you know, that whole twist and wiggle that transcends the thin gap between Neo-liberalism and fascism--what of the rest of the WASP world? Perhaps not as amused as my worst-readers about the whole #Brexit B.S., there is something about watching the enablers fall … Continue reading Cringe With That Cute British Accent

The Top Secret

Included were markings related to NATO, foreign nuclear information, and the United States nuclear information, covering atomic weapons and navy nuke propulsion. What Was Trump Planning To Do With Those Top Secret Documents? | Crooks and Liars In a way, dear worst-reader, I'm going out on a limb with this worst-post. A thin limb. Or … Continue reading The Top Secret