Evangelistic Neoliberal Financialization Galore, Baby

Source of pic: interwebnet screenshot (joke) Maybe it’s time, dear worst-reader. Time to have a worst-writer perspective regarding the up-n-cumming blood & guts human-juice-bar extravaganza that will be WW3. But don’t get me worst-wrong here. I’m not worst-sayin’ there’s gonna be war. But I’m also not worst-sayin’ that the war hasn’t already begun. I mean. … Continue reading Evangelistic Neoliberal Financialization Galore, Baby

Duck Can’t Swim

Worst-writer's rubber duck collection. Subtitle: When you’re smooth on top and can’t paddle like hell underneath is you still a duck? A favourite movie of my youth, dear worst-reader, was Convoy. For a short while after that film I thought I was gonna be a truck driver. But then I got to know a truck … Continue reading Duck Can’t Swim

Burn Baby Burn

Source: see link below Anybody surprised, dear worst-reader? I didn’t think so. Then again, how long can worst-writer entertain himself with $hits & giggles while his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant dwindles underneath the limp-Schwanz that is generation upon generation #okboomer that has given rise to former president pee-pee-hair? Then again again, there … Continue reading Burn Baby Burn

GMO vs Anti-Vaxx

Subtitle: DailyBeast Bull$hit Galore Source of pic: see link below Disclaimer 1: this post is NSFW Disclaimer 2: if you don't want to be bogged down with all my worst-writing, scroll to The Article below. First, dear worst-reader. It’s been a long hiatus. And, don’t you know, during this down-time, worst-writer has contemplated getting rid … Continue reading GMO vs Anti-Vaxx

The Crypto Game Show

Source of pic: Bitcoin logo Why am I surprised, dear worst-reader? Did I believe that Bitcoin was impenetrable? Did I think that the government or authorities would never crack the kryptonite--that could take down the likes of Bitcoin? Or did I simply think, ultimately, Government doesn't really care--if there may or may not be some … Continue reading The Crypto Game Show

Up Is Down, Black Is White

This is a #Interwebnet screenshot Where does #Americant go from here? Well, let's have a look at where it's been--since Ronald Dip$hit Reagan started the $hitshow that can only culminate in former prez piss-hair, aka Cheeto-jesus. Let's start with a few words. The newspeak words. Right to workinverse use of language; a draconian law that … Continue reading Up Is Down, Black Is White

Sympathy For The Devil? No Thank You

Source: interwebnet screenshot Check out this article, dear worst-reader. Then check out this one. Anything come to mind after giving these articles a thought or three? No? Ok. Let's give it a worst-writer thought, shall we? First.... “A lot of these defendants… they’re all fucking short-bus people,” Albert Watkins told Talking Points Memo. “These are people … Continue reading Sympathy For The Devil? No Thank You

No Neutral

Screenshot from the #Interwebnets What's the scariest thing about returning to the place you had to leave (thirty five years ago) on account that place was turning bat$hit crazy faster than a QAnon theory-conspiracist can scream the earth is flat? In other worst-words, can you up the ante on bat$hit crazy? No? Yes? Indeed. But … Continue reading No Neutral

From the Desk of…

Will this be the first and last time I visit the link below? You bettcha. (Probably.) Still. Gotta worst-say, dear worst-reader, ain't it great how #Americants greatest grifter aka cheeto-jesus has been reduced to communicating his idiocy via a... blog? Rant on. -T Source: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump | Donald J. Trump


Not quite sure why worst-writer's worst-thoughts, when confronted with the big picture that is the enduring decline of western civilisation as lead by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, often get caught up in The Enlightenment. I mean. It's not that I know all that much about it. Ok. I've read a few … Continue reading Unenlightenment