Faux Newz Blood & Guts Worn On Your Emotion Sleeve

Yet another newz article that makes worst-writer think about #Americant elitism (which means you're not like us), white privilege (which means white people are incapable of coping with their status in society, especially the lower white classes) and affluenza (which means rich people think they can get away with murder because, well, they're rich). And … Continue reading Faux Newz Blood & Guts Worn On Your Emotion Sleeve

Sympathy For The Devil? No Thank You

Source: interwebnet screenshot Check out this article, dear worst-reader. Then check out this one. Anything come to mind after giving these articles a thought or three? No? Ok. Let's give it a worst-writer thought, shall we? First.... “A lot of these defendants… they’re all fucking short-bus people,” Albert Watkins told Talking Points Memo. “These are people … Continue reading Sympathy For The Devil? No Thank You

No Neutral

Screenshot from the #Interwebnets What's the scariest thing about returning to the place you had to leave (thirty five years ago) on account that place was turning bat$hit crazy faster than a QAnon theory-conspiracist can scream the earth is flat? In other worst-words, can you up the ante on bat$hit crazy? No? Yes? Indeed. But … Continue reading No Neutral

From the Desk of…

Will this be the first and last time I visit the link below? You bettcha. (Probably.) Still. Gotta worst-say, dear worst-reader, ain't it great how #Americants greatest grifter aka cheeto-jesus has been reduced to communicating his idiocy via a... blog? Rant on. -T Source: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump | Donald J. Trump

The #Eurowasteland COVID $hitshow And Other Disaster Capitalism Krapp

Alternative worst-title: disaster capitalism in Tex-ass, Pratt & Whitney pulled the market share short stick, and why Germany Can't Vaccinate faster Well, here we go, dear worst-reader. Have I got $hits&giggles for you today. First, let's start with Tex-ass. Has there ever been a better example of the fail-upward-ness of #Americant political conservatism run amok … Continue reading The #Eurowasteland COVID $hitshow And Other Disaster Capitalism Krapp