Rulers Of Rome

You will never control an idea that has found (its) embodiment. Why is the voice of those who speak--the privilege of those who can be heard--basically the same? There is the conservative voice and then the so-called media voice--absent is a liberal voice because liberalism has lost all power. It has been demonized so thoroughly … Continue reading Rulers Of Rome

Car Thieves

Robbery. Two young blokes cut top of convertible this morn, around five A.M. Alarm scared them off. They came back short time later. I heard them and got out of bed and saw them through the window. I want out to meet them, to offer them what ever they were trying to steal but for whatever reason … Continue reading Car Thieves

Three Things Dangerous

Reality. Whatever that is. Nomatter. It's too exhausting. Obviously. That's why so many have bit and can stop biting in the meat of GRIEVENCE SENTIMENT and BELONGING. The new mantra. But it's still exhausting. No wonder so many fall for it. It shouldn't be that way. Stop.

In The Parentheses

A (in)famous (extreme) approaches the finish line ahead of all trailers. But at the moment he is about to cross the line he stops. He refuses to cross. What to do in a world where everyone only wants to cross that line. More people on the planet need to be just like (in)famous (extreme). Stop.


There is survival but there are no survivors. Gravity. What is it? It is something to grab on to. You can touch it. Gravity. Particle or wave? Who cares? What is it that can oppose gravity? Or, better, if gravity causes us all, always, to full down, what then can cause us to fall up? … Continue reading Gravitus

Waiting Room

What is the difference between invention and creation? Scratch that. Have something "better" to do. I have once again returned to the Ausländerbehörde. Waiting. What to do about things summarized in a word but only explainable by demonstration? Example? Get examples of words for happiness. -Need to get three month Gehaltsabrechnung for the civil servants … Continue reading Waiting Room

Riff Raff Crumble

Each day passes the past. The fight hangs-on and gets tougher. Life (fails) to weed-out the riff-raff. It's weeding me out. What I cannot understand is the acceptance. The pure and unadulterated indifference that existence is set in this track, path, and there is no shoulder. But is there enough connection out there today to … Continue reading Riff Raff Crumble

Cherub Rock

Have not yet found a way to dance (romance) my/the sorrow. And so. Vulcanisation is amazing and so too are fries, cool, but are both and thrice reversible? Cherub Rock, the Smashing Pumpkins have left me. Heard that song too much. Confused. Made me thing of plastic plus polymer plus sulphur. Then burn something without … Continue reading Cherub Rock

New Language

Human emotions. The indian (India) have numerous ways to describe happiness, whereas we, western civilisation, have (very) few ways. Find the ways. Write them down. Promote them as a competitor to the Bible. Use language. Unusual language. Un-understandable language. Make up new bloody words. Shyexcitment. Disdantdrone. Presblackanance. If not, so not. The word can pink. … Continue reading New Language


Love not without passion. Should? German women, men? Know no passion? And so the character differences in humanity stem from love? Today another odd one. Burial of Karl Heinz. Husband to better-halves sister. Schwager. Watching, observing, as usual, the Germanins and their rituals. They are all one. One for all. How should I join such … Continue reading Allowed?

Anonymous People

LOP. Letter of Proposal. A silly title for a book, I know. Nomatter. The premise of (main character) meeting (another character) at (random airport) to change. The other (main) motivating factor for him to go to (another random airport) with (another character) is the "job" offer to drive car from coast to coast. (Main character) … Continue reading Anonymous People

Enter The Stones

Another solution? LOP. The reason (character) drives across US (from San Fran) is NOT to just bring car somewhere but also to pick up someone. The anonymous people who live in America. Either those born there but never registered or those smuggled in and never registered. (Character) (Stone) is given directions where to pick up … Continue reading Enter The Stones

The Nothing

It's the everything or nothing game. Life, that is. That is, life. But I think mostly of the corporate world and their job adverts. And their jobs. The actual doing of the(ir) jobs. They want everything or nothing. Das Volk hide behind meaninglessness of "a career". What they end up getting is the best they … Continue reading The Nothing

Jennifer A

The modern (German?) woman has industrialised love. She's done so like her brethren have industrialised everything else. But love? Why love. I could feel something softening in or around us as we kissed but I couldn't quite tell what it was. Was it her or was it her IT? Yeah. That thing which has become … Continue reading Jennifer A


How to possess something. Let's worst-write of the act. As is with the ills of matrimony. Especially of women. Wife. The female. What makes a man turn vicious to his wife? Are there cases that only make the husband look good? Cases where the wife has been abusive to him? See Nancy and Robert Kissel. Hong … Continue reading Possessiveness


"FUCK YOU" That's what the sign said. The artist as mafia crime killer! Doesn't make sense. Yes, he really wanted to be an "artist" (paint, sculpt, write, etc.) but was too caught up in mafia kram. His name is not Guido. His "saying" is, you guessed it... F U. The playbill will tell the whole … Continue reading F U

Last Days Of Months

Behind computer screens and boredom. I sit somewhere and listen to yearns of my son and the things he says are louder than anything else. I wonder what Kenneth Patchen would say. -t

Mediocrity Subdues

It's the bad things that keep us going. Since I'm connected (by parents) to the previous generation I'm amazed at how the body survives when everything else dies. Thought. Soul. Ambition. (At least ambition to do go what's right and not just what's profitable. Wait. Is that the only thing that drives?). A generation ago, … Continue reading Mediocrity Subdues