Mutiny Conundrum

"Is it actually true that Christopher Columbus gave false information to his sailors regarding the position of his ship so they couldn't find their way back, in the event of a mutiny?" -Sam Shepard, Day Out Of Days

Hitch On Chomsky

Naom Chomsky, a most distinguished intellectual and moral dissident, once wrote that the old motto about "speaking truth to power" is overrated. Power, as he points out, quite probably knows the truth already, and is mainly interested in suppressing or limiting or distorting it. -Christopher Hitchens, Letters To A Young Contrarian

Doing Good

No greater cruelty will be devised than by those who are sure, or are assured, that they are doing good. -Christopher Hitchens, Arguably

Projection Issue

According to some research, the projection of one's negative qualities onto others is a common process in everyday life. However, the belief that psychological projection includes the denial of any of the perceived negative qualities in oneself is challenged by research, and the concept may need to be revised. -Psychological Projection, from the Wiki

On Facts

The insistence on the primacy of personal opinion regardless of fact destabilizes and destroys the primacy of all fact. -Chris Hedges, American Fascist