typewriter hermes babyA professor once shared his wisdom. He said: Finish what you start. Of course, who can blame the old man for his naiveté and über-zealous optimism. He was from different times. Still. There was something about what he said–even if he gave me mediocre grades or marks that I’ve been carrying around all my life. To cope with burdens carried, I’ve learned to dabble. Dabble replaces finish and alleviates the need to solicit–which is what happens when you (perhaps) finish what you start. I quickly learned that not soliciting everything that one is and does is more fun–and you don’t need grades or marks to get ahead. It also coincides well with the whole creative writing krapp that caused me to not finish all those jobs one too many times. Nomatter. Life is good. Like many others before me who have turned to more profitable undertakings to cope with their burdens and marks or grades, like word processor copy in advertising, excel corporate spreadsheet programming, or just waiting tables and surfing, etc., I blog. On the other hand. I’m proud to say I also have four unfinished novels that keep me dabbling–that keep me un-finishing what I start.

Tom’s begun novels:

  • Chad and the Avocado Conspiracy
  • Engagement
  • LOP
  • Gloria’s Device