By The Bog of Cats

“By The Bog of Cats”, by Marina Carr, starring Holly Hunt

@ Windhams Theatre, 2005.

At the end of the play I stood and clapped till I thought my hands would bleed. I also wept like the little boy I wish I were. I screamed “HOLLY, HOLLY, HOLLY, etc.” She was brilliant. Will never forget.

bog of cats ticket

I love London theatre.

Rant on.


Breast Feeding Addiction

Thought: A young mother that is addicted to breast feeding.

Standing before a building built 1990. Just missed by the Dresden bombing. There’s a undertone to what’s being said in here (Germany). As though the voice, first question(s) (or rebellion) is coming from the east. The west has been so cleverly chastised, indoctrinated, dogmatized, that it is incapable of posing the question of the brutality of the great war. And so, it’s other half, through naivete and intangibility, inexplicable passivity on the part of the west, attempting to do it… (wait, getting lost).


Peter The Rock

2005 02 12

At what point did man finalize his/the progression (to move) beyond religion? Was it the experiment(s) of the twentieth century? Was that the moment when condemnation eroded enough of Peter the Rock? The experiment of social infrastructure deep-seeded with the power of govt. and few profound (words?) “Religion is the opium of the people,” for example. And now the proclamation that there is no search for truth but instead a blind following to a river of white where a man washes away your sins and at the same time relieving you of the burden of thought. God is once again condemned to the mindlessness of Zeal. What is the juice upon which I run? Doubt (or fear)? Completely harnessed and battled put on the highest shelve where I never have to force it. Eventually only my subconscious knows its there. How comforting.


Go Head Jeff

2005 02 10

So few things written. Where are those things? Not here anymore…

What’s the problem with man? Mankind. And. Two (other) things:
1. religion,
2. politics and commerce (business)

As long as the clerk(s) ringing up the cash register are religious we will continue to kill JC and avoid truth.


“Go’head Jeff”

Story of Jeff Gannon. The guy who got into White House press by posing as a press agent and journalist in order to ask soft-questions of the president.

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2005 01 24

Stopped training muscles because I thought I needed to train mind. (Was I wrong? Oh yeah, wronger wrong!) It was a simple thought that came to worst-writer one day. Like sop many. What to do with such a useless thought? Write it down‚Äîbecause there’s nothing else in this well-trained mind to write down. (Today.) (Well trained? Seriously?) But then I noticed the Flob. What a beautiful creature she is/was. She over came me after a long stare. We gathered ourselves and went for a walk. I held her hand and she allowed me to call her… Flob, the dreary. But wasn’t. She smiled a lot and blew me behind a barn door. When I asked what we’d call the result of her actions, she paused and watched a Ducati park in the lot. I thought she was gonna leave for me the leather-clad pilot but she stayed and said: let’s call it Ben & Jerry’s best flavor. I agreed and continued walking. Nomatter.

How hard I trained. It comes in little places. Behind the knee, the ear and the worst, under my eyes the problem really started when, after reading practically everything, I couldn’t get it done. Back to muscle.


Something To Remember

2005 01 21

Something to remember? Something to forget? Well, not sure. But this does hold something true and real. A new “order”. But it wasn’t about the world.

“What is at stake is more than one small country (Kuwait), it is a big idea, a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind: peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle, and worthy of our children’s future.” -GHWBush, Jan. 16, 1991

Rant on.


S'il Vous Plait

2005 01 20

A world of magnets. Never thought about it before. The magic of magnets. Where can I magnetize myself? Stereo speakers. Computer monitors. The seal around a refrigerator door.

Tachymeter: scale used to measure units per hour on a watch. Commonly found on the bezels of chronographs, an event is timed by using the chronograph’s second hand. The hand is stopped when the even ends and the hand will point to the number of units per hour that could be achieved.

“Of course the people don’t war. After all its the leaders of the country who determine the policy. And its always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked or denounce the pacifists for a lack of patriotism and exposing the country to greater danger.” -Hermann Goering, Nuremberg Trials

The old adage, spoken so fluently by men with or without a hip limp and always resting on a fold-out chair in front of their garage or a terrace. “It ain’t like it used to be.” This is applicable mostly in terms of value. “The ice cream used to cost a nickel,” or “when I was a kid…” something that has to be purchased, used to be certainly less than it is today. I have come to believe that the issue the man is confronting is not about the point-of-sale of any particular product but instead the point-behind-the-sale. What most interpret as a criticism of inflation or earnings is really a superficial attempt at (…) hard-talk truths. These truths are about the mechanics of the economy. And like anything mechanical it has to be maintained. Of course such detail as this regarding the fundemental machinery that enables our lives, is beyond the old-man on his porch or terrace or patio. And that is why when we here this remark, whether child or adult (about the ice cream) we let it pass like a breeze so unaware of its knowledge-seeking value. Who, in their right mind would even want to deal with the mechanics of this machine? At first glance it is a somewhat complex machine. But with a little effort, a little time, understanding it is attainable. Take for example the mechanics of an automobile. With a little effort we can easily figure out how it works—with or without knowing how all the motor works with its numerous moving parts or the brakes with its minimal amount of oil that decides, like 0s and 1s, on or off, if we stop or keep going. Just like that we can also understand how the economy works and try and figure out why the old-man on his fold-out chair can say such an important thing and no one quite gets it!

S’il vous plait. S’il vous plait.

“Information is only as valuable as its source.” -p.30 from D. Brown’s Angels & Demons.

People makng. The pleasure. Let them smoke but make it illegal for them to not heed the request: gotta smoke for me?

I will indulge. I must. It is the sake of survival that commands me. And is it that I must endure? The mundane dressed up in a Emperor cape of gold and diamond. And so… I have begun… reading Dan Brown’s novel “Angels & Demons, as mentioned before. Of course his work is well thought-out. The result of (…) effort. Yes, his work must be commended. But not for its literary value. Instead for its entertainment value. Commendable. I made it quickly to chapter ten. Punting. Abstaining from anything requiring input. But then it all halted as Brown proclaimed an assassins need for love is in a whore house (or something like that). Quckly Brown redeems himself in chapter 11. Ambegram. But he lost me again in chapter thirteen.