Lysistrata And The Graduate


2005 01 16

Walking another street I realize I’ll never know the moment of, will never remember, the joy of music caught from a one of the oldest English speaking churches in Germany. Evangelizing. The people of Africa, my people. Singing and joyous. Praising. The true spirit of Christ, of something Christian. Right in the middle of good ol’ Germania.

Idear: what was special in D. Hoffman movie w/ the car? Was it the Graduate car? Or was it something else according to the movie writers (if there were any)? Plastics. Plasitcs is what it was about. Plastics, since its invention, is the quick fix, the easy product, profitable and, most importantly, a by-product of oil. Plastic is the drive-in temple. The place and/or product where do many get the info telling them what to think and telling you how to live life better when you should be learning such a thing from… Yes. The convenience society. Its beginning. Origin. Plastic is the metaphor for so much more. There’s also boil-in-a-bag, quick frozen or freeze-dried. Where when will it all end?

Get list of books, novels, plays that “America” has tried to ban. What would the list look like in the form of tablets written by (a/the) god?

Don’t think I could write a picture of (a/the/my) perfect woman. Why is that? Because I know there is no perfection—at least not in human females. Or is there? How does one write (down) what beauty is? Answer: beauty is symmetry. Write well. Or. Step outside yourself, Mr. Worst. Find a girl with dirty-blond hair, mid-shoulder length, bundled into a ball at the back of her skull, the true (colored) hair underneath it fuzzing/buzzing around the top of her neck. She wears a blue t-shirt with a v-neck collar stretched so wide it barely hangs on her shoulders. There is a silver chain dangling from her neck. The chain is somehow connected to the top of the shirt to hold it from falling to oblivion. Her hair has silver strips that would, if allowed, glisten with dark (brown) eyes. But they look away so often. Probably because so many other eyes try to grasp her. The bottom of her shirt begins and ends at her navel only relieved by the blue painted jeans that hug baby-fat protruding from the top edges, just above a belt line. From behind she is a discolored lava lamp, bulbous shaped cake of candy perfectly decorated by twenty-four years of turning heads.

The reason man doesn’t learn from the past? Unlike animals, man doesn’t seem able to change his physiology to fit nature. Perhaps there is no need to do so. Perhaps he, in the context of time, he is to new, so-much-so his (her) unatested-ness simply cannot bring forth the natural change required.

Correlation between guilt and sin.

The comfort Ameirca has bad through the cold war is the simple reason that we define our own reality—as the reality of the rest (of the world). We are the opposite of what we ultimately don’t understand. That may well be our doom.

Oh. About that perfect girl thing (above). Although the colors match, the texture too, her ear-rings jingle with the bar light and contrast with her dull lipstick that is anti-red.

The art of drinking an Irish Stout. The art of love according to an ancient Irishman. An Irish boxer wanting to give up the violence and start a career in music. He wants to sing American country music but can’t get rid of his accent.

A woman and her jewelry, or lack thereof. A woman always wears jewelry. Because jewelry is not some metal, stone, refuge of a sea crustacean. No. It is her hair, her ear (lobes), the tip of her nostrils, the ring finger, the cleft around her vulva like the crease under the backside of her ear and if she knew or felt any of that between the penal pounding she must endure matrimonial confusion then she would awaken and steer toward the cry of Lysistrata and welcome the long needed pause…

Rant on.


Reptilian Brain Codes

2005 01 11


A small crowd on stage. Every once a once a man appears from the crowd directing it. Then he disappears in the crowd. This goes on several times. Eventually a different man appears from the crowd as if chosen. He is congratulated by the first man who was directing things. This is new man has won whatever the crowd has to give: In this cast it is his job. A career. (So many should be thankful but this guy is clueless.)

Where is my lover’s quarrel? We need to live in a convict that is good, inherently good and not dictatingly good.

William Sloan Coffins

-War can be called a necessary evil but we have to remember that most necessary evils are for more evil than they are necessary
-About a/the free country in the world because we can drink beer and watch baseball, etc.–that is cheap patriotism
-patriotism is a deep-deep love of a country. It is a lover’s quarrel.
Unity is a beautiful thing but unity in folly, cruelty and stupidity, what’s virtue in unity in those things?
-Axis of evil is the environment, pandemic poverty and a world awash with weapons.
-We live in a world of limousines and beggars.
-We’re (Americans) being told we have to follow our fears not being lead by our values; we’re imposing on the world, not leading by example. You have to have courage, imagination…

See book by Coffin “Letters To A Young Doubter.”

See French cultural anthropologist G. Clotoire Rapaille. He (seems to be) founder of “cortex” and “reptilian” in people. The rational and irrational, I suppose.

-Rapaille’s work stresses appeal to the reptilian brain and codes…


Wrong Equation

2005 01 03

Romance + expectation = contradiction.

Or is that incompatible?

Two. Completely. Incompatible. Contradiction.

Rant on, baby.


Two People Falling

2004 12 27

Man and woman finding each other. They weren’t looking. Do you understand? Do you know? So…

Stage: Two people falling on stage and talking as though nothing has happened, although they just fell onto the stage. They realize they know each other and begin to dialog. The conversation is about what caused them to fall (onto stage). Subsequent scenes about the fall. Original sin.

So… what is the promise of marriage? One of the laws of marriage deals with the issue of fidelity but what when this law is rescinded? Who came up with this part of marriage in the first place? The man or the woman?

Better leave that one alone.


Gone Backwards

2004 12 23

Have spent too much time, a calamity perhaps, on this issue of god. Wonder if death would finally relieve me of this thoughtless burden since I know that He is a She and She is quite different than anything I’ll ever experience–in life or death. But it is something I will never forget. Until I release the bullet down the barrel pointed to my temple I must adhere. Like glue of some ill conceived cause of various ungracious parts. Or friends who, upon my death, will say nice things about me but nothing significant.

Except, perhaps, this: the devil is male and god is female. This the grand fight of the ages/mind.

Mel Gibson’s movie had one interesting character. The devil. A female like, feminine creature humanoid offering him, JC, a different kind of salvation. That of the flesh. The flesh that is god.

How I wish my home would call me. I know why it doesn’t care ever-more. Because I have gone backwards. She will leave those behind in her wake. She is moving forward, why should she look back? Yes, move forward my sweat. Go on without (me). Even my death isn’t worth one of your sample winks. This place of wanna-be monarchs I should have just visited. It is my fault to stay here.


True Truth

2004 12 22

What is the logic? (Where?) Sexism, for example. Or prohibition of pornography by so-called moralists. What’s the point of a bunch of men out there protesting a porn movie house?

The only answer to Christopher Marlow being another of W. Shakespeare’s work, although he was (supposedly) dead, is that he had already wrote the plays and WS simply stole them upon his death.

Idear: Something about the anti-federalists in Americant. William Cooper, for example. There is a subtle leader (out there) who has been trying and has dedicated his life to building, amassing, mobilizing an army that will over-throw the (current) past WW2 US govt. The play ends with WC thinking, questioning, whether or not all the people who signed on are enough and if they are real.

True truth. Faith, perhaps blind faith, is the power behind true truth. Is it the same as 1-1 or 3-3? Two equal and yet opposites parts that ultimately cancel each other only to leave a void where the human psyche can be so easily manipulated.

Lingering question.

How do you fake a virgin birth? Define or redefine “virgin”. Go back to ancient…

Something else.

Mark 14 the anointing of JC. Witnessed by many. This type of “anointing” was reserved for something special–it obviously motivated Judas to run off and betray JC. Is it possible that JC chose a different path than the (then) high Jewish priests would have accepted? If JC had chosen the path of war/King then perhaps they would have tolerated him but instead JC chose (a) path of David which threatened their power.


Laughing At Ones Own Birth

2004 12 21

Rumor: Zoroaster laughed on the day of his birth.

If I read to you a truth do I also (can I possibly) forsake you? The twins of truth. Truth as opposing twins. Perfect twins = born male and female and identical. Is such a thing possible?

A deal is made between men. The only difference between these two men is that (A) is down on his luck and (B) is not. A is lead by B through a door which, because of his circumstance, would never have been able to enter. Once through the door B stops A and says:

B: But there’s one catch.

A is perturbed and complains before he knows what B is going to say because he thinks he’s been tricked. The first thing B says is that A must be prepared. Then… Motto: what is the point to God helping Man if it can never be enough anyway?


No one knows their way. The Germanians. They have a physical structure, a bodily presence, it is viewable in any of the rudeness mankind can muster/surmise, including (all) their great inventions (which only their collective was able to profit from). Schooling for example. (Didn’t they invent that, too?) Although the children are of a obvious and friendly disposition their parents hobble ’round the ancient bricks as though relieved their praying doesn’t have to forge the bricks and stones of faulting pyramids. Yes, the culmination of their achievement. Seen in the schools of free-wheeling children only told to not play the instruments freely lying before them. Convention is their new motto. It was at one time greatness but that was wiped from any shallow remaining consciousness. AH has left such a deep scar/scare nothing original will ever emerge from it. Now it is a place of well endowed MILFs not worth the weight they refuse to gain. But worth every screw. Every one. Yes, I am sure, although my mother is one of them, I cannot seem to feel similar. Why is that? It is perhaps the “strafe” of my mix breed. An error of pedigree. And no one knows why or how such things occur–at least what brought me to this level of (false) immigration. Except perhaps Mr. or Herr Rosenkrieg. No, that cannot be right. My errors are my own, even the ones that took place before my birth here (i.e. entry to Germania).