Plays page picYo Romeo, Yo Romeo. Where for art thou, Yomoreo.

Indeed. The greatest error made. Wake up one morning and say: I’m going to be a playwright. The thing is, I started writing in the form of dialog. For moi it was/is about characters, scenes, things said. But I never really gave an “audience” much thought. And so. The struggle was never the writing but instead making it cohesive, following some format, convention. Ok. I guess it was the writing. Nomatter. I have since learned how easy it is to be presumptuous. But. The good news is. Trying to be a poet is an even worse endeavour. The bad news? The dream of theater, being part of it, doing it… was nice while it lasted. My experience proved that being a wannabe with no future and no fate, but putting on a play or five can still get you free drinks and laid. It’s a shame though that some couldn’t see the potential. (Pause.) Nomatter. (Short pause.) I’m not bitter. (Pause.) The bed made is my own. (Sarcasm on. Curtsy forward and backward to theatre technocrats all.) End.

My plays include but are not limited to:

  • Birdgames (produced)
  • Flight of the Dodo (produced)
  • Cloud (public reading)
  • Blush (Produced)
  • The Good Criminal (produced)
  • SINK
  • Till The Cows Come Runnin’
  • A Hobo Tale
  • Siren of Sea #8
  • The Genius Children
  • Save US (a micro play)