Not If But When The End Is Nigh Or How I Miss RSS

These images were taken from my iPhone 6s a few nights ago while scanning through Apple's News app. This News app is actually nothing new. I've been using Feedly, Google News, Flipboard, for some time now. Let's just say I'm nuts for information distribution. But the problem is companies like Apple are incapable of understanding information distribution. … Continue reading Not If But When The End Is Nigh Or How I Miss RSS

Hi Jack

Dreamt on May 26, 2015. After spending most of that morning jotting down the tidbits, below is what I could put together in the last few days on this glorious vacation. The thing to keep in mind, dear worst-reader, is that I'm over my jet-lag at the time of this writing between May 28-30. Jet-lag … Continue reading Hi Jack

Ruins of Bureaucracy 3

Article. This level of bureaucracy combined with compulsive behaviorism, which, btw, is the only way to have a career in either government or corporations, is also why it deserves the title American't. Compulsive behaviorists represent it all, dear worstReaders. These pawns, these subhumans that manage to have "careers" only because so many others (most of … Continue reading Ruins of Bureaucracy 3