Why Origin Don’t Matter

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What’s with the who-ha about the origin of the covid? I mean (1), what difference will it make after a year and a half of quarantine, lockdowns, (almost) safe distancing, etc., if/when they find out where this whole thing started? I mean (2), if it did originate in a lab will that prevent another covid? Maybe. Are we gonna have access to labs in North Korea, Russia, the middle of bumfcuk Idaho and a converted meth-lad so we can figure where future viral diseases start? I mean (3), as usual, the grand $hit$how that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, with this yet another bullshit news cycle, is brilliantly deflecting and diluting the real issue. The real issue is simple, dear worst-reader. Namely. Capitalism and its best friend globalisation has forced most of humanity to live in $hit. And as we all know, living in $hit makes one sick. Am I wrong.

The thing is, dear worst-reader, in order for any virus to thrive, as covid has, it needs not only a host but the right environment. As capitalism and subsequent globalisation struggles to cope with its own demise, which is, by-the-buy, part of its cyclical nature if that nature is enabled, that environment is not only readily available but it has also, literally, been facilitated, i.e. globalisation in the name of free markets, labour control, wealth for wealth’s sake, etc. I mean (4), it’s not as though SARS, the sickness resulting from the corona virus, is anything new. It’s been around since the early 2000s. But even before that there were similar diseases. You know, Swine-flu, Mers, various influence strains, etc. Even though I never got one, I can’t remember a day when I return to my beloved & missed #Americant and someone wasn’t getting a flu shot.

Then again, there is this article from Vanity Fair which tries to explain the here & now of the origin of covid. What a doozy of an article, too. I mean (5), talk about winded and long-reads. Even though I haven’t finished reading it as I worst-write this post, the only thing I could think of while reading was: who cares about the origin of covid-19? We’re in it, right? I mean (6), if you come to the US, like I have, you’d think there was never a covid to begin with. Everybody thinks its over. They’ve forgotten it already. Yes. Indeed. Amnesia #Americant has already forgotten that it, the greatest country to be made great again, has already lost touch with the reality that it has the highest death rates from covid in the world. Then again, #Americant is a country that not only elected former prezident pee-pee-hair (cheeto-jesus) but 74m people actually believe that he’s gonna be president again by August 2021 because, well, Biden stole the election. With that in mind, would anyone miss them if covid would took out more of the stupid #Americants? But I die-gress.

Rant on.



Jab 2 Done, Vaccinated

It takes another two weeks for the vaccine to do its full job, dear worst-reader. But at least I can say I got both shots as of today. And how proud, thankful, grateful I am to be able to get vaccinated. In fact, I’m so tickled, I’m thinking of getting an image of the corona virus tattooed on my arm (where I got the shot) with the letters MRNA just below it. Now wouldn’t that be worst-writer cool, eh? For those doubters out there–you know, all those science deniers. If you’re concerned how I’m gonna feel if all this is for not, well, get this. I’m so convinced that MRNA treatments like this (vaccine) are so advanced that the Covid-19 debacle and subsequent inoculation could mean the end of global pandemics. So will I be sad (or dead) if I’m wrong? Maybe. But at least I believe in science–even if science gets things wrong sometimes–instead of all that other bull$hit like free markets, fail upward capitalism, greed-mongering-galore and spaghetti monsters in the sky. So there. ;-)

Rant (and get vaccinated) on, baby.


Safe than sorry with good views

I can feel it dear worst-reader. The contempt. The disdain. The disrespect. It’s everywhere here, don’t you know. Of course, what better place to actually see the origin of it all–the all that is contempt, disdain, etc., than to be in the lower canal bowels of the bellied beast that is my beloved & missed #Americant. Indeed. I mean. I’m actually here and I still refer to Her in the past tense. But let’s not get to far off worst-subject. Let’s just stick with contempt & co. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, it’s a good thing #Americant is vaccinating people as fast as it is. Every time I look around, no matter where I am, someone with a mask hanging half down his/her face is hugging someone who has a mask hanging around only one of her/his ears. And then there’s all the touching. People literally go up to other people and get in their face. I saw this really tall, fat American lean over one of those clear guard panels in order to point to a clerk with his long arms and fingers that his papers were in order. As he pulled his hand back over the guard panel he almost hit the clerk in the face. Perhaps social distancing hasn’t registered here even though there are lots of markings on grounds and floors detailing six feet social distancing. Hence. #Americants hate what is happening to them post Ronald Reagan and the dipshittery of thirty or whatever years of wars of choice. So what should they care about pandemics? But I digress.

The plan was to self-test after three or four days of arrival. You know, check and see if the airports, the planes, the pretty stewardesses, didn’t pass on the covid worst-moi. According to the result above, I reckon I’m in the clear. Then again, this morning I did spend well over an hour in a department of motor vehicle facility waiting to get my new-fangled state slash federal driving license. I mean. I’m not really sure what it’s called or what it’s actually about. But ever since early 2019 (pre-pandemic) I’ve been itching to get me this license on account I was approached in an airport on a connecting flight that inquired about my driving license and that to avoid any sharper scrutiny I should renew my license to this new fangled one. But. Again. I’m not really sure what these government agencies post Homeland are actually up to with their enhanced bureaucracies. All I know is, like the comforts of home (or underneath one), I prefer traveling and talking to as few people as possible about who/what I am. Which means, I got no issues showing an identification here or there. So I went and got the damn new fangled license this morning and after being crowded into such a low ceiling building with so many people–even though you couldn’t get in unless you had an appointment–I’m thinking I need another antigen test. Speaking of which. Time to go wash my hands with lots of lather for twenty or so seconds.

Other than that, dear worst-reader, at least there are some nice fews when taking walks in a beach town.

Rant on.


Pfizer, jet-lag and no pictures

My scheduled appointment was at 10am. I arrived at the vaccination centre and 9:56am. Although traffic cones by the thousands were prestigiously aligned, most certainly capable of guiding hundreds if not thousands of cars, there was no vaccinations being given in cars. In fact, the only cars there were those parked at reserved spaces. So we drove up to the entrance of the old concert hall. A concert hall, btw, where I saw Judas Priest back in the day (forty years ago, perhaps). Turns out that the authorities had changed the office-hours for that days vaccines. It wasn’t open till noon. Bummer, I thought. If only they would have told me that earlier I wouldn’t have put all the effort into driving the 40miles to get their on-time. Heck, they even sent me a reminder the night before–I guess to make sure as best they could that I would show up to get the shot. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, there really are #Americants that refuse to get vaccinated. As simple minded as that sounds, I suppose for any admirer of #Americants past, you know, where it actually did things and built things and maybe, just maybe, fought wars that had some semblance of merit… But I digress.

Turns out while I was killing the two hours instead of driving back home that I finally gave an earnest look at the previous reminder email I had received. And guess what, dear worst-reader? I screwed up. At the bottom of the reminder email they had actually included a new appointment time. So it’s all on me that I wasted the morning. That worst-said, the two hours went by pretty fast as I drove around Salisbury, which I hadn’t done in at least ten years. But I won’t bore you with that.

When I returned to the vaccination centre two hours later things were hopping. Although clearly under capacity, I was somewhat relieved that people were getting vaccinated at all. And since I was at the Pfizer facility, which only recently had been approved for young people, it was nice to see the youth was there en masse getting their shots. Indeed, dear worst-reader. All the newz about how #Americants and their misconstrued skepticisms could actually prevent if not delay the eradication of this obnoxious disease really turns my pickle back into a cucumber. But let’s not go there.

Needless to say I got my first shot with ease and it couldn’t have been easier. With that in mind, does this mean that I might have to consider alternative nomenclature for my beloved & missed #Americant for the success of making this available? Does the success of vaccinations–at least for those willing to get vaccinated–warrant perhaps going back to calling HER America? Now. Now. Calm the fcuk down, baby. Let’s not get out of hand. Instead, let’s wait things out. Let’s give it all a bit more time. I mean. Who knows what these MRNA thingies are doing with me right this sec as I worst-type these words. Even though I’ve felt nothing since receiving my shot, things could be happening behind the scenes. My cells might be changing and dancing more. My DNA could be adapting–or not–better forms of anti-body-cells and whatnot. Are my brain cells swelling to where I might actually and voluntarily watch faux newz? I think not. And with that in worst-mind, it’s approaching that hour where I must cope with jet-lag. So too does my beloved & missed #Americant for which I’m grateful that I could get a shot in the arm today.

Rant on.


PS No pictures allowed on the entire grounds of the vaccination site.

The #Eurowasteland COVID $hitshow And Other Disaster Capitalism Krapp

Alternative worst-title: disaster capitalism in Tex-ass, Pratt & Whitney pulled the market share short stick, and why Germany Can’t Vaccinate faster

Well, here we go, dear worst-reader. Have I got $hits&giggles for you today. First, let’s start with Tex-ass. Has there ever been a better example of the fail-upward-ness of #Americant political conservatism run amok than what is going on during a 1 in 50 year freeze that is, btw, and somewhat ironically, running through the middle of all the red states, north to south? No, you say? You have no clue? Well, trust me when I worst-say, there are plenty of examples. But let’s focus on the best example. Or have you already forgotten Enron? What? Your collective amnesia too real, dear worst-reader?

Everything that is happening during this climate calamity ruckus between of the coasts was setup while one of #Americant’s greatest corporate con-jobs was in its heyday. The only good news out of the Enron debacle was that Ken Lay wasn’t able to do to California what it did to Tex-ass1. Hence(1), Tex-ass is its own earnergy grid, e.g. it doesn’t share its grid with other states and vice-versa. Which also means, it’s on its own in a crisis like the one it’s experiencing now. Hence(2), I’m trying not to laugh out loud out of respect for those less fortunate who have to suffer under this nonsense. Indeed. There is reaping what you sow.

Next issue to worst-giggle about has to do with planes breaking up in the middle of the air–or maybe not. First, though, let me get this worst-thought out of the way. The most amazing thing about the recent images and videos of an airplane experiencing engine failure mid-flight is that it made it safely to the ground. I mean. Come on, dear worst-reader. Don’t hold this situation up to luck. Someone did something right when designing those engines that such a… let’s call it anomaly… didn’t bring this plane down in pieces. But that’s not the reason I’m on about this issue.

The year 2020 is the first year in my expatriation journey that I did not travel to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–in over thirty-five years. I can’t tell you how sad that makes me, especially considering my mother is 78 (but she’s doing fine). With that in mind, you know what I’ve dreaded since last summer? Getting on a tarmac-mothballed airplane that has obviously not been maintained. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, while working as a pion researcher for a $hitbag but highly successful consulting company oh-so many years ago, one of my beats was to provide consultants in Europe with all-kinds of aviation information. You know, it was at the time when Airbus getting its mojo. Worst-long-story-short, the thing about airliners (as airplanes used to be called) is that their mechanical lifespan is dependent on two relatively mundane factors, which I’m sure most rational non-#MAGA morons can figure out for themselves. That’s right. Maintenance and use. That’s it. It is totally not good that an airliner be mothballed if it has not reached its designated retirement age–and then, suddenly, get back up in the air. If it is mothballed, it is paramount that it be maintained–so that it can safely get back up in the air. And so. Don’t know about you, dear worst-reader. But do you trust these airline companies while they are in a state of perpetual bankruptcy since forevermore, plus Covid, to actually maintain their aircraft while being prematurely mothballed?

With that in mind, let me unequivocally praise—NOT the airline, nor the plane manufacturer, but instead–the maker of an engine that under extreme circumstances did not reach a level of catastrophic destruction that would otherwise have brought down the entire plane by ripping apart the wing. Hats off to ya, Pratt & Whitney!

Now. For a bit of ranting about z’Germans. Get this, dear worst-reader. As my beloved & missed #Americant slowly but surely progresses in its war on COVID via country wide inoculation, the grand corporate state of Germania is lugging around like an old, confused rural Bavarian (#WernerTwertzog) that can’t find his way around a city. But all worst-analogies aside.

In a conversation the other day with Germans, I questioned the reason why Germany was so slow at vaccinating its people–including expat worst-writer–even though the country practically bankrolled the first approved vaccine. Of course, the Germans went on and on either about Tante Merkel’s successes so-far at keeping infections down or about how bad she’s handled it all along. But I said that Germany is making a mistakes by not vaccinating faster which means it also has another, much bigger problem. A problem that is, by-the-buy, two-fold above and beyond Tante Merkel.

Problem 1.

The German government is subsidising somewhere near 80-90% of the entire economic shutdown during Covid. Considering the vastness of the German economy, that’s an amount of money unheard of since… Well, I’m don’t think post WW2 Germany has ever spent that much money before.

Now, keep in mind, according to EU regulation, member states are still required to maintain their deficits to a preset amount2. Therefore it doesn’t take much to realise, compared to how the USA is currently mad-spending its way out of the Covid crises by being able to fund vaccinations with huge amounts of mad-dollars, Germany is kinda lollygaggling around as though, well, it were a old Bavarian (#WernerTwertzog) that can’t find his way around a city.

Problem 2.

Germany is the locomotive of #Eurowasteland. All other members not only look to where Germany is going but their attachment is more than just a hitch. That attachment, in fact, is an umbilical. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything in the German press about how other EU members are getting on with their vaccinations. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the information is out there and I’ve just missed it. Still. This causes worst-writer to conclude the following.

Right now, vaccination is a taboo topic in Germany. Reason? Germany cannot vaccinate its Volk too fast on account other EU members would have more ammunition against the locomotive–not unlike the blank-ammunition #Brexit exploited to win their freedom from being the caboose of the Euro train. If, say, the Germans were to begin financing vaccinations like the USA is doing, all hell would break out in Brussels in the name of fairness, privilege and, of course, breaking deficit regulations. Does Germany really want to feed more #Brexit and/or #Euroexit nonsense? I mean. If Tante Merkel as done anything right it has been most certainly maintaining the status quo of German passivity. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

And there you have it, dear worst-reader. Germany is fcuked #nomatter what it does on account it must never maintain a position of Wir #1. Which also means continued lockdowns and worst-moi continuing to question when can I return home.

Oh well. Such is this worst-life.

Rant on.



  1. That’s only because California was probably trying to do its own version of Enron. You know, home grown version of it. But, as usual, if ain’t from Hollywood or military or Silicon Valley… ↩︎
  2. Deficit regulation in the EU is one of its great mistakes in worst-writer’s humble opinion. ↩︎

Let The Vaccine Greed $hit$how Begin

The covid. Source: Interwebnets.

Well, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. The silly-show has begun regarding the/our privileged greed mongering galore in the name of survival, life, and the pursuit of more purchasing power. But this time it’s not just the privilege of proximity-birth and who’s at the head of the corporate mobbing council that determines who and what you can buy. No. This time it’s about something almost completely different. Different as in miserable-life and a gruelling almost unnatural death by the sheer destruction of human lung capacity in the name of Covid191. Or let’s just call it covid, our new poor-people disease. Eh.

Now that the first vaccine has been approved for use and the second and third vaccine is at the door of approval, what’s there to do about who gets it first? You know, as in, who’s standing at the syringe saying, well: “I should get it first because I’m more productive in this society than that guy.” Or. “Here, I’ll pay whatever you want, I’ve got money coming out of my guzoo, which also means I’m more privileged than the average useless-eater, so I should get the vaccine first.” Or. Or. “That life raft is for me and my wife because we have first-class tickets on the/this Titanic, baby.”

I mean, don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I too am one to worst-say that front-line workers and old people and those particularly susceptible to the disease should get the vaccine toot-sweet. But then again, should they? Since it’s quite obvious that President Piss-Hair is part of that click of humanity that has no problem with masses of people dying–as it fits a certain eugenics if not pseudo Darwinian survival of the fittest agenda… Or do you not believe elites love-loathe #Trump–not for his smarts to get elected president but for his susceptibility to be a push-over by those who are privileged enough to have contact with him once he is elected and there agenda is the antithesis of governing for the people by the people and, and, and… Indeed. Cull the heard, baby. Weed-out the riff-raff. Do at least something about over-population that seems to bug the privileged! (Sarcasm off.)

But. Like I’ve worst-said here and there in this worst-blog, covid is nothing new. In one form or other it’s been around for years. For it is but another strain, another version, if not manifestation, of an ailment that’s been afflicting the poor and downtrodden for the better part of my worst-life. It’s no coincidence that covid, SARS, MARS, swine-flu, etc., all, somehow, got there start in the abundance of poverty where human beings are relegated to eating on top of or underneath batshit, hoof-shit or human… You get the picture. Which begs the worst-question: why hasn’t there been a vaccine already? Oh wait. Maybe for those that control the sheep, culling of the heard is a godsend. Or? And that godsend has finally arrived. But. Maybe. I’ve already worst-said that.

So let’s get back on subject about the vaccine. Or were we worst-writing about something else? #Nomatter.

One of the most curious things I’ve noticed about the vaccine so far is how my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant can’t talk about who actually… done it. I mean. Obviously there were/are plenty of greed $hit$how pharmaceutical companies working on a vaccine. But only one seems to have received first approval. And yet, there is barely mention of the company that actually did it. I mean. The distributor of the vaccine is all over the newz. Reason? Pfizer is also the infamous distributor of… That’s right. You guessed it. The blue pills, baby. Oh wait. I’m sorry. This isn’t about the blue pill or the red pill, as in, The Matrix. No. Indeed. This is solely about the blue pill that was invented so that women don’t have to suck a… Sorry. I’m off worst-subject again.

Pfizer’s claim to fame is that it is the largest distributor of dick-pills. You know. Stiffy drugs. Wood for woman pills. The pills that mean women-folk CAN just lay there. Etc., etc. Indeed. Viagra. And don’t you know, Pfizer had nothing to do with the actual development of viagra and–that’s right!–they’ve had nothing to do with the covid vaccine. Indeed. Some corporate $hitbag, working at a desk who sometimes gets to fly business class around the world, made a deal with a company that actually made the covid vaccine. Yet where is that company? If you’re reading this worst-blog-post from North America, have you heard anything about BioNTech?

Oh wait. Since #Americant can’t (hasn’t been able to) make anything since… Gee… I don’t know… It has completely decimated its manufacturing capabilities since the 1980s because a bunch of submissive college grads were never taught to think for themselves… And bean-counting pseudo intellectuals in the form of so-called management consultants, aka McKinsey, Booz Allen, etc., as outsourced corporate automatons, have been literally making actual production productivity scarcer than a fifty year old virgin mother who hates the man/men that impregnated her in the first place and now they want to do it more but with even less consequence and all in the name of the blue pill… Anywho. #Americant probably couldn’t have made the first Covid vaccine even if it wanted to. Or am I being too harsh with my hate for post Ronald Reagan LAND OF THE FREE TO BE STUPID?

For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, I’m sure there’s reason enough the privileged, Neo-feudalist #Americants need not mention BioNTech. Let’s cover a few of those reasons, shall we?

  • It’s a small German company based in Mainz
  • It is a company founded by Turkish immigrants–to Germany
  • BioNTech was funded by government, German government. Oh my!

And so. What does #Americant talk about instead of where the first covid vaccine comes from? That’s right. It talks about… full distortion-fields of greed-galore packed in unsold Xmas wrapping paper lined with fake-it-till-you-make-it #Trump gold2. Faux newz-mode. Fake it till you make mode, baby. And so. Talk about MAGA–which is code for reality avoidance abundance. Talk about libs, which is code for racism and bigotry and never having to visit a multi-racial playground. Indeed. For #Americant is good at this sort of thing, don’t you know. Reason? It’s about more than just changing the subject. It’s about controlling the narrative. The TV narrative that is the #Americant mind. So what does #Americant do to stop all talk about who created the first approved vaccine–which may or mayn’t make people question #Americant republican/conservative bat$hittery? That’s right. It talks about the big-wig distributor of dick-pills. And when that’s not enough it talks about an American immigrant from Hungary who discovered major breakthroughs in gene technology that is the precursor to the covid vaccine–because she’s an American now. Which begs this worst-question: Will the founders of BioNTech get the Nobel prize next year? Or will #Americants continue avoiding giving credit where it’s due because of bat$hit tribalism run amok?

But I die-gress.

This should always be a story about how immigrants are leading the way and not about corporations who simply buy-up opportunity. And so. Enjoy your next dick-pill, baby.

Rant on.


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  1. And don’t even get me started on the idear that something similar actually killed off the dinosaurs and not the fabled belief in asteroids. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. That which killed the dinosaurs was a lung ailment not unlike our covid. But for the dinosaurs, the cause of their ailment wasn’t a permanent establishment of the poor versus the working poor and how they were all forced to live in $hit. No. The thing that killed the dinosaurs was much simpler. It was all about O2, i.e. oxygen. That’s right. The reason, according to worst-writer, that dinosaurs got so big and were so fruitful was because the earth’s atmosphere was much richer in oxygen back then. Where we now have an atmosphere of just below twenty-percent O2, back then, it was something around or above thirty-percent. That’s a lot of juice for a fruitful biosphere, eh. But on that note, I really should die-gress. ↩︎
  2. That’s right. The same #Trump gold covering his toilets. Which means. That’s right. He shat on it at one time or other. ↩︎