Whose Doctrine

Ok. First. I probably shouldn't post something where my worst-writing is shorter than links. But in this case… Nomatter. The scariest thing about what the west is doing right now, beyond all the murder, mayhem, lying and lust for control of you-know-what, is how long it will take to finally move on. That is, when will … Continue reading Whose Doctrine

Motown Blues

Joke: What does Greece have in common with Detroit? (Short pause. Think.) Well, that's about all the joke I can remember. But then again, if you think about it, there really is something to laugh at when it comes to comparing Greece with Detroit. And be assured, these two should be compared. First, they're both … Continue reading Motown Blues

No Real Men

George Carlin: "How come when it's us it's an abortion, when it's a chicken it's an omelette?" Two questions. Why is Amerika obsessed with abortion? And. Where are the men? I mean, where are the men that are the true cause of abortions? I have yet to hear a man and his intentions being questioned … Continue reading No Real Men

Example Cover Letter

This is almost a disclaimer: 1) Now that the peons of most Anglo corporations are scratching their monkey heads about where their futures are (not) going, it might be time to (re)think (a)knew. If thinking without emotional influence or monetary influence is a problem in your life, then you might want to review this documentation … Continue reading Example Cover Letter

Duped At eBay

The funny thing about the death of so many ”dot-coms” and the end of the Internet boom isn’t the actual demise of something that might have brought us out of the industrial dark-ages but the aftermath and the who and what that survived. Also. Of the dotcom survivors, it seems that they have all become … Continue reading Duped At eBay

Rulers Of Rome

You will never control an idea that has found (its) embodiment. Why is the voice of those who speak--the privilege of those who can be heard--basically the same? There is the conservative voice and then the so-called media voice--absent is a liberal voice because liberalism has lost all power. It has been demonized so thoroughly … Continue reading Rulers Of Rome