As The Old Man Gets Some Second Wind

As I’ve failed to say here or there, dear worst-reader, and even though I voted for him not unlike how I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, say what you will about old-man Biden finally (finally!) figuring out how  #MAGA can produce (almost) enough vaccines to vaccinate more and more privileged people, he’s also back to his old ways. For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Biden is part of that whole $hitshow of greed-mongering galore that appeased whacked-out right-wingers–which was solidified in the Democrat party by Clinton (the cheating husband not the corporatist albeit forgiving wife)–and is thereby playing the nice-guy game with his club comrades. But on that note, I die-gress.

Rant on.


Rednecks Lead By White Trash

Pic source: screenshot from the interwebnets

Only in #Americant, baby. I mean. There you have it. Or have you not heard about former president piss-hair’s corporate-like-meeting via conference call with the Secretary of State of the state of Georgia? I mean. Again. If this doesn’t get under your gander and make you think twice about who and what you are and where you live… geez-us-age-christ, baby! It’s no longer a joke about whether or not this man is a complete and total fool. In fact, he’s so friggin’ stupid, you gotta wonder if maybe, just maybe, he’s not only one-hundred-eighty-degrees stupid but perhaps he’s the full go-round three-hundred-sixty-degrees stupid. You follow what I’m trying to get at, dear worst-reader?

There is such a thing as stupid and stupider. Or?

Ok. Let me put it another worst-way. My beloved & missed united mistakes talks a lot here and there about political polarisation. You know, as in, Democrats are on this side and Republicans on the opposite side. But I don’t quite see it that way. And from the get-go, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to go down the route of false equivalences. For me there are clear and obvious differences between the two parties which has made me NOT vote for a Republican since Reagan’s first term–which was, btw, the first time I could vote and I’m obviously carrying the shame of that till today. Moving on.

The thing about degrees of stupid, dear worst-reader, is kinda important. For you see, don’t you know, that’s kinda #Trump’s M.O. If he’s smart about anything it’s about how to get away with murder–by playing stupid. I mean, I’m sure he says to himself $hit like: if a real murderer can get off by pleading insanity, why can’t I rip-off suckers who throw money at me, including the government? This is the nuance of blue vs white collar crime, i.e. corporate crime, dear worst-reader. This is where you tell the difference between blatant criminality and political corruption. It’s how you use The Law to jimmy things to the point where maybe no one will notice and, even better, no one will care. This is the only area where I’ll give former prez goldenshower praise. As a con-man and pseudo, wannabe mafia fan-boy, Trump has really pulled the wool over the eyes of not just seventy-four million idiots but a whole bunch of Neo-con right-wing cocksuckers, too.

The good news is, at least this time (i.e. the 2020 presidential election), there were just enough (somewhat) smart people out there to dislocate prez pee-pee-hair. The bad news is, how many of the eighty-two million that voted for old-fart Biden are gonna stay in the game? For that’s how degrees of stupid really get-on, dear worst-reader. Things become so convoluted. There is so much deflection. The sound one should hear is full of so much noise. It’s easy to just sit back in your Korean made lazyboy, turn on your Chinese made TV or maybe take a Sunday drive (everyday) in your vehicle that, although it bares an American name, was never actually touched during assembly-only, with all its parts made abroad, in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

As the newz goes on and on about impeachment #2, worst-writer has been trying to figure out which one of prez piss-hair’s crimes is actually the worst? Or. Perhaps the question should be: has he actually ever committed a crime that is blatant enough to dispel the nuances of degrees? Obviously his pal Jeffrey Epstein finally got caught in his blatant criminality. But does such a comparison really make #Trump a smart guy?

Oh well. WTF.

Rant on.


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Occupy, Version Two Point Oh

Source of pic: screenshot from r/wallstreetbets

“The game is rigged,” they’re saying, dear worst-reader. But worst-writer say: if it’s rigged, especially on such a grand scale, how will/can you ever know it? In other worst-words: part of the rigging is making sure that those who are (being) rigged can never know that they are (being) rigged–or, at best, always made to think that they know the game is rigged–when they don’t/can’t know anything on account, well, they’re f’n stupider than rocks. Also. If you’re just now coming to terms with the reality of the system is rigged, how come you only notice it when/if your stock valuations are on the jimmy?

Yeah. As far as stock valuations go… you been jimmy-dicked, morons.

And then there’s another worst-question. If, for whatever reason, you notice (think/imagine) the system is rigged, and, you suddenly wake up to a world where a guy like #Trump can become president, wouldn’t it make more sense to perhaps look a little further back in time to see if/where/how the rigging started? You know, as in, your whole life has been one giant rigging session that you’ve been too stupid to wake up to. Yeah. That’s the ticket, biatch.

Or maybe not.

Did you get a load of the recent Wall Street GameStop thingy, dear worst-reader? You know, the thingy where, perhaps, hopefully, a bunch of hedge fund managers are losing their shirts on account other non-connected younger stock traders out-witted them to the hilt. I mean. Wow! I love this story so much I’ve actually had a moment or three where I thought: Hey! Maybe there is some hope for 2021 being a turnaround year on account, I mean, at least #Americants got rid of president stupid, eh. On the other hand, what do my beloved & missed #Americants have instead (of president stupid)? That’s right. Now they have president old-man. I mean. Biden doesn’t only look old. Depending on how the cameras catch him, he looks like a friggin corpse. But on that worst-note, I probably should die-gress.

Oh yeah. We were gettin’ on about GameStop and Wall Street…. But before I do that, let’s get on about terminology. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, terminology is especially important to peoples who are incapable of intellectualising their world. Just listen to any/most republican politicians in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. I mean. Say what you will about the arsehole, elitist Democrats–but there’s one thing you can’t say about them. Democrats don’t vomit up the likes of Alex Jones, Limbaugh, tea-party and #MAGA. Hence the silly madness of #Americant conspiracy theories, fake newz, the media, etc. Would all of that be around if Republicans could intellectualise? Heck, just have a look/listen at all the new republican $hitbags that got voted into the Congress recently, all on account Democrats are too dippy to figure out how to actually fight for taking away the label #Americant. But on that note, I once again die-gress. And. Back to terminology.

You know, dear worst-reader, I’ve heard some folk compare the goings-on at Wall Street, including the GameStop thingy, with something akin to a casino. You know. They’re comparing their life to gambling houses where men wilfully continue on with the delusion of being men in a world that is probably run by women–or at least it’s not being run by the fantasy of their manhood. Then again I can see why some folk consider manipulated stocks as gambling–or as a casino. But here’s worst-writer’s thing about calling Wall Street a casino. It just ain’t right. I mean. As you may or may not know, the system is not only rigged but it is also kaputt. That’s it. It’s called #Americant for a reason, don’t you know. Yet the comparison to a casino…? Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. Even if you tried, even if you stealthily, with hundreds of millions worth of tools and trickery, if you go into a casino and cheat… What do you think is going to happen? And I don’t mean cheating like they did in that Rain Man movie or, perhaps, one of them stupid, mindless, Oceans Eleven movies. You go into a casino and try to cheat–someone will come along pretty quick and cut your friggin fingers off. You know, so you can’t deal cards anymore. Or so you can’t throw dice anymore. Or pull a slot machine lever. Or. Or. Or. So you get what I’m sayin’, eh dear worst-reader? Of course, what we all know by now is that you can walk into Wall Street and cheat your arse off–if you’re friggin privileged and already rich. You can cheat till the cows come running, baby. In fact, in kaputt #Americant, cheating is about the only way to get on with life–unless you want to starve. Or have you already forgotten that you elected #Trump–the born cheater–as president? So. Stop calling Wall Street a casino. The terminology just doesn’t work.

And while I’m on the issue of terminology #Americant-style, I’m not even sure the David v Goliath analogy works either. Perhaps a better way to animate what’s going on with GameStop and Wall Street and, of course, #Americant, is to try this: as the lemmings are lead to the edge of the cliff a few lemmings manage to $hit on a few other lemmings–you know, as they did during the January 6, 2021 pseudo-putsch on the US Congress–just before their final leap which causes all the lemmings to laugh their arses off as they fall to their doom–all laden with $hit. Or something like that.

The thing that doesn’t really work by calling GameStop David and Wall Street Goliath is the fact that even though the enabler and facilitator of GameStop’s stock is the ranting and ramblings of various Reddit users–an online message board system with the not so uniquely titled subject: WallStreetBets–and those users ain’t exactly small in numbers. In fact, as the whole GameStop thingy started to surge in late January, 2021, it’s impossible to know exactly who all the buyers that created the squeeze are. Put another worst-way. Even though there may be thousands of Reddit users that bought up thousands of available GameStop shares–hence the squeeze–there has to be some other form of buyer or buyers out there to cause such a sudden surge in a single stock. Oh my. All this terminology combined with the pseudo-complexity of the US stock market is mind-boggling–if you can’t intellectualise it, don’t you know.

There’s one more #Americant terminology thingy that need be addressed. Another player in the $hitshow greed-game is a company called… Wait for it. That’s right. Where there’s David and Goliath, where there’s casino capitalism, where there’s… There must also be a Robinhood. You know. As in And what a misplaced (or is it misspelled) euphemism we have to intellectualise now. And so. Just as confusing as calling Wall Street a casino, let’s call a greed-mongering website that enables the buying and selling of stocks without any fees…

Seriously. One of the culprits in one of the funniest, most hilarious stock thingies in decades, is called Intellectualise that, dear worst-reader.

Indeed. Leave it up to #Americants to confuse the name of a free from fees stock trading service/app with the fiction of old British aristocratic story telling that enabled another kind of nation-statehood idiocy, i.e. that of Great Britain, to get caught up in story telling as opposed to facing the truth about the utter ridiculousness of monarchies… And so. What the creators of really mean by giving their company such a name is more like: robbing the hood. Get it? I mean. A few letters here or there are no-never-mind to #Americants who are all drifting around in the ignorance of still trying to fathom #MAGA and/or taking a dump while pseudo-invading the US Capitol building (Jan. 6, 2021). And so. How do you get a bunch of suckers in the right place at the right time in order to rip them off because they are intellectually incapable of understanding that their lives are rigged and it’s just a casino and they’ve played it all their lives–and now they’re just bored out of their minds? And. And. And.

Again. Indeed. For those who think fee-less stock trading is a real thing, then perhaps you should apply some face-bag (facebooK) reality here or there. Namely, FB’s only product on which and/or with-which it makes money is stupid users, i.e. YOU. That is. The way FB makes money is by collecting information about how you use the Internetwebs. And just like FB, Robinhood’s product is NOT free stock trading but instead gathering data of what you do (with your credit-card money) and selling that data to the highest bidder. Hence, it was a no-brainer that when Wall Street came calling to suspend trading of a stock that was bankrupting a few hedge funds, the guys at Robinhood obliged.

The only question remaining, dear worst-reader, is how/when/what will the government that is a/the reflection of its people step in and finally do something about how rigged casinos, the inversion of Davids and Goliaths and the whole shebang of #Americant greed-mongering–which is, by-the-buy, the single greatest social experiment in human history that has culminated in: THE LAND OF THE FREE TO BE STUPID–be regulated.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


PS And GO! r/WallStreetBets.


Welcome To $hithole Country

Welcome To Poophole Country

Sh*thole country… -Donald J. Trump

Where to go with all the toxicity, dear worst-reader? Hence a country is awash in poison, filth, dreck–including #Trump’s hair–and whatever drug concoction of the day fits into the nose or arm of the lower and middle classes that are subsumed in the aftermath of political conservatism run amok that is the end of the 20th century. Or. Did you see something other than all-things disgusting the other day at the US Capitol in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? And I’m not even concerned about the crowd. I mean. Get this. For the first time in history, the confederate flag was totted around the Capitol. Grown men were heisting office material, especially the speaker of the house’s podium, and then dancing around with it as though they just won a prize on the price-is-right–and thereby giggling while posing for said photographs. A half naked tattooed man with his face painted red, white and blue mockingly wore a hat made of fur with two horns attached–looking as though he were in a drug induced state ready to invade Sweden or Denmark or wherever else his sophomoric mind could fathom that vikings still exist. Yes. 2021 #Americant is where the whole world can see what happens when you can’t pull yourself up by the mental bootstraps, have no dreams to pursue, or simply can’t tell the difference between stupid and stupider–even if it came up to your face and said… Hi. I’m Martha. Wanna join me and George in a three way?

Quick question. Is it at all possible that human history’s first and best form of collective governance could actually enable people instead of disabling them in the name of greed, greed and more greed?

But I die-gress.

As of the writing of this worst-post, dear worst-reader, five people have died in #Americant’s first (internal) coup d´etat. Two of those people were killed through direct violence and three others died due to circumstances that may or may not have had to do with… #AmeriCANT. As in, the country simply CAN’T dig its way out of the pit of poop it has dug itself into. And by the buy, that chick that was shot while disobeying the-man and trying to break into the US Capitol building the other day, shouldn’t be dead right now? I mean. Where does all this mental toxicity come from? Could it have anything to do with covid-19 and being locked up in your own four walls since ever-more—because your government is so inept at dealing with the reality that viruses exist and exist and exist? And what about that alien, DNA rendered (sarcasm off) vaccine that they’ve got in the works? Were any of these rally-goers inoculated–which has obviously (sarcasm on) activated their zombie-ness? Indeed. Zombies. They’ve been zombies ever since their $hitkicker trailer-park ways took over their already empty-space minds and they finally discovered shits&giggles by enabling the election of president piss-hair. Or have you witnessed an ounce of political smarts–before or after #Americants first coup d’etat?

Am I wrong. -Walter, The Big Lebowski

Hold a sec, dear worst-reader. That woman who was shot and killed was a veteran of the US Airforce. In fact, according to various reports, there were numerous veterans at that “rally”. And there you have it, eh, dear worst-reader. The makings of a coup? You know. The makings that include… Gee. Let’s see. Lust for authoritarianism. Lots of stupid–on account everyone was obviously educated in #Americant. Guns. Idolatry (MAGA hats). And the fact that the only way to make a living in a country that has completely decimated its manufacturing base (since Ronald Reagan) is to join the military and be taught that you’re the only hammer in a world of nails. Etc. Etc.

Or was it just a political rally stirred on by president piss-hair all on account he might be (finally) facing financial ruin and jail because he is unable to rise up, like most (74m most) of his generation, and do the job. I mean. How do you expect white men to respond to facing the reality of imminent fail upward recognition? And so. Veterans, trailer-trash and #Americant united in one big WWE kumbaya that did nothing but solidify a new kind of wall thereby relinquishing any chance whatsoever of political this or that. And do you know what that act was? That’s right. It wasn’t protesting a valid election. It wasn’t even a coup. It was thirty, forty, or fifty years of republican bat$hittery drilled year after year, generation after generation into the mind’s of… #Americants.

That’s your opinion man… -The Dude, The Big Lebowski

And that’s not all, dear worst-reader. Just when you thought the #Americant fail-upward coup d’etat was over, it turns out that the MAGA protestors left one last thing. That’s right. The political act that will forever be associated with January 6, 2021, in worst-writer’s opinion, that included the ransacking of what could have been humanities greatest government…

Someone actually took a sh*t in the open, right in the middle of the building.

Now that’s #Americant, baby.

Rant on.



Running Through The #Americant Trailer Park From Sea To Shinning Sea Waving $2000?

whack job trump

Worst-title #2: The reawakening and potential gruesome death scene of #Americant demise galore in the wrong porn film just before the WWE match begins while the church doors are wide open.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

Still not woke up to the grift, dear worst-reader? You know, the grift that is THE #Americant DREAM–post Ronald Reagan. Well. Don’t worry too hard if you still ain’t figured it out. For the thing is this: Even though it’s pretty much game-over for my beloved & missed united mistakes, there’s still a whiff of pseudo-hope out there that could emerge once the last two (if not three) generations die off in the great 21st century culling that is COVID-19. I mean. If the covid don’t get you… there’s always that wonderful feeling that you might, eventually, get a relief check not unlike the $1200 relief check you already got but this time, says the #Americant used car dealer that is your intellect, this time your relief check will have the number two and three zeros on it and go down just a tick smoother as you swallow (it). Ain’t that as exciting as a donkey playing the violin while you fcuk a bucket of creampie?

Speaking of which…

Did you get a load of President Stupid’s recent grift with suited Georgia old-school republicans? Now. I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader, but I listened to that call in its entirety and if I may be honest…? Holy fork in your wad of money horse $hit! President Stupid is as dumb as he looks. Or is worst-writer the only one able to see through that pseudo bouffant hair-do he’s got going–which is part of the mommy issues he has for being yet another #Americant male unable to grow out of the shadow of an abusive father, don’t you know? But here’s the thing that surprised me most about listening to a man-child three year old that managed to become President Stupid of a country of three year olds. He’s actually hands-on when it comes to the grift. I mean. For the most part I thought he just handed off the grift to the various minions that are as dumb as he is–for desperation is part of the THE DREAM and it makes so many do the go-go dance of survival, don’t you know. These minions then, in turn, gallivant around as though their undertakings are real–as opposed to fake–and all the while they ride the wave of downfall that moneyed pigs have sewn throughout the land by opening the skulls of non-grifter-schmucks (the working poor that make up the 99%), squatting over their open skulls, and then taking a colossal $hit. Or do you think #Americant conservative politics via faux-newz is something else?


This all begs one last worst-question as worst-writer watches what’s going on in Georgia. Even if the two democrats unseat the two republicans, will Biden & Co. actually be able to right the wrong that is (has been) thirty, forty… fifty years of hateful, spiteful, ugly, bouffant hair culminating republican politics? I mean. Having been reared in #Americant and having been able to escape it, and all the while miss it dearly, is there anything left to save? If only the culling via COVID-19 could be directed at the perpetrators that actually caused it. You know. The part of #Americant that enabled faux-newz & co., to kill it all by… death by a thousand COVID cuts.

Or am I wrong.

And so… the COVID-19 culling question is thus: what does it look like when a rich guy gives a hundred dollar bill to an idiot and tells him he can have two more if he runs through a gun-totting, shit-kicker trailer park, survives and comes back to suck his dick? Well. Obviously. The guy grabs that bill, runs through, sucks the dick (for that is, in a nutshell, middle-class #Americant, or?) and the rich guy smiles, hands him two more hundred dollar bills and then points that the only way out of #Americant life is a repeat of the same thing where eventually you run out of dicks to suck. And so. Through the trailer park again, again, again. The #Americant song.

As our rich guy flys off with one of the trailer park’s hair dresser bimbos who promised to make his hair just like President Stupid’s hair, because, well, it’s in fashion now, we can see below as the trailer park gains two more useless hundred dollar bills and another body to feed on. You know. Soylent Green or so. Or maybe not.

So. To who ever coined the phrase: run through a trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill… if you want to see #Americant’s true character… this worst-post is my ode to you.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motived this post:

  • Here’s a RSS link and here’s another link to Michael Moore’s podcast where he features the entire phone call President Stupid made with other really, really stupid but supposedly highly educated republican bureaucrats in the peachy great state of Georgia. If the links don’t work just search for “Michael Moore podcast 150”.
  • Here’s a link to the one of the guys from the above link admitting to the buddy-buddy system that seems to be breaking down on account President Stupid is revealing the grift that #Americants have never been able to see for themselves on account 1) they’re all just as stupid and 2) looking in a mirror is just one step too many.
  • Here’s a link including video that scares the beegeezees out of me. This privileged old white guy actually pulls out the old rotten chestnut about voting because people died, protested, got shot, killed, blah, blah, blah… so you could have the right to vote. I mean. Who the hell is this guy talking to/at? As though it’s the first time.

Corporate Compulsive Casino Crew

Indeed. Dear worst-reader. There you have it. The four C’s. Or. Better worst-put: how worst-writer finds better and better ways to describe, if not transcribe, what my beloved & missed #Americant– land of THE FREE TO BE STUPID–has actually given the world and/or humanity since it turned the birth/day of Xhrist from July to December and thereby enabled Coca-Cola to become a rival to the bitter-sweetness of Disney and what gets in the mind of bullshit or batshit–that can only give-way to President pee-pee-hair. And so. Ever smell batshit, dear worst-reader? It is the rotten, metallic, repugnant odour of failing upward. Which means it’s hard to smell (anything) when you live (in) *shit. But I die-gress.

Today, dear worst-reader, we worst-blog about yet another pending issue from #Americant newz. Or did you not hear about the managerial worker-bees from that Tyson’s food plant who were fired because they were betting in a betting-pool who would get Covid. Did you get that? Let me worst-repeat: managers running a food processing plant in the middle of bumfcuk #Americant were betting on who would get the covid–and die? Any idear what that means? No? Let’s break it down, shall we.

First. As I’ve worst-written before, most (a huuuuuuge majority) #Americants have never worked a day in their lives. That is, they’ve never actually do anything of substance, nor do they actually produce anything. What #Americants do when they go to work is they behave compulsively and get paid to do so–and the machine in which they were born treks on. In other worst-words: #Americants, more than members of any other greed-mongering nation-state, do what they are told. Indeed. What is told is done–to the letter, don’t you know. In fact. All generations of #Americants have had their DNA altered since WW2 (give or take a war) to encompass the mantra: what more of #Americant god-of-money can you tell me to do because I am oh-so ready to do it. The do-telling comes first and foremost from parents, but it also includes elders and, of course, the/their environment. Compulsive behaviourism is a sickness, dear worst-reader. But on that note, again, let us die-gress.

Oh wait. Let’s suspend that die-gression for a second. If you’re wondering how it is that so many #Americants get ahead, make a living, have money, etc.? Well. The answer to that is easy. Compulsive behaviourism, like so many human traits, can be mastered. It is indeed a skill. And so. Those that nail it–not unlike a nation of submissive wives who oh-so enjoy being the nailed of matrimony in a post-feminist world–make money. As far as the really, really rich money makers? Compulsive behaviourism works for them just as well. In fact, I can’t think of a more successful compulsive behaviourist then Jeff Bezos–who, by-the-buy, was a finance guy before he realised how much Wall Street sucks and then trekked across the country to Seattle to finally figure out how Windows95 works. I mean. Come on. Amazon is nothing but an old economy distribution centre… that runs on Windows 95 interwebnets and postal service(s). Am I wrong.

But. Again. I die-gress.

Understanding compulsive behaviourism (CB) is key to understanding #Americant. There are a number of ways to recognise CB. At the top of list would have to be conformity. In fact. It’s hard to tell the difference between diseases in #Americant. Conformity disease or CB disease. Take your worst-pick, eh. And. Although some might consider conformity to be on a higher plain as CB, I tend not to think that worst-way. For example. Just go to any Walmart. If you ever want to see the slop and goop where the conformity disease manifests, hold your breath when you walk in. If you can wear some goggles do so. And, if at all possible, don’t touch anything from underneath your body condom. And then have a look at what walks around #Americant’s favourite buy-krapp-store. Same shoes. Same sweat-shirt or hoody. Same hat and same bonnet and same pseudo-english slang that sounds as though it could yank the dong off a rattlesnake pissing on #Trump’s hair as it yells and screams the frustrations of having believed in The Dream that has relegated it to shopping at… Walmart.

You’re all a bunch of snakes, ain’t ya.

But. As usual, dear worst-reader, I’m off worst-subject. For today the worst-issue is: what is it that one does in life when compulsion rules and behaving ain’t enough? Indeed. One seeks a break for the mind. Such a simple task, don’t you know. Some may call it entertainment. Some call it addiction-personality. Others call it sadism. I, of course, prefer the latter. And so. The thing about compulsive behaviourism as both a sickness and national quest, not unlike going to the moon oh so many years ago only to reach the unprofitable point of never returning, is that it’s hard to see all the moments of death by a thousand cuts. You swim in bullshit/batshit long enough you can never know anything different. Or. More important. There is no return to anything that could have possibly been normal. And so.

When there’s nothing left to be made. When all cookies have been distributed. When all that’s left is seeing others on TV humiliate themselves–aka President Piss-Hair and his dipshit #MAGA hat wearing pissers–where do you turn? That’s right. You turn to betting pools in the confines of the corporate structures that house what’s left of your mind. You literally bet on the death of others for your personal entertainment–because, well, where else can you get meaning? Which can only raise yet another worst-question: since it’s no longer about how far and wide the depths of fail-upward #Americant can go… It’s now about how to first begin the trek of getting out of this mess. Or?

Na. Go buy something instead. And so.

Bet on everything till there’s nothing left? Or. Aren’t you already there? #Nomatter.

Good luck suckers–and snakes.

Rant on.


Links that may or mayn’t be relavent:

Praise Be To The Bighorn Sheep Of The Monolith Mountain Of Stupid

The one true god. Or maybe not.

Sub (or worst) title (2): Making über fun of conservatism because… well…

  • it can’t understand Kubrick’s monolith
  • it’s fun making fun of stupid

First. Conservatism ain’t and never was about workers. You know, workers being the same as the-working-poor. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, there’s no such thing as a poor conservative. Or? I mean. There are plenty of stupid people. There are also plenty of poor poeple. And so. Put stupid and poor together, add in a bit of faux-newz plus Limbaugh & co., and there you have it. Never before have stupid poor people joined the ranks of their own demise until the late twentieth century rise of post Ronald Reagan #Americant. Indeed. But let’s not get too tied-up high-n-dry in the never-more of #Americant politics. Or?

Second. It’s been a while, eh dear worst-reader? I mean. For a while there, recently, I thought I was gonna give up worst-blogging. Then I got to thinking: there have been times before that I wasted a thought or three about quitting this nonsense. And by quitting I don’t just mean worst-blogging. For in these times of greed and stupidity there is so much to quit. And so. Let’s just call the last two months of nothingness… a hiatus (see previous post)? Yeah. Whatever.

Worst-subject of the day? Well, don’t you just know it. Somewhere hidden deep in your bones–or is it the amygdala part of the brain–there lies a worst-writer issue worth addressing–and, perhaps, worth bringing worst-writer out of hiatus semi-pseudo-retirement. And so. The worst subject of the day is all about STUPID. As in: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Which means: your question, dear worst-reader, can only be: oh, worst-writer, but how STUPID is #Americant? Good question. Yeah, let’s go there.

It all worst-begins with a helicopter flying around the good looking wasteland canyons of Utah in search of bighorn sheep. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, helicopters are needed by the state to look after sheep–as in: don’t let the flock run amok. Shame the same doesn’t work for sheeple, right? Also. Here’s another idear and/or worst-thought about what this is/could be about: them bighorns gotta live large, don’t you know. For they are a protected species. And. Once again. Sheep do need protection. Gee! I’m now wondering if these protected sheep wear red hats with something really, really, really stupid written on them? You know. Like: MAKE AMERICA EVEN STUPIDER! #Nomatter.

While this helicopter is flying around and looking out for bighorn sheep, the pilot is distracted by something in them-thar canyons. You know, something bright, something shinny, something like a boob but probably a bit more distracting. Indeed. Something that may or mayn’t make the dog in your head go: squirrel! And so. Worst-writer can only guess that the pilot is distracted by a glow caused by natural or unnatural phenomena under the hooves of bighorn sheep. Keep in mind, since the area is protected land, any and all observable anomalies have to be recorded in the name of… you guessed it: protecting the environment. Yeah, we know how rural bumfcuk #Americant loves a good investigation into the suspiciousness of inspecting the environment. And so.

Thanks to the wonders of GPS tracking and a few too many loudmouths here and there within the confines of conformist government agencies, soon a monolith–i.e. the glow that stirred our pilot, derelict mentioned previously–is the centre of Utah nowhereland along side a bit too much television-interwebnet for-stupid-people. And so. If you want to know more about the monolith that made it to the newz, see the links below. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, such a ornament, work of art, sign from the heavens, actually interests me very little. Reason? I’m all in on monoliths. I understand how they can be interpreted by some (#MAGA hat wearing morons) as something that they are not. For. Indeed. I get what Kubrick was up to in 2001 Space Odyssey. Yet if it weren’t for the reaction by certain #Americant reactionaries (#MAGA hat wearing morons), the likes of which have, for all practical purposes, long since overtaken my beloved & missed united mistakes, I would have just let this thing go.

But we are here to worst-write about STUPID–of which there is so much to wort-write about. Am I wrong.

The worst-thing that caught worst-writer’s interest about this monolith thing is this: will/can those interested in this phenomenon react to it not unlike Stanley Kubrick predicted? That is. Here’s the thing. The reaction to this phenomenon is two fold: The monolith…

  • was planted by aliens
  • is a golden (biblical) calf, i.e. false god and in the confines of #MAGA hat wearing #Americant must be destroyed at all costs, even if that cost entails missing out on your next ice cream with sparkles

Either way, dear worst-reader, those who have picked up on this newz report are trying to turn it into yet another proverbial match that could/should be thrown into the gaslight of #Americant politics lead by right-wing batshittery. Again. Am I wrong.

But before I worst-continue with calling-out my republican, conservative brethren (for all their STUPID), allow me to provide a bit of context. If you haven’t seen Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey, here’s a quick worst-writer summary. First. 2001 Space Odyssey is a three-part movie from the mindset of the 1950s to the end of the 1960s. That mindset, of course, is driven by comic-book sci-fi but is also a stream of consciousness if not picturesque cinematic novel.

In reverse order, part three of the movie is a 1960’s drug induced fantasy sci-fi without beginning and end–which may or may not be the end of ALL stream of consciousness antics post Ronald Reagan (hence Kubrick’s vision). Part two is a sci-fi wonder that is, like so many other Kubrik movies, unfinished but still worth watching (I’m thinking of the movie AI). Part one of the movie is the crutch of the film and depicts what is simply titled: The Dawn of Man. It is part one of this movie that #Americant conservatism can’t understand or grasp or comprehend but is somehow pushed to the forefront by those who embody so much STUPID all on account they can’t interpret anything unless it’s portrayed on a bumper sticker or a t-shirt.

In part one of Kubrick’s masterpiece a monolith plays a pivotal role along side prehistoric man. Or should I say: along side the precursor of man? #Nomatter. It is the monolith that depicts man’s awakening (at man’s evolutionary dawn). In fact, this monolith is so powerful that the movie suddenly breaks from prehistoric but upright evolved man to space flight as it continues directly into part two. What an achievement eh. But could Kubrick have known–back then–that his monolith would eventually be over-taken by #MAGA hat wearing morons in the name of #Trump and THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID because the grand teapot in the sky says so? For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, this monolith thingy that has been in the newz of late is being seen as exactly that which it is not. It is not a false god that must be torn down. It is instead a request (to humanity) to cut out all the STUPID.

But I die-gress.

As you’ll note in the links below, especially the video link of the #MAGA-religious idiots tearing down a subsequent monolith that was put up in California and thereby claiming that #Americant is a christian nation… I mean… Come on! How far does #Americant religious batshittery have to go before a second enlightenment need come? Am I wrong, dear worst-reader? Do you get what the enlightenment was really about? What it was for? What purpose it served? Or are you too waiting for a second enlightenment–so that we can finally move on from what obviously made #Americant so f’n STUPID post Ronald f’n Reagan to president pee-pee-hair? I mean. Seriously. Fake monoliths, somehow installed on government land, make the eyes pop out of people because somehow, somewhere, they are reminded of the fact that Stanley Kubrick took certain liberties with an Isaac Asimov story and thereby turned an object of something or another (a monolith) into a religious symbol that ultimately brought mankind out of the intellectual darkness only so that it could eventually devolve back to that same darkness in the form of president piss-hair and his money-grubbing, fail-upwards followers. Or maybe not. Anywho.

Let the devolution continue. That way at least worst-writer can still be entertained.

Rant on.




Disclaimer: terribly sorry for the bad spelling. Maybe it ( bad spell) can be chalked up to all things … “fake”? (If only I had gone w/ fake-writer, eh!)

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. The #Americant disease of unoriginality is rampant. In fact, is it unlike COVID? Spreading like wildfire due to the lack of basic intellectual capacity passed on from generation to generation–that thinks it’s fighting for freedom to not wear a mask? People are actually making a big-deal out of wearing a mask, don’t you know. They are making a big deal out of it because they don’t believe that there is a pandemic. Under these circumstances, shouldn’t people be wearing a mask as a duty to one’s fellow man? I know. I know. Stop being so naive, worst-writer. Get a life, worst-writer. Keep your opinions to yourself, you snivelling idiot. Indeed.

Then again. Even though the disease that is unoriginality is rampant, I was hoping it would die with #OKBoomer–or last least retire with the boomer generation. But the boomer-plague (COVID) ain’t quite big enough, don’t you know. And let’s not underestimate the power of yet another #Americant disease: conformism. Heck, let’s not forget another reality. There are so many still alive from the greatest generation, even the silent generation, it’s a wonder there’s any room at all to live in. And with so many still kicking that bucket around as though the elixir of immortality they’ve been drinking on the backs of the #Americant dream is never-ending, what is there to be done (about it)? I know. I know. One would hope that the boomer-plague would/could fulfil the destiny of those greed-mongers oh-so deserving of painful death. Then again again… How wrong can worst-writer be?

But let’s get on with the other disease that my beloved & missed #Americant can’t cope with: unoriginality. And where best to see/witness the disease? Most certainly it ain’t worth it to go to a culture centre or so. And you can forget about that old-folks home (which is probably awash in COVID). Want to try a gated community? No. The best place to see the disease and how well it’s traversed the generations, is to just watch or re-watch the most recent confirmation processes of #Americant #SCOTUS judges that have been appointed by president piss-hair. Or just check out this quote:

I clerked for Justice Scalia more than 20 years ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy is mine, too: A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policymakers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.
-Amy Coney Barrett

And there you have it, dear worst-reader. A forty-eight year old female jurist, law professor, religious $hitbag and, of course, right-wing nut job, just admitted that she’s never had an original thought in her entire life. For. Indeed. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, that’s the ticket when it comes to political conservatism in my beloved & missed #Americant: never think of anything new or original, follow the past, do what you’re told, watch TV, consume, etc. And so. As I relax in the comfort of my expat existence, an existence I embarked on long before the united mistakes of #Americant judicial system was fully in the hands of old, moneyed and greedy white people, I bid you adieu. And I wish you luck, too. But I also laugh at what you’ve done (to yourself). And don’t worry. There’s also a giggle or three in there thinking about how things could have been… if you hadn’t lost the likes of worst-moi.

Good luck suckers and you might as well start investing in coat-hanger makers.

Rant on.



1619 vs 1776 Or The Great Stupid Redo

So many have asked me over the years regarding my expatriation questions like:

  • So you must like it there, huh?
  • Is Germany really better than…?
  • Why Europe?
  • And… Don’t you miss the greatest country…?

For this worst-post, my answers to those questions are irrelevant. But if you must know, answers abound (that’s a “expat” tag link). The important thing to remember, dear worst-reader, is that I really, really do miss the united mistakes of #Americant, the one true land of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. That worst-said, if needed would I go and fight a non-war-of-choice for her? I would. If necessary, would I keep my US citizenship until I die on foreign soil? Things are certainly moving along that timeline. But will I keep worst-writing and bad mouthing my country? You betcha, baby.

But first, allow me to setup a worst-writer, worst-post with this applicable quote. New officer candidates for the US Navy arrive at OTS (officer training school) initialisation. A gun-ho Louis Gossett Junior commands that all new officer candidates toe the line. He is quite perturbed, don’t you know. And. Btw. This is what worst-writer is confronted with every worst-day.


-Louis Gossett Junior, Officer And A Gentleman, 1982

So let’s move on.

President Piss-Hair actually said the other day that he wants to re-educate #Americant youth. And get this. He used the words patriotic education as though his idiot #MAGA followers could know any better, or that such words are reminiscent of other words like, gee, #HitlerYouth. I mean. Come on. Can things get any more obvious? Can things get more obvious about the direction this is all taking–and all because the idiots that elected Barry-O fell asleep just before they woke up to how much The Media had shat in their brains how evil #Hillary was? I mean. I grew up, I was reared by people just like President Pee-Pee-Hair. It’s the reason being an expat has nothing to do with how great or fun my host country is. Most of what Donald Dipshit has done doesn’t surprise me. But words like patriotic education among a country of highly dumbed-down shitkickers…?

There are indeed many reason I jumped the #Americant ship so many years ago, dear worst-reader–as my patriotic education only taught me one thing. To fcuking jump ship at any first chance. Go where things are just a bit less evil, don’t you know. Oh. Wait. Maybe I did learn to type during my patriotic education. Then again, now that I worst-think about it, I can’t remember any other thing any teacher ever taught me. Either that or I’m blanking on it all on account by the time I got to Highschool I was so traumatised about growing up in suburban hell #Americant… that has given up to the rhetoric of a moron president with cotton-candy piss hair…

But I die-gress.

The thing I remember about getting educated is how I did it myself. And part of that education started with the likes of Howard Zinn. Unfortunately I had to wait till long after graduating from my patriotic education before finding him. And thank the celestial time continuum that I did.

Good luck suckers.



Conformity And Evil

So many things need to be said, eh dear-worst-reader? Especially with the death of a so-called jurist icon. And what about this jurist icon–that I haven’t already tried to worst-convey? Well, here’s the thing. As great as #RBG was, did any of her greatness lead to anything worthwhile? You know, something worthwhile in the big-picture of things? Or was all that she did, achieved, taught, nothing more than a side-show that enabled real, raw political power to find its natural state by 2020 (2016?) #Americant? Sure. She’s got that feminist thing going–which may or may not still be trapped in the 1970s. Then there’s her stance on equal rights. Has that stance helped or harmed all those people resisting authority and then being shot in the back by weekend warrior cops? And let’s not forget her ability to charm even the cruelest beast of men with a law-wit only comparable to a dancing scene in Beauty and the Beast as it’s re-run on reality TV? But. As I’ve said. Or perhaps not. It’s time to get rid of all these icons who are so obviously stuck in the past. Or is it some kind of time-warp loop of… Of…?

Yes. Icons do what they do. They are (t)here. They stand tall. Their stone is edged in the time of our rock quarries. And what do those of us do as we stare into the abyss that built such icons? That’s right. We don’t question them. We don’t demand anything of them. We don’t fight them to be more. Indeed. We conform. It’s all that’s left for those who live in the past or are too afraid of the/a future.

What is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant if not THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID that can only culminate in electing to its highest office a man who has hair that looks as though it came out of a cotton candy machine working with orang-utan urine? And that’s not all. Because #Americant is also the land of supreme conformity, does it actually have the capability to reform–as it conformed? You can see it everywhere, don’t you know. Go to an event. A bar. A sport arena. Walmart. Church. Everyone–and I mean everyone–is a conformist. It’s surely, I suspect, the greatest achievement of #RBG’s generation–the silent generation, if not the so-called greatest generation. It’s all been passed onto #OKBoomer and beyond. Don’t question anything. Don’t think critically. Think not originally. Live in and for that past. All you need is… money. And. Now. #RBG is done. There you have it: President Pee-Pee-Hair. Or #AOC? And while I’m throwing the boomerang of #AOC in the lick bucket, check this out. Have a look at how even the nicest conformists slide down the slippery slope of a freak-out society that can’t comprehend (its) conformity. And then watch the ricochet bullets and bombs of conservative, liberal $hit flinging. Yeah. This is brutal. I’m laughing my arse off?

And so. Let’s go a bit deeper. For whatever worst-reason, since the news of #RBG passing hit my computer screen yesterday early morning Central European time, I have been struggling with the following comparison-contrast. So I hope you’re sitting down, dear worst-reader.

I couldn’t help but think of Nurse Ratched. Anyone remember Nurse Ratched? She’s the hell nurse from the movie One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. What a study in conformity, eh, dear worst-reader? I’m gonna compare conformity in a famous #SCOTUS overseer with that of Nurse Ratched–a character in a movie that terrorised my mind for years and years and years. Ratched is so convincing to worst-moi as not only a nurse in a mental ward but also as a matriarch–so clever connected to patriarch. She is the overseer of those few men who question things. Or. Better worst-put. Men who question all the conformity they’ve never been able to cope with (in this life) must be subjected to the wrath of Ratched. She (and most conformist females of the submissive type) is the archetypal architect of the family if not social unit that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. And so. Do what you’re told. Or else. Nurse Ratched is waiting while #RBG is passing on to being an idol in statue form. Remember that. Nurse Ratched will always be with us. #RBG’s fight, whatever it was/is, is now just an idol. Or will something whip Ratched’s arse out of the way–and turn her into a statue idol? Conformity says not.

Or did you think One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest is a movie about the goings and comings of a mental ward? #Nomatter.

Even though it’s very hard for me to watch this movie, as it hit my soul hard when I first saw it forty or so years ago, whenever I question the same comings and goings of my beloved & missed #Americant, I can’t help but think of Ratched and now #RBG. The things is this, dear worst-reader. While #RBG solidifies her idol statue, how is it that all her so-called achievements may or may not have resulted in America becoming #Americant? What? Am I stretching things too far with such a comparison? I mean, obviously #RBG’s achievement as a fcuking lawyer or #SCOTUS over-seer is impeccable. Yet I can’t help but wonder while thinking about her… What the fcuk was the point of her generation fighting against Hitler, Communism, labour, and then fighting for consumerism, superficiality and nothingness-galore, etc.? Were #RBG’s achievements so great that it turned us into mystified fcuk cretans of capitalist big cocks and our only relief is to find an idol–or golden piss-hair calf?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Creativity vs Ownership

Who owns you, baby? And once you finally answer that question, whether you’re a #MAGA moron or a tree-hugger genius, the future might just open up to you instead of being dark and dreary like the transplanted roots of #Trump’s pee-pee-hair. Or maybe not.

So here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. Have you seen the brilliant advert from the makers of some fancy-pants computer game that totally demolishes the universes greatest (most profitable) corporation and thereby turning corporate hierarchy into exactly what was going on back in 1984 but kinda upside-down, if not inside-out? I’m referring, of course, not to Orwell’s book, 1984, that so ingeniously, and obviously, predicted the end of my beloved & missed #Americant–as republicans and conservatives turn the country into a $hithole of suburban hell, newspeak, big-brother bat$hittery, etc. Indeed. I’m referring to the 1984 of Steve Job’s wet-dream that would become one of the most famous adverts of all-time. An advert that was supposed to show the world that Apple ain’t evil. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

One of the most astonishing things to this expat every time I would traverse the Atlantic to visit mother back in the new country (#Americant), was the reality of how the country was nothing if not a bastion of modern day corporate monopolisation run amok. By-the-buy, the word monopoly is pretty much synonymous with corporate, if not Econ-school newspeak’s: vertical industry. And so. Whether it’s your cable company, bank or grocery store, there are so few choices when it comes to how/what you consume, that it’s no wonder the country is stuck in an internal mind-battle of good and evil, right vs wrong, #MAGA hat or rational thought, etc. There are simply too few choices when it comes to consuming-to-survive, which means, ultimately, you’re value as a citizen is dependent on who/what sets that value. Capisce?

Of course, worst-writer can’t get too detailed about this sort of stuff on account I ain’t no economist, but instead I am just your average wannabe pseudo social scientist. (Or maybe not.) What is clear to me, in these times of greed-galore, is that even if you can make the case that there are a few cable companies or phone companies or banks, etc., that give the illusion of choice, it most certainly doesn’t contradict the idear that industry itself isn’t monopolistic. Take grocery stores, for example. Even though there are a few stores to choose from, the chickens and eggs that are sold there are from monopolies, hence vertical industry. But. Again. I’m probably getting into territory beyond my capacities. So let’s move on.

I for one was tickled to death when I first saw the vid above. Epic, the maker of the game Fortnite, nails it. I mean, why didn’t I think of it. As an Apple fanboy, I’ve been frustrated with the company’s direction for years. I hate how they have been turning my Mac into a device that only they can control. That’s the reason I’m not an iOS fan, btw. iPads are horrific to me in how the system is so shut off from the world. Now that Apple is turning Mac hardware into the same monolithic system, it’s quite possible that I will move to Linux in the near future. I’ve already replaced my home network Macs with Linux based SBCs. All of my media players, too, are on raspberry pi hardware–also because I can’t stand the idear of “subscription” music services, I won’t touch an Apple HomePod. But. Again. Allow me to die-gress.

Let’s break the video down, shall we? Epic Games rightly claims that it is Apple in 1984. Keep in mind, back then, Steve Jobs hated Apple’s main competitor: IBM. Almost identical to the original, here an animated female runs into the corporate conference room with big brother Apple on the screen telling the groupthink corporate automatons (of Silicon Valley): “…platform unification directives”. The female then releases her unicorn hammer into the screen, destroying it. As she walks out of the conference room we read the following:

Epic Games has defied the App Store monopoly. In retaliation, Apple is blocking Fortnite from a billion devices. Join the fight to stop 2020 from becoming “1984”.

Even though I’m not a gamer and have never even seen Fortnite, I’m all in regarding what they’re trying to do. This is yet another battle in the war of #Americant that has been suffering a long, slow death by a thousand little political (right-wing, Neo-liberal policy) cuts since Ronald Dip$hit Reagan filled peoples heads with subpar acting talent that can only be followed by the vulgarity of white trash reality TV in the form of President Orange Shit. And let’s not forget all the wars of choice that have sucked the life out of post WW2 middle class greed run amok. Has there ever been a generation so deserving of seeds sown! But, again, I die-gress.

The thing that bugs me the most about all this greed and one sided politics is how so many can’t see through the grift that is #Americant. It’s as though the pledge of allegiance or the star spangled banner was draped over the rotting corpse of your mother because something has to hide her murder and you’re just playing around with rainbow $hit fresh from a unicorns… But I die-gress.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

Fake It Till You Make It

Screenshot of a doctored pic from a #Trump boat rally.

The almost, worst-writer, true story of #Americant, the greatest land of FREE-TO-BE-STUPID the universe has ever received and for proof of the proof all one has to do is get a load of #OKBoomer, the generation that failed to grow up. The generation stuck in nostalgia. High school was never graduated. Pom-poms attract all attention. And your real puppies are your children’s shadows. Or maybe not.

What is a generations greatest achievement? How can it be measured? Is there a microscope or other technique available for empirical data gathering? Who the fcuk knows. At the worst-least, one can simply have a good look at what’s been left behind, especially now that the #OKBoomer plague reeks havoc on such a deserving group of $hitbags. With that in worst-mind, worst-writer best-guesses that #OKBoomer’s greatest achievement is nothing less that FAILING UPWARD or fake it till you make it. I mean, look at the $hit they’ve done that culminates in the likes of #Trump. Or maybe not.

How to set the stage of a world based on failing upward? First. There has to be a lot of TV. TV that is perfectly moulded to minds. You’ve already got the minds, of course, don’t you know. Just visit a Walmart. Get a load of the clothes everyone wears, too. Then, just to be sure, check out interwebnet videos of #MAGA leisure boats sinking while promoting President Pee-Pee-Hair’s re-election. And so. Same here, same there. And by-the-buy. Sure, there are a few trinket differences in the fail upward $hitshow as in, say, some wear bumper stickers, others lapel pins, and some take pictures of sunken leisure boats as they suck the fat nipples of money-galore Poseidon.

Second. The mind setting of the stage is a bit more complex than costuming that stage. Here one needs to understand the intricacies of content. Take a look at all that TV which has given the world #OKBoomer #Americant. Generation after generation, post WW2 of course, is pumped full of nonsense and feelings. Brain food, indeed. Take, for example, the #Americant sitcom. Especially the family sitcoms. Whether it’s a real-world show (Married With Children) or a cartoon (Simpsons, South Park1), the brain is dependent on the content. Content, hence, rules. Or. At best. Is profitable. (For adverts.) But before I get too far off worst-subject.

The #OKBoomer generation has screwed the pooch. But what should one do with a peoples that never grew up or that never grew out of the shadow of misconstrued parenting? Don’t believe for a second that the generation that gave us #OKBoomner is any better. Greatest Generation, may arse. And so. What else can these morons do but leave the world in havoc and chaos and misdeeds? I mean, wars-of-choice, catastrophic economics, porn, etc. Well. I guess the porn’s pretty good. But I die-gress.

Once the lights go out and time stops (death), the only thing that matters is what you’ve left behind. Considering generation X, millennials, etc., things ain’t lookin’ rosey. If that’s the case, hell must be a pretty big place, probably filled with #Trump failed hotel deals. Or maybe not?

Rant on.


This post in part motivated by links:

  1. Yes. South Park. Or do you actually believe, dear worst-reader, that those are cartoon children you’re gawking at? ↩︎

The Edumacated

This is a screenshot of a headline.

In the game musical chairs players prance around chairs while music is playing. When the music stops prancers have to sit. The prancers who have not found a chair to sit in are removed from the game along with one chair. I suppose, in that vein, the game could also be called music, losers and a chair. But that’s neither here nor there.

In the game musical chairs, like life, perhaps, chairs are the/a limited resource for which prancers (consumers, corporatists, automatons, etc.) live. And so. The last person remaining who is sitting in a chair… Winner! If you’re not a delusional demon capable of comprehending the/a #MAGA hat BS, this game must remind you of something? But what?

What’s the point of such a game, dear worst-reader? Is it the superficiality of the superficial, i.e. childhood–where life was once or thrice fun? Or is it just plain $hits & giggles as a kind of foreplay for the big deal/fcuk that we all must eventually face–after we’re no longer useless eating but smile-baiting man-children? No. The point of such a game is the/a metaphor, don’t you know. In fact, according to the opinion article below, from that infamous newspaper of record, i.e. New York Times, musical chairs is the only game of life for which humans have evolved (or is it devolved). The reason most prancers are unable to figure this out is due to one systematic, collective, universal construct. That’s right, dear worst-reader.


Am I wrong?

Let’s worst-continue, shall we?

Actually, dear worst-reader, musical chairs isn’t mentioned once in the article I’m linking to (see below). Still, while reading the article, I couldn’t help but think of the game. Considering current events and how a bunch of morons on boats on a lake in Texas would/could not follow certain rules and thereby sinking their boats…

But I die-gress.

Oh yea. The game. The game’s the deal, eh, worst-reader? It’s the deal that is the lie of the mind that is also the joke that we call life–in a world that can only give rise to the likes of #Trump, #MAGA, and a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant that has one of the universe’s newest and largest government agencies with the word Homeland, as in DHS. Are you $hitting giggles yet with all that edumacation? Is your boat still floating?

No. Seriously. If you’re not $hitting your dollar ridden pants-giggles right now because you live in what is supposed to be a free country but also a country that has a government agency and a society that only Orwell could have predicted…

But I die-gress.

What is the game we’re all being forced to play at the behest of a system run amok? Shall we call it the Merit game? At the least, musical chairs is a game where not much thought is required to play, which means a whole lot of people, whether deserving (merit) or not, seem to play with gusto. Still no echo of Orwell? How ’bout #Trump?

Yet the game is played on a mass scale as humanity progresses towards its demise, happy and $hitting and giggling, prominent and shrewd, callous and demeaning, #Americant: the covid-19 nation. And while that’s taking place there are some still out there thinking they need to measure and/or codify, hypothesise(?), label whether peoples of privileged means actually earn their keep. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Most peoples these days don’t/can’t earn their keep. For that’s the whole system, ain’t it. Getting on–on the backs of others–thereby not really having to do much–especially much worth anything akin to merit or education for that matter.

And so. Never having a creative thought. Unable to (intellectually) fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Brainless but with a bank account and/or a credit rating. Indeed. That’s what the over-edumacated do now. Thank the universe not only for all the fancy named degrees but for all those who earn those degrees and then go out there and give us… this, i.e. what we have, what we’re living in right now. Seriously. Trust me. As a comfortable loser of the game–who was/is able to get far enough away from it, you prancers are truly fcuked.

And one last thing from worst-writer regarding edumacation (which is what the article is almost about). The only reason for learning is exactly that. It’s not for degrees, for titles, for posturing, etc. Learning is to know when the shit has hit the fan and thereby stop throwing shit (at the fan) or get out of the way or get rid of the fan or or or. Anything that is not what we have. Also…

Education should simply NOT be a commodity.

And so. Finally. In worst-closing. Good luck suckers, especially you edumacated suckers that think all that college was worth it–because you can’t call it what it really is/was: indoctrination.

Is you as good as #Trump now?

Rant on.



Spiral Of Worst

Let’s give it another go, shall we, dear worst-reader? As many of you may or may not know, my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant is stuck in a self perpetuating state of über-disarray. Add to that a culture of reality-tv driven STUPID few nation-states of the so-called first-world have ever experienced, it’s no wonder that the likes of president pee-pee-hair is stoking all the hair-brained, knuckle-dragging violence via the police state that we’re now witnessing. What violence, you say? Get a load of the vid above. And before I get-on about the vid, let me say this. What a great piece of journalism from Democracy Now and Amy Goodman. This is what journalism is supposed to be about. Now. Moving on.

For shits & giggles, I guess, someone dragged out this old (2004?) story where, in the same place, including the same police force that just shot a man (seven times in the back–because they can), another young man was shot dead in a similar fashion. That time it was a young man that got caught up with the police over… Well, does it really matter what the police were after him for? Since all the police can do is shoot you if you counter their gun-only authority… No. Wait. What young men do to get stopped by police doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that this young man was shot because, well, as I’ve always suspected–and having grown up with cops in the US–it’s time to pay the piper for having a police force that is not unlike any or every run-it-to-ground #Americant business where it’s all about bailing out greed-banks, ripping off the sick, allowing pseudo-capitalist to decimate the country’s manufacturing base, etc., etc. Since cops are basically nothing more than hourly paid hands and feet–that are issued guns, of course–all of this meaningless authoritarian violence should be a wake-up call. But how do you wake up if you’re living the #Americant dream-delusion, thereby sleeping through reality forevermore?

Goodnight puppies!

And so. Another life wasted because someone didn’t do what they were told by someone else carrying a state sanctioned gun. That’s really what this all boils down to, don’t you know. The police states of #Americant, which are coming into full bloom of late due to the fact that there’s nobody else in the world to start a war-of-choice with and what to do with all that wasted military equipment and president pee-pee-hair economy… Oh wait. I know. Give the police state run by electoral college president pee-pee-hair more guns and more authority and more and more and more…

But I’m off subject. Even though the young men killed by police über violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, weren’t actually killed by the/a military weapons, they were killed by a mindset that is military. A mindset that is lost in the gutter of greed and despair and a politics and culture and society that can allow the likes of trump to rise so high. That pretty much says everything, don’t you know. But. Add to that. Since the death of Jacob Blake, how many will now die from the kindling (pseudo?) civil war between those who protest the police state and those who support the police state? I mean. Seriously. How do you go from #BLM to blue lives matter, i.e. the redneck fascist trump lovers who think they’re supporting the police? Indeed. They’re not really supporting the police. For if police weren’t pawns of the oppressor than no one would be against them in the first place. (But don’t try to explain that to a redneck trump supporter in these times of WWE, reality-tv, etc.) And so. Come on, dear worst-reader. Can you believe that in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant there is now this choice in your political confusion?

Good luck suckers.


Links: if the vid doesn’t work, here it is in raw:

Better Truth: Half US Unemployed

may 2020 alternate umemployment stats

Having given up on being employed as far back as 2001 gives worst-writer a different perspective on unemployment stats– from 2020 (or so). Indeed, dear worst-reader. As you struggle through the $hitshow that you call a career, heed this: your days aren’t just numbered, they ran out a long time ago–and you’re riding on borrowed time. And so. Hearing/Reading about unemployment in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant is nothing but more cause for my worst-laughter. Giggle. Giggle. I mean. Considering the state of things and who owns it, #OKBoomer has to be in pretty bad shape right about now. Not only are boomers facing the ramifications of never questioning globalisation, which is both climate-change and covid-19, but there’s the reality that a huge chunk of them won’t have a retirement and their kids will be even worse-off–on account no one has the balls (except me, of course) to counter emotion driven politics manifest in right-wing conservatism. That worst-said, I’ve never believed the stats provided by either government or (most) journalists regarding unemployment. Reason? Again. As a fully capable, fully functioning human being, I have not been able to land a decent job since 2001. I have literally been in a forced state of early retirement since my mid to late forties. I’ll be sixty soon. Although early on it was quite a struggle to deal with the cards dealt (me), I eventually figured out how to deal with it. (And I’m more than good these days!) Never mind that I stopped looking for work in 2002, don’t you know. By the time I made it to 2001, including twelve years of various jobs at various consultancies and corporations as a business researcher and sometimes tech project manager, I knew that the $hitshow had run out on not just me but everyone. Also. I was not going to compete with third-world labour markets. How’s it been working out for you? And so. Call me sensitive to whims and nuances of life, liberty and FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Will you join me in advocating that everyone quit everything they’re doing–right now? No? Oh wait. You actually don’t have a choice anymore, do you? Indeed, dear worst-reader. Quitting everything should not only include careers but also relationships and family. Or will you hang on to your boomer parents until covid-19 gets em–out of your way? Remember: your inheritance will go the same way as your career. I mean. What’s the fcuking point of working your arse off your whole life so that the people that caused it can die comfortably as their covid-19 lungs bleed-out–and you’re faced with the aftermath? Or maybe not. I mean. I found the comfort of my death way back in 2001. OK. Maybe 2002 or 03.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Bridges To #MAGA

chris christie on a beach
This is an #interwebnet screenshot of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie relaxing on a beach he closed to the public because, well, he can. 

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. Another example of #Americant pseudo-bourgeois spiteful pettiness setting the stage for today and tomorrow and forevermore. Or? In order for worst-moi to worst-write about this issue, allow this free-wheeling worst-recap:

Political retaliation was taken by state Republicans against a Democrat Mayor of a New Jersey town that borders, via the George Washington Bridge, NYC. The retaliation included forcing, for no reason, the closure of highway lanes from the New Jersey town to the George Washington Bridge. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, the Democrat Mayor of the town doesn’t control the highways of the state. That is controlled by the Republican Governor. For weeks this political fiasco caused havoc for New Jersey commuters. When Democrats tried to sue the operatives who caused the lane closures (for no reason), they won. But then the operatives appealed and the case subsequently made it to #SCOTUS where it was shot-down by a 9-0 judgement.

The problem here goes waaaaaay beyond #SCOTUS ruling 9-0. Reason–other than this being an example of how important #SCOTUS could/can be? This judgement means that the four liberals on the court sided whole heartily with the five $hitbag conservatives. But it doesn’t stop there. I suppose this is also yet another example of why I call it my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. I mean. The court knows–and it said so in its writings regarding this judgement–that there is wrong-doing here. But they also add that no federal law has been broken. Which means that all the judges can do is follow written law–and not actually judge something/anything. So. Like. Does that mean that federal is the same as arbitrary? Oh, wait. Law made by men determines right or wrong. Right? #Nomatter. WTF do I know about law? Still. This ruling makes me sad. You know, sad as in my clown-face makeup is running on account of arbitrary liberal tears, don’t you know. Then there is the worst-fact that RBG has to be on her last legs by now. And you know what that means? If/when she keels over that means Republicans are going to get yet another #SCOTUS nominee/appointment. Which begs the question: is a 6 to 3 majority worse than a 5 to 4 majority? Probably not. For the games of politics are played at the cost of the voters. And goodness forbid anyone take a look at #Americant voters.

Rant on.



Work Will Set You Free, To Be Stupid

arbeit macht frei JB
A screenshot from the interwebnets

In my play The Good Criminal, a worst-play, don’t you know, a play that, of course (1), was rejected by publishers, theatres, and, of course (2), audiences, there is a moment where a modern (Reaganomics) corporatists slash yuppie schmuck is talking about setting oneself free by working hard (for The Corporation), or something like that. You know, he says work-will-set-you-free, as in, the current #Americant mantra-synonym for being a modern slave so that you can afford whatever economic crisis that is thrown at you because of who/what you vote for in a broken electoral system of consume-to-survive. Blah. Blah. Blah. But that’s neither here nor there.

The worst-thing about using a Nazi slogan, even in a worst-writer play, is this: there is a horde of morons, a mob of people in relative recent history, that confuse that history as though there was/is something noble about sending a minority of people to their death via forced labor concentration camps. And so (1). What is there to be done when you’ve been working your whole life for nothing but, at best, misconstrued status or, at worst, a dream that is but a nightmare and, as George Carlin says: it has to be a dream because, well, you have to be asleep to believe it (i.e. The American Dream). And so (2). Of course (3). A different language was used back in the day before consume-to-survive set so many people free. Or?

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Now get this, dear worst-reader. Would you believe that in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, just the other day, there was a woman protesting her confusion about pandemics and weak government management of that pandemic and she was carrying a sign that said Arbeit Macht Frei, JB. See pic above. Now. According to various reports, including a few tweets here or there, the woman claims that she is aware of what Arbeit Macht Frei means when translated from its original German to #Americant English and that she even has Jewish friends. Doesn’t that, in the least, justify using such a catchy phrase? (Sarcasm off.) By-the-buy, “JB” (see pic above) are the initials of the Governor of Illinois, aka JB Pritzker. Oh. And before I worst-forget: he’s Jewish.

Is there still any doubt as to what has given the world #Americant and/or the fail-upward-ness of a once great nation-state?

So here’s another thing, dear worst-reader. Nazi slogans from a time when/where Germans and many, many other #Eurowastelanders, rid The Continent of Jews, probably shouldn’t be applied to protesting something you can’t comprehend in the first place, especially if you’re a moronic, reactionary right-winger that doesn’t know the difference between behaving and being conditioned (in a certain way) on how to behave.

Faux-newz anyone?

But what really gets under my gander when all these Deplorables so freely and blatantly show the world how unbelievably stupid they are, is this simple question: where is all this stupidity going to lead in a country that has more guns than books1?

There is a lot of ugly confusion in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant these days, dear worst-reader. How it is going to get out of all that confusion is a worst-mystery to me, especially considering that President Pee-Pee-Hair is pretty-much the double-down on everything that’s been wrong with the country since Reaganomics took over. With that in mind, allow me this worst-question: Where are the people in #Americant that can call out this level of blatant ignorance? I mean, beyond being utterly stupid for carrying around such a sign, shouldn’t someone of power, of influence, someone that is respected, call this out? I mean, didn’t an #interwebnet $hitbag greed-mongering website cancel Alex Jones in 2018? Oh wait. Then again. Maybe Hillary tried to call-out these people, you know, the stupid people. And by doing so, what happened? Oh yeah. The Deplorables enabled the electoral college election of President Piss-Hair. Yeah, that worked out well. And so. I wonder how many privileged Democrats are laughing their arses off as the sub-prime primates play thumb switch between their mouths and their arses thinking that Arbeit Macht Frei may or may not mean something else as the context of history remains as fluid as #Trumps hair.

And so.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Obviously I have no idear how many books are in the US but I do know that in a country of morons, run by morons, the pen is never stronger than the gun. Or something like that. ↩︎

Allusion Delusion Collusion

scrubs protester

Come on, dear worst-reader. Are you laughing with me? Or did you miss the recent rally by #MAGA hat wearing bat$hitters in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Perhaps it is an easy thing to miss, don’t you know. I mean, who’s really interested in watching a bunch of gun-toting white-people ranting and raving about this or that and nullifying the reality that the earth is suffering so much from their greed-mongering ignorance that a pandemic threatens all that we live for, namely consume-to-survive. Or maybe not.

Considering what’s going on in #Americant with all these “freedom” rallies that are protesting social distancing, none of these idiots would ever consider protesting something much more significant like wars-of-choice or government corruption (unless, of course, it’s about Hillary), and I’m wondering what the end game is here. Oh. Wait. Could the end-game be, simply, more STUPID?

Of course, to top things off, I love the image above of what looks like an Asian-American stopping a redneck vehicle (pick-up truck) as he protests their protests against social distancing. The morons in the truck yell at the guy something about maybe he should go back to China if he wants to be a communist, i.e. live in a country that quarantines in order to slow-down a pandemic. Even if the redneck morons are protesting what they consider “freedom” on account, well, if they miss a few weeks of work they won’t be able to make a truck payment, you would think that they could at least acquire the knowledge about how bad things are in #Americant where morons have to live life where all you’re concerned about is making a truck payment. How ’bout a protest for enabling people to save money and not live truck-payment to truck-payment? How ’bout a protest for testing and thereby funding research to deal with… Wait for it. Pandemics? How ’bout a protest against collective ignorance that keeps right-wing batshit politics running the $hitshow? But on that note, I die-gress.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


The stupid of “infowars” at it again and again.
– Don’t you know, there are frustrated protestors?
But nobody’s demanding the end of STUPID
– What’s behind the protests, big money, of course.
Source of the pic above?

Too Late

When you’ve failed-upward this long and this far… it’s too late to face the/any truth–and thereby hope you can turn things around–as in turn things toward a better outcome. Blah. Blah. Blah. Or… That’s what’s missing from the recent and brilliant realisation from a billionaire claiming to have the answer(s) for all the fail-upwardness of the world (right now). Indeed. Check out the article and vid below, dear worst-reader. The second link below contains progressive commentary that might also be worth hearing. But don’t let it cloud your (mis)judgement.

A billionaire investor–that may or may not be on the correct side of the financialisation $hitshow most of us are forced to live in–said recently on a cable newz show (i.e. The Media) that it’s ok for Airlines to fail (i.e. go bankrupt) because by doing so they are then renewed by those who are more responsible. Or something like that. Not only is the video making the rounds on the Interwebnets because its tone is not quit radical right-wing and/or bat$hit business crazy, some are claiming it’s a meek-shall-inherit-the-earth-moment. As though us meek don’t have enough to worry about in these virus-zombie days, eh dear worst-reader? I mean. It’s nothing new for generation after generation to heed the call of (their) upbringing which ends up being nothing but a repeat and/or regurgitation of the past, i.e., fail upward #Americant. Hence, there can be no claim that capitalism, at its core, has anything to do with creativity–but it may have a bit more in common with the amateurism of hobbies. By-the-buy. Creativity is but a means to a financial end for Capitalists. You know. As in. Teeth ain’t for eating but instead for selling toothpaste. Anywho.

For the answer to everything is most certainly  investing, ain’t that right, dear worst-reader? Ain’t that the only way to do things if all that’s left in the $hitshow is financialisation? And that, in essence, is all the talking heads are talking about. Or? At least that’s all they’re talking about in this/that part of The Media, i.e. the business media. On the other worst-hand, and as usual, what is being said is nothing new. It’s just wrapped in a different cloak/coat. Didn’t Mitt Romney say the same thing in 2008? You know, about bailing out the entire $hitshow as it was failing then? Ok. Ok. The guy in the video I’m including here is a bit different than Mitt. At the least, this new guy ain’t a bat$hit republican religious nut job. Or is he? #Nomatter.

The thing to remember about financialisation people is this. Mitt Romney wouldn’t be a billionaire today if it weren’t for the generation after generation of hand-me-down smart-assery of fail-upward parentage. So let’s be clear in all our unclarity. Mitt wanted GM to go bankrupt in 2008 so that he could continue his vulture capitalism ways (of the 1980s and early 90s) and thereby sell-off the #Americant companies in order to circumvent labour. That’s how he became a billionaire without actually EVER creating anything. This new financialisation guy, on the other hand, is a kind of anti-Mitt. He thinks that letting corporations fail means that new corporatists can join the bandwagon of the $hitshow and improve on previous failures. Even though this situation can be painted by either side of the political spectrum, I’m not sure which one is worst. The only thing that is clear to me is that one has fewer sharper teeth than the other and perhaps doesn’t know how best to sell toothpaste to the teethless.

But what the hell do I know.

Rant on.


Video with progressive commentary

Examples Of Stupid In The Here And Now

Sometimes the newz gets to worst-moi. You too, dear worst-reader? Yet we are all junkies for it, eh. Indeed. That’s why I try not to bore you all that much about what’s going on around the world these days. And while I’m on the worst-subject of tootin’ my own horn. Don’t give it a thought or three that I even have a category named News. But. Again. That’s neither here nor there.

Since I already posted something about what could be considered serious news–or less serious newz–I couldn’t help but take special notice of the links below during my morning news scan. I mean. What a cornucopia of STUPID that’s out there alive and well these days, eh.

Let’s have a look directly, shall we?

First. Get this.

A conspiracy-nut from my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, who, by-the-buy, is a freakin’ train engineer… Stop. I mean. Really? Even train engineers are going batshit on account of #Americant capitalism racing to turn brains into mush as much as it’s also turning lungs into mush with this new fangled flu thing its created? I mean. Ain’t train engineers supposed to be one of them fantasies of children when/while growing up? You know, along side being a fireman, a doctor, a professional computer game player, etc.? Obviously none of that applies to this guy, don’t you know. I guess, for him, being a train engineer means you get to listen to right-wing batshittery all day which is why so many end up believing in the batshit. Ain’t that the game Limbaugh & Co, faux-newz, etc., has played with the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID since evermore? Indeed.

Or how ’bout this guy? Even though this guy may or may not have anything to do with the flu epidemic, you have to give him as much creative credit as the train engineer for raising the bar of STUPID. In Berlin, Germania, the other day, a nineteen year old refused to pay for his train ticket after boarding. When he was eventually confronted by the German police, he claimed that he is Adolf Hitler and therefore doesn’t have to pay for the ticket. Yeah, baby. Talk about mush Brains.

This is a little more than just batshit conspiracy and/or a virus scare-thing. Here we have neighbours in Germany snitching on others during the social distancing curfew. What’s the reason for calling the police? Easy answer to that, dear worst-reader. Wouldn’t you know that the biggest area of snitching, so far, is the former East-Germany where it was, in their heyday, common place.

And last but certainly not… My better-half brought this article to my attention. And I know why it caught her attention. As a German, proud of all things German, the first thing she said to me about this incident between a German built ship and a Venezuelan military boat was that the Venezuelan boat should have taken better care regarding what it was getting into. Hence, while trying to force a German-built arctic boat–meaning it has a reinforced hull–from entering territorial waters, it tried to force the ship away by ramming it. Guess what? That’s right. The Venezuelan boat sank. Ha. Ha. Ha. He. He. He.

Enough newz for today, baby.

Rant on.


#OkBoomers Be Gone. Please.

As I point out here or there in this worst-blog, I’m not a fan of my own generation. Especially the #Americant portion of that generation1. But. Dear worst-reader. Not only can we NOT choose our parents, we are also stuck with the generation in which we are born. With that worst-said, I’m as tail-end as you can get with the #okboomer generation (DOB: end of 1963). Some post-boomers might even consider me as part of the next generation–notwithstanding my ill-fated and somewhat anti-nationalism stance and the brilliant worst-writer coinage: #Americant. Still. With that in worst-mind. Get a load of the New York governors latest diarrhoea of the mouth. And to make it worst… how many times does he use the misnomer: we’re at war? Seriously! At war? With the flu? I know. I know. It’s a pretty bad flu. It’s a really bad flu. But it’s a flu of our own making, don’t you know. And how little that is addressed while the idiots of the #okboomers try and show their smarts yet all we see are the arses in the middle of their faces moving as though there is no tomorrow. And by-the-buy, this influenza $hit has been going on for how many years now? Anyone talking about how it might, just might, relate to the politics of Neo-liberalism (i.e. political greed conservatism 2.0) of the past fifty years, including globalisation that #okboomers are holding on to as though it was their old-hag mother’s teat? Whether it’s swine-flu, SARS1 or the current SARS2 (Covid-19), bird flu, Mars, H1N1, etc., #okboomers are all out there and in front of cameras emulating President Stupid and talking about fcuking… WAR. Are you kidding worst-moi! President Stupid, the man with hair that looks like a puking possum just pissed on cotton candy makes the same claim and all a somewhat rational thinking Democrat (as in party) automaton Neo-liberal can do is repeat it? How original #okboomer! But let me get-off the subject of personally attacking the President of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Let’s get-on, instead, about WAR. You would think, dear worst-reader, that the one thing #okboomers could get over in the #Americant mindset of post WW2 stupid-ville, i.e. that which bred them, is the concept of everything being about war. But then again, it’s all #Americant has really done since Fascism one-upped uncle Adolf and z’Germans lust for Blondi. And let’s not forget the longer fight against Stalin culminating in #Americant squandering the so-called COLD-WAR. I mean, the #Americant military industrial complex(ity) is everything in a land where–even if they tried–they couldn’t turn off the lie-of-the-mind that is faux-newz. And. I mean. There was the post 1970s mindless surge named Reaganomics, which could only lead to #Trump, aka, an idiot b-movie-star replaced by an even stupider b-tv-star, that preoccupied both the #okboomer mind and the parentage that is the ugly, disgusting, perverted greatest-generation mind. (Fcuk them too, btw!) Then came, maybe, the Dotcom boom, which (I’m guessing) half of the #okboomers hated because it forced them to choose–as in choose a mind–because, well, they were never meant to understand the art of at least trying to make science fiction real. And we all know what happened to the Dotcom boom, eh? But before I get too far off worst-subject. This post is supposed to be about #okboomer failing miserably–as it’s always done. Yet it walks and talks as though it were a winner. A winner of WAR. And so. The #Americant dream is alive & well, baby. Just don’t have a good look at it as it may up-end you, too.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


News conference about war against a flu–and it’s all about ‘war’? (Video)

  1. And be assured, the German portion of that generation ain’t much better. ↩︎

Ununderstanding Or Toilet Paper Saga

wet wipes

A previous worst-post about ununderstanding is here.

Asked my wife the other morn, dear worst-reader, what the hell does the graphic mean in the pic above. Do you know what she said? That’s right. She said: “I don’t know either.” At which point I turned to her and complained, once again,: “What the hell is your Abitur for?”

For the worst-life of me, dear worst-reader, I don’t get what the graphic on the back of a wet-wipes package that I recently bought is about. What the heck is toilet paper > wet wipes > toilet paper supposed to mean? Of course, it doesn’t really matter. For. Don’t you know. There’s currently an issue with toilet paper in the (western) world. Go figure, eh. But that’s not the reason why, instead of buying the usual two-pack I bought two two-packs the other day of wet-wipes. (Why didn’t I buy more?) Indeed. I bought them because, well, my dog, Beckett-the killer pug, requires them for his under-carriage. He has what I like to call an artificial pee-pee-hole1. I use wet-wipes to wipe my dog after every walk (three x day) so that our house doesn’t smell like…

But what of this issue with toilet paper in the western-world during an ugly flu pandemic that caused me to buy a few more wet-wipes? One theory that comes to my worst-mind–and perhaps it’s somewhat motivated in the conversations I’ve been having with person A though B through Zed–is this: why panic over toilet paper? Well, here’s a few worst-thoughts on the issue:

  1. One person said it’s because all the old people who are dying are dying with the memories of a world, a world they think is theirs, where toilet paper was scarce (when they were young).
  2. Another person said that toilet paper represents the gap between boredom and achievement when people are forced to face their useless-eating habits without the false (fake) work ethic that is compulsive behaviourism.
  3. In a world where the meek-masses COULD have all the power but rather heed that power to others (western democratic politics) because they can’t face the truth about their useless-eating albeit privileged lives compared to that of a newer generation, then wiping their asses is a last achievement before they die.
  4. Wiping their asses without soiling themselves is the last great achievement of both the greatest generation and #OKBoomer because, well, look at all else they’ve done that has culminated in not just SARS-2 but also #Trump, President Pee-Pee-Hair.
  5. Etc., etc.

But I digress.

Rant on.


  1. One day, about five or six years ago, we realised that our dog wasn’t peeing. I rushed him off to the Vet who immediately informed us that we had two hours to make up our mind. Either we put the dog to sleep or allow him to perform an operation that would re-route his urinary tract as the natural tract was kaputt due to clogging. ↩︎

The Delusion Compulsion Show

deplorables 2

Disclaimer. This is a somewhat NSFW worst-post (due to links).

The delusion and compulsion show, dear worst-reader, is a show that is #Americant. I mean, again, delusion plus compulsion is the new & improved and forevermore DREAM that is engrained in the #Americant psyche. Just like TV, eh. Or? In other worst-words, where it once was about a house and a family, it’s now… not.

As I’ve worst-written time and über-time again, my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant’s main error in the grand experiment of pseudo-freedom (wild-west and John Wayne individualism run amok) that is currently culminating in Mother Nature having HER way with us (climate change virus), is due to the instilled belief system that self-determination (delusion), manifest in the misnomer of hard-work (compulsion), is that which will set you free. And, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, as my favourite philosopher-comedian George Carlin said–and I worst-paraphrase:

The winner of WW2 was fascism.

In other worst-words: something else is going on here.

What better example is there… of being made to work against your free-will… than fascism run amok albeit wearing a grand smile? Mickey Mouse and Disney anyone? Of course, let us not out-fake ourselves with the entertainment industry that was/is the anthesis of George Carlin. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, the creed of fascism most surely relates to both delusion and compulsion as the two unite in an orgy of well distributed cumshots that glisten our faces better than that of a shinny donut. And so. It is incarnate in the idear of that other WW2 creed:

Arbeit Macht Frei (work will set you free)

Since there have been a few people around and in-between all the greed of today’s f’d up $hitshow who have questioned and perhaps thought critically about things, their effort has been for naught. How do I know such a thing? Well, would you believe that the bottomlessness of #Americant conservatism has just reached a new nadir? According to a(typical) $hitbag talking head, who is but another delusional voice of the compulsives, he (ain’t it always the men?) is claiming that it’s OK for some people, mostly old people, to die in order to save the precious stock market and/or the economy. Seriously? But of course. It’s #Americant.

And to top things off, according to another article, #Americant conservatism is in full approval of what President Pee-Pee-Hair is doing as the head of (their)… delusion. And in case you’re wondering, here’s my worst-theory on why the $hitbag & chief is so popular. Since President Stupid’s base is pretty much made of those who 1) did what they were told in life without question or criticism (compulsion) and 2) believe the riff-raff, trailer-trash talk (delusion) of #MAGA and thereby continue to support him, they derive their energy from those who came up with things like Deplorables, NAFTA, and blowjobs that so pleasurably end up on blue dresses. But I digress.

The part of #Americant that is all-in on the delusion, which they never questioned or criticised, are watching their #OKBoomer parent’s lungs turn into Bill Cosby jell-o the same way their 401k’s are the new Cinderellas lying full naked in glass caskets made ready with lube for double penetration. And so.

If you haven’t noticed because there is only a grain of rational thought in your entire being, the $hitshow has a long way to go before it finds its end–which will be determined by how many people die and how much you suckers have to pay for their deaths.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Rich vs Poor And The Preordained

all worst

Obviously the rich always win, eh, dear worst-reader? What better example is there than President Pee-Pee-Hair? Or. I should add. What better example is there of those who think, believe, are deluded about being rich and thereby vote for President Pee-Pee-Hair and/or those who enable/facilitate #Americant and its über convenient electoral college? Which may or mayn’t mean, those who made it happen must all be really rich just like the huckster-president and that hair of his. Or? And so. Aren’t we all winners, too? I mean. As long as there’s the mantra: the meek shall inherit…, why else shouldn’t the $hitbags of the greed $hitshow be the winners-take-all of the every-nothing? And/but you’re right, dear worst-reader, if you guessed that not all idiot-voters who voted for President Pee-Pee-Hair are rich–as though I hadn’t already alluded to that. And so. And so. Welcome to the/your conundrum of confused white-man privilge. Let’s try to worst-explain. Or maybe not.

As the Coronavirus (SARS-2) and government inadequacy forces us down the ugly rabbit hole of fear and self-wanton idiocy–or have you not hoarded some toilet paper?–let’s have a worst-look at what’s really (maybe) going on. The other day I heard the leader of the #MAGA movement refer to Coronavirus as the China Virus. After doing so, he was questioned by a (real) reporter (as opposed to a softball reporter) as to why he’s referring to it that way. His response was, well, as good as any response a WASP bigot can give. He said something along the lines of because it comes from China. Which, of course, made worst-moi sit back and say, as I (he) usually say(s): another reveal that is the true face of #Americant uglies, baby. Wow. The $hitshow never gets über-boring with this arsehole running things. Or does it?

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. As real as the coronavirus (SARS-2) thing is, what’s even more real is the/a historical fact that any and every national and/or international crisis seems to always results in one group of people or political party or social structure, etc., taking advantage of the other. Or, as Milton Friedman would put it:

“Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.”

So what’s been lying around since, say, (IMHO), the 1950s, that’s enabled the western world, mostly lead by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, to always make choices that favour–you worst-guessed it–the rich? I suppose, some call that human nature. Others call it the greed $hitshow. And then there’s calling it the child sandbox of uglies under the stupid shade-screen of red, white and hold your breath till you turn blue-stupid. Then there are those who call it everything worst. Which is what we live in, adore, yearn for and thereby touch ourselves as though there is no tomorrow–or we pretend we’re married to Cinderella who doesn’t mind all the kissing (and abusing) while she sleeps.

Indeed, dear worst-reader. The Coronavirus (SARS-2) will be overcome. Even I, the worst-optimist in the world, believe that to be so. The only question I have to ask, though, is at what cost? What or who is going to suffer once the smoke screen of fake government and fake democracy and, of course, fake-hair is lifted from our shielded eye-brains and we realise we’ve been duped yet again so that rich people can, well, get away with… whatever? Of course, as usual, the disillusioned amongst us all will go about the business of doing what they/we are told, abiding, heeding the call of both bad government and worst wives. Which means, maybe, just maybe, I’m not as optimistic as you may think I am. Or?

#Nomatter. The end is not nigh nor has it ever been nigh. When the likes of not just President Stupid can be elected but those who elected him are never questioned or, at the least, called-out for what they’ve done, including trying to whitewash this crisis by making it racial–even though China isn’t a race–where can we turn for wisdom and kindness and reality–and/or all-things not fake? Well, that’s a pretty good worst-question, dear worst-reader. Good luck with it.

Rant on.



Boomer Plague, Face Masks And Toilet Paper

There you have it, dear worst-reader. End-times ain’t (just) nigh (anymore). They (end-times) be here, eh. How do you (we) know? Easy. There’s nothing to wipe your arse with. Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to love the idear about getting a bidet. As I worst-write this, I can almost feel a stream of water gushing around my under-carriage. But let’s not transgress too far off worst-subject–to places you may or mayn’t wish to witness. Or?

What’s the deal with hoarding toilet paper, dear worst-reader? No. Serious. Why are people doing it? Is it because they’re worried about not being able to wipe? Seriously? These people wipe? And as you (I) contemplate the issue, get this worst-thought. One sheet of toilet paper looks similar enough to one of those masks that people wear to cover their face. They wear the masks, by-the-buy, to stop their minds from spilling out what they really think. And so. The masses of stupid people that make this, our beloved earth of STUPID, are simply hoarding toilet paper because, well, they think it’s the same as those masks. Indeed. Toilet paper covers a hole, if you will. It can prevent something from going out and going in, along side, of course, with keeping it all clean. And because so many are too stupid to know anything, they mistake one thing for another. So go out there, dear worst-reader. Hoard yourself some toilet paper as someone else has hoarded all the masks–and others hoard all the money. And whether its $hit coming out of your mouth or your arse, at this point in life, history, a world where the likes of #Trump can attain the leadership of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, it’s all obviously about the money. These are the times you live in. Good luck sucker.

And while I’m on the subject of worst-luck.

Something still lingers in the ever-more of the now which smells horribly like old people aka #okboomers. Do you smell it, dear worst-reader? Whaaaaa? Never got a whiff of old people? Quite the opposite of a newborn, don’t you know. And if you’ve (n)ever smelled a newborn–it’s an experience so much better than the actual birthing process where that bitch screams and yells about how well I fcuked a baby inside of her as the halls of her life squeezed to pin me down, lusting for my servitude, her matrimony our contract, that the beautiful babe she would bear c/would be true to us both in the misery that is fake newz or love. And total contrast to the death that old people espouse, especially in these days of greed galore embodied by #okboomer. Am I wrong? But I digress.

Am I the only one to smell the stench of old people? A stench this grand old earth bitch wishes to be rid of? And do I smell it on account, well, because I’m probably, kinda one of them? Also. Don’t you know. I’ve always had trouble describing (or is it transcribing?) smell. But the comparison to newborns ain’t bad, eh. Is it because there are so many old people these days that is must be compared? What’s the adage? If you’re a fish you don’t mind disgusting, polluted, faeces filled ocean to exist in. You know, as in, old people are kinda everywhere–and they have everything. Which is most likely due to the fact that they took it all–everything–only to leave their smell behind as youth-life slowly perishes or is it dwindles into the long, slow night-wake of greed demise? #Nomatter.

For all impractical reasoning, I’m old too. Approaching the big six-o. Yet I was birthed by the oldest of the generation that is currently the most ill in Italy. Wait. That makes no sense. What I mean is this. I am part of the ilk that is #okboomer but I’m of the tail end of it, don’t you know. I’m the last of what the so-called greatest generation could birth. Which begs the issue: if #okboomer parentage was so fcuking great, why is it that the world is lead by morons, anti-intellectuals, religious $hit-bags, greed-mongers galore? And so.

Worst-writer’s ode to #okboomer.

Oh, old people, I hope you all pass on as you came in. Came in to the $hitshow, don’t you know. Took it over–and made it your $hitshow–from your greed $hitshow parents. Greed and taxes do take a bite, she said behind the medicine counter where just above her head was a sign that read: show your properly stamped passport before receiving your flu dosage. Who has the flu? Come one, come all–fcuk heads. Show the world what you’re capable of, reveal your inner besties. All your drunk meth friends, revelling in the afterbirth of so many missed abortions and the love-forsaken feminism of the grand bimbo coalition where all is not lost as long as you blame someone (something) else for your misdeeds. And now bow to your pee-pee-hair god, #Trump, i.e. President Stupid. For he is yours #okboomer. Reap what you are and keep playing in that fake-gold hair. And before I forget. I hope you all die a miserable death for what you’ve done to this world and your children, especially the young girls you abused. Fuck you, boomer.

Move on (quickly).

Of course, if you ask worst-writer–which you shalln’t–Coronavirus could just as easily be called a disease of STUPID. I know. I know. It’s also a disease of poverty. But let’s not complicate things, eh. You know, as in, a disease my beloved & missed LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID kinda deserves. For #Americant is the embodiment of both STUPID and poverty. Or? Then again. My beloved & missed #Americant doesn’t deserve all my ridicule out of worst-spite, let’s be clear. It’s just that sheer ignorance is so abominable to me and it is manifest on a daily basis since the advent (election loss, electoral college win) of President Stupid. I mean, how else can a once great experiment in nation-state building be reduced to the likes of President Pee-Pee hair? Stupid deserves stupid, right? Stupid deserves this disease. Or am I getting-on too much about it all? #Nomatter.

What is STUPID’S creed, dear worst-reader? That’s right. Greed. And would you believe that President Stupid is actually trying to secure a vaccine for the disease of stupid for himself. Indeed. He might be doing it because, well, he’s infected. And even if he is (infected), his real motivation is the $hitshow of greed, don’t you know, that is all he knows. He literally tried to secure the rights to a vaccine for a disease that could potentially kill hundreds of thousands. He did so not for the sake of a nation but instead in order to make a buck. Does that surprise anyone? Maybe it surprises a few people. But get this, dear worst-reader. I was born and reared in the $hitshow of greed that is #Americant. Nothing about money and ugly pee-pee hair surprises me. So there.

Don’t believe anything you read about this being a disease of national origin. It is, indeed, a disease of forced poverty and subjugation. And, as usual, my beloved and missed #Americant is leading the way.

Rant on.