Pathology 101: #Americant Greed Galore Times Three

Scream no fear all worst

Fascinating but winded article. I suppose that’s why writers for The New Yorker get paid the big bucks. With that in mind, the article linked to below is a doozy. Just when I thought Citizens United had created an ideological political Autobahn to hell paid for by the über-rich that would lead my beloved #ameircant straight to…, here comes a new twist on reality. Not only are rational minds the world over competing with the batshittery of American (1) conservatives and (2) religious nut jobs, but there’s now a third beast to deal with. Indeed. Imagine a boxing match where it’s two against one. Then, suddenly, a third boxer joins the other two. That’s right, dear worst-reader. There are three beasts fighting against one. All three have one thing in common: political conservatism.

  • money greed (old money inherited, protected, etc.)
  • religious greed (tax free mega churches and pastor jets, etc.)
  • new rich (dotcom cracks, hedge fund instant winners, etc.)

Although a few truth seekers out there have mentioned the fact that America’s wealthy are pretty much socially and amorally pathological at this point in our history, the article linked below may provide a bit more info about how this came to be. The rich man written about is, at least for me, the scariest character yet in this freakshow. Scarier than the Koch brothers, scarier than wannabe Ronald Reagan, scarier seven hundred clubs, scarier than Rush, etc., etc.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the mind’s of rich people get so cracked and damaged to make them think this way. But then again, what the fuck do I care. #Americant is getting what it deserves. Or?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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The reclusive hedge fund tycoon | The New Yorker

Hammer Sickle Podcast

fourth international.png

Listening to comrade Wolff again. Luv this nutty professor. And that says a lot. Of all the teachers I’ve had in this (my) useless-eater life, few (if any) teachers have left an impression on me. And that’s an odd thing to admit if you consider the fact that by the time I was finished with college I had finally figured out what I wanted to do. Yeah. I wanted actually be one of them–one of the ones who fails to leave an impression on someone. Yeah, I thought, be a teacher and you can have three months out of the year off to smoke weed and maybe learn how to sail (a dinghy). Of course. Having been reared in #americant, in suburban hell, it didn’t matter that I knew what the future held. I knew it held what we have now. Boy do I feel sorry for teachers. What a bunch of shmucks. Talk about getting duped. Now they all have to work those off months in order to pay their (land)lords all those serfdom-fees. But I digress.

Today’s podcast, dear worst-reader, covers four things.

  1. Health Care, aka Obamacare
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Pension looting
  4. Subsidizing Religion

Of the four issue covered by comrade/professor Wolff, the fourth is the funniest. That fact that #americants tolerate the free-ride given to “churches” (they don’t pay any tax) and yet can’t find ways to finance education says a lot. Obviously the other issues covered are funny, as well. But then again: the podcast featured has nothing to do with comedy. Or does it?

Listening to a winded professor try to explain to #americants what capitalism is–and more importantly how it’s failed everyone–just seems like such a mute issue that one can’t help but laugh/giggle. Or? Still. With that in mind, it’s fascinating how the professor does such a great job explaining it all. I suppose that’s due to his ability to be so obviously partisan. I don’t mean partisan in a Dem vs Repub way. He’s partisan in a truth vs lie way. And that should be a good thing. Well, I suppose it would be good if the professor didn’t come across as a comrade. But, again, I digress.

Hail the fourth international. Or maybe not.

At this point, I should probably provide a warning. Be careful if you listen to what the professor/comrade has to say. Or should I say: Danger Something Might Be Learned.

Rant on. -Tommi

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May Um Save The Planet Um


tim christopher on bundy takeover.png

Seriously. I just dented my refrigerator. I hit it. Right out of the blue I hit my fridge as though it were taunting me, as though it were asking for it. Yes. That’s exactly what happened. It (my fridge) was taunting me like a sheep-lamb in hell that recites Milton’s Paradise lost and Redd Foxx‘s last stage show. And. Luckily. I’m almost sure. Hitting my fridge will not be part of tomorrow’s therapy session on anger management. Reason? If it wasn’t for the amount of times this guy (see link below, pic above) uses the filler-word “um” as he talks I wouldn’t have picked a fight with my refrigerator. He uses the filler-word “um” so much that I almost hit my wife’s new sewing machine. Why? Oh why? Oh well. What can I say? It’s not all as bad as it sounds. Or is it? No. It all justifies anger and the fact that I had to bleed-off that anger.

Um. Um. Um. Sentence. Um. Sentence. Um. Um. Sentence. Um. Etc.

And so. I thought. A simple frustrated swing will help me get over how (obviously) educated people use filler words. And this guy used um so many times that my head almost exploded. So I swung my left fist in the air. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time because um was everywhere. Swing here, swing there, swing lower, swing higher, swing chariot. And with a sudden jolt I felt my fist land. It landed right on the front aluminum door of my fridge. Now my fridge has what I like to call a dent. But at least my fridge doesn’t have the word um on it or in it anymore.

dented fridge.png

And by-the-bye, what this um-guy talks about is really, really cool. Save the planet um guy.

Rant on. -Tommi

Source: Tim DeChristopher on Bundy Takeover: Gov’t is More Afraid of Civil Disobedience Than Armed Militias | Democracy Now!

It's Like The Moon Disappearing. If The Middle Class Joins It, Will You Miss It?

Not sure why I care about this. But I do. Having said that… Having grown up in the suburban hell of lower middle class #americant and now hearing academics describe (that) hell’s demise, I sit back with a dopey grin on my face and sing the lost torrent song that was once an anthem, an anthem beloved by druids, goths and subjects of Beowulf. The anthem is called Hell Yeah Bitch! I mean. Seriously. What’s with the golden pedestal a certain part of society has to be put on? Is this the only way to implement a particular political mandate in a failed democracy? It’s all (supposed to be) about the middle class? Wow. That’s pretty heavy stuff, dude. So heavy, in fact, I think I need to kneed it a bit in my brain. So. Let’s say it again and at the same time tap our ruby red slippers. The middle class. The middle class. The middle class. (Full stop.) What does it all mean, Johnny Cum Lately? Well. I’ll tell you what it means. It means nothingness. It means mean. It means uselessness. It means stupefied procreation that satisfies the needs of rotten wombs and severed manliness. It means… It means come on. Come on. Come on and ask the question. What the f’ has the middle class actually done? I’ll tell you what’s it done. It’s given the world the most vile, corrupt, greedy group of humans this planet has ever seen. The middle class is nothing more than the perpetrator of the lie of the mind that is The Dream. The grand American dream. The dream of what? Star spangled banners? Bombs bursting in air? Did it give truth through the night, you cock sucker, that your flags were still covering your naked ass as you ran away from your university brothel and pharmaceutical day job? Or should I just say that the f’n middle class gave the world consumerism? Yeah, that’s the ticket Johnny Cum Lately. Consume. That’s the middle class. In all its glory and essence. Which means, in turn, if the middle class goes away what difference will it make? Oh yeah. The middle class will do to itself what it’s also done to all the others that it walked over in order to think it was part of being, in its own way, rich. Indeed. The middle class will make a choice between working for what it created or starving. That’s exactly what it deserves. It is the middle class of the world’s greatest lie that deserves, more than anyone else on this planet, exactly what its getting. Now go vote for some dipshit who will make you feel better while you consume your coffee or hamburger or equity financed yacht with a credit card you’ll never pay off. Rant on. -tommi

You know, America was the first middle-class society. We’re about to become the first society that ceases to be a middle-class society. -Stiglitz

Source: Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz on “Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy” (Part 2) | Democracy Now!

The Working Poor Shall Inherit The Earth

labor force absentee list

Get a load of some of these stats, dear worst-reader. There are times when even I, the grand stat-viewer, milk some tears when I read such things. And as we know, my tears are not like those of mermaids. Indeed. There will be no cure for these ails. So let’s just run down to reality lane and give it all a once-over, shall we? First, get a look at those stats from The Social Security Agency. You know, it always bothered my when repub nutbags harped on social security. Even though the system is self-financing, that is, no tax dollars have to go into social security, republicans want to privatise is. Why? Well, the answer is clear. The ideology of political conservatism is also clear. Greed doesn’t like change nor does it like money flowing without it (conservatives) being the delegator(s). Also, greed works best when it can exploit whatever through whatever means. With that in mind, social security is both a grand target and, under the right conditions, no different than a deer being blinded by headlights. You can be assured, dear worst-reader, and you may count your blessings, that the greed mongers haven’t gotten their fingers into social security like they’ve gotten those same fingers into other easily exploitable (political) endeavours. But I digress.  §Have a look at the article “Goodby Middle Class.” If that doesn’t scare the poopy out of you then nothing will. Of course, I saw all this coming in the 1980s in my beloved #americant. The way Americans have lapped it up, this lie of the mind, this consume-to-survive gluttony, this inherit from parents is the only way, etc., is, after jumping that sinking ship so many years ago, nothing new to me. Watching this level of cultural and societal degradation hasn’t been easy, though. But what can one expat do? I know. Blog. Vote. Toke. Whatever. §And last but not least. Check out the article that was written based on the “Strange .txt link” below from the site The Economic Collapse. With that in mind, always remember, the science of statistics was created because lying is always better than telling truth. So. Next time you hear Barry-O talk about five or six percent unemployment, do more than just snicker and giggle. The best thing to do is stick your head in your ass where it belongs because you are in your armageddon as the working poor shall NOT inherit the earth. Ha. Ha. Ha. Good luck suckers. Rant on.

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American Economy = Debt Deflation

It is astonishing to hear/read stuff like this. Man, does this guy (vid) nail it. In fact, Hudson just about sums up the whole shebang in a few words within a fifteen minute video. Most important part of the interview, in worst-writer’s opinion, is in the quote below. Reading about Monday’s “stock crash” because of China just kept me laughing as though I was reading about Greece. Go figure. How #americants will deal with this is another question. For example. Even though I’m diggin’ what Bernie Sanders is saying, I don’t think he’s electable because he’s too extreme for the current political environment which has been nurtured, yes, nurtured, by the 99% since Reagan. Bernie would be a huge shift in that political environment and I don’t think a shift like that has ever happened in the US. Not saying that it can’t happen. Hopefully the new generation of voters that are out there can see through what baby-boomers and conservatives have done. What is probably needed is a gradual political left-leaning shift and then some consistency on the part of the electorate to always be able to counter rightwingnut extremism. But what do I know? I jumped ship after Reagan cause I saw all this coming.

“The real problem is that we’re still in the aftermath of when the bubble burst in 2008, that all of the growth in the economy has only been in the financial sector, in the monopolies—only for the 1 percent. And it’s as if there are two economies, and the 99 percent has not grown. And so, the American economy is still in a debt deflation. So the real problem is, stocks have doubled in price since 2008, and the economy, for most people, certainly who listen to your show, hasn’t grown at all. So, finally, the stocks were inflated really by the central bank, by the Fed, creating an enormous amount of money, $4.5 trillion, essentially, to drop over Wall Street to buy bonds that have pushed the yields down so high—so low, to about 0.1 percent for government bonds, that pension funds and investors say, “How can we make money?” So they buy stocks. And they borrowed at 1 percent to buy up stocks that yield maybe 4 percent. But who are the largest people who buy the stocks? They’re the companies themselves that have done stock buybacks. They’re the managers of the companies that have used their earnings, essentially, to push up stock prices so they get more bonuses. Ninety precent of all the earnings of the biggest companies in America in the last five years have gone for stock buybacks and dividends. It’s not being invested. It’s not building new factories. It’s not employing more people. So, the real problem is that we’re in a non-recovery in America, and Europe is in an absolute class war of austerity. That’s what the eurozone is, an austerity zone. So that’s not growing. And that’s really what’s happening. And all that you saw on Monday was just sort of like a shift, tectonic shift, is people realizing, “Well, the game is up, it’s time to get out.” And once a few people want to get out, everybody sees the game’s up.” -Source: Democracy Now!

Good luck suckers. And. Rant on. -t


The Willing

As an Aussteiger and high-flyer I have the privilege of being both a witness and a passenger. Don’t blame me, dear worst-reader, for having found the formula for comfort and pseudo-luxury–which, btw, I found before I turned fifty. Also, don’t ask me how it’s done. Just keep this in mind, the luxury of being worst-writer found me more than I found it–which may mean that it’s out there for all to have if only ALL would allow it. But then again, finding your Karma isn’t finding my Karma, is it? Nomatter. §It really gets to me when I read articles like the one below. The article is such a downer, man. I mean, that type of writing is a real thorn in my world POV. But then again, it’s rare that I read the WSJ to begin with. The WSJ is most certainly one of those forms of mass propaganda that many more should avoid–if they/you can. Since we live in a world that is obviously dependent on propaganda (because so few humans can actually think for themselves) I suppose making such a claim from a single, void-based voice as mine doesn’t mean much. Which may also mean that I’ll wait for posterity to thank me for what I’m about to worst-say. But. Again. Nomatter. §The article below was referenced the other day in a podcast I was listening to from an American Marxist professor of economics who I think should start calling his listeners/students comrades. Comrade Professor Wolff commented on what Warren Buffett says in this op-ed and as soon as I got back from my pug-walk I pulled the earbuds from my ears, gently placed my ageing iPhone 4S on the counter and grabbed a Bier and then looked up the article. Oh my! §In the article below Warren Buffett, a man with a whole bunch of money–all, btw, earned by speculation–claims to know everything there is to know about why the rich are rich and the poor are poor. The article, of course, is propaganda regarding his view of economic policy that he thinks should be implemented by law, i.e. the Congress, i.e. the US Government. IMHO, there should be a law requiring a warning label on such articles. Perhaps a warning label in the form of a watermark. Yeah. You know. PROPAGANDA should be behind the dismal black letters but in front of the optimistic and blinding white background. But I’m drifting. §Warren Buffet, for his believers, claims to know the reason as to why there are rich people and why there are poor people. And since he is a self proclaimed leader of the compulsive behaviourists of the world (i.e. careerists, corporatists, automatons, bureaucrats, etc.) there are few out there that will counter his propaganda. And so. Without further ado. Like the people that want to be preached to by Warren Buffett, I stake the claim that this article is so full of shit that it’s no wonder #americant can’t get out of the rut it’s been in for the past <fill in # years here>. Or let me try to say that differently. Warren Buffett seems to think that there is a comparison between the rich of Henry Ford (robber baron) and that of Steve Jobs (robber barron). But does it really matter that there is a comparison–a comparison of dollar value? He also believes the adage that “hard work” and people who are “willing” (i.e. The Willing) can somehow get great lives if only there is a law made that manipulates taxes. Seriously Warren Buffett? §And there you have it, dear worst-reader. All the answers as to why things are so truly fucked up. There are rich people, there are poor people, there are those that work hard and there are The Willing. Oh yeah. And don’t forget taxes. Having the right tax policy will fix everything. Wallah! But I digress.  Indeed. Rant on. -Tommi

Better Than Raising The Minimum Wage | WSJ – Warren Buffett