October Reading List And Missing Eyewear Nose Bridge

Superfluous post indeed, dear worst-reader. Begs only the question: what to do, what to do, what to do... in this consume-to-survive world of nothingness galore? Then again, at least I can still read. You know, read, as in, read something to expand the/my mind. It is, must be, a requirement in these days of Marvel … Continue reading October Reading List And Missing Eyewear Nose Bridge

Long Past The Point Of No Return Because The Snow(den)ball Is Long Gone, Melted And Absent of Doctor Strangelove

Finally, dear worst-reader, I've found something out there on the interwebnets that I can relate to--especially regarding the batsh*ttery of the cult of Edward Snowden. As I've worst-written here, I'm not a big fan of Snowden. In short, I question whether or not this so-called whistle blower is all he's cracked up to be. Also, my … Continue reading Long Past The Point Of No Return Because The Snow(den)ball Is Long Gone, Melted And Absent of Doctor Strangelove

Saga Puke Of #Americant Dumbed Voices Continues, But I'll See The Film Anyway Eventually

Sometimes I (worst)wonder about the voice(s) that raised me. Obviously I didn't listen much to them, yet they somehow were able to embed in the depths of the 90% brain that's used so little. Have the 20+ yrs in #Eurowasteland brought about those distant voices? Has the trauma of expatriate-ism dis-embedded those voices? Not sure. … Continue reading Saga Puke Of #Americant Dumbed Voices Continues, But I'll See The Film Anyway Eventually

This vs That And Something Above The Snowball(den) Effect

https://youtu.be/SGCSy2Ogoa4 As usual, dear worst-reader, worst-writer is shocked. (But I'm not surprised.) I'm shocked that #americants once again just don't get it. I mean, come on. Do you really believe that Blackberry died such a tragic death because the Canadians are so bad at managing a corporation? Or could the whole demise of Blackberry have something … Continue reading This vs That And Something Above The Snowball(den) Effect

The Soap Opera

Maybe it's getting to be too much, dear worst-reader. I really thought I could breeze through this little (personal) experiment without any damage. If so many others can do it, I thought, so can I. Or? Binge-viewing TV though isn't turning out to be what I thought (it would be). But it is better than that … Continue reading The Soap Opera

The Disingenuity

Have to go serious cynical this morn, dear worst-reader. Here it goes. While watching the below linked interview on Democracy Now, about half-way through it, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of disingenuity. Amy Goodman was interviewing a so-called whistleblower named John Kiriakou and for the first time, after years of watching her, I actually thought that Amy … Continue reading The Disingenuity

Prediction #789

Today's prediction, dear worst-reader, has to do with the extinct Germania snow leopard, spies and Germany finally stepping up to face the worldly role it has so gallantly been avoiding for the past twenty years. The Germania snow leopard was an animal that for a brief time in its history stalked the grounds between Kölnia … Continue reading Prediction #789

Boom Your Controversy

Hard earned PBS underwritten funding paying off. And a bit shocked about how much time the producers of the videos that are connected to the link below spend on Google and FB. Almost get the feeling that the ill-doings of fear-mongering, The Patriot Act and the resulting behaviour of various smiley-face government agencies isn't what the "discussion" … Continue reading Boom Your Controversy

Snow(den) Ball Effect

conspiracy theory noun 1) a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for an unexplained event 2) a royally fucked up society produces individuals who cannot face reality and thereby turn to other means to deal with their inability to comprehend As worst-stated here and here, worst-writer is torn on the Snowden issue. Trying to … Continue reading Snow(den) Ball Effect


Come to terms with errors and more errors. Or maybe they're not errors. The thing is this. He has a platform and a really large bullhorn. Listen to what he says? Yes. But does he really provide answers? Not sure. But then again, maybe there are no real questions asked of him. Nomatter. For history will tell of this. … Continue reading Snowed

$200m Website

Oh, dear worst-reader. The news is slow of late. I think it has something to do with journalism being owned these days. You know. Owned like religion, wives and copyrights. So I found myself dredging more than usual this morn to find something of interest and a potential subject to worst-right about. Thank goodness the … Continue reading $200m Website

Awash In Projection

As I've waddled down the creek of trying-to-say, failing to say before, one of the main reason I'm skeptical regarding the significance of Edward Snowden and his data dump--which we all have to wait to see based on advertising revenues of those who posses the data--is that I'm not sure what exactly motivated him to … Continue reading Awash In Projection