Kahn And The Donald

Multiple monitors inject (their) information into my brain every morning. The fun usually begins before six a.m. but on this particular morn it began at five. The information, of course, is the freak-show known as (the current iteration of the grand social, national, greed-show) #americant. Most of this information comes to me in the form … Continue reading Kahn And The Donald

By Definition We Are

psychopath |ˈsīkəˌpaθ| noun a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. sociopath |ˈsōsēōˌpaθ| noun a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. In the wake of recent "mass" shooting in my beloved #americant, I got to thinking about one … Continue reading By Definition We Are

Oh No. #Yahoo Sucks.

First. Full disclosure. I really dig Yahoo. And I don't mean no disrespect with this worst-post. With that in mind. I've been using Yahoo email ever since I lost my password for CompuServe back in the early 1990s. Which brings me to the following question: how can something that was once so good get so screwed … Continue reading Oh No. #Yahoo Sucks.

The Cherry Bat v. Coincidence v. Coordination

Is it me, dear worst-reader? Am I the only one to worst-write about conspiracies? Wait. It's important to note here--for the sake of posterity--that I don't worst-write about conspiracy theories. Reason? There's a difference, you know, between conspiracy and conspiracy theory. Just as there's a difference between coincidence and central planning--as in central planning of … Continue reading The Cherry Bat v. Coincidence v. Coordination

Flop Analyzation

A confusing, profound and somewhat twisted story where the heart of the matter is lost. This story is the/a perfect metaphor for explaining the goings on of recent clown show. I'm worst-referring to the phenomenon that is The Donald. Indeed, dear worst-reader. The more and more I read about The Donald and his recent faux newz Q&A session … Continue reading Flop Analyzation

Fail Upwards Galore

Why does it feel like telecom carriers are consolidating out of fear? What are they afraid of? Why can’t T-Mobile or Verizon make a logical consolidation? Don't get me wrong. I think consolidation at this level should be prohibited. Let's not get into that, though. I actually like T-Mobile. When I travel home I always use … Continue reading Fail Upwards Galore

Iron Irony

They are finally removing those locks from that Paris bridge. You know, the locks that are supposed to represent girls being princesses swept off their feet by dunce princes with the square chins and riding white horses. Yes. So much is the mindset of a (western) world raised on the whims of money makers and … Continue reading Iron Irony


Reading transcripts this morning, dear worst-reader. About what, you ask. Well. About infrastructure investments of a once great structure. At first I didn't give much of a hoot about recent train derailment. Planes fall out of skies. Rockets can't reach their instellar destinations and plummet back to earth, burning up in the atmosphere. Buildings in … Continue reading Consequences

Asterisk Explained

Some more wannabe profundity, dear wort-reader, before I get to the asterisk reference. Or maybe not. Let's talk about farming and music today. For these are two of many more things that, in order to be understood, require a huge amount of asterisks. Or maybe not. Can farming and music be connected? Indeed they can--with an asterisk. … Continue reading Asterisk Explained

Like Not Like

So. Like. I'm sitting on a bus last summer. I'm traveling from Salisbury, MD, to Wilmington, DE. In Wilmington a train takes me to NYC where I enjoy an afternoon and an overnight in one of my favourite places on the planet. To worst-writer there is nothing more tranquil than walking around NYC until I feel like … Continue reading Like Not Like

Side Of The Trade

Curiosity has hit this Ausländer a wee bit more than usual since Jan 1. The beginning of 2015 has offered up a lot to consider. First, the Swiss unpegged their precious Franc from the Euro. Second, East Germans, most of which were educated under the auspices of Margot Honecker, presented their intellect in the form of … Continue reading Side Of The Trade

Protesting My Delusions

The mist of violence has cleared and I'm still pretty angry about thugs and guns and the vulnerability of artists. I'm ashamed to admit it but for the first time since the deadly farce of the western world's war-on-terror, I actually felt a jitter of pro-violence-lust running through my veins as I watched the Charlie Hebdo tragedy … Continue reading Protesting My Delusions