October Reading List And Missing Eyewear Nose Bridge

Superfluous post indeed, dear worst-reader. Begs only the question: what to do, what to do, what to do... in this consume-to-survive world of nothingness galore? Then again, at least I can still read. You know, read, as in, read something to expand the/my mind. It is, must be, a requirement in these days of Marvel … Continue reading October Reading List And Missing Eyewear Nose Bridge

Hollywood vs Wash DC

Hollywood, a novel by Gore Vidal. Did it take me too long to get through this, dear worst-reader? Maybe it didn't take long enough. Or, perhaps, is this piece of work enough to make me stop in my quest to read (all of) Vidal's "Narratives of Empire"? Indeed. Four of the seven books are left. … Continue reading Hollywood vs Wash DC

Suicide Eyes

"'The only freedom that an American has is to conform, as you've already discovered.' Caroline did not in the least mind the disparity between the country's shining image of itself and the crude reality. She was entirely on the side of the rulers, ridiculous and unpleasant as so many of them were. She felt a … Continue reading Suicide Eyes

Not Ending A War

"Without the League (of Nations), there would be another war with Germany within thirty years because of the Carthaginian peace being imposed by the Allies." / "Europe had a murderous tendency to sink into barbarism, the United States had not yet achieved a civilization from which to fall." -Gore Vidal, Hollywood


"Human beings to flourish must be possessed by one idea, a central meaning to which all experience can be related." -Gore Vidal (Essay: Contemporaries: The Norman Mailer Syndrome, 1960)

Puzzled By Creation

"I think that I might have done well at banking had I not been so carefully trained to be either a priest nor a warrior. Although I have the Persian noble's contempt for trade, I lack his passion for war and hunting and drinking to excess. Although I have a priest's deep knowledge of religion, … Continue reading Puzzled By Creation

Jacob Obians

Will our Jacobians ever be defeated as the French ones were? -Gore Vidal, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Alternate History

Burr by Gore Vidal From the afterword: "Why a historical novel and not a history? To me, the attraction of the historical novel is that one can be as meticulous (or as careless!) as the historian and yet reserve the right not only to rearrange events but, most important, to attribute motive--something the conscientious historian … Continue reading Alternate History

Creation vs Creation

Creation by Gore Vidal z'Germanland has a lot of religious holidays. That means they have a lot of extra days-off that coincide with their guaranteed government sponsored vacation days. A lot of these religious days are either on a Thursday or Monday. That means, Das Volk have long since figured out the use of "bridge … Continue reading Creation vs Creation

Lincoln In Tuscany

Lincoln by Gore Vidal Subtitle: Cute Elitist Disguised As Former Teacher, Red States vs. Help, And A Few Thoughts on Gore Vidal's "Lincoln". But first some nonsense. Character X: The world is starving for variety and things dynamic. The world requires nothing from humanity and yet things static and universal seem to rule all - … Continue reading Lincoln In Tuscany