Wasteland Or Where A Little Boy Wants A Bike Instead Of A Smartphone

The scene: The entire story is shot in black & white with maybe a little silver superimposed here or there. It's also a time period where the earth's atmosphere can no longer sustain atmospheric high pressure. This climate situation is caused by a perpetual state of atmospheric lows. This is referred to as climate status … Continue reading Wasteland Or Where A Little Boy Wants A Bike Instead Of A Smartphone

Traumatized Race

Is it possible for a white man to be traumatized by the civil rights movement of the black man? Or was the movement by someone else who only wanted to profit from movement? How a movement can be misunderstood. Idea for... (?) LOP Character expresses his indignation for the results of the civil rights movement. … Continue reading Traumatized Race

Action Reaction Action

LH418 (>IAD). Outrageous and ludicrous the entirety of security one must now face. Entirety the word? Such a colossal waste of time and resources. The largest US government expansion in fifty years? To even imagine that politicians cannot see the wrong of their leadership and lawmaking fits perfectly to the silly-ness of airport security in … Continue reading Action Reaction Action

Colorless Green

2005 09 28 Idear: a couple plus one. The one is the ex of couple female or vice versa. Couple male (or vice versa) is rich guy for some odd secret reason is willing to support couple female ex. Get that? The only way to allow creativity to blossom is to avoid the compulsive behavior … Continue reading Colorless Green

Sharing On Horizon

LOP. Steroids. One of the things (character name) does after ENGAGEMENT is get back in shape. Taking care of his physical being. He also uses steroids which he acquired in Europe. This the idea that he has been surrounded by illicit drugs all his life. Whether in America or Europe. When driving the anonymous across … Continue reading Sharing On Horizon

Presupposing Opposition

The act of doing presupposes opposition... (see William Burroughs). Cronyism, partiality, nepotism, favouritism. Stop. How to get to a fascist state? You make the people want it. Is that what Italy did? Curious about those Italians. What is it, more or less, that western society does with its citizens? (Should I call them sheople? No. … Continue reading Presupposing Opposition

Anonymous People

LOP. Letter of Proposal. A silly title for a book, I know. Nomatter. The premise of (main character) meeting (another character) at (random airport) to change. The other (main) motivating factor for him to go to (another random airport) with (another character) is the "job" offer to drive car from coast to coast. (Main character) … Continue reading Anonymous People

Enter The Stones

Another solution? LOP. The reason (character) drives across US (from San Fran) is NOT to just bring car somewhere but also to pick up someone. The anonymous people who live in America. Either those born there but never registered or those smuggled in and never registered. (Character) (Stone) is given directions where to pick up … Continue reading Enter The Stones


Renunciation. Have no idear what that means. Would like it to mean something opposite of what it already means if it means anything and mean... what? Nonsense. Perhaps. Or that German word that carries with it connotations of meaning that are beyond anything human. Like... something about the devil, Lucipher, tired of competing with God … Continue reading Renunciation

Titles and Ownership

Watching "Poker" championship (don't know why). A Stevie Ray Vaughn look-alike battling for the championship. This guy looks like Dr. Bad Ass. But then it is learned he is, like all other players, a swing dance instructor with a degree in mathematics. Do I have my phone turned off? When is, if ever, such a … Continue reading Titles and Ownership

Amazing Tears Listening

Lydia Fairchild. Woman with three children on welfare. In mixed marriage with black husband. Another example is Karen Keegan. These women, under whatever circumstances, were DNA tested and it was found that their children had no DNA commonality, which is usually at least fifty percent. Now. These women were the mothers of their children. The … Continue reading Amazing Tears Listening

The Taboo Stuff

Start with this (thought). For a play/story? Not sure. German American Bund. GAB. Before WW2 the GAB organized large gatherings in US promoting Nazism. They even had a gathering at Madison Square Garden (I think). Who were the speakers? McCarthyism was childs play compared to the roundup of German, Italian adn japanese people. Fritz Kuhn … Continue reading The Taboo Stuff

A Night Out

What matters is the big picture. That's why so many things look best when viewed from afar. Paintings, for example. Or large orchestrated gatherings such as those from the Soviet Union, China, North Korea. What I hate about women (hate being the wrong word), especially girls. Wait. Just because you read-up on the meaning of … Continue reading A Night Out

Protect The Seed

To make a purchase of any value you have to take a loan. So how do you feed the consumer hunger when they can no longer afford the loans? Story: person about to run amok. He's obese. Unemployed. Wife left him. Wants to be father to his son but doesn't know how. Calculates it all … Continue reading Protect The Seed

The Commodity

Shroeder's - German beer hall restaurant near hotel off Market Street. Finance district SF? Drnking a beer, the wheat beer from Germany?, tasted bland, I switched to Anchor Steam. When in Rome... Getting drunk on beer and small-talkin'--can't help listening to two yuppies talk about making money. (The sucess(ful) (of) fools.) What was the dialog … Continue reading The Commodity

Bonnie Without Clyde

Stone notices all the military recruiters around mid-west America. Do you have to call him "Stone"? It's used too much. It's ok to be dumb as long as you keep it to yourself. Story. Young woman, middle age man. Crisis situation. The two are in a (kind of) corner. The first things audience hears is: … Continue reading Bonnie Without Clyde

The Gift

Idear. The son of a rich man bitter that he can't make it one his own finds new ways, criminal ways?, to get rich. What he learned from his rich father is that you just have to be tactical with the truth and when being tactical is too difficult then you just have to find … Continue reading The Gift

Matti's Therapy

A mother and her (crazy) sons (or son). Two male characters. One a boy, the other a young man. No. Just one son. One son. The mother has to deal with the problems of her son because the father is absent (died, runaway, etc.) The young man is also troubled. The young man and the … Continue reading Matti's Therapy

Horatio Or Frank

What is the opposite of happiness? Of suffering? When I think of JC I wonder of his choices. Of course they were choices of ideology but perhaps they were choices of or between happiness and suffering. (The two things humans inherently now, like instinct.) The choice, for example, to go into the desert for 40 days, … Continue reading Horatio Or Frank

The Perfect Machine

Images of this and that. Like the new fangled death machine. How to kill and bury yourself. It's an all-in-one machine. Get's it all done. Get rid of all the evidence, too. Rid of the deed. Talk about disappearing act. And, yes, it does involve a mechanics, which is the most freighting part of it all. … Continue reading The Perfect Machine

Think Future

I have not been true to you my dear. Notes and thoughts have made their way to other books. And as you can see, you have not been forgotten. You'll be happy to know I've taken steps to move on. Of course this could be temporary but for how long I do not know. Remember … Continue reading Think Future

Years Aplenty

Idear(s). Seven years of plenty, seven years of famine. The biblical cycle played out on the floor of the stock market. Say, maybe this could be scene from previous idear about multi-dimensions? There are chanting oxen led by a wizard-merchant who sells their chows songs. The magic of the wizard-merchant is not to become paid … Continue reading Years Aplenty

Play Of Dimensions

The days are long and slow. The nights becoming more frequent with less happeing. But sometimes, just sometimes... Idear (play): story taking place among inhabitants of multiple dimensions. To show this (the dimensions) a still picture represents the gateway where beings can move hither and tither. The would require that actors remains still while multi-dimensional scenes are … Continue reading Play Of Dimensions