Two People Falling

2004 12 27

Man and woman finding each other. They weren’t looking. Do you understand? Do you know? So…

Stage: Two people falling on stage and talking as though nothing has happened, although they just fell onto the stage. They realize they know each other and begin to dialog. The conversation is about what caused them to fall (onto stage). Subsequent scenes about the fall. Original sin.

So… what is the promise of marriage? One of the laws of marriage deals with the issue of fidelity but what when this law is rescinded? Who came up with this part of marriage in the first place? The man or the woman?

Better leave that one alone.


True Truth

2004 12 22

What is the logic? (Where?) Sexism, for example. Or prohibition of pornography by so-called moralists. What’s the point of a bunch of men out there protesting a porn movie house?

The only answer to Christopher Marlow being another of W. Shakespeare’s work, although he was (supposedly) dead, is that he had already wrote the plays and WS simply stole them upon his death.

Idear: Something about the anti-federalists in Americant. William Cooper, for example. There is a subtle leader (out there) who has been trying and has dedicated his life to building, amassing, mobilizing an army that will over-throw the (current) past WW2 US govt. The play ends with WC thinking, questioning, whether or not all the people who signed on are enough and if they are real.

True truth. Faith, perhaps blind faith, is the power behind true truth. Is it the same as 1-1 or 3-3? Two equal and yet opposites parts that ultimately cancel each other only to leave a void where the human psyche can be so easily manipulated.

Lingering question.

How do you fake a virgin birth? Define or redefine “virgin”. Go back to ancient…

Something else.

Mark 14 the anointing of JC. Witnessed by many. This type of “anointing” was reserved for something special–it obviously motivated Judas to run off and betray JC. Is it possible that JC chose a different path than the (then) high Jewish priests would have accepted? If JC had chosen the path of war/King then perhaps they would have tolerated him but instead JC chose (a) path of David which threatened their power.


Printers Ornaments

2004 12 19

Wingdings, dingbats, aka “printer’s ornaments”, the origin was to help printers fill space or decorate when printing. Today this is a type of code. Or it’s an undiscovered secret containing code.


Idea: a defrocked drunk turned detective stumbles on the secret of the anti-christ.

What happens when twins mate? (Assuming the proper configuration of twins.)

The product of this, according to some occultists, is life being neither male or female. The tension, stress, friction of sex can then be resolved and unity of the spirit can begin its ascension. (Only possible with modern day birth-control?)

Bela & Kaan. The brothers. They find out they’re step brothers. Kaan is actually the product of Eve’s promiscuity (w/Satan). Adam is a bumbling idiot.

The tree as phallic male symbol. The roots dig in the earth or hell. The full of the tree is man or life. The branches are lives path and it all explodes to the sky in search of something unattainable.

Oh, I’m on a role.

The path way and journey towards (to) the anti-christ. Bloodlines finding brethren in order to mate and continue the lines. But what if a bloodline relative is found somewhere remote and he or she has no clue to their heritage?


Fun Of It All

2004 12 18

It is said that apathy is the work of the devil. Yet in a world where parallels cross at will all in the name of something futile (social justice) that/then perhaps in apathy lies (a) solution to all ill will. When work for productivity became chain–like then the first casualty of the fight for freedom was the truth. Or…

God in a jealous rage created the institutions that now control mankind. He did not create man. It is/was lucifers only wish to show man what God would/could not do. What god was capable of…

Perhaps the time has come to return to the book of hours. Yes, an illustration is required to get a point across. But what to do when someone looks deeper into a picture book made by member of a… Secret society that just can’t keep a secret.

Oh, the fun of it all.


Virgins And OGU

25 11 04

Thinking of things that could make sense. Verisimilitude. Illusion. Delusion. Etc.

What is the only way a child can be born of a virgin? How can a child be born of a virgin? How is a virgin child-birth possible?

-The mother of the child is not a woman.
-The child is unaware that it has a mother.
-The child is not born of a woman.
-The child is born of a man. (But no one likes this idear much.)
-The child doesn’t actually exist. That is, it has no physical form.

How do we know that what we have known as god is in reality something else? Maybe Satan wasn’t a bad angel but a revolutionary who stepped out of bounds. The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me…

The cornering of a major secret society member. How would he react? What would he/she do to save its skin?

The anatomy of deception.

It’s when you stop questioning. Questioning is the answer. When a child wants all the answers which you’ll never be able to give remind hime or teach him that (or reassures) he will or can find solace in spending a life questioning.

How can I make a virgin? Can a virgin be made/manufactured?

German cat on hat tin roof in Kleineshaus Wiesbaden. Saw an article title on the board outside that said/declared: Die suche nach Realistische Stücke. Oh boy, what in now/this week…

And I will watch the play of TW with the thought of virgins, especially male virgins, possibly Eunuchs, who walk the planet waiting for their next command. Eunuchs are Eunuchs because they try to be like angels–god’s workers. It will all happen after Act 2 from TW that the coming of part 2 will take the public by storm.

It was Cain who slay his borther and then he was banished to the world. But what of his surviving mother and father? And what of the other siblings?

Wait! The answer to the question of the virgins (which I probably didn’t ask correctly to begin with). It could be (she could be) a vassal or a ship never sailed but can’t exist without a very special cargo. That is, the ship can’t exist without its special cargo.

What is causal being?

Man + Woman = subject + object
+ + – = subject + object

What was Adam and Eve’s gravest error? Thinking their sex was their own. Would the most powerful being in the universe choose the first humans away because they ate a piece of fruit? I’m sure He has better things to do. Or at least more important things to motivate him to do. So… Adam + Eve were chased out of paradise because they did not meet or accept the basic premise of plus and minus, the premise and pretext of the universe. Banish.

And now… OGU. The One God Universe, by William Burroughs.

One God UniverseRant on.



Sion Conspiracy Craze

24 11 04

Shipped yesterday. Shipping a lot lately. Never quite know where I might fall or if the ground is hard or not. The reason for it is obvious. My mouth. She runs on at times. It’s very difficult keeping pace, you know. It came especially fast last night–pushed on by too much wine. Couch potato philosophy which is the only thing I’m good at. Took the moment. I was trying to address the issue of meaning in a meaningless world. In doing so mentioned a woman with child. This was immediately misunderstood. A woman does not have to have child for meaning but if she has nothing else then there is no wonder why so many idiots are born. Her meaning cannot be passed on the child. Of course the context of the discussion should be addressed. Yes, the great contrast among content and context. Oh, that issue of meaning.

Worst-writing of which…

Who is waiting for the Merovingian descendent? Those waiting for the first or second coming? How ’bout the third? Oh yeah. The whole thing will be a shing-ding. And the whole of America is caught in its bahn. How do you fool an entire nation? How do you hide the greatest kept secret in history only to wipe it out at the right moment?

You’ve got to be kidding me.


What if it turns out that the family of the president of the USA is actually the descendent of King David? What if this family was/is about to reveal a secret that would prove for the Jews the first, for the christians the second coming. Oh boy. The knüller of the story though is the protagonist and audience think the president and his very influential family are the embodiment of the coming. But this is not the case. In fact the president is only a messenger. Like John the Baptist. For whatever reason he is only the messenger–which it turns out he didn’t know anything about. And what about that John fellow? Where does he fit in here? At least I feel comfortable that such an idear could compete with TV. How does the Prieure du Sion fit in here? Is Bush senior the head of it now? Oh, I mean the father of the president. This is all NOT about the best kept secret in history but instead the most perfect lie ever told. Characters? Verarsch. Make fun of the crazed interest in sons of sons of gods. Who are the characters? Luke, Mat(hew), Mark and the unknown John. But there’s others too? The two Mary’s, one of which is called the great widow or the widow from across the sea? Just remember! The meek are the ones who have nothing to lose. The powerful have to spend too much time protecting their power. And then there’s the… secret society thing–that which makes the world go ’round.

Oh, I ask, what is as silly as a man smoking menthol cigs and NOT knowing what they are?

Rant on.


Links Berg Hoch

18 11 04

Someone is being chased and as he practically defeats his chaser (who is chasing for ransom) he cuts a deal with him. “Okay, you got me. Turn me in. Collect your ransom but then come back and get me out.” The story is what happens between chaser and chased to cause him/them to turn. The chaser turns in the chased only to break out again. But then the two (chaser and changed) realize that the the true/real motivator (Auftraggaber) is really a nice guy and only wants to help. But help what?


What–when someone dies and it is not their life–past that flashes before eyes but instead the future which then brings him back to life? (Stop. Pay tribute.)

Between deals the men walk in directions beyond their control. (So get directions? Not likely.) Like a lifeless but happy amiba just before asexual propagation takes the order of the day.


Bill Board. Bill has just inherited his father’s business. Bill Senior was a ruthless man bent on success. But his life comes to an abrupt end just as he is about to make a deal. His son, arrogant and unattached to his father, inherits the business. As the lawyers inform the sun about The Will and everything else, Bill Junior really has no clue about was what his father actually did. Now that he gets it all, he also wants to change it. The beginnings of Ted Turner and the billboard company he turns into an empire. Generation change, and the like. The start of cable and 24X7 news. How to blind a nation with billboards.

Direction note: Autobahn 46 > Wuppertal-Katenberg, Rechts runter, Shell/Aldi, weiter Xreuyung, links Berg hoch.

Be good.


She Walks In Gun Store

16 11 04

America. America. Do you hear the calling? Don’t kill the messenger, please. I’m just ’round (t)here, under your chin. I know it’s a mess but most porn endings are. So what. Don’t wipe me off with your spotted hanky just yet.

A woman walks into a gun store. The owner is always thrilled ot have a female customer. So he puts a little extra effort into providing her service. That she has no clue about guns makes the situation even more exciting. He asks her what she wants one for. She replies “I want to kill my husband because he’s been cheating on me with another woman.” The gun store owner steps back and goes into a short speech about how dedicated he is to selling guns and providing good service. But when people come in and cynically approach him and say things like that, well… He finds no amusement in it and would prefer not to do business with a cynic. “No, I’m serious. I want to buy a gun,” she says. He tells her again that he doesn’t do that kind of business. Then she pulls out a picture from her purse and gives it to the store owner. He looks at it. Pause. It’s the woman’s husband with the gun owners wife.

What’s the motto?

Rant on.


Between Meridians

12 11 04

Yes. Between meridians I will mark it with this date. I have seen a vision. So many. Always trapped in the three walls of a black box. This time two people meet for a debate. One side of the stage is a table dressed in white prepared for a fancy dinner. Next to that, other side of stage, a rundown bar. The debaters try and prove arguments which are then enacted in various positions on stage. Yes. And what are the arguments? Who is debating? What scenes are playing out?’s love at the white table. A redneck brawl at the bar. The table then becomes the desk of a salesman trying to squeak the last penny out of a working poor schmuck. The bar becomes a counter at a doctor’s office or a department store, etc. The table becomes a place where a contract is signed. All the time the actors are playing out what eventually overlaps into the debaters lives. The things that baiters discuss: 1) international affairs, 2) the economy, 3) domestic issues. Put a twist on it. Give it some pizzazz. Just like the stuff the guy must have been on when he/she designed the cursive Z.

A woman on such and such flight was so confused that she mixed up the signs indicating if the bath stalls are occupied or not. Human intelligence can be measured by the change in airline service the last 30 years. Zero. Zilch. None. How disappointed she will be when she finally realizes the hell she’s landed in is just like the one she left. All those bodies still fucking and she’s waiting in line but doesn’t know it yet. Waiting for what? The dancing men around all corners of her mind. Jiggling something unfamiliar and sing some poem just off key. Oh the battles we must all wage. To get by. And yet we never ask why what where did it all start.