True Truth

2004 12 22 What is the logic? (Where?) Sexism, for example. Or prohibition of pornography by so-called moralists. What's the point of a bunch of men out there protesting a porn movie house? The only answer to Christopher Marlow being another of W. Shakespeare's work, although he was (supposedly) dead, is that he had already … Continue reading True Truth

Printers Ornaments

2004 12 19 Wingdings, dingbats, aka “printer’s ornaments”, the origin was to help printers fill space or decorate when printing. Today this is a type of code. Or it’s an undiscovered secret containing code. Priest. Idea: a defrocked drunk turned detective stumbles on the secret of the anti-christ. What happens when twins mate? (Assuming the … Continue reading Printers Ornaments

Fun Of It All

2004 12 18 It is said that apathy is the work of the devil. Yet in a world where parallels cross at will all in the name of something futile (social justice) that/then perhaps in apathy lies (a) solution to all ill will. When work for productivity became chain–like then the first casualty of the … Continue reading Fun Of It All