Populace, Popularity, Pregnancy And, Don't Worry, You're With Stupid

I'm with stupid t-shirt

Time for proof of how it’s more difficult to get rid of The Stupid than it is to get rid of ants in India or lice in dirty kids’ hair or that stupid Chewbacca mask. Congratulations are (might be) at hand. Even though it probably won’t topple your favourite stupid Chewbacca mask, #americant has something else to put on its popularity of stupid t-shirt. A highschooler just dropped a water bottle on a table and he’s really, really popular. (Pause now. Take that in.)

That worst said, is it possible to actually get rid of the The Stupid in a society? According to the most recent popular video contest, probably not. But then again, #americant hasn’t really ever graduated from high school. On the other hand, if we look at history, it might be possible to get rid of The Stupid. It was got-rid-of in Germany. It wasn’t completely got-rid-of in Japan. Which brings me to this little tangent.

One of the reason the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan was because of how radical the Japanese were regarding the divinity of their emperor. They would not unconditionally surrender because the emperor couldn’t. They actually believed a God cannot surrender to men. Talk about… The Stupid. Nomatter. When we dropped those bombs on Japan they were already defeated–just not in spirit. But I digress.

The Japanese have certainly made good headwinds in their long struggle to bring their emperor bullshit back down to earth, i.e. limit their Stupidity. So. If a populace that believes so deeply in something as noble as a divine emperor can get rid of, at the least, most of their Stupid, how can #americant begin to deal with it? Whether its a political issue like abortion or head shaking popularity i.e. Kardashians or Honey Booboo–and I mean, come on, those three things together really do represent #americant stupidity–how can this be got-rid-of? Well, worst-writer has an answer for you. Ready?

It can’t. Even if #americant doesn’t elect the ultimate stupid in the upcoming presidential race–and I really thought that #americant couldn’t get any worse than Dubya Bush–Donald Trump is proof of how Stupid a population can actually get–without being run by dictator or a god-like emperor. Which means, I suppose, my beloved #americant does have a god-like dictator that rules its collective conscience. It’s called the almighty dollar. And whatever the almighty dollar wants (greed) the All-Sttupid delivers.

Rant on.


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Oh No! Window To Inner National Self Opened. Yet No One Panics.

Having lived in a fraternity once, this example of collegiate behaviour comes as no surprise. But the key thing to remember, dear worst-reader, is not what takes place but the fact that it takes place all the time, always has, will never stop. Which brings me to the following memory. I got into a heated debate with a corporatist once while having a drink a local watering hole. We are about the same age but he’s in the middle of putting his two kids through college and he’s angry that the economy isn’t helping him pay for it. I turned to him, sipped my rye, and said, “what the hell you sending your kids to college for anyway? I mean. Don’t you realise that the country is being run by college grads. Look at it.” He put his drink down on the bar and paused. “What? What do you mean? Don’t you want to send your kids to college,” he asked me. “Not really,” was my response. He was totally flabbergasted. I could see it in his face, his conventional mind twisting and turning, a new thought from a new angle had entered it. “Seriously. We can agree to disagree about politics, my friend, but the commoditisation of higher education and the effects its having on the world should be obvious.” Gulp. Gulp. “Holy cow,” he said. Yeah, baby. With that in mind, mamas of the world unite and sing: Mama don’t let you babies go to college. Rant on.  -tommi

Source: ATO’s National Office Revokes Charter From Indiana Chapter Over Oral Sex Video

The Bigot Meter

ahmed clockTrillions of dollars have been spent. Habeas Corpus has been suspended–along with Bill of Rights. The government has the right to spy on you. You can be put on a no-fly list. We now have a government institution named homeland security. We also have a patriot act that cannot be dissolved which guarantees all the above. Seriously. Can it get more Orwellian? I’m sure there is plenty more to add to the list. But it all seems redundant at this point, doesn’t it? I mean, what has happened since that morning? That morning in September, 2001. I’ll tell you what has happened. They won. No, seriously. We might as well come out and admit it. The terrorists have won. The guys in those planes, the guys in Afghanistan, the Iranians, Hamas, ISIS/ISIL. Etc. All of ’em. They have won. Wanna know how I know they’ve won? Just look around. Look around as though you’ve never looked around before. Nomatter what you believe, what TV station you watch, what party you (think you) vote for, look around. The world has gone batshit. All there is, as ever has been, is profitability, greed, death, destruction and batshit. And that’s the ticket, dear worst-reader. The terrorists have won because, well, batshit rules. “But wait. Hasn’t it always been that way, worst-writer?” Ok. Maybe it has. But it seems to me that in the past, when the batshit got too thick, when the ammonia stench overwhelms, something came along to counter it. What that something is, I can’t get into here. It’s too broad, wide, over-reaching–and way too deep for worst-writer. Instead, all one needs to consider, look at, are the little things. Like how a 14 year old American citizen high school student, with brown skin, a muslim name and a small case with a bunch of wires and circuits in it, gets arrested–because batshit rules. Our minds have been so overcome with fear, so clouded with anger, so dimmed with wanton ignorance, that a boy’s science project MUST be a bomb. What! Wait. And that’s not all. Batshit is more than everywhere. You can see it in the way police departments across the country wield deadly force over communities, mainly aimed at people with dark skin. You can see it when presidential candidates get questions from “citizens” regarding the legitimacy of a dark skin president. You can see it when the Republican Party splits into factions of … Batshit. Indeed. The terrorists have won because we now officially live for batshit–thanks to them. And since we’re on the issue of thanking, I want to thank Ahmed Mohamed for providing #americant with yet another beacon of light to the truth–and for giving us the first ever BIGOT METER.

Good luck suckers. Rant on. -t

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Separation Of Church And The Gullible

happy gullibleThere is a reason you can’t get divorced in a church. There is also a reason a church can’t issue a marriage license. Beyond the fact that worst-writer thinks marriage–as a state sanctioned institution–should be abolished, there is the age-old question of what came first: the chicken or the gullible? I won’t argue the issue of whether or not #americant is a nation born of religious faith–especially, in the eyes of timid sheep, born of Abrahamic faith. Instead I like to turn the conversation to puritanism and bidness. What most people have forgotten (or fail to recognise) is that America is a business. It is not a country. It is not a nation. It is a place of pure and unadulterated commerce. Period. Without belittling the pride so many feel for Her, that is not to say that there is no validity to the tears often shed when The Star Spangled Banner is sung–I choke up myself here and there. Yet none of that should hide the reality that there are two sides to any bidness transaction: there is the side that profits and the side that takes its seat among the gullible in order to enable and facilitate that profit. Obviously the experiment (that is America and has become #americant) has worked well for the profiteers. It’s even worked well for those that used to be close to the profiteers, i.e. the middle class, although that part is obviously waning. But, indeed, as is the case whenever the top trickles down to the bottom, at some point the top starts to feel cheated–as is the case post the new-deal. Now it’s payback time. Political conservatism in the United Mistakes has had a field day in the past thirty or so years getting some payback for what FDR, “liberals” and Democrats have done in an attempt to halt the top from taking everything. And I would even go so far as to say that the gullible have tried once or twice to wake up to the reality of this. But, instead of continuing to push for some form of top-down concessions, the gullible rest on laurels. In my lifetime Americans, in order to make sense of what has been done to them, i.e. the economy, wars on this or that, terrorism, guns, mass shootings, failing infrastructure, credit card debt, etc., etc., have sought answers where there are none–mostly because the wrong questions are being asked. How should the gullible, the stupid, ask the right questions? I don’t know and I don’t give a shit. The only thing I care about is the vacuum of/in the mind. Fear becomes your way of life. Threat becomes your daily dose. Neighbour becomes your enemy. Stupid is your survival. And so. I believe the founding fathers had an answer almost three hundred years ago for what ails #americant today. It is the answer to the ultimate question. And it goes something like this: the separation of church and state is what will set you free. The reason the founding fathers wanted a state separated from the church is because without the church (at least in the western world) there can be no king. How does a king gets his power, you ask. Through… Wait for it. Wait. A king gets his power the same way religion does. Faith. Belief. The gullible. People have to believe. But America has no king, you say. And you are right, dear worst-reader. But it has something that leads to a king. The faithful in #americant today have been wielded oh so brilliantly by the powers-that-be. Political conservatism has latched on to these believers like a leech. This is most obvious in the religious right and the gullible (believers) that somehow get jobs in state governments where they freely force (their) religion on others. Separation of church and state? Oh well. That’s ok. America was fun while it lasted. I guess. And so. I mean. Come on. A measly clerk in a Kentucky government office doesn’t perform her mandated job? And she’s even willing to go to jail for that? Seriously? That’s like saying a cop won’t arrest a bank robber cause he’s believes in his lunch break. But of course. After fighting this thru courts all the way to the Supremes, this is where the right side of history converges? Indeed it does. And with that in mind. Good luck suckers.

Rant on. -Tommi

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The sex obsessed nation-cult? Is it me, getting old, prude? Or am I just bored of it all? At the least, I’m kinda perturbed with all the here & there of sex in what I read. I mean, I scan the news everyday. Whether it’s HuffPost, Reddit or Google News, etc., I’m all over it like two teens in spring-time trying to figure out the metaphor of birds & bees. You see! They’ve even got me obsexxing over it. Nomatter. Allow me to just worst-write this, dear worst-reader. There must be better things to do (in this life) than just write and write and write… about sex. Or? If not, there’s always the entertainment value. Right? Which brings me to the question: who created a media obsessed with sex? Was it William Randolph Hearst? Was it Hugh Hefner? Or was it that cartoon chick shaped like a bombshell who was married to a friggin’ rabbit? Again. Nomatter. Below just a few recent articles regarding #americants obsexxion with… you know what. I especially like the comparison of the boomer generation with millennials. But then again. Maybe I like the nonsense of Sofia Vegara’s estranged rightwing nut-job former lover who thinks he has the right to somehow promote family values and anti-choice by claiming their seeded embryos for himself. Or was that all just part of promoting Vegara’s krappy new movie? Rant on. -tommi

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The Perpetual Childhood

Maher nails it again. And boy do I remember frat-houses. In fact, I lived in one for a whole freakin’ semester once. It was one of the worst decisions I ever made–other than deciding to try college at all. But there was one thing I learned about #americant after that experience. It’s not so much that these organisations serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever besides teaching young adults how to never really grow up. No. What frats (and sororities) do is simply prolong the inevitable. In fact, frats are the tip of the iceberg in this arena. The whole college industry is part of it, too. You can simply go from the room your parents provided you to another room they provide you and yet you stay in the mentality of being that same child–forever!–and all thanks to the profit centres of Americant (mis)education institutions. Hence, the college grads running the the show today know this all too well. I’m worst-writing, of course, about the Obamas and all of his staff, the Dubyas and all of his staff (and they were all older), probably all congressman and most certainly anyone that has a half-decently paid living standard working for a corporation. In fact, I’m not saying that people don’t learn anything in college. Obviously they do. And now most of the world can see clearly exactly what it is they’ve learned. I mean. What it is all these grads have done. Or? Nomatter. The cogs of the machine will continue on with: Greed. Empire. Terrorism. Belonging. Sentiment. Etc. And. Just look at the US government, American industry and corporations, banks, local communities, etc. Everybody is a child with a gun or too much money or too many houses or or or. Where do people learn this behaviour? Yeah. Infantilism is still far off in the future to being recognised as a disease. But that day will come eventually. And frat-boys will be the first to be treated. Or maybe not. Rant on. -t

Mudfish Misdirected

While so many freaked-out over the recent revelations that Hillary Rodham Clinton, former US Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate (Dem), might have bent the law regarding her private ownership of government emails, worst-writer was sitting on the banks of a muddy river contemplating what need be done. Indeed. Worst-writer tends to take a different path when it comes to criticising and analysing government dysfunction. And so. Before it could even be established if Clinton did anything wrong, all the same folk that tried to noose her for Benghazi hoped they hit gold with the fact that she was tech savvy enough to run her own secure email servers. Now that their hopeful schadenfreude has been misdirected, where should one look for real and true examples of government dysfunction? Obviously the halls of Congress is a great place to start. But somehow, the way those halls are plastered in the faces of the clueless minions through talking heads and corporate media, how should one break out from the rigamarole? The obvious but trivial answer is: have no fear, worst-writer is here. The more profound fascist question is: get off your ass and throw your arm under the surface of the muddy water. Seek out with your hand the resting hole of that mudfish that is your life. Once you find a hole stick your arm so far down into it that the beast doesn’t know what’s hit it. And then stick your arm down its throat till its lips can latch on to your bicep. Yeah. Deeper. Grab it by its innards and then start to yank till your arm with a mudfish attached to it emerges for all your redneck reactionaries to see. And when you stand there with your front and back stained trousers, watching your little missy dance on the shore line, proud of her man, all you can think to do is cross your heart, hope to die, and start that prayer of allegiance to the dangling titties underneath American flags. And when your done, after you’ve cleaned yourself up, get out there and try, for the first time in your life, to think for yourself. Cause you are the mudfish catcher, motherfucker. Then, only then, might you come across something that actually reveals who and what you are once you step away from those muddy waters. Yeah, baby. It’s out there, dear worst-reader. It really is. More than the mudfish, more than the muddy water, more than those luscious titties. The information that might help you find answers to all those questions that you’ve allowed pundits to answer for you. The answers that made America the place it is today. Fail upwards. Race to the bottom. This is the end. Hence, check out the article below if you want to see the true face of what’s wrong with everything–and what stands in natural opposition to the fancy of more Clinton heresy. In fact, when you put the effort into it, the information you may find can be so compelling that you might shed a tear or three once you realise you’ve done something worthwhile on your own. You know what I found out recently after catching my mudfish? I found out that the man-boys are starting to eat themselves. Or have they started that long ago? Nomatter. The republican ranks, the political party that is the mostest responsible for facilitating political conservatism that is today’s #americant, kills itself because of childish name-calling. Can you believe it? I can. And so. These people are running the show and I bet not one of them could actually run their own email server–even if they paid someone to do it. But they could catch mudfish for all the wrong reasons. Rant on. And good luck suckers. -t

‘Politics Gone Hideously Wrong’: Anti-Semitic Bullying Said to Contribute to a Missouri Official’s Recent Suicide | Alternet.