Could The Devil Make Him Not Do It

In the ordinary moral universe, the good will do the best they can, the worst will do the worst they can, but if you want to make good people do wicked things, you’ll need religion. -Christopher Hitchens

Alternative worst-title of this worst-post: The troll conundrum.

Been worst-contemplating, dear worst-reader. Or. Like you. Should I just blow it off? You know. Blow off the troll conundrum that some unknown (to me) rap singer is spewing due to his skewed, distorted view of life? I mean. Is this guy trolling someone, something or somehow? Is he trolling Alex Jones? In other worst-words, dear worst-reader, did an African-American male, who is relatively young, it should be noted, go down to the white-man devil‘s liar in Maga-Lard-O, FL, and bring with him a white supremacists cohort, in order to troll former prez pee-pee-hair? WTF is going on with Ye?

Some have said he’s ill, as in: sick in the head. Others say he doesn’t take his medicine, as in: like so many #Americants should–or probably should stop. Or. Maybe. He’s going through a midlife crisis. Actually, I just came up with the midlife crisis thing. #Nomatter. The worst-thing is, the stuff this guy is spewing is pretty much bread & butter #Americant. No. Seriously. Worst-writer is almost sixty. The stuff Ye has been saying the past few weeks I’ve heard all my life. Hitler this, Hitler that. He talks about the invention of Autobahns. I’ve heard (old) Germans talk about, back in the day, how they could leave their bike unlocked, which is referring to how safe their Nazi communities were. Of course. I’m not sure what Ye‘s microphone reference is supposed to be about. You know. Ye thinks Hitler invented the microphone. Seriously? Adolf Hitler, the failed artist and wounded WW1 veteran, inventing a/the microphone? Again. #Nomatter. The stuff he‘s saying, as commonplace as it is, has one major caveat and/or worst-question. When did this kind of talk become common place… outside the white man’s world of greed-galore? Does such a worst-question make me naive? Ok. But. Which brings me back round to the idear that Ye is/might be ill. The thing is. I don‘t think he‘s ill at all. I think this is the reaction of any #Americant male reared among the disease that is being #Americant male–especially in these times of the greed $hitshow that has turned the world upside down, inside out, this or that–all based on the amount of $hit you can buy, consume. Which begs yet another worst-question: how the fcuk does this deplorable-ness get passed on to an African American or, perhaps, should be more concerned with white supremacy?

Could it have anything to do with consuming-to-survive?

Perhaps there‘s another worst-explanation for Kanye West‘s slash Ye‘s behavior. As stated in the quote above, religion makes good people do evil stuff. Even though Ye‘s Hitler mouth vomit isn‘t about religion, isn‘t the new & improved greed $hitshow aka #Americant, not unlike a religion? I mean. The country is awash in conspiracy theory. It’s drowning itself in greed. A huge swath of the population (half?) believes elections, according to one side of the political spectrum, are stolen. Greed is such a huuuuuge part of #Americant life, most know nothing else. Jesus was white–and he was a Christian. If you fold a dollar bill the right way you can decode symbols that reveal the true nature of the Illuminati and how it controls EVERYTHING. Did I mention greed? Oh wait. How bout more conspiracy-theory krapp. Right? Wait. Did I mention chemtrails are what make the greed? #Nomatter.

My worst-point is kinda this. Ye, like so many others in #Americant right now, due mostly to cultural, social and economic mental and behavior issues, as opposed to merit, i.e. the fallacy of meritocracy, which determines success or failure, is in a world of trouble. First. He‘s gone through a terrible divorce, which looks more and more like he was dumped because his wife somehow found out he’s a moron. How do most men deal with being dumped? Second. He owes something like fifty million in back taxes. These are taxes that he may or mayn‘t be able to pay on account he‘s lost so much money recently–due to his inability to shut his mouth and just make music. And third. In order to fit in, I guess, he‘s aligned himself with everything that‘s proven itself to be #Americant. And once you do that, it seems, there‘s no turning back. And so. Like (a) religion, he has no choice but to do evil.


Rant on.


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Monster Blueburd Gory Facebag Prime Crack Now Buy More

Alternative worst-title: Musk and the new wave of CEO mismanagement or how to giggle-barf profusely at Zuckerberg and does Beos creep you out?

Probably can’t worst-write about it enough, dear worst-reader. That says a lot considering how much worse there is out there these days. So let’s ask a few worst-questions instead. For worst-example. Are you having a Freudenschade moment? Do you feel for all the tech people losing their jobs? Are we (consume-to-survivors) on the verge of a/the great tech chasm that may or mayn’t (finally) put the interwebnets back in the hands of Das Volk i.e. users as opposed to automaton corporate goons? Does Amazon even deserve to exist? Then again…

What the bee-gee-zees is going on in the tech world?

Within the coming months somewhere between thirty and forty thousand tech workers are gonna lose their jobs. WTF! I mean. Don‘t get me wrong, don‘t you know, dear worst-reader. I was employed and fired several times in the short stint of a tech career that someone told me I had. Every time I was fired (laid off) I giggled my way out of the company. Well, I giggled till that last giggle stopped turning into a new job. Yeah. I was sort of a job-jumper more than I was a careerist. That‘s obvious.

So what’s the big deal with the tech world these days?

Well. First. Social media, at least to worst-moi, ain‘t the tech world. Using the web as a storefront/distribution business aka Amazon also ain’t about tech. On the other worst-hand, worst-writer would give more credit to the likes of Twitter as a tech company. Facebag? That is a media company. What is a tech company? Yeah. You might want to do your own #interwebnet stuff on that question.

Although I have no idear what‘s gonna happen to Twitter, Musk buying it was not a very smart tech thing to do. So is Musk, perhaps, not very bright?

The things is, dear worst-reader. I can‘t care much anymore about all this chaos in the world. Reason? Simple. I don‘t have a full life ahead of me. At my age, my days are numbered. Then again. There is this little speck of desire, not unlike that tickle I can still get sometimes in my pecker that reminds me of those banging days–where I tried to fit into a world of compliant, compulsive, automaton behaviorists but in the end (as in end of my job/career days) I managed to find a way out that was/is only comparable to winning the friggin lottery but never buying a lottery ticket on account, well, I just can‘t get behind the idear of voluntary taxation. But I die-gress.

Rant on.


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When #Americant Can. Maybe.

To understand the reflexive defense of Alex Jones, one has to understand the ethos of the new right. It is both aggressively punitive and perpetually aggrieved. It lives to smash its enemies in the mouth and “burn down” the American establishment. At the same time, the new right claims that it’s the real victim—as if its lies and conspiracies shouldn’t carry consequences.

Source: The Atlantic

It cannot be worst-said enough, dear worst-reader. #Americant is obsessed with conspiracy theory because of one simple idear. People are incapable of rationalising (their) circumstance(s). In other worst-words, if you’re either intellectually incapable or you are willingly incapable of determining and/or reasoning the cause of being in a perpetual state of demise, follow your feelings dictated to you by others. Indeed. Put yet another worst-way, conspiracy theories fill the gaps of life that is: FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Hence. Can’t explain why there’s a mass shooting problem? Lie about the victims. Can’t figure out why your generation is fcuked compared to your parents generation? Blame globalists. While you suffer at the behest of the so-called economy and there are many others around you that don’t… That’s right. Blame someone or something else. Never consider the fact that your politics have lead to this. Never question what you don’t know. Do what you’ve always been told: comply to a system that is hellbent on screwing you.

The personification of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that is my beloved & missed #Americant has to be the likes of conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones. And boy oh boy did Jones finally get some/his comeuppance. Even worst-writer didn’t think the jury would award this amount. A billion fcuking bucks, dear worst-reader. WTF! Of course. Now comes the burden of making Jones actually pay. Which begs the question: is that the reason the jury awarded so much? They set the number so high that #nomatter what Jones does, he will have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money that it will certainly ruin him. Isn’t that how they got OJ Simpson? Of course. The real issue here should be more about how #Americant has become a cesspool of idiocy where the likes of Jones festers and perpetuates en masse. The only problem is, unlike defamation, it’s impossible to sue idiocy into oblivion.

Am I wrong.

Rant on.



The Plague Of National Incompetence

This story (link below) has rattled worst-moi more than most regarding the #Americant disease of incompetence. What do I mean by that, you ask, dear worst-reader? Well, it worst-goes something like this. My beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has been suffering for decades as the ill-magic-seed of Ronald Reagan has blossomed into the most ugliest of trees. It’s latest ugly fruit, of course, being former prez mango Mussolini. But I die-gress.

#Americant incompetence begins, of course, with the slow and gradual redistribution of inherited late nineteenth and early twentieth century wealth. This is/was the enabler of the Haves fully exploiting the Have-Nots, thereby culling the lower and middle portion of the Haves (including IMHO the middle classes) who are intellectually incapable of discerning that they’ve slowly but surely been relegated to Have-Not status (which may or mayn’t be poor status). Masses of middle class morons have convinced themselves that redistribution cannot effect them thereby unleashing all they have left: bigotry and hate and spite and uglies of political conservatism. Also. Let’s not forget the fact that there is always–ALWAYS–someone else to blame for economic woes un-understood. Right wing media anyone? You go worst-girl!

Hence right-wing faux-newz, if not ALL conservative media, has laughed and giggled and cackled at its success at killing THE DREAM. This can only culminate in conservative #Americant electing former prez pee-pee-hair and thereby not thinking thrice about how it all came to be. And so goes the toxic high of mass delusion which manifests in pure and unadulterated national incompetence. Need a job to pay off student loans? Join the military where you’ll fight wars where there is no clear enemy (wars of choice). Need more money? Get a third or fourth career at a coffee shop. Don’t know what to do with yourself and the military won’t take you? Become an hourly wage policeman where you can play cops and robbers all day masquerading as a servant of the opposite of peace. And that’s the worst-ticket with this worst-post. Cheap cops. Incompetent cops. Wow.

How is this incompetence best exemplified? Have a look at the lower ranks of minions and their delusional dreams of attaining THE DREAM by submitting themselves to earning a buck by any means. You know. We’re dealing with the compulsive behaviourists aka those who think they actually work for a living when in fact they only find ways to exist, aka consume-to-survive, which can only be achieved on the backs of others. National incompetence is the result of not only lacking any form of creativity but it is the complete and utter absence of rational thought. #Amercant has become a nation of anti-intellectuals in all aspects of society. Or. Dear worst-reader. Is there a better way to explain how a policeman puts someone they are arresting into the back of a patrol car that is parked on train tracks?

How fcuking stupid can you be?

Holly krapp! Worst-writer can’t even come up with stuff like this while in a raging, drunk stupor where tears tremble down my face as I morn my expatriation. With that in worst-mind, let’s worst-say it again. A nation of incompetent nitwits full of rage and hate and bigotry and spite, stemming out of fifty years of political disarray that has turned economics and politics upside down and inside out, because no one can figure out how/why the $hitshow of greed has killed THE DREAM, and now the chasers of that ill-DREAM are nothing more than hourly wage boobs carrying guns, riding around in patrol cars, and they can’t tell the difference between a space to park and a live train track… And yet they still put someone in the back of a patrol car that gets hit by a fcuking train.


If this is not another sign of incompetence on a mass scale worst-writer doesn’t know what is. The only question remaining, dear worst-reader, since #Amercant obviously is not on any path toward solving its ills, what will be the next tragedy of all this incompetence? Your worst-guess is as good as mine.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on, baby.



Death Of The Death Starr

Ken Starr – Wikipedia

Ken Starr – Wikipedia

Now that the #OKBoomers are slowly but surely meeting their makers, it’s time for a bit of worst-subtle rejoicing. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, as a tail-end #OKBoomer, worst-writer holds no pride in his generational adherence. Together with the lost, silent and greatest-generations, who else should carry the guilt-burden of having turned the world into the $hithole it’s become? How is that $hithole best exemplified? Ronald Reagan. Margaret Thatcher. Or should I just generalise them with the name conservatives? Indeed. But let’s not get caught up in the king-makers. How bout those many and forever inbetween gate-keepers–all with that conservative bent that turns their insides into the same ugly, disgusting rot and filth that is their outsides. With that in worst-mind, good riddance Ken Starr. The world is a better place without you and your perverted sense of righteousness, holistic amorality and, of course, let’s not forget, your obsession with presidential consensual oral sex.

Rant on.


Dissecting A Joke

Dissecting A Joke

Time-stamp of vid is 3:51

Worst-title 2: Pete Buttigieg can watch my grandchildren anytime.

Wow, dear worst-reader. Did you get a load of President Biden’s WHCD speech the other night? Even though I voted for him, grew up in MD, which neighbours (his) DE, I’ve never been a fan. Reason? He’s part of that cult of the Democratic Party that turned too far to the right to appease the wackiness of Ronald Reagan and his cohorts, the results of which is the kinda hell we’re living in now. As a senator his performance during the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas, grilling Anita Hill, was despicable–I remember watching it. Serving over fifty years as an elected official, as noble as many find it, is also nothing to brag about when one considers how politicians these days afford their election campaigns. But. Again. Considering what my beloved & missed #Americant puked with the election of the #MAGA cult, I’ll vote for Biden again. Best of the worst, eh. Or. What else are (rational thinking people) gonna do (vote for)? #Nomatter

Worst-writer digs WHCD. Wait. I dig the comedy acts. But sometimes even the presidents get involved in the entertainment. Barry-O’s last WHCD was awesome. Since former prez pee-pee-hair is too thin skinned to participate–because he knows he’ll be drilled a new one (arse) with comedy galore–the whole show has been shut down for the past six years. Enter Joe Biden the comedian. And what an entry, dear worst-reader.

The joke I want to dissect is short lived. At about 3:51 in the vid, Biden says this:

I told my grandkids and Pete Buttigieg they could stay up late tonight.

The crowd got it. I got it. But did you?

Pete Buttigieg is the Secretary of Transportation appointed by Biden. He’s also gay, married to a man, and they both have children. For those of you not in the know, Mayer Pete’s attributes cause about seventy-four million #MAGA voting, former prez cheeto-jezus whack-jobs, to lose their $hit. Reason? Well. As we all know, right-wing nut-jobs in my beloved & missed #Americant have waaaaay bunches of hate all bottled up inside them. They hate minorities, a woman’s right to choose, people who don’t buy armoured tanks and bazookas and assault rifles every weekend and they especially hate gays and lesbians and gays and lesbians that think they have the right, like everyone else, to get married. Yeah. Lot of hate there, eh.

The worst-thing is, dear worst-reader, right-wing nut-jobs have unleashed hell on my beloved & missed #Americant’s different thinkers, different idear makers, different ways of lifers. In lieu of this, they are censoring books in various states that may or may not contain what they consider dubious stuff. They are passing archaic laws repressing LGBTQ rights. They are gerrymandering voting districts to coincide with their hate and bigotry. And, as I was just reading in the newz, their stolen SCOTUS is in the perfect position to finally ban a woman’s right to make her own decisions. As all of this right-wing legislating has been going down for the past forty years, what do they resort to now? They make fun of people–as they’ve always done but it was well hidden–like Pete Buttigeig because he’s gay, he’s married, and he has a family with his husband. If you listen not-so closely to most right-wing talking heads, they too have a bunch of ugly things to say. And so.

Biden’s dig the other night was f’n brilliant. For you see, dear worst-reader, unfortunately there’s more to their hate. Take for example the term groomers. This is the gist of Biden’s joke. Right-wing nut-jobs, especially the religious fanatics, you know, the folk in #Americant that have gone full and comfortable heathen with krapp like prosperity theology, think all people that don’t adhere to archaic religious dogma by choosing a different lifestyle, are or can be groomers. The rest of #Americant should be afraid of groomers because groomers are after the children. WTF!

The only worst-question that remains, considering the state of the world right now, is how much worse can these arseholes make things? If only there was some kind of politic that could stand up to all this. (Sarcasm off.)

Rant on.



One of the issues worst-writer is struggling with in the whole bunches of #interwebnet content, whether on the youtubes or whatever website, which is mostly progressive and lefty on my part, is how easy it is to convolute the/any issue. Since I follow as much world news as I can, and I’m thankful to be able to do so at such low cost, there are moments when I just can’t comprehend the POV of some folk. I’m referring to right and left political punditry. Political punditry, as informative as it can be, has an agenda above and beyond opinion and editorialising. That’s especially true when it comes to the vast amount of opinions that can be so easily published (worstwriter), shared, or, when all goes well, it goes viral. And that’s fine & dandy. Everyone (who can’t figure out the trick like worst-writer can) has to make their way though this life. Or? The worst-thing is, dear worst-reader, over the years, of the lefty stuff I consume on the #interwebnets, it’s getting fewer and far between. Not the stuff, mind you. The pundits.

As a pseudo-lefty (I am worst-writer) I don’t consume much right-wing media. Can’t stomach it. Reason? Right-wingers make me cringe. How’s that? Well. Maybe it’s because 1) we (humanity) can’t choose our parents and 2) having grown up in their (right-wing) neighbourhoods I couldn’t wait to expatriate to a different part of the friggin world? Or maybe it’s because right-wingers, down deep, are incapable of original thought? #Nomatter. I should die-gress. Indeed. I should die-gress because, well, most of the people I worst-write about here don’t really call themselves right-wingers. Yeah. I should leave that. Remember, this is a worst-post about convolutionism. Moving on.

I’m not sure of the date/day when it began but there were, let’s worst-say, a bunch of writers, YouTubers, pundits, I liked. Now? I’m not much of a fan. The reason I don’t like them isn’t so much their politics or punditry but instead some of them seem to have… I don’t know what to call it. Do I mean that some of these writers and pundits and YouTubers have a huge, massive chip on their shoulders? Yeah. That’s the ticket.

I liked these people because I thought they were doing unbiased journalism, even if it was sometimes clouded in punditry. I feel confident enough at my age and literary knowledge to be able to filter stuff I consume on the #interwebnets. At least I can filter out the stuff that makes me cringe. But. As worst-said, something has gone awry with these people. And I don’t get it.

Glenn Greenwald is one. I thought he was a heck of guy having helped out Edward Snowden in his time of need. But look where that got Snowden. I also liked Max Blumenthal. I ate up his book Republican Gomorrah. Then there’s Lee Camp. Although his wiki page describes him as a comedian, his show on RT America was a blast to watch because he made it uniquely informative. Since the cancelling of RT America, due to sanctions, Camp has to find a new means of distribution, which I’m sure he will. And what about all the talking-heads that seem to have exploded in recent years due to YouTubes and so-called social media that are very good at serving the industrial punditry complex? Like Jimmy Dore. He was a great voice on TYT. But something happened there that I’ve never quite understood. The comedy spots on Dore’s YouTubes show are hi-larry-us. Then there’s the Joe Rogan. He was the first #interwebnet talking-head that I gave up on account, even though he’s a great interviewer, he just sounds too much like a Rush Limbaugh spawn that puts nasty-chills in my tummy. Can you see Rogan becoming the new & improved Limbaugh as soon as his fancy and lucrative streaming contract runs its course? But. Again. I should die-gress.

The skill these people have, above and beyond writing, journalism and showmanship, is convolution. That’s not to say they don’t know what they are talking/writing about. It’s more about how they know exactly what they’re doing but they’re doing it in a way that serves something other than the subject matter. Take for example Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Greenwald and Blumenthal easily convolute what is an illegal invasion of a sovereign country by Russia with my beloved & missed #Americant’s foreign policy of the last, shall we say, hundred and fifty years. Obviously they are focusing mostly on the US invasion of Iraq–which was illegal and unwarranted IMHO. They do this by screaming and yelling at Democrats and all they hate about Democrats. Or is it the establishment? It’s mind boggling at best and ordinary at least. Greenwald’s almost fanatical punditry that spews his hate of Hillary Clinton is absurd and delegitimising. Blumenthal at times does the same thing. And although they may or mayn’t say they like former prez pee-pee-hair and his #MAGA cult, they sure do have a lot to say about The Left instead. I guess, for them, it’s all about everything but the problem. Does that mean, in the world of punditry, there are no solutions? 

The article below motivated this post.

Rant on.



Boom Boom… Bang

When I was a kid, dear worst-reader, I played a few sports here and there. By the time I got to #Americant suburban hell high-school, at the encouragement of my sister, who knew that I wasn’t gonna be strong in academics (I am worstwriter), I decided to try my luck with sports. Playing sports, though, meant choices had to be made.

There are three seasons of sports in #Americant schools: fall, winter and spring. Prior to my first year in high-school, during open late summer try-outs, I was accepted to play football. After failing to be fast enough, strong or big enough, nor could I catch the leather egg shaped ball, an assistant coach saw me throw that ball. I was immediately told to report to the try-out area for quarterbacks. Within the first few weeks of the start of my first year of high-school, I was starting quarterback for the junior varsity team.

For the winter season I decided not to wrestle or play basketball. Although I tried wrestling, it wasn’t for me. Basketball? Na. Spring was a different story. For spring I was torn between baseball and tennis. I was leaning toward tennis but there was a hurdle. In baseball the only equipment you need to bring are the shoes or cleats. Same for football. Although it was frowned upon, I could use my football cleats on the baseball field (diamond). Tennis, on the other hand, required shoes and a racket. Now. There were loaner rackets but they were all old and rickety and scratched to hell. This was a time, the late 70s, when wood was still used to make tennis rackets. And then there are the shoes. Ok. I did have a second-hand tennis racket that a neighbour gave me, which is what I used on local tennis courts. But it wasn’t much better than the loan rackets from my school. You get the picture being worst-written here? I couldn’t afford the equipment. What could any low middle-class broken home kid do? #Nomatter

Long worst-story short, my mother pulled through and bought a new pair of Chucks (converse) for me but she said I’d have to play with my old racket and I’ve have to make the shoes last. Wow, I thought. At least I’m getting a new pair of shoes. The thing is, my style of serving on hard tennis courts, where I dragged the tip of my right foot all the time, meant that my shoes didn’t last very long. But guess what. My mom came through again. She found this really cheap jell like substance that I could add to my chucks so they wouldn’t wear down as fast. And that was that. Spring time meant tennis. Yeah. Thanks mom.

Do I regret choosing tennis over baseball? Sometimes. Maybe I could have made something of myself in baseball. But now that I’m older, looking back, I’m good with my choices. It all almost worked out. I mean. Being more than a high-school athlete was never in the cards for worst-moi. I don’t have the genetics for it or the mindset. But it did provide me with a touch of knowledge about how to judge the athletes in this world that do make it. When I watch a football game today, I can still feel the grass under old, raggedy cleats. I can still smell the air from night games. The sound of men crushing each other after making the perfect step in the direction to get that goofy ball to the end zone, rings loud. NFL players are wonders of the universe, dear worst-reader. Just like professional soccer players or olympic athletes and I know what they’ve all endured–because what I endured was only speck compared to them. That worst-said. I do not idealise professional athletes. Although I’m sure most of them have the genetics–or should I worst-say natural born athleticism–more than most don’t have the mindset. But hey! We all gotta make a living. So what the fcuk.

One of the greatest athletes of my youthful time in sports was Boris Becker. I called him Boom-Boom Becker. The thing is, my high-school tennis coach advised me to watch as much tennis as I could when I wasn’t practicing–or doing homework (yeah, right). He told me to watch player’s styles and the way they hold and dribble the ball before serving. Watch the way both feet leave the ground as they serve. Check out where they place their thumb on the racket during backhand swings. Watch how they move around the court, the foot work. And then he added, the most important thing of all when it comes to playing tennis: look at how they watch that ball. They have hawk eyes for that ball.

Boom Boom Becker is one of my favourite tennis players. I also liked John McEnroe but he had one of the weirdest serves in tennis history. For serving he would position himself at the outer most part of the baseline, right next to the singles court line. He then started this wave like motion with the ball and racket together, bending his knees deeper than anyone, and on his way up to meet the ball, he slapped it. Did his style make his placement in the service box effective? Sure enough. Boom Boom, on the other hand, had the coolest serve. He would place himself as most servers did, next to the baseline centre mark. He too would start a waving motion with the ball and racket as though calibrating the two. The way he would throw the ball in the air and then perfectly meet it at its apex… boom! His serves would rocket across the net as though Zeus himself was on his side. Didn’t he win his first Wimbledon at seventeen, the youngest ever, with an ace?

Athletes and mindset are a thing to wonder, dear worst-reader. Unfortunately, in these times, natural born athletes that want to make it bigger than big, have to find ways to numb the mindset. Professional bike racers do it to the hilt, hence they’re all doped to the hilt so as to endure the physical as well as mental pain. Olympic athletes? Don’t get me started. Remember, dear worst-reader, we’re living in times where entire nations are banned from Olympic competition because their own countries pass out the dope. And what about football players? Oh my. What a drug fest that must be these days with the amount of NFL games they have to play per season. Yeah. Better living through chemicals is all about turning off the mental so that the physical blast through the wilds of the universe with a record forty yard dash will curb the mindset of of of… But hey. We all gotta make a living. At least make a living while the game is on.

My better-half and I were chitchatting about Boom Boom the other night as he was being sentenced to jail in London for doing a whole bunch of stupid $hit with other peoples money. I asked my wife if she felt bad for him (she’s more German than I am). She kinda does but added that jail time seems a bit harsh. I told her I don’t feel bad for Boom Boom but I do question how he has to go to jail when so many other institutions, corporations, CEOs, bankers, all of ‘em, go Scott-free after ripping the world off. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? The only time people go to jail for this $hit is when it involves other peoples money, especially the money of the bankers, corporations, institutions, etc.

Can’t wait to see how Boom Boom looks when he gets out.

Rant on.



Martial Law v Marshall Law

Marshall Law could be a name. A cool name. Or it might be the name of some cheesy #Americant tv show. Martial Law, on the other hand, is not a name but is what authoritarians seem to luv–as much, I’m worst-sure, as they luv cheesy, mansplaining #Americant tv. Worst-writer can see mixing them up, especially if one is in a hissy-fit twenty-four-seven on account their existence, upbringing and world-view–not excluding #Americant public schooling–of white supremacy is threatened. In fact, after a bat$hit congress-person used the former instead of the latter, because she either can’t spell or the spell-checker misfired or she simply doesn’t know what she’s talking/tweeting about, I did my own little un-empirical test. Keep in mind, worst-writer has sympathy for misspelling, including a bit of worst-grammar. For I am worstwriter dot com, don’t you know. But my sympathy stems out of having lived abroad for most of my life where I also speak a foreign language ninety percent of the time. In fact, after all these years I’m very afeared to write that foreign language on a daily basis because doing so might show how worst if not kinda stupid I really am. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

The un-empirical test I tried went thus. I went into the google-machine and started typing marsh… (pics above). Turns out that it’s pretty clear if one knows what one is talking/tweeting about, has a bit of sense and intellect–or may have read a book or three in life–it’s kinda hard to misspell martial law. With that in worst-mind, is it of any surprise that the hacks and bigots and inner-ugly people that get elected to run the greed $hitshow that is #Americant are as dumb as they look/sound/tweet? You betcha, baby. So let’s have a giggle together, dear worst-reader. But don’t giggle too long as us worst-thinking people need to remain aware and vigilant about the rise of authoritarianism in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant.

Rant on.



Cringefest On Stupid Mountain

There are too many things these days, dear worst-reader, one can’t un-hear or un-see. The most recent, of course, is the attempt by a few & far between rational people in the state of Gerogia with the aide of the court to label a united mistakes congress-person as an insurrectionist. If these few & far between rational people pull this off, it will mean that said congress-person won’t be eligible to run for public office. Ever! Now ain’t that special. For those not in the know, here’s the section of the Constitution that makes this possible:

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. -14th Amendment, Section 3 (highlight mine)

Now. If you ask worst-moi. Based solely on the bold text above, how is it that former prez pee-pee-hair was able to run for the highest office where, during his candidacy back 2015-16, he went so far as to ask Russia and Wikileaks for help in getting hold of Hillary’s emails? The moment I heard that, dear worst-reader, I thought: ain’t that something akin to treason–or the like? Is asking a foreign country for help in digging up dirt on a political opponent legal, constitutional? He was asking a foreign country–a hostel foreign country–for help in digging up dirt that Republicans had been spreading around through it’s vast network of conspiracy theorists, right-wing rage-mongers and faux-newz. Ain’t that insurrection? No? Oh. It’s not insurrection because the person asking it represent such a large swath of the population that thinks the same way he does. You know. Thinking in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID where mob-rule should replace democracy. Again. Now ain’t that special.

But let’s not get lost in old spilt pee-pee. Former prez Cheeto-jezus needs spilt pee-pee for his hair. Instead, dear worst-reader, let’s get-on about this current issue where Georgia is trying to save #Americant democracy. Oh. How hard it is to watch this person squirm as she’s asked rational questions about her behaviour just before and during the Jan 6 insurrection. In fact, it’s so hard I can’t say I’ve seen it all. But seeing just bits and pieces of it is enough. Barf. Squirm. Ugh. Am I wrong.

This congress-person from Georgia certainly takes the cake, eh, dear worst-reader. I mean. As the number of bat$hit congress-people rises, so too does the cringe. Still. We have to get informed. Their behaviour has to be laid bare. And when it is all revealed, what do you think’s gonna happen? The thing about former prez cotton-candy piss-hair isn’t so much that he was elected to the highest office but the fact that he’s so friggin stupid and anal and disgusting that no one who votes for him seems to care. But don’t forget. He’s only the symptom and not the sickness. Which means. What will happen to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant if/when someone just like him makes it up the ladder but is just a tick smarter?

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted, eh, #Americant?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Rich vs Minion-Rich

What’s up with the rich, dear worst-reader? I mean. Not the rich of the world, of course. We all know what’s going on in parts of the world where really, really nasty rich people (Russia) are angry with slightly less rich people (Ukraine) and thereby feel it’s their right to invade and pillage and rape and and and. With that in worst-mind. Let’s focus today on the rich of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–most of whom are not billionaires (as we know with former prez pee-pee-hair). And so. We all know how the rich make their money these days in #Americant. You know. On the backs of others like never before. Hence, of the #Americant so-called rich, who probably should be called minion-rich, for they serve the few & far-between mega-rich (real billionaires), how many of them have made their fortunes on something other than finance trickery, coercion, exploitation or inheritance? So goes the way of capitalism run-amok, eh. But let’s not get too far off worst-subject.

What’s up with the minion-rich? Why are they so nasty? And when they’re nasty, why do they take out all their frustration and anger and bigotry and fascism on the hour-wage-poor? And how bout this worst-question: why the heck do these very well-off minion-rich fly low-cost airlines? I mean. Come on. Even minion-rich can afford a better airline, if not a chartered private jet. Or? But I die-gress.

Today, dear worst-reader, worst-writer provides IMHO about how two minion-rich guys behave while they hitch a ride on a cheap airline. The first is a former faux-newz pseudo-broadcaster aka right-wing nut job who lost his job because he rubbed too many people the wrong way with his ugliness. Most of the people were women, naturally. And now he’s flying on a cheap Airline to Turks & Caicos that happens to include an unwanted three to five hour delay. Again. This guy earned millions and millions of dollars in his career and now he’s scruff-flying to an exotic and über-expensive island in the Caribbean that is delayed and all he can do is yell at the working poor because the same system of fail-upwards corporate-ness that he espoused ain’t working to his approval?

The next minion-rich guy, who, btw, is one of the few that earned his wealth unlike most minion-rich, as noted above, is a former heavy weight boxing champion the likes of which the world will probably never see again. And what does this guy do? Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. He beats the krapp out of a guy that is sitting behind him because the guy is either star-studded and can’t control himself or he thinks he’s gonna make the newz by getting a former heavy weight boxing champ of the world to punch him. Looks like he did just that. But. Again. This begs the worst-question: why are these guys flying on a scruff airline?


Rant on.



Nepotismland Or The Club You Ain’t In

This worst-question must be worst-asked, dear worst-reader. What did you think would come of Hunter Biden’s laptop? No. Seriously. What did you think would come of it? Did you think it would be as good as Hillary’s Benghazi? I know. I know. You were wishing for child porn, right? We all know how prude and conservative #Americant is obsessed with all things sex–especially the really disturbing stuff as we saw during recent SCOTUS hearings. I mean. Ain’t that what all #Americants, perplexed by delusions and confusions as to why/how a guy like former prez pee-pee-hair has to tell you to make things great again and then he can rise to the highest (political) office (of bull$hit) and thereby commit crimes with impunity and/or giggle as his insurrection of right-wingers desecrate government buildings with their own feces? WTF. Then again. How does one get rid of the mind-chatter that is either lock her up or Hunter Biden’s laptop or #MAGA or #Trump? That’s right. You counter the chatter. You provide more chatter. You make the chatter reflect and über-reflect and double-reflect and then deflect and then the world is yours. You recreate and recreate and reverberate the deplorable WWE mindset and you hope for the best because all will be great again. Indeed. In a world of faux newz the chatter works well, don’t you know. Super well. For. As all things nepotism continues in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID there’s yet another example of why/how the united mistakes became #Americant.

It is no sleight of hand that the current newz about former prez Cheeto-jeezus’ son-in-law somehow secured two billion dollars in moneys (loan, investment, guarantee, etc.) from a middle-east oil sheik. Or is it sleight of hand? I mean. What is going on? I’m sure the near or far future might tell more about what’s going on here but so far this is about a so-called crown prince of an oil abundant pseudo-country, for reasons unbeknownst, handing out two billion dollars to a family member of a former president that has hair that looks like it goes through a cotton-candy machine filled piss-sugar. And all that while the bat$hit right-wing tries to persecute the current president’s son for the same thing??? You know. Nepotism. WTF. Then again. Maybe. These moneys ain’t going to Jared Kushner but instead to others as a form of pay-off. Others who are probably in some way still connected to power? Wait. Maybe that needs another worst-writ. Man. This stuff is really gettin’ all kinds of worst-good.

Of all the newz I’ve read about this, Democracy Now provides the juiciest stuff. Could there really be a link between former prez pee-pee-hair and the fact that nothing is happening to investigate the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and that’s why/how Kushner is cashing out? I mean. Forget about the fact that Kushner is, like his father-in-law, nothing more than a two-bit man-child who inherited everything, including the inability to secure NYC real-estate without losing his shirt. Khashoggi’s murder and connection to the highest powers of Saudi Arabia, btw, has been confirmed by US intelligence. Which begs, once again, this worst-question: Is it possible that wannabe-mafia family #Trump, a family of nitwits and imbeciles, could have been part of helping a foreign country cover up a murder–via a payment that is just now coming to light? Oh man. This krapp you can’t make-up, dear worst-reader. This is like the Jerry Springer Show taking over the united mistakes of #Americant and now everyone wears terry-cloth clothing labeled with shoe sponsors and the only thing worth talking about is what car you drive and how rich someone else is. But on that note I should die-gress.

Then again. Is Joe Biden’s nitwit son still in the newz because he was dumb enough to leave his laptop at a repair shop? Wow. Seriously. Only in #Americant, baby.

Rant on.



Who Gave You Permission

Russian graffiti in Bucha Ukraine
Rough translation: who gave you permission to have nice things

The essence of political and/or lifestyle conservatism is? Very simple, dear worst-reader. Or maybe not. The essence is nothing other than NOT allowing others to make their own decisions. Also. It’s controlling the means with which one can make decisions. Conservatives hate it when others think different, or even if they have the gall to think for themselves. And then there’s the pinnacle:

Who gives you permission to do anything?

And so. Now that the Russkies are showing their true colours, where do we go with all this conservatism that is making the world mental? How bout we just skip the foreplay and go straight to arse-play hell. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Then again, if reports are true and if the translation is correct, how are free thinkers supposed to cope with this level of conservatism? It reminds me, don’t you know, of a confrontation I once had with a girlfriend’s dad. Let’s call him Joe. And so.

Joe: So you want to have nice things, eh?

While meeting Joe for the first time I was trying to make a good impression. At the time, though, I had just moved to Germany for a summer job stint with an American management consultant company. The plan was to get a bit of work experience and then return to the US where I hoped to get a job. Joe’s daughter and I were having a long distance relationship and it was going pretty good since my job required constant travel to NYC and she was from New Jersey. Although she visited me in Germany a number of times that summer–and was very taken with Germany, for she’d never been to #Eurowasteland–I was hiding the fact that my stint could become something else. It seems that Joe’s intention, as should be the intention of every father, I suppose, was to consider my bona-fides (pronounced “bon-a-feedus”) regarding his daughter. Since he was obviously a conservative man, stuck in the past as they all are, while questioning Germany’s and #Eurowasteland’s socialism, he let it slip out that he knew I wasn’t gonna return to the US anytime soon. He could tell, he smirked, after I mentioned that I had never been so often to a doctor or a dentist in my life because the United Mistakes of #Americant had such a stupid medical insurance system, that one can easily lose one’s way when it comes to socialism–and that’s not the American way, he added. In other worst-words, he thought I was selling-out because I obviously preferred NOT to follow the #Americant system, which, he added, is what has made it so great. Uh. Ok.

In other-other worst-words, Joe was spiteful towards me because I had somehow managed to find a potential way through life where I wouldn’t have to rely on greed and selfishness in order to live good–if not medically insured. “Europeans,” he added, “don’t have to fight their way through life. That’s what makes them European and that’s why they started all the world wars. That’s not our way.” Uh. Ok.

Who told you you could live well?

Anywho. My worst-point is thus: conservatives are highly spiteful and bigoted peoples. We know that. But the depth of their bigotry is perhaps somewhat unknown. How far are they willing to go? Conservatism is like living in $hit, don’t you know. How does one know what $hit smells like if you live in it? Hence, the pic above. Conservatives inadvertently become what they project. They do this is in very subtle but obvious ways. Like. For example. How Putin was made. He was made by the same kind of (political) conservatism forced upon all others. For it was, I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, told to Boris Yeltsin, when he asked president George H. W. Bush what he was supposed to do with all the corruption overwhelming the former Soviet Union: be more corrupt than they (oligarchs) are.

Does the pic, written by Russkie soldiers in Bucha, Ukraine, after they laid waste to it, say enough about the mindset of the greedy and spiteful and bigoted? I mean. This goes beyond the petty and the obvious, don’t you know. The is downright evil beyond any evil of late. Say what you will about the tenants of national socialism (Nazi) or Soviet totalitarianism, both of which are politically conservative movements like no others. Heck one could even equate such mental mayhem with what’s been going on in my beloved & missed #Americant for the past (insert you’re number here) years as it’s so gallantly cultivated a new & improved fascism galore with its shiny smiley face. Yet. And so. As the greed-mongers fight among themselves the world literally becomes a bully of six year olds invading a sandbox of three year olds and thereby doing nothing but stealing all the toys, all the lunches, raping the mothers and grandparents and then yelling at the top of blue painted lungs:

Who said you could have nice things?

The thing is, dear worst-reader, I’ve been against every war that has taken place since I was born (1963). But this one is turning me in another direction. What is taking place in Ukraine is as bad if not worse as what lead to WW2, the only war, btw, that holds any merit as far as worst-writer’s concerned. With that in worst-mind, how does one fight against those whose minds are so corrupt with greed and bigotry and hate and spite and and and…?

Who gave you permission?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


O-Face Debauchery Reveal

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, worst-writer grew up in and around the capital of his grand & missed united mistakes of #Americant, aka DC. At the time, of course, I always believed that DC was a big, huuuuuge city. I’ve since learned that it is nothing but a village. But is it a village of idiots? Perhaps. It is also something else, don’t you know.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

While attempting–and wasting a part of my life–to study at University, which boardered northern DC, I Mc-jobbed around like any other kid trying to earn as much money as possible that would/could be wasted on #Americant higher education. While in search of a third or fourth new Mc-Job, I thought I finally hit the jackpot. I landed a coveted bar-back job at a somewhat fancy restaurant in Georgetown. Being a quick learner and having memorised drink recipes like no other, within a few months I was elevated to Sunday to Wednesday bartending. After a few more months I landed the prime bartending shifts of Thursday through Saturday. That meant, don’t you know, that on a good night–especially Thursday and Friday college nights–I would easily earn two to three hundred dollars in tips–and at the time (early to mid 1980s) I made twelve dollars an hour as a full-fledged bartender. That was damn good money.

Jockeying youthful life between Mc-Jobs, university study and the lure of the wild that is big-city (bigger village) life, had its perks. This was also a time where promiscuity and other life-experimentations, wanted or not, played a big role. One of the first things I learned when I made it to the city was how some people play the game of sex. For sex is a game, is it not? For a village like Washington DC it’s a wonder that the exchange of bodily fluids didn’t flood the place. At times in the wee morning hours, when I made my way home from a night of galavanting with a pocket full of tip money, it certainly smelled of promiscuity. Combine that with the consumption of alcohol and drugs, especially cocaine–for it was the 80s… Holy krapp, dear worst-reader! Shall I worst-write something about Sodom & Gomorrah now?

That worst-said, I wish I could exchange all my tip money for a currency equal to late-night, wee-morning hours offers of I’ll suck your cock for ten dollars or you look like blow or I’ve got two college bitches in an apartment two blocks off Wisconsin avenue or–and this one is the best–I know a Senator that will pay you if you let him suck your arsehole. Sex at the time had nothing to do with boys and girls. It was all about some control freak getting his/her rocks off. The alcohol and the drugs just made it all palatable for those stuck in the $hitshow. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is only one true meaning behind sex and that true meaning can only be found in the confines of power. And I assure you that its meaning has nothing to do with procreation or legislation. That meaning is, instead, about manipulation, exploitation, control, spite, hate, bigotry, consumption, greed, untruth, etc. And then there’s the grand O-Face that shames every man that ever lived because he knows that if reality ever sets in that every woman that ever lived would laugh her face off if men ever knew how silly they really are when it comes to all-things sex… But I die-gress. Or have I not worst-said enough about debauchery?

It’s obvious that I made it out of that $hithole. I think I made it out relatively unscathed. But there are times, even after almost forty years, where I can’t help but reminisce–especially when certain issues are addressed in the newz. Or did you miss the $hit about a young North Carolina #Americant congressman spilling the beans about what cums in Washington DC? What a silly little man this revealer is, eh. For no one is allowed to shine the light on alley-ways and side-streets that is the big, ugly, disgusting village of debauchery–and the things that take place just prior to an old man’s O-Face. Or?

Long story short. A nitwit über-right-wing congressman couldn’t control his mouth (or his mind) during a #interwebnet interview where he reveals the truth/reality that there is drug use and wild orgies in Washington DC. But that, of course, is not the newz here. No. The thing that makes this interesting is that this young and obviously naive man openly refers to all this activity happening within the confines of his über-right-wing political party. Now. That’s a no-no. But all worst-fun aside.

Worst-writer could give a hoot about what happens to this little, itty-bitty man and his über-right-wing nuttery, even though this might be the end of his political career on account he is too stupid to realise that by saying the things he said he’s actually telling some truth(s). Conservatives can’t have that! Add to that a known pervert has recently come out to try and defend this nitwit. Wow. What’s important here is that this situation might wake up a few #Americants to the reality of what they’ve done by supporting not just conservatives but sexually repressed arseholes that live for vice and no virtue. For you see, dear worst-readers, debauchery is a way of life–as long as it remains confined and doesn’t scare off the grandmas and children. God forbid truth be told regarding what a bunch of disgusting old people are up to for $hits & giggles in the village of power–at the expense of all others.

Rant on.



Comedy Ohrfeige

Well. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. Worst-writer’s eyes are all swollen and slightly teared up this morning. Why? In case you missed it, here’s a recap of last night’s Oscars. Will Smith bitch slapped Chris Rock. That’s it. That’s all that happened during one of the most watched (awards) TV shows on the planet. Btw. Ohrfeige is German for bitch-slap, or slap in the face. And I’m worst-wondering if Will Smith might have been bitch-slapping all of (modern) comedy right in the face last night and thereby ending his career. What? Hold a sec. Why am I on the verge of tears every time I see something on the #interwebnets (this morning) about this situation? Even though I’m not a big fan of his work, I’ve always admired Will Smith. Chris Rock? I guess he’s funny but all-in-all, fcuk him. He makes money by making fun of people. Is the room in which he’s earning his money made for anything but laughs? People laughed, right? So why am I worried about Will Smith? The thing is, dear worst-reader. The world just watched one of the most successful American actors, who should be admired for his work, his family, and the obvious love that he has for his wife–and now he will forever be the man that walked up on a stage and committed an act of outright, egregious violence. And for what? Why? Why? Why? Isn’t there enough violence everywhere these days? And now there’s even too much violence in a room full of numbskulls with too much privilege? And all the violence is perpetrated by men, don’t you know–and their inner-most uglies. Uglies, btw, which were made obvious as Smith returned to his seat and dropped a few mind-boggling f-bombs to add to his delusions of grandeur, righteousness and/or misallocation of (false) chivalry. And yet. I feel so bad for Will Smith right now that I don’t know what to worst-write about the whole ordeal. Sadness. Sad. Except that this will be Will Smith’s legacy–as far as worst-writer is concerned. What a shame. So let me just add this. I hope that somehow something good comes out of this ugly, disgusting situation. Something that goes beyond the fantasy and fiction that is Hollywood. For I can still remember previous Oscar games where the likes of Marlon Brando or George C Scott pulled off their Ohrfeige. And what an Ohrfeige it was. But what am I worst-saying? Ok. How bout this. There is a coming reality check that probably only offers some decency. Just some decency. Then again. Maybe. Just maybe. That decency can start with comedians coming up with material that is a bit more…. Or we need a lot less violence… Or… And… I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Dada Dodo Doodoo

Screenshot from YouTube

Worst-title #2: Dada-absurdism conspiracy-theory galore?

Worst-title #3: Another Bielefeld Conspiracy?

Here’s a time-stamp link to the YouTube video.

Had a rough night, dear worst-reader. Probably drank the wrong thing–again. You know. Wrong cocktail mixed with a bad vino. Or maybe not. Although I didn’t have a headache when I awoke around two in the A.M., there was an urge to busy myself after which I’d find my way back to deep sleep. Usually I’ll read something or watch an episode from Star Trek (TOC, of course). Or I’ll find a podcast and lay in bed with my ears propped up like a puppy, waiting for something interesting to be heard, at which time I’ll eventually fall asleep again and forget everything I heard anywho.

Something interesting was heard and I didn’t get back to sleep. But before I get to that.

Ever heard of the Bielefeld conspiracy theory, dear worst-reader? From what I understand, it’s one of Germany’s first #Interwebnet conspiracies dating back to the days of Usenet. In short, a couple of Germans came up the idear to mess around with people from the town of Bielefeld thereby making the following claims:

  1. Do you know anybody from Bielefeld
  2. Have you ever been to Bielefeld
  3. Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld.

That’s it. Pretty funny, eh? I mean. Pretty funny as far as German humour goes. The idear is that the town of Bielefeld is a government/alien/blah-blah fictional town for the purpose of… I don’t know what the purpose is. Then again, I’ve been expatriated in Germany for well over thirty years and I still can’t laugh about the Bielefeld conspiracy. Is that because I’ve been to Bielefeld? Or that I’m an alien (which I technically am)? Not sure. But I suppose that’s neither here nor there. So let’s move on with more pertinent conspiracy-theories, shall we.

Although I’ve been sporadically following BirdsArentReal for a while, it’s never crossed my radar as something that needs deeper thought or consideration. It’s more performance artistry, don’t you know. I mean. It’s yet another fairly straightforward conspiracy theory that continues the intertwining of simple minds. Yet there is something different about this one. Or is there? Unfortunately the interview I heard last night with the creator of BirdsArentReal is proving that he’s not quite ready for prime-time performance artistry. With that in worst-mind, what is this guys schtick? Well. It goes something like this. A young man has found meaning in his life–in a world that is forevermore meaningless. It is a meaning that contains a narrative. A very entertaining narrative. Does it matter that this narrative is a bit farfetched–in a world of conspiracy-theory farfetched-ism? Of course not. So let’s move on.

When I first heard about birdsarentreal sometime late last year, I loved the idear. What a gob smack of creativity, I thought. For me it reeked of anti-establishment behaviourism albeit from the left. For you see, dear worst-reader, the conspiracy-theory goes something like this. Birds are not real. Instead birds are government made drones. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. The reason birds sit on power lines is because that is how they recharge their batteries. Or didn’t you know that? Batteries that drive the motors that enable them to fly. Right? They sit on telephone lines, btw, because that is how they transmit the data they have collected about us and send that data to the government. You getting all this, dear worst-reader? Amused yet?

The thing is, dear worst-reader, in order to maintain this sort of bat$hittery, aka conspiracy-theory krapp galore, there has to be a way to maintain the/a narrative. The best way to maintain a narrative is to get lots of people to believe in the conspiracy theory and to buy the t-shirts and baseball hats and hoodies and get lots of people talking (about you). In other worst-words, there has to be a social-political-economy behind the whole schtick. Hence, my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, like so many other countries, is awash in conspiracy-theory bat$hit galore. And now the bat$hit galore has a new generation taking hold. Look what they’ve come up with, eh.

Hail conspiracy-theory anew, baby.

In order for conspiracy theory to thrive a few things have to come together–according to worst-writer. The first is the gullible. The second is no way out. The third is the narrative. I’m sure there is a lot of other stuff that hold conspiracy-theories together but that ain’t what is about. For that apply your #interwebnets activity as you see fit. Anywho.

If you have a look at the video/interview linked to in this post, the kid that started this new-fangled conspiracy-theory bat$hit is struggling to maintain his narrative. And we all know what happens when certain types of people get too much attention for things they may or may not have expected. As far as I can tell, based on the video/interview, this kid is losing touch with all the stuff that makes this bat$hit thrive and all the stuff that made his narrative entertaining. But I’ll let anyone interested in that worst-theory be their own judge about that.

So what is the point of this new-fangled conspiracy theory? My initial guess was thus: $hit on #okboomers and all those who’ve f’d the future of Gen-Xers. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, I sympathise with Peter McIndoe. He’s the same age as my son. And even though I’m a late #okboomer, I certainly do not share the mindset that has lead to the times we are all forced to live in now, which is obviously stealing life away from Gen-Xers. You know. Capitalism run amok where it only serves the old (old money). War. War. War. And let’s not forget this/a new way of life that is FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that has lead to the advent of former prez pee-pee-hair, #MAGA and #Americant.

I’m starting to feel bad for this McIndoe. His conspiracy show, which, btw, is traveling across the US, not unlike barber surgeons of yore, might lose its momentum though. Reason? Well. Even though McIndoe is a pretty good narrator (of is conspiracy-theory), there is one key element that he seems unlikely to maintain based on how he interacted with this particular podcaster. In short, there is the adage that goes something like this: don’t shit where you eat. In other worst-words: if he wants to be so defensive and combative he should do so on platforms that his conspiracy-theory narrative espouses to bat$hit upon. The fact that he tries to label The Majority Report and Sam Seder the media is simply preposterous, if not blatantly ignorant. But on that note I should die-gress.

The gullible. No way out. Narrative.

Conspiracy theorists have to be combative. And that’s cool. Being defensive ain’t the worst to end all either. But this kid, by attacking a left-wing podcaster, who I’m sure up to the point of this interview was also very entertained, might be pushing his bat$hit-show in the wrong direction. As I worst-noted, of the three things required to maintain the social-political-economy of conspiracy-theory, you got to have three things working for you. Of those three things, you might be able to lose one of them but you can’t lose all three. Hence the gullible, no way out and the narrative are easily maintainable when it comes to moon landings. I mean. How many people are privileged enough to prove things otherwise? On the other hand. Being unable to maintain these three things might be the reason Alex Jones is facing financial ruin because his conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook being a government hoax is beyond evil.

Ok. I might be off subject a bit–or confused. But hear me out a worst-sec or two more.

It’s unfortunate that I was once entertained by BirdsArentReal and now I’m pretty much sick of it. Such a short-lived fun bat$hit show, eh. Then again, is there something more to not only a Gen-Xers anger regarding his life being ruined by old people, greed-mongers and politics-of-bat$hit? Of course there is. Peter McIndoe should pick his enemies better if/when he comes up with a new & improved meme that may or may not make him a buck. For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. I was on the verge of buying one of his t-shirts. But now. No. He’s just too friggin mean & stupid. So let’s all just keep laughing at what got BirdsArentReal going–the whole thing about birds charging on power lines–and forget about this kids almost psychotic way of handling interviews with rational thinking people.

Rant on.



Raised By…

If you want questions answered regarding who raises these people, then you’ve come to the right place. Then again, should we be worst-writing about the women who raise men to hit women? Do we even need to talk about their fathers who do goodness-knows-what with (their) wives and mothers and and and? Perhaps a more illustrous enquiry would be about the environment in which these people are reared. Or. Maybe. And here’s a real doozy of a question. How does one purge this from life, liberty and the idear that is

THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID in the united mistakes of #Americant?

Seriously. How does a society cope with this level of vulgarity and ineptness? Is education the answer? Or could it all have something to do with money and all other things greed-driven? #Nomatter.

Ok. A quick review. According to the link below, dear worst-reader, there was an altercation in the great worst-state of Ohio recently. A proud-boy white supremacist cold cocked a young woman right in the face while at the same time showing the true colours of a country that obviously can’t find its way out of a wet paper (political) bag. I mean. When things get like this, where is any bravery? Where is any real man that can stand up to this? Who are the ones that claim greatness and honour and diligence and perseverance and and and?

What’s even more disgusting about all this is that Joe Biden, after a life-time of political service, would never take a moment to address what’s really going on here. And why not? Well. Don’t you know. He’s been at the head of all that’s lead up to this. I mean. Just check out the age of this white-nationalist scumbag. I’m old enough to be his dad and I’m twenty-five years younger than Biden. Ok. But. What I’m trying to get at is this: Who and what the fcuk raises these men?

Indeed-1. It would be below the presidency of the united mistakes of #Americant to actually addresses this behaviour, right? I mean. That’s not what leaders are t/here to do. Or?

Indeed-2. After fifty years in politics, the result of all Joe Biden’s doings is in plain sight for all to see–and in the case of this woman, feel. A country stuck in an inebriated state of self perpetuating high-school life where there are no teachers, leaders, good people to stand up to this–there are no real-men whether presidents (not that there ever were) or neighbours. Will the law and local authorities do their jobs and prosecute this weak man-child that attacked someone after spewing hateful words in the public square revealing not only the core of his soul but the soul core that reared him? Sure. Why not? What the hell else is anyone gonna do in a country that is on the edge? But the problem? The overwhelming problem that is #Americant? No one will attack and prosecute that. It is serving such a purpose beyond all the unmanliness.

Rant on.


Links: #Americant on full display

Cringetopia And Other #Eurowasteland Tales

The first casualty of war is truth.

Well, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. I can’t quit certain elements of the newz. Or can I? Then again. After a quick research of this worst-post, I was a bit surprised at the lack of coverage of Zelensky’s plea. Of course, how does one rebut Putin when one is obviously at the cusp of occupation. Oh wait. Perhaps worst-writer is showing to much of his hand. When I worst-write cusp of occupation there should be some sort of qualifier where the issue of occupation is not questioned. It’s just that. Well. Who doesn’t already know that since, say, the annexation of Crimea, occupation has begun? Then again… No. Let me just stop there–and tone down some of the worst of my worst-writing about things I know too little about.

It’s just that, dear worst-reader, after listening to Zelensky switch from Ukrainian to Russian in his speech–which is the only thing I could actually understand from what he was saying–left me cringing. I mean. Is there such a difference in the two languages that require an obvious emotional transition? Or am I the only one to have witnessed it? For those brief moments when he switched to the Russian language I thought that something lifted from his soul. It went skyward not unlike an epiphany or a transcendental religious rising. Or was it lowering? #Nomatter.

Worst-writer feels bad for Ukraine right now. In fact. I feel even worse the more I read about the history that has lead to all this. And so. Once again. #Eurowasteland is where it all begins and will most likely all end. Indeed. We (the west) are at the cusp of yet another (money making) war. But is this pre WW1 or WW2 (money making)–which leads to WW3 (money making)? Or how bout this worst-question: when all hell breaks out and Putin decides to show all those other former soviet mini-states that were so easily overwhelmed after WW2 that they have no nation-state rights on account he thinks they haven’t earned it or just because what he says goes because, well, he’s once again, like his forefathers, fighting nazis and communists and and and and….

Hold a sec. Did you, dear worst-reader, get a load of Putin’s speech? Holly krapp! I’ve listened to it twice now and have also read transcripts and I cannot believe what he said. Is this guy for real? For a few moments there, while obviously blathering and overwhelmed with misconstrued albeit powerful emotions, Vlad Putin transfixed himself into the past right before our eyes. He was right there with all his/the ghosts of Russia’s past. He was worshiping at the feet of Bolshevik priestly vigils. Stahlin was petting his head as though to say: good puppy, good puppy, there there there good puppy. And don’t forget the mother finger of the Russian empire shoved into the whiny babies mouth so as to surpress not only babies screams but the hunger, the über-hunger, that is fed with meaning and respect (un-as-of-yet-earned). Indeed. We are witnessing at this moment the open–laid out on the table–soul of Russia’s past. A past filled and decorated with litany, misery, coldness but also great art, fearlessness and perseverance. To think that a nation-state like Russia could rise out of so much country bumpkin peasantry is a wonder of humanity. Yet, that same past cannot overcome the simplicity of might over right–just because Putin can. Am I wrong.

Yeah. This almost sixty year old worst-writer made it through the Cold War, the gluttony of Reaganism, the servility of global corporatism run amok and now it all comes together in the form of a dot or speck or out-of-place hair where big-boys try to figure out how to get along or die trying. Then again, if you get a giggle or three out of what Zelensky is saying (see video in first link below), which feels so much like misplaced way to little way to late, there might be this last worst-question: how does one turn the story of David vs Goliath into a comedy of errors where no one has to die?

Good luck #Eurowastelanders.

Good luck #Americants.

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on.


Links that motivated this worst-post:

Duck Can’t Swim

Worst-writer’s rubber duck collection.

Subtitle: When you’re smooth on top and can’t paddle like hell underneath is you still a duck?

A favourite movie of my youth, dear worst-reader, was Convoy. For a short while after that film I thought I was gonna be a truck driver. But then I got to know a truck driver who happened to be a single father to a girl that threw me for a tizzy. With her shirt wide open and just before I could get her belt loose, her Daddy’s truck roared onto the gravel driveway of their low middle class bungalow. Needless to say, after cutting myself pretty bad on the window sill upon leaping through it–a scar I still have forty-five years later–I quickly turned to an alternative job choice. From then on I was gonna be an air traffic controller. As we all know, that job didn’t work out either on account Reagan broke all the labour power of the entire airline industry of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Moving on.

What in the world is going on in the far north of the #Americant continent? Is Canadiastan having issues? Or have you not followed all them Rubber Duck wannabes in their confusion? With that in mind, perhaps a short summary is at hand.

In the movie Convoy, the Rubber Duck, played by Kris Kristofferson, is a kind of anti-hero, western-like renegade truck driver that seems to have a lot of time on his hands while cruising the somewhat less than romantic highways of god-knows-where desert laden #Americant. In his boredom–that can only be embodied by #Americant low-low working class privilege–he gets caught up in a tizzy with a local sheriff who just happens to be the father of the Rubber Duck’s love interest. Long story short regarding how the lower classes fight THE-MAN, due to the coercive and punitive nature of #Americant law enforcement, the Rubber Duck ends up driving all over the place running away from the cops and is thereby joined by hundreds (thousands?) of other truckers who think whatever they want/can while protesting coercive government authoritarian impunity. And I hope you don’t mind this spoiler. In the end the anti-hero gets the girl but loses his truck. Oh yeah. Ali McGraw is great in this film too. Moving on on.

Why is it that I immediately associated this old movie with what’s going on in Canadia and the so-called Freedom Convoy 2022 (see link below)? I mean. The Rubber Duck may or may not have been fighting THE MAN–in that movie. Of course. It doesn’t really matter anymore who is fighting who because, well, Hollywood was doing what Hollywood always seems to do best. Namely it finds a way (subject matter) not to lose its shirt. You know. Losing money like Heaven’s Gate did a year or two later which certainly nipped money losing studios in the bud. #Nomatter.

I guess the only thing that is worst-comparable between real life and Hollywood is the low-low middle class truck thing. You know. A bunch of redneck truck drivers thinking they have answers and new questions and solutions and protests and something worthwhile to say all on account they are free. They were born free. Freedom is everything. Government is bad. Freedom! Short pause.

I’m not sure about you, dear worst-reader, but there’s a reason certain parts of academia these days stay away from terms like lumpenproletariat. Talk about opening a can of worms. Of course. As usual. Newz sources don’t really give off a/the vibe of telling the whole story, nothing but the story–so help someone’s god. Instead there’s a whole lot of krapp in the air where Canadiastan beer tastes like it comes from confused broken French speaking winemakers that mistake maple leafs for hops or barely or malt? (J’Rigole.)

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, protesting THE MAN ain’t like it used to be. First. With the rise of Cheeto-Jeezus, aka former prez pee-pee-hair aka #Trump, social and cultural appropriation has taken a new (trucker’s) highway. Seriously. The best line from the movie Convoy, IMHO, is when Rubber Duck is asked how he got his name. His answer? And I worst-paraphrase.

My daddy told me that you should go through life looking smooth on the top but paddling like hell underneath. Like a duck.

Sound a little too Forrest Gump there?

Now. I don’t now about you, dear worst-reader, but one of the things that perturbed me way-back-when about the movie Convoy was the fact that rubber ducks don’t have any feet. Why the heck would an anti-hero claim that he’s gonna go through life looking smooth on top but paddle like hell underneath when he ain’t got no feet to paddle with? Am I splittin’ worst-hairs here? Maybe the Rubber Ducks dad was trying to get a different message across. Like. You’re a friggin duck. There’s a lot out there that wants to eat you with orange peels and Grand Marnier and roasted potatoes. Then again. We know what #okboomer has done with all that/their parental guidance.

Long live freedom to be stupid, baby.

So what is it that so many are protesting with their really really big vehicles these days north of god’s country? Covid-19 restrictions? Having to show proof of vaccination–in order to cross national boarders thereby stemming the spread of the worst pandemic in a hundred years? Vaccinations passports? Government? Freedom!

The good newz is, it’s becoming more and more obvious who/what these protestors are and who/what they are fighting for–even though they themselves think they’re fighting for something else. (Freedom!) Indeed. Of course. The thing that threw me for a tizzy here was more than just the Rubber Duck that has no feet. Which begs yet another worst-question: what is the end game of stupid going extra-stupid and then going full stupider?

And there you have it.

Good luck you queen subjects north of the greatest land of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. And while you’re at it make sure you stock up on all those nazi and confederate flags. You’re gonna need something to burn after your stupidity burns everything else down.

Rant on.



Burn Baby Burn

Source: see link below

Anybody surprised, dear worst-reader? I didn’t think so. Then again, how long can worst-writer entertain himself with $hits & giggles while his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant dwindles underneath the limp-Schwanz that is generation upon generation #okboomer that has given rise to former president pee-pee-hair? Then again again, there was that time I recommended to an old and confused friend (#okboomer) to get some religion in order to save her soul before becoming woman scorned. Indeed. The most frightening worst-thought preoccupying me is if she’s one of these consume-to-survive zombies throwing books in the fire of moron rage. But I die-gress.

It’s been a long time since I last (re)read Orwell’s 1984. Am I mistaken in the idear that book burning wasn’t a thing in that story? It’s almost as though, for the last twenty or thirty years, I don’t have to (re)read 1984. If you mix it with Huxley’s Brave New World you can pretty much explain everything going on right now. Am I wrong. Anywho.

Of all the things happening these days both pre and post former prez cheeto-jeezus, that mimics Orwell, there’s no need to (re)read anything. Just let things play-out. I mean. Even though book burning may or may not have been a thing in 1984 the whole fake-newz krapp certainly was/is. I mean I mean. Is the idear of fake-newz any different than book burning? Am I splitting hairs here? Which begs the worst-question: what comes after fake-newz? Let me worst-guess. Will this/my worst-blog be digitally and algorithmically altered by the/some powers-that-be? To make it fit THE narrative? Nomatter.

Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth is to change both history and current newz so that all information becomes propaganda to match the ideals of The Party? Or, in our case, the system (aka Capitalism run amok). Even though we don’t have a Ministry of Truth (not withstanding the likes of faux-newz, of course) there’s something out there controlling all-things life, death, misery, don’t you know. In our (real) times the likes of Internet For Stupid people, aka facebag, is full-on when it comes to controlling everything. You know…

  1. Users are THE PRODUCT.
  2. Algorithm(s) for selling THE PRODUCT.

It’s no wonder that a book burning in Redneckville #Americant barely makes any headlines. Hence the somewhat obscure pic above that I found on reddit (see source link below). Will the colour pic, taken only days ago, eventually go down in history as a pic of losers–just like the black&white pic above it? Who can know, eh, dear worst-reader. Just get a load of the people burning books. Which begs another question: who is organising all this nonsense? See article link below.

Some worry that history is repeating itself. To worst-moi, we should be more worried about being worried and thereby doing nothing because the whole repeat-thing is in full force. Or maybe not. Nomatter.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Slippery Slope Stupid

As a child of the Cold War and, at the time, old enough to have a grasp of what went on in Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s, #Americant dogmatised me to fear two political enemies. The first, of course, is the former Soviet Union, now Putin’s pseudo-reich. By the end of the 1970s, btw, I understood the connection between the Soviet Union and Vietnam. Also, we all know what happened when Mikhail Gorbachev kinda threw in the towel regarding the dream of Hammer & Sickle by the end of the 1980s. The other enemy though is bit more obscure. Now. For those who think China is not the enemy, bear with me. The relationship between my beloved & missed united mistakes and China goes back to the 1970s and, for the most part, Richard Nixon. I may be stretching here a bit, but I’d go so far as to worst-say that the relationship with China helped the US force the Soviet Union up against a financial wall. Of course, as we now know, that relationship was a deal with the devil. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is one thing a right-wing, conservative, republican politician was capable of–even back in the 1970s. Unlike today, he knew the difference between political ideology and a dollar. And so. The powers that be, especially the bat$hit conservative powers-that-be, by the 1970s, knew that the only way for #Americant Capitalists to get back to their glory days prior to FDR and the great depression, i.e. days of the robber barons, days of child labour (hence 20th century #Americant capitalist lust for China) and, of course, as little taxation as possible, was to completely circumvent anything that would prevent full and total externalisation of corporate and shareholder costs. Hence, again, China is where everything is made–and they’ve been working on making everything there since… (insert your number of years here). By-the-buy, the final nail in the coffin of FDR and post Great Depression America (which built the middle class) was nailed by non other than Ronald Reagan as he unleashed his supply side economics in the 1980s. Obviously we know where a two-bit Hollywood actor elected president can lead. That’s right. Have you prayed to your recent tv prez cheeto-jesus yet, aka #Trump? And so. As China became the cheap labour capital of the world, where everything is made, and is now an economic powerhouse because of that, is it inevitable that it also becomes enemy number one? And if it is enemy number, how will the political conflict pan out? Well, for that answer, let’s ask some nitwit who, by-the-buy, is capable of learning Mandarin and that’s enough for many #Americants to believe that he is, somehow, someway, …a fcuking moron all the same. Or? Ok. Wait. Forget that. Let’s move on.

I could not believe what I was hearing when John Cena–an actor I don’t ever recall seeing on film but I have seen him on a talk show, or something like that–recorded himself speaking mandarin and apologising to China for calling Taiwan a country. WTF! And then, after I read through the English transcript, I thought: what a suck up! And this guy is a wrastler and an onscreen action star? Seriously? I mean, would John Wayne make such an apology? Oh wait. John Wayne lived in times when #Americant wasn’t fully sold-out yet. But then I watched the video again. And maybe this has something to do with speaking mandarin. It kinda looks like this guy is actually afeared. I mean. Could it be that the movie studio called him and scolded him as if he is their school-man-child:

I don’t give $hit if you can learn mandarin, you fcuking moron. You’re an actor. You’re a lampshade. You don’t earn money for what you think is in your head. You earn money for memorising what we give you to memorise. Now. Before you go out there and open your trap showing the world how fcuking stupid you really are, keep your trap shut and let your inner lampshade make people think you’re really not as stupid as you look.

-worstwriter playacting

Btw, the political situation that has been brewing between #Americant and China for the past thirty or forty years will probably pan-out after it begins in Taiwan. I wonder, after it begins, if anyone will reference a moronic #Americant lampshade from Hollywood who managed to memorise mandarin.

Rant on.



Up Is Down, Black Is White

This is a #Interwebnet screenshot

Where does #Americant go from here? Well, let’s have a look at where it’s been–since Ronald Dip$hit Reagan started the $hitshow that can only culminate in former prez piss-hair, aka Cheeto-jesus. Let’s start with a few words. The newspeak words.

  • Right to work
    • inverse use of language; a draconian law that prohibits unions from collecting dues; how can unions function if they can’t collect dues? Hence, no unions allowed here.
  • A woman’s right to choose
    • as opposed to man’s right to choose over a woman’s; religious obsession with hindering female choice about her body
  • Altright
    • extreme right-wing, white supremacy, neofascist political movement that is juxtaposed, without context to:
  • Antifa
    • when used by right-wingers, this is supposed to mean “fascist” as opposed to what it really means: anti-fascist
  • Freedom
    • when political power is threatened, this word is flung around to make sure that power is maintained by exploiting patriotism, nationalism, nativism, etc.
  • Quantitive easing
    • socialism for the rich
  • Democracy
    • corporate plutocracy
  • Extremist
    • Not one of us

Need I go on, dear worst-reader? Well, how ’bout this. One of the bat$hit republicans recently elected to Congress has claimed that wearing a mask or getting a vaccine is the same as being put in a nazi concentration camp or being forced to wear gold stars on your clothing. Did you get that? Good. Then I don’t have to worst-repeat it. Of course, this level of verbiage may or mayn’t constitute newspeak. A claim such as this, though, is but another fantastic example of the decline in #Americant intellect or lack thereof–from a person elected to Congress. Such a claim is about as low as you can go in the realm of moral decay and anti-intellectualism. Or?

Indeed, dear worst-reader. Where to go from here?

Rant on.



Is You Stupid, How Much?

We can look back at a time in history where people were told to wear a gold star and taken to gas chambers in Nazi Germany.

-MTG rhetoric trying to defend NOT wearing a mask or getting vaccinated

Get a load of this, dear worst-reader. Of course, this ain’t the first time mindless and anti-intellectual conservatives have invoked the atrocities of Nazi’s or the holocaust in order to further misunderstanding and/or disinformation so they can score political points with their equally stupid constituents. This sort of mindless verbal discharge from a sitting House of Representative, though, is still truly mind-boggling every time I hear it. Then again, didn’t a former congressman employ the same misconstrued tactic albeit minimising the genocide of Native Americans? But let me not show all my bias here (on account I really, really can’t stand political conservatism). For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, AOC, who I am a fan of, also made a kinda misconstrued comparison after she visited one of former president pee-pee-hair’s boarder camps, thereby calling it a “concentration camp”. Her bad, eh.

Source: #interwebnet screenshot

The worst of all this, dear worst-reader, is that there is no consequence to idiocy and/or blatant stupidity in my beloved & missed united mistakes. Mindlessness permeates everything. Is this a consequence of two or three (more?) generations being reared on TV and/or public schools that ain’t worth a hoot ? I mean, I get it when foreign leaders make the same comparison. What can one expect when political conservatism in places like Turkey and Brazil and the Philippines, etc., gain leaders in systems without checks and balances? But when #Americants do it I can’t help but cringe. It’s just gotten so out of hand. It’s so blatant. It happens so much. WTF!

#Nomatter, dear worst-reader. I suppose things could be worse. Or could they?

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

Secede Already, Take Texas With You

It boils down, basically, to two parts hating each other. It’s also about someone, some group, organisations, etc., stoking that hate. Does anyone question how two parts (of the same coin) could let it get this far? I mean. What is the result of literally decimating a country’s manufacturing base–since the end of WW2? Decimating meaning: because capitalist and owners don’t want to share ANYTHING with anybody and certainly don’t want things like unions making decisions (for those capitalists), worker-bees are stuck with fighting amongst themselves. Hence. Polarise. Divide and conquer. Blame the other guy. Or do you, dear worst-reader, have a better explanation of how the #Americant middle-class got to this point? I mean. Political infighting doesn’t effect the rich. Am I wrong. Yet no one questions how it is that a certain part of the country, the part made up of the children and grandchildren of a working class are now so hellbent on hating their grandchildren and great grandchildren because, well, there are a few people, mostly young ones, that want to get back to questioning why things are the way they are? And so. What better example is there of #Americant disunion, confusion, spite, etc., than to look at how #Americants fight with each other?

Would you believe that there’s plenty of representatives in plenty of states that want to join the grand old fallacy of secession? I always thought that this kind of krapp just came out of Texas. You know. Texas! That state down on the boarder to Mexico that thinks/believes it is a gift from a higher power. A power, btw, that derives out of pseudo history and/or its dream of forever shooting first and never questioning later. And let’s not mention the BS about the Alamo. You know. That silly little town that failed to defeat an army of fighters fighting against things like, gee, enslavement. But on that note, I must die-gress.

When I first heard that Oregon’s Das Volk, i.e. the rednecks, the lost and cancelled children of the so-called greatest generation and #Okboomer, have actually proposed a kind of secession whereby they just want to change the boarders of the state so they can join up with like-minded Idaho, I thought: Seriously? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Cough. Choke. Giggle some more. And then I thought: Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. The people doing this–in #Americant today–in a society run amok with the likes of the former prez cheeto-jesus–are actually considered adults. Adults! And this is what they can come up with as a solution to their… Issues? Go figure. Indeed. Which begs the question: How much longer can #Americant last with NO (not enough) adults in the room?

Rant on.



The Not So Grand Intervention

I’ve been in my beloved & missed #Americant during the worst pandemic in a hundred years for a week now. I received my first covid shot within hours of arriving. Should be getting second shot within the next three weeks. I consider being able to fly here and get vaccinated an awesome privilege–and for that I am humbly thankful. But get this, dear worst-reader. I’m kinda shocked that this whole pandemic thing ain’t just a touch worse. I mean. Come on. Check out some of the numbers. Officially almost six hundred thousand brethren have died from this disease. Many many more refuse to even recognise that it’s a problem–even after so many deaths. Yet what do I observe after being here for only a week? People are utterly clueless as to what is going on. They don’t understand six feet distancing. If they were giving cartoon directions they couldn’t wear their masks properly. And #Americants young and old are obsessed with returning to a normalcy that contains EVERYTHING that lead to this problem in the first place. Obviously I’m generalising and there are those who do have a clue. But then there’s that other post Reagan new-fangled #Americant way of life: the gluttony and sloth greed $hitshow. Indeed, baby. Greed is good, eh? (Sarcasm off.)

cases/deaths/rates/death per 100k;

Ok. What is the result of not handling covid from the get-go? Indeed. For my widowed mother, it’s obviously not been good, although she’s vaccinated and safe for now. Hence, this trip ain’t about covid distress per say but instead is a family intervention. Of course, without divulging personal family matters, allow me to worst-write that the ageing matriarch of my family is not well. Put another way, not only has she not done well with widowhood, she’s given in to the demons of sloth and gluttony that are personified by everything that worst-writer despises and ran away from so many years ago, namely the ugliness of white trash galore. Although she has not fallen off the edge, certain activities around my mother’s life and lifestyle have raised alarms. As far as my siblings and I are concerned, something needs to be done. Hence, I have travelled here from afar–during the worst pandemic in a hundred fcuking years and I’m pissed. I mean. I don’t know about how you were raised, dear worst-reader, but are we now in times where parents, after fcuking up both their kids and the world, simply throw in the towel and treat their remaining years as though they were the crud and slime below the sandals of Caligula?

With that in mind, in the past few days things have escalated where the first casualty must be registered. After returning from a short hospital visit, I found our front door knob lock busted (see pic above). Obviously the locks have been changed but the situation does beg the question: WTF Mom!

Rant on.