The Cuckoos Nest Flew Over The One


What does it take to change the story(line), dear worst-reader? You know. Change the story so that it fits the/your narrative. As in. My beloved & missed #Americant can’t quite figure out what to do with the mischief of its toddler man-children in the here and now that has become a $hitshow of greed and deplorable-ism run amok. Since it’s already beaten the bee-jee-zees out of most its people in the past two centuries, what’s left to do in order to maintain a certain level of control of the mind–that, of course, only benefits the few? With that in worst-mind, am I starting to sympathise with the events of January 6, 2021?

No. I’m not. But if I were….

As much as I despise the misconstrued anger and bespoke bigotry of the idiot white men who stormed The Capitol–and I also hope they are all punished for their transgressions–something makes me wish that at least part of their voice(s) could be heard. For here’s the thing these men have never (will never) learn in their measly, deplorable, mendacious lives:

Violence begets….

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Even though no gun shots were fired from the storming deplorable masses, does the question need be asked as to why their other half was the only one to have fired a gun–and thereby needlessly kill a person? Indeed. Only one shot was fired–and it was from the pawn of the oppressor, i.e. the Capitol Police. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, if you lined all the people up from both sides of the January 6, 2021 $hitshow, and lined them up naked, don’t you know, would you be able to tell them apart? Ah. The wrath of ugly deplorable white people all looking the same, naked. Moving on.

Many of the participants of January 6 were, of course, wielding weaponry–even though the Shaman and his viking wannabe weaponry was more akin to elementary school show & tell. My worst-point is this: in a country where guns and mass shootings are commonplace, why wasn’t there more shooting from those who think they were so righteous? I mean. I don’t know about you. From what I’ve read about history, revolutions end up killing lots of people. Am I wrong? I mean. On January 6 only five people died. Could that be the ultimate fail/pass grade of #Americant politics culminating in #MAGA and president piss-hair? Or. Where have all the Patrick Henry testicles gone?

Better yet: WTF?

Which brings me to a worst-analogy that’s crossed my thoughts recently. When was the last time you watched One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, dear worst-reader? I mean. For the past few weeks this movie has been on my mind–along with January 6. That is. Is there anything from this movie that reminds you of January 6? Murphy (Jack Nicholson) is Deplorable, is he not? Or. As sympathetic as Murphy is (in the movie version), can Deplorable be wrapped in sweet gold fun chocolate, aka take the inmates out for a fishing trip, get an inmate laid, and perhaps even become your drinking buddy? Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher), on the other hand, is the State. She was indeed recruited to run the asylum wing of said State. No? None of this analogising working for you, dear worst-reader? Well, how ’bout this? I recently (re)watched One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest and I did so because, well, I think a little voice told me it was/is totally comparable. Do you ever hear little voices, dear worst-reader? Sometimes all they do is giggle to me you know. But not this time. Moving on.

In worst-writer’s humble opinion there’s only three things one needs to know/remember/concern one’s self with… when trying to make a worst-comparison between #Americant’s newest form of idiocy-governance run amok and a film appropriately titled: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Let’s list them, shall we.

  1. The antagonist of the film is a woman with power.
  2. All of the crazies in the partly voluntary asylum are white men.
  3. All the conflict in the film lead only to a sub-character, the Indian, escaping.

And so. This latest viewing of the movie has re-channeled my POV regarding Nurse Ratched and January 6, 2021. Although it’s been probably ten or so years since I last watched Cuckoos Nest, for whatever worst-reason, this viewing has opened my mind to the idear that Ratched might not be so bad after all–and, perhaps, not all the morons of the January 6 pseudo-putsch, as dumb as they seem, are as bad either. Oh. Hold a sec. By-the-buy. Only after this third or fourth or fifth viewing of Cuckoos Nest (in early February 2021) did I hear that Ratched and her, let’s say, somewhat antagonising character, has been rejuvenated in a TV series. I haven’t seen the series as of the writing of this worst-post but be assured I intend to watch it as soon as it’s available (to me). So let’s put that aside, eh.

This most recent viewing of Cuckoos Nest has showed me that Nurse Ratched (Government and/or state authority) ain’t so bad. In fact, now more than ever, I believe that Nurse Ratched is a pretty sympathetic character, including her treatment of Murphy (Deplorables). Keep in mind, the reason Murphy is in the asylum is not because he’s trying to avoid prison but instead because he thinks:

  1. He can outwit the system.
  2. He is in control of inner demons that only know that violence begets….

In the novel there is much more insight to the origin of Murphy’s violence and the reason he has been incarcerated by the State. That worst-said, I still prefer the movie character, especially the brilliance of Jack Nicholson and the foresight of the director (Miloš Forman) to exclude any character development of Murphy. That said, Murphy is simply a vehicle to a much larger message which may or may not be the subtext of the movie. Namely, #Americant manhood is doomed to a life of subjugation–with or without a lobotomy.

Now. Getting back to January 6. Is it me or has anyone else noticed that the only person killed by the State during this amateur attempt at a revolution was a woman? In this worst-writer context does that then bare the question: what if Murphy actually killed Ratched? But on that must die-gress.

Indeed. The only person killed by the State on January 6 was an Air Force vet who tried to break through a window while inside the Capitol in order to get on the floor of the House of Representatives to show her hate of Nancy Pelosi. Now. Considering the idear, via the Rolling Stones, that there’s a fine line between being a cop and a criminal, do we really need to differentiate good and evil within the confines of Empire run amok, aka #Americant? You know, even though I hate the bothsideism thing in #Americant politics, the one time it is applicable is when comparing a mob of deplorable white people storming the Capitol with the poor souls tasked with protecting it.

Just as every cop is a criminal, And all the sinners saints, As heads is tails, Just call me Lucifer, ‘Cause I’m in need of some restraint, (Who who, who who) -Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil

So. Like. I guess. I’m wondering if January 6 can contain the great missed message of the the film One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest? You know. Not only are criminals and madmen made (Murphy) but they are also convenient (Ratched)–especially in a State on the verge of wanton madness. The only question that remains, then, is: since #Americant has lobotomised most of its people via lack of education, religion, anti-intellectualism and consume-to-survive, who/what/where is the one sub-character to be set free?

Yes. Indeed. Things to worst-ponder.

Rant on.


PS Here’s a thought I wasn’t able to work into this worst-text. For worst-posterity I’ll just jot it here. Who knows. Maybe it’ll stay in my head for a while and I’ll be able to use it again somewhere else. Or maybe not.

The moment the class-clown stops your laughter is the moment you realise your lobotomy.

Links that motivate this post:

How Obvious Does It Have To Be

This is the stage at CPAC 2021. I mean, dudes and dudets, could it be more obvious? Source of pic: see link below

Scenarios of things past that could only lead to things to come. Or. How I learned to see the future–of where my beloved & missed #Americant would go.

Scenario 1.

So. Like. It’s ca. 1984. I’m navigating my way around Washington DC trying to find an office building where I have a job interview. Remember, dear worst-reader, it was a time before mobile apps. And so. I run into two problems above and beyond my orientation (or is it navigation) ability. First. I made the mistake of asking an old man in rotted clothes if he could tell me where my street was. The man, obviously a homeless man run waaaaay down on his luck, didn’t feel like entertaining my question. Right in the middle of the sidewalk he started freaking out and calling me names. While yelling f-this and f-that and who the f do I think I am he even lunged towards me with his shopping cart and waved one of his many bags in the air as though it were a flail. I quickly ran down the wrong street to get away from him, which brings me to the second issue. As I turned a corner a jewellery store owner peered his head out of his front door and started yelling at me for disturbing the peace. He asked about how stupid I was and then added that they have to clean up every morning from the bums and why do people like me have to make things worse cause he knows the guy who just yelled at me and that he would probably take another shit in front his door, etc., etc. And then he added as I was just getting out of (his) ear-sight, why don’t they round up the bastards and put them out of their misery along with all you yuppie $hits!  

I guess the stage symbolism is a bit obscure. Or? Source of pic: see link below

Scenario 2.

It would have been the late 70s. My misconstrued parents dragged me to a party. Of course, my sister was older than me which meant she could stay home alone. I obviously wasn’t in the best mood being dragged along to an adult stupid party. While there, I watched the adults get $hit-faced out of their minds while stuffing themselves with some fancy-pants catered dinner of chicken in cream sauce that I remember smelled the same as the stuff my mother was drinking (probably gin). Of course, I was forced by my drunk parents to finish my plate after which I could go into the hosts bedroom to be alone and watch a movie on their cable TV. When I asked my mother why I couldn’t have just stayed home to do that she smirked and threatened to slap me for being a smart-a$$. Oh well. Long story short, eh dear worst-reader. After watching at least two movies and noticing that it was getting pretty late, I stepped outside to see what the adults were doing. They were all still partying as though the world was coming to an end, their noise having disturbed my movie night more than thrice. But here’s the catcher. Obviously the adults had been playing some sort of betting game and when I entered the living room the bets were being paid. Remember, dear worst-reader. This was the 1970s USA. There are a few things always present at gatherings that were supposed to give off an air of pseudo-sophistication in certain middle-class environments in 70s. In the name of expediency I’ll only inform you, dear worst-reader, of the things the males brought along to such social gatherings. The first is a polyester neck tie the size of a pillow. The second is facial hair in the form of sideburns or a moustache. Of the males who lost their bets in the game, the were required to trim their moustaches in the form of the old fashioned toothbrush, i.e. the Hitler moustache. Why adults of the 70s thought this was funny I’ll never know.

Scenario 3.

Last but not least for today’s worst-post, dear worst-reader. This scenario will be a short one. While growing up in rural and suburban-hell of wannabe WASP-ville galore, I can’t count how many Jew smirks and innuendo and conspiracies I’ve heard over the years. And now that we have a congresswoman who believes that lasers in space are run by Jews…

Just when you think the direction a country takes couldn’t get more obvious, one of the two major political parties throws a shindig and can’t even hide the prejudices of a once defeated ideology. Or. I suppose. If you must. You could think that maybe, just maybe, all the white supremacists of the #Americant Republican Party just really, kinda, dig the symbols of Norse mythology.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.


Source: The Nazi Stage at CPAC is the Odal Rune

Missing With Your Blame Gun

Went ahead and gave it my best shot, dear worst-reader. And guess what? I actually made it through a whole Jimmy Dore clip. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, I’m a bit of skeptic when it comes to the likes of Jimmy Dore. You know, that part of the #Interwebnet “left” that can really, ultimately, only play the blame game–usually a wildly misplaced blame game, don’t you know.

So here’s my worst-question: who then is to blame? Well. Considering the article that motivated this clip, it’s all to be blamed on poverty–and all that entails. Yet, after reading the article I couldn’t help but resort to my personal blame game that I’ve been playing ever since expatriating once I realised that Reagan & Co. where screwing the pooch and it was only a matter of time before my beloved & missed #Americants would be eating each other. Yeah, that was forty or so f’n years ago.

So here’s the worst-gist of this worst-post, baby. I could give a hoot about how financially troubled the morons are that tried their fail-upwards, misconstrued and silly pseudo-putsch on January 6. Fcuk ’em, fcuk ’em all! In fact, I hope every damn one of them gets the book thrown at them. Of course, obviously, in white #Americant, that ain’t gonna happen. But that’s neither here nor there as I’m no rant-comedian. With that in mind, the question of blame that Jimmy Dore & Co. should be asking is how many of those Putsch wannabes vote republican? How many of their parents vote republican? How many of them vote independent? Or Green? In other worst-words, you can’t change the rules right in the middle of the game*–no matter how funny you think you are. And so. If piss-hair #Trump is only a symptom (which he is) who the fuck is the disease? Maybe that’s who Dore & Co. should be ranting about. The disease is the multitude of ignorant and debased fools (74m of them) who can’t wake up to the reality of what they and their parents and grandparents have done in allowing the republican party to go so far to the political right.

The rightwing of my beloved & missed #Americant have been fighting long and hard since WW2 to get to the likes of #Trump, Bush, wars, greed and more greed. Where have Das Volk been in all that time to move the country just enough to the left in order to maintain even a speck of balance? I’ll tell you where they’ve been. They’ve been dabbling and waddling in the grimy cum and excrement of redneck stupidity that is all mislead by either preachers or the likes of Dore & Co. propagating the idear that it’s all about poverty–as opposed to wanton, blatant stupidity.

And there you have it. You’re welcome, suckers.

Rant (un-comedically) on.


Here’s a link to The Washington Post article Dore references:

*The game is a two party system–like it or not. Voting for anything outside of those two parties only gives the other party an advantage, which is currently how the likes of Mitch McConnell, a senator from the heart of bumfcuk #Americant, can basically own the legislative branch of government. Why don’t you rant to the people in Kentucky that vomit up the likes of McConnell?

Sue To The Dungheap

As the herd culls or is culled…

How does one get to the essence of what’s wrong with everything, dear worst-reader? You know, why everything is soooooo worst? Does one dig to the base, the fundament, the origin? Are there even enough shovels, tools to do that? Does one deconstruct and thereby reconstruct–in order to produce a fabulous 3-d exploded-view diagram? Or how ’bout preying during a/your seance while others puke tell-tale ingredients onto the/your weegee (ouija) board that is read back to you by witch-bitches and/or bitch-teat wearers? How ’bout just taking a moment, a deserved moment, where you put yourself into that dream-state, induced by whatever means you see fit, and take a crawl through President Stupid’s pee-pee-hair? Indeed. There you will most certainly find answers.

But I die-gress.

Or do I?

The thing is, there’s an origin to everything. Not an origin, don’t you know, that is about the metaphysical, i.e. religion. Let’s be clear (about that). There is an origin more along the lines of what came first when it comes to a world of STUPID. More importantly: a world of taking advantage of STUPID. And so. It’s not about what came first: the fire or the wheel? Nor is it about what stroke of the brush began the Mona Lisa? And how ’bout this? Is the first note of Beethoven’s 9th really the first sound that came to (his) mind before composing (it)? As vague (worst) as all that worst-writing may or may not be, there is (still) an origin to everything. The only thing there isn’t–is an origin to the origin. But let’s not get so far off worst-subject, eh. And so (1). Is the origin (of everything) worth finding? In the case of religion, it doesn’t really matter. In the case of humanity destroying itself, a case where man obviously has gone a bit too far in his whimsical and diabolical lust to rule and control others, i.e. the greed $hitshow that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, it might be worth figuring out. And so (2). Let us have a look at that origin. Let’s glance down the cumhole of political conservatism.

Where does it come from? Is it real (as in reality)? Is it a ghost (unseen) of which only our subconscious is aware? Is it the anger of a scorn wo-man whose beauty was stolen by her stupidness on account she believed in President Pee-Pee-Hair? Indeed. We are nearing its name. And so (3). Let’s go there now, dear worst-reader. Buckle down. Tighten up the straps of your dildo-brain. Grease up the edges. Tickle the orifice yourself first. Get ready, baby.

Let’s call it by its name now: faux-newz. Let’s address it as a pledge sung: Oh Limbaugh & Co. of the stars-n-stripes pinned to the lapel of a JC Penny suit. The voice of a father or mother that is against anything and everything intellectual that questions the great spaghetti-monster in the sky is whispering as husband-man has his religious doctrine way the grand Her. She never cums. And so (4). Yes. At the behest of being redundant, the origin is: faux-newz.

But what I really wanted to get on about in this worst-post…

As the old saying goes: We’ll take what we can get, eh, dear worst-reader. I mean, if that’s what’s required to get rid of Faux-Newz, let it be done (see links below). Let it be done with gore and glory. Sue the krapp out of the motherfcukers! I mean, since my wish that they/it would just fade away as the greatest generation and its off-spring the #okboomers should fade away… Well. It obviously it ain’t gonna be that simple. For you see, dear worst-reader, (the) taking advantage of all the STUPID of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, ain’t no hat-trick. It is something else. In whatever parallel universe it is, I guess, something grand, something glorious–is to happen. It is something for believers to believe in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the likes of Rupert Murdoch will also go to the way side as the $hithole that is faux-newz is sued. Oh. Dear worst-reader. The battles we thinking folk must face in our minds and/or worst-writer pages…?

And so (5). Let us move on with the age-old worst-writer adage.

What is #Americant political and social conservatism? It is three things. First, in the context of the media, it is that which tells people what to think and what to do. This is the base of President Stupid, don’t you know. Second, it is those who do what they are told–without question. And they are the 62m or so that elected, directly or indirectly, President $hit-4-brains. Third, it is those who think they are not part of the first or the second, hence all the smart-arses in the world (perhaps including yours-worst-truly), and the previously mentioned indirect culprits, that make all this happen. And they are oblivious to it. Currently, w/ this our newest and most profuse crisis (the f’n flu), faux-newz is finding it difficult to subvert its true face, what it really stands for, its meaning. And for that, finally, hopefully, it must pay. Or maybe not.

For how do you catch a fox, dear worst-reader. A fox that is the greatest of all STUPID that has ever been. At lest the greatest since the likes of Brutus had his penetrating way with Caesar. But I could be wrong. #Nomatter.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


PS Kara Swisher, from a link below, has a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s a pretty cool podcast, too. But sometimes it kinda sucks–as all talking heads (can) suck. Yeah, sometimes.


#OkBoomers Be Gone. Please.

As I point out here or there in this worst-blog, I’m not a fan of my own generation. Especially the #Americant portion of that generation1. But. Dear worst-reader. Not only can we NOT choose our parents, we are also stuck with the generation in which we are born. With that worst-said, I’m as tail-end as you can get with the #okboomer generation (DOB: end of 1963). Some post-boomers might even consider me as part of the next generation–notwithstanding my ill-fated and somewhat anti-nationalism stance and the brilliant worst-writer coinage: #Americant. Still. With that in worst-mind. Get a load of the New York governors latest diarrhoea of the mouth. And to make it worst… how many times does he use the misnomer: we’re at war? Seriously! At war? With the flu? I know. I know. It’s a pretty bad flu. It’s a really bad flu. But it’s a flu of our own making, don’t you know. And how little that is addressed while the idiots of the #okboomers try and show their smarts yet all we see are the arses in the middle of their faces moving as though there is no tomorrow. And by-the-buy, this influenza $hit has been going on for how many years now? Anyone talking about how it might, just might, relate to the politics of Neo-liberalism (i.e. political greed conservatism 2.0) of the past fifty years, including globalisation that #okboomers are holding on to as though it was their old-hag mother’s teat? Whether it’s swine-flu, SARS1 or the current SARS2 (Covid-19), bird flu, Mars, H1N1, etc., #okboomers are all out there and in front of cameras emulating President Stupid and talking about fcuking… WAR. Are you kidding worst-moi! President Stupid, the man with hair that looks like a puking possum just pissed on cotton candy makes the same claim and all a somewhat rational thinking Democrat (as in party) automaton Neo-liberal can do is repeat it? How original #okboomer! But let me get-off the subject of personally attacking the President of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Let’s get-on, instead, about WAR. You would think, dear worst-reader, that the one thing #okboomers could get over in the #Americant mindset of post WW2 stupid-ville, i.e. that which bred them, is the concept of everything being about war. But then again, it’s all #Americant has really done since Fascism one-upped uncle Adolf and z’Germans lust for Blondi. And let’s not forget the longer fight against Stalin culminating in #Americant squandering the so-called COLD-WAR. I mean, the #Americant military industrial complex(ity) is everything in a land where–even if they tried–they couldn’t turn off the lie-of-the-mind that is faux-newz. And. I mean. There was the post 1970s mindless surge named Reaganomics, which could only lead to #Trump, aka, an idiot b-movie-star replaced by an even stupider b-tv-star, that preoccupied both the #okboomer mind and the parentage that is the ugly, disgusting, perverted greatest-generation mind. (Fcuk them too, btw!) Then came, maybe, the Dotcom boom, which (I’m guessing) half of the #okboomers hated because it forced them to choose–as in choose a mind–because, well, they were never meant to understand the art of at least trying to make science fiction real. And we all know what happened to the Dotcom boom, eh? But before I get too far off worst-subject. This post is supposed to be about #okboomer failing miserably–as it’s always done. Yet it walks and talks as though it were a winner. A winner of WAR. And so. The #Americant dream is alive & well, baby. Just don’t have a good look at it as it may up-end you, too.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


News conference about war against a flu–and it’s all about ‘war’? (Video)

  1. And be assured, the German portion of that generation ain’t much better. ↩︎

Boomer Plague, Face Masks And Toilet Paper

There you have it, dear worst-reader. End-times ain’t (just) nigh (anymore). They (end-times) be here, eh. How do you (we) know? Easy. There’s nothing to wipe your arse with. Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to love the idear about getting a bidet. As I worst-write this, I can almost feel a stream of water gushing around my under-carriage. But let’s not transgress too far off worst-subject–to places you may or mayn’t wish to witness. Or?

What’s the deal with hoarding toilet paper, dear worst-reader? No. Serious. Why are people doing it? Is it because they’re worried about not being able to wipe? Seriously? These people wipe? And as you (I) contemplate the issue, get this worst-thought. One sheet of toilet paper looks similar enough to one of those masks that people wear to cover their face. They wear the masks, by-the-buy, to stop their minds from spilling out what they really think. And so. The masses of stupid people that make this, our beloved earth of STUPID, are simply hoarding toilet paper because, well, they think it’s the same as those masks. Indeed. Toilet paper covers a hole, if you will. It can prevent something from going out and going in, along side, of course, with keeping it all clean. And because so many are too stupid to know anything, they mistake one thing for another. So go out there, dear worst-reader. Hoard yourself some toilet paper as someone else has hoarded all the masks–and others hoard all the money. And whether its $hit coming out of your mouth or your arse, at this point in life, history, a world where the likes of #Trump can attain the leadership of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, it’s all obviously about the money. These are the times you live in. Good luck sucker.

And while I’m on the subject of worst-luck.

Something still lingers in the ever-more of the now which smells horribly like old people aka #okboomers. Do you smell it, dear worst-reader? Whaaaaa? Never got a whiff of old people? Quite the opposite of a newborn, don’t you know. And if you’ve (n)ever smelled a newborn–it’s an experience so much better than the actual birthing process where that bitch screams and yells about how well I fcuked a baby inside of her as the halls of her life squeezed to pin me down, lusting for my servitude, her matrimony our contract, that the beautiful babe she would bear c/would be true to us both in the misery that is fake newz or love. And total contrast to the death that old people espouse, especially in these days of greed galore embodied by #okboomer. Am I wrong? But I digress.

Am I the only one to smell the stench of old people? A stench this grand old earth bitch wishes to be rid of? And do I smell it on account, well, because I’m probably, kinda one of them? Also. Don’t you know. I’ve always had trouble describing (or is it transcribing?) smell. But the comparison to newborns ain’t bad, eh. Is it because there are so many old people these days that is must be compared? What’s the adage? If you’re a fish you don’t mind disgusting, polluted, faeces filled ocean to exist in. You know, as in, old people are kinda everywhere–and they have everything. Which is most likely due to the fact that they took it all–everything–only to leave their smell behind as youth-life slowly perishes or is it dwindles into the long, slow night-wake of greed demise? #Nomatter.

For all impractical reasoning, I’m old too. Approaching the big six-o. Yet I was birthed by the oldest of the generation that is currently the most ill in Italy. Wait. That makes no sense. What I mean is this. I am part of the ilk that is #okboomer but I’m of the tail end of it, don’t you know. I’m the last of what the so-called greatest generation could birth. Which begs the issue: if #okboomer parentage was so fcuking great, why is it that the world is lead by morons, anti-intellectuals, religious $hit-bags, greed-mongers galore? And so.

Worst-writer’s ode to #okboomer.

Oh, old people, I hope you all pass on as you came in. Came in to the $hitshow, don’t you know. Took it over–and made it your $hitshow–from your greed $hitshow parents. Greed and taxes do take a bite, she said behind the medicine counter where just above her head was a sign that read: show your properly stamped passport before receiving your flu dosage. Who has the flu? Come one, come all–fcuk heads. Show the world what you’re capable of, reveal your inner besties. All your drunk meth friends, revelling in the afterbirth of so many missed abortions and the love-forsaken feminism of the grand bimbo coalition where all is not lost as long as you blame someone (something) else for your misdeeds. And now bow to your pee-pee-hair god, #Trump, i.e. President Stupid. For he is yours #okboomer. Reap what you are and keep playing in that fake-gold hair. And before I forget. I hope you all die a miserable death for what you’ve done to this world and your children, especially the young girls you abused. Fuck you, boomer.

Move on (quickly).

Of course, if you ask worst-writer–which you shalln’t–Coronavirus could just as easily be called a disease of STUPID. I know. I know. It’s also a disease of poverty. But let’s not complicate things, eh. You know, as in, a disease my beloved & missed LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID kinda deserves. For #Americant is the embodiment of both STUPID and poverty. Or? Then again. My beloved & missed #Americant doesn’t deserve all my ridicule out of worst-spite, let’s be clear. It’s just that sheer ignorance is so abominable to me and it is manifest on a daily basis since the advent (election loss, electoral college win) of President Stupid. I mean, how else can a once great experiment in nation-state building be reduced to the likes of President Pee-Pee hair? Stupid deserves stupid, right? Stupid deserves this disease. Or am I getting-on too much about it all? #Nomatter.

What is STUPID’S creed, dear worst-reader? That’s right. Greed. And would you believe that President Stupid is actually trying to secure a vaccine for the disease of stupid for himself. Indeed. He might be doing it because, well, he’s infected. And even if he is (infected), his real motivation is the $hitshow of greed, don’t you know, that is all he knows. He literally tried to secure the rights to a vaccine for a disease that could potentially kill hundreds of thousands. He did so not for the sake of a nation but instead in order to make a buck. Does that surprise anyone? Maybe it surprises a few people. But get this, dear worst-reader. I was born and reared in the $hitshow of greed that is #Americant. Nothing about money and ugly pee-pee hair surprises me. So there.

Don’t believe anything you read about this being a disease of national origin. It is, indeed, a disease of forced poverty and subjugation. And, as usual, my beloved and missed #Americant is leading the way.

Rant on.



But Hasn’t It Always Been This Way?

screenshot 2019-01-26 at 08.47.32

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, the/a bigoted #Americant nutjob in any suburb near you ain’t no different than the one in the link below or the pic above. Wait. Hold the worst-presses. There might be a slight difference. The bigoted nutjob from the burbs probably ain’t as willing to take one up the bum as long as you praise the tattoo on his upper back. Then again, such a sight of Richard Nixon–in times like these–might be just what the greed-doctor ordered to turn the last remaining nutjobs into the sodomites they were born to be but somehow have avoided all these years in the name of repression, repression, repression, including #Americant suburban hetero bedrooms, the submission therein, to the almighty $$$ that bends, and all hail the submissive wives of evermore. Or maybe not.

And by-the-buy, if you want to see/listen to how #Americant talks with a bust of Richard Nixon on its back, including how it behaves, what makes it tick, give a listen to the video in the link below, too. And so. Ain’t Roger Stone the dream-boat all #Americants have been waiting for–as it lays way to Sodom and Gomorrha? Indeed. Reap what you sow, baby.

Good luck suckers.



As You Live, Eat And Breath It: Compulsive Behaviourism And Fascism

Stopped watching at exactly 16:51, dear worst-reader. Reason? It’s all I could stomach. What a disgusting display of… Of? Of? Well, how ’bout this: what a disgusting display of life, liberty and the pursuit of greed (at any cost) that is the current state of  my beloved & missed united mistakes of compulsive behaviourism, aka #Americant. Why should any honest, hardworking person give a fcuk about these privileged people and their complaints about the cesspool of life that they obviously chose from the get-go to participate in and hence build/enable? Oh wait. Where does this sort of behaviourism come from? Does it come from men eye-groping as skirts walk by? Does it come from ill-construed patriarchy and submissive matriarchy? Or what about the women who raise the men that give us such ills? Yeah, what about those mothers?

You mean, dear worst-writer, that with all their privilege and education, they weren’t able to see (judge) the cesspool of life/career that they were getting into–from the get-go? As soon as blondie #1 started talking about how she worked her way up, just prior to the 16:51 mark, I thought I was gonna lose control of my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Thank goodness I recovered. Or?

Bimbo #1, like so many #Americants born since the 1950s (in her case 70s), has never worked a day in her life. What she has done, though, is something much better and much more deserved than work and it is probably the future on account, well, what else is there now that the $hit$how has reached new heights above and beyond the incorporation of seven deadly sins? Sarcasm on/off. Indeed. She has BEHAVED. She is the epitome of compulsive behaviourism–like so many of her ilk, her generation, #okboomer?, Gen-X?, corporatists with the right skin tone, hair colour, etc., etc… All who have what they have because of how they behave–AND NOTHING ELSE. But enough about the bimbo coalition that makes up half a species and how they emulate the other half (that is just as bad).

Who should give a hoot about the players who play in this game? I mean. Come on. Now that the game has ruined life for so many (culminating but probably not ending with #Trump), should those of us who chose not to participate in it, put up with all this fcuking whining? Again. I quit the video at 16:51. Like most people on this planet who must live with choice and consequence, who gives a fcuk that you had to raise a skirt while dancing in front of your career choice? Oh wait. Maybe some of you had to give the boss a blowjob? Of course none of you thought about just walking out from the get-go. I mean. Come on. Who wants to give up a career because, well, the next bimbo could lift her skirt better?

Which brings me to the heart of the issue. Welcome to your new world order of Neo fascism. Yea, baby. This is but a game in a game that is fascism. More than any other political ideology, fascism is about exactly this. I mean, it’s not only about power and money. It’s about old, fat men finding loyalty up the skirts of chicks who grew up never questioning why all those other women in magazines and on TV so easily acquire the gaze of men men men. Or am I wrong, Walter? Put another way, there would be no fascism without all the bigotry, greed and a few bimbos never questioning what is so intriguing up a skirt. Which begs the worst-question:  what about all those women who not only did the skirt twirl without question but also gave great loyalty blowjobs?

Ah. What we all do for love and career.

And so. For $hits and giggles, let’s run down a worst-writer definition of fascism for the moment–or this worst-post.

  • Bigotry, of course, is the hate that my beloved and missed #Americant has been utilising since it squandered the end of the Cold War, or perhaps even earlier.
  • Greed, of course, is the capitalism that is currently feeding on the negative of bigotry so that the Have-Mores don’t have to pay-up for cheating the Haves who in turn have always cheated the Have-Nots.
  • Or check here.

What better facilitator of all of this is there than faux newz, #Americant political and social conservatism, and the bimbos that make all the old male owners, the Have-Mores feel better about their dick pills? And so. The reptile brain of greed mongers–in this case the compulsive behaviourist bimbos–know this, dear worst-reader. In fact, Bimbo #1 might finally know it more than ever. Welcome to the world you created, sugar tits. Hope you make the world better for daughters.

Rant on.




Toxic Male Delusion And Such

Been meaning to post something about this jerk-off for some time now. And don’t you know, dear worst-reader, it’s been an inner fight to do so. I mean, come on. How many of these men should I worst-write about? The problem is, toxic men are running this worst-world. Am I the only one that knows that? Of course not. How presumptuous of worst-moi. Or? Which constantly makes worst-moi beg the question: am I toxic too? Oh how this coincides with the mutant Harvey Weinstein or the bat$hit that is President Stupid. These men, John McAfee, #Trump, Weinstein, Cosby, along with countless other men who think (are delusional) they’ve achieved in life, have one significant thing in common: in their heart of hearts they are scumbags. Either that or they simply cannot know love. Does worst-writer know love? Perhaps not–for I am divorced. But when given the chance to have “intercourse” (as indicated in the vid above) I would rather get to know someone first, find a connection, figure out how to make it nice for both of us–and then truly fall in love with the birth of a child, divorce here or there. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

Say what you will armchair psychologists the world over, McAfee and his ilk are another level of toxic manliness and I worst-say they are abundant in the world today. Indeed. They are manifest in at least two generations of men. But what is it that steers these men down this path that is ultimately about abusing, dominating one half of humanity? What makes them do this sort of thing? And don’t forget, even though the politically conservative powers-that-be have been trying to sweep the Steel Dossier under the rug, it somehow lingers in the ether between all things fake and a few things that are real. Is it splitting proverbial hairs to ask whether or not #Trump likes young, vulnerable, poor women to poop in his mouth or pee in it or just watch gorgeous Russian whores pee on the same bed that Barry-O and his wife slept on in a Russian $hitbag hotel in the middle of Moscow? Just look at the eyes of President Stupid, John McAfee, Weinstein & Co. These men are the epitome of manliness today. They own it. They make it. They dictate it. And all because everyone else languishes in anti-intellectualism thinking there is nothing left to be done–but make a buck, even if it means only doing so on the backs of someone else. And so, your choices are #Americant or, perhaps, the burning bush that is Australia, i.e. just like a man, don’t you know, to make Mother Nature suffer on account a few white men can’t be convinced how shitty they really are. Or maybe not.

Good luck choking on it suckers.

Rant on.


Real Reason Peoples Should Be Afeared Of This Guy

Pete Buttigieg should drive anyone away at the moment it’s revealed that he worked for the likes of McKinsey & Co. Forget about the fact that he’s just some man-child that gained a few thousand votes  to become mayor in the hellhole that is some midwest country bumpkin town. Now don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I worked for McKinsey once, too. Yeah, that was a long time ago, don’t you know. Perhaps I worked for them in a galaxy far far away, as well. But that’s neither here nor there. The reason people should be afeared of the likes of Pete Buttigieg is that McKinsey is an outsourcing $hithole where corporatists the world over can pin responsibility for corporatist exploitation in something akin to a greyzone. The zone, by-the-buy, is where deceit and lies and fakery rule the day. For that is the only thing that McKinsey and any other so-called consultancy does. It is high-end outsourcing that enables corporatists to scoot a bit more beach-time into their schedule where they can count shareholder value with more and more gusto and never face up to the reality that corporatism is no different than political conservatism and other than mentioning the name McKinsey that should be/say enough to not put this guy in the whitehouse. Or maybe not. I thought Hillary was gonna win, too.

Rant on.



Anti-Intellectualism Wins Again

stupid meter.png

The big gripe, dear worst-reader. I mean. Come on. As bad as the obviousness of President Stupid and his ways can be, is it just as bad to use an analogy of a name–even President Stupid’s son’s name–and a monarchial title in order to make a constitutional legal argument? You know. #Americant is supposed to be a federal republic absent of all things monarchial. Yet it has become, for all practical purposes, a Neo-feudalist state reminiscent of 17th or 18th century Europe, psuedo titles n’all. Indeed. A pseudo aristocracy runs the show that is the #Americant wet-dream $hitshow of greed galore, don’t you know. Or? Am I wrong? #Nomatter.

What’s so wrong about making the comparison between a name (given to someone) and a title–that is also given to someone? I mean. Ain’t that the reason the so-called founding fathers of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID included such things in their grand document of $hitshow rules (the constitution)? Even though, obviously, President Stupid would gladly give the title of Barron to whomever pleases him, such a task does not belong to him. Why not call it out? And so. Only in THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID is it possible for anti-intellectuals to make this connection simply because, well, a really, really, really stupid president named his son after an aristocratic title given to arseholes that history knows so well.

Or maybe not.

The only question that remains is: have you been dumbed down enough?

Rant on.



The Essence Of #Americant

Get a load of this vid, dear worst-reader. Get a load of what this vid is about! Obviously examples of what makes America #Americant are not few and far between. I mean, how else can THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID up its game with the likes of #Trump & co? No, seriously. I mean, even worst-writer asked the assumptive question: what can come after Dubya dipshit Bush? Well, Barry-O wasn’t all that bad, IMHO. But his election angered a few Das Volk, to worst-say the least. Of course, the politics of personal destruction is a short but winding mindset. Such an environment can only germinate in a culture obsessed with the likes of WWE, Reality-TV, and a mass/horde of inner ugly (mostly) white people that will laugh and giggle and smirk instead of come to the aide of the needy and have-not-greedy. But before I get too far off topic.

Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I’m not sure I actually listened/watched the whole video that this worst-post is linking to. Reason? The way this #Trump person talks is exactly that which caused me to find other shores–and that was thirty fcukin‘ years ago. When I was young, early adulthood, people just like Kellyanne talked this way every day of my life–whether it was parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues, etc. This President Stupid participant talks just like meritless #americant that make the greed $hitshow of dysfunction the holy fcuking grail of everything. You know, the oh-so many minions who think they actually achieve–when in fact all they’ve done is behave–as in: compulsive behaviourism, i.e. make a living, have a living standard, etc. You know, these people, in the days of Ronald Reagan, were held at bay. They were behind the curtain. They were too disgusting to bring forward. Now they are the norm. All because of Barry-O? A sad question indeed.

Good luck suckers. For you deserve #Trump. It’s what inner uglies of greedy white people is all about.

Rant on.


Dreams: Funny Faces, Kiss Peeing On Me, Guns

the madness gun

Dreams can be a bitch, dear worst-reader. Especially those dreams that confuse beyond trying to figure them out. I mean, don’t you know, I’m not into figuring them ALL out. Some of them I just let go. Others linger with me for days–even as I try to let go. That means, I suppose, I have to give them a thought or three. Like this one, which I’ll try to worst-write while being soothed by Karajan’s 1963 Beethoven Symphonies.

First, most of the dreams I retain seem to be early morning dreams. That is–in what I like to refer to as my second night’s sleep–where I fall into a deep sleep after waking in the wee hours, usually around 4am–a dream ensues that takes me to deeper places than those hypnotic places Dr. Shit4Brains prescribed oh so long ago which get me to fall asleep in the first place, where a first dream happens but I usually repress. Nomatter.

This particular dream/place was a large cavernous valley with a few shinny houses in the middle of its nadir. The sky and atmosphere are lit with fluorescent, crayon coloured dim light but I can also see a sun just above one of the surrounding cliffs. Hues and shades abound from flowers and trees and perfectly manicured gardens. The vibrant reds and blues in the sky don’t match the sun or the cliffs that surround me, though. Stymied with awe, I feel something touch my left hand. I quickly turn to my left but then realise that a person is passing me on my right. As she passes me, she gallantly turns around and continues to pass but doing so while walking backwards, where I can clearly make out her face.

The first thing I see is Crouzon syndrome. The second thing I see is that the girl is a version of an old girlfriend of mine–who did not have Crouzon syndrome. She’s the same age as when I remembered banging her desperately and thereby hoping she remembered her birth control. What a gal she was, eh! But why Crouzon now? Nomatter.

She waves me along and eventually takes my right hand then leads me to one of the houses in the middle of the valley. She pulls me into the house and gives me a dry peck on the cheek and asks, whispering in my ear, if I’m missing her yet. She then reveals one breast and I yearn to fondle the puffy nipple but she moves off, stage left.

The inside of the house is a large loft, the back of which being nothing more than a large window overseeing the cliffs beyond. In the middle of the house is stage with a lone drum set with… the KIϟϟ emblem on the bass drum. After a long pause filled with contemplation about why I would dream of an ex who has Crouzon syndrome, Gene Simmons enters from a stage right (without makeup) and sits on the stool behind the drum set. He and I get into some heated discussion, he speaking yiddish and I the highest form of German I was never able to learn, until he finally stands atop the bass drum, whips out his Wiener, which, by-the-buy, is as big as his infamous tongue, and pees all over me.

I wake up to a down pour that is sneaking in through the terrace door I left open all night due the #Eurowasteland summer heat wave. I worry for a second or three about the wood floor that is now soaked, thereby feeling a few hard and heavy rain drops splatter on my morning face. I then shut the door. I go to the bathroom and have a morning piss, taking careful aim, of course, so as to not have so much to clean when cleaning is due at the end of the week. I then wash my hands and face and head downstairs to make my first espresso of the day. And so a worst-writer day begins and a dream ends, eh, dear worst-reader.

After a few days I finally figured out what Gene Simmons and I were arguing about and why he pissed on me. The conversation started with me praising him and his business acumen, thereby turning a half-witted rock band into an international sensation–that I loved when I was a kid. But then I started quoting some of the bands lyrics and probably said something about how their music relates so endearingly to the rest of #Americant and THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and that there are consequences to turning the greatest, most powerful, ingenious nation-state experiment into a cesspool of greed, demagoguery, religious bat$hittery and, of course, guns. I then added something about how I was able to grow up and out of the three-grade entertainment that not only KIϟϟ panders and squawks but that which lead to the likes of #Trump who is the true face of not just republicans but #Americant greed-mongering, political conservatism and guns-galore–as a means of problem enhancement that only benefits the rich thereby keeping the riff-raff and lumpenproletariat in-check.

Indeed. And to think there is anyone surprised or shocked how the third-grade can become the nadir of the valley of death where guns give the blind and stupid the same feeling of success as a half-witted rock-band making a gazillion bucks or more–just so many others and others and others and money and money and money….

Keep failing upwards, baby.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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When It’s Time To Fear… Fear Itself


“President Hoover, Mr. Chief Justice, My friends,

“This is a day of national consecration, and I am certain that my fellow Americans expect that on my induction into the Presidency I will address them with a candor and a decision which the present situation of our Nation impels. This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly. Nor need we shrink from honestly facing conditions in our country today. This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.”

FDR’s inaugural address, 1933 (bold text mine)

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, with the quote above, I’m kinda crossing the streams. That is, ironically (or not), FDR is the patriarch (procreator) of the $hit$how generation known as Boomers. It was his policies (politics?) that enabled and facilitated the ultimate greed generation–most of whom haven’t done a f’n thing their whole life except live off the margins of the previous generation. Now that there are no margins left to live off of, thanks to Ronald Reagan, #Americant is dutifully trying to do just that… all the same. And what a $hit$how it’s been so far, eh!

Well, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. Guess who’s the leader of the $hit$how? Wrong. It’s not #Trump. For you see, even though he’s all out there, revealed and reviled and relating the truisms of who and what he represents, he is a vassal. But then, was he and what he represents ever anything else? As usual President Pee-Pee-Hair is ruling you and your narrative. It’s why you are part of so much STUPID. And while he laughs at you while you play in your third-grade sandbox, he’s also saying: you’re welcome sucker. And. That’s ok, right? It most certainly is. For you can still watch TV. Fill you car with gas. Buy something. Bling. Bling. And. That’s exactly the way you want it, the way you were raised, it’s all you know. For it is the result of being yet another generation of no-doers trying to live off the margins (the scraps) of that which made you.

Worst-writer’s greatest concern over the election of yet another moron to the highest office of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and his relative consistent behaviour has always been… when will he release the Kraken? For the Kraken isn’t necessarily a mythical beast with only eight tentacles that it uses to submerge decadent ships carrying human contraband and/or the profits of greed-mongering-galore. No. The true Kraken not only has eight tentacles but every tentacle has eight tentacles and every tentacle from there also has eight tentacles. You know, it goes on and on with the tentacle thing until it reaches an amount that is the white people disease of #American’t conservative politics–born and reared by FDR (and his ilk). Has a generation ever been more spiteful and greedy than Boomers and that which made it? Indeed. The Kraken awaits you with arms outstretched.

President Stupid’s recent reaction to a few congresswomen who are making (some) inroads (for the better) regarding the political narrative of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, is really starting to worry me. The Kraken is at the gates of fearing fear itself. Just look at how ugly, disgusting (vampire-like) people, aka Lindsey Graham, are trying to sustain the narrative–that has given the world #Americant for the past fifty or so years, including those who think #Trump is the problem. This is a generational war, dear worst-reader. And with the release of the Kraken, i.e. the true, ugly face of the boomer generation, I’m curious how it will all turn out. Like President Stupid’s hair, it ain’t lookin’ good so far.

Good luck suckers.

Rat on.


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Past Participle Of Thunderpussy

Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 12.34.05
Source: Wiki

Is it time yet, dear worst-reader? Time to start trademarking worst-writer? How bout I also trademark one of my other favourites: #Americant? And what about my use of the word fcuk? What? That’s not a word? Come now, come now. Of course it’s a word, don’t you know. It’s a word because, well, the powers-that-be make it so. You know, they make it so through their use of hypocrisy, bigotry and hate–all part of the mechanism that so well facilitates the way things are. Hate (and all the above), fyi, is the basis of all-things conservative in these times of Kavanaugh, #Trump and, of course, minds hell-bent by Limbaugh & Co. Indeed. The powers-that-be, after recent #SCOTUS decision involving some dushbag clothes maker who thinks he’s creative (or something like that) by giving his brand a kind of counter-counter culture name that sounds like the past participle of the word f*$k, seems to think they’re OK with certain words–as long as those words will never interfere with their power. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, baby? At least that’s the ticket as I worst-see it.


While on the subject of conservative dushbags, what will this recent #SCOTUS decision mean for an up-and-coming rock band–that I only recently discovered while reading somewhat deeper into the issue–that also uses a kind of counter-counter culture name? That name? Thunderpussy. And what a name, eh! Or am I splitting hairs here claiming that a dushbag clothes maker, using the word Fuct (past participle of the f-word?) as a brand name, which is now sanctioned by the highest corrupt court in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, is the same as a rock-n-roll band that clairvoyantly saw the future when they picked their name? I’m referring to a future, of course, that would end up with the likes of President Stupid and his grab them by you-know-what. I mean, Thunderpussy was founded, according to their wiki page, before President Stupid decided to grace us with his presence and thereby show the world the true, ugly, disgusting face, including piss-hair, of #Americant.

I’m sure Thunderpussy is elated with the #SCOTUS decision. Why would they even care how freedom of expression is enabled as long as, just like the dushbag clothes maker, they can make a buck or three with what it is they do? Yet somehow worst-moi is less enthusiastic about the whole deal. Reason? Simple. In this world there are dushbag clothes makers and there are also really, really fantastic rock bands that are playing on the/a/my past on account, well, in music, since, let’s say the nineties, there has been very little creativity1.

There’s no doubt in my worst-mind that the arbitrators of #Americant one-sided law are up to no good these days–nomatter what/how they interpret law. Several recent #SCOTUS decisions may even have some people thinking they are a bit outside whatever immoral compass guides them, i.e. moneyed interests galore. That worst-said, I think what #SCOTUS has been doing since Kavanaugh is a rues the conservative majority is playing so as to prepare (go get some butter) #Americant for what they really intend: total and complete authoritarian rule based on money and immorality galore, i.e. the #Americant way, baby.

Or maybe not.

At the least, lend Thunderpussy an ear. Wow!

Rant on.


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  1. Forgive my prejudices here. The/my reality is, I rarely consume music anymore on account, for me, raised in the sixties and seventies, there simply has been no music worth consuming for most of the past twenty or so years. If this is the result of lack of creativity or the likes of iTunes & Co., so be it. Still. I really dig a few new bands like Thunderpussy, Greta Van Fleet and if it weren’t for Grunge, I would have consumed absolutely nothing in the nineties. But on that note, I die-gress. ↩︎

Submissive Wives Of The Bimbo Coalition

It was the running, dear worst-reader. The running from a few things–that resulted in my expatriation from my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Allow me to indulge in two of those things.

The first was/is anti-intellectualism. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m saying I’m smarter than anyone else. That is certainly not the case. In fact, I didn’t start reading until well into the wasted days that would become my college days–and it only became second nature to me in my mid twenties. (Sad, huh?) You know, as in read something that would/could open up a mind–as opposed to reading something to satisfy a professor or a political ideology which then can only give way to the likes of Limbaugh & Co and/or never having an original thought. Hence, there is now generation after generation that is the result of passed-on bat$hittery aka mindfcuk that can only result in #Trumpism, aka über #Americant. I mean, come on. Where would #Americant conservatism be these days if it weren’t for the deliberate cessation of all-things intellectual, post Enlightenment?

It was a good run, don’t you know. The Enlightenment did provide a means with which America could at least begin it’s long/short journey to Americant and thereby fcuking up The Revolution in the name of owning everything, including We The People–who to this day oh-so willingly submit to Constitutional Writ that does nothing but guarantee being owned by ownership–or shot. Yeah, let’s not get into the fantasy of Democracy, eh.

The second thing worst-writer ran from on his expatriation journey was the Disneyfication1 of love. By the time I was twenty-five years old, I had realised the following:

  1. The opportunity that was had by that which reared me, i.e. previous generations, had long run out of steam. Hence, to this day, I’ve spent my life gladly dependent on the kindness of strangers thereby smirking the whole time at those who think they’ve actually worked their whole lives when they, in reality, have only behaved, i.e. work equals compulsive behaviourism2.
  2. Love. I ran from love in my beloved & missed #Americant as though there was no tomorrow. I was so horrified by the idear–or is it consequence–of love, which is dictated by Disneyfied #Americant females3 that #eurowasteland quickly turned into a godsend. Never once, of the Euro bimbos I’ve had pleasures with, was I confronted with the disney-princess-transaction of THE VAGINA, i.e. the deal which required a minimum of at least three months pay to buy the absurdity of a wedding ring, that would/could open up the flood-gates of a go-round in her pants. In fact, even though it’s all pink on the inside nomatter where in the world you lay it, Euro-bimbos weren’t selling it like the bimbos4 back home. Thank God!

And while I’m on the worst-subject of how women sell it, ever heard of Fawn Hall, dear worst-reader? If you haven’t, don’t worry. She’s one of the millions of millions (half the American’t population, don’t you know) of Disneyfied women who was/is never able to grow out of that aforementioned shadow of ill-repute parenting, i.e. procreation that never has an original thought. But don’t worry. As usual, where there’s one (in history) there will be many more (of the same) to follow. The current Fawn Hall’s new name is: Hope Hicks.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post:

  1. Disneyfication being a prequel to/for reality-TV. ↩︎
  2. Compulsive behaviourism being the perfect subsystem for political conservatism run amok, aka Reaganomics, militarism and religious bat$hittery. ↩︎
  3. Including religious, zealot and eventual conservative husbands! ↩︎
  4. For those perturbed by worst-writer sexism, heed this: a “bimbo” is the female version of “young-republicans”. Just as boys who end up being republicans because they are incapable of growing out of the ugly, disgusting shadow of their fathers, girls have the same deamon fight with their submissive mother/wives. ↩︎

Not To Be Confused With Stupid

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 10.51.37
Screenshot of the Greek origin of the word “idiot”.

I know. I know. I have to stop calling my beloved & missed #Americant LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. But I can’t. I mean, it’s so hard, don’t you know. Especially considering that I was smart enough to jump ship so long ago after having figured out how so much STUPID would eventually rule the $hit$how. The idear of calling it something other than STUPID has crossed my mind, though. For example. LAND OF FREE TO BE IDIOT. I even looked up the word idiot–which was interesting (and applicable) enough. But then I came across the Greek origin of the word and thought: No. LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID is simpler, more applicable, prudent. It also fits better to my redneck, pseudo trailer-trash upbringing as I gallivant through early retirement waving $100bills in the trailer park of life. And that’s the worst-writer ticket, eh!

Rant on.


Land Of Free To Be Stupid: Examples

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 07.12.06

First, dear worst-reader, why is it that two of the most interesting of all the stupid “talk shows” in my beloved & missed #Americant are hosted by foreigners? One: Trevor Noah. Two: John Oliver. Is there no one native-born to host these pseudo-newz shows (of stupid)? Am I, expat-galore, being too pseudo-nationalistic to even ask such a question? Oh wait. That’s the ticket, ain’t it? Native-born? Nationalistic-ism? Is there such a thing, I mean, other than the real natives, as in native-born? But what am I worst-writing, dear worst-reader? I’m once again off subject.

Two of the best examples yet of #Americant dysfunction, aka THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID:

  1. The Mueller report
  2. Parkland survivor suicides.

Well. Get this. I was actually a bit surprised about this next phase of how my beloved & missed #Americant would deal with its innate ignorance. You know, the ignorance of electing yet another screen personality to the White House so that he may continue the destruction of not just the republic but also the glorification of the church-pew that is trailer-trash galore. When one considers the current state of politics in my beloved & missed #Americant, it’s not hard to find a vast desert with an entire population’s head stuck in the sand. Or am I wrong?


How is it that an FBI stooge who is obviously part of a vast corrupt and connived justice system, which is lead by the best example ever of the corruption that is #Americant, President Stupid and his orange taint, ever deliver more than what Trevor Noah asks on his über-stupid TV show: Hey stupid Americans, what do you guys think after two years plus of investigating a ruse? The worst part about how Democrats threw this hail-marry with Russian collusion isn’t even the end result where #Trump wins. No. The worst part is… there is still no reconciliation of how/why the Democrats have nothing (politically) to offer anyone or anything within the fly-over states. But before you draw any worst conclusions about that/my worst-declaration, heed this: worst-writer is NOT a both-siderist!

There simply has to be a lot of stupid within a so-called democracy to get it to where #Americant has it right now. And it’s a shame that all that stupid is encapsulated in the pseudo-intellectualism of humour embodied in late-night talk shows hosted by foreigners. But on that note, I must die-gress.

I forgot the Mueller investigation months ago. There is simply no way that when two branches of government are in the hands of one political ideology (executive branch + judicial branch = conservative, GOP, right-wing wet-dream) that justice can be served. The FBI has never been anything but a joke (Boston Marathon bombing; Hoover, etc.) and should have been culled decades ago. Federal judge appointments through out the United Mistakes of #Americant has also tipped the scales of justice and makes it ever-so obvious that the saviour (Trump) will never be prosecuted for what he should be prosecuted for: being STUPID. Also, those appointments will secure the ideology that has taken hold and will most likely for many years to come maintain the status quo of the trickle round-n-round of STUPID. With that in mind, here’s worst-writer’s prediction for the near future:

#Trumpism will be re-elected in 2020 but then impeached within two years of second term so that it can be a repeat of Nixon and then all will be as usual as unearned wealth continues to rule and Democrats figure out how to continue the Neo-feudalism of yore.

And by-the-buy, the other example of STUPID (#2 above) is this simple fact/reality: Parkland is a well-off, middle-class, atypical #Americant community. How can it be that two of the young survivors of a society’s wanton lust for slaughter and mayhem cannot get the help needed in order to NOT continue the violence? What an appalling state of inhumanity that is/must be the (not so) sunshine state of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

A Thread Runs Through It

Screenshot 2019-03-24 at 11.42.23

Subtitle: Pseudo-Review of Loaded by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

Metaphorically worst-writing (or is it analogically) I often use the idear of a thread, as in, a thread runs through it to explain something. I can also worst-say it thus: Without this thread the whole quilt will wilt. For worst-moi and the emotions I wield for my beloved & missed #Americant , the thread up to now that holds the whole $hit$how together hasn’t been so much the violence but instead… The Stupid. Indeed. THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. My beloved & missed #Americant is a quilt of stupid. As in: stupid thread runs through it. But on that note I digress.

Just finished reading the book Loaded by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz. It’s a terrible book, don’t you know. Wait. I don’t mean terrible as in a terrible written book. No. In fact. It’s a totally well written book. When I say it’s terrible, what I mean is, it’s a terrible (terribly) printed paperback. For indeed, dear worst-reader, this is the third physical book in the last five books I’ve read (or so) that is real, aka physical book. Does this mean I’m steering more and more away from e-books of yore–which at one point I thought I would never yield? Not sure yet. The next book I read I plan to read on a screen. But which screen? Nomatter.

We were worst-discussing a thread runs through it, right? And poorly printed cheap paperbacks. Well get this. There is one thread that goes through the entire history that is the quilt of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant –and this little poorly produced book addresses that thread brilliantly. Which means, we can tolerate a bit of poor/cheap printing. Or? Anywho.

Can you guess what the thread is I’m referring to here, dear worst-reader? Here’s a hint (spoiler alert): guns. Ok. Maybe it’s not a hint. Nomatter.

The author of Loaded manages, within around two hundred pages of a really cheap printed paperback–the latter third of those pages printed as though Gutenberg were on a heeling ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean–to locate that single thread of quilt-history and thereby lead the reader onward and onward and onward to some hard truth about #Americant . The only thing that’s missing is the other thread of the grand #Americant quilt according to expat worstwriter: STUPID. But let’s not get too far off worst-subject. Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz ain’t worst-writer!

TOC of Loaded almost summarises the #Americant history of violence galore.

I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to the idear that #Americant was built on slavery. I mean, obviously, slave labour is part of the founding of the grand greed $hit$how. But the realty is, that part of history was perpetrated by Europeans–not Americans. At least not Americans as we/the world knows them since, say, the 1950s–which is what I consider to be the America the world knows today. Indeed. And so. It was the Dutch, the Belgians and of course the British that gave the world mass exploitative labour that enabled the building of… new & improved Egyptian Pharaohs. Even those numb-nut colonists, aka George Washington & Co. (new Pharaoh #1) were more European than what would eventually become gun totting hamburger slobs all on the verge of killing not just his/her neighbour but the whole $hit$how of slobs. In other worst-words, don’t you know, #Americant wasn’t built on hard work, ingenuity, industry, etc. No. It is a place of exploitation, sexual repression (which is a conduit to further exploitation and violence) and the propagation of ignorance in order to have a system of wealth creation for the few and far between, i.e. the new & improved Pharaohs. Because of its shear size and economic magnitude, though, it’s easy to avoid facing the reality of what a $hit$how things have become. And so the European slave makers became #Americant . THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

Although Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz would have you believe it was all about guns, there is something she misses in her story. But that’s neither here nor there. For worst-writer would only counter her with this idear: No, Madame Dunbar-Ortiz, it was not built on guns (violence) but instead on STUPID. Then again, Madame, you might be right if you focused on the only way to control STUPID is with the proliferation of guns in order that STUPID may cull itself.

But. Once again. I’m probably off subject.

This is a great book for anyone wanting some word-ammunition on how to combat a gun-nut when faced at a bar, a turkey shoot or family Thanksgiving dinner. It is not a book that will you help survive a mass shooting, though. It’s also a great read if you want to follow a single thread that has run through the entirety of #Americant history–but forgetting a few other threads. It is not a book that will help anyone figure out how to change things–which can only be done if/when someone addresses all the STUPID.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


The Facade #Americant Revealing More And More

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 07.06.30
See link below for screenshot source of this great pic showing the truth about how power and influence and privilege really works in the world.

Never before or with each passing day have I felt more proud of the fact that I didn’t finish college and therefore cannot be categorised among those who run, advocate and facilitate the grand $hit$how of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Indeed. I didn’t finish college because of I couldn’t handle the learning. No. I yearned for the learning. Still do. I didn’t finish because I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy, the bigotry, the overwhelming nuance of fakeness galore espoused not only by fellow students but also by teachers and administrators. Not only did I quit college but I quite the whole $hit$how. Oh yeah. I ran out of money, too. But that’s neither here nor there. Almost five years of college and more than $15k, most of which are loans that I also paid back, I have the nothingness I deserve from it all. But what of the nothingness that comes from the privileged who actually can afford the $hit$how? If you look close enough, dear worst-reader, you can clearly see the single thread that permeates through the entirety of all the nothingness that is the fail-upward-ness of #Americant in the past fifty (or so) years. The rulers, the makers, the functionaries of the oligarchy $hit$how, baby. Every damn one of them. They are all college grads! The good old days of the good old boy American has long since been replaced by a reality of stupidity privilege run amok, i.e. #Americant. So let me repeat that as only worst-writer can: they ALL have a college education. Whether it’s #Trump and his magnanimous #MAGA idiocy or the local somewhat rich guy (let’s say a used-car salesmen in a town where there are no new-car stores) running through a trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill, the reality is this: if you ain’t privileged or if you ain’t given in to $hit$how as a functionary (aka careerist), you’re fcuked. Trust me. I know this to be direct. I have lived it. Still do (live it). And now, even though it’s waaaaay too late for worst-moi, the privileged who ultimately are proving themselves no different than the trailer-park-trash hordes lusting for that $100, they are all shinning through and through as the $hits & giggles take over. On the other worst-hand, the story linked to below is so f’n Hi-Larry-Us I literally busted a gut laughing this morning while reading it in bed as I woke to yet another krappy day. Yeah, baby. Way to go #Americant. #MAGA #MAGA #MAGA.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post: Lori Loughlin: US actress released on bail in college cheating scam – BBC News

The Great #Americant Ruse

Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 08.49.21

The first few articles and commentaries I read about recent congressional hearing where a convicted liar was interviewed, further extending his fifteen minutes of fame–like so many others in meritless #Americant–had me hooked.

Wow, I thought. This is great stuff.

But then Michael Cohen started talking and talking and talking. Alone that NY accent should be a signal to anyone who is cognitive. Then I thought: is he spilling the beans? That’s when something else hit me.

It’s all a ruse.

As damning as Cohen’s testimony might be, nomatter what he says, it all seems to boil down to one grand issue. Can any of the crimes President Stupid has committed really warrant prosecution? I mean, considering the state of #Americant? If President Stupid is anything, he is most certainly the best representative yet of what my beloved & missed America has become. The reason Paul Manafourt is going to jail is simple. The reason Cohen is going to jail is also simple. The reason they are all connected to #Trump is simple. In fact, President Stupid’s greatest achievement is that he has been able to stay ahead of all the other scammers in the grand scheme that is… the #Americant ruse.

The only way so few #Americants today have anything is because hundreds of thousands if not millions more can’t have anything thanks to the likes of Manafourt and Cohen and, of course, Faux-Newz, Rush, etc. You know, the working-stiff schmucks, the middle-class(es), the suckers, that make things happen while the rich take what’s left of Reagan’s supply-side trickle down. Welcome to THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID where money can be made as long as you abide.

How many more “well-off”, inherited #Americants will also ride on the backs of their benevolent suckers? Indeed. This is what happens when wealth, position, status, etc., is determined by bullshit–or, if you’re lucky enough, the proximity of your birth. If there is nothing left to earn in a system has already been earned twice over, then the only source of wealth can the un-earned. This is the process #Americant has solidified into its cultural and political core for the last thirty, forty, fifty years. This is what happens when you allow a political ideology, propped up by money–and not patriotism or morality or values–determine your political direction. And so. #Americant has become #Eurowasteland. And not #Eurowasteland of today. No. It has become 17th and 18th century neofeudalism galore, baby! But that’s neither here nor there. Am I wrong?

What I really wanted to worst-blog about today, dear worst-reader, is Cohen’s testimony. After a few hours of ingesting it I turned to my better half and said: you know what I think? I think this is all a ruse.

“A ruse? What’s a ruse,” she asked. “‘Are you trying to speak French again? Stop it. Stop it now!”

“Trickery. Shenanigans. Stuff done that helps one avoid truth, justice and the #Americant way. Cheating.” I said. “It’s all a ruse.”

“And you’re just now figuring this out,” she said. “I saw a pic of him ordering from a cheap hotel omelette bar the other day. And what about those fake pics of him eating $hitfood during the campaign while sitting on his jet? Why would one of the world’s richest men–if he is that–who is also able to become President of what you call your grand united mistakes of… how do you put it? #Americant? How come we never never never see any other rich person eat trash food or wait for an omelette at what looks like a really cheap hotel breakfast bar? Forget about this being a ruse. This is who he really is. He is what so many Americans have become. And this is what he thinks is his advantage over all of the fake-ness. You Americans are so stupid.”

The best thing about Michael Cohen’s testimony though isn’t so much what/how he says anything–even though that stupid sounding stereotypical NY accent of his is ludicrous. The best thing is, he is the worst of the worst at selling the #Americant ruse. For that alone he deserves to go to jail. This is who these people really are, don’t you know. President Stupid truly is everything #Americant has become. He is the perfect representation of an ideal. The failure of meritocracy. The illegitimacy of education and ambition. Stack it up to bad management or just plain old fashion greed that can only become arbitrary stock-market driven corporations. #Americant has gotten to this place by its own doing, don’t you know. Wanton. Willingly. That Faux-Newz exists is horrific enough. Not that I’m advocating media censorship. Let Rush Limbaugh and crew spew their mind-filth–#Americants obviously love eating it up the vomit. But that so many #Americants can’t see above any of it…? Even Micheal Cohen? The perfect pathway, the most straight venue, THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and #Trump. Here you are!

And btw. Cohen’s jail sentence of three years will probably be 18 months at most. When he gets out he’ll get rich of a book deal. A movie. Heck, he might even get a musical on Broadway. And who’s to say how much more he’ll get for taking one for the team–cause we know #Trump will never take one. Maybe he’s not such a bad Ruse maker after all.

The only reason Cohen has appeared before Congress is to further the ruse that he and his ilk have been playing on #Americant since, probably, the 1950s. Most certainly the ruse has been played since the 1970s, i.e. the period I know personally. This is what happens when a country of dunces with nice white shinny teeth can’t figure out how to get their a$$es out of a wet paper bag they’ve been in since birth. This is the behaviour that is resorted to. So make sure you behave, all you man-children. And…

Just get money–nomatter what.  The easiest the bestest.

Rant on.


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Cross Fire Part 2.5 Or So

How many times can a Faux-Newz $hitbag be called-out for being the devil incarnate or, at best, a representative of my beloved & missed #Americant… the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID? I mean, Jon Stewart did a pretty good job of calling out this particular Faux-Newz a$$hole… How many years ago was that? Nomatter. Jon Stewart has sense seen the light and disbanded himself from that which is one of the pillars of my beloved & missed LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID: TV. Does anyone miss Jon Stewart? Fcuk no. But give credit where it’s due. Stewart did kind of start a thing where the $hitbags of #Americant, i.e. republicans and conservatives and, of course, most Neo-liberals, can be called-out for being, well, being $hitbags–on evening pseudo newz programs, aka comedy news shows. With that in mind, why is it that a $hitbag like the Faux-Newz host in the linked article below can survive so long on TV? I mean, is this guy really popular within right-wing ugly circles to have his own show? Is he really that popular? Does he really have an audience? I mean, do actual human beings watch him? Well, of course they do. It’s the land of President Stupid, WWE as a form of not just entertainment but #Americant household interaction of all sorts, etc. Oh. And, let’s not forget: it’s the land #MAGA. And that should say everything. But I don’t suppose that really matters on account I’m sure that most trailer-trash supporters of #Trump and WWE and, of course, #MAGA, only watch any particular Faux-Newz host on account they’ve been brainwashed to do so. That’s how Faux-Newz works, right? That’s how #Americant rolls, eh! Yet, when a Dutch historian is able to call-out a $hitbag Newz host and thereby literally grab him by his ear and drag him across a room because, well, he is the petulant man-child oh-so-deserving… It’s hi-larry-us! No. Seriously. I laughed my a$$ off watching the video. But that’s not what we’re here for. Here’s what we’re here for. How is it that the Dutchman was able to get so far with this Newz host? I mean, was/is the Newz host so clueless about the obvious opposing ideology of a Dutch historian who’s become famous for spewing radical left-wing idears (i.e. taxing the rich) at the most recent Davos meeting? Oh wait. The reactionary, $hitbag, Faux-Newz host, was thinking of some other kind of ideology, right? That’s right. He was trying to take the dialogue somewhere else, don’t you know. Ain’t that the trick, dear worst-reader? I mean, this is where republicans and Faux-Newz make their connections. For you see, dear worst-reader, this Faux-Newz host thought just because his guest is Dutch and a Historian doesn’t mean that he’s also a Marxist–or whatever it is right-wingers in #Americant are calling rational thinking people these days. I mean, if this guy was a radical then Davos certainly wouldn’t have invited him. And perhaps that’s what tricked the Newz host. Or? But that’s not why worst-writer is here either. No. The reason I’m here is because the $hitbag Newz host thought he could align himself. You know, he thought he could get a rational thinking #Eurowastelander to join him in spewing and vomiting right-wing political propaganda, or at best twisting and turning it, that is and has been so anti-human from the get-go. I mean, it’s not about Capitalist (greed-monger) or Marxist (taxer). No. Maybe it’s just about a Dutchman being able to finally, finally, finally put a dumba$$ American in his place. But on that note I die-gress.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post: Video: Tucker Carlson’s Unaired Meltdown After Rutger Bregman Calls Out Fox News

How To Bring Silence And Greetings From President Stupid

Yeah, it’s getting hard, dear worst-reader. This expat thing I’m living is indeed a struggle. I mean, it’s bad enough when I travel from #Eurowasteland to remote vacation destinations–you know, for scuba, for sailing lessons, for even more lazy days on a beach with too much sand and those silly little crabs that crawl all over the place, etc.–and I am consistently greeted by Egyptian or Moroccan or Thai airport authorities with smirking questions about why my beloved & missed United Mistakes #Americant, as a tried and untrue passport holder, is travelling on a German airline to…. Yeah, it’s getting tough. Then again, there are moments where I feel somewhat rectified in my life choices of having dumped the burden of living in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. You know, the choices that lead to willingly, wantonly, needly, becoming an expat. Perhaps the days are coming, though, where I don’t have to cringe anymore as my German wife goes through rational passport lines and I’m relegated to the passport lines where they let in… the stupid people. But all is for naught, dear worst-reader. If only I could have attended the recent conference about world safety in Munich. The moment where Vice President Stupid sends greetings from President Stupid is a moment to cherish. In the video you can almost feel the awkwardness in the room. Most certainly Vice President Stupid felt that awkwardness. I mean, I will give the man a bit of credit here–even though I find him just as repulsive as his dear-leader. For you see, dear worst-reader, Mike Pence is just another shitbag, religious nutcase, most surely unable to know/feel the awkwardness of THIS moment. Or? Indeed. For awkwardness among the religious shitbags is probably why they’re religious nutcases in the first place. Remember that this is a man that publicly claimed, because of his belief-system, that he would NEVER dine with a woman unless his wife was with him or there was a chaperon. And so. As we laugh and giggle at the smart people in the room that can see through the mis-politics of #Americant and thereby don’t applaud, let us also recognise that a once great experimental nation-state has regressed back to the middle-ages and is now: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. And the rational world is not amused.

Rant on.


via PAINFUL: Pence Mentioned Greetings From Trump At A Speech In Munich And Got ZERO Applause | Crooks and Liars

Generation Zero At The Helm Of #Americant

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 15.58.45
Governor of VA looking around for a place to dance??? Whaaaaa?

Don’t quite know where to turn, dear worst-reader? Well, get a load of this. What’s becoming clearer and clearer to worst-moi is how the so-called baby-boomer generation is starting to show its true face. You know, that face of Stupid-Galore. Seriously. For most of my useless-eater adult life, I’ve always blamed conservatives and, of course republicans and the approximately thirty to fifty million base of what’s left of the middle class for the ills of my beloved & missed #Americant. That group is the true greed-monger-monster, don’t you know. Yet, if President Stupid’s electoral college election means anything, it’s this: as the other side should rise-up to the occasion, separating itself from the ills and miss-wills of political conservatism, it hasn’t been delivering. Don’t get me wrong, though, dear worst-reader. I’m not a both-sider-ist. The democrats aren’t or the Democrat party ain’t the problem. If/when I vote, though, I never vote republican or third-party. Reason? Unlike many of the so-called progressives, I don’t believe that change (to the system) can come from with-out. In other worst-words, the change that’s needed has to come from with-in. In fact, all that need be done, even if the process is as slow as the Republicans have done it with their right-wing bat$hittery for the past thirty to forty years (more?), the same has to happen to Democrats. With that in mind, post President Stupid’s electoral college election hasn’t brought out the best or the brightest. Then again, maybe the reason there’s no best or brightest is on account they’re all just f’n stupid. Case in point: did you get a view of how the governor of VA handled himself recently for wearing blackface in the 1980s? I’m don’t mean how he handled himself because of his inherent racism. I mean, hell, he’s from VA! I loved in that f’n state for a few years. It’s full of so much stupid that…. Wait. I’m off subject. What I’m trying to get at here is that moment during a press conference where this idiot, this man-child of the mind, this person that is obviously incapable of ration thought, actually considered–heck, he even looked around for a spot to do it–demonstrating that it’s ok to wear blackface, dress-up like Michael Jackson, and then dance the f’n moonwalk.

Search: “northam press moonwalk” if you want to see it. Pic above is screenshot from the moment.

You know, dear worst-reader, I started to actually question the validity of an entire generation when this guy looked around for a place to dance. Yeah. Sure. That’s right, baby. Could it be that the entire baby-boomer generation, nomatter the political affiliation, is actually made up of a bunch of f’n morons? I mean, a democratic governor of a pretty important united-mistakes-state, actually considered proving to a reporter that he can… moonwalk. Luckily his wife knew how stupid her husband is and she stopped him. But the damage is done, eh. At least it’s done for worst-moi. Indeed. The entire baby-boomer generation (of which I’m on the tale-end, i.e. born 1963) is a generation of stupider than all stupid.

Wow. Go figure.

Rant on.