Scanned My Play

Wait. So they made a 3-D scan of my play "Flight of the Dodo"? Na. Didn't think so. Remember. It's a worstwriter play. -Rant on. Science Graphic of the Week: 3-D Scanned Dodo | WIRED.

Boy Girl Named

Watched August: Osage County the other night. So. Get prepared, dear worst-reader. This is gonna be a tumbler. Well. Maybe not. Follow-up to this post here. First. Julia Roberts can't say the word fuck. She just can't. I swear, in this film she tries, she really tries. But every time those innocent broad lips open … Continue reading Boy Girl Named

Krapp vs Krapp

Eleuthéria by Samuel Beckett All-time favourite word? "Krapp". worstwriterdotcom is, fittingly, full of the word 'krapp'. Oh, how I wish I could get credit for coining such a word. But all for naught. So much for worst-writer's attempt at replacing the word absurd with it. I mean, what sounds better, dear worst-reader, "everything is absurd" … Continue reading Krapp vs Krapp

Tricky Hole

Early morning. Sun coming up. Groggy. I quit drinking coffee and the black tea takes longer to get me going. Quick reddit read woke me, though. Luv Sam Shepard and wish I was in Toronto. Here thoughts churned: Not afraid to admit it: Spent most of my adult life dreaming. Big mistake there. But then … Continue reading Tricky Hole

Marry Me Goat

The Goat or Who Is Sylvia by Edward Albee Wiki about this play. Reading through ballot Question 6 for MD election 2012. The language of it is strange and obviously appeases religious zealots who shouldn't be in govt. in the first place. Personally, they should just get rid of the institution of marriage right after … Continue reading Marry Me Goat

David Mamet 2

Subtitle: Nothing Good Is Organized What can one say about a man that writes the screenplay for "The Post Man Always Rings Twice" (the remake)? Is the American't idiom or colloquialism "wow" or "amazing" appropriate here? Or how about the movie "House of Cards"? To this day when I'm in a conflict with Female I … Continue reading David Mamet 2

Love Goat

Still jet-lagging? Can't be. Been long enough. But this west coast thing... It's the last day of so many. But/And the many always win. Off to the theater. ... Last night I saw "The Goat" from Albee. The tradition of absurdity is still alive. Perhaps even reinvigorated--but the final judgement has yet to emerge. Nonetheless … Continue reading Love Goat

Grappa & Godot

Note. This story took place in the early 90s. The notebook I transcribed this from isn't exact with the date. I reckon that's my bad. But I recall the play mentioned and the rest very well. Good luck. April 5, 1990 A postcard arrived exactly three days after waking up alone on the living room … Continue reading Grappa & Godot