Stupidity Weaponization Galore

It is, dear worst-reader, the greatest LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID ever. Oh, how I miss it. As in. You know. This expat misses home–even though I‘ve obviously found another home. A home away from home. A home that it is, only, a few hundred kilometers away from Europe‘s greatest war since, well, since you should know when. And what do I miss from my beloved & missed #Americant? The guns? No. The fake teets? Yes. The illusion of greatness? Indeed. That said, did you read that recent NYT article? You know. The article that kinda dropped the bomb on former prez pee-pee-hair‘s claim that his whole world, a world that he slimes around in and devours from the inside, not unlike an excrement parasite, with the claim certain things have been weaponized all in the name of crucifying him? Oh man, dear worst-reader. Just when you thought it couldn‘t get any worst. That it couldn‘t devolve beyond the rampant, useless murder-death-kill that is the 2nd Amendment rum amok. Right before your eyes and the mirror you refuse to look in–because dead souls have no reflection–all that is left is the utter uglies of disgusting old men who have carried that/a chip on their shoulder since the moment their disgusting and vile mothers birthed them. The grand old party, baby.

But before I get too far off worst-topic. The NYT article, baby.

On one of Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham’s trips to Europe, according to people familiar with the matter, Italian officials — while denying any role in setting off the Russia investigation — unexpectedly offered a potentially explosive tip linking Mr. Trump to certain suspected financial crimes. -Source link below

Wow. Where to begin. On a trip to Europe, Italy provided US government weaponized goons with tips regarding possible financial wrong doing by former prez Mango Mussolini. The key thing to keep in mind here is that these goons were working for Mango Mussolini. That is. They were working for him to try, through obvious and dubious means, to discredit the Mueller Report, aka the Russia Investigation. In other worst-words. Government cronies of former prez piss-hair were not only bathing themselves but lathering themselves to the hilt with conflicted interests. I guess they thought that lathering things might cover up the stench of their obvious corruption. Drain the swamp anyone? Or? It continues.

Ok. Ok. I get it why the Italians might know something about the former orange vomit president and his Mediterranean conniving. Keep in worst-mind, dear worst-reader, the Mediterranean is awash in Russian oligarchy $hit money. Where was it? Cyprus? Since the fall of the Soviet Union, hasn‘t Cyprus been the oligarchs island of choice when it comes to turning Rubels into Dollars? How much of Trump‘s foreign so-called golf assets were part of Russian oligarch money laundering–via The Med? How was he able to finance being able to put his vile name on Scotland’s oldest golf course? But on that note I should die-gress.

But that’s not all.

The memos were part of a trove provided to the C.I.A. by a Dutch spy agency, which had infiltrated the servers of its Russian counterpart. The memos were said to make demonstrably inconsistent, inaccurate or exaggerated claims, and some U.S. analysts believed Russia may have deliberately seeded them with disinformation. -Source see link below

The NYT article continues by referencing Dutch spies and how Europe‘s wooden-shoe people may or mayn‘t have information that either discredits or legitimizes the infamous Steele dossier. Ok. Hold a sec. The article doesn‘t do that directly. But. Based on what I‘m reading from this article, there is obviously some very salacious stuff that I‘m sure a lot of powerful people don‘t want revealed–and this article skirts around all that stuff ingeniously. For example. You remember the Steele dossiers, right? You know. It‘s the one where former prez Cheeto jeezus partook in turning a Moscow hotel bed, where Barak and Michelle Obama had once slept, into a urinal. Worst-writer‘s only question regarding this activity is three fold–and wouldn‘t it be great if the truth were someday revealed?

  1. Did Trump pay hookers to do the peeing?
  2. Did Trump do the peeing?
  3. Is Trump one of those men who likes being peed on?

But. Again. I die-gress.

The most shocking thing about this article, in my worst-opinion, is how the authors are probably holding back the majority of significant stuff–due to the disgusting, vile, salacious nature that is Donald Trump– because it may or mayn’t be better to hide The Swamp than to lay it bare. I mean. This level of corruption–the highest level no doubt–is beyond blatant and obvious. It’s as though it’s so in-your-face that you can’t see it anymore. But then again. STUPID and STUPIDITY is proving itself more and more to be a very useful thing–for those in power–as #Americants continue voting for them in droves. And so…

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



You Can Make This Stuff Up, Just Go For It

As the saying goes: you can‘t make this stuff up. Perhaps it‘s time to rethink. You know. As in. Who could make up the story that a two-bit, spoiled rotten inheritor kid, from a disgusting family of money earned as a slumlords in New York, who himself could never achieve ANYTHING on his own abilities, who then resorts to skirting the law in order to maintain whatever wealth he hasn‘t managed to squander, and then to rise to the office of president of the united mistakes of #Americant. WTF. Not shocked yet? Reason you‘re not shocked is the same as you wouldn‘t/couldn‘t smell the feces on account you live in a world of feces. Blah. Blah. Blah. Indeed. #Americant skillfully allowed this filth, of which, obviously, the country is awash, to rise to new heights. And why? Politics? Cynicism? Bigotry? Greed? Your capitalism got a snag in it? All the above? Again. Indeed. It‘s time to rethink. You can make this stuff up.

Take for example a repub nutjob that was recently elected to the people‘s house. George Santos. I mean. Come on. Is this guy really the reason that #Americants are gonna start questioning the legitimacy of resumes–as he lied about everything on his? Since Reagan resumes have been a lie. Since Nixon, the concept of meritocracy is a joke. Since Lincoln racism is American as apple pie. Since Washington the fascism has been alive and well. So what‘s the deal with now? Why has the $hitshow taken such a turn for the obvious worst? Again. Indeed. Indeed. Welcome to your world of all things worst. There is nothing else. But the lie.

If the likes of former prez pee-pee-hair can rise to the top as a scammer, why can‘t Santos? It‘s a $hitshow where the audience has been so dumbed down it can‘t tell the difference between rot, more rot and the image in the mirror it avoids on account, like Dracula, there is no image. It‘s about being so dead on the inside there‘s nothing to reflect. And so. #Trump rises. Santos rises. The entirety of the GOP rises like a magical flying feces spreading droplets of poop everywhere and the #Americant masses gobble it all up as an alternative to opioids. So if I sound a bit awash in Schadenfreude, dear worst-reader. You are correct. This Santos thing, including the rot that is New York politics, where nothing is being said about the political vacuum left with the downfall of the Coumo dynasty, I‘m laughing my arse off. This is hill-Larry-us.

But enough of all my pseudo, inverted optimism. Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Two Out Of Three Ain‘t Bad

Don‘t worry, dear worst-reader. I‘m not gonna go there. Well. Not gonna go deep there. For. Don‘t you know. After what happened in Brazil the other day, there‘s a bit too much comparison and contrast going on. I mean. The worst-thing is, there need not be ANY comparison—or contrast—here. Reason? It is the same friggin thing. In fact. If you ask worst-writer–and you obviously should not, the only thing that differentiates Jan 6, 2021 at the united mistakes of #Americant Capitol building and what took place the other day in Brazil, is how authorities–in Brazil–immediately started arresting the nutbags. Of course, let‘s not forget the Germans in this Spiel. Or have you already forgotten about the Reichsburger? If so. No worries. Before these nutbags could even attack the Bundestag, they were friggin arrested. How long did it take to arrest the #Americant nutbags.

But I die-gress.

Rant on.



Telling It Like It Is

But the second result of junk politics is more insidious. It solidifies the cult of the self, the amoral belief that we have the right to do anything, to betray and destroy anyone, to get what we want. The cult of the self fosters a psychopathic cruelty, a culture built not on empathy, the common good and self-sacrifice but on unbridled narcissism and vengeance. It celebrates, as mass media does, superficial charm, grandiosity and self-importance; a need for constant stimulation; a penchant for lying, deception and manipulation; and an inability to feel guilt or remorse. This is the dark ethic of corporate culture, celebrated by the entertainment industry, academia and social media.

Source link below

As the $hitshow of my beloved & missed #Americant enters yet another phase of greed-mongering galore in the aftermath of recent House Speaker debacle, worst-writer relaxes in the semi-retired luxury of shinny nothingness that is chronicling everything WORST. Obviously there are those who can do it better, dear worst-reader. For example. Chris Hedges. The only worst-question remaining is: who is gonna read Hedges and thereby have their world turned around?

Rant on.



First Audio Book

Pseudo Review: Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

Another example of how worst-writer is no early adopter, dear worst-reader. Took till recent drive up and down the boot of Italy to finally listen to what‘s known as an audio book. Which book? Well. Don‘t you know. I‘ve always been an Al Franken fan. Since his days on SNL to his amazing Minnesota Senate win in 2008, I‘ve always payed attention to Franken. In fact. I was hoping, in the fifteen or so hours this audio book takes to end, which, btw, is a great way to deal with a more than four thousand kilometer drive, he would say something about how/why he quit the Senate after a bunch of ridiculous accusations of sex harassment surfaced. Accusations, by-the-buy, that were at best out of context and at worst part of a life-time of writing #Americant comedy. But then I realized that he published this book before resigning. Oh well. More on that here.

The thing is, dear worst-reader, Franken should have never quit the Senate. In fact. He should run for president. No. Serious. After reading/listening to this book, which I don‘t consider all-that great, for worst-moi, he is an American gem. What a guy. Is that enough audio book buttering? Yeah. Let’s move on.

This book, at times, drags on and on and on. It is filled with filler and more Senate filler. The parts about his comedy career are fine, especially the stories he has from working on SNL. The latter chapters of the book, though, deal with a tick too many uninteresting if not boring details about the politics of being in the Senate. Let me worst-restate that. Franken rambles on and on about the internal politics of the Senate. Not only that. This book has one other weakness. Even though I don‘t think he should have resigned, especially considering the likes of Bill Cosby, who drugged women for sex or Louis C.K., who jerked off in front of women for kicks, Franken was/is nothing more than a old school #OKBoomer practical joker stuck in a collective society that is sexually repressed. Oh. And. He definitely crossed the line with writing and/or creating comedy. That worst-said, he obviously never abused anyone. Franken should have fought all the accusations on that basis. Then again.

Franken tells the story of how, during his first campaign for the Senate, the media tried to portray him negatively by bringing up his comedy writing past which is full of atypical #Americant sexual repression humour. You know. The whole reason one of the greatest yet unrecognized accomplishments of technology is dick pics. Anywho. While working at SNL during a late night last minute rewrite session Franken wrote a joke that he calls a bridge. A bridge is supposed to be a method not for writing a joke but instead for rewriting or finding a better joke. This particular bridge he references details how he crossed the/a line. It was a rape joke. Now. As I listened to him explain the context of this bridge, I do not agree that joking about rape in any context is funny. And he continues to try and explain it that way. Nor do I think rape jokes can or should lead to better, more acceptable humor. He then explains what the result of the bridge joke was, which didn’t include reference to rape but instead something about homosexuality. WTF? What I realized listening to him explain all this was that Franken is, of course, part of a generation #OKBoomer that is obsessed with sex. Hence. Sexual repression galore equals #Americant. You know. Dick pics. Or. Lots and lots of sexual repression jokes that may or mayn‘t include rape–locker room banter here or there.

She: Say! Is your fly open or are you just happy to see me?

Ha. Ha. Anywho. For Franken, if this bridge method was how he worked, what other bridges didn‘t make it to press? Then there‘s the issue of his Playboy Porn-o-Rama article.

In May 2008, the Minnesota Republican Party released a letter about an article Franken had written for Playboy magazine in 2000 titled “Porn-O-Rama!” The letter, signed by six prominent GOP women, including a state senator and state representative, called on Franken to apologize for what they called a “demeaning and degrading” article. His campaign spokesman responded, “Al had a long career as a satirist. But he understands the difference between what you say as a satirist and what you do as a senator. And as a Senator, Norm Coleman has disrespected the people of Minnesota by putting the Exxons and Halliburtons ahead of working families. And there’s nothing funny about that.” -Source: see link below

Is there a better example of sexual repression than Playboy or right-wing politicians? As an #OKBoomer I‘m sure the Playboy article was funny. That worst-said. I’m surprised staunch, sexually repressed right-wingers couldn‘t find more dirt on Franken. The reason they can‘t? All this stuff, in comparison to real abusers, is harmless. Anywho. As boring as sexually repressive humor is, this book was worth a listen. And so.

Franken should spend the rest of his life fighting against the reason he was forced, by Democrats, to quit the Senate. At the same time he should run for president. What he shouldn‘t do is write another book about the internals of the Senate. Another book about how to be a comedian I‘ll definately read. I mean. Does anyone really want to read/listen to how the sausage is made in the Senate? Especially the Senate dick sausage? But working on SNL? Yeah. That‘s the ticket.

She (on the phone): I‘m on my way. You want me to bring anything?

He (on the phone): Bring beer, arrive naked.

Ha. Ha. Duh.

Rant on.



Just When You Thought…

Alternative worst-title:

It’s New To Me: Accelerationism.

Wow, dear worst-reader. As if there’s not enough to busy the worst-mind. You know. Enough mindfcuk bat$hit that turns the head(s) of MAGA aka THE LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID aka my beloved & missed #Americant. Oh. It is everywhere. Namely. There’s former prez Cheeto-jeezus. Forgotten him yet? Talk about right-wing bat$hit looney run amok. Yeah, he’s a doozy, eh. And what about flatearthers–which has obviously been around for a while–unless you consider, I worst-suppose, there might be little difference between flatearthers and deep state believers. By-the-buy, the deep state is nothing more than two sides of the same financial and economic authoritarianism fighting for top or bottom on a bed of rotten roses, underneath hideous and flaky bedsheets. Oh! And let’s not forget that the moon landings were faked. Yeah, baby! Fake newz galore. And the Illuminati? That’s a classic one, right? But what about the new bat$hit stuff? Like the last generation. Oh wait. No. They’re actually kinda cool, kinda real, not bat$hit. Moving on.

Here in Germany there’s the Reichsbürger which has somehow connected itself to Qanon. Go figure! Yet. For those in the less slightly-bat$hit-know, let’s not forget libertarianism. The king and queen and monarchy of twenty-first century bat$hit. Libertarianism, according to worst-writer, is a conservative system of thought that, for whatever worst-reason, you have because you lost, at some point or other, your balls, which is the reason why your true calling, aka darwinism equates with economics, confuses the bee-jeezus out of you to the point that you can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, left or right or who/what you attempted to rape the previous night. Blah blah blah.

Oh yeah. Accelerationism.

On a pod-cast the other day, dear worst-reader, I got thrown for a loop. And don’t you know, just when you think the bat$hitters can’t come up with something new, you sneeze and look up at what you just heard and bam! The new kid on the bat$hit block, dear worst-reader, at least for worst-writer, is Accelerationism. In worst-short, according to the #Interwebnets, it is thus:

Accelerationism is a range of Marxist and reactionary ideas in critical and social theory that propose that social processes, such as capitalist growth and technological change, should be drastically intensified to destabilize systems to create further radical social change referred to as “acceleration”. -Source: see wiki link below

According to my worst-research, Accelerationism has been around a while but perhaps not as long as, say, The Illuminati. Ha. Ha. Ha. With that in worst-mind, and with such a comparison, it’s easy for worst-writer to categorise this new faith/belief/ideology as not only bat$hit but right-wing. If the above wiki quote doesn’t sound bat$hit enough or is a bit misleading, allow worst-writer to worst-illuminate.

Accelerationism, in short, is the idear that bat$hitters, as mentioned throughout this worst-post, in order to marginalise those who would question the legitimacy or merit of wealth, can only be controlled or subjugated by increasing social and political pressures that serve the wealthy. Now. That may or mayn’t sound contradictory because Marx is also mentioned as a proponent of Accelerationism. But. The reason it sounds contradictory to worst-writer is because many of those who attach themselves to Accelerationism obviously have no idear who/what Marx is–or they’ve found yet another new way to re/un/dis/label him–as has been the case for the last century or so. These people have all been reared in a world where political and social issues rely on propaganda as opposed to any understanding of history. If you read the wiki article (link below) it is clearly assumed that there is a left and right form or Accelerationism. Of course. The left form is Marxist. For worst-writer this connection is no different than both-sideism. In worst-short, IMHO, Marx and Accelerationism would be better connected if one understands the concept of counter-revolution–which can only happen after a revolution. Where has there been a revolution–that would cause Accelerationism to reach its current popularity? Neo-liberalism ring a bell? Austerity? Economic turmoil? Political bat$hittery? The greed $hitshow? But I die-gress.

I’m gonna go out and on a limb here and make an assumption–just like one needs to do when considering the differences between Antifa and right-wingers as they have been labeled in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Marx would have used Accelerationism for revolution, I’ll give it that. The bat$hitters of today, libertarians & co., right-wingers, etc., have attached themselves to Accelerationism as a form of counter-revolution. Which is a form of, who’d a thunk it, fascism. With that in worst-mind. I think. It begs this worst-question: what was/is the revolution being countered?

-Rant on.



Terminate Everyworstthing

Worst-alternate title: Conservative conservatorium of spite and hate and chip on shoulders and THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID

No. Seriously. Dear worst-reader! I try. I really try. Heck. I even read one of Matt Taibbi‘s books. But then. Somehow. Something. Somewhere… Yeah. I had to stop admiring this guy. This talented word-smith dropped off my radar years ago. Why? Matt Taibbi has gone to the dark-side. Such a worst-statement, of course, begs a worst-question:

Is the dark-side a right or a left dark-side?

Put another worst-way: is the dark-side some masterbatory idyllic city on a hill also known as libertarianism-ville or free market plumb money village or just plain old welcome to John Galt Ville where everything, including the air, is for sale, etc? #Nomatter.

Just to recap my worst-confusion with Matt Taibbi, here’s a few worst-thoughts. Why would this guy give up such a great gig like writing for Rolling Stone Magazine? I mean. I get it if he feels he needs to move on. But. Is it such a bad thing to play by some rules? Rules… I‘m worst-guessing, is the reason he left Rolling Stone. Rebellious #OKBoomer children, don’t you know. Then there‘s his short stint at The Intercept. Ok. It‘s not so mysterious why he would abruptly leave the world‘s most expensive blog run by the most expensive over-paid bloggers. Since then he’s been freelancing, I guess. Oh wait. He‘s now basting in comfort behind a blog paywall known as Substack. Which is great. And so. Other than reading about him or hearing his name in a podcast here or there, I‘ve lost all interest in what Matt Taibbi has to say. But then. Suddenly. Stop the presses.

Matt Taibbi hit my radar the other day. Yeah. For. You see. Dear worst-reader. Matt Taibbi was given a bunch of emails that are supposed to contain a political news worthy smoking gun. And what does Matt Taibbi do? He preps everybody via two dozen or so tweets that most certainly do not rock anyone’s world. Except. Of course. Former prez pee-pee-hair. And when you can provoke former prez mango-Mussolini…? Indeed. And so.

Based on Matt Taibbi‘s smoldering-gun tweets, #Trump thinks he has enough proof about election fraud that it‘s time to get rid of the united mistakes of #Americant constitution. And so so. Indeed-deed. My curiosity was peeking so I followed up on a few of Matt Taibbi‘s tweets. One of those tweets lead to a pseudo-debate hosted by some libertarian (I‘m worst-guessing) debate society in Canadiastan known as Munk Debates. Matt Taibbi, along with some pro British brexit dippy, were debating two NYT writers about whether the the mainstream media can be trusted. That’s it. A debate by the THE MEDIA about whether or not the media can be trusted. That such a debate exists is proof enough of it being surely organized by Ayan Randian $hitbags. That worst-said, I watched the whole thing (see link below) because I love Malcolm Gladwell. Long worst-story short, Matt Taibbi and his dippy but British brexit-witty comrade won the debate–that The Media is corrupt and can‘t be trusted. For. In case you‘re not in the now. These Munk Debates are about not just who wins the debate but who the audience thinks wins the debate. The trick here is to get the audience to vote on the issue before the debate and then to vote again after the debate is over. But none of that matters because the only thing I got out of the debate was how heavy that chip is on Matt Taibbi‘s shoulder. In fact, it may have gotten bigger since I gave up on him years ago. Worst-wow.

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, it was just after this debate that Matt Taibbi received the Twitter emails which may or mayn‘t hurt his brand. Why? Matt Taibbi was gifted email correspondence that took place between Twitter execs during the 2020 presidential campaign. I‘m assuming, considering the depths that political campaigns will sink, that someone–from Twitter that is now owned by you-know-who–thought there was something interesting in these emails and only the likes of Matt Taibbi can be trusted to publish that info. The problem is, the only thing interesting that I can find is how these emails show Twitter execs actually putting some worthwhile effort into moderating content. I mean. Ain‘t that a good thing when the content their moderating are dick-pics? It turns out that the material that was supposed to appeal to right-wing-nuts was just more of the same-same from the debunked Joe Biden‘s son‘s laptop story from 2020. And so. Matt Taibbi, I guess, also thinks that these emails prove how a private company can censor speech and thereby infringe on first amendment rights–which, for him, is ultimately what his begrudged The Media do all the time. Need I remind you, dear worst-reader, that a private company does not in anyway have to abide by the first amendment. Only the government has to do that. And so. Some right-wingers, including those ever fake smiling libertarians, especially those on the darker-darkest-side, think, because Twitter censored Joe Biden‘s son‘s dick-pics, the 2020 election is invalid. Former prez Cheeto jeezus now thinks that the constitution should be „terminated“. Go figure.

Wow. You can‘t write this stuff, dear worst-reader. But Matt Taibbi can.

Rant on.


Links that helped with this post:

-Isms Dream

Fascism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism and, of course, (insert your) religion-ism here, but not necessarily in that order. On the other hand, how is it that all these isms are alive and perky these days? Alive and perky like that little girl in spring who you think is running across a field of joy with her hair waving in the wind when in reality she is running away from yet another sexually repressed #Americant (white, conservative) male doing what he and all the rest do so well to the daughters, sisters, mothers, wives–and sons–of the HOMELAND. Or maybe not.

This is the worst-issue of the morning, dear worst-reader. What motivates this use of a suffix that turns an idear into a/the grand narrative? Well. Don’t you know. It may or mayn’t have something to do with the recent midterm elections in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. The midterm elections combined with a pop-star that can’t hold his tongue or his mind and thereby speaking the naughty stuff out-loud… Or have you missed the uproar that is THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that has always been #Americant right-wing bat$hittery? Indeed. A nation of the aggrieved all of whom have really, really big mouths. What a $hitshow. They can‘t seem to stop spewing all the nastiness of their most inner and cherished voices–as they just don‘t care who is listening. Or have you heard other voices since former prez mango Mussolini somehow got elected? Yeah. Right.

There are no good people on both sides but there are really, really bad people on one side. -worstwriter

Where lies the confusion, dear worst-reader? You know. The confusion that is the misunderstanding of isms? Does this confusion stem out of a lack of intellectual curiosity? Is it the result of national dumbing down? Too much TV and media and porn and computer games? Too much sexual repression?

One of the reasons worst-writer has not posted anything in recent weeks is because of the turmoil spewing round in my worst-mind. It is a turmoil storm, don‘t you know. Perhaps not as wild and willing as all those hurricanes reeking havoc on the shores of the second worst-state in the scam that is Florida, aligned just behind the leader of all State scams: Tex-ass. But let me not get too far off worst-subject. For the storm (of my worst-mind) is mostly due to the fact that, as a unwilling expat, there is very little worst-writer can do to lend a helping hand. I mean. I committed to jumping that ship going on forty years ago. Although I do vote in most elections, never before have I felt, now more than ever, with the advent if #Trumpism, it’s not votes that are gonna change anything. No. What is going to change things is more of the same–even if that same includes former prez pee-pee-hair. For. In case you are not in the know. Worst-writer thinks that most Dems, especially the powerful ones, have been enjoying the past few years. Or do you not at least slow down to gawk at the blood ridden scene of a horrific train wreck? You know. That thing in life that connects us all–even with the rich and powerful.

Of all the things that lead worst-writer to being an expat, suburban-hell racism and anti-Semitism are high on the list. Whether it was the N-word or the J-word, by the time I was a young adult and started experiencing the world, it made little sense to me how so many people back home willingly allowed themselves to get caught up in a spiral of hate. Then again, all that conspiracy-theory krapp fits perfectly into the #Americant world of hate and bigotry and spite and aggrievement. Most #Americants simply do not have anything better to do with their lives. Am I wrong.

Although worst-writer is somewhat pleased with the recent midterm election, I am certainly not as pleased as others. Losing the House is still gonna be part of the train wreck drawing so many interested viewers. Take, for example, how New York has turned kinda red. How can this be? Oh wait. Anyone remember Cuomo? Do you think he was gonna leave the scene of his personal train wreck with dignity? Yeah. Now that’s the ticket. Or do you believe New York lost so many House seats to Repubs because New Yorkers are suddenly bat$hit for former prez Cheeto jeezus? No. Not a chance. These losses are payback from Cuomo. But what the hell do I know about gawking at train wrecks?

Rant(ism) on, baby.



Not A Fan But

Source: interwebnet screenshot

I know there are those who try to have discourse with the other side but worst-writer is usually not one of them. But every once a once I do get caught up in the $hitstorm. More often than not, though, it’s usually clear from the get-go who/what I’m dealing with. And so. It happened recently while the better-half and I were vanlifing at a Bavarian lake. As is the case when visiting idyllic places in #Eurowasteland, there are lots of #Americants to be seen and heard. While walking Beckett the killer pug, a cute, young couple heard me scolding him with kisses and hugs.

Oh, you’re American, she said.

Only on the weekends, I responded.

What a cute pig… I mean pug, he said.

So it begins.

I especially despise moderates. I worst-mean. What the hell is a moderate? Then there are the libertarians (which are only republicans missing at least one testicle). Really can’t stand them. Independents? Well. Le’s move on.

Would you believe, dear worst-reader, that there are those who think fascism is/can be 1) left-wing and 2) inherently violent. I mean. I’ve kinda felt this over the years. Yet it always baffles me. For. Don’t you know. In worst-writer’s humble opinion. There is no such thing as a left-wing fascist. Reason? Fascism is a political ideology that serves all-forms of authoritarianism. It’s what Mussolini invented. It’s what Hitler utilised (albeit in the name of nationalism). But Stalin took it to the highest levels, although one could argue if his was really fascism. With that piece of history in mind…

Are there radical left-wingers? Sure. Do left-wingers use violence? You betcha. But do left-wingers, which include hippies, socialists (not communists), rational thinkers, (some) Dems, aspire to authoritarianism? Seriously? I know. I know. Do you have to pose that question, dear worst-writer? Indeed.

Or allow me to put this another worst-way.

Do left-wingers shoot abortion clinic doctors? Do the police kill people (mostly black people) for resisting being arrested for misdemeanour offences? Do they try and interrupt the peaceful transition of power, Jan 6, 2021?

What examples do you have of left-wingers killing people? (And don’t worry. If you don’t have an example, I do. But it’s a whole nother bucket of worst-writer worms.)

That right-wingers so casually convolute the meaning of politics and ideology can only come from a society that has lost all connection to intellect, science, history and the belief that ones own personal space is all that matters. This is especially true for those who are incapable of discerning their social, political and economic circumstances. Well…

To think that there were a few Repubs years ago in my beloved & missed #Americant that saw it all coming… wow! For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Religion is a form of totalitarianism that easily hides (its) intent. Perhaps the reason Stalin was so much more successful than Hitler or Mussolini was due to his ability to control religion. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

I die-gress.

Rant and quote on.



Careful What You Say Or Sell

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

Now that’s a relief, eh, dear worst-reader? I mean. Isn’t the name McDonald Scottish? Or is it Irish? Maybe it’s just some quintessentially British sounding word. #Nomatter. The thing is, a fast-food giant is closing for a few hours out of respect for The Queen while she’s being put underground. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean. The corporate goons have probably calculated that by closing they might even make some money. You know. As in. Who the hell is gonna buy krapp-food while obsessing over the death of what should have long ago been relinquished? Or killed off? Like France did it. Moving on.

By shutting things down for a few hours, no McDonald money will/can be spent. As is the case with all old-economy corporations, ain’t that how bidness works these days? Than again. Ain’t it about time to get rid of monarchies AND fast-food? Am I wrong. Then again again. According to various reports, more than half of Brits love them some monarchial do-dads–and we know how they eat. Then again again again. I guess the mindless have to believe in something. And as far as Brits go, aren’t they kinda killing two birds with one stone when it comes to their unique form of island and/or colonial nationalism? As in. If the whole spaghetti monster in the sky thing ain’t enough, let’s add some perverted hereditary privilege to the mix. For the Queen, and now the King, are head of the church, not just the state (constitutional monarchy my worst-arse). And the sanctioning of the monarchy starts with the church, don’t you know. That’s how it’s always been. Suck up to the church and you won’t be overthrown. Or. Bag the church and then the monarch. Vive la France! Or something like that. Either way, hereditary BS combined with Biblical lore have proven to be a pretty potent mix on the island of the dentally challenged.

Oh. And before I worst-forget. Don’t go around holding signs up that say something like he’s not my king. Having an opinion about British politics and/or belief system will return once she’s buried. I guess.

Rant on.


Dinosaurs vs Bolsheviks

Worst-title #2: How the great Playboy scam won the Cold War

Worst-title #3: Worst-thoughts on Robert Scheer’s podcast with Katrina vanden Heuvel that may or mayn’t have missed the point

As a somewhat well read child of the Cold War, worst-writer has to take issue(s) with (his) elderly #OKBoomers. For that’s the ticket, eh, dear worst-reader. #OKBoomers (Heuvel), along with a few & far between #OKBoomer parents (Scheer), have been running the $hitshow that is #Americant (opinion journalism) since ever-more, which has brought us to this worst-world. And what a worst-world it is, eh. Hurray #OKBoomer. You guys are still doing great. (Sarcasm off.)

As an #Americant expatriate who has been living in #Eurowasteland, having arrived just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and living in Germany ever since, there is a worst-thing or three to be said when some people get on and on about this or that and thereby miss the friggin point. In this particular case the point should have to do who won the Cold War and NOT who is trying to reverse it (Putin)–or exploit it (NATO and the buying and selling of lots and lots and lots of guns and bombs). But I could be wrong.

Although the podcast is well-worth a listen, as it provides worthy nuggets of info regarding the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent continued rise of my beloved & missed #Americant as the only beacon of greed-mongering, albeit with a cynical smiley face, the thing that gets under my gander is how these two great journalists misfire the idear Gorbachev has a legacy to be squandered. Indeed.

There is no legacy to be squandered and Putin is proving that as I worst-write this.

As worst-noted above, worst-writer is confident in claiming, at a minimum level of course, to be well-read enough to pass on an opinion or three regarding the Cold War. Am I as well-read as Robert Scheer or Katrina vanden Heuvel? Heck no! So let me just blurt out all this worst-writing as though I’ve got a nasty cold and green and white and brown snot is bellowing out of my nose, ears, eyelids and it’s corroded not just worst-moi but my keyboard.

One of the things that has always stood out in my reading of twentieth century history is how/what the rest of the world perceives #Americant. There are basically two points of contention here that hither and wither in my worst-mind. The first is capitalism run amok. Most of the world sees #Americant capitalism with either admiration or as a guide how not to run their own version of capitalism. That’s kinda good, right? The other point of contention, though, is a bit hairier. Reason? It has to do with #Americant foreign policy. What is it that motivates #Americant to do what it does in the world? Since it’s clear that #Americant capitalism has never been thoroughly exported, what can it then export–without hindering #Americant capitalism? Have I lost you yet, dear worst-reader?

Do you know who imperialist Europe wasn’t afraid of when it began the Great War (=WW1+WW2)? It wasn’t afraid of #Americants. And do you know why? That’s right. #Eurowasteland knew that the hill-billies, rednecks, downtrodden nutcases that were either chasing gold nuggets with bedpans, selling snake oil and religion or getting their kicks killing stuck-in-the-Bronze-Age Native Americans–not to mention the hate and ugliness that to this day is the aftermath of Civil War–were all stuck in prepubescent sexual repression and family inbreeding and were no match for the industrialists that invented imperial high seas shipping, the steam engine, the frickin automobile, the Rothchilds, illuminati, etc. Sure. The #Americants defeated Great Britain in 1776–which lead to FREEDOM TO BE STUPID as we all know it today, pre and post former prez mango Mussolini. But up until the end of the Great War (=WW1+WW2) what did the world really think of #Americant?

Watch out world the playboys are cumming.

Worst-writer has often thought that the reason the fallacy of Cowboys and Indians became so popular and hence pushed by the propaganda machine known as Hollywood was because before #Americants took on the lie that is heroism and ruggedness on the back of a horse in the middle of fcuking nowhere, the word playboy was used. As in: you’re either a play-boy or you are a boy (man-child) stuck in a perpetual world of being played. In fact, worst-writer is sure that’s where Hugh Hefner got the name for his magazine. He wanted to rekindle the adage that to be a real #Americant you couldn’t go around being called a Cowboy. Cowboys are vulgar, farting, shitkicking, knuckle dragging thumb-brains and until Hollywood clarified everything, they were criminals. It was better, prettier, sexier, to be called a Playboy–if you could get there–or buy the magazine. And that’s exactly what Imperial #Eurowasteland called the #Americants at the turn of the nineteenth century. Deservedly so, may worst-writer add. But on that sexy note I die-gress.

The thing that Scheer and vanden Heuvel miss in their podcast trying to prop-up Gorbachev, thereby blathering about fifty or more years of #Americant foreign policy, NATO expansion, #Eurowasteland, etc., is the simple fact that, IMHO, Gorbachev had no choice because the process that would lead to the dissolution of the Soviet Union had been underway for decades. And so. Was Gorbi unaware of this? Or did his ego–that grand male, patriarchal ego–stir his way? As most men do, he thought he had a solution. Yeah. Right.

The reason for the dissolution of the Soviet Union stems out of the uglies that is/was Stalin’s thoroughly whacked-out totalitarianism that robbed human beings of every aspect of individualism, not to mention his perversion of Marxism. Say what you will about the tenants of socialism/communism, the simple fact of its failure will always be–and please forgive me, dear worst-reader, for worst-writing it this way: human beings just want to travel, buy (consume-to-survive) things and surf. Am I wrong, Dude.

In worst-writer’s humble opinion, Gorbachev is no hero and his legacy is exactly what we’re dealing with today: he did it wrong and lackadaisically and without an ounce of that which made Russian culture great–or have I read too much Gogol? Gorbachev did what he did because those before him were just a speck above all that is authoritarianism run amok–and the fcuking Soviet Union was flat-out bankrupt because it was STUPID. That speck of stupid is and will never be enough to give Gorbi a legacy worth remembering. Hence there’s no doubt in worst-writer’s mind that Gorbachev never gave a $hit about people–or as Russia might call them: peasants. But his show was good. I’ve often wondered, if Ronald Reagan wasn’t his counterpart–you know, the wierdly pretty, cowboy actor–how different Gorbachev’s show would have been? Would he have visited Jimmy Carter’s peanut farm, jumped out of his limousine and greeted those Georgia rednecks, perhaps even joining them in spitting tobacco? But enough worst-writing about all-things worst and ugly and stupid and… Hey! Wait a sec. Why do I now have an urge to chew some tobacco? Dip anyone?

And on that worst-note I’ll admit that for all his faults and failures, like so many men who think they somehow, someway, have answers–as opposed to just helping people help themselves–if Gorbachev has a legacy it’s more about revealing how the Soviet Union was one big $hitshow. I mean. Come on. As it dissolved was it really up to The West to show it the way? To help it? Do you think The West wasn’t fully aware of the underlying reality that is/was the KGB and the uncontrollable frustration and anger and spite of all those ugly, ugly white men with their arses stuck in the snow and their bellies a vat of vodka? The Soviet Union and those from that era are now on a hell-spin to further ruin Russia–because they can and they know nothing else. That’s why it hates Ukraine, btw. Ukraine, as miserable and corrupt as it may or mayn’t be, doesn’t want to be part of the old $hitshow. Nor do any of the Baltic countries. Hence, NATO never recruited them. I’ve been here the whole time. NATO expansion has happened because these countries were begging for it. They all wanted some protection from what Russia is capable of, which we’ve been witnessing with Putin for the last twenty years. Who wants to be forced to join yet another attempt at $hitshow pseudo Soviet ill-glory? I mean. Come on. Russia has never been able to get out of its own way. It’s afraid of its own shadows–and considering its history, rightly so. And it can’t seem to get rid of that one fcuked up chromosome that makes worst-writer wonder if Putin has too many of them. But. Again. I die-gress.

Which brings worst-moi, of course, to the rest of what this podcast fails miserably to address. Isn’t Putin the other side of a Cold War legacy coin shared with Gorbi? If Gorbi has a legacy, he must share it with Putin. Two sides of the same fcuking coin, #nomatter if one wrote a book about peace and the other rides horses topless that, well, actually do look kinda sexy. And so. The new & improved authoritarian man-child or child-king of peasantry run amok unable to rid itself of fcuked up chromosomes… blah blah blah…

But they both have their faces on a coin. Now there’s a legacy for ya.

Rant on.


Note: The title of this worst-post comes from something Katrina vanden Heuvel says about Gorbachev and Reagan calling each other names. You can guess, dear worst-reader, who called who what. I guess.

Link: article which includes link to the audio podcast

Boy You Best Prey I Bleed Real Soon

Sub-worst-title: Thoughts on Apple’s Sept, 2022 event.

First, dear worst-reader, the title of this worst-post is from the song Silent All These Years by Tori Amos. If, btw, you want to melt worst-writer, put me near Madame Amos. I would jump off mountains for her, bring down aeroplanes full of conservative idiots for her, crush Republican man-children for her, thereby squishing their innards between my toes, laughing and giggling through my nose, all the while listening to the thunder of one of the greatest rock music composers ever–that just happens to also be the epitome of the human female, female and more female. But on that note I should die-gress for my loins churn me to unrest.

Since I’m on the subject of menstruation and technology and my love and respect for females, something extraordinary caught my eye and ears yesterday while watching Apple’s marketing circus, especially the part about the new Apple Watch. Or am I over worst doing it when I say that I couldn’t help but think of the politics of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant as Apple presented its newest incarnation of a time machine that can also track a woman’s cycle? The video link above, by-the-buy, is time-stamped for the presentation, which starts at about the nine minute mark. And what a presentation it is IMHO.

The thing is, dear worst-reader–and fellow lovers of all-things feminist–I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Apple might be taking a political swipe with this presentation about its wunder-watch capabilities. Well. Political as much as profits go, don’t you know. Specifically. Apple is using this five minute presentation, certainly seen by millions of people, to explain how a watch tracks a woman’s cycle. Now. That’s great. Technology is fun. But. And I may be worst over doing it here. For what do I know about ovulation? Indeed. Using a female doctor to explain all this, she also uses words like privacy and women’s health numerous times. Important words in selling a gadget? Again. Indeed. What do I know about this stuff? Then again… For those not in the know, allow worst-writer to recap one of the pillars of the political krapp-show that is #Americant:

Roe v. Wade

What one should never forget about this landmark decision dating back to 1973 is that it’s not entirely about abortion. It is, in fact, about privacy. Hence the recent overturning of Roe is at the same time an attack on what should be an inalienable human right, with or without a Constitution. That misconstrued man-children, including their delusional if not abused sister-wives (what other kind of female would marry these extreme conservative men), think they have the high-ground on the morality of abortion is only further proof of what’s ahead for my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–unless it can get itself out of the (political) $hithole it’s dug itself in with the likes of the GOP, republicans and so-called centrists. But let’s not get too far off subject here.

During the watch presentation I couldn’t help but get the feeling that Apple was taking a swipe at the current political situation #Americant has gotten itself into by voting for republicans and conservatives for the past fifty friggin years. Does that mean that a watch will help women in need? Of course not. Is there a ten year old rape victim in need of an abortion that can afford one of these watches? But. Again. I die-gress.

Other than privacy, the other issue of misconstrued #Americant politics regarding inalienable human rights that only apply to females is that all-things women’s health should NEVER be questioned by the state. It’s none of the State’s business. It is, in fact, nobody’s business except for the woman. Apple seems to know this. But until that inalienable right is given the freedom she deserves, worst-writer can only hope that an ingloriously profitable corporation making gadgets no one needs, but are still kinda fun, is at least taking one small stance on what is the right thing to do or say.

And so. Apple has a new watch gadget that tracks a woman’s cycle and they want people to know that privacy and health is a priority. I love how they go about explaining that. In times like these, I’m still dreaming about the one that got away and in that same dream she’s singing to me Silent All These Years by Tori Amos.

Rant on.



Cringe With That Cute British Accent

As worst-writer worries about his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–you know, that whole twist and wiggle that transcends the thin gap between Neo-liberalism and fascism–what of the rest of the WASP world? Perhaps not as amused as my worst-readers about the whole #Brexit B.S., there is something about watching the enablers fall as I relax within the lap of continental #Eurowasteland leisure. Or are you, dear worst-reader, gonna miss the freak show that is Euro-white-privilege Boris buffoonery? Which raises the following worst-question: if they fall so little is it then falling upward? Yeah, baby. The mantra of the western world post Ronald Reagan: falling politicians equals failing upward consume-to-survivors. Am I wrong. On the other worst-hand. Boris is gonna be quite fine, don’t you know. But I die-gress.

How better to see the reality that the world needs some younger blood to take over things than to watch the highly confused British isles go about its bidness as though a Goliath and David mated only to procreate a glob of snot that may or mayn’t resemble a mouldy glob of strawberries and cream. You know. Politics is getting too old these days. That eighty year old man-walk that Joe Biden performs on a daily basis gives worst-writer the cringe. Not unlike G.B.’s new prime minister and her relatively young physiology that is obviously trapped in the opposite of anything futuristic. Will the likes of Biden, Boris and now Truss fall? Biden and his kinder-gentler conservatism does seem to be working, albeit at a pace that matches his age. The other side of the Atlantic seems to have tied itself into different kinds of political knots–that an eighty year old Brit can’t untie. And so. I keep worst-asking my worst-self as Biden stumbles and Britain belches, when will all this old finally get out of the way?

Oh well. I guess the cringe-fest must go on. Young or old.

Rant on.


The Top Secret

Included were markings related to NATO, foreign nuclear information, and the United States nuclear information, covering atomic weapons and navy nuke propulsion.

What Was Trump Planning To Do With Those Top Secret Documents? | Crooks and Liars

In a way, dear worst-reader, I’m going out on a limb with this worst-post. A thin limb. Or maybe a half limb. Indeed. A weak limb. Namely. I’m going to defend Mango Mussolini regarding the recent raid on his two-bit, stuck in the 1970s (see that carpet below the docs?), pseudo-disco beach club down in that $hit-hole known as Florida. And I’m not sure if, maybe, there was/is a better way to handle this truly #Americant krapp.

So let me just put this out there. Did they really have to raid the place? I mean. I get it. Government, DOJ, FBI… They gotta do what they gotta do. You know. Cheeto Jeezus was given ample time to return all those docs. And the orange vomit prez did obviously obstruct on that front. Again. I get it. But what about this?

As much as I despise the man–and I also believe that my beloved & missed #Americant deserves or should I worst-say has earned him–I don’t really think he’s a risk to national security. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, fomer prez piss-hair has squirted the law his whole life by doing basically two things. First. He does not rip-off elites. Most people that get prosecuted for wheeling and dealing and grifting and scumming do so because they ripped off the wrong people. The best example of this is the likes of Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli. Former idiot-prez doesn’t do stuff like that.

Second. As a two-bit, wannabe pseudo crime boss, projecting all that his mind knows, that can only mirror what he sees on TV, he doesn’t have the balls to tangle with forces and power that would require either mental or physical strength. Am I the only one to not have missed how the likes of William Barr obviously dealt with him. Every time Barr talks about dip$hit Trump you can smell the contempt. Or how he had to give up pretty early on in his pseudo-presidency appearing with high-ranking US military officials? I mean, what four-star general wants to stand next to an obvious pussy? Or have you missed his unshakeable demeanor that is the shadow of trust-fund and parental excrement tutelage. No. Seriously. His whole family from the get-go is but one thing: pure, walking, talking, $hit. But I digress.

Still. I’ll have to say it again. I don’t think former prez pee-pee-hair would sell-out #Americant with top secret documents. Would he maybe try to pawn the stuff that he thought needn’t be top-secret and have the proper judgement for that? Who knows. When it comes to making a buck or ripping off stupid people, he’s already shown what he’s capable of. Will worst-writer be proven wrong and eventually it will come to light that some of those docs have already been leaked into the wild and are at this moment jeopardizing intelligence or human assets? Gee-whiz. I sincerely hope not. Then again. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a former prez rot in jail for espionage and treason?

Rant on.


Here’s Your Window, Sir.

Russian Oil Chief Dies After ‘Falling’ From 6th Floor Window | Crooks and Liars

Russian Oil Chief Dies After ‘Falling’ From 6th Floor Window | Crooks and Liars

One of the most confounding things about Russia’s invasion (“special operation”???) of Ukraine and those I encounter that can’t seem to condemn it, or just blame The West, is how easy it is to miss all the indicators of what’s really going on. Like how so many Russian big-shots are either falling out of windows, being poisoned, imprisoned or shot on the streets. To coincide with the link above of the latest window-jump of a Russian oligarch, below is another link from a few months back.

Rant on.


Other links:

He Said His Name. Oh My. Oh Why?



Above a link to transcript of Biden’s speech yesterday.

Gotta hand it to prez Biden. He kinda nailed it in this speech. In fact, for a guy that’s spent pretty much his life in politics, including his speech impediment, this is almost a great speech. Then again, who is it for? Remember. One side of #Americant politics is hellbent on bringing down the other (side). Or is the current state of things about just bringing down Democrats, Liberals, hippies, those who have learned in life to think for themselves? At the least, considering the state of make-america-stupider, it doesn’t look like the other side will see the light of its way anytime soon. Oh well. I guess it’s no wonder that worst-writer, even though I voted for Biden, still can’t come around to just liking him. But this speech does help. Which brings me to this worst-question: in a country where things need to change quickly, and there’s no real chance of that happening, what else does one turn to? I mean is there something or someplace or some country, some ideology, politics, etc. out there in the world that’s offering an alternative? My beloved & missed #Americant may be a rather ugly beacon right now, but it is, considering everything else in this worst-world, the only beacon.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Divine Inspiration Jaw Drop

It’s true, dear worst-reader. My jaw dropped lower than ever before this morning. And don’t you know, dear worst-reader, while enjoying my morning tea and scanning the newz I happened across a vid where an old white dude from misplaced white-country Arizona USA declared… Wait for it. Long Pause.

Ok. Before I get to the jaw-dropping moment allow worst-moi to explain something about one of the foundational pillars upon which my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant rests. That pillar is religion. Two of the other pillars, of course, are money and war. Now. Don’t get me wrong. As far as religion is concerned, to each his own–as the saying goes. I’m ok with religion. (Obviously I have more problems with war & money. But that’s another worst-post.) The thing is. I got no problem with religion as long as it’s kept in your church or in your bedroom. Bring it out in the open and make it part of public life…. Hold on there, sport. That’s when I jump ship. In fact, dear worst-reader, religion and religious dogma is one of the motivators for my expatriation from my beloved & missed #Americant. With that in worst-mind, I should disclose, I jumped ship for #Eurowasteland. Nothing else need be worst-said about the perversions and horrors that is the history of #Eurowasteland religion. On the other hand, in these modern times, obviously due to recent history, religion has taken a back seat in the fail-upward vehicle that is #Eurowasteland. But before I get off worst-subject.

It is a tenant of my faith that the Constitution is divinely inspired.

-Rusty Bowers, speaker of Arizona’s House of Representatives, June 21, 2022

In the vid linked above the jaw-dropping moment occurs at around 9:45. I cannot believe what this man is saying. I’ve replayed it numerous times since. In the meantime, moving my dropped jaw out of the way in order to activate my iPad, putting it in hyper-turbo research mode, I tracked down a transcript of this video. And I kept reading it, dear worst-reader. Even as I worst-write these words, the space between my heart and mind rumbles. Jack-hammer rumble, baby.

But why, worst-writer?

Well. Thanks for the inquiry, dear worst-reader.

The thing is, as blatant as religious indoctrination can be, it’s sometimes difficult to show the dogma machine at work, where it can be measured, where its physical presence can be witnessed. Obviously, considering the religious propensities of #Americant over the (insert your number here) years, there are other examples of how things have gotten out of hand. Just give a listen to so-called religious institutions in #Americant and where religion has seeded itself in both public and private life. They have radio, TV, mega-churches, prayer breakfasts, required prayer in schools and let’s not forget that whole In God We Trust printed on the almighty dollar. But to hear dogma in physical form, to see it’s mouth move, it’s old, dry skinned head, old dry blemishes included, manifest within the confines of what could or should be the greatest human experiment in history at the behest of f’n ENLIGHTENMENT–within the walls of so-called Democracy, freedom, etc.–is shocking. Or am I the only one to see through this man’s false, if not misguided, humanity?

It is a tenant of my faith that the Constitution is divinely inspired.


As far as my reading of history goes, dear worst-reader, the founding fathers of #Americant wrote the Constitution in-spite of religion. At the time, of course, it was difficult if not impossible to be an atheist and thereby serve in both public and private life–with any success. Ain’t that why the likes of Thomas Jefferson & Co labeled themselves Deists? Indeed. But here we are, dear worst-reader.

Afeared yet?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Dissecting A Joke

Dissecting A Joke

Time-stamp of vid is 3:51

Worst-title 2: Pete Buttigieg can watch my grandchildren anytime.

Wow, dear worst-reader. Did you get a load of President Biden’s WHCD speech the other night? Even though I voted for him, grew up in MD, which neighbours (his) DE, I’ve never been a fan. Reason? He’s part of that cult of the Democratic Party that turned too far to the right to appease the wackiness of Ronald Reagan and his cohorts, the results of which is the kinda hell we’re living in now. As a senator his performance during the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas, grilling Anita Hill, was despicable–I remember watching it. Serving over fifty years as an elected official, as noble as many find it, is also nothing to brag about when one considers how politicians these days afford their election campaigns. But. Again. Considering what my beloved & missed #Americant puked with the election of the #MAGA cult, I’ll vote for Biden again. Best of the worst, eh. Or. What else are (rational thinking people) gonna do (vote for)? #Nomatter

Worst-writer digs WHCD. Wait. I dig the comedy acts. But sometimes even the presidents get involved in the entertainment. Barry-O’s last WHCD was awesome. Since former prez pee-pee-hair is too thin skinned to participate–because he knows he’ll be drilled a new one (arse) with comedy galore–the whole show has been shut down for the past six years. Enter Joe Biden the comedian. And what an entry, dear worst-reader.

The joke I want to dissect is short lived. At about 3:51 in the vid, Biden says this:

I told my grandkids and Pete Buttigieg they could stay up late tonight.

The crowd got it. I got it. But did you?

Pete Buttigieg is the Secretary of Transportation appointed by Biden. He’s also gay, married to a man, and they both have children. For those of you not in the know, Mayer Pete’s attributes cause about seventy-four million #MAGA voting, former prez cheeto-jezus whack-jobs, to lose their $hit. Reason? Well. As we all know, right-wing nut-jobs in my beloved & missed #Americant have waaaaay bunches of hate all bottled up inside them. They hate minorities, a woman’s right to choose, people who don’t buy armoured tanks and bazookas and assault rifles every weekend and they especially hate gays and lesbians and gays and lesbians that think they have the right, like everyone else, to get married. Yeah. Lot of hate there, eh.

The worst-thing is, dear worst-reader, right-wing nut-jobs have unleashed hell on my beloved & missed #Americant’s different thinkers, different idear makers, different ways of lifers. In lieu of this, they are censoring books in various states that may or may not contain what they consider dubious stuff. They are passing archaic laws repressing LGBTQ rights. They are gerrymandering voting districts to coincide with their hate and bigotry. And, as I was just reading in the newz, their stolen SCOTUS is in the perfect position to finally ban a woman’s right to make her own decisions. As all of this right-wing legislating has been going down for the past forty years, what do they resort to now? They make fun of people–as they’ve always done but it was well hidden–like Pete Buttigeig because he’s gay, he’s married, and he has a family with his husband. If you listen not-so closely to most right-wing talking heads, they too have a bunch of ugly things to say. And so.

Biden’s dig the other night was f’n brilliant. For you see, dear worst-reader, unfortunately there’s more to their hate. Take for example the term groomers. This is the gist of Biden’s joke. Right-wing nut-jobs, especially the religious fanatics, you know, the folk in #Americant that have gone full and comfortable heathen with krapp like prosperity theology, think all people that don’t adhere to archaic religious dogma by choosing a different lifestyle, are or can be groomers. The rest of #Americant should be afraid of groomers because groomers are after the children. WTF!

The only worst-question that remains, considering the state of the world right now, is how much worse can these arseholes make things? If only there was some kind of politic that could stand up to all this. (Sarcasm off.)

Rant on.


Martial Law v Marshall Law

Marshall Law could be a name. A cool name. Or it might be the name of some cheesy #Americant tv show. Martial Law, on the other hand, is not a name but is what authoritarians seem to luv–as much, I’m worst-sure, as they luv cheesy, mansplaining #Americant tv. Worst-writer can see mixing them up, especially if one is in a hissy-fit twenty-four-seven on account their existence, upbringing and world-view–not excluding #Americant public schooling–of white supremacy is threatened. In fact, after a bat$hit congress-person used the former instead of the latter, because she either can’t spell or the spell-checker misfired or she simply doesn’t know what she’s talking/tweeting about, I did my own little un-empirical test. Keep in mind, worst-writer has sympathy for misspelling, including a bit of worst-grammar. For I am worstwriter dot com, don’t you know. But my sympathy stems out of having lived abroad for most of my life where I also speak a foreign language ninety percent of the time. In fact, after all these years I’m very afeared to write that foreign language on a daily basis because doing so might show how worst if not kinda stupid I really am. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

The un-empirical test I tried went thus. I went into the google-machine and started typing marsh… (pics above). Turns out that it’s pretty clear if one knows what one is talking/tweeting about, has a bit of sense and intellect–or may have read a book or three in life–it’s kinda hard to misspell martial law. With that in worst-mind, is it of any surprise that the hacks and bigots and inner-ugly people that get elected to run the greed $hitshow that is #Americant are as dumb as they look/sound/tweet? You betcha, baby. So let’s have a giggle together, dear worst-reader. But don’t giggle too long as us worst-thinking people need to remain aware and vigilant about the rise of authoritarianism in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant.

Rant on.



Things One Can’t Un-Hear-See

Ok, dear worst-reader. It’s me? Right? We all know it’s me. I mean. I read a lot of newz. Can watch and listen to it, too. Every once-a-once something pops out for me and I worst-write about it. Hence my worst-writer category News, where I post my worst humble opinions about all things… newz. Anywho.

There are moments when scanning the newz that really take me for a loop, dear worst-reader. Like the video above. If you go to about the 9:40 mark in the vid, the following is said–and as far as worst-writer is concerned, it’s a doozy:

Meanwhile, over the past decade, a typical American household paid more in taxes than it accumulated in wealth. -Source: see link below.

When I heard that in the vid I immediately hunted for the transcript (link below). I had to read the words that corresponded with the video. To my astonishment, I actually had heard them correctly. And so. Again. It’s me? Right? We all know it’s me. Reason? When I hear krapp like this, I can go through the roof. Why? Well. Don’t worry. It’s not because it’s my problem. Remember. I’m worst-writer, #Americant expatriate, documenting all-things worst. That worst-said. There are moments in this time & space that chronicles the demise of the greatest country ever conceived that just blow my mind. And so. Let’s repeat, shall we.

Meanwhile, over the past decade, a typical American household paid more in taxes than it accumulated in wealth.

It paid those taxes while the richest men in the history of humanity paid the least (taxes). On top of that, #Americants keep voting for politicians that tell them it ain’t (all) so. Go figure.

Way to go #Americant. You deserve…

Rant on.



Who Gave You Permission

Russian graffiti in Bucha Ukraine
Rough translation: who gave you permission to have nice things

The essence of political and/or lifestyle conservatism is? Very simple, dear worst-reader. Or maybe not. The essence is nothing other than NOT allowing others to make their own decisions. Also. It’s controlling the means with which one can make decisions. Conservatives hate it when others think different, or even if they have the gall to think for themselves. And then there’s the pinnacle:

Who gives you permission to do anything?

And so. Now that the Russkies are showing their true colours, where do we go with all this conservatism that is making the world mental? How bout we just skip the foreplay and go straight to arse-play hell. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Then again, if reports are true and if the translation is correct, how are free thinkers supposed to cope with this level of conservatism? It reminds me, don’t you know, of a confrontation I once had with a girlfriend’s dad. Let’s call him Joe. And so.

Joe: So you want to have nice things, eh?

While meeting Joe for the first time I was trying to make a good impression. At the time, though, I had just moved to Germany for a summer job stint with an American management consultant company. The plan was to get a bit of work experience and then return to the US where I hoped to get a job. Joe’s daughter and I were having a long distance relationship and it was going pretty good since my job required constant travel to NYC and she was from New Jersey. Although she visited me in Germany a number of times that summer–and was very taken with Germany, for she’d never been to #Eurowasteland–I was hiding the fact that my stint could become something else. It seems that Joe’s intention, as should be the intention of every father, I suppose, was to consider my bona-fides (pronounced “bon-a-feedus”) regarding his daughter. Since he was obviously a conservative man, stuck in the past as they all are, while questioning Germany’s and #Eurowasteland’s socialism, he let it slip out that he knew I wasn’t gonna return to the US anytime soon. He could tell, he smirked, after I mentioned that I had never been so often to a doctor or a dentist in my life because the United Mistakes of #Americant had such a stupid medical insurance system, that one can easily lose one’s way when it comes to socialism–and that’s not the American way, he added. In other worst-words, he thought I was selling-out because I obviously preferred NOT to follow the #Americant system, which, he added, is what has made it so great. Uh. Ok.

In other-other worst-words, Joe was spiteful towards me because I had somehow managed to find a potential way through life where I wouldn’t have to rely on greed and selfishness in order to live good–if not medically insured. “Europeans,” he added, “don’t have to fight their way through life. That’s what makes them European and that’s why they started all the world wars. That’s not our way.” Uh. Ok.

Who told you you could live well?

Anywho. My worst-point is thus: conservatives are highly spiteful and bigoted peoples. We know that. But the depth of their bigotry is perhaps somewhat unknown. How far are they willing to go? Conservatism is like living in $hit, don’t you know. How does one know what $hit smells like if you live in it? Hence, the pic above. Conservatives inadvertently become what they project. They do this is in very subtle but obvious ways. Like. For example. How Putin was made. He was made by the same kind of (political) conservatism forced upon all others. For it was, I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, told to Boris Yeltsin, when he asked president George H. W. Bush what he was supposed to do with all the corruption overwhelming the former Soviet Union: be more corrupt than they (oligarchs) are.

Does the pic, written by Russkie soldiers in Bucha, Ukraine, after they laid waste to it, say enough about the mindset of the greedy and spiteful and bigoted? I mean. This goes beyond the petty and the obvious, don’t you know. The is downright evil beyond any evil of late. Say what you will about the tenants of national socialism (Nazi) or Soviet totalitarianism, both of which are politically conservative movements like no others. Heck one could even equate such mental mayhem with what’s been going on in my beloved & missed #Americant for the past (insert you’re number here) years as it’s so gallantly cultivated a new & improved fascism galore with its shiny smiley face. Yet. And so. As the greed-mongers fight among themselves the world literally becomes a bully of six year olds invading a sandbox of three year olds and thereby doing nothing but stealing all the toys, all the lunches, raping the mothers and grandparents and then yelling at the top of blue painted lungs:

Who said you could have nice things?

The thing is, dear worst-reader, I’ve been against every war that has taken place since I was born (1963). But this one is turning me in another direction. What is taking place in Ukraine is as bad if not worse as what lead to WW2, the only war, btw, that holds any merit as far as worst-writer’s concerned. With that in worst-mind, how does one fight against those whose minds are so corrupt with greed and bigotry and hate and spite and and and…?

Who gave you permission?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Have No Fear KleptoCapture Is Here

Wow, dear worst-reader. Am I the only one to get excited every time I learn about a new, fancy government agency that I never heard of before–or ever even imagined existed? Ok. Then again. Anyone ever ask when/where/who all this government agency stuff comes from? I mean. There’s the biggie aka Homeland Security. Ain’t that the largest agency created since WW2? And on whose watch was it created? You know. The watch of the worshippers of smaller government? And if you check out the vid above, you can even see not only FBI but also ICE representation in the seizer of a yacht that is starting to look like every other yacht–as though these things are all one and the same. And by-the-buy. Ain’t ICE part of Homeland Security? What is Homeland Security doing in Mallorca, Spain, confiscating a boat? Ok. Uh. Yea. Sarcasm off.

The thing is. The kleptocracy that is the western world, lead, of course, by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, has been stealing $hit for-ever-more. It’s the backup plan for when capitalism’s demise need be hidden. Yet. Somehow. The world has accepted the/a lesser evil form of kleptocracy that may or may not be referred to as capitalism run amok. It’s the capitalism perpetrated by law abiding nation-states, don’t you know. As opposed to the kleptocracy of Putin who is obviously not only a really really mean guy but has no respect for international law or people who speak really really good Russian but hate Russia. With that in mind, is worst-writer somehow defending The Russkies and their form of kleptocracy? I’d say not. Then again. What’s gonna happen if/when The West confiscates or impounds the wrong piece of gluttony? Is there such a thing as wrong piece of gluttony? Oh my. Too many worst-questions in a world of too much stuff that only rich arsholes can possess, eh.

Perhaps the less confusing, if not provocative question is, what’s gonna happen with all this stuff that is confiscated? I mean. I know how to drive a boat. Any chance I could fiddle around with it for while? I know how to get to Mallorca. Been there quite a bit actually. A really fun place–as long as you stay away from the spiced, cold wine on the beach. Again. Sarcasm off.

Not sure about you, dear worst-reader, but I’m getting excited waiting to hear if/when KleptoCapture seizes one of Putin’s boats. Can you even imagine what kinda $hit will be had then?

Rant on.



History Rhymes, Think About The Children

Screenshot from the #interwebnets

Going out on yet another über-whim, dear worst-reader. In short, this worst-post is thus: the son of recent academy award winner for best actor tweeted after said actor (father) committed an egregious act of violence in front of an audience of billions: And that’s how we do it (pic above).

Ok. Fine. Dandy. What should this interest worst-writer? Well…

Having followed some of the bat$hit from the aftermath of the 94th Academy awards, I couldn’t help but get stuck on the perpetrator of violence, aka academy award winner, Will Smith. Say what you will about bad jokes or, even worse, bad joke makers. Is there any way to justify this action? Cause that’s the worst-thing, dear worst-reader. Action justification is in full-bloom. Or have you not yet decided which side you’re on?

As worst-stated here, I could give a hoot about Chris Rock. Seriously. Comedians come and go. Which begs the worst-question: Are there any comedians that transcend (their) laugher? Maybe. But that’s the thing, eh, dear worst-reader? What happens when the laughter ends? What happens when the TV show is over and all that’s left is more and more and more TV?

What gets me riled about this whole thing is how it may or may not be yet another sublime message regarding the state of things. You know. Capitalism is amidst another nadir. You know. Inflation. Inflation. Oil and gas. Crash boom bang. War. War. War. Death so the useless rich may endure. All of which is nothing new, historically considered. And that’s the ticket. Nothing is new. Not even an unprovoked smack on live TV show. Then again. Not being the same means it is also/somehow not different. As in. History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme. And so. How do we get from repeat to rhyme? (Or the other way round?) Could the answer be in the chasm that is both time and procreation?

There are those who hang on to what they know–because they can. Yet what about those of us who want to hang on to what we do not know–so that we can move forward? Is that the question the plagues the world today as Ukrainians are slaughtered and there are those in the media and in various countries who defend such killing? Or what about those who outright protest this blatant and aggressive behaviour simply because we can see the history in what’s happening? Is this the chasm of time and procreation? Most certainly not. Or?

Obviously worst-writer is stretching things going from the son of an academy awarding winning actor that is unable to see the wrong of his ways and thereby teaching those ways to his son and that of a so-called super-power conniving to expand its power through force because it simply can’t get a fellow country to stop telling bad jokes about its wife’s hair.

And with that I’ll stop. Nuff said.

Rant on.



O-Face Debauchery Reveal

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, worst-writer grew up in and around the capital of his grand & missed united mistakes of #Americant, aka DC. At the time, of course, I always believed that DC was a big, huuuuuge city. I’ve since learned that it is nothing but a village. But is it a village of idiots? Perhaps. It is also something else, don’t you know.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

While attempting–and wasting a part of my life–to study at University, which boardered northern DC, I Mc-jobbed around like any other kid trying to earn as much money as possible that would/could be wasted on #Americant higher education. While in search of a third or fourth new Mc-Job, I thought I finally hit the jackpot. I landed a coveted bar-back job at a somewhat fancy restaurant in Georgetown. Being a quick learner and having memorised drink recipes like no other, within a few months I was elevated to Sunday to Wednesday bartending. After a few more months I landed the prime bartending shifts of Thursday through Saturday. That meant, don’t you know, that on a good night–especially Thursday and Friday college nights–I would easily earn two to three hundred dollars in tips–and at the time (early to mid 1980s) I made twelve dollars an hour as a full-fledged bartender. That was damn good money.

Jockeying youthful life between Mc-Jobs, university study and the lure of the wild that is big-city (bigger village) life, had its perks. This was also a time where promiscuity and other life-experimentations, wanted or not, played a big role. One of the first things I learned when I made it to the city was how some people play the game of sex. For sex is a game, is it not? For a village like Washington DC it’s a wonder that the exchange of bodily fluids didn’t flood the place. At times in the wee morning hours, when I made my way home from a night of galavanting with a pocket full of tip money, it certainly smelled of promiscuity. Combine that with the consumption of alcohol and drugs, especially cocaine–for it was the 80s… Holy krapp, dear worst-reader! Shall I worst-write something about Sodom & Gomorrah now?

That worst-said, I wish I could exchange all my tip money for a currency equal to late-night, wee-morning hours offers of I’ll suck your cock for ten dollars or you look like blow or I’ve got two college bitches in an apartment two blocks off Wisconsin avenue or–and this one is the best–I know a Senator that will pay you if you let him suck your arsehole. Sex at the time had nothing to do with boys and girls. It was all about some control freak getting his/her rocks off. The alcohol and the drugs just made it all palatable for those stuck in the $hitshow. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is only one true meaning behind sex and that true meaning can only be found in the confines of power. And I assure you that its meaning has nothing to do with procreation or legislation. That meaning is, instead, about manipulation, exploitation, control, spite, hate, bigotry, consumption, greed, untruth, etc. And then there’s the grand O-Face that shames every man that ever lived because he knows that if reality ever sets in that every woman that ever lived would laugh her face off if men ever knew how silly they really are when it comes to all-things sex… But I die-gress. Or have I not worst-said enough about debauchery?

It’s obvious that I made it out of that $hithole. I think I made it out relatively unscathed. But there are times, even after almost forty years, where I can’t help but reminisce–especially when certain issues are addressed in the newz. Or did you miss the $hit about a young North Carolina #Americant congressman spilling the beans about what cums in Washington DC? What a silly little man this revealer is, eh. For no one is allowed to shine the light on alley-ways and side-streets that is the big, ugly, disgusting village of debauchery–and the things that take place just prior to an old man’s O-Face. Or?

Long story short. A nitwit über-right-wing congressman couldn’t control his mouth (or his mind) during a #interwebnet interview where he reveals the truth/reality that there is drug use and wild orgies in Washington DC. But that, of course, is not the newz here. No. The thing that makes this interesting is that this young and obviously naive man openly refers to all this activity happening within the confines of his über-right-wing political party. Now. That’s a no-no. But all worst-fun aside.

Worst-writer could give a hoot about what happens to this little, itty-bitty man and his über-right-wing nuttery, even though this might be the end of his political career on account he is too stupid to realise that by saying the things he said he’s actually telling some truth(s). Conservatives can’t have that! Add to that a known pervert has recently come out to try and defend this nitwit. Wow. What’s important here is that this situation might wake up a few #Americants to the reality of what they’ve done by supporting not just conservatives but sexually repressed arseholes that live for vice and no virtue. For you see, dear worst-readers, debauchery is a way of life–as long as it remains confined and doesn’t scare off the grandmas and children. God forbid truth be told regarding what a bunch of disgusting old people are up to for $hits & giggles in the village of power–at the expense of all others.

Rant on.