Slippery Slope Stupid

As a child of the Cold War and, at the time, old enough to have a grasp of what went on in Vietnam in the late 60s and early 70s, #Americant dogmatised me to fear two political enemies. The first, of course, is the former Soviet Union, now Putin’s pseudo-reich. By the end of the 1970s, btw, I understood the connection between the Soviet Union and Vietnam. Also, we all know what happened when Mikhail Gorbachev kinda threw in the towel regarding the dream of Hammer & Sickle by the end of the 1980s. The other enemy though is bit more obscure. Now. For those who think China is not the enemy, bear with me. The relationship between my beloved & missed united mistakes and China goes back to the 1970s and, for the most part, Richard Nixon. I may be stretching here a bit, but I’d go so far as to worst-say that the relationship with China helped the US force the Soviet Union up against a financial wall. Of course, as we now know, that relationship was a deal with the devil. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is one thing a right-wing, conservative, republican politician was capable of–even back in the 1970s. Unlike today, he knew the difference between political ideology and a dollar. And so. The powers that be, especially the bat$hit conservative powers-that-be, by the 1970s, knew that the only way for #Americant Capitalists to get back to their glory days prior to FDR and the great depression, i.e. days of the robber barons, days of child labour (hence 20th century #Americant capitalist lust for China) and, of course, as little taxation as possible, was to completely circumvent anything that would prevent full and total externalisation of corporate and shareholder costs. Hence, again, China is where everything is made–and they’ve been working on making everything there since… (insert your number of years here). By-the-buy, the final nail in the coffin of FDR and post Great Depression America (which built the middle class) was nailed by non other than Ronald Reagan as he unleashed his supply side economics in the 1980s. Obviously we know where a two-bit Hollywood actor elected president can lead. That’s right. Have you prayed to your recent tv prez cheeto-jesus yet, aka #Trump? And so. As China became the cheap labour capital of the world, where everything is made, and is now an economic powerhouse because of that, is it inevitable that it also becomes enemy number one? And if it is enemy number, how will the political conflict pan out? Well, for that answer, let’s ask some nitwit who, by-the-buy, is capable of learning Mandarin and that’s enough for many #Americants to believe that he is, somehow, someway, …a fcuking moron all the same. Or? Ok. Wait. Forget that. Let’s move on.

I could not believe what I was hearing when John Cena–an actor I don’t ever recall seeing on film but I have seen him on a talk show, or something like that–recorded himself speaking mandarin and apologising to China for calling Taiwan a country. WTF! And then, after I read through the English transcript, I thought: what a suck up! And this guy is a wrastler and an onscreen action star? Seriously? I mean, would John Wayne make such an apology? Oh wait. John Wayne lived in times when #Americant wasn’t fully sold-out yet. But then I watched the video again. And maybe this has something to do with speaking mandarin. It kinda looks like this guy is actually afeared. I mean. Could it be that the movie studio called him and scolded him as if he is their school-man-child:

I don’t give $hit if you can learn mandarin, you fcuking moron. You’re an actor. You’re a lampshade. You don’t earn money for what you think is in your head. You earn money for memorising what we give you to memorise. Now. Before you go out there and open your trap showing the world how fcuking stupid you really are, keep your trap shut and let your inner lampshade make people think you’re really not as stupid as you look.

-worstwriter playacting

Btw, the political situation that has been brewing between #Americant and China for the past thirty or forty years will probably pan-out after it begins in Taiwan. I wonder, after it begins, if anyone will reference a moronic #Americant lampshade from Hollywood who managed to memorise mandarin.

Rant on.



The Problem With Un-Gentleman Suitors

I try, dear worst-reader. I really do. In fact, I might have broke my personal record when it comes to days watching at least fifteen to thirty minutes of faux newz. As revolting as that is, I’m glad I got through it–and it’s now over. And so. Indeed. It takes a day or two (or three/four) for me to purge the emotion-driven bat$hit political broadcaster from my (mothers) home–if not my own worst-mind (oh the poison of stupid). Of course, until she met her un-gentleman suitor a fews years back, she never even watched the network of lies and untruth. But that’s a whole ‘nother worst-post. Or?

Allow me this, dear worst-reader, about the un-gentleman suitor. My widowed mother has hooked up with a redneck. There! I said it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m only (obviously) a hop + skip away from being a redneck. Or? #Nomatter.

After my stepfather died I was hoping my mother would take the path of independence. But I suppose for her that was asking for a bit much. Of course, over the past two and half to three years, she’s obviously developed a fondness for an un-gentleman suitor. And. Again. I’ve got nothing against that, if it’s her choice. It’s just that. Well. There’s no other way to put it. He’s one of them… faux newz diehard blah-blahs. And that’s not all. He is also a member of one of them #Americant “clubs” (or is it “lodge”) that oh so emulates the clubs of #Eurowasteland history that gave way to the making of conspiracy-theory #Americant. I’m worst-writing, of course–and without getting into specifically which one–that he belongs to one of those organisations where like minded individuals… also freely wipe away their individualism. You know, the clubs/lodges that sew the seeds of convention, compulsion and the grand #Americant sickness that is: conformity. Of course. Let’s give credit where it’s due. As conspiracy-theories have become the new norm, I can imagine that historically like-minded persons of, say, Free Masonry, are laughing in their graves as to what has become of the once great idear that is now #Americant as it is propagated through the mills of never questioning anything or employing just a hunch of skepticism.

But before I get lost in all my family negativity. At least–if you’re not watching faux newz–there’s plenty of other stuff regarding former president pee-pee-hair and what will hopefully become the perfect ending to a life of grift—that can make worst-moi smile:


Rant on.


Facetious Sarcastic Irony Or Maybe Not

One of my favourite German words is: Klugscheisser. Roughly translated (to #Americant English) it means smart-ass. I worst-say “roughly translated” on account, well, as far as I can tell (after all these years living abroad) my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has lost touch with what it means to be a smart-ass. I mean. Then again. And I may be splitting hairs here. But it seems to me that most of the western world, lead by #Americant, of course, is kinda run by smart-asses. For Germany, though, there might be a bit more to it. So with that in mind, let’s split some hairs.

Something weird happened recently in my adopted country. Keep in mind, contrary to popular belief, Germans aren’t really all-that weird. Well. Let me rephrase that. Sexually they can be very weird. Culturally they can be weird, too. But usually where the weirdness stops is when it comes to things like science and engineering or politics. In most cases boring but somehow efficient seems to rule all-things German. Unless, of course, you expect a train to run on-time or a horse to sing you a lullaby while trapped inside a candy corn box. But let’s not go there, eh, dear worst-reader.

The weird thing that happened recently has to do with a bunch of well-known German actors having recorded short videos where they try to communicate some kind of message regarding Germany’s dealings with the COVID pandemic. As you may or may not know, z’Germans have recently passed some sweeping laws where they’re trying to finally get this fcuking disease under control. The coinciding problem, though, is that most Klugscheisser Germans don’t like being told what to do or how to live–by the fcuking government–even though being told what to do (and how much tax to pay) is all there is to being German these days. Sound familiar (#Americant)? Now. Keep in mind. Even though I’m a Ausländer, I’m pretty confident in claiming that worst-writer is fully functional in the German language. I’m not very good at writing it but I can speak it and I usually can understand all of it–as long as High-German is spoken and one doesn’t use a bunch of colloquialism, like my wife does sometimes–which drives me crazy, btw. Anywho.

After watching a few of these videos I had to turn to my (German born and raised and somewhat nationalistic) wife and ask her to tell me what’s so wrong (with them) and why are some circles in Germany (the press and politicians) freaking out. After a bit of yipping and yapping here and there from both sides, my wife concluded that I am incapable of understanding German irony.

German what, I asked. But Germans aren’t good at irony. To be ironic you also have to be funny, dear.

As usual my wife grinned, turned and walked away. We spoke again later that day at dinner (about something completely different, of course).

So here’s the thing. These videos were all published under the hashtag #Allesdichtmachen, which basically means close everything. Now. Germany is having a hard time with this pandemic. They can’t seem to stop the waves. In fact, I’m not sure if we’re on the third or fourth wave right now but according to the news, we’re definitely in a wave. Also. Vaccinations aren’t going well. The whole country is pretty much dependent on being able to import vaccines on account, even though the Pfizer vaccine was developed in Germany, the Germans don’t have the capacity to manufacture it (or something like that). Worst-writer’s conclusion as to why Germany’s having such a hard time dealing with COVID boils down to the same reason Germans just ain’t funny. For you see, dear worst-reader, Germans can see/taste/smell irony, they just can’t cook it up–just like humour, don’t you know. Now. As of the writing of this worst-post, I’m still not quite sure who/what started the whole #Allesdichtmachen thing. In fact, I don’t really care who/what started it on account, well, I’ve worked with a few actors here and there. Let me just tell you this about actors. Actors literally are not the brightest stars in the sky, hence the irony they’re referred to as stars. But on that note, I die-gress.

It turns out that many of the actors have pulled their videos regarding Germany’s pandemic fiasco. Reason? Well, get this. Would you believe German right-wing politicians agree with German actor irony–that is attempting to communicate a message about the pandemic? Which brings me back to the idear that Germans can’t really cook-up irony. But if they do cook-up something that they think is irony maybe it’s actually something else. Sarcasm? Facetious? I should also add that worst-writer probably can’t understand the irony either way even though I can understand what the actors are saying along side #Allesdichtmachen. On the other hand, even though much of what Heike Makatsch or Meret Becker say doesn’t really sound like irony (to worst-moi), I’m also finding it kinda hard to just throw out what they’re saying because, well, maybe German right wingers understand less of (German) irony than I do.

Confused yet? Don’t worry. It is this exact confusion that has lead to the (western) world being run by a bunch of Klugscheisser and/or actors not knowing when to draw their own curtains as the stars fade to black.

Rant on.



How To Un-Americant Americant

Source of pic: see link below

There’s only two great political things worth mentioning in worst-writer’s life-time. That is, since I became politically aware back in the mid 1970s, only two political issues rein supreme in my worst-mind–and only one of them has happened so far. First, there’s the election of Barry-O. What an achievement. Unfortunately, that achievement is kinda blurred on account how so many #Americants reacted to it–and hence gave way to former prez pee-pee-hair. The second great achievement hasn’t happened yet but I feel obliged to mention it–in case it does. As I’ve noted here and in various other worst-posts, the ilk and filth and rot of the Republican Party thus far culminates in what it’s notoriously and systematically done to the third branch of mis-government of my beloved & missed united mistakes. Now. Don’t get me wrong. The same group has pulled the wool over the executive branch as well with the election of president ur-stupid Ronald Dip$hit Reagan. But since Reagan, mother-fcuking republicans have really done a job on the Judicial–which too me is more important because, well, need I mention it, the executive has culminated in a guy like #Trump. And so. If Biden can pull of un-packing the supreme court as well as republicans, especially Moscow Mitch, has pulled off packing the court, then I’ll be duly impressed and my short list of political things worth mentioning will be done.

Rant on.


Source: It’s Called UN-Packing The Supreme Court | Crooks and Liars

The Grand Scheme Of Things

How does the beast react when it’s backed into a corner and life becomes the ultimate existential question? I’ve seen it with badgers, squirrels, cats, dogs and, of course, #Americant man-children. These animals become fierce and you can see how every spec of their being is about survival as the corners are decreased and squeezed and pressed and sneezed–and there’s no one to offer them a hanky. Yet, these animals never really go on an outright offence. That is, they don’t commit to outright war and pillage and destruction in order to free themselves from the corner they’ve been squeezed into. Indeed. They simply stay in the corner, cornered, growling, hissing, sometimes even screaming–which may or may not require a hanky. Of course. The cat screams are the worst, especially when coupled with the screams of wives as they must watch the game their man-children have gotten themselves into and how it all plays out. Which begs the question, dear worst-reader. Are you getting the metaphor I’m going for here? Who/what are the animals so violently cornered? Well, without testing your attention span, I’ll just go ahead and spit it out. What we’re worst-writing about today, based on recent newz (see link below) is #Americant conservative, republican manliness run amok yet again again. This time, though, it’s not about war-mongering or about voting rights or about protecting white privilege. No. It’s about that third branch of government that these men have so brilliantly corned. At the least, the article below does explain the seriousness of what’s going on in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant and its so-called third branch of government. Of course, this is but more proof that worst-writer’s predictions are (coming) true. The republicans have certainly kicked arse when it comes to occupying the corner they’ve been trapped within—or without? No matter. Gotta hand it to ’em. And what of the #Americants that have elected these corners? Yeah. Exactly. Time to go shopping baby. Consume to survive, baby.

Rant on.



Salacious Lurid #Americant Galore, Baby

Alternate worst-title: #Trump, Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz and the man-child $hit$how that is the bottom trolling of #Americant with a bit from Oliver Stone’s JFK.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

Sometimes, dear worst-reader, the waters recede enough and the bottom is revealed. And what a bottom it is, eh. But does that mean you finally know why a man’s underwear is brown in the back, yellow in the front and red in-between? No. Perhaps it does not. Or. Perhaps we should stick with bottom trolling metaphors instead of dirty man underwear–which in and of itself is better than swamp-talk. This may or may not also be true (relevant) when it comes to facing your devils by having coercive carnal knowledge with a man as he turns around to give you a better view of what it is you’re about to… Indeed.

Since the election of prez piss-hair in 2016, including the reveal of his golden showers in a Moscow hotel, a scene and/or character development from Oliver Stone’s brilliant movie JFK has lingered in my worst-mind. This scene, as far as worst-writer is concerned, is a huge tell-all about what’s just below the surface of greed-mongering #Americant–that can and must lead to the likes of #Trump, #MAGA, tea-party, etc. Perhaps you remember the scene, dear worst-reader. It is the scene where Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and Wille O’Keefe role-play as Greek gods in a drug-infused gay orgy. No? Don’t remember that scene? Ok. Let’s go there, shall we.

Source: screenshot from the interwebnets of the film JFK

In Oliver Stone’s JFK, Clay Shaw is being interviewed by Jim Garrison. Shaw is a prominent New Orleans business man. During this interview Oliver Stone utilises flashbacks in order to depict the private life of Shaw. These flashbacks show Shaw’s homosexuality and his New Orleans, French Quarter lifestyle. Included in the debauchery is David Ferrie and Willie O’Keefe. Now, from what I recall about this movie, it is important to note that the character of Willie O’Keefe is the only made-up character in the movie. That is, Shaw and Ferrie actually existed and were part of the (real) Jim Garrison investigation. Which begs worst-writer’s question: why does Oliver Stone have to make-up O’Keefe for the development of the Clay Shaw character? Or. Perhaps. A better question to ask is: why do we have to split hairs on whether or not #Trump likes to watch girls pee or if he prefers having them pee on him? But I die-gress.

Here’s where we get into a bit of the reveal which is my beloved & missed #Americant. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, there is a bottom below the surface that is always yearning to be revealed. Or is it? It is an ugly bottom, don’t you know. It is also a disgusting bottom. A bottom of ill repute and vile and it is full of the waste of man-children never allowed to grow-up and out of the confines of their equally disgusting parentage, especially their fathers and mothers. (Insert redundancy laugh here.) And as much as #Americant would like to keep that bottom covered, hidden, out of sight, there are times when it must be revealed, i.e. the reveal. What better way to reveal such a reality than by the magic of Hollywood–or the antics of right-wing, $hitbag politicians that have never-ever had an original thought (check out video link below)? Also. Perhaps the control of this reveal is the greatest achievement that is the social and cultural experiment of #Americant–and its über, pseudo-fascist government. I mean. We see the disgust and vile in other countries. Yet somehow the red, white and blue has covered our vile for most of our history. Or has it?

American flag stained

The reason Oliver Stone had to insert a bit of his own interpretation of #Americant history, with the advent of the Willie O’Keefe character, is simple. How does one reveal what’s below the surface when people are incapable of looking at it as it is revealed? I mean. Certain realities simply need NOT be made obvious. Or? Is this not especially true of sexuality? Is this not especially true of (any) country that is obsessed with sex–as a commodity? This is where Oliver Stones’ script for JFK is fcuking brilliant. By portraying not only the activities of characters that operate underneath the surface of #Americant and, hence, conspired to murder Kennedy, the great weakness of righteousness that simply wanted to find the perpetrators of a crime, is also revealed. Namely, that righteousness is embodied in Jim Garrison who, it is said, was obsessed with Clay Shaw because Shaw was so blatantly homosexual–and patriotic. Actually, dear worst-reader, homo need not be used here. Sex is the only thing worth mentioning. Well, that and money and power. Moving on.

The great Clinton and his blue dress. Source: interwebnet screenshot.

Which brings me to Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone and, of course, former prez piss-hair. How would you like your sex scandal served? You know, served so that it maintains your power? How about a little bit from the mud from the bottom of the river, just below the lake, where troll ships dig up rotting carcasses to feed the many and the needy that is the $hit$how of greed. Or. How ’bout this. Since the likes of Matt Gaetz is pretty common place in this new post prez piss-hair right-wing Republican Party, how should one go about taking down his (her?) enemies? Indeed. Could it be that the whole Gaetz scandal has come about because, well, Gaetz was too stupid in how he was trying to take down fellow republicans that wouldn’t support prez piss-hair? Remember, this young, spoiled-rotten, Florida privilege-boy went around the floor of the House of Representatives showing-off pictures of naked girls for sale. You mean, to actually sell them? Or was he simply trying to set someone up? Sound familiar? Wasn’t that Jeffrey Epstein’s entire game, as in, setting up rich and powerful men with young women in order to extort from them? Hence, Gaetz’s loud claim of how he’s being extorted? Freudian Projection anyone? Moving on.

Source: screenshot of Geatz with Roger Stone from Reddit

The recent scandal of Florida House of Representative Matt Gaetz is causing me to bust a gut laughing, dear worst-reader. Reason? Can this stuff actually be written? You know, as in, written down for a film or a play or a novel? At this point in my worst-contemplation, I’m actually wondering if Gaetz has licked the knob of Roger Stone? I mean. Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein, #Trump, etc. Are all present? Or. Perhaps. At the behest of Roger Stone perhaps Gaetz has had carnal relations with Stone’s dead mother–in order to make sure you know who/what owns you? Does #Trump consider that entertainment, too? Or do you doubt that the likes of Roger Stone has the corpse of his dead mother tucked under a sheet in the bed he shares with his wife and other confederates? If you have a good look at Gaetz’s face, which kinda reminds me of Beavis, could there be a greater duschbag face that a world of rational people would want to punch? Also. Could it get more obvious how #Americant and it’s self-anointed, meritless class structure–which can only give rise to the likes of Matt Gaetz–is not only rotten (from the inside) but literally rotting in front of your (our) eyes? Still want to worst-talk about SWAMPS? And is worst-writer the only one to fantasize about the reality that Gaetz’s sex problem has to be connected to Roger Stone’s and to prez piss-hair’s? Remember. Roger Stone has the bust of Richard Nixon tattooed on his back between his shoulders. Is there any better way to communicate your presence? Need I even mention the mothers that raised these $hitbags?

Pic source: screenshot from the interwebnets

Anywho. Back to bottom trolling under the surface of #Americant where bodies and lives and honesty and merit and value and ugly men’s underwear all rest… rotting… rotting… rotting and waiting forevermore for the rotting to end. Yeah. Laugh with me, dear worst-reader. You can’t write this stuff down. Then again. Who ever thought #Americant would allow itself to stoop as lows as it’s been stooping since, gee, I don’t know, the fcuking Reagan revolution…

Indeed, dear worst-reader. This is what happens when you have a world where sexual repression, greed and the love of death rule you.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Call A Spade A Garden Tool

Source of pic: see link below.

The right-wing narrative regarding the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol is an old rhetorical sleight of hand that has a long history of use by American conservatives: they call it “waving the bloody shirt.”

How much are you lovin’ the whammy-tool of post Jan 6, 2021 rhetoric in (my) beloved & missed United Mistakes of #Americant? I mean. I’m certainly digging it. I’m digging it because, well, I’ve known for the better part of my life what the essence is of the greed $hitshow so many refer to as #MAGA. Yet, there is something interesting happening of late. I can’t quite pin it down. Is it the changing of the guard? Is it realising the reflection of your life is actually a mirror (image)? Are you finally calling a spade and spade, which is ultimately nothing more than a gardening tool?

A few articles stirred me this morning. One is about the $hitshow of Republicans and their masturbatory freak show known as CPAC where former president piss-hair made his first appearance since having his arse handing to him by the likes of what happened in Georgia. The other is about a blue-dog Democrat that couldn’t be a better example of the establishment $hitshow, who just happens to run the state where former president piss-hair comes from, and now it’s been revealed that he’s probably the same wolf but in less uglier sheep skin–and let’s hope he goes down for it. And then there’s #Americant’s über successful dislodgement regarding its past where we once again have to think thrice or twice about krapp like… who we really are. Namely, a country that was and continues to exist on the backs of others. Indeed. How grotesque can it all be? Well, leave it up to #MAGA and the privileged establishment to tell you more.


Rant on.



Did You Forget To Get With The Program?

As much as I hate all the ruckus around my beloved & missed #Americant having elected its first black president (oh so long ago, it seems), there’s still a few lingering issues that weigh heavy on the minds-eye from then and there when it comes to looking at the Now. Namely, five years after Barry-O had to stop serving, and during the eight years where he did serve, the Republicans have been wiping the floor with Democrats in both the legislative and judicial branch of ill-government since, say, Reagan. This is kinda why I’ve always known that #Americant wasn’t ready for the reality of Barry-O. Indeed. For I might have worst-said once or thrice–and hereby I beg for forgiveness in my worst-writing repetitiveness: the country just ain’t ready for this, dude.

Then again… if not now…

Not being ready to change brings me ’round to another issue, dear worst-reader. Are young people really so naive to believe that the powers-that-be would actually give in to doubling the joke that is the national minimum wage with one single swipe of the gavel? I mean. Forget the fact that the minimum wage is in and of itself an f’n joke. The only reason for such a mandate is do what almost all other mandates do: defuse and deflect from any real and relevant issue. The real issue being: it ain’t #Americant if there ain’t more than plenty of poor people. And so.

Is change the same as chump-change?

The one interesting thing that has come from those five years between when Barry-O left office and Now can be summed up in this worst-thought, dear worst-reader. The hate and spite and bigotry laid bare by #Trump&Co has served an even greater purpose than #MAGA. Indeed. #Trump&Co have sealed the deal when it comes to deflecting the issue(s). And by-the-buy, Democrats have never been afeared of #Trump&Co, even if he would have won a second term. Nor will Democrats shy away from his return in 2024. Reason? Deflection runs deep in the halls of a representative ill-government chosen by stupid people galore, don’t you know. And do you want to know the reason for that? Really? Ok. Here ya go.


#Trump&Co’s only crime is revealing the reality of year upon year of conformity run amok. Well, that and all that other krapp he does. (Grab them by the…) That’s why Democrats don’t bite (show their teeth) when Republicans do. That’s why Democrats allow diffusion with the likes of the Senate Parliamentarian. That’s why when you walk into a Walmart everyone looks the same, except for weight issues. But the pullovers, hoodies, sneakers and old people… it’s all a conformist nightmare of redundancy, mendacity and a bit too many sprinkles on that beautifully shaped soft ice cream with the special treat at the bottom of the cone that makes everything alright as you bite into it and another unicorn passes through your sugared eyes.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.



As The Old Man Gets Some Second Wind

As I’ve failed to say here or there, dear worst-reader, and even though I voted for him not unlike how I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, say what you will about old-man Biden finally (finally!) figuring out how  #MAGA can produce (almost) enough vaccines to vaccinate more and more privileged people, he’s also back to his old ways. For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Biden is part of that whole $hitshow of greed-mongering galore that appeased whacked-out right-wingers–which was solidified in the Democrat party by Clinton (the cheating husband not the corporatist albeit forgiving wife)–and is thereby playing the nice-guy game with his club comrades. But on that note, I die-gress.

Rant on.


Examples In Fascism #2.32 Quadrillion

Need to post more about all-things worst in my News category, eh, dear worst-reader. And what better topic to re-continue it all? I mean, check out the linked article below and especially the image of all those young fascist (you know, those who spend their whole lives doing what they’re told without question, without criticism, absent of all-things creative, i.e. the pawn of the oppressor, the infamous “serve & protect” (sarcasm off) police) pushing around some old guy who probably shouldn’t be protesting as though he were squatting during his university days long before knowing that hippieish-ness long lost the battle. Indeed. The fascists won, baby. Or something like that.


Rant on.


Source: Grand Jury Clears Buffalo N.Y., Police Accused Of Assaulting Elderly Protester : NPR

Coup vs Putsch

Source: screenshot from the #interwebnets

Worst-title #2: Why it should be called the rich white trash Putsch and not #Americant Coup d’etat.

Which do you prefer, dear worst-reader? Do you prefer Coup, as in Coup d’etat, as the proper nomenclature of #MAGA’s newest and greatest achievement–other than electing president piss-hair in the first place? Or do you prefer Putsch? I mean, come on. A coup is a much more common happening, especially when one considers how my beloved & missed #Americant has sponsored so many of them in, say, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. Again. I mean. Come on. Could this whole thing have been just a simple-minded Putsch? Indeed. Now that’s something new, don’t you know. So let’s summarise as only worst-writer can as we try to worst define things in the name of worst-clarity.

January 6, 2021, is not a day that will go down in infamy in my beloved & missed #Americant. Reason? Well, I’m not sure #Americant is really seeing what happened as a couple thousand bat$hit white people tried to storm the Capitol, where they even defecated inside the building, spreading their faeces around as though it were graffiti paint, as a really big deal. I mean. Sure. Five people died. A few Representatives are gonna have to deal with PTSD. And no one will probably be able to get close enough to the building anymore to take a half-decent selfie. And so. What does one do when you live by the gun? Where do you go when war and government intervention is all you know? What comes after the trauma of being born in a world that fills you with blind optimism only to quickly realise that the only way to get ahead is by joining up as the ship of fail-upwards sails on the backs of every one else?

As I worst-write this ca. 74m minions either directly or indirectly supported the January 6, 2021, event that was the culmination of electing and trying to re-elect President Orang-utan. But what I want to focus on for a sec are those who inderectly supported him. These people(s) are The Good Germans, don’t you know. You know, all those Germans right before, during and after who said $hit like: ah, don’t worry, he’s not so bad. And then they went on their merry way–those Good Germans–even as their Jewish neighbours were being rounded up and shoved into gas chambers. Indeed. Indifference is a grand sailing vessel named biatch and it ingeniously fails-upward, eh. Not to mention those who ride in it with their funny hair-does and dubious bank accounts.

It was called the Beer Hall Putsch, dear worst-reader. Two thousand brown shirt German speaking thugs–drunk on German beer, of course–gathered together in an attempt to free Germany and Germans from the political and economic confines, post French Revolution Europe, of the Weimar Republic. These thugs were lead by you-know-who. Once the Putsch attempt failed, though, you-know-who was jailed for his antics where he then dictated his book Mein Kampf. As we all know, $hit-bag Hitler was eventually released from jail. He immediately became a best selling author (of a reality-TV-like book) and then proceeded to take on the image of a wannabe dictator. He changed his hair and moustache accordingly so as to appeal to his–let’s call them–fans, which has to include those who were indifferent. Does any of this sound familiar, dear worst-reader? No. Of course it doesn’t. Reason? Well, Adolf Hitler was able to go from wannabe, cheap, funky hair-styled political trouble-maker to actual dictator and all in less than a decade. Now. I don’t know about you. But until #Trump, I thought Hitler was a huuuuge underachiever (sarcasm off).

That’s the reason worst-writer is having trouble calling January 6, 2021, a Coup. For, you see, don’t you know, a Coup usually has the military behind it. Hitler had no such thing. There is also clarity in who the Coup is trying to dethrone–or replace. Once again, Hitler was trying to replace a (bad) idear, not a person. And then there’s the idear that a coup, if successful, usually has support from… That’s right. You guessed it. #Americant. I mean. In case you’re unaware, most Coup d’etats that have taken place in the past hundred years were all somehow supported by US empire–either directly or indirectly. Or do you believe that the US would have partaken in WW2 after the debacle that was/is WW1 if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the US and, of course, been so cruel to… Her f’n Majesty the Queen? Am I wrong? But let’s move on before that bit of worst-history bogs us down.

And so. Worst-writer say, January 6, 2021, can’t be a Coup. And worst-writer’s reasoning behind that may be a way to (re)define the difference between Coup and Putsch. A Putsch, contrary to a Coup, doesn’t really fulfil any of the above mentioned criteria. And if that’s the case, there’s more reason than ever to be worried–severely worried–that January 6, 2021, was a Putsch. Again. Even after Adolf Hitler’s amateuristic Putsch failed, he did end up becoming dictator of the Third Reich and most German speaking peoples–within a friggin decade.

And while we’re on the subject of under-achievement galore, let’s not forget the rich white trash thingy in worst-title #2 from above. Here’s how things connect.

In Worst-writer’s pseudo attempt at (re)defining Coup vs Putsch, here’s the one thing you need to remember. Not unlike Hitler, as I may or may not have said in this post, Trump , despite his claims of wealth, belongs to white trash. Indeed. There is white trash even on fifth avenue. What we’ve seen with his rise is how this trashy element has a way with taking advantage of both direct and indirect frustration in all things government and society–thanks to forty plus years of right-wing media. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, the trash of society, whether rich or poor, has a very strong thread that ties it all together. There is the hate of culture and cultivation. It despises creativity. It hates science and intellect. And it cannot cope with thoughts of a future in which it knows it will be erased–and not only because most of the children of the rich end up being dunces. Trump children come to mind?

Oh how strong the threat is, especially its voice. In #Americant white trash has a voice through the likes of faux-newz, Limbaugh, #Trump, and now fake-news, long-winded conspiracy theories, reality-TV, etc. Add to that the fact that white trash has absolutely no means of being funny… That’s the reason, btw, reality TV is so successful. Although the shows are NOT funny, because they show human banalities in a hyper display of whimsy and callousness, the viewers actually believe that they are laughing at someone or something else–when in fact they are laughing at themselves either with or without their emperor clothing or the painted industry arse of Kardashians. Indeed. Whether a hundred or so years ago or the 2016 #Americant election, the ingredients and fat arses for a Putsch have been stirred. Which means there are a few questions that need be worst-answered.

  • Is #MAGA smart enough to stay on message as Hitler was before and after his Munich Putsch? I mean, #Trump is going on trial (again) next week.
  • If so, is former president piss-hair capable of leading his sh*tshow further down the road which could culminate in a dictatorship within a decade? According to those Republicans elected in November when he was not, maybe.
  • Since indifference seems to be the best way to deal with politics, what will wake up humanity so that it can rise above and beyond what the history of #Eurowasteland has given mankind? Or do you think the Neo-feudal system that is #Americant today is really any different than 16th, 17th, 18th (pick your century) Europe?

Indeed, dear worst-reader. Rich white #Americant trash is basting in the gravy of indifference right now. Picture that next time you see #Trump’s kids try to articulate anything. Even though I voted Democrat (especially Bernie in the primary), I’m not sure any significant action from old-man Biden will be enough to avoid the inevitable. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? Nothing should really change. That’s what Biden & Co. is. That’s the whole point of the US Constitution, as well. NO CHANGE. Perhaps that was #Trump’s real burden–that has turned him into the worst president ever even though he was gifted something by Democrats in 2016. On the other worst-hand, is indifference the secret sauce that pushed Hitler over the edge where he almost ruled the world?

Yeah. Considering what has happened among rich white people on Wall Street recently, see my previous post, #Americant is most certainly deep into being ruled by rich white trash from the past, from the now and from the future, Putsch or no Coup.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Welcome To $hithole Country

Welcome To Poophole Country

Sh*thole country… -Donald J. Trump

Where to go with all the toxicity, dear worst-reader? Hence a country is awash in poison, filth, dreck–including #Trump’s hair–and whatever drug concoction of the day fits into the nose or arm of the lower and middle classes that are subsumed in the aftermath of political conservatism run amok that is the end of the 20th century. Or. Did you see something other than all-things disgusting the other day at the US Capitol in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? And I’m not even concerned about the crowd. I mean. Get this. For the first time in history, the confederate flag was totted around the Capitol. Grown men were heisting office material, especially the speaker of the house’s podium, and then dancing around with it as though they just won a prize on the price-is-right–and thereby giggling while posing for said photographs. A half naked tattooed man with his face painted red, white and blue mockingly wore a hat made of fur with two horns attached–looking as though he were in a drug induced state ready to invade Sweden or Denmark or wherever else his sophomoric mind could fathom that vikings still exist. Yes. 2021 #Americant is where the whole world can see what happens when you can’t pull yourself up by the mental bootstraps, have no dreams to pursue, or simply can’t tell the difference between stupid and stupider–even if it came up to your face and said… Hi. I’m Martha. Wanna join me and George in a three way?

Quick question. Is it at all possible that human history’s first and best form of collective governance could actually enable people instead of disabling them in the name of greed, greed and more greed?

But I die-gress.

As of the writing of this worst-post, dear worst-reader, five people have died in #Americant’s first (internal) coup d´etat. Two of those people were killed through direct violence and three others died due to circumstances that may or may not have had to do with… #AmeriCANT. As in, the country simply CAN’T dig its way out of the pit of poop it has dug itself into. And by the buy, that chick that was shot while disobeying the-man and trying to break into the US Capitol building the other day, shouldn’t be dead right now? I mean. Where does all this mental toxicity come from? Could it have anything to do with covid-19 and being locked up in your own four walls since ever-more—because your government is so inept at dealing with the reality that viruses exist and exist and exist? And what about that alien, DNA rendered (sarcasm off) vaccine that they’ve got in the works? Were any of these rally-goers inoculated–which has obviously (sarcasm on) activated their zombie-ness? Indeed. Zombies. They’ve been zombies ever since their $hitkicker trailer-park ways took over their already empty-space minds and they finally discovered shits&giggles by enabling the election of president piss-hair. Or have you witnessed an ounce of political smarts–before or after #Americants first coup d’etat?

Am I wrong. -Walter, The Big Lebowski

Hold a sec, dear worst-reader. That woman who was shot and killed was a veteran of the US Airforce. In fact, according to various reports, there were numerous veterans at that “rally”. And there you have it, eh, dear worst-reader. The makings of a coup? You know. The makings that include… Gee. Let’s see. Lust for authoritarianism. Lots of stupid–on account everyone was obviously educated in #Americant. Guns. Idolatry (MAGA hats). And the fact that the only way to make a living in a country that has completely decimated its manufacturing base (since Ronald Reagan) is to join the military and be taught that you’re the only hammer in a world of nails. Etc. Etc.

Or was it just a political rally stirred on by president piss-hair all on account he might be (finally) facing financial ruin and jail because he is unable to rise up, like most (74m most) of his generation, and do the job. I mean. How do you expect white men to respond to facing the reality of imminent fail upward recognition? And so. Veterans, trailer-trash and #Americant united in one big WWE kumbaya that did nothing but solidify a new kind of wall thereby relinquishing any chance whatsoever of political this or that. And do you know what that act was? That’s right. It wasn’t protesting a valid election. It wasn’t even a coup. It was thirty, forty, or fifty years of republican bat$hittery drilled year after year, generation after generation into the mind’s of… #Americants.

That’s your opinion man… -The Dude, The Big Lebowski

And that’s not all, dear worst-reader. Just when you thought the #Americant fail-upward coup d’etat was over, it turns out that the MAGA protestors left one last thing. That’s right. The political act that will forever be associated with January 6, 2021, in worst-writer’s opinion, that included the ransacking of what could have been humanities greatest government…

Someone actually took a sh*t in the open, right in the middle of the building.

Now that’s #Americant, baby.

Rant on.



Running Through The #Americant Trailer Park From Sea To Shinning Sea Waving $2000?

whack job trump

Worst-title #2: The reawakening and potential gruesome death scene of #Americant demise galore in the wrong porn film just before the WWE match begins while the church doors are wide open.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

Still not woke up to the grift, dear worst-reader? You know, the grift that is THE #Americant DREAM–post Ronald Reagan. Well. Don’t worry too hard if you still ain’t figured it out. For the thing is this: Even though it’s pretty much game-over for my beloved & missed united mistakes, there’s still a whiff of pseudo-hope out there that could emerge once the last two (if not three) generations die off in the great 21st century culling that is COVID-19. I mean. If the covid don’t get you… there’s always that wonderful feeling that you might, eventually, get a relief check not unlike the $1200 relief check you already got but this time, says the #Americant used car dealer that is your intellect, this time your relief check will have the number two and three zeros on it and go down just a tick smoother as you swallow (it). Ain’t that as exciting as a donkey playing the violin while you fcuk a bucket of creampie?

Speaking of which…

Did you get a load of President Stupid’s recent grift with suited Georgia old-school republicans? Now. I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader, but I listened to that call in its entirety and if I may be honest…? Holy fork in your wad of money horse $hit! President Stupid is as dumb as he looks. Or is worst-writer the only one able to see through that pseudo bouffant hair-do he’s got going–which is part of the mommy issues he has for being yet another #Americant male unable to grow out of the shadow of an abusive father, don’t you know? But here’s the thing that surprised me most about listening to a man-child three year old that managed to become President Stupid of a country of three year olds. He’s actually hands-on when it comes to the grift. I mean. For the most part I thought he just handed off the grift to the various minions that are as dumb as he is–for desperation is part of the THE DREAM and it makes so many do the go-go dance of survival, don’t you know. These minions then, in turn, gallivant around as though their undertakings are real–as opposed to fake–and all the while they ride the wave of downfall that moneyed pigs have sewn throughout the land by opening the skulls of non-grifter-schmucks (the working poor that make up the 99%), squatting over their open skulls, and then taking a colossal $hit. Or do you think #Americant conservative politics via faux-newz is something else?


This all begs one last worst-question as worst-writer watches what’s going on in Georgia. Even if the two democrats unseat the two republicans, will Biden & Co. actually be able to right the wrong that is (has been) thirty, forty… fifty years of hateful, spiteful, ugly, bouffant hair culminating republican politics? I mean. Having been reared in #Americant and having been able to escape it, and all the while miss it dearly, is there anything left to save? If only the culling via COVID-19 could be directed at the perpetrators that actually caused it. You know. The part of #Americant that enabled faux-newz & co., to kill it all by… death by a thousand COVID cuts.

Or am I wrong.

And so… the COVID-19 culling question is thus: what does it look like when a rich guy gives a hundred dollar bill to an idiot and tells him he can have two more if he runs through a gun-totting, shit-kicker trailer park, survives and comes back to suck his dick? Well. Obviously. The guy grabs that bill, runs through, sucks the dick (for that is, in a nutshell, middle-class #Americant, or?) and the rich guy smiles, hands him two more hundred dollar bills and then points that the only way out of #Americant life is a repeat of the same thing where eventually you run out of dicks to suck. And so. Through the trailer park again, again, again. The #Americant song.

As our rich guy flys off with one of the trailer park’s hair dresser bimbos who promised to make his hair just like President Stupid’s hair, because, well, it’s in fashion now, we can see below as the trailer park gains two more useless hundred dollar bills and another body to feed on. You know. Soylent Green or so. Or maybe not.

So. To who ever coined the phrase: run through a trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill… if you want to see #Americant’s true character… this worst-post is my ode to you.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motived this post:

  • Here’s a RSS link and here’s another link to Michael Moore’s podcast where he features the entire phone call President Stupid made with other really, really stupid but supposedly highly educated republican bureaucrats in the peachy great state of Georgia. If the links don’t work just search for “Michael Moore podcast 150”.
  • Here’s a link to the one of the guys from the above link admitting to the buddy-buddy system that seems to be breaking down on account President Stupid is revealing the grift that #Americants have never been able to see for themselves on account 1) they’re all just as stupid and 2) looking in a mirror is just one step too many.
  • Here’s a link including video that scares the beegeezees out of me. This privileged old white guy actually pulls out the old rotten chestnut about voting because people died, protested, got shot, killed, blah, blah, blah… so you could have the right to vote. I mean. Who the hell is this guy talking to/at? As though it’s the first time.

Two Old White Men In A Corona Bar Talking Politics

Worst-writer’s thoughts on 2020s first non-presidential presidential debate.

Trainwreck $hitshow forever.


How afeared are you, dear worst-reader? Whaaaaa? No fear? How ’bout embarrassed? Is there such a thing as dying from embarrassment? If not, how was President Stupid’s debate performance? And don’t worry. You really don’t have to answer the question. All you have to do is show up with your red hat, which we all know is nothing more than the new and improved KKK hood. Am I wrong?

There you have it, dear worst-reader. The fearless are about to once again perform the other reality-tv show: #Americant democracy in (in)action. (What a tv show title, eh?) Its premier will take place on Nov. 3, so they say. Then again, one can’t really call last nights $hitshow performance a debate that may or mayn’t influence how the dumb-down vote. Or? I mean, these things have been sinking and sinking ever since Kennedy saw fit to do with TV what FDR did with radio. The only difference is, FDR didn’t have a bunch of dumb-downed morons sulking on WWE and whatever reality-tv show on account they can’t figure out on their own why their country has become a slow motion $hitshow train wreck. Or. For all their troubles (#Americants), at least they’ve got the Libtards to blame. Thanks Joe Biden.

To be honest, I’m not able to watch the whole debate at one going. I have to watch it in chunks–otherwise I’ll blow chunks. Even the few spots I’ve seen so-far reassure me that the end is not nigh but instead long surpassed. I predicted that this would be a $hitshow but it’s hard to predict how deep in the $hit it can go. Or do you think there is a bottom to president pee-pee-hair’s fall? With that in mind, president-stupid certainly did deliver what his supporters expected. And by-the-buy, this is beyond lunacy. Indeed. The dumb-downed do have expectations. If only their lust for minority-rule and protecting (inherited and unearned) privilege would finally reach it’s moneyshot–so that the country can start cleaning itself of all the messy masturbatory residue that was initiated by Ronald Reagan’s tickle. Or maybe not.

In a way, I kinda feel bad for Joe Biden. Even though I sent out my absentee ballot the other day–which may or mayn’t make it to rural $hitcountry… I mean. Who can ever know if the/your ballots are really counted? But that’s neither here nor there. The thing is this: Of course I voted for Biden. But this is in no way a worst-post to promote him. I’ve disliked Biden ever since he ganged up on Anita Hill for telling the truth about Clarence Thomas. It’s just that, who knew that elite and privileged #Americants, like Biden and his generation, would let things get so fascist-ically out of hand? For Biden is, don’t you know, nothing if not an enabler of both-sides-do-it, the status-quo, conservatism, etc., that is, btw, codified in the Constitution. As in. Protect the rich. Secure rule by money. Get in line. Conform. Etc. Or. Am I going to far down the worst-writer rabbit hole of naiveté regarding what’s in the Constitution? If not, I’m the only one to see the damage of the corpse that suffered its death by a thousand conservative, GOP, republican and, yes, Neo-liberal (Biden and Hillary Democrats) cuts. Or maybe not.

As we all may or may not know, dear worst-reader, the debate the other night was NO debate. It was TV programming for sure. But was it good TV? Since I tend more towards the cord-cutting aspect of media consumption, I can’t really judge whether the gods of advertisement pulled off their latest attempt at appealing to the mindlessness of a nation of dimwits–all raised on TV. But there is this worst-idear. Of the clips I’ve seen of the debate, I think it’s pretty much game-over for the experiment that was/is America. Indeed. #Americant has sealed its fate and will be in place for years to come with or without Biden. What else could be the result of allowing/enabling the true rotten soul-character of a nation, in the form of President Piss-Hair, to be enshrined in history–via a fake-it-till-you-make-it “debate”? And so. All those that made it this far can be assured that the ride will continue. It will continue just as the Roman Empire became Italy or the British Empire became a bunch of old white dudes in the House of Lords. Or something like that.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Disclaimer: terribly sorry for the bad spelling. Maybe it ( bad spell) can be chalked up to all things … “fake”? (If only I had gone w/ fake-writer, eh!)

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. The #Americant disease of unoriginality is rampant. In fact, is it unlike COVID? Spreading like wildfire due to the lack of basic intellectual capacity passed on from generation to generation–that thinks it’s fighting for freedom to not wear a mask? People are actually making a big-deal out of wearing a mask, don’t you know. They are making a big deal out of it because they don’t believe that there is a pandemic. Under these circumstances, shouldn’t people be wearing a mask as a duty to one’s fellow man? I know. I know. Stop being so naive, worst-writer. Get a life, worst-writer. Keep your opinions to yourself, you snivelling idiot. Indeed.

Then again. Even though the disease that is unoriginality is rampant, I was hoping it would die with #OKBoomer–or last least retire with the boomer generation. But the boomer-plague (COVID) ain’t quite big enough, don’t you know. And let’s not underestimate the power of yet another #Americant disease: conformism. Heck, let’s not forget another reality. There are so many still alive from the greatest generation, even the silent generation, it’s a wonder there’s any room at all to live in. And with so many still kicking that bucket around as though the elixir of immortality they’ve been drinking on the backs of the #Americant dream is never-ending, what is there to be done (about it)? I know. I know. One would hope that the boomer-plague would/could fulfil the destiny of those greed-mongers oh-so deserving of painful death. Then again again… How wrong can worst-writer be?

But let’s get on with the other disease that my beloved & missed #Americant can’t cope with: unoriginality. And where best to see/witness the disease? Most certainly it ain’t worth it to go to a culture centre or so. And you can forget about that old-folks home (which is probably awash in COVID). Want to try a gated community? No. The best place to see the disease and how well it’s traversed the generations, is to just watch or re-watch the most recent confirmation processes of #Americant #SCOTUS judges that have been appointed by president piss-hair. Or just check out this quote:

I clerked for Justice Scalia more than 20 years ago, but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy is mine, too: A judge must apply the law as written. Judges are not policymakers, and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold.
-Amy Coney Barrett

And there you have it, dear worst-reader. A forty-eight year old female jurist, law professor, religious $hitbag and, of course, right-wing nut job, just admitted that she’s never had an original thought in her entire life. For. Indeed. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, that’s the ticket when it comes to political conservatism in my beloved & missed #Americant: never think of anything new or original, follow the past, do what you’re told, watch TV, consume, etc. And so. As I relax in the comfort of my expat existence, an existence I embarked on long before the united mistakes of #Americant judicial system was fully in the hands of old, moneyed and greedy white people, I bid you adieu. And I wish you luck, too. But I also laugh at what you’ve done (to yourself). And don’t worry. There’s also a giggle or three in there thinking about how things could have been… if you hadn’t lost the likes of worst-moi.

Good luck suckers and you might as well start investing in coat-hanger makers.

Rant on.



1619 vs 1776 Or The Great Stupid Redo

So many have asked me over the years regarding my expatriation questions like:

  • So you must like it there, huh?
  • Is Germany really better than…?
  • Why Europe?
  • And… Don’t you miss the greatest country…?

For this worst-post, my answers to those questions are irrelevant. But if you must know, answers abound (that’s a “expat” tag link). The important thing to remember, dear worst-reader, is that I really, really do miss the united mistakes of #Americant, the one true land of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. That worst-said, if needed would I go and fight a non-war-of-choice for her? I would. If necessary, would I keep my US citizenship until I die on foreign soil? Things are certainly moving along that timeline. But will I keep worst-writing and bad mouthing my country? You betcha, baby.

But first, allow me to setup a worst-writer, worst-post with this applicable quote. New officer candidates for the US Navy arrive at OTS (officer training school) initialisation. A gun-ho Louis Gossett Junior commands that all new officer candidates toe the line. He is quite perturbed, don’t you know. And. Btw. This is what worst-writer is confronted with every worst-day.


-Louis Gossett Junior, Officer And A Gentleman, 1982

So let’s move on.

President Piss-Hair actually said the other day that he wants to re-educate #Americant youth. And get this. He used the words patriotic education as though his idiot #MAGA followers could know any better, or that such words are reminiscent of other words like, gee, #HitlerYouth. I mean. Come on. Can things get any more obvious? Can things get more obvious about the direction this is all taking–and all because the idiots that elected Barry-O fell asleep just before they woke up to how much The Media had shat in their brains how evil #Hillary was? I mean. I grew up, I was reared by people just like President Pee-Pee-Hair. It’s the reason being an expat has nothing to do with how great or fun my host country is. Most of what Donald Dipshit has done doesn’t surprise me. But words like patriotic education among a country of highly dumbed-down shitkickers…?

There are indeed many reason I jumped the #Americant ship so many years ago, dear worst-reader–as my patriotic education only taught me one thing. To fcuking jump ship at any first chance. Go where things are just a bit less evil, don’t you know. Oh. Wait. Maybe I did learn to type during my patriotic education. Then again, now that I worst-think about it, I can’t remember any other thing any teacher ever taught me. Either that or I’m blanking on it all on account by the time I got to Highschool I was so traumatised about growing up in suburban hell #Americant… that has given up to the rhetoric of a moron president with cotton-candy piss hair…

But I die-gress.

The thing I remember about getting educated is how I did it myself. And part of that education started with the likes of Howard Zinn. Unfortunately I had to wait till long after graduating from my patriotic education before finding him. And thank the celestial time continuum that I did.

Good luck suckers.



Blind Or Blindfolded


So. Like. What’s the difference between being blind and being blindfolded? One means you can’t see and the other means you don’t want to see, or someone else doesn’t want you to see. With that in worst-mind, I’ve never been a fan of Lady Justice. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a gotta body that gives (me) wood. And that sword looks like it could do a number on anyone’s arse. And who doesn’t like to be blindfolded when s/he is being, hopefully, royally shagged by a woman in Roman garb? But on that note, I die-gress.

Once again, during morn coffee, jazz and news, anger ripped through me, dear worst-reader. I even belted out…


Then I drank more soothing dragon pearl jasmine tee so as to calm my über-espresso throat while listening to Miles Davis’ Oleo playing through bookshelf speakers galore and thereby letting that inner worst-dialogue run its course.

Worst-Moi: You don’t really hate RBG.
Moi: Of course not. I love her. She’s a giant. She’s an inspiration.
Worst-Moi: But her statue should not replace Lady Justice, correct?
Moi: That’s right, old friend. Enough with all the idolatry.
Worst-Moi: But you’re still bothered?
Moi: Indeed, I am. We’re fcuked. Let me explain.

I was so angry when Barry-O tried to fill Scalia’s seat in 2016 which ended up giving us the fiasco known as #McConnellRule. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, for most of my adult life, a life plagued by ignorance abating (through) self-teaching, I’ve always idealised the idear that is/was #SCOTUS. Until, of course, I learned how republican $hitbags and their pseudo-nazi-faith (ideology) could so easily turn the court and the country into a/the protectorate of…


Indeed. The Law is inherently fallible and when in the hands of generation after generation of ineptitude combined with greed… In fact, I’d go so worst-far as to worst-claim, there can never be justice because The Law is about injustice. But enough my worst-writer cynicism, eh.

The thing is this: #RBG should have retired a long time ago. She should have been smart enough to know that she could have done more good by allowing a youthful, healthy replacement–as she’s been battling cancer for how long?–during times when GOP/Republican $hitbaggery wouldn’t be so blatant. She should have helped secure #SCOTUS from being turned into a a mirror of Republican slime. She should have seen the damage already done long before she was even appointed, i.e. going as far back as Ronald $hitbag Reagan and even Dick Nixon. But. Just like so many of her generation and the #OKBoomer generation that followed, the first rule of generational greed-mongering where commodified achievement can only lead to a meritless society: don’t make way for something new. Keep everything old and rotting and decrepit. That’s how you get to President Pee-Pee-Hair and an #Americant that already appointed the scariest Justice ever IMHO. And now the next scariest justice is surely on his/her way in.

And so, to replace not only #RBG but also Lady Justice, this is/should be the new face of #Americant (in)justice:

And don’t #Americants deserve it.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  • Example 1 of how conservatives and $hitbags can abuse so-called justice
  • Example 2 of how a $hitbag uses the law to prove he’s a smart arse
  • Example 3 – a brilliant video take down of law abuse that so many have to use to show the world how small their dicks really are

The Edumacated

This is a screenshot of a headline.

In the game musical chairs players prance around chairs while music is playing. When the music stops prancers have to sit. The prancers who have not found a chair to sit in are removed from the game along with one chair. I suppose, in that vein, the game could also be called music, losers and a chair. But that’s neither here nor there.

In the game musical chairs, like life, perhaps, chairs are the/a limited resource for which prancers (consumers, corporatists, automatons, etc.) live. And so. The last person remaining who is sitting in a chair… Winner! If you’re not a delusional demon capable of comprehending the/a #MAGA hat BS, this game must remind you of something? But what?

What’s the point of such a game, dear worst-reader? Is it the superficiality of the superficial, i.e. childhood–where life was once or thrice fun? Or is it just plain $hits & giggles as a kind of foreplay for the big deal/fcuk that we all must eventually face–after we’re no longer useless eating but smile-baiting man-children? No. The point of such a game is the/a metaphor, don’t you know. In fact, according to the opinion article below, from that infamous newspaper of record, i.e. New York Times, musical chairs is the only game of life for which humans have evolved (or is it devolved). The reason most prancers are unable to figure this out is due to one systematic, collective, universal construct. That’s right, dear worst-reader.


Am I wrong?

Let’s worst-continue, shall we?

Actually, dear worst-reader, musical chairs isn’t mentioned once in the article I’m linking to (see below). Still, while reading the article, I couldn’t help but think of the game. Considering current events and how a bunch of morons on boats on a lake in Texas would/could not follow certain rules and thereby sinking their boats…

But I die-gress.

Oh yea. The game. The game’s the deal, eh, worst-reader? It’s the deal that is the lie of the mind that is also the joke that we call life–in a world that can only give rise to the likes of #Trump, #MAGA, and a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant that has one of the universe’s newest and largest government agencies with the word Homeland, as in DHS. Are you $hitting giggles yet with all that edumacation? Is your boat still floating?

No. Seriously. If you’re not $hitting your dollar ridden pants-giggles right now because you live in what is supposed to be a free country but also a country that has a government agency and a society that only Orwell could have predicted…

But I die-gress.

What is the game we’re all being forced to play at the behest of a system run amok? Shall we call it the Merit game? At the least, musical chairs is a game where not much thought is required to play, which means a whole lot of people, whether deserving (merit) or not, seem to play with gusto. Still no echo of Orwell? How ’bout #Trump?

Yet the game is played on a mass scale as humanity progresses towards its demise, happy and $hitting and giggling, prominent and shrewd, callous and demeaning, #Americant: the covid-19 nation. And while that’s taking place there are some still out there thinking they need to measure and/or codify, hypothesise(?), label whether peoples of privileged means actually earn their keep. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Most peoples these days don’t/can’t earn their keep. For that’s the whole system, ain’t it. Getting on–on the backs of others–thereby not really having to do much–especially much worth anything akin to merit or education for that matter.

And so. Never having a creative thought. Unable to (intellectually) fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Brainless but with a bank account and/or a credit rating. Indeed. That’s what the over-edumacated do now. Thank the universe not only for all the fancy named degrees but for all those who earn those degrees and then go out there and give us… this, i.e. what we have, what we’re living in right now. Seriously. Trust me. As a comfortable loser of the game–who was/is able to get far enough away from it, you prancers are truly fcuked.

And one last thing from worst-writer regarding edumacation (which is what the article is almost about). The only reason for learning is exactly that. It’s not for degrees, for titles, for posturing, etc. Learning is to know when the shit has hit the fan and thereby stop throwing shit (at the fan) or get out of the way or get rid of the fan or or or. Anything that is not what we have. Also…

Education should simply NOT be a commodity.

And so. Finally. In worst-closing. Good luck suckers, especially you edumacated suckers that think all that college was worth it–because you can’t call it what it really is/was: indoctrination.

Is you as good as #Trump now?

Rant on.



Celebrating Winning

As VE Day was being celebrated in Western enclaves here and there yesterday, worst-writer was thinking of George Carlin:

“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.”

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Work Will Set You Free, To Be Stupid

arbeit macht frei JB
A screenshot from the interwebnets

In my play The Good Criminal, a worst-play, don’t you know, a play that, of course (1), was rejected by publishers, theatres, and, of course (2), audiences, there is a moment where a modern (Reaganomics) corporatists slash yuppie schmuck is talking about setting oneself free by working hard (for The Corporation), or something like that. You know, he says work-will-set-you-free, as in, the current #Americant mantra-synonym for being a modern slave so that you can afford whatever economic crisis that is thrown at you because of who/what you vote for in a broken electoral system of consume-to-survive. Blah. Blah. Blah. But that’s neither here nor there.

The worst-thing about using a Nazi slogan, even in a worst-writer play, is this: there is a horde of morons, a mob of people in relative recent history, that confuse that history as though there was/is something noble about sending a minority of people to their death via forced labor concentration camps. And so (1). What is there to be done when you’ve been working your whole life for nothing but, at best, misconstrued status or, at worst, a dream that is but a nightmare and, as George Carlin says: it has to be a dream because, well, you have to be asleep to believe it (i.e. The American Dream). And so (2). Of course (3). A different language was used back in the day before consume-to-survive set so many people free. Or?

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Now get this, dear worst-reader. Would you believe that in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, just the other day, there was a woman protesting her confusion about pandemics and weak government management of that pandemic and she was carrying a sign that said Arbeit Macht Frei, JB. See pic above. Now. According to various reports, including a few tweets here or there, the woman claims that she is aware of what Arbeit Macht Frei means when translated from its original German to #Americant English and that she even has Jewish friends. Doesn’t that, in the least, justify using such a catchy phrase? (Sarcasm off.) By-the-buy, “JB” (see pic above) are the initials of the Governor of Illinois, aka JB Pritzker. Oh. And before I worst-forget: he’s Jewish.

Is there still any doubt as to what has given the world #Americant and/or the fail-upward-ness of a once great nation-state?

So here’s another thing, dear worst-reader. Nazi slogans from a time when/where Germans and many, many other #Eurowastelanders, rid The Continent of Jews, probably shouldn’t be applied to protesting something you can’t comprehend in the first place, especially if you’re a moronic, reactionary right-winger that doesn’t know the difference between behaving and being conditioned (in a certain way) on how to behave.

Faux-newz anyone?

But what really gets under my gander when all these Deplorables so freely and blatantly show the world how unbelievably stupid they are, is this simple question: where is all this stupidity going to lead in a country that has more guns than books1?

There is a lot of ugly confusion in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant these days, dear worst-reader. How it is going to get out of all that confusion is a worst-mystery to me, especially considering that President Pee-Pee-Hair is pretty-much the double-down on everything that’s been wrong with the country since Reaganomics took over. With that in mind, allow me this worst-question: Where are the people in #Americant that can call out this level of blatant ignorance? I mean, beyond being utterly stupid for carrying around such a sign, shouldn’t someone of power, of influence, someone that is respected, call this out? I mean, didn’t an #interwebnet $hitbag greed-mongering website cancel Alex Jones in 2018? Oh wait. Then again. Maybe Hillary tried to call-out these people, you know, the stupid people. And by doing so, what happened? Oh yeah. The Deplorables enabled the electoral college election of President Piss-Hair. Yeah, that worked out well. And so. I wonder how many privileged Democrats are laughing their arses off as the sub-prime primates play thumb switch between their mouths and their arses thinking that Arbeit Macht Frei may or may not mean something else as the context of history remains as fluid as #Trumps hair.

And so.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Obviously I have no idear how many books are in the US but I do know that in a country of morons, run by morons, the pen is never stronger than the gun. Or something like that. ↩︎

Allusion Delusion Collusion

scrubs protester

Come on, dear worst-reader. Are you laughing with me? Or did you miss the recent rally by #MAGA hat wearing bat$hitters in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Perhaps it is an easy thing to miss, don’t you know. I mean, who’s really interested in watching a bunch of gun-toting white-people ranting and raving about this or that and nullifying the reality that the earth is suffering so much from their greed-mongering ignorance that a pandemic threatens all that we live for, namely consume-to-survive. Or maybe not.

Considering what’s going on in #Americant with all these “freedom” rallies that are protesting social distancing, none of these idiots would ever consider protesting something much more significant like wars-of-choice or government corruption (unless, of course, it’s about Hillary), and I’m wondering what the end game is here. Oh. Wait. Could the end-game be, simply, more STUPID?

Of course, to top things off, I love the image above of what looks like an Asian-American stopping a redneck vehicle (pick-up truck) as he protests their protests against social distancing. The morons in the truck yell at the guy something about maybe he should go back to China if he wants to be a communist, i.e. live in a country that quarantines in order to slow-down a pandemic. Even if the redneck morons are protesting what they consider “freedom” on account, well, if they miss a few weeks of work they won’t be able to make a truck payment, you would think that they could at least acquire the knowledge about how bad things are in #Americant where morons have to live life where all you’re concerned about is making a truck payment. How ’bout a protest for enabling people to save money and not live truck-payment to truck-payment? How ’bout a protest for testing and thereby funding research to deal with… Wait for it. Pandemics? How ’bout a protest against collective ignorance that keeps right-wing batshit politics running the $hitshow? But on that note, I die-gress.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


The stupid of “infowars” at it again and again.
– Don’t you know, there are frustrated protestors?
But nobody’s demanding the end of STUPID
– What’s behind the protests, big money, of course.
Source of the pic above?

How The Old Win Failing Upward

the bern

Well, dear worst-reader, it’s finally happened. Bernie Sanders has not only exited the 2016 presidential race (Yes!, the 2016 race) but he’s joined all the others–including Hillary–who probably never should have been in the race in the first place. So let’s go down the list shall we? Here’s what shouldn’t be running for the highest office of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID: women, non-whites, gays, young people, and, of course, Jews. And so. Just as the Talking Head song says, here’s where we are: Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Saaaaaame as it eeeeeeeeever waaaaaaas!

What’s left then for the rest of us who at least try to participate in pseudo-democracy and money-life? Indeed. Not only old, white guys continue to run the $hitshow of greed that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, but it even feels like there is nothing or no one else to ever replace those who gave us this $hitshow. I mean. Forget about the gender thing, the race thing, the religious krapp that may or may not reveal what #Americant really is. The problem is, there’s not even a young, straight, handsome white guy–a guy under the age of fifty–out there to take the reins of a future that is long since a dead-man walking that looks like 90-year-old Biden fishing through #Trump’s hair as though he thinks he were a kid in the Wonka factory dipping his finger in a world of confectionary everything. But on that note… I die-gress.

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. If you’re still in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID–as I managed to get out of over thirty years ago–I wish you the best of luck in your fight against STUPID. For the moneyed and old abusers who know STUPID better than STUPID knows STUPID… will continue to rule because, well, what else is there left that they can take from the youth they haven’t already taken, i.e. the future? You and your parents (aka #okboomers) have made and sustained and facilitated the $hitshow–but they/you were too stupid to figure that out as lapel-flag, faux-newz patriotism has been ruling them/you since… Gee. I don’t know. Ronald Fcuking Reagan. And so. It’s worked out enough for you to never own a car–but you certainly know its monthly payments. You’ll never pay-off a mortgage (like some of your #okboomer parents were able to) but you’ll re-finance whatever it is you have to buy a pool or a boat or a Harley, etc.–that you’ll also never pay-off. Consume-to-survive everything with revolving credit until a slime of greed oozes out of your nostrils that you mistake for money as the delirium of Coronavirus engulfs you and… But. Again. I die-gress.

These old white guys truly believe that they are God’s gift to man, #nomatter if their hair looks like slush-ice made of urine–and in Bidens case platinum urine taken from the last female unicorn that ever walked over a man’s cock. Or. Of course. They walk around like Biden does as though he were literally being pulled along by a harness attached to his ever bitter woman-wife that is (can only be) the matriarch of these fail-upward men of forever nothingness. Another die-gress?

And so. Democrats are ramming it down your throats, dear worst-reader. They are doing it to finally show you that there is a difference between them and the religious $hitbags of the Republican party that have turned the $hitshow into a greed-feast of nevermore. You think Democrats forgot how you DID NOT vote for Hillary? They are so pissed that you gave them #Trump their only concern at this point is making sure he doesn’t ruin Republicans too much. Even if Biden loses, don’t you know, the elites of the Democrat party are going to do what all elites do. They are going to laugh their way to the bank as #Trump suckers (#MAGA) you out of even more. And that more doesn’t include Democrat elites. Indeed. Your democracy allows you to still pick you enemies even if you can’t pick the winners of your anal-unicorn-party-time you so lust for ontop of reality TV, WWE, and, and, and. So pucker up suckers.

Even though Bernie Sanders is no spring chicken and he’s a bit white-white, his idears were as young as it gets when considering the old-ness #Americant has become lusting for money plus more and more and more FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. On the other worst-hand, why should Biden and his generation even consider all the failure they are leaving behind? Don’t they all believe that they represent that which has given the world not only cheap toasters made in sweat-shops but also the freedom to get stupider and stupider, hence all the reality-TV and the reality of WWE? And let’s not forget the stupid that is WWE or religion that can only culminate in the likes of #Trump. Hence, why shouldn’t #Trump win re-election? Indeed. The $hitshow of greed will continue for it is, dear worst-reader, a hard and heavy and stubborn beast that thinks it never deserves to die.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


– Bernie Sanders interview w/ transcript

Sue To The Dungheap

As the herd culls or is culled…

How does one get to the essence of what’s wrong with everything, dear worst-reader? You know, why everything is soooooo worst? Does one dig to the base, the fundament, the origin? Are there even enough shovels, tools to do that? Does one deconstruct and thereby reconstruct–in order to produce a fabulous 3-d exploded-view diagram? Or how ’bout preying during a/your seance while others puke tell-tale ingredients onto the/your weegee (ouija) board that is read back to you by witch-bitches and/or bitch-teat wearers? How ’bout just taking a moment, a deserved moment, where you put yourself into that dream-state, induced by whatever means you see fit, and take a crawl through President Stupid’s pee-pee-hair? Indeed. There you will most certainly find answers.

But I die-gress.

Or do I?

The thing is, there’s an origin to everything. Not an origin, don’t you know, that is about the metaphysical, i.e. religion. Let’s be clear (about that). There is an origin more along the lines of what came first when it comes to a world of STUPID. More importantly: a world of taking advantage of STUPID. And so. It’s not about what came first: the fire or the wheel? Nor is it about what stroke of the brush began the Mona Lisa? And how ’bout this? Is the first note of Beethoven’s 9th really the first sound that came to (his) mind before composing (it)? As vague (worst) as all that worst-writing may or may not be, there is (still) an origin to everything. The only thing there isn’t–is an origin to the origin. But let’s not get so far off worst-subject, eh. And so (1). Is the origin (of everything) worth finding? In the case of religion, it doesn’t really matter. In the case of humanity destroying itself, a case where man obviously has gone a bit too far in his whimsical and diabolical lust to rule and control others, i.e. the greed $hitshow that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, it might be worth figuring out. And so (2). Let us have a look at that origin. Let’s glance down the cumhole of political conservatism.

Where does it come from? Is it real (as in reality)? Is it a ghost (unseen) of which only our subconscious is aware? Is it the anger of a scorn wo-man whose beauty was stolen by her stupidness on account she believed in President Pee-Pee-Hair? Indeed. We are nearing its name. And so (3). Let’s go there now, dear worst-reader. Buckle down. Tighten up the straps of your dildo-brain. Grease up the edges. Tickle the orifice yourself first. Get ready, baby.

Let’s call it by its name now: faux-newz. Let’s address it as a pledge sung: Oh Limbaugh & Co. of the stars-n-stripes pinned to the lapel of a JC Penny suit. The voice of a father or mother that is against anything and everything intellectual that questions the great spaghetti-monster in the sky is whispering as husband-man has his religious doctrine way the grand Her. She never cums. And so (4). Yes. At the behest of being redundant, the origin is: faux-newz.

But what I really wanted to get on about in this worst-post…

As the old saying goes: We’ll take what we can get, eh, dear worst-reader. I mean, if that’s what’s required to get rid of Faux-Newz, let it be done (see links below). Let it be done with gore and glory. Sue the krapp out of the motherfcukers! I mean, since my wish that they/it would just fade away as the greatest generation and its off-spring the #okboomers should fade away… Well. It obviously it ain’t gonna be that simple. For you see, dear worst-reader, (the) taking advantage of all the STUPID of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, ain’t no hat-trick. It is something else. In whatever parallel universe it is, I guess, something grand, something glorious–is to happen. It is something for believers to believe in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the likes of Rupert Murdoch will also go to the way side as the $hithole that is faux-newz is sued. Oh. Dear worst-reader. The battles we thinking folk must face in our minds and/or worst-writer pages…?

And so (5). Let us move on with the age-old worst-writer adage.

What is #Americant political and social conservatism? It is three things. First, in the context of the media, it is that which tells people what to think and what to do. This is the base of President Stupid, don’t you know. Second, it is those who do what they are told–without question. And they are the 62m or so that elected, directly or indirectly, President $hit-4-brains. Third, it is those who think they are not part of the first or the second, hence all the smart-arses in the world (perhaps including yours-worst-truly), and the previously mentioned indirect culprits, that make all this happen. And they are oblivious to it. Currently, w/ this our newest and most profuse crisis (the f’n flu), faux-newz is finding it difficult to subvert its true face, what it really stands for, its meaning. And for that, finally, hopefully, it must pay. Or maybe not.

For how do you catch a fox, dear worst-reader. A fox that is the greatest of all STUPID that has ever been. At lest the greatest since the likes of Brutus had his penetrating way with Caesar. But I could be wrong. #Nomatter.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


PS Kara Swisher, from a link below, has a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s a pretty cool podcast, too. But sometimes it kinda sucks–as all talking heads (can) suck. Yeah, sometimes.


#OkBoomers Be Gone. Please.

As I point out here or there in this worst-blog, I’m not a fan of my own generation. Especially the #Americant portion of that generation1. But. Dear worst-reader. Not only can we NOT choose our parents, we are also stuck with the generation in which we are born. With that worst-said, I’m as tail-end as you can get with the #okboomer generation (DOB: end of 1963). Some post-boomers might even consider me as part of the next generation–notwithstanding my ill-fated and somewhat anti-nationalism stance and the brilliant worst-writer coinage: #Americant. Still. With that in worst-mind. Get a load of the New York governors latest diarrhoea of the mouth. And to make it worst… how many times does he use the misnomer: we’re at war? Seriously! At war? With the flu? I know. I know. It’s a pretty bad flu. It’s a really bad flu. But it’s a flu of our own making, don’t you know. And how little that is addressed while the idiots of the #okboomers try and show their smarts yet all we see are the arses in the middle of their faces moving as though there is no tomorrow. And by-the-buy, this influenza $hit has been going on for how many years now? Anyone talking about how it might, just might, relate to the politics of Neo-liberalism (i.e. political greed conservatism 2.0) of the past fifty years, including globalisation that #okboomers are holding on to as though it was their old-hag mother’s teat? Whether it’s swine-flu, SARS1 or the current SARS2 (Covid-19), bird flu, Mars, H1N1, etc., #okboomers are all out there and in front of cameras emulating President Stupid and talking about fcuking… WAR. Are you kidding worst-moi! President Stupid, the man with hair that looks like a puking possum just pissed on cotton candy makes the same claim and all a somewhat rational thinking Democrat (as in party) automaton Neo-liberal can do is repeat it? How original #okboomer! But let me get-off the subject of personally attacking the President of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Let’s get-on, instead, about WAR. You would think, dear worst-reader, that the one thing #okboomers could get over in the #Americant mindset of post WW2 stupid-ville, i.e. that which bred them, is the concept of everything being about war. But then again, it’s all #Americant has really done since Fascism one-upped uncle Adolf and z’Germans lust for Blondi. And let’s not forget the longer fight against Stalin culminating in #Americant squandering the so-called COLD-WAR. I mean, the #Americant military industrial complex(ity) is everything in a land where–even if they tried–they couldn’t turn off the lie-of-the-mind that is faux-newz. And. I mean. There was the post 1970s mindless surge named Reaganomics, which could only lead to #Trump, aka, an idiot b-movie-star replaced by an even stupider b-tv-star, that preoccupied both the #okboomer mind and the parentage that is the ugly, disgusting, perverted greatest-generation mind. (Fcuk them too, btw!) Then came, maybe, the Dotcom boom, which (I’m guessing) half of the #okboomers hated because it forced them to choose–as in choose a mind–because, well, they were never meant to understand the art of at least trying to make science fiction real. And we all know what happened to the Dotcom boom, eh? But before I get too far off worst-subject. This post is supposed to be about #okboomer failing miserably–as it’s always done. Yet it walks and talks as though it were a winner. A winner of WAR. And so. The #Americant dream is alive & well, baby. Just don’t have a good look at it as it may up-end you, too.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


News conference about war against a flu–and it’s all about ‘war’? (Video)

  1. And be assured, the German portion of that generation ain’t much better. ↩︎

The Glory Of Squander

Been saying it for years, dear worst-reader. The squander of it all. As in: American Squander. This inner saying, though, has taken on variation, I have to admit that. Now it goes something like this: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. I mean, come on. Am I wrong reaching the conclusion that in order for a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant to get to the likes of #Trump there has to be a lot of stupid to go ’round? Just give a look/listen to the broadcast and digital airwaves back home. The advent of reality TV is indeed a quagmire, as well–which has resulted in the likes of #Trump. The genius of disguising/cloaking stupidity in entertainment or newz is a godsend for the mindless masses, don’t you know. Worst-speaking of mindless masses. Forget entertainment. Just call it all newz. Since I can remember vividly listening to NEWS as far back as the late 1960s, it’s easy for worst-moi to say that it’s changed. Changed for the better? Changed for profit. And there you have it, dear worst-reader. The conclusion of all conclusions. The winner take all of the game of who can be stupid the fastest with the most toys and the ugliest hair style. And so, there’s a generation chasm in the making, I’m guessing. One generation after the next, #okboomer, annihilating what is/should come. And so…

In America, though, life seems to move faster than anywhere else on the globe and each generation is promised more than it will get: which creates, in each generation, a curious bewildered rage, the rage of people who cannot find solid ground beneath their feet. -James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son, from in the opening of “The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory.”

Perhaps I’ll read the book written by the interviewee in the accompanying link/video below. Perhaps not. Do I need to read more about what I already know? About what I’ve lived through and runaway (expatriate) from? Or. Perhaps a better question is: who is gonna write the definitive work about that which can result in #Trump? Indeed, dear worst-reader. Perhaps it’s time to stop making fun of #Trump. Instead, perhaps it’s time to get to the heart and soul of the 60m people, DasVolk, who give the world #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.