Braver Soul

There's too much focus on "whistle blowing" these days turning the whole thing into a dizzying drama of silliness. Which makes it all (conveniently) very distracting. Since it's common knowledge that spying has been part of our everyday lives since 2001, that is, since American'ts stood stupefied in ignorant-bliss to the ramifications of the Patriot Act, … Continue reading Braver Soul

Motown Blues

Joke: What does Greece have in common with Detroit? (Short pause. Think.) Well, that's about all the joke I can remember. But then again, if you think about it, there really is something to laugh at when it comes to comparing Greece with Detroit. And be assured, these two should be compared. First, they're both … Continue reading Motown Blues

Save Fourth Estate

Ok, dear worst-reader, scandals can also be boring. I also mentioned that there is a "barrage" of scandals looming around Obama's presidency right now. But I only talked about one of those scandals. This morning I realised that perhaps my use of the word "barrage" doesn't quite fit. As worst-writer, I often rush to judge and … Continue reading Save Fourth Estate

Blue Dog Go Home

Major primary losses for conservatives in PA. Oh thank goodness. But wait. These conservatives are Dems. Oh my. Nomatter. Down with conservatives. Is there good news for anti-conservatives in the future? Not sure. It's been a long time coming but perhaps, even in the state of PA, the wake up call post tea-partier fiasco of 2010 has … Continue reading Blue Dog Go Home

Post Clinton Chaos

Would you believe? Could you believe? That there are those who ponder miracles of morrow? I would like to call them my trinity conspirators but I think not of insult nor do I ponder disrespect. Yet there is stuff in-between the ether of all that jitters my spinal fluid. For example, NESARA. National Economic Security … Continue reading Post Clinton Chaos

Newz #35

Wow. Today in the newz: Andersen being let off the hook. Links: NYT Something from me that almost the same? Here even some audio. Rant on. -tgs-