Blind Or Blindfolded


So. Like. What’s the difference between being blind and being blindfolded? One means you can’t see and the other means you don’t want to see, or someone else doesn’t want you to see. With that in worst-mind, I’ve never been a fan of Lady Justice. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a gotta body that gives (me) wood. And that sword looks like it could do a number on anyone’s arse. And who doesn’t like to be blindfolded when s/he is being, hopefully, royally shagged by a woman in Roman garb? But on that note, I die-gress.

Once again, during morn coffee, jazz and news, anger ripped through me, dear worst-reader. I even belted out…


Then I drank more soothing dragon pearl jasmine tee so as to calm my über-espresso throat while listening to Miles Davis’ Oleo playing through bookshelf speakers galore and thereby letting that inner worst-dialogue run its course.

Worst-Moi: You don’t really hate RBG.
Moi: Of course not. I love her. She’s a giant. She’s an inspiration.
Worst-Moi: But her statue should not replace Lady Justice, correct?
Moi: That’s right, old friend. Enough with all the idolatry.
Worst-Moi: But you’re still bothered?
Moi: Indeed, I am. We’re fcuked. Let me explain.

I was so angry when Barry-O tried to fill Scalia’s seat in 2016 which ended up giving us the fiasco known as #McConnellRule. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, for most of my adult life, a life plagued by ignorance abating (through) self-teaching, I’ve always idealised the idear that is/was #SCOTUS. Until, of course, I learned how republican $hitbags and their pseudo-nazi-faith (ideology) could so easily turn the court and the country into a/the protectorate of…


Indeed. The Law is inherently fallible and when in the hands of generation after generation of ineptitude combined with greed… In fact, I’d go so worst-far as to worst-claim, there can never be justice because The Law is about injustice. But enough my worst-writer cynicism, eh.

The thing is this: #RBG should have retired a long time ago. She should have been smart enough to know that she could have done more good by allowing a youthful, healthy replacement–as she’s been battling cancer for how long?–during times when GOP/Republican $hitbaggery wouldn’t be so blatant. She should have helped secure #SCOTUS from being turned into a a mirror of Republican slime. She should have seen the damage already done long before she was even appointed, i.e. going as far back as Ronald $hitbag Reagan and even Dick Nixon. But. Just like so many of her generation and the #OKBoomer generation that followed, the first rule of generational greed-mongering where commodified achievement can only lead to a meritless society: don’t make way for something new. Keep everything old and rotting and decrepit. That’s how you get to President Pee-Pee-Hair and an #Americant that already appointed the scariest Justice ever IMHO. And now the next scariest justice is surely on his/her way in.

And so, to replace not only #RBG but also Lady Justice, this is/should be the new face of #Americant (in)justice:

And don’t #Americants deserve it.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  • Example 1 of how conservatives and $hitbags can abuse so-called justice
  • Example 2 of how a $hitbag uses the law to prove he’s a smart arse
  • Example 3 – a brilliant video take down of law abuse that so many have to use to show the world how small their dicks really are

The Edumacated

This is a screenshot of a headline.

In the game musical chairs players prance around chairs while music is playing. When the music stops prancers have to sit. The prancers who have not found a chair to sit in are removed from the game along with one chair. I suppose, in that vein, the game could also be called music, losers and a chair. But that’s neither here nor there.

In the game musical chairs, like life, perhaps, chairs are the/a limited resource for which prancers (consumers, corporatists, automatons, etc.) live. And so. The last person remaining who is sitting in a chair… Winner! If you’re not a delusional demon capable of comprehending the/a #MAGA hat BS, this game must remind you of something? But what?

What’s the point of such a game, dear worst-reader? Is it the superficiality of the superficial, i.e. childhood–where life was once or thrice fun? Or is it just plain $hits & giggles as a kind of foreplay for the big deal/fcuk that we all must eventually face–after we’re no longer useless eating but smile-baiting man-children? No. The point of such a game is the/a metaphor, don’t you know. In fact, according to the opinion article below, from that infamous newspaper of record, i.e. New York Times, musical chairs is the only game of life for which humans have evolved (or is it devolved). The reason most prancers are unable to figure this out is due to one systematic, collective, universal construct. That’s right, dear worst-reader.


Am I wrong?

Let’s worst-continue, shall we?

Actually, dear worst-reader, musical chairs isn’t mentioned once in the article I’m linking to (see below). Still, while reading the article, I couldn’t help but think of the game. Considering current events and how a bunch of morons on boats on a lake in Texas would/could not follow certain rules and thereby sinking their boats…

But I die-gress.

Oh yea. The game. The game’s the deal, eh, worst-reader? It’s the deal that is the lie of the mind that is also the joke that we call life–in a world that can only give rise to the likes of #Trump, #MAGA, and a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant that has one of the universe’s newest and largest government agencies with the word Homeland, as in DHS. Are you $hitting giggles yet with all that edumacation? Is your boat still floating?

No. Seriously. If you’re not $hitting your dollar ridden pants-giggles right now because you live in what is supposed to be a free country but also a country that has a government agency and a society that only Orwell could have predicted…

But I die-gress.

What is the game we’re all being forced to play at the behest of a system run amok? Shall we call it the Merit game? At the least, musical chairs is a game where not much thought is required to play, which means a whole lot of people, whether deserving (merit) or not, seem to play with gusto. Still no echo of Orwell? How ’bout #Trump?

Yet the game is played on a mass scale as humanity progresses towards its demise, happy and $hitting and giggling, prominent and shrewd, callous and demeaning, #Americant: the covid-19 nation. And while that’s taking place there are some still out there thinking they need to measure and/or codify, hypothesise(?), label whether peoples of privileged means actually earn their keep. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Most peoples these days don’t/can’t earn their keep. For that’s the whole system, ain’t it. Getting on–on the backs of others–thereby not really having to do much–especially much worth anything akin to merit or education for that matter.

And so. Never having a creative thought. Unable to (intellectually) fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Brainless but with a bank account and/or a credit rating. Indeed. That’s what the over-edumacated do now. Thank the universe not only for all the fancy named degrees but for all those who earn those degrees and then go out there and give us… this, i.e. what we have, what we’re living in right now. Seriously. Trust me. As a comfortable loser of the game–who was/is able to get far enough away from it, you prancers are truly fcuked.

And one last thing from worst-writer regarding edumacation (which is what the article is almost about). The only reason for learning is exactly that. It’s not for degrees, for titles, for posturing, etc. Learning is to know when the shit has hit the fan and thereby stop throwing shit (at the fan) or get out of the way or get rid of the fan or or or. Anything that is not what we have. Also…

Education should simply NOT be a commodity.

And so. Finally. In worst-closing. Good luck suckers, especially you edumacated suckers that think all that college was worth it–because you can’t call it what it really is/was: indoctrination.

Is you as good as #Trump now?

Rant on.



Work Will Set You Free, To Be Stupid

arbeit macht frei JB
A screenshot from the interwebnets

In my play The Good Criminal, a worst-play, don’t you know, a play that, of course (1), was rejected by publishers, theatres, and, of course (2), audiences, there is a moment where a modern (Reaganomics) corporatists slash yuppie schmuck is talking about setting oneself free by working hard (for The Corporation), or something like that. You know, he says work-will-set-you-free, as in, the current #Americant mantra-synonym for being a modern slave so that you can afford whatever economic crisis that is thrown at you because of who/what you vote for in a broken electoral system of consume-to-survive. Blah. Blah. Blah. But that’s neither here nor there.

The worst-thing about using a Nazi slogan, even in a worst-writer play, is this: there is a horde of morons, a mob of people in relative recent history, that confuse that history as though there was/is something noble about sending a minority of people to their death via forced labor concentration camps. And so (1). What is there to be done when you’ve been working your whole life for nothing but, at best, misconstrued status or, at worst, a dream that is but a nightmare and, as George Carlin says: it has to be a dream because, well, you have to be asleep to believe it (i.e. The American Dream). And so (2). Of course (3). A different language was used back in the day before consume-to-survive set so many people free. Or?

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Now get this, dear worst-reader. Would you believe that in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, just the other day, there was a woman protesting her confusion about pandemics and weak government management of that pandemic and she was carrying a sign that said Arbeit Macht Frei, JB. See pic above. Now. According to various reports, including a few tweets here or there, the woman claims that she is aware of what Arbeit Macht Frei means when translated from its original German to #Americant English and that she even has Jewish friends. Doesn’t that, in the least, justify using such a catchy phrase? (Sarcasm off.) By-the-buy, “JB” (see pic above) are the initials of the Governor of Illinois, aka JB Pritzker. Oh. And before I worst-forget: he’s Jewish.

Is there still any doubt as to what has given the world #Americant and/or the fail-upward-ness of a once great nation-state?

So here’s another thing, dear worst-reader. Nazi slogans from a time when/where Germans and many, many other #Eurowastelanders, rid The Continent of Jews, probably shouldn’t be applied to protesting something you can’t comprehend in the first place, especially if you’re a moronic, reactionary right-winger that doesn’t know the difference between behaving and being conditioned (in a certain way) on how to behave.

Faux-newz anyone?

But what really gets under my gander when all these Deplorables so freely and blatantly show the world how unbelievably stupid they are, is this simple question: where is all this stupidity going to lead in a country that has more guns than books1?

There is a lot of ugly confusion in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant these days, dear worst-reader. How it is going to get out of all that confusion is a worst-mystery to me, especially considering that President Pee-Pee-Hair is pretty-much the double-down on everything that’s been wrong with the country since Reaganomics took over. With that in mind, allow me this worst-question: Where are the people in #Americant that can call out this level of blatant ignorance? I mean, beyond being utterly stupid for carrying around such a sign, shouldn’t someone of power, of influence, someone that is respected, call this out? I mean, didn’t an #interwebnet $hitbag greed-mongering website cancel Alex Jones in 2018? Oh wait. Then again. Maybe Hillary tried to call-out these people, you know, the stupid people. And by doing so, what happened? Oh yeah. The Deplorables enabled the electoral college election of President Piss-Hair. Yeah, that worked out well. And so. I wonder how many privileged Democrats are laughing their arses off as the sub-prime primates play thumb switch between their mouths and their arses thinking that Arbeit Macht Frei may or may not mean something else as the context of history remains as fluid as #Trumps hair.

And so.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Obviously I have no idear how many books are in the US but I do know that in a country of morons, run by morons, the pen is never stronger than the gun. Or something like that. ↩︎

Allusion Delusion Collusion

scrubs protester

Come on, dear worst-reader. Are you laughing with me? Or did you miss the recent rally by #MAGA hat wearing bat$hitters in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Perhaps it is an easy thing to miss, don’t you know. I mean, who’s really interested in watching a bunch of gun-toting white-people ranting and raving about this or that and nullifying the reality that the earth is suffering so much from their greed-mongering ignorance that a pandemic threatens all that we live for, namely consume-to-survive. Or maybe not.

Considering what’s going on in #Americant with all these “freedom” rallies that are protesting social distancing, none of these idiots would ever consider protesting something much more significant like wars-of-choice or government corruption (unless, of course, it’s about Hillary), and I’m wondering what the end game is here. Oh. Wait. Could the end-game be, simply, more STUPID?

Of course, to top things off, I love the image above of what looks like an Asian-American stopping a redneck vehicle (pick-up truck) as he protests their protests against social distancing. The morons in the truck yell at the guy something about maybe he should go back to China if he wants to be a communist, i.e. live in a country that quarantines in order to slow-down a pandemic. Even if the redneck morons are protesting what they consider “freedom” on account, well, if they miss a few weeks of work they won’t be able to make a truck payment, you would think that they could at least acquire the knowledge about how bad things are in #Americant where morons have to live life where all you’re concerned about is making a truck payment. How ’bout a protest for enabling people to save money and not live truck-payment to truck-payment? How ’bout a protest for testing and thereby funding research to deal with… Wait for it. Pandemics? How ’bout a protest against collective ignorance that keeps right-wing batshit politics running the $hitshow? But on that note, I die-gress.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


The stupid of “infowars” at it again and again.
– Don’t you know, there are frustrated protestors?
But nobody’s demanding the end of STUPID
– What’s behind the protests, big money, of course.
Source of the pic above?

How The Old Win Failing Upward

the bern

Well, dear worst-reader, it’s finally happened. Bernie Sanders has not only exited the 2016 presidential race (Yes!, the 2016 race) but he’s joined all the others–including Hillary–who probably never should have been in the race in the first place. So let’s go down the list shall we? Here’s what shouldn’t be running for the highest office of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID: women, non-whites, gays, young people, and, of course, Jews. And so. Just as the Talking Head song says, here’s where we are: Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Saaaaaame as it eeeeeeeeever waaaaaaas!

What’s left then for the rest of us who at least try to participate in pseudo-democracy and money-life? Indeed. Not only old, white guys continue to run the $hitshow of greed that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, but it even feels like there is nothing or no one else to ever replace those who gave us this $hitshow. I mean. Forget about the gender thing, the race thing, the religious krapp that may or may not reveal what #Americant really is. The problem is, there’s not even a young, straight, handsome white guy–a guy under the age of fifty–out there to take the reins of a future that is long since a dead-man walking that looks like 90-year-old Biden fishing through #Trump’s hair as though he thinks he were a kid in the Wonka factory dipping his finger in a world of confectionary everything. But on that note… I die-gress.

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. If you’re still in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID–as I managed to get out of over thirty years ago–I wish you the best of luck in your fight against STUPID. For the moneyed and old abusers who know STUPID better than STUPID knows STUPID… will continue to rule because, well, what else is there left that they can take from the youth they haven’t already taken, i.e. the future? You and your parents (aka #okboomers) have made and sustained and facilitated the $hitshow–but they/you were too stupid to figure that out as lapel-flag, faux-newz patriotism has been ruling them/you since… Gee. I don’t know. Ronald Fcuking Reagan. And so. It’s worked out enough for you to never own a car–but you certainly know its monthly payments. You’ll never pay-off a mortgage (like some of your #okboomer parents were able to) but you’ll re-finance whatever it is you have to buy a pool or a boat or a Harley, etc.–that you’ll also never pay-off. Consume-to-survive everything with revolving credit until a slime of greed oozes out of your nostrils that you mistake for money as the delirium of Coronavirus engulfs you and… But. Again. I die-gress.

These old white guys truly believe that they are God’s gift to man, #nomatter if their hair looks like slush-ice made of urine–and in Bidens case platinum urine taken from the last female unicorn that ever walked over a man’s cock. Or. Of course. They walk around like Biden does as though he were literally being pulled along by a harness attached to his ever bitter woman-wife that is (can only be) the matriarch of these fail-upward men of forever nothingness. Another die-gress?

And so. Democrats are ramming it down your throats, dear worst-reader. They are doing it to finally show you that there is a difference between them and the religious $hitbags of the Republican party that have turned the $hitshow into a greed-feast of nevermore. You think Democrats forgot how you DID NOT vote for Hillary? They are so pissed that you gave them #Trump their only concern at this point is making sure he doesn’t ruin Republicans too much. Even if Biden loses, don’t you know, the elites of the Democrat party are going to do what all elites do. They are going to laugh their way to the bank as #Trump suckers (#MAGA) you out of even more. And that more doesn’t include Democrat elites. Indeed. Your democracy allows you to still pick you enemies even if you can’t pick the winners of your anal-unicorn-party-time you so lust for ontop of reality TV, WWE, and, and, and. So pucker up suckers.

Even though Bernie Sanders is no spring chicken and he’s a bit white-white, his idears were as young as it gets when considering the old-ness #Americant has become lusting for money plus more and more and more FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. On the other worst-hand, why should Biden and his generation even consider all the failure they are leaving behind? Don’t they all believe that they represent that which has given the world not only cheap toasters made in sweat-shops but also the freedom to get stupider and stupider, hence all the reality-TV and the reality of WWE? And let’s not forget the stupid that is WWE or religion that can only culminate in the likes of #Trump. Hence, why shouldn’t #Trump win re-election? Indeed. The $hitshow of greed will continue for it is, dear worst-reader, a hard and heavy and stubborn beast that thinks it never deserves to die.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


– Bernie Sanders interview w/ transcript

Sue To The Dungheap

As the herd culls or is culled…

How does one get to the essence of what’s wrong with everything, dear worst-reader? You know, why everything is soooooo worst? Does one dig to the base, the fundament, the origin? Are there even enough shovels, tools to do that? Does one deconstruct and thereby reconstruct–in order to produce a fabulous 3-d exploded-view diagram? Or how ’bout preying during a/your seance while others puke tell-tale ingredients onto the/your weegee (ouija) board that is read back to you by witch-bitches and/or bitch-teat wearers? How ’bout just taking a moment, a deserved moment, where you put yourself into that dream-state, induced by whatever means you see fit, and take a crawl through President Stupid’s pee-pee-hair? Indeed. There you will most certainly find answers.

But I die-gress.

Or do I?

The thing is, there’s an origin to everything. Not an origin, don’t you know, that is about the metaphysical, i.e. religion. Let’s be clear (about that). There is an origin more along the lines of what came first when it comes to a world of STUPID. More importantly: a world of taking advantage of STUPID. And so. It’s not about what came first: the fire or the wheel? Nor is it about what stroke of the brush began the Mona Lisa? And how ’bout this? Is the first note of Beethoven’s 9th really the first sound that came to (his) mind before composing (it)? As vague (worst) as all that worst-writing may or may not be, there is (still) an origin to everything. The only thing there isn’t–is an origin to the origin. But let’s not get so far off worst-subject, eh. And so (1). Is the origin (of everything) worth finding? In the case of religion, it doesn’t really matter. In the case of humanity destroying itself, a case where man obviously has gone a bit too far in his whimsical and diabolical lust to rule and control others, i.e. the greed $hitshow that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, it might be worth figuring out. And so (2). Let us have a look at that origin. Let’s glance down the cumhole of political conservatism.

Where does it come from? Is it real (as in reality)? Is it a ghost (unseen) of which only our subconscious is aware? Is it the anger of a scorn wo-man whose beauty was stolen by her stupidness on account she believed in President Pee-Pee-Hair? Indeed. We are nearing its name. And so (3). Let’s go there now, dear worst-reader. Buckle down. Tighten up the straps of your dildo-brain. Grease up the edges. Tickle the orifice yourself first. Get ready, baby.

Let’s call it by its name now: faux-newz. Let’s address it as a pledge sung: Oh Limbaugh & Co. of the stars-n-stripes pinned to the lapel of a JC Penny suit. The voice of a father or mother that is against anything and everything intellectual that questions the great spaghetti-monster in the sky is whispering as husband-man has his religious doctrine way the grand Her. She never cums. And so (4). Yes. At the behest of being redundant, the origin is: faux-newz.

But what I really wanted to get on about in this worst-post…

As the old saying goes: We’ll take what we can get, eh, dear worst-reader. I mean, if that’s what’s required to get rid of Faux-Newz, let it be done (see links below). Let it be done with gore and glory. Sue the krapp out of the motherfcukers! I mean, since my wish that they/it would just fade away as the greatest generation and its off-spring the #okboomers should fade away… Well. It obviously it ain’t gonna be that simple. For you see, dear worst-reader, (the) taking advantage of all the STUPID of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, ain’t no hat-trick. It is something else. In whatever parallel universe it is, I guess, something grand, something glorious–is to happen. It is something for believers to believe in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the likes of Rupert Murdoch will also go to the way side as the $hithole that is faux-newz is sued. Oh. Dear worst-reader. The battles we thinking folk must face in our minds and/or worst-writer pages…?

And so (5). Let us move on with the age-old worst-writer adage.

What is #Americant political and social conservatism? It is three things. First, in the context of the media, it is that which tells people what to think and what to do. This is the base of President Stupid, don’t you know. Second, it is those who do what they are told–without question. And they are the 62m or so that elected, directly or indirectly, President $hit-4-brains. Third, it is those who think they are not part of the first or the second, hence all the smart-arses in the world (perhaps including yours-worst-truly), and the previously mentioned indirect culprits, that make all this happen. And they are oblivious to it. Currently, w/ this our newest and most profuse crisis (the f’n flu), faux-newz is finding it difficult to subvert its true face, what it really stands for, its meaning. And for that, finally, hopefully, it must pay. Or maybe not.

For how do you catch a fox, dear worst-reader. A fox that is the greatest of all STUPID that has ever been. At lest the greatest since the likes of Brutus had his penetrating way with Caesar. But I could be wrong. #Nomatter.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


PS Kara Swisher, from a link below, has a podcast I regularly listen to. It’s a pretty cool podcast, too. But sometimes it kinda sucks–as all talking heads (can) suck. Yeah, sometimes.


#OkBoomers Be Gone. Please.

As I point out here or there in this worst-blog, I’m not a fan of my own generation. Especially the #Americant portion of that generation1. But. Dear worst-reader. Not only can we NOT choose our parents, we are also stuck with the generation in which we are born. With that worst-said, I’m as tail-end as you can get with the #okboomer generation (DOB: end of 1963). Some post-boomers might even consider me as part of the next generation–notwithstanding my ill-fated and somewhat anti-nationalism stance and the brilliant worst-writer coinage: #Americant. Still. With that in worst-mind. Get a load of the New York governors latest diarrhoea of the mouth. And to make it worst… how many times does he use the misnomer: we’re at war? Seriously! At war? With the flu? I know. I know. It’s a pretty bad flu. It’s a really bad flu. But it’s a flu of our own making, don’t you know. And how little that is addressed while the idiots of the #okboomers try and show their smarts yet all we see are the arses in the middle of their faces moving as though there is no tomorrow. And by-the-buy, this influenza $hit has been going on for how many years now? Anyone talking about how it might, just might, relate to the politics of Neo-liberalism (i.e. political greed conservatism 2.0) of the past fifty years, including globalisation that #okboomers are holding on to as though it was their old-hag mother’s teat? Whether it’s swine-flu, SARS1 or the current SARS2 (Covid-19), bird flu, Mars, H1N1, etc., #okboomers are all out there and in front of cameras emulating President Stupid and talking about fcuking… WAR. Are you kidding worst-moi! President Stupid, the man with hair that looks like a puking possum just pissed on cotton candy makes the same claim and all a somewhat rational thinking Democrat (as in party) automaton Neo-liberal can do is repeat it? How original #okboomer! But let me get-off the subject of personally attacking the President of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Let’s get-on, instead, about WAR. You would think, dear worst-reader, that the one thing #okboomers could get over in the #Americant mindset of post WW2 stupid-ville, i.e. that which bred them, is the concept of everything being about war. But then again, it’s all #Americant has really done since Fascism one-upped uncle Adolf and z’Germans lust for Blondi. And let’s not forget the longer fight against Stalin culminating in #Americant squandering the so-called COLD-WAR. I mean, the #Americant military industrial complex(ity) is everything in a land where–even if they tried–they couldn’t turn off the lie-of-the-mind that is faux-newz. And. I mean. There was the post 1970s mindless surge named Reaganomics, which could only lead to #Trump, aka, an idiot b-movie-star replaced by an even stupider b-tv-star, that preoccupied both the #okboomer mind and the parentage that is the ugly, disgusting, perverted greatest-generation mind. (Fcuk them too, btw!) Then came, maybe, the Dotcom boom, which (I’m guessing) half of the #okboomers hated because it forced them to choose–as in choose a mind–because, well, they were never meant to understand the art of at least trying to make science fiction real. And we all know what happened to the Dotcom boom, eh? But before I get too far off worst-subject. This post is supposed to be about #okboomer failing miserably–as it’s always done. Yet it walks and talks as though it were a winner. A winner of WAR. And so. The #Americant dream is alive & well, baby. Just don’t have a good look at it as it may up-end you, too.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


News conference about war against a flu–and it’s all about ‘war’? (Video)

  1. And be assured, the German portion of that generation ain’t much better. ↩︎

The Glory Of Squander

Been saying it for years, dear worst-reader. The squander of it all. As in: American Squander. This inner saying, though, has taken on variation, I have to admit that. Now it goes something like this: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. I mean, come on. Am I wrong reaching the conclusion that in order for a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant to get to the likes of #Trump there has to be a lot of stupid to go ’round? Just give a look/listen to the broadcast and digital airwaves back home. The advent of reality TV is indeed a quagmire, as well–which has resulted in the likes of #Trump. The genius of disguising/cloaking stupidity in entertainment or newz is a godsend for the mindless masses, don’t you know. Worst-speaking of mindless masses. Forget entertainment. Just call it all newz. Since I can remember vividly listening to NEWS as far back as the late 1960s, it’s easy for worst-moi to say that it’s changed. Changed for the better? Changed for profit. And there you have it, dear worst-reader. The conclusion of all conclusions. The winner take all of the game of who can be stupid the fastest with the most toys and the ugliest hair style. And so, there’s a generation chasm in the making, I’m guessing. One generation after the next, #okboomer, annihilating what is/should come. And so…

In America, though, life seems to move faster than anywhere else on the globe and each generation is promised more than it will get: which creates, in each generation, a curious bewildered rage, the rage of people who cannot find solid ground beneath their feet. -James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son, from in the opening of “The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory.”

Perhaps I’ll read the book written by the interviewee in the accompanying link/video below. Perhaps not. Do I need to read more about what I already know? About what I’ve lived through and runaway (expatriate) from? Or. Perhaps a better question is: who is gonna write the definitive work about that which can result in #Trump? Indeed, dear worst-reader. Perhaps it’s time to stop making fun of #Trump. Instead, perhaps it’s time to get to the heart and soul of the 60m people, DasVolk, who give the world #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Real Reason Peoples Should Be Afeared Of This Guy

Pete Buttigieg should drive anyone away at the moment it’s revealed that he worked for the likes of McKinsey & Co. Forget about the fact that he’s just some man-child that gained a few thousand votes  to become mayor in the hellhole that is some midwest country bumpkin town. Now don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I worked for McKinsey once, too. Yeah, that was a long time ago, don’t you know. Perhaps I worked for them in a galaxy far far away, as well. But that’s neither here nor there. The reason people should be afeared of the likes of Pete Buttigieg is that McKinsey is an outsourcing $hithole where corporatists the world over can pin responsibility for corporatist exploitation in something akin to a greyzone. The zone, by-the-buy, is where deceit and lies and fakery rule the day. For that is the only thing that McKinsey and any other so-called consultancy does. It is high-end outsourcing that enables corporatists to scoot a bit more beach-time into their schedule where they can count shareholder value with more and more gusto and never face up to the reality that corporatism is no different than political conservatism and other than mentioning the name McKinsey that should be/say enough to not put this guy in the whitehouse. Or maybe not. I thought Hillary was gonna win, too.

Rant on.



Ununderstanding Or Unlearn

soros and thunberg.jpeg

Was walking my dog the other day and came across this pic twice. Once it was stuck to a tree on a plate and the other it was on this/a German post box. When I went back to take a picture of the one on the tree a day or two later, thinking it would go well with the one I took from the post box, and also help with my disbelief, it was gone. I’ve since gone back to the post box and the pic has been removed from there, as well. Of course, being the woke #OKBoomer I am, über and ill-informed n’all, I immediately got the gist of the pic–even though someone wiser than me removed it/them. The gist is, according to the pseudo-skeptics of the western world today, George Soros is funding Greta Thunberg and a picture like this is part of the fake newz fight against reality. Or put another worst-way: the ill-informed who run the world through fakeness galore have found yet another scapegoat to hide behind and they have plenty of minions to propagate their agenda–of mayhem and chaos so as to better force centralised authoritarianism on you–the sucker(s) of democracy (or the like). Or maybe not. Of course, there was, I’ve since learned, another doctored pic with Thunberg and Al Gore. But let me not get on about good’ole Al Gore. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, Al Gore is the one that probably ruined the grand $hit$how by politically mandating the climate problem oh so many years ago. Or at least trying to politically mandate it. And so. That’s right. I said (as I may or may not have said here) that the great #Americant mistake with the entire climate issue is that the likes of Al Gore tried to turn it to his/her/their political advantage when it should never be part of government doings from the get-go–but instead the doings of rational peoples the world over. You know, as in, clean up after yourself, don’t litter, recycle, take care, etc., etc. (Long dramatic pause.) I know. I know. I should leave my worst-naiveté at the door, before entering, before flushing, before anything. But. Then again. I am worst-writer. And so…

As Soros/Thunberg might say: Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Anti-Intellectualism Wins Again

stupid meter.png

The big gripe, dear worst-reader. I mean. Come on. As bad as the obviousness of President Stupid and his ways can be, is it just as bad to use an analogy of a name–even President Stupid’s son’s name–and a monarchial title in order to make a constitutional legal argument? You know. #Americant is supposed to be a federal republic absent of all things monarchial. Yet it has become, for all practical purposes, a Neo-feudalist state reminiscent of 17th or 18th century Europe, psuedo titles n’all. Indeed. A pseudo aristocracy runs the show that is the #Americant wet-dream $hitshow of greed galore, don’t you know. Or? Am I wrong? #Nomatter.

What’s so wrong about making the comparison between a name (given to someone) and a title–that is also given to someone? I mean. Ain’t that the reason the so-called founding fathers of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID included such things in their grand document of $hitshow rules (the constitution)? Even though, obviously, President Stupid would gladly give the title of Barron to whomever pleases him, such a task does not belong to him. Why not call it out? And so. Only in THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID is it possible for anti-intellectuals to make this connection simply because, well, a really, really, really stupid president named his son after an aristocratic title given to arseholes that history knows so well.

Or maybe not.

The only question that remains is: have you been dumbed down enough?

Rant on.



AI = Apathy & Ignorance

What got us to where we be, dear worst-reader? Now that’s a worst-question (grammar correct or not), eh. Let’s have a look, shall we.

Something everyone should see/hear? Perhaps. But can/could any of the (insert number here1) millions of the #Americant republican base, the minority rulers, don’t you know, actually comprehend this? You know, maybe the vid above or the links below? What a mute question, eh, dear worst-reader? #Nomatter. They have their own stuff to listen/watch–in order to continue the/their brainwash. Ain’t that so?

I was listening to the Ralph Nader radio hour podcast (link below) the other morning and the show’s guest blurted out something about apathy and ignorance while also talking about a book he wrote that includes some kind of mystery around a “Catfish Solution” that may or may not help #Americant get its $hit together. Keep in mind, I was listening to the podcast at around three in the morning. A few hours prior I had seen the Sascha Baron Cohen video (above) and his incredible speech calling out the likes of Zuckerberg & Co. And then–to add waste to lay–my dog, Beckett the killer pug, woke me up on account he’s having (once again) stomach problems. How do I know a pug is having stomach problems at three in the morning? Good question, dear worst-reader. So let’s move on.

Anywho. There’s so much out there in the ether that is the demise of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. I mean, not only is the newz all over it but it seems that so-called independent media (podcasting, YouTube, etc.) is getting on it, too. I mean, that’s kinda what Ralph Nader has been relegated to. Or? And check out Sasch Baron Cohen’s speech! My only concern is, independent media might have a pretty short life-span on account, according to the podcast below, the FCC, unlike how it used to regulate to protect what should be public airwaves (broadcasting), is now just in the hands of whimsical Neo-liberals–and how much is Cohen’s speech really gonna make all those minority ruling #Americant Republicants wake up to what they’ve done? Yeah, and we know where Neo-liberals come from and what they’ve all done so-far. Or? Cohen, on the other worst-hand, can still make a movie or three shitting on Stupid People. Or? Or?

The greed $hit$how goes on and on and on, baby.

Rant on.




  1. According to Wiki, there are 32m members of the Republican Party and I’m worst-guessing, if you add to that maybe another 30m, you actually get a comprehensible number regarding how much stupid rules by minority in #Americant. Or maybe not. ↩︎

The Freedom To Be Stupid

As I’ve always worst-said, dear worst-reader, capitalism shouldn’t be the political system. Yet my beloved & missed #Americant has enabled exactly that.

But how has your beloved & missed #Americant made capitalism its political system, dear worst-writer?

Well, thank you for the question, dear worst-reader. And the answer is simple:


Then again, perhaps my man, Chris Hedges, can word it all better. See link below to a great piece of writing. But be warned: if you stupid (an #Americant), move on.

Rant on.



What Is Then Is Now

Took me a while to finally get to this video, dear worst-reader. I’d heard about this debate after reading a bit about Buckley, who I was intellectually lead to by Christopher Hitchens a few and a few more years ago. I vividly recall watching Buckley on black&white television in my youth and asking my mother if he was American on account of his funny accent. In hindsight, how would my Prussian mother know who or what was American? #Nomatter. Yeah, that Buckley show accent. But that’s neither here nor there. The other day I was listening to a podcast (see link below) where a smart guy is interviewed about a book he’s recently written. The book is 500 pages and all about this debate. Go figure, eh. That, of course, especially motivated me to finally view the video (above). Thank the gods of greed for the Interwebnets, eh. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Although Baldwin has been on my reading list, he’s now moved up a notch or three. And I’ll get to him soon enough, don’t you know. Till then, I’ve since rewatched Baldwin’s portion of this debate numerous times and Buckley’s part only twice. Not only is it astonishing how the language from 50 years ago has not changed–considering the ugly racism-face that has arisen with #Trump–but you could almost place everything Buckley says, as he replies to Baldwin’s brilliance, overtop any fauxnewZ broadcast in the hear & now. Wow.

Rant on.



A Series Of Tubes, Stupid People, Who Sells You?

We have to go there, dear worst-reader. We have to once again go to that place where my beloved & missed #Americant is called out for not just being the greatest #MAGA country the universe has ever seen but also for being, well, functionally STUPID. (Sarcasm on/off.)

But where do the two, greatest and stupid, converge in order to make the world happy again along with #MAGA, dear worst-writer?

That’s a great question, worst-comrade. Let me first try to address it with the vid above. (Short pause.) Did you have a look? Good. Now let’s move on.

There are examples galore in these days of #Trump and mis-reading how a country can even get to #Trump. Then again, secrets are as secret can be when conspiracy theory galore clouds the mind’s eye of, well, wearing a baseball hat day in and day out that reads: < I’M WITH STUPID. Which brings me too: a series of tubes and how those tubes are used to sell the suckers that are both #MAGA hat wearers and those who wear the other hat mentioned.

Can you believe that we’re still having this worst-conversation? You know, this/the conversation about… the mechanics but NOT the machine. For that is what The Zuck is all about, don’t you know. I mean, isn’t this, like, the (insert # here) time he’s appeared in front of the holy body that represents THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and said, basically, nothing? And on that worst-note, I must die-gress and stop calling everyone in my beloved & missed #Americant stupid. Or? Or.

Why does The Zuck get all the free publicity in the world by constantly appearing in front of The House Of Representatives? I mean, don’t get me wrong. #AOC questioning The Zuck is fine. Isn’t she a sight to behold? A few of the other questioners are cool, too. But why aren’t they focusing on what makes The Zuck’s tick, i.e. the reason anyone does anything in not just #Americant but the western world? That is, am I the only one that knows how to deal with the problem of a bunch of heartless greed-mongers who know how the interwebnet works? And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? The Zuck’s great achievement in this/our meritless society full of fake money, is how he’s duped you on account there are too many that don’t know how things work. FB figured out how to scrounge a buck or three out of stupid people, don’t you know. For that’s what we live in. Remember: FB is internet for stupid people.

With that in mind, let me throw this at you. As much as it saddens me to admit it, it’s a shame really that people who use FB thinking they’re only sharing family $hit should be labelled stupid. But what else is there to label them? Naive? Slender of mind? A bit cross with how technology passed them by, hence they missed out on AOL? Oh wait. Here’s a twist.

The people on FB, stupid more or less, are a product. And that’s the gist of the issue. Did you get that, dear worst-reader? That’s FB’s greatest trick. Wouldn’t it be cool if a congressperson or three could ask about that? Put another worst-way, The Zuck has turned his customers into a product. Do some think he’s a genius for doing that? Maybe. The only problem is, well, this sort of thing has been done before. And, at its essence, it is nothing more than a con-game. And you know what you need to get really, really, really rich of the con-game? That’s right. Stupid people. Bingo! #MAGA.

Yet congressperson after congresswoman questions The Zuck as though FB is interested in something other than his users being not customers but instead a product that he can sell. Oh yeah, baby. The demise of an already dysfunctional pseudo-democracy and all due to… stupid people. And before I get too far off topic complaining about how stupid people can be used and abused because that’s exactly what makes #MAGA #Americant, get this.

The solution to dealing with FB’s grifting (con-game) of (willing) stupid people is to simply follow that which is God. And remember, God is dead but God has been reborn as money. In this case, FB has two forms of revenue and not one person at this congressional questioning session asked about either. Go figure, eh.

The first revenue stream is regular old advertising. The second revenue stream–and this is a bit of a doozy to grasp–is The Zuck selling access to you for political gain. Indeed. Stupid people do have value, don’t you know. Just look at #Americant politics. And so. This is a bit different than a traditional media company bringing advertisers and buyers together. Have I lost you yet, dear worst-reader?

Let me try to put it another way. The Super Bowl. The Super Bowl shows TV ads selling beer, soda, fast-food, etc. And that’s fine and dandy. We’re all used to that. Television, radio and even internet advertising is the norm. It’s the price we pay for access. Got it? But what if the owners of the Super Bowl, which is viewed by over a billion people, enabled access to its audience in order to sell something other than beer, soda or fast-food–and thereby not telling its audience that it’s doing so?

Unlike regular advertising, that generations are accustomed to, and to a certain extent are regulated, FB and The Zuck thinks it can circumvent that regulation and let anybody promote anything they want–as long as they FB for the access. That’s pretty much what happened with Cambridge Analytica. The thing they bought from FB was access to users in order to promote fake newz. Cool, eh. (Sarcasm on/off.)

Of course, there is a simple solution to this type of underhanded, tricky manipulation of stupid people, i.e. FB users–most of whom were raised to be submissive and unquestioning in their loyalty to a/their parentage of greed-mongering. In the case of Cambridge Analytica, where it paid FB to promote right-wing political propaganda based on user-profiles, including user friends, all that need be done is to make FB tell its product (you, the FB user) what it’s up to. Simple stuff, really. It was done at the beginning of both radio and TV, you know, to prohibit them both from becoming propagandised. Why should it be any different with this new-fangled series of tubes and Interwebnets that we’re all having so much fun with? Just make people aware that what they are seeing is propaganda, fake-newz, or just a plain old gimmick where someone wants to pull the wool over blind eyes.

Or maybe not, #Americant. Obviously you have better things to do than protect people from their own stupidity. And so. #MAGA!

Rant on.



The Essence Of #Americant

Get a load of this vid, dear worst-reader. Get a load of what this vid is about! Obviously examples of what makes America #Americant are not few and far between. I mean, how else can THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID up its game with the likes of #Trump & co? No, seriously. I mean, even worst-writer asked the assumptive question: what can come after Dubya dipshit Bush? Well, Barry-O wasn’t all that bad, IMHO. But his election angered a few Das Volk, to worst-say the least. Of course, the politics of personal destruction is a short but winding mindset. Such an environment can only germinate in a culture obsessed with the likes of WWE, Reality-TV, and a mass/horde of inner ugly (mostly) white people that will laugh and giggle and smirk instead of come to the aide of the needy and have-not-greedy. But before I get too far off topic.

Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I’m not sure I actually listened/watched the whole video that this worst-post is linking to. Reason? The way this #Trump person talks is exactly that which caused me to find other shores–and that was thirty fcukin‘ years ago. When I was young, early adulthood, people just like Kellyanne talked this way every day of my life–whether it was parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues, etc. This President Stupid participant talks just like meritless #americant that make the greed $hitshow of dysfunction the holy fcuking grail of everything. You know, the oh-so many minions who think they actually achieve–when in fact all they’ve done is behave–as in: compulsive behaviourism, i.e. make a living, have a living standard, etc. You know, these people, in the days of Ronald Reagan, were held at bay. They were behind the curtain. They were too disgusting to bring forward. Now they are the norm. All because of Barry-O? A sad question indeed.

Good luck suckers. For you deserve #Trump. It’s what inner uglies of greedy white people is all about.

Rant on.


We Are In Hell

a problem from hell cover

As stated here and there throughout, I’ve been living the expat life since 1989 in a kind of daze. One of the main reason for that is, well, #Americant political conservatism manifest in the ideology of greed, can be confusing to those who are born to think free–and not the free one is told to think, i.e. think like the behaviourists that are (make-up) the greed $hitshow. Even though I eventually found certain cures for daze & (fake)free(dom) living in THE OLD COUNTRY, those cures were never the motivating factor to… expatriating till my gonads fall off. Indeed. Put another worst-way. There was so much STUPID brewing back home (in the 1970s and 80s, etc.) because of political conservatism and greed-galore, THE OLD COUNTRY and its lingering history, including a century or so of culture and art and willing women, was a godsend to someone yearning for anything but the status quo of money, money, money–and militarism. Of course, don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. #Eurowasteland is full of greed-mongers and in its essence just as STUPID as my beloved & missed #Americant. In fact, the capitalism-game that regulates to protect the rich of old Europe is as strong as ever. The only difference to #Americant is that Europe’s redistribution (of wealth) isn’t as one sided. But redistributed it is all the same. And before I get too far off subject.

Just finished the book “A Problem From Hell” by Samantha Power. It’s been on my to-read list for some time. I first heard of the book after it won the Pulitzer and was also recommended by Barry-O as he chose the author as a national security adviser. In fact, I think he picked her partly because of this book. And so. If anyone wants to know a detailed history of Genocide in the twentieth century, this is your book. Power details the origins of Genocide as an international and legal concept since the Armenian Genocide beginning in 1915. Power also details the genocide in Cambodia, Iraq, the whole mess that was/is the former Yugoslavia, and Rwanda. The book is a vast and well chronicled explanation of what is often referred to as “a problem from hell”, which is ultimately nothing more than humans killing humans for really, really, really stupid reason. To my surprise there was nothing in this book about Indonesian or East Timor, although both are referred to a few times.

They were killing anyone who wore glasses because if they wore glasses it suggested they knew how to read, and if they knew how to read, it suggested they had been infected with the bourgeois virus. It was a Great Leap Forward that made the Great Leap Forward under Mao look like a tentative half step. –Stephen Solarz @ Cambodia Genocide in 1975

The chapter that stirred me the most is the one on Cambodia. Having grown up in the wake of Vietnam, a war that fills my earliest memories of black & white television viewing while stuck in the humdrum of suburban hell, I’ve always been a bit curious as to the various power-proxies that made Southeast Asia tick (back then). The detailing of the Cambodian Genocide also presented me with an explanation of the fight against communism in the region, but with it all being twisted because of certain national and international interests and/or relationships. Lucky for me, this book is not only informative about Genocide but also is a wonderful narration regarding #Americants most dramatic war-loss.

In 1975, when its ally, the oil-producing, anti-Communist Indonesia, invaded East Timor, killing between 100,000 and 200,000 civilians, the United States looked away. In the Cambodia case perhaps the most important factor behind (President Jimmy) Carter’s choice was US fondness for China, which remained the prime military and economic backer of Pol Pot’s ousted government. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski saw the problem through the Sino-Soviet prism. Since the US interest lay with China, they lay, indirectly, with the Khmer Rouge. Slamming the KR might jeopardise the United States’ new bond with China. Slamming the Vietnamese would cost the United States nothing.
-Samantha Powers, “A Problem From Hell”

Another profound detail Powers chronicles is that of Bosnia in the 1990s. Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, I began my expatriation in the old country just before hell broke out in the former Yugoslavia. As the war in the Balkans waged on, I lived only a day’s drive away from it all. It was also a time, due to personal issues, I was in and out of different hospitals. Not only was Germany doctoring Kuwaitis and some Iraqis from Desert Storm but also people from Croatia and Serbia. In one hospital an entire floor was being used to help the war wounded. Also, various makeshift housing facilities were put up throughout Germany to help the displaced from Yugoslavia. Along with a few church goers we used to bring old clothes and shoes and sometimes fresh cookies for the kids. When I tried to communicate with some of the refugees in either broken German or broken English, it became clear that many people weren’t willing to talk about their aggressors. But a few did mention the brutality and hate of Serbs towards Muslims. Of the serbs I’ve met and befriended in Germany, they’ve all been pretty upright and very friendly people. Needless to say, the Bosnia war was a fcuking mess.

Serb gunmen knew that their violent deportation and killing campaign would not be enough to ensure the lasting achievement of ethnic purity. The armed marauders sought to sever permanently the bond between citizens and land. Thus, they forced fathers to castrate their sons or molest their daughters; they humiliated and raped (often impregnating) young women. Theirs was a deliberate policy of destruction and degradation.
-Samantha Powers, “A Problem From Hell”

The only gripe I have with this book is that I’m not sure so many pages are required to explain what Genocide is and/or what some think its place should be in politics. On the other hand, this book might be enough to explain one particular aspect of humanity–mostly how men beguiled by power and/or moneyed and/or ideological interests always have a desire/need/want to kill, kill, kill. Only her writing style kept me reading this book, even though I often found myself resorting to skimming a few pages here and there because I was already familiar with Rwanda and Bosnia (from other sources). I can’t help but think, though, this type of book might not be the proper means to make a wide audience aware of Genocide. Something is missing. I’m just not sure what that is yet. That worst-said, it is a worthwhile read if you have any questions about how the term Genocide came to be, the first third of the book deals with exactly that subject. That worst-said… I still have a few questions about Serbia’s hate issues.

Rant on.


Things Funny

This is a very minor worst-post, dear worst-reader. Minor in that I don’t know much anymore what to worst-write about. I reckon, after all these years of quitting, giving-up, losing, it’s all starting to finally catch me. You know, I’m finally starting to ask (my worst-self), what’s the point? Anywho. The other day I was listening to the audio of Dave Chappelle’s newest comedy special. Am I a Chappelle fan? Hard to say. The thing is, I’ve been expatriated longer than Chappelle’s been famous. That is, in other worst-words, I missed out on everything media in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant —since 1989. Indeed. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I do try and follow some stuff. Which means: Thank all-things-worst for the Interwebnets, eh? So let’s move on.

I had to listen to Chappelle’s show in two parts. That’s due to the fact that, well, comedy kinda bores me these days. It seems to be all about making fun of people, cutting on people, roasting them, etc. or joking about sex. So I can only take so much. But don’t get me wrong. If it’s funny, I can still get into it. It’s just, funny has most certainly found a way to evolve, don’t you know, especially since I grew up with comedians like Richard Pryor and George Carlin. Through both of them I discovered Lenny Bruce. Then there is the comedy of Woody Allen, which I adored when I was young–dare I even mention his kind, including Bill Cosby.

It’s just. The thing is. All those guys were f’n funny. And do you know what made them funny? They didn’t just make fun of other people. Nor were they comedically deprecating, which also seems to end up only making fun of others. The old guys were, on the other hand, socially aware and politically astute and they were able to create their funnies (jokes?) accordingly–without dick pics. And, perhaps, the boundaries they knew (to be comedic within), never stopped them from entertaining. That’s the difference IMHO to the comedians of today. My feeling has been over the years (as I age) that new comedians simply broke all the boundaries that old comedians maintained. Is it similar to boxing giving way to MMC? What about TV sitcom giving way to Reality TV? Hence, IMHO, comedy today is a repeat of someone else laughter albeit at the cost of intelligence, intellect, cognitive, cerebral, etc. Just change the context and repeat the content. Or vice versa. Or are you missing listening to the likes of Louis CK constantly complaining, yet still making you laugh? Yeah, me neither.

I have to admit, of all the modern comics that stir me, Dave Chappelle is unique. And I can’t quite place his humour. I discovered him through various YouTube videos throughout the years, also reading things in the press here and there about his antics. Even though I thought his making fun of others–the weakest form of comedy IMHO, especially that $hit about Rick James–to be funny, it was also, in its essence, incredibly sad. It’s like being entertained by a circus clown but afterwards, after all the laughs are over, you have to also live with the clown and find out he’s just a washed-up coke snorter. Then again, there is this one recent Chappelle joke that blew me away. If you please:

This opioid crisis is a crisis. I see it every day. It’s as bad as they say. It’s ruining lives. It’s destroying families. Sadly, you know what it reminds me of? Seeing it… reminds me of us. These white folks look exactly like us during the crack epidemic. You know, it’s really crazy to see. And all this shit they talked about on the news, about how divided the nation is? I don’t believe it. I feel like nowadays we’re getting a real good look at each other. Here’s why. Because I even have insight into how the white community must have felt watching the black community go through the scourge of crack. Because I don’t care either. Hang in there whites. Just say no. What’s so hard about that? Man, when y’all say that to us. But it’s okay. There’s no grudges. Now you finally got it, right? Once it started happening to your kids you realise it’s a health crisis. These people are sick. They are not criminals. They are sick.

-Dave Chappelle

Now. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The only thing missing is a bit of paraphrasing Cornell West and his not so funny explanation of how my beloved & missed #Americant and its ultra politically confused middle-classes have been niggarized, especially since 9-11. Indeed. The Man (white supremacy and its greed-galore) have taken a toll on peoples back home. So many dumb and stupid people. Shame so few are able to figure things out for themselves and then do something about it with, say, democracy-galore, thereby disallowing that they all be ruled by a minority of white a$$holes and Gods of money. Oh well. At least there’s Dave Chappelle. I guess. Yeah. At least there’s this one funny, very funny, Chappelle joke that pretty much sums it all up. Here’s a time stamped video/audio of the whole joke, if you please. (Btw, the link may not last forever as it is a ripped version of the show.) And the way he delivers the joke, too. Indeed, dear worst-reader, it is, well, excruciating if not brilliantly funny. And so. Not unlike his Rick James joke, this one, in its essence, is very, very sad–in its truth (be told). Yes. Very sad indeed. Oh how truth must hurt those who can hear it/find it. The only question I have remaining is this: is it as funny as the pics posted above?

Rant (and giggle) on.


PS I had minor surgery on my eye recently to remove a stye. Ever had a stye, dear worst-reader? What a pain in the arse. The worst thing about it is that I had it in one eye initially but then took some medicine that got rid of it. When I thought it was all said and done, the damn thing returned in the other eye but with a vengeance. The doctor did a pretty good job of taking care of it. The other pics are things that helped me deal with the aches and pains of having half my lower right eyelid sliced open and scrapped out.

Eating Babies

kronos eating his son
Cronos… eating babies.

What’s worse than a country full of guns? How ’bout a country full of guns plus STUPID? For there you have it, dear worst-reader. That’s exactly what I got ’round to thinking about as I tried to get through yet another newz day regarding my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Or did you miss the newz gem the other day where #AOC was interrupted by a bat$hit nutbag from a Lyndon Larouche group during a townhall meeting?

Of course, most worst-readers might not see the connection I’m worst-attempting to make here. You know, the connection between guns, STUPID and $hitbags interrupting townhall meetings who are such an integral part of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. You know, a place where cults like Larouche thrive because members so gallantly know how to alternate sticking thumbs in others people arses and then playing switch-up with mouths. So. But. Well. Go with me here for a sec.

The woman that interrupted #AOC at a townhall is a plant by some right-wing org that, of course, supports president STUPID. As the mindless diarrhoea spewed from her voice about eating babies–that’s right, EATING BABIES1!!!–the only thing I could think about was when/if she was also gonna either pull out a gun or remove another part of her clothing to reveal she was wearing a bomb. For that’s the ticket about too many guns and too much stupid in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID–a country that’s overtly lost its (political) mind. And so.

Once again, dear worst-reader, worst-writer has to hand it to the Republicans. Give credit where’s it’s due. Boy do Repubs know how to control the narrative–which has allowed them to run the greed $hitshow that is #Americant for the past (insert number here) years. Whether it’s faux-newz, right-wing radio, or fringe groups spewing mindless diarrhoea2 while interrupting townhall meetings, one thing is clear. The Republicans are now resorting to rhetoric e.g. EATING BABIES, that is somehow gonna control the narrative even more, i.e. one-upping what they’ve achieved since Reagan so far. Indeed. Mix it all with too many guns, a whole lot of STUPID and someone with a t-shirt declaring the solution to climate change is EATING BABIES. It’s no wonder #Trump is your new ruler–and I jumped ship almost thirty years ago.

On the other hand, I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the likes of #AOC. More and more she’s looking like a lonely soul swimming in a cesspool of sharks that have been forcibly starved because they’ve never learned to feed themselves but instead feed off of others–and/but the food is running out (fast). For that’s the essence of political conservatism, don’t you know. Never mind its rhetoric about nationalism, patriotism, EATING BABIES. In the end, all conservatism has is what it can take away from others in the name of the state and/or a few really, really rich folk. Neo-liberalism, baby!

Or maybe not.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Eating babies as a way to reduce CO2 emissions, i.e. less over-population, in order to save the earth ↩︎
  2. The Blaze, Breitbart, etc. ↩︎

Thunberg Thunder

Screenshot 2019-09-30 at 08.29.49.png
Screenshot from the Interwebnets proving usefulness of focus.

Can’t apologise enough, dear worst-reader. You know, apologise for being who/what I am. Born of a grand idear but set to die by the/my (own) hand of über-stupid in the collective body of a generation. Indeed. So it is to be a baby-boomer from a once great nation-state that has so willingly and wantonly turned into the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. #Trump.

But so much negativity, dear worst-writer. Why so much negativity? We know you care about $hit.

Well, dear worst-reader, it is hard to wake up to reality. A reality where the likes of Greta Thunberg is not conceivable in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. And I mean conceive in the most literal sense. Oh how such a thought hurts, don’t you know. I mean. Ain’t that a question worth asking: why is it #Americant can’t give the world a Greta Thunberg? Well. I’ll tell you why it can’t. Just look at what happened to Occupy Wall Street. Or just look at what happens to groups or individuals that try to take a stand against money and/or rampant anti-intellectualism that is #Americant. Forgetting who killed the Kennedy’s again? For you know, the police-state will shoot you down. And the supporters of such violence will go about the business of money, money, money galore. But before things get convoluted.

I’m not sure what I dig most about Greta Thunberg. Is it the fact that she has a voice heard ’round the world, which, perhaps, I’m jealous of (at 55) because I’ll never realise my dream of traversing the Atlantic in a sailboat while spewing truth, justice and Superwomanism? Or is it that she’s from a little budding country where the girls are so unbelievably gorgeous but also stronger than a ball & chain decorated in Barbie dolls and Disney? No. The thing that I dig most about Greta is how stupid, ugly, disgusting (mostly) white men of the fail-upwards western world react to her. What a great thing to witness.

You go Greta!

Rant on.



When Lightbulbs In Your Head Turn On But You Can’t Know It

Pretty good answer, dear worst-reader. Madame Warren kinda nails it. In the video above (time-stamp link), a talking-point question is asked that could be applied to almost any issue regarding the fairytale that is #Americant politics. You know, abortion, gun control, taxation, the rich eating the poor, etc. This time, though, the question is about whether or not the united mistakes government should regulate lightbulbs in the context of an overly polluted planet–that it created. That Warren calls-out the question for what it is, i.e. #Americant stinky bullshit framed in mint-julep sauce, is good enough for worst-moi. But what about the audience? I mean, dear worst-reader, I had a hard time watching this video, even though its something akin to a FIRST in #Americant TV. That is, kudos to CNN for holding the first ever mainstream political broadcast dealing solely with a polluted planet–created by the main polluter: #Americant. The way Warren (and other candidates) have to talk in this TV show, how they have to address the audience–let alone deal with the questions being asked–made me cringe. Yet, unlike the vastness of internet pornography, that makes me cringe even worse (waaaay too much genitalia and fluids!), I was able to get through some of this. My worst-point being: who are these candidates really talking to? Even with such a great call-out, does this mean that #Americants, i.e. those who have facilitated so much STUPID to enable #Trump, are finally gonna wake up from the(ir) nightmare dream? Hardly, eh.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Useful Idiots vs Useless Idiots

Big fan of Matt Taibbi. Enjoy reading him every once-a-once at Rolling Stone. Also. Kinda tickled that he’s entered the podcast arena (see link below). Well, I was tickled until he interviewed Jimmy Dore the other day. Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I kinda like Jimmy Dore. I mean, some parts of his podcasts are hi-larry-us, especially those skits with the phone calls and the guy who imitates all the well-known political and Hollywood personalities. But I often find myself fast forwarding when Dore gets-on about cutting-up on democrats. For that’s what he’s about, right? Cutting-up on people. It seems to be the last resort for comedians who can’t think of anything else/creative to say. So you just criticise and cut-up. You know. Talk about how fat people are. How stupid they are. Ugly? Make fun of everything your agreeing mob horde (audience) thinks is funny on account, well, they can’t figure anything out either. And while doing all that criticism and funny-stuff about the uglies that is #Americant, never come up with a solution. In my book the mob hordes are nothing more than #Americant smart-asses–or as Dore might put it: jag-offs. You know. The college grads who think they know/have learned something. Those who think just because they are something other than politically conservative, everyone else is wrong. Indeed, dear worst-reader. The armchair political scientists who think they know what’s wrong with my beloved & missed #Americant because they’ve never been able to come up with a creative thought about it–ever. Make fun, baby. And never realise that everybody that has a job in a corporation and is part of the anti-intellectualism that is biting a once great nation in the ass, there’s a joke to be made. Yeah. It seems Jimmy Dore is a pretty good comic when he gets on stage–performing for desperate minds, don’t you know, who all agree with him. Sound familiar? A bit of Rush Limbaugh, anyone?

Dore is nothing more than anything or anyone else in #Americant today: a smart + ass. Which, by-the-buy, doesn’t have to necessarily be derogatory. I mean. Come on. Again. Where would #Americant be today with out smart-asses? To me, the entire Boomer generation is one single smart-ass. The greatest smart ass that ever lived, don’t you know. In all of human history! Under other economic and political circumstances all these smart-asses might not be so gullible–but that’s what happens when you listen to your parents, you spend your life doing what you’re told, you never wake up to the con, you think a comedian is funny because he can make fun of a system that you’ve lived by your entire life. Oh comformity–you lustful and ugly bitch! And so…

Where else can these people turn? Marvel movies? Porn/Disney? WWE? New & improved forms of revolving credit? No culture, no community, torn and ripped families? The DNC and those attempting to be something other a touch left of centre? Deplorables? At the least, those who are part of what has given way to #Americant politics seem to be in agreement with Jimmy Dore. Then again, there is no other way to get a country to resort to the likes of #Trump–which allows Dore to rant and rant and rant about the DNC, Hillary, Russia-gate, etc. And because so many can’t understand the simplicity of what’s really going on, scapegoat it all. Yeah, baby. The great #Americant past-time, don’t you know. Sound familiar? Rush Limbaugh, anyone?

The thing Jimmy Dore doesn’t get (and perhaps makes him so dangerous) is that in a system of exclusivity, making fun of it all ain’t gonna change much. But it will continue to confuse the gullible. In other words, the GOP is still in full revolution mode and the progressives have a long way to go to catch up with what Ronald Reagan started. The fact that so many people like Dore hate Hillary in the same vein that the likes of Breitbart hates Hillary…? Holy cow, dear worst-reader. Indeed. It is the #Americant con manifest, don’t you know. Exclusivity is what lead to all the hate towards Hillary and the DNC’s behaviour toward Bernie at the 2016 Democratic primary. Bernie, by-the-buy, knew this because, before he entered the race, he was NOT a democrat. But let’s not get too bogged down in details. Here’s my point. What needs to change in #Americant won’t come from so-called Progressives if they continue to fight outside the system. #AOC is the perfect example of this. The only way to bring change is from within. But enough of worst-writer’s arm-chair politics, eh? Let’s just hope that in the mean-time, Dore doesn’t confuse enough people to enable another electoral college win by #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Can More 19th Century #Americant Die, Please


Even though I wouldn’t have put it quite the way he did, I’m diggin’ Bill Maher’s good-riddence to David Koch the other night (see vid link below). When is the other Koch brother gonna pass, is the only question that remains–at least for worst-moi. Then again, there are a lot more Koch-types in the wings, eh? Nomatter.

I can’t remember how many books I’ve read that mentioned the destructive brilliance of the politics that is the Koch brothers. Whether it’s massive funding for right-wing, bat$hit think-tanks, buying university economics departments so as to teach generations how to NOT think but instead behave–as in do what you’re told and question nothing–or whether it’s to promote the inherited moneyed status-quo that is #Americant. Why is it that these guys are so powerful? Oh wait. Welcome to modern #Americant where you have to have a lot of THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID to make things happen.

So there’s that.

I have a bit of a different take on the Koch brothers. It’s obvious that this family is the epitome of old money and that they are one among many such families. But there’s something else that makes them tick. As you may or may not know, the Koch brothers inherited everything. Nothing that they have, they made themselves. Even though they are accredited with university credentials and supposedly are considered great masters of business, the fact remains, of their industry, all that they own, they have done nothing new or innovative. They are rich because they found a way, perhaps better than any other inheritors, to protect the interests that their father gave to them. Interests, by-the-buy, that are stuck in a past that won’t die. You would think, with so much wealth given to a person, that you could at least try and apply it to something worthy of the future–especially if/when the patriarchy dies. Yet the Koch brothers whole heartily remained in that patriarchy.

Obviously there is little room in this phase of capitalism run-amok for change, innovation or anything new. How else could misconstrued politics end up with the likes of #Trump. Yet I can’t help but laugh at all those #Americants that enable this level of dysfunction–all in the name of greed, spite, bigotry and abuse. Indeed. Not only should Bill Maher make a joke about the painful death of one man who has lived a life of greed-galore but he should also start joking more about all those who keep this $hitshow going.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

Fcuked Is You And Your Kid’s Kids Too, Here’s How

“Similarly, the Republican Party’s dominance of the Supreme Court allows it to shape policy on issues ranging from voting rights to health care to the workplace, without actually needing to enact legislation. If Congress were able to legislate, by contrast, it could overrule many Supreme Court decisions and shift power from Republican judges to the American people.” -see ThinkProgress link below for source of this quote

Now that I’ve dabbled here and there in krapp about Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Gore Vidal (tag link), the federalist papers and blue M&Ms, it’s time to move on to other things worst. Or is it? I mean, have a go at the quote above, dear worst-reader. It, and the article it stems from, is indeed a nice little write-up that summarises a big deal. You know, the big deal that is the slow train wreck of today’s #Americant–and how it got that way thanks to the uglies of the GOP, stupid white people and, of course, greed-galore. Other than that, though, there is something else in the write-up.

Whenever the federalist papers is mentioned in anything regarding the history of my beloved & missed united mistakes (of #Americant), I kinda lose my $hit. WTF, I usually ask (myself). How misconstrued can things get? I mean, there’s a reason the friggin federalist papers have been relegated to the bat$hit shelf of history. Even the blowhards of the day knew that ideology, especially in the hands of government, whether federalist or republican, is a dangerous thing. The federalist papers only purpose was to convince a bunch of eligible voters (rich white men in New York, btw) to support a centralised form of national government, backed by George Washington, btw. It was not about governing itself. Or something like that.

One should be very cautious when reading the federalist papers and then drawing some sort of conclusion based on what faux-newz or rush-limbaugh has told them to think (today). One should be especially careful when/if one is trapped in the $hitshow that is greed-mongering #Americant. You know, those who think they actually worked and do something with their lives when in reality all they’ve done is behave–as in compulsive behaviourism. This is quite the opposite of what men were doing back in the day the federalist papers were written, don’t you know. And. I know. I know. Who isn’t trapped in the $hitshow these days, eh, especially if you’re still dependent on behaviourism(s) to earn a living–as opposed to just outright owning slaves. But enough about worst-writer having found a way out and thereby laughing at the rest of you’all in your pseudo-slavedome.

The author of the ThinkProgress article below does a great job providing a concise and informative counter to #MoscowMitch’s op-ed in the NYT and thereby defending the destructive, albeit status-quo maintaining nature that is the united mistakes Senate. I most certainly remember the situation when Harry Reid fiddled with the so-called nuclear option between 2011-13, thereby infuriating the base of white-privilege republicanism that is Reaganism, faux-newz, Limbaugh & Co that have been building stupidity (or should I say $hitting) in the heads of #Americant dunces for the past four or five decades. Still. I thought Reid’s effort was worthwhile. If only there wasn’t so much LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID that republicans can use to counter the smarts of the (politically) cognitive few. And so. Republicans keep winning, which culminates in the stupid and uglies of #Trump. On top of that, it’s no longer the American dream but instead: #failupwards. Indeed. And so. If you work for a living, welcome to your… THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID is fcuking you galore, baby. Enjoy.

“So this is the legacy of the procedural avalanche Democrats set off: Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and 43 new lifetime circuit judges — the most ever at this point in a presidency. The consequences of taking Senator Reid’s advice will haunt liberals for decades.” -from #MoscowMitch’s NYT article, see link below

Considering not just the quotes above but the context of the greed $hitshow that spewed them, it’s no wonder that #Americants today are all $hitting their pants as if there’s no tomorrow, hence #Trump and his pee-pee-hair. I mean, how else should someone wake up to the fact that they’ve screwed the pooch with every breath, every deed, every pledge of allegiance.

Rant on.


– ThinkProgress article here
– MoscowMitch McConnel NYT article defending minority over majority government by filibuster here