Mutiny Conundrum

"Is it actually true that Christopher Columbus gave false information to his sailors regarding the position of his ship so they couldn't find their way back, in the event of a mutiny?" -Sam Shepard, Day Out Of Days

If He Blogged

Day Out of Days: Stories - by Sam Shepard Should forever immagine the Lands further off are Still better than those upon which they are already settled... (-errors and/or typos from original text) Took a break (from) reading this book the other day. It was one of them rare, early hot summer days in Germania. … Continue reading If He Blogged

Boy Girl Named

Watched August: Osage County the other night. So. Get prepared, dear worst-reader. This is gonna be a tumbler. Well. Maybe not. Follow-up to this post here. First. Julia Roberts can't say the word fuck. She just can't. I swear, in this film she tries, she really tries. But every time those innocent broad lips open … Continue reading Boy Girl Named

Tricky Hole

Early morning. Sun coming up. Groggy. I quit drinking coffee and the black tea takes longer to get me going. Quick reddit read woke me, though. Luv Sam Shepard and wish I was in Toronto. Here thoughts churned: Not afraid to admit it: Spent most of my adult life dreaming. Big mistake there. But then … Continue reading Tricky Hole