Hybrid Hippie

I mean, come on, this guy was most definitely a hybrid hippie. Meaning: he did all the counter culture shit but there was something else that made him tick. Or? I don't know. I couldn't get into the drugs that freed this guy or any of the others I've met/known that were freed by them. … Continue reading Hybrid Hippie

When Bullshit Walks

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson When bullshit walks, dear worstReader… Money talks. Finally finished it. Was it torture? Well… Started reading it but then put it down and realised two weeks later that I'd better get back on it or I'll forget it completely. With that in mind, this book, this biography, can be summed … Continue reading When Bullshit Walks

Apple Liver Cirrhosis

Subtitle(s): Should have bought a ThinkPad instead of (late fall 2010) Apple Macbook Pro 13". This is a slight commemoration to the introduction of the home computer which just happens to be on this day. Commemoration: August 12, 1981. IBM introduces the PC. Wow. Go IBM! It's never enough to realize (only) where and how … Continue reading Apple Liver Cirrhosis