Life Of Nothingness Trumps Your #Trump Unless, Of Course, You’re A Step Atop Caesar’s Goo Salad Dressing

“It is a recurrent joke among writers of farces that wives rejoice in being beaten by their husbands. It reflects, however, an eternal truth–that there is a great comfort in knowing that those who love you love you enough to take the responsibility for marking out the permissible. Husbands often er–but in both directions. Caesar is a tyrant–both as husband and as ruler. It is not that, like other tyrants, he is chary of according liberty to others; it is that, loftily free himself, he has lost all touch with the way freedom operates and is developed in others; always mistaken, he accords to little or he accords too much.”

-LIII. Cytheris to Lucius Mamilium Turrinus, on the Island of Capri, The Ides of March, Thornton Wilder

Rant on.


As The God’s Of Your Mind Play Fiddle Diddle Widdle

Even if we assume the existence of a God who, as Homer says, pours out from his urns his good and evil gifts, I am amazed at the pious who insult their God by failing to see that as this world is run there is a field of circumstance that is not commensurate with God’s providence and that God must have so intended it.

-Thornton Wilder, The Ides of March