Now That's A Protest

The inevitable is at your front door. Perhaps not unlike the grim reaper. Remember the reaper? He came along just after you had the canned salmon. Nomatter. As I've stated here & there, TTP and TTIP are inevitable. Obviously protests like the one in Berlin will have some sort of effect on it but I don't think … Continue reading Now That's A Protest

A World Of Stupid

TPP is on its way to becoming law--and no one knows exactly what it's about. VW admitted to lying about exhaust emissions of its wildly popular TDI cars. Air France execs get their shirts ripped off because, well, they are in the process of ripping off their workers. Yeah, baby. Another day, another small fry … Continue reading A World Of Stupid

TPP Stands For: It's Payback Time (Or Something Like That)

When asked if I like Barry Obama I rudely respond with a question. "Are you republican?" If they say, "No, I'm a Democrat," then I respond thus: He's ok, but I'm very disappointed. If they respond, "Yes, I'm a Republican," I respond thus: I love him. With that in mind, dear worst-reader, I'm disappointed in Barry-O because: He's from … Continue reading TPP Stands For: It's Payback Time (Or Something Like That)

The TPP Miracle

No. Seriously. If you thought you were screwed before,  you know, screwed by the lie of the open market, the economy or corporations wait till the near future lays its greedy paws in your starving lap. Anyone remember NAFTA? Well, if you feel as though you never could get that job or career that you were hoping for (yours … Continue reading The TPP Miracle

Like Not Like

So. Like. I'm sitting on a bus last summer. I'm traveling from Salisbury, MD, to Wilmington, DE. In Wilmington a train takes me to NYC where I enjoy an afternoon and an overnight in one of my favourite places on the planet. To worst-writer there is nothing more tranquil than walking around NYC until I feel like … Continue reading Like Not Like

Getting Blurred Interesting debate between/among workers-for-the-man. But what is such a trade agreement really? On the one hand, this particular trade agreement has to do w/copyrights and all that that old chestnut entails. On the other hand, the environment is mentioned in it as well. All worstWriter can say about that is, why now?, why in … Continue reading Getting Blurred