White Lie vs Big Lie

Had to look it up, dear worst-reader. Had to look up what a white lie is. Reason? National (or is it media) gaslighting can be confusing. Or? Don’t you know. That thing that has turned my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant into a hellhole of mass shootings, train wrecks, bridge failures, shooting down a twelve dollar balloon with a four hundred million dollar anti-aircraft missile, potholes galore and last but certainly not least, the #Americant BFF, #Trump.

When I was a kid, a white lie was told when you got caught, crumbs on your face, with your hand in the cookie jar, and you deny having taken a cookie. It‘s simple form of defence, don‘t you know, against the tyranny of parents—or whatever authority is watching over you and your broken family life. Now. According to the definition above (pic), I‘m wrong. The definition above relegates a white lie to being unimportant or trivial and does no harm, etc. Let‘s see about that.

Today’s worst-post is about former prez pee-pee-hair vs what‘s left of rational thinking people in the LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. For #Trump, rational thinking people could be the same as tyrannical parents—which I‘m sure he had. The problem is, as is the case with most peoples struggling to cope with the reality of consuming-to-survive, just like Mango Mussolini btw, all think that lying is relative. And so. Does it really matter if a lie, white or not, is trivial? If so. Can a white lie be as trivial as a big lie? Obviously—it sure can.

Think: corporal vs capital punishment.

The reality is, dear worst-reader, most of us are forced or coerced, in one way or the other, to kick the lie habit that childhood, broken or not, forces upon us. And that’s a good thing, right? For it should be common sense, from the get-go, that lying can, when pushed to the limits, make life difficult. But we’re #Americants, eh. Wait. Did I just worst-write common sense with the mention of a certain nationality? #Nomatter.

Lying effects relationships whether friend, lover or foe. It can ruin careers and burn bridges. And it can certainly ruin ones taste for cookies—out of Mom‘s cookie jar. Then again. If the lying life doesn’t or can‘t change, should it provide a lavish and luxuries life—for those who can pull it off because they know nothing else? You know. People like #Trump and most #OKBoomers. The privileged ones. The ones who have lived the lie that is meritocracy. Or. If you are reared in a world of lies, should it be a surprise to anyone that a new generation is falling for it? You know. George Santos or the physical manifesting of Beavis, Matt Gaetz? And let‘s not forget the daily use of lying (and cheating) that is a corporation—who are people too.

I no longer think about how or why #Trump and his kind aren‘t prosecuted. It‘s obvious that between the DOJ and moneyed interests, something has gone beyond being simply über wrong. #Americant! The only question I have is when will enough people wake up? Enough being more than a political majority. And that‘s where the ticket is, eh, dear worst-reader. The genius of #Trump is not his abilities to lie and cheat and grift. No. He‘s obviously been caught with a hand in the cookie jar his whole life. And so. It‘s the genius of the moneyed interests combined with political ideology that facilitates and enables lying and grifting and buffoonery at a cultural, social, political, WWE way of life—which so many are coerced, forced to assume.

Considering the recent evidence released from a defamation lawsuit filed against FoxNews can it be more obvious how a cultural of lies and grifting and scamming has permeated every aspect of life? Or is this the best evidence ever that it‘s time to stop via regulation—severe regulation—the political propaganda laid out for all to see twenty-four seven on the TV that turns so many people into complete and utter dunces? Indeed. Life can be a cookie jar even when the jar is empty.

#Americant, baby!

Rant on.



Stupidity Weaponization Galore

It is, dear worst-reader, the greatest LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID ever. Oh, how I miss it. As in. You know. This expat misses home–even though I‘ve obviously found another home. A home away from home. A home that it is, only, a few hundred kilometers away from Europe‘s greatest war since, well, since you should know when. And what do I miss from my beloved & missed #Americant? The guns? No. The fake teets? Yes. The illusion of greatness? Indeed. That said, did you read that recent NYT article? You know. The article that kinda dropped the bomb on former prez pee-pee-hair‘s claim that his whole world, a world that he slimes around in and devours from the inside, not unlike an excrement parasite, with the claim certain things have been weaponized all in the name of crucifying him? Oh man, dear worst-reader. Just when you thought it couldn‘t get any worst. That it couldn‘t devolve beyond the rampant, useless murder-death-kill that is the 2nd Amendment rum amok. Right before your eyes and the mirror you refuse to look in–because dead souls have no reflection–all that is left is the utter uglies of disgusting old men who have carried that/a chip on their shoulder since the moment their disgusting and vile mothers birthed them. The grand old party, baby.

But before I get too far off worst-topic. The NYT article, baby.

On one of Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham’s trips to Europe, according to people familiar with the matter, Italian officials — while denying any role in setting off the Russia investigation — unexpectedly offered a potentially explosive tip linking Mr. Trump to certain suspected financial crimes. -Source link below

Wow. Where to begin. On a trip to Europe, Italy provided US government weaponized goons with tips regarding possible financial wrong doing by former prez Mango Mussolini. The key thing to keep in mind here is that these goons were working for Mango Mussolini. That is. They were working for him to try, through obvious and dubious means, to discredit the Mueller Report, aka the Russia Investigation. In other worst-words. Government cronies of former prez piss-hair were not only bathing themselves but lathering themselves to the hilt with conflicted interests. I guess they thought that lathering things might cover up the stench of their obvious corruption. Drain the swamp anyone? Or? It continues.

Ok. Ok. I get it why the Italians might know something about the former orange vomit president and his Mediterranean conniving. Keep in worst-mind, dear worst-reader, the Mediterranean is awash in Russian oligarchy $hit money. Where was it? Cyprus? Since the fall of the Soviet Union, hasn‘t Cyprus been the oligarchs island of choice when it comes to turning Rubels into Dollars? How much of Trump‘s foreign so-called golf assets were part of Russian oligarch money laundering–via The Med? How was he able to finance being able to put his vile name on Scotland’s oldest golf course? But on that note I should die-gress.

But that’s not all.

The memos were part of a trove provided to the C.I.A. by a Dutch spy agency, which had infiltrated the servers of its Russian counterpart. The memos were said to make demonstrably inconsistent, inaccurate or exaggerated claims, and some U.S. analysts believed Russia may have deliberately seeded them with disinformation. -Source see link below

The NYT article continues by referencing Dutch spies and how Europe‘s wooden-shoe people may or mayn‘t have information that either discredits or legitimizes the infamous Steele dossier. Ok. Hold a sec. The article doesn‘t do that directly. But. Based on what I‘m reading from this article, there is obviously some very salacious stuff that I‘m sure a lot of powerful people don‘t want revealed–and this article skirts around all that stuff ingeniously. For example. You remember the Steele dossiers, right? You know. It‘s the one where former prez Cheeto jeezus partook in turning a Moscow hotel bed, where Barak and Michelle Obama had once slept, into a urinal. Worst-writer‘s only question regarding this activity is three fold–and wouldn‘t it be great if the truth were someday revealed?

  1. Did Trump pay hookers to do the peeing?
  2. Did Trump do the peeing?
  3. Is Trump one of those men who likes being peed on?

But. Again. I die-gress.

The most shocking thing about this article, in my worst-opinion, is how the authors are probably holding back the majority of significant stuff–due to the disgusting, vile, salacious nature that is Donald Trump– because it may or mayn’t be better to hide The Swamp than to lay it bare. I mean. This level of corruption–the highest level no doubt–is beyond blatant and obvious. It’s as though it’s so in-your-face that you can’t see it anymore. But then again. STUPID and STUPIDITY is proving itself more and more to be a very useful thing–for those in power–as #Americants continue voting for them in droves. And so…

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/26/us/politics/durham-trump-russia-barr.html

The Land Of Fluff

Alternative worst-title of this post of worst: Crime does kinda pay or definitely costs less nowadays.

Who’s celebrating, dear worst-reader? Or is it not worth celebrating that former prez pee-pee-hair kinda was found guilty on tax fraud? I worst-say kinda guilty because, well, he’s not called teflon Donny for nothing. In other worst-words, only two of his so-called organisations were found guilty. Who even knows how many organisations he has? With the recent verdicts, though, it seems that some penalties will be levied on Cheeto jeezus. And so. It’s kinda sad-hill-larry-us how the system that is the united mistakes of #Americant just can’t seem to ever-never do the right thing when it comes to all-things #Americant, especially #Americant crime. Then again. I reckon it can do the right thing when it comes to controlling poor people. Jails are full of poor people. But the rich? The privileged? The Haves and the Have-Mores? Man-o-man. What a scam life really is. The good news? Mango Mussolini is facing a few more legal troubles. The other news? Come on. He’ll never spend a day in jail. I know. I know. I’m laughing too.

Giggle giggle.

Rant (and steal) on.


Link: https://crooksandliars.com/2022/12/trump-organization-found-guilty-all

The Top Secret

Included were markings related to NATO, foreign nuclear information, and the United States nuclear information, covering atomic weapons and navy nuke propulsion.

What Was Trump Planning To Do With Those Top Secret Documents? | Crooks and Liars

In a way, dear worst-reader, I’m going out on a limb with this worst-post. A thin limb. Or maybe a half limb. Indeed. A weak limb. Namely. I’m going to defend Mango Mussolini regarding the recent raid on his two-bit, stuck in the 1970s (see that carpet below the docs?), pseudo-disco beach club down in that $hit-hole known as Florida. And I’m not sure if, maybe, there was/is a better way to handle this truly #Americant krapp.

So let me just put this out there. Did they really have to raid the place? I mean. I get it. Government, DOJ, FBI… They gotta do what they gotta do. You know. Cheeto Jeezus was given ample time to return all those docs. And the orange vomit prez did obviously obstruct on that front. Again. I get it. But what about this?

As much as I despise the man–and I also believe that my beloved & missed #Americant deserves or should I worst-say has earned him–I don’t really think he’s a risk to national security. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, fomer prez piss-hair has squirted the law his whole life by doing basically two things. First. He does not rip-off elites. Most people that get prosecuted for wheeling and dealing and grifting and scumming do so because they ripped off the wrong people. The best example of this is the likes of Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli. Former idiot-prez doesn’t do stuff like that.

Second. As a two-bit, wannabe pseudo crime boss, projecting all that his mind knows, that can only mirror what he sees on TV, he doesn’t have the balls to tangle with forces and power that would require either mental or physical strength. Am I the only one to not have missed how the likes of William Barr obviously dealt with him. Every time Barr talks about dip$hit Trump you can smell the contempt. Or how he had to give up pretty early on in his pseudo-presidency appearing with high-ranking US military officials? I mean, what four-star general wants to stand next to an obvious pussy? Or have you missed his unshakeable demeanor that is the shadow of trust-fund and parental excrement tutelage. No. Seriously. His whole family from the get-go is but one thing: pure, walking, talking, $hit. But I digress.

Still. I’ll have to say it again. I don’t think former prez pee-pee-hair would sell-out #Americant with top secret documents. Would he maybe try to pawn the stuff that he thought needn’t be top-secret and have the proper judgement for that? Who knows. When it comes to making a buck or ripping off stupid people, he’s already shown what he’s capable of. Will worst-writer be proven wrong and eventually it will come to light that some of those docs have already been leaked into the wild and are at this moment jeopardizing intelligence or human assets? Gee-whiz. I sincerely hope not. Then again. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a former prez rot in jail for espionage and treason?

Rant on.


Faux Newz Blood & Guts Worn On Your Emotion Sleeve

Yet another newz article that makes worst-writer think about #Americant elitism (which means you’re not like us), white privilege (which means white people are incapable of coping with their status in society, especially the lower white classes) and affluenza (which means rich people think they can get away with murder because, well, they’re rich). And so. When the likes of Alex Jones employs the same kinda argument and/or pseudo-logic that the things he says shouldn’t be taken seriously on account… Worst-writer is like… How f’n stupid can the LAND OF FREEDOM TO BE STUPID get? Then again, it ain’t just talking $hitheads like Jones that make up this grand #Americant problem. The lawyer representing both former prez pee-pee-hair and who also worked with dumbarse Rudy Guilliani also makes the claim that her privilege and elitism means she too can make ludicrous claims in the public square that are equivalent to screaming fire in a theatre when, indeed, there is no fire–and there is no ramification. And so. How many people are dead from the mob trampling that is #Trumpism? I guess, the thing that separates what goes on at faux-newz and what happens when free-speech is abused/exploited, is a fine line. Oh, how it shames me, saddens me, to say such a thing. But what is there to do, dear worst-reader? It is #Americant.

Rant on.


Link: https://www.thedailybeast.com/the-truly-sinister-message-behind-the-rights-defense-of-its-lies

In Scam And Old Underwear We Trust

Source of pic: #interwebnet screenshot

Alternate worst-title: Surprise! Your whole life has been a scam.

Get a load of the article linked below, dear worst-reader. Can you believe what’s going around in the newz lately? Of course, it has to do with banks, don’t you know. I mean, what else is there in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Banking here, banking there. And then there’s finance. And so. That’s right. Regulators and banks are saying that credit card contributions to former prezident piss-hair amount to three percent of all credit card fraud claims for the year of your lord 2020. Again. Can you believe it? Of course you can’t believe it. You’ve been scammed your whole life–and you probably still use #interwebnet sites like facebag to communicate and surf. Which means, for you, need there be a difference between right and wrong? I mean, is there any better way to see your life as nothing but a cog in the wheel of scam? Whether you’re having a sincere look at the real problem of getting people vaccinated–which amounts to nothing more than pharmaceutical companies gauging the needy–or you’re wondering where prezident piss-hair’s only legislative achievement has gone–namely, his infamous 2017 tax cut that enabled corporate #Americant plus the already rich to secure even more wealth on the backs of others via banking-finance krapp like stock buy-backs–you’re so deep up to your chin in greed-$hit that a simple little credit card scam that has been gauging the really, really, really stupid of the #Americant idiocracy–can’t mean much. But on that note I should die-gress. Or should I?

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. Like most in everything of former prezident piss-hair’s #MAGA world, unless something drastic is done there’s probably no chance of changing the scam. For the scam is #Americant, baby. #Trump is only the most obvious player in that scam. Perhaps he’s even the most successful player. Which means, whether you’re covering your face with a mask of $hit or #Trump’s cum, make sure you’re wearing the most comfortable pants you can afford, preferably pants not unlike those old fashion undergarments aka unionpants. You know the pants, don’t you dear worst-reader? Dip$hitters from the past wore them all the time. You know. The go-getters, the first suckers of industrial wasteland that would become 20th century#Americant. They loved their unionpants on account, with that access flap, they provided the convenience for not only bodily excretions but also for showing your obedience and submission to the perverse patriarchy. Indeed.

Rant on.


Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/03/us/politics/trump-donations.html

Salacious Lurid #Americant Galore, Baby

Alternate worst-title: #Trump, Roger Stone, Matt Gaetz and the man-child $hit$how that is the bottom trolling of #Americant with a bit from Oliver Stone’s JFK.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

Sometimes, dear worst-reader, the waters recede enough and the bottom is revealed. And what a bottom it is, eh. But does that mean you finally know why a man’s underwear is brown in the back, yellow in the front and red in-between? No. Perhaps it does not. Or. Perhaps we should stick with bottom trolling metaphors instead of dirty man underwear–which in and of itself is better than swamp-talk. This may or may not also be true (relevant) when it comes to facing your devils by having coercive carnal knowledge with a man as he turns around to give you a better view of what it is you’re about to… Indeed.

Since the election of prez piss-hair in 2016, including the reveal of his golden showers in a Moscow hotel, a scene and/or character development from Oliver Stone’s brilliant movie JFK has lingered in my worst-mind. This scene, as far as worst-writer is concerned, is a huge tell-all about what’s just below the surface of greed-mongering #Americant–that can and must lead to the likes of #Trump, #MAGA, tea-party, etc. Perhaps you remember the scene, dear worst-reader. It is the scene where Clay Shaw, David Ferrie and Wille O’Keefe role-play as Greek gods in a drug-infused gay orgy. No? Don’t remember that scene? Ok. Let’s go there, shall we.

Source: screenshot from the interwebnets of the film JFK

In Oliver Stone’s JFK, Clay Shaw is being interviewed by Jim Garrison. Shaw is a prominent New Orleans business man. During this interview Oliver Stone utilises flashbacks in order to depict the private life of Shaw. These flashbacks show Shaw’s homosexuality and his New Orleans, French Quarter lifestyle. Included in the debauchery is David Ferrie and Willie O’Keefe. Now, from what I recall about this movie, it is important to note that the character of Willie O’Keefe is the only made-up character in the movie. That is, Shaw and Ferrie actually existed and were part of the (real) Jim Garrison investigation. Which begs worst-writer’s question: why does Oliver Stone have to make-up O’Keefe for the development of the Clay Shaw character? Or. Perhaps. A better question to ask is: why do we have to split hairs on whether or not #Trump likes to watch girls pee or if he prefers having them pee on him? But I die-gress.

Here’s where we get into a bit of the reveal which is my beloved & missed #Americant. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, there is a bottom below the surface that is always yearning to be revealed. Or is it? It is an ugly bottom, don’t you know. It is also a disgusting bottom. A bottom of ill repute and vile and it is full of the waste of man-children never allowed to grow-up and out of the confines of their equally disgusting parentage, especially their fathers and mothers. (Insert redundancy laugh here.) And as much as #Americant would like to keep that bottom covered, hidden, out of sight, there are times when it must be revealed, i.e. the reveal. What better way to reveal such a reality than by the magic of Hollywood–or the antics of right-wing, $hitbag politicians that have never-ever had an original thought (check out video link below)? Also. Perhaps the control of this reveal is the greatest achievement that is the social and cultural experiment of #Americant–and its über, pseudo-fascist government. I mean. We see the disgust and vile in other countries. Yet somehow the red, white and blue has covered our vile for most of our history. Or has it?

American flag stained

The reason Oliver Stone had to insert a bit of his own interpretation of #Americant history, with the advent of the Willie O’Keefe character, is simple. How does one reveal what’s below the surface when people are incapable of looking at it as it is revealed? I mean. Certain realities simply need NOT be made obvious. Or? Is this not especially true of sexuality? Is this not especially true of (any) country that is obsessed with sex–as a commodity? This is where Oliver Stones’ script for JFK is fcuking brilliant. By portraying not only the activities of characters that operate underneath the surface of #Americant and, hence, conspired to murder Kennedy, the great weakness of righteousness that simply wanted to find the perpetrators of a crime, is also revealed. Namely, that righteousness is embodied in Jim Garrison who, it is said, was obsessed with Clay Shaw because Shaw was so blatantly homosexual–and patriotic. Actually, dear worst-reader, homo need not be used here. Sex is the only thing worth mentioning. Well, that and money and power. Moving on.

The great Clinton and his blue dress. Source: interwebnet screenshot.

Which brings me to Matt Gaetz, Roger Stone and, of course, former prez piss-hair. How would you like your sex scandal served? You know, served so that it maintains your power? How about a little bit from the mud from the bottom of the river, just below the lake, where troll ships dig up rotting carcasses to feed the many and the needy that is the $hit$how of greed. Or. How ’bout this. Since the likes of Matt Gaetz is pretty common place in this new post prez piss-hair right-wing Republican Party, how should one go about taking down his (her?) enemies? Indeed. Could it be that the whole Gaetz scandal has come about because, well, Gaetz was too stupid in how he was trying to take down fellow republicans that wouldn’t support prez piss-hair? Remember, this young, spoiled-rotten, Florida privilege-boy went around the floor of the House of Representatives showing-off pictures of naked girls for sale. You mean, to actually sell them? Or was he simply trying to set someone up? Sound familiar? Wasn’t that Jeffrey Epstein’s entire game, as in, setting up rich and powerful men with young women in order to extort from them? Hence, Gaetz’s loud claim of how he’s being extorted? Freudian Projection anyone? Moving on.

Source: screenshot of Geatz with Roger Stone from Reddit

The recent scandal of Florida House of Representative Matt Gaetz is causing me to bust a gut laughing, dear worst-reader. Reason? Can this stuff actually be written? You know, as in, written down for a film or a play or a novel? At this point in my worst-contemplation, I’m actually wondering if Gaetz has licked the knob of Roger Stone? I mean. Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein, #Trump, etc. Are all present? Or. Perhaps. At the behest of Roger Stone perhaps Gaetz has had carnal relations with Stone’s dead mother–in order to make sure you know who/what owns you? Does #Trump consider that entertainment, too? Or do you doubt that the likes of Roger Stone has the corpse of his dead mother tucked under a sheet in the bed he shares with his wife and other confederates? If you have a good look at Gaetz’s face, which kinda reminds me of Beavis, could there be a greater duschbag face that a world of rational people would want to punch? Also. Could it get more obvious how #Americant and it’s self-anointed, meritless class structure–which can only give rise to the likes of Matt Gaetz–is not only rotten (from the inside) but literally rotting in front of your (our) eyes? Still want to worst-talk about SWAMPS? And is worst-writer the only one to fantasize about the reality that Gaetz’s sex problem has to be connected to Roger Stone’s and to prez piss-hair’s? Remember. Roger Stone has the bust of Richard Nixon tattooed on his back between his shoulders. Is there any better way to communicate your presence? Need I even mention the mothers that raised these $hitbags?

Pic source: screenshot from the interwebnets

Anywho. Back to bottom trolling under the surface of #Americant where bodies and lives and honesty and merit and value and ugly men’s underwear all rest… rotting… rotting… rotting and waiting forevermore for the rotting to end. Yeah. Laugh with me, dear worst-reader. You can’t write this stuff down. Then again. Who ever thought #Americant would allow itself to stoop as lows as it’s been stooping since, gee, I don’t know, the fcuking Reagan revolution…

Indeed, dear worst-reader. This is what happens when you have a world where sexual repression, greed and the love of death rule you.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Too Many Notes Understanding #Americant and #MAGA, Or Maybe Not

Source of pic: see link below

Things are complicated, eh, dear worst-reader. You know, like Mozart’s music, as the king of Austria once said: you use too many notes. Yet, this article, as academic as it may be, is kinda interesting. I mean. Even though I’m a fan of comparing my beloved & missed #Americant to the Weimar Republic–because the Weimar Republic is probably one of the best ways of understanding the rise of fascism–I often wonder why others don’t do the same. Does this mean that worst-writer has any sort of academic validity? Of course not. But $hits&giggles aside. On the other hand, it behoves me to grasp why anyone would want to be a professor of Thomas Mann’s writing. I mean. I splattered around a few pages here and there written by Mann in my wild reading days. But be assured of this: I never got to the end of any of it. I can say the same for Hemingway, as well. But before I get too far off worst-subject. 

There is one key thing I’ve taken from this article. The author is pretty thorough in noting that #nomatter what happens before or after #Trump, the likes of #MAGA transcend him. 

German novelist Thomas Mann spent most of World War II rallying the American people against Nazism and exhorting them to stand up for democratic values. Yet he also understood that no democracy can survive by culture alone — it also needs social justice to thrive.

Source: What Thomas Mann Can Tell Us About Defending Democracy

Rednecks Lead By White Trash

Pic source: screenshot from the interwebnets

Only in #Americant, baby. I mean. There you have it. Or have you not heard about former president piss-hair’s corporate-like-meeting via conference call with the Secretary of State of the state of Georgia? I mean. Again. If this doesn’t get under your gander and make you think twice about who and what you are and where you live… geez-us-age-christ, baby! It’s no longer a joke about whether or not this man is a complete and total fool. In fact, he’s so friggin’ stupid, you gotta wonder if maybe, just maybe, he’s not only one-hundred-eighty-degrees stupid but perhaps he’s the full go-round three-hundred-sixty-degrees stupid. You follow what I’m trying to get at, dear worst-reader?

There is such a thing as stupid and stupider. Or?

Ok. Let me put it another worst-way. My beloved & missed united mistakes talks a lot here and there about political polarisation. You know, as in, Democrats are on this side and Republicans on the opposite side. But I don’t quite see it that way. And from the get-go, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to go down the route of false equivalences. For me there are clear and obvious differences between the two parties which has made me NOT vote for a Republican since Reagan’s first term–which was, btw, the first time I could vote and I’m obviously carrying the shame of that till today. Moving on.

The thing about degrees of stupid, dear worst-reader, is kinda important. For you see, don’t you know, that’s kinda #Trump’s M.O. If he’s smart about anything it’s about how to get away with murder–by playing stupid. I mean, I’m sure he says to himself $hit like: if a real murderer can get off by pleading insanity, why can’t I rip-off suckers who throw money at me, including the government? This is the nuance of blue vs white collar crime, i.e. corporate crime, dear worst-reader. This is where you tell the difference between blatant criminality and political corruption. It’s how you use The Law to jimmy things to the point where maybe no one will notice and, even better, no one will care. This is the only area where I’ll give former prez goldenshower praise. As a con-man and pseudo, wannabe mafia fan-boy, Trump has really pulled the wool over the eyes of not just seventy-four million idiots but a whole bunch of Neo-con right-wing cocksuckers, too.

The good news is, at least this time (i.e. the 2020 presidential election), there were just enough (somewhat) smart people out there to dislocate prez pee-pee-hair. The bad news is, how many of the eighty-two million that voted for old-fart Biden are gonna stay in the game? For that’s how degrees of stupid really get-on, dear worst-reader. Things become so convoluted. There is so much deflection. The sound one should hear is full of so much noise. It’s easy to just sit back in your Korean made lazyboy, turn on your Chinese made TV or maybe take a Sunday drive (everyday) in your vehicle that, although it bares an American name, was never actually touched during assembly-only, with all its parts made abroad, in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

As the newz goes on and on about impeachment #2, worst-writer has been trying to figure out which one of prez piss-hair’s crimes is actually the worst? Or. Perhaps the question should be: has he actually ever committed a crime that is blatant enough to dispel the nuances of degrees? Obviously his pal Jeffrey Epstein finally got caught in his blatant criminality. But does such a comparison really make #Trump a smart guy?

Oh well. WTF.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post:

Fake It Till You Make It

Screenshot of a doctored pic from a #Trump boat rally.

The almost, worst-writer, true story of #Americant, the greatest land of FREE-TO-BE-STUPID the universe has ever received and for proof of the proof all one has to do is get a load of #OKBoomer, the generation that failed to grow up. The generation stuck in nostalgia. High school was never graduated. Pom-poms attract all attention. And your real puppies are your children’s shadows. Or maybe not.

What is a generations greatest achievement? How can it be measured? Is there a microscope or other technique available for empirical data gathering? Who the fcuk knows. At the worst-least, one can simply have a good look at what’s been left behind, especially now that the #OKBoomer plague reeks havoc on such a deserving group of $hitbags. With that in worst-mind, worst-writer best-guesses that #OKBoomer’s greatest achievement is nothing less that FAILING UPWARD or fake it till you make it. I mean, look at the $hit they’ve done that culminates in the likes of #Trump. Or maybe not.

How to set the stage of a world based on failing upward? First. There has to be a lot of TV. TV that is perfectly moulded to minds. You’ve already got the minds, of course, don’t you know. Just visit a Walmart. Get a load of the clothes everyone wears, too. Then, just to be sure, check out interwebnet videos of #MAGA leisure boats sinking while promoting President Pee-Pee-Hair’s re-election. And so. Same here, same there. And by-the-buy. Sure, there are a few trinket differences in the fail upward $hitshow as in, say, some wear bumper stickers, others lapel pins, and some take pictures of sunken leisure boats as they suck the fat nipples of money-galore Poseidon.

Second. The mind setting of the stage is a bit more complex than costuming that stage. Here one needs to understand the intricacies of content. Take a look at all that TV which has given the world #OKBoomer #Americant. Generation after generation, post WW2 of course, is pumped full of nonsense and feelings. Brain food, indeed. Take, for example, the #Americant sitcom. Especially the family sitcoms. Whether it’s a real-world show (Married With Children) or a cartoon (Simpsons, South Park1), the brain is dependent on the content. Content, hence, rules. Or. At best. Is profitable. (For adverts.) But before I get too far off worst-subject.

The #OKBoomer generation has screwed the pooch. But what should one do with a peoples that never grew up or that never grew out of the shadow of misconstrued parenting? Don’t believe for a second that the generation that gave us #OKBoomner is any better. Greatest Generation, may arse. And so. What else can these morons do but leave the world in havoc and chaos and misdeeds? I mean, wars-of-choice, catastrophic economics, porn, etc. Well. I guess the porn’s pretty good. But I die-gress.

Once the lights go out and time stops (death), the only thing that matters is what you’ve left behind. Considering generation X, millennials, etc., things ain’t lookin’ rosey. If that’s the case, hell must be a pretty big place, probably filled with #Trump failed hotel deals. Or maybe not?

Rant on.


This post in part motivated by links:

  1. Yes. South Park. Or do you actually believe, dear worst-reader, that those are cartoon children you’re gawking at? ↩︎

The Snake

Trump loves to be caught and not be punished. Throughout the 2016 campaign, he recited the poem “The Snake,” a story of treachery that mocks the victims: “You knew damn well I was a snake before you let me in.” It is not enough for Trump to commit a crime. He needs to let you know that he got away with it. Others in his camp, like Roger Stone, share the same predilection. The thrill is in the flaunting, the in-jokes, the admissions so blunt that, perversely, few take them seriously. That’s also where the tell is, if you are working for law enforcement, but these days, federal law enforcement works for Trump.

Hiding In Plain Sight, Sarah Kendzior

Empirical Observation Of The Masses

This uncritical embrace of authority for its own sake is similar to the excuses given for the refusal of officials to address the attacks on the 2016 election in depth. (The Russians want us to distrust the integrity of the US election process, the pundit explains, therefore we must never, ever question what the Russians did to the election process!) The trustworthiness of a process or person was to be dictated from above by “history’s actors,” not decreed from below by the empirical observations of the masses. What (Karl) Rove did in that interview—and what Trump does now—was take the ruse one step further, and admit to manipulation openly, not even giving the public the illusion of an honest broker.

Hiding In Plain Sight, Sarah Kendzior

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


End Times Hiding In Plain Sight

In the 1990s, history ended with the specter of the wealthiest men in the world raping teenage girls provided by a mafia-affiliated blackmailer. History ended in a sealed file, history ended in a silent scream, history ended with the last man warning you that if you tell anyone, you’d end too.

Hiding In Plain Sight, Sarah Kendzior

Rant on.


The Glory Of Squander

Been saying it for years, dear worst-reader. The squander of it all. As in: American Squander. This inner saying, though, has taken on variation, I have to admit that. Now it goes something like this: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. I mean, come on. Am I wrong reaching the conclusion that in order for a country like my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant to get to the likes of #Trump there has to be a lot of stupid to go ’round? Just give a look/listen to the broadcast and digital airwaves back home. The advent of reality TV is indeed a quagmire, as well–which has resulted in the likes of #Trump. The genius of disguising/cloaking stupidity in entertainment or newz is a godsend for the mindless masses, don’t you know. Worst-speaking of mindless masses. Forget entertainment. Just call it all newz. Since I can remember vividly listening to NEWS as far back as the late 1960s, it’s easy for worst-moi to say that it’s changed. Changed for the better? Changed for profit. And there you have it, dear worst-reader. The conclusion of all conclusions. The winner take all of the game of who can be stupid the fastest with the most toys and the ugliest hair style. And so, there’s a generation chasm in the making, I’m guessing. One generation after the next, #okboomer, annihilating what is/should come. And so…

In America, though, life seems to move faster than anywhere else on the globe and each generation is promised more than it will get: which creates, in each generation, a curious bewildered rage, the rage of people who cannot find solid ground beneath their feet. -James Baldwin Notes of a Native Son, from in the opening of “The Age of Illusions: How America Squandered Its Cold War Victory.”

Perhaps I’ll read the book written by the interviewee in the accompanying link/video below. Perhaps not. Do I need to read more about what I already know? About what I’ve lived through and runaway (expatriate) from? Or. Perhaps a better question is: who is gonna write the definitive work about that which can result in #Trump? Indeed, dear worst-reader. Perhaps it’s time to stop making fun of #Trump. Instead, perhaps it’s time to get to the heart and soul of the 60m people, DasVolk, who give the world #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Toxic Male Delusion And Such

Been meaning to post something about this jerk-off for some time now. And don’t you know, dear worst-reader, it’s been an inner fight to do so. I mean, come on. How many of these men should I worst-write about? The problem is, toxic men are running this worst-world. Am I the only one that knows that? Of course not. How presumptuous of worst-moi. Or? Which constantly makes worst-moi beg the question: am I toxic too? Oh how this coincides with the mutant Harvey Weinstein or the bat$hit that is President Stupid. These men, John McAfee, #Trump, Weinstein, Cosby, along with countless other men who think (are delusional) they’ve achieved in life, have one significant thing in common: in their heart of hearts they are scumbags. Either that or they simply cannot know love. Does worst-writer know love? Perhaps not–for I am divorced. But when given the chance to have “intercourse” (as indicated in the vid above) I would rather get to know someone first, find a connection, figure out how to make it nice for both of us–and then truly fall in love with the birth of a child, divorce here or there. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

Say what you will armchair psychologists the world over, McAfee and his ilk are another level of toxic manliness and I worst-say they are abundant in the world today. Indeed. They are manifest in at least two generations of men. But what is it that steers these men down this path that is ultimately about abusing, dominating one half of humanity? What makes them do this sort of thing? And don’t forget, even though the politically conservative powers-that-be have been trying to sweep the Steel Dossier under the rug, it somehow lingers in the ether between all things fake and a few things that are real. Is it splitting proverbial hairs to ask whether or not #Trump likes young, vulnerable, poor women to poop in his mouth or pee in it or just watch gorgeous Russian whores pee on the same bed that Barry-O and his wife slept on in a Russian $hitbag hotel in the middle of Moscow? Just look at the eyes of President Stupid, John McAfee, Weinstein & Co. These men are the epitome of manliness today. They own it. They make it. They dictate it. And all because everyone else languishes in anti-intellectualism thinking there is nothing left to be done–but make a buck, even if it means only doing so on the backs of someone else. And so, your choices are #Americant or, perhaps, the burning bush that is Australia, i.e. just like a man, don’t you know, to make Mother Nature suffer on account a few white men can’t be convinced how shitty they really are. Or maybe not.

Good luck choking on it suckers.

Rant on.


Impeachment Galore

trump stubby

Admiring Nancy Pelosi lately, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. When I read that she was holding back submitting articles of impeachment to the Senate, I giggled and smirked and danced the hoochi-kuh. What a great idear, I thought. Not only should she hold back on submitting impeachment articles to the faux-newz Senate but if she can do this once, why not do it till the cows come runnin’? I mean, don’t bother even acknowledging the Senate. Just keep impeaching President Stupid–for posterity! In fact, when you run out of legitimate reason to impeach him, which there are many, impeach him a few more times for various forms of stupidity. And after that let’s see if Pelosi can find a few ways of impeaching #Americant for all its stupidity in allowing a once great nation to go down the $hithole of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

Rant on.



Epstein’s Death Conspiracy Slash Theory Solved. You’re Welcome.

Addendum (or update) to this post here.

Come on, dear worst-reader. Are you getting filled and thrilled by all the conspiracy-krapp on the interwebnets regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death? Was it suicide? Murder? Did mafia goons rip him a new one? And here’s the best one: he’s still alive. I heard someone say that in whatever $hit-talk show on the boob-inter-tube-network. There are people that think Epstein ain’t dead. You know. Like. Elvis left the building, baby. Elvis ain’t dead either. Too important to be dead. Too famous. Too many important friends. Elvis, Epstein, etc., have just left the building, baby. So chill! Let’s all go out and live our days on an island where there are no wolves and no white haired white men running around in their best wolf suits with pompadours waiting on the side of a fairytale road… on Elvis island. A wolf free island, baby. As long as daughters do what they’re told. But wait. Ironically, Elvis never bought that island. That fcuker is most definitely dead. Keeled over while on the toilet trying to push out money earned singing like an angel. And so. Doesn’t Epstein–at best–own two islands because, well, he’s a billionaire? Was Elvis ever a billionaire? Indeed. There’s a better story here than Elvis’, right? Ok. Cool.

Wait. Did I get Elvis out of the story (narrative) here? Gee, I hope so. Let’s move on.

Again. Come on, dear worst-reader. Even though it’s extremely difficult for worst-writer to get through it, I even watched/listened for about three-point-three seconds and a few lingering minutes to various crack-pots like this guy on the $hit-for-brains inter-web-net-tubes. His TAKE on the issue of Epstein’s death is bat$hit heaven, eh? But so is his TAKE on everything (yes, I’ve even held a barf-bag while watching a few of his other videos). You can tell by the way these people talk, you know. The way they breath. The way they pound their chests. Bat$hit heaven, baby. And. By-the-buy. On a kinda worst-writer side-note. How the fcuk can some of these inter-tube-google-freaks even get an audience? He’s got almost a million subscribers. Oh yeah. Wait. There’s gotta be a whole lot of stupid out there. And you know what happens to minds with a whole lot of stupid, right? Talk about extra crawl space waiting for bull$hit galore.

Beware of salesmen selling you everything.

I also read a few things here and there–you know, from other crackpot online sources, aka the newz aka the big-guns, i.e. NYT, WP, LATimes, etc. Of course, I avoid anything faux-newz. Remember, dear worst-reader. I was raised/reared in #Americant. I’ve had enough of listening to those who only make an audience stupider. Such a hard road it’s been, eh, getting all that stupid out of my system. Do I feel bad for my brethren, sisters and cousins back home who are still stuck in the stupid? Yeah, sure. Why not. Giggle. Giggle. Giddy w/laughter. So. With that in mind, do you want to know something I’ve learned about life and avoiding stupid? Steer away from $hit like faux-newz–and the arm-chair know-it-all a$$holes like the guy I linked to above. Get your own mind.

A worst-mind conclusion.

My worst-conclusion–even before his death–is that Epstein is but another useless rich-guy whose existence served only one thing: money. It’s the essence of #Americant and a generation, dear worst-reader. You know, those $hitbag boomers and their greed-mongering. The generation that thinks it actually did something other than inherit. Sure, there are a few boomers worth a hoot. You know, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. All the others are just like Epstein, if not worse. Which means, when a bit a truth comes out about you, when your narrative/story runs out of glare-glam, what’s left? Oh, the emptiness of living for money and the stories it enables. Even glare-glam #Americants don’t like empty lies. Those lies gotta be full. They gotta be shinny. The gotta reflect the sun-God–just like #Trump’s hair. Indeed. What we’ve learned from the get-go of this #Americant story of money is that beyond being a pedophile, Epstein, like so many others, is nothing but a fcuking two-bit liar. You know, #Americant. Yeah. That’s how the place has been rolling for the past fifty or so years. Just tell another #Americant you’re a billionaire and heck… they’ll elect you president. They’ll even artificially inflate the centre of the financial world. Lies serve purpose. Lies are meaning. Oh. And when all else fails, find your exit.

Oh well.

Telling and living a lie ain’t no small task–if you want the big bucks. That is the essence of the boomer generation. But, let’s give credit where it’s due. These a$$holes are really good at one thing–other than lying, that is. Getting people to suck-up to them. And how do you do that? Easy. Take advantage of the disadvantaged, the poor, the desperate, the young. That’s where the AMERICAN DREAM, hard-work, play by the rules, etc., gets into the $hitshow. You know, that which can only lead to #Trump and his mantra of failing upwards, i.e. the essence of making things great again. Indeed, dear worst-reader. There is a social phenomenon plaguing the systematic forced decline of the western world so as to save a bunch of inheritors who’ve never done a friggin thing–except, maybe, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And it’s all due to back-seaters (the lumpenproletariat) never turning away as the ride that is their life screws their momma’s, their wive’s, the daughter’s pooch. What should be done with an entire generation of people who are so stupid that all they can do is obsess over conspiracy, propaganda, the imaginary elephant in the room, #Trump? Oh wait. There are sex abusing monsters who must get inline to be forgiven, find atonement, seek redemption… via the God of money that is god-money-fearing evangelist #Americant.

Is you fcuked yet!

Indeed. A narrative can go a long way in a society hell-bent on never-ever waking up to reality. And so. Hail Disney! Hail the dream! Hail!–that all things bad and evil and real happen to someone else’s daughter first. The only problem is, dear worst-#Americant, you’re running out of daughters. #MeToo? Yeah, that’s the ticket, don’t you know. Who/what controls the what/where/when/how for a wide and vast audience of avoiding the truth galore?

Forsaken daughters.

In short, Epstein is the #Americant narrative. How else is the likes of #Trump or the uglies of political conservatism possible? #Trump, by-the-buy, plays a role in Epstein’s narrative. Or did you not know that because you haven’t paid much attention to all those court documents that were released right before Epstein’s death? Indeed. It is a sickly, vile, disjointed and ugly narrative that my beloved & missed #Americant inherited from–of all places–Prince Andrew’s Europe. Another role player in this #Americant story, don’t you know. Of course, I’m not comparing this to Europe from today (#Eurowasteland) where I live. No. This story has been inherited from Europe of yore. You know, feudal Europe, aristocratic Europe, perverted Europe, etc. White men, white people, greed. Godly sanctioned misbehaviour, human exploitation, etc. Europe. Its gift to humanity, don’t you know.

The gift store.

Europe gave the world a new-world only so that the/this new-world could (finally) grow up to become what the old-world couldn’t. The behaviour of (white) people in this new-world should surprise no one. Unless, of course, you’re stuck in a narrative. Something from Brother’s Grimm, perhaps? Oh, how so many are stuck, don’t you know. So many #MAGA hats and all the matching red hand baskets that carry the weight of the poor, the downtrodden, strolling along someone else’s forrest named innocence or happy-time where smiling horror-wolves of white reign supreme and daughter’s parts await blemish.

As long as it happens to someone else’s daughter, right?

The bad news? Epstein is a necessity in a society that is the abyss of eternal emptiness. Like the black hole of the soul, don’t you know, this is what happens when everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–is about money. And you know the old saying, right dear worst-reader? What to do when the money runs out? In the case of the Boomer generation, all that’s left is Epstein & co. Hence the situation #Americant is in right now. Perpetual war. Failing upwards. #Trump. Or have you seen a more inept generation than the one facilitating this $hitshow?

Power: the story of money.

When the money runs out, everything is about power over the powerless. You know, the haves and the have-nots and the have-mores. Jeffrey Epstein, like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, #Trump, most of your neighbours, etc., are part of a much larger THANG than any couch-anthropologist slash worst-writer can conjure. The easy part, my easy task today, is to simply point this out. You are in the filth and ugly and disgust of your own making. You’re surrounded by it and always have been. Goodness forbid all you worst-readers out there actually wake up and find out some of this stuff on your own. Hint:

  • to both wake up and find out some stuff, you don’t need the interwebnets, you don’t need the newz, all you need is
  • look around (you)
  • get the fcuk out, quit, jump ship
  • read a fcuking book about history, empire and how $hitty men can be
  • while you’re at it, look in the fcukin‘ mirror and then think about compulsive behaviourism, i.e. doing what your told forevermore is always a mistake
  • and for goodness sake, blame your parents until evolution allows the unborn to pick their parents.

It was inevitable that #Americant show the world its true story that is a cesspool, don’t you know. A cesspool of mind-filth and man-child vulgarities. #Trump. Jefrey Epstein. Etc. But before I get too far off subject.

Kill self.

Epstein killed himself. Stop flattering your pee-brain with any other thought. There’s no mafia here. There’s no government conspiracy. The Clintons are only as stupid as any other compulsive behaviourist that managed to skip the line to the front of meaninglessness that is a moneyed career. There is no murder here. There is no connection to Jack Ruby. There is only life lost and justice suspended–all in the name of money’s best friends: greed, spite, bigotry, and those who suffer under it all. That’s all there need be. It’s everything that my beloved & missed #American is, has become, and if you must, you can thank Europe (history) and your parents for it all.

Or maybe not.

Epstein simply couldn’t get away with it anymore. His story is over. The story of his story-tellers is over. Just like #Americant? I mean. Obviously. He should have been prosecuted years ago. But we know what crime really is in the grand WEST? This is behaviourism, dear worst-reader. At its worst-best. And this is common place for a generation that has done nothing except what it’s been told. The mental, psychology outlet for this behaviour? #MeToo? Maybe. Unlike the crimes of bankers, CEOs, Presidents with pee-pee-hair, Epstein represents mechanisms that serve purpose. And so. What’s the point to life if you’re in a world of lies and you can’t tell your lies anymore and no one else is willing to tell them for you–because it might endanger theirs? As much as #Americants want to avoid it, THE DREAM has always been a limited resource, dangled just out of your reach. Or have you not had a look at how it’s distributed? But enough of my worst-non-sense, except for this almost final thought. Do you think Epstein’s mind played with the idear of what a bunch of men, who know the difference between the haves and the have-mores, would actually do to him in prison?

Maybe there is some justice out there–even if never (really) for victims.

So don’t fret, dear worst-reader. You’ll get to go on with your privilege, your inheritance, your mind full of über-stupid that is the bulwark of a once great nation-state gone to hell in a raped girl’s red hand basket–accompanied by a matching red #MAGA hat. And with that in mind, remember this, too. There are wolves out there–who don’t wear your hat(s). They see all of you with your raped red hand baskets. And they know your vulnerabilities. Your lust for money. So you might as well whistle a tune on your way along the yellow brick forrest road of a Brother Grimm fairytale to join Epstein & co. The way things are going, nothing is gonna change anytime soon. There are so many more ugly, disgusting white men out there. And so many more #Americant lies to be told.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


And What About The Moral Equivalence Of Stupid v Stupid?


On Joe Biden finally entering the race.

Indeed. What about the moral equivalence of stupid v poor? Or stupid v rich? Or poor v poor v rich? And let’s not forget, what about the moral equivalence of deplorables? Etc. I mean, seriously, dear worst-reader, does it (politics) matter at this point when it comes to whether or not Joe Biden runs for leader of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID? Well, perhaps there is something to salvage out of the Neo-liberalism latched onto by Bill Clinton so that Democrats could finally win an election post The (First) Actor elected president who found out how easy it is to fool a nation of redneck dumbasses–or as Hillary correctly called them: deplorables. Why not throw into the race an old dinosaur Democrat like Biden to see if he can be ordained? I mean, come on. What’s there to lose? Considering the current band of misfits that have already announced they are running against #Trump, all except one or two (Bernie Sanders and–aghast!–Elizabeth Warren) fit the pattern/format of fail-upwardness that is never, ever, ever having had an original thought. Never ever having had an original thought is one of the new & improved cornerstones of my beloved & missed #Americant, baby.

Of course, another thing to keep in mind, as far as Democrats go, is that Barry-O didn’t do much to counter the political genius of Bill Clinton that has so stealthily positioned the Democrats as an alternative to Republicans since Ronald Dip$hit Reagan. The thing that will remain of the two-party mis-fit-system and will be carried-on by Joe Biden (and most likely any other Democrat if elected) is that the $hitshow of corporatism, greed-mongering and the ability for one redneck dumbass to claim he’s better than another redneck dumbass based on car, cowboy hat/boots or trophy wife, it that such a mis-fit-system must go on. Too many generations have had a chance at changing it all but somehow, someway, forevermore, failed to act. Now that’s true stupid-democracy, eh!

There is one thing in Biden’s recent announcement that did tickle worst-writer’s fancy. His calling out #Trump and Charlottesville was/is a beautiful thing to hear (see vid linked to below). From the get-go, don’t you know, what happened in Charlottesville was the moment of no-return for worst-moi. It is, in fact, the same as when Dubya was re-elected. It was also a moment where, although I’ve been using the term #Americant longer, the term LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID joined my vernacular. In fact, Charlottesville was so significant for me, I lost one of the only friends I have because of his acceptance and inability to criticise #Trump’s moral equivocation of the issue. It still jolts my soul thinking of #Trump saying there are good and bad people on both sides–where only one side murdered an innocent young woman? Which also lead to all the right-wing bull$hit, continuing to this day, equating anti-fascism with fascism. I mean, come on. In a country of dumbasses, $hitkickers, deplorables, and middle-class baby boomers threatened by a life-time of enabling so much incompetence in the name of (their) greed, it cannot be expected that anyone can understand the simplicity of fascism. Most (deplorables) couldn’t even define fascism if it was written on one of their dream balloons. Thank the #Americant school system for that, baby. Remember: fixing stupid is done by making stupider. And so. There is so much (political) stupid in my beloved & missed #Americant that I no longer believe there’s a way out. Hence there is some hope that someday, somehow the phoenix may rise 1.

The one thing Joe Biden v #Trump will ensure is that the Democratic Party will never have to do what is necessary to fix the fail-upwardness Bill Clinton latched onto with Neo-liberalism as a political counterforce to the pseudo-success of Ronald Reagan’s family values, militarism-galore, etc., and the onslaught of right-wing bat$hittery. The reality is, what the country needs is FDR. My only fear is the country hasn’t failed deep enough yet for that. Then again, that would oppose what Bill Clinton so pragmatically enabled and facilitated (and dry humped) to become one of the twentieth centuries greatest politicians. Another reason, by-the-buy, why GOPers are so hateful and spiteful and can’t let go of the past, especially since they’ve been unable to produce a have decent president since, let’s say, Eisenhower. Also. Neo-liberalism is the same as right-wing-stupidism albeit without the religious bat$hittery and a bit less war-mongering. Then again, with the likes of #Trump’s authoritarianism, nothing really matters anymore anywho.

Or maybe not.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. In order for a phoenix to rise there must first be ashes to rise from. ↩︎

What Is Fascism?

So. Like. I’m sitting in the corner at the mall, a parking lot, a small table in a rainbow coloured sprinkles restaurant and Grasshopper walks up to me and asks: Dude, what is a fascism? (Yes, the question is posed just like that.)

Well, Grasshopper, I respond, it’s like this. Do you remember olden times when people were actually rational about their days and deeds and were extremely concerned about where they stuck their genitals? That’s right, those days are long gone–if they ever existed. But those days–or day–are somehow real, don’t you know. Anywho. In those days something interesting happened to the petty and the perturbed and the ones that would lead to #Trump, post Hitler, Mussolini, etc. The threat that was human existence had gone too far for a few people who run the worlds. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of ourselves.

In the beginning there was talk of communism. Let’s say we’re dealing with the mid 19th century. Karl Marx was the first to actually philosophise about the re-invention of a new & improved feudalism post the French Revolution. The French Revolution, btw, was the first attempt at ridding the world of not just feudalism but really, really useless kings and queens. Back to Marx. Marx’s philosophising, don’t you know, lead a whole bunch of people to question why they had so little after doing so much and few and fewer people had so much after doing so little. And so. A whole bunch of people organised and both pissed-off and scared those few people… a whole lot. In order to counter the many people that were organising, a few of the few and fewer thought about getting organised themselves. The many were the communists and the few and fewer would eventually become the fascists. The fascists would then fight and fight and slaughter the many so that, well, the few and fewer could just keep having more and more. Oh. And let’s not forget. Other than in Russia and France, those f’n fascists saved the rest of those arsehole kings and fcuking queens. Get it? (And enough of the italics.)

So the thing to remember, Grasshopper, is this: There would be no fascism if there were no communism. There would still be feudalism, though. Get it? And if I may just throw this little tangent in there which is perhaps for another worst-post: we would now have Neo-feudalism.

But I die-gress, baby.

In other worst-words, fascism is communisms counter revolution. The thing that holds both communism and fascism together–that makes them cousins, if you will–is authoritarianism. That is, the will of the few over the will of the many–in the most brutal way. And if you don’t like it, I’ll slap you arse, you useless-eating biatch. Get it?

To make things even more complicated, one can also put it like this: Capitalists also found a way to organise so that they could counter Communism, i.e. the revolution that so many were joining back in the day. The Capitalists turned to the privileged classes–from which the middle classes would eventually spring (rentier, neo-feudalism?)–among their ranks who would in-turn turn against the less privileged, i.e. the poor. The privileged classes gladly accepted the Capitalists as determiners of (their) fate as they also laughed and spit on the poor who would be controlled by government bureaucracy, the police state, right-wing media (set free by Ronald Reagan’s fight against the FCC Fairness doctrine), etc. And so. The poor simply became the breeders of more mindless and indoctrinated canon fodder–by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, faux newz, etc. And now you have #Trump. Get it?

Let me be clear about one more thing before I end this worst-post. Nazis are not necessarily fascists. Although Nazis employ fascists tactics (brown shirts, SS, propaganda, etc.), the true fascists that allied forced would defeat in WW2 were Italians and before that Franco’s Spain. I’m not trying to diminish the evils of Nazism here, though. Nazis were (and still are!) just as bad as fascists. But perhaps, when trying to understand the evils that men are capable of, sometimes it might be OK to split hairs. And don’t forget:

The Germans and Italians lost WW2 but the fascists won.

-George Carlin

A fascist is a pig in a man’s suit and who slaps you (or kills you) for disagreeing with him and there is nothing you can do about it because, well, …you love bacon?


More worst-writing on T’s attempt at understanding fascism? Try this or this or this.

Rant on.


Link that better describes Fascism:

The Great #Americant Ruse

Screenshot 2019-03-02 at 08.49.21

The first few articles and commentaries I read about recent congressional hearing where a convicted liar was interviewed, further extending his fifteen minutes of fame–like so many others in meritless #Americant–had me hooked.

Wow, I thought. This is great stuff.

But then Michael Cohen started talking and talking and talking. Alone that NY accent should be a signal to anyone who is cognitive. Then I thought: is he spilling the beans? That’s when something else hit me.

It’s all a ruse.

As damning as Cohen’s testimony might be, nomatter what he says, it all seems to boil down to one grand issue. Can any of the crimes President Stupid has committed really warrant prosecution? I mean, considering the state of #Americant? If President Stupid is anything, he is most certainly the best representative yet of what my beloved & missed America has become. The reason Paul Manafourt is going to jail is simple. The reason Cohen is going to jail is also simple. The reason they are all connected to #Trump is simple. In fact, President Stupid’s greatest achievement is that he has been able to stay ahead of all the other scammers in the grand scheme that is… the #Americant ruse.

The only way so few #Americants today have anything is because hundreds of thousands if not millions more can’t have anything thanks to the likes of Manafourt and Cohen and, of course, Faux-Newz, Rush, etc. You know, the working-stiff schmucks, the middle-class(es), the suckers, that make things happen while the rich take what’s left of Reagan’s supply-side trickle down. Welcome to THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID where money can be made as long as you abide.

How many more “well-off”, inherited #Americants will also ride on the backs of their benevolent suckers? Indeed. This is what happens when wealth, position, status, etc., is determined by bullshit–or, if you’re lucky enough, the proximity of your birth. If there is nothing left to earn in a system has already been earned twice over, then the only source of wealth can the un-earned. This is the process #Americant has solidified into its cultural and political core for the last thirty, forty, fifty years. This is what happens when you allow a political ideology, propped up by money–and not patriotism or morality or values–determine your political direction. And so. #Americant has become #Eurowasteland. And not #Eurowasteland of today. No. It has become 17th and 18th century neofeudalism galore, baby! But that’s neither here nor there. Am I wrong?

What I really wanted to worst-blog about today, dear worst-reader, is Cohen’s testimony. After a few hours of ingesting it I turned to my better half and said: you know what I think? I think this is all a ruse.

“A ruse? What’s a ruse,” she asked. “‘Are you trying to speak French again? Stop it. Stop it now!”

“Trickery. Shenanigans. Stuff done that helps one avoid truth, justice and the #Americant way. Cheating.” I said. “It’s all a ruse.”

“And you’re just now figuring this out,” she said. “I saw a pic of him ordering from a cheap hotel omelette bar the other day. And what about those fake pics of him eating $hitfood during the campaign while sitting on his jet? Why would one of the world’s richest men–if he is that–who is also able to become President of what you call your grand united mistakes of… how do you put it? #Americant? How come we never never never see any other rich person eat trash food or wait for an omelette at what looks like a really cheap hotel breakfast bar? Forget about this being a ruse. This is who he really is. He is what so many Americans have become. And this is what he thinks is his advantage over all of the fake-ness. You Americans are so stupid.”

The best thing about Michael Cohen’s testimony though isn’t so much what/how he says anything–even though that stupid sounding stereotypical NY accent of his is ludicrous. The best thing is, he is the worst of the worst at selling the #Americant ruse. For that alone he deserves to go to jail. This is who these people really are, don’t you know. President Stupid truly is everything #Americant has become. He is the perfect representation of an ideal. The failure of meritocracy. The illegitimacy of education and ambition. Stack it up to bad management or just plain old fashion greed that can only become arbitrary stock-market driven corporations. #Americant has gotten to this place by its own doing, don’t you know. Wanton. Willingly. That Faux-Newz exists is horrific enough. Not that I’m advocating media censorship. Let Rush Limbaugh and crew spew their mind-filth–#Americants obviously love eating it up the vomit. But that so many #Americants can’t see above any of it…? Even Micheal Cohen? The perfect pathway, the most straight venue, THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and #Trump. Here you are!

And btw. Cohen’s jail sentence of three years will probably be 18 months at most. When he gets out he’ll get rich of a book deal. A movie. Heck, he might even get a musical on Broadway. And who’s to say how much more he’ll get for taking one for the team–cause we know #Trump will never take one. Maybe he’s not such a bad Ruse maker after all.

The only reason Cohen has appeared before Congress is to further the ruse that he and his ilk have been playing on #Americant since, probably, the 1950s. Most certainly the ruse has been played since the 1970s, i.e. the period I know personally. This is what happens when a country of dunces with nice white shinny teeth can’t figure out how to get their a$$es out of a wet paper bag they’ve been in since birth. This is the behaviour that is resorted to. So make sure you behave, all you man-children. And…

Just get money–nomatter what.  The easiest the bestest.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

The Many More Layers Of Bad That Can Still Be Peeled Away

The ghosts of all the LOL I expelled from my person that night as I counted the electoral college numbers Election Day November 2016, surround me still. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, my giggles are not out of spite but instead out of tear-jerk-laughter. Oh yes my fellow and bereaved #Americant brethren. You are truly a nation-state of Stupid. But then again, what else could you do? I mean, so few of you could have joined me as I jumped ship so long ago (1989). As you thought you were basking in the glory of pre-#MAGA, I watched the #Americant ship sail on in the grimy waters of the greed $hitshow whose wake is still fuming. With that in mind, should I have empathy for those who have chosen to live pay-check to pay-check and are just now figuring out how their politics have made it so? Fcuk no! I’m also just now LOLing as I once did as I became man-over-board. Indeed. It is more silent, more subdued, less howling. But LOLing it is all the same. And get this. What I figured out that night when #Trumpism was elected by the many of #Americant, was not the disgust that he represents. No. What I have long since figured out is the simple fact that he is a facade. He is a coat worn. He is a shape-shifter of misery with an ugly smile and even uglier hair. And that’s not all. While the dunces dance and giggle around their debt and inability to pay for it, the real owners are basking in the glory of having duped EVERYONE–with their #Trump. President Stupid is just the curtain, don’t you know. You’ve yet to be shown the real show. But it’s coming. It coming as you struggle now to cause others that are only slightly more fortunate than you to have to dig deep into their coffers to prevent you from gathering a pitcfork–not to fight The Man but to continue the fight with your neighbours. You know… brother can you spare a dime? And if you can’t, why is it you have so much more than me but we all work/live/shame in the same nothingness? Since the powers-that-be, the owners, have tapped out everything else and gotten away with it toot-sweet over the last forty or fifty years, they’re now tap-tapping into what’s left. Which means, those living pay-check to pay-check will probably have to tap into their parents savings. You know, the parents (boomer generation?) that took everything and in their mean-time created faux-newz and Limbaugh. Yeah. So be mad at your #Trump and his disgusting hair and his mushroom cock as you hit the new & improved soup kitchens. You deserve him and have earned him and now it’s time to do to your parents what they’ve done to you. Indeed. There’s still one generation liquid with cash that can be milked. And milked it will be! All that’s needed is to just make kids suffer a bit more.

Rant on.


via Shutdown Exposes How Many Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Forgiven If Only Once

Subtitle: How I came to coin The Land of The Free To Be Stupid.

Bet you’re curious where I got that from, eh worst-reader? But don’t worry. It’s more than just stupid begets stupid. And. Don’t worry more: you don’t owe me a nickel every time you use what worstwriter has coined as your mind goes through the rigamarole of continuing to avoid the obvious. Indeed. The land of free to be stupid is from having learned back in suburban hell #Americant, and having gone to make-you-even-stupider High School, that for certain things done, forgiveness or absolution is only available once. That’s right. The adage: three strikes you’re out… Doesn’t apply to the politics at hand. That’s what makes me better than you, dear worst-reader. That’s what makes little old moi, the dude that jumped ship, the expat-galore living the/a high life without having to resort to petite bourgeois tendencies of not facing (my) demons, so so so so much better than…

Get this: the vid (above) and the corresponding newz link (below) have one thing in common that all #Americants have in common. That’s right. The most important issue and/or subject matter that is the current iteration of politics is not ever mentioned. Curious as to what that is? Well here you go: as bad as socialism for the rich is, as bad as republican and/or conservative politics one-upping Dubya Disp$hit Bush, etc., none of it is half as bad as those who make it all possible. While Trump, progressive news casts, or dysfunctional newz reporting, the one thing that is NEVER mentioned is the true cause of it all. That’s right, dear worst-reader. It’s not just Trump. It’s not just Dems and/or Repubs. And it most certainly ain’t the fake newz galore. The thing never mentioned is the people that make it all happen. That’s right. The regular folk. The folk that think they can think. The doers of all evil doings. Spoiled rotten #Americants that lost their way. Which brings me full circle to the title of this post. For certain things done, there is no forgiveness! That’s why I learned back in the 80s, after my first ever vote, that I would never again vote for a republican. And to this day I never have. Nor have I ever voted for anyone or any party that enables what republicans stand for. As bad as Dems are, in my life time (1963+) there is no precedence where they have pursued politics of a nature that would give rise to Bush, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and now Trump–and of course, Faux Newz. And please: no both-siderism bull$hit! And so…

Of all the magnanimous, delightful, shinny #Americants that complain about losing hold on any claim to a living standard and/or alleviating the threat of personal bankruptcy due to what is virtually a scam-based economy and social system that they seem to love more than anything, I can only ask this question: how many of you have voted republican in the last forty years? I haven’t voted for a republican since 1982–my first ever vote! Indeed. Never again. Which means I have earned my own forgiveness. So while you’all are out there trying to figure out your both-siderism and why you’re so fcuked–first try and tear yourself away from the TV of your WWE life. Oh. And. Before I forget: Fcuk you!

Rant on.


Link that is worth reading cause it, along with vid (above) helped motivate this post:

  • GM doing what GM does because, well, #Americants, deep down, being so stupid, want it that way | https://thehill.com/policy/finance/418363-gm-draws-washingtons-anger-with-new-layoffs

How Do The Oh So Very Few Convince The Many?

There you are, dear worst-reader. You’re right in the middle of a mob. Pitch forks, shovels, maybe a few axes here and there, and let’s not forget the tiki-torches. They’re all waving around your head as you try to speak some sense into the crowd. Does it work? Of course not. This is #Americant! Fcuk Yeah! So your head is cut-off and your body is quartered by tying it to monster trucks at a Mississippi mud rally. Out of pure spite your head is placed on a stick and the grand children Republican Senators and a few from the mob are all given rusty darts to throw at it. For those kids who actually hit the head and the dart sticks, they get a greed t-shirt and greed hat that reads, that’s right, you guessed it, #MAGA.

With the above in mind, how the heck can anyone take this NYT brilliant tech-savvy online article seriously? I mean, come on. I’m mid-fifties and I grew up in and around the Washington DC area–albeit the lower middle class area. #Trump has been around in my life since I can remember. In fact, weren’t there at least two other times in the 80s and 90s–before one could google it?–when the issues addressed in the brilliant online article linked to below (yeah, the tech behind its multimedia presentation is gaga-cool!) show #Trump–now President Stupid–as a swindling con-man? And that’s not even the reason no one should take this article seriously. Indeed. President Stupid should not be taken seriously is the real deal. And not just because of his dubious family connections to sub-par NYC wealth. What need be taken serious is the reality that #Trump represents exactly what most #Americants are and how they’ve lived their do-nothing lives post WW2–the whole historic deal culminating in yet another anti-democratic election. And let’s not forget how my grand, beloved and missed united mistakes of #Americant squandered what should have been the benefit of having won a/the ridiculous Cold War. Generational greed-mongers riding the laurels of others. Time to learn it. And now school is in session, biatches.

Trump is all-truth in #Americant today. The NYT article (below) really shoots the $hit about not just #Trump but what every American (except worst-moi, of course) would do in a heart beat, if given the chance–to make a friggin buck. Perhaps that’s his only genius. Doing the best he could with the chances bequeathed him? That he was unable to make something worthwhile with his cheating, con-man, grifter wealth is nothing but a sad, sordid story. And now you’ve made him President (albeit Stupid). But that’s going too deep, eh? And so. This is what happens when you take advantage of so much stupid and then realise you’ll never run out of stupid–unlike oil, living-standards, nature, human rights, etc. Way to go conservatives, GOP, neo-liberals (corporate Dems) and all those voters who don’t mind grabbing everything by the pu$$y because, well, most a$$hole middle-classers can. Right #SCOTUS suckers?

But I digress.

Good luck, suckers.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post:

Willful Ignorance

liberal tears

(noun) The practice or act of intentional and blatant avoidance, disregard or disagreement with facts, empirical evidence and well-founded arguments because they oppose or contradict your own existing personal beliefs. This practice is most commonly found in the political or religious ideologies of “conservative” Americans. Many times it is practiced due to laziness–people not wanting to have to do the work to rethink their opinions, the fear of the unknown, the fear of being wrong, or sometimes simply close-mindedness. -Urban Dictionary

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” -MLK

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is as good as your knowledge.” -Isaac Asimov

“Ignorance is a virus. Once it starts spreading, it can only be cured by reason. For the sake of humanity, we must be that cure.” -Neil deGrasse Tyson

Free is not free anymore. It’s now just free to be stupid. -worstwriter

-Rant on