Favourite Bullets About The Demise Of All


Little to say, much to read. Been putting off reading Michael Hudson’s Book:

Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.

But I’ll get to it soon enough. Till then here’s a link to a great article written by another of my fav world-ending writers, Chris Hedges, who quotes a lot from Hudson. Here a few bullet points worth remembering (along with my weak-minded snide, ranting sarcasm).

  • In just a few short words Hedges manages to summarize presidents since Reagan and what they all are about–and it ain’t pretty. (What a surprise, eh.)
  • “The rich never have enough.” (No shit Sherlock.)
  • Neo-liberalism = state sponsored extortion. (But how should the dumb-downed, i.e. #Americants, know what neo-liberalism is?)
  • Rentier class, economic rent, interest rates, monopolies… (buy some starbucks on a credit card you can’t pay off?)
  • Traditional economics is being turned up-side-down. The confusion of this transition has put #Americants in a state of shock. It has literally disabled the entire country from being able to make rational decisions, especially when it comes to politcs. Even though The Donald deserves praise for what he has done to the sh*tbag republican party, what he and his ilk will do to the country now that he has been elected president, especially based on what those who have paved his way have done, is pretty scary. But hey, at least Ivanka looks good. (This last bullet is mostly from moi, aka worst-writer.)

Rant on, baby.


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Stupid Are Us. Or. Is Da Newz Really Fake At Da Mud Fest?

mud fest.jpg

What do you call it, dear worst-reader? After attempting a google search here and a wiki peak there, I’m as confused as ever. Is it…

  • Mud Bogging
  • Mud Pit Racing
  • Mud Run
  • Peanut Butter Mud Race (seriously, I found this in a search and the name comes from the colour of the mud)
  • Deep Pit?

Indeed. The list goes on. But we’re not here to worst-blog about the fun #americants so fastidiously invent for themselves. No. We’re here to address the issue of so-called fake-news. Or is it fake-newz?

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.18.31.png

The links below that motivated this worst-post detail the intricacies of how really, really stupid people in the first world can be taken advantage of because, (relative) wealth, comfort, boredom and #american public schooling will cause people to fall for anything. I think someone famous once called it:

…A sucker born every minute

Which brings me to Faceblahblah (you know what I’m worst-referring to). Now don’t get me wrong. I use Faceblahblah–even though only as a spring board for the content I create through my worst-writing. I also use it to communicate with a few old friends. So I’m not condemning the service. To each his/her own! Same goes for mud racing, btw. In fact, I’d love to attend one of those races someday. Well, maybe not. I reckon I’m gettin’ too old for that sort of thing. Nomatter.

According to some (real?) news I read this morning, without Faceblahblah there would be no fake-newz. Can that be? I mean, seriously? Faceblahblah is in part responsible for fake-newz? If what the real newz reporters are saying is true, well… Boy are we in trouble.

Still. I gotta hand it to those young folks in places like Macedonia. That they can post fake-newz on Faceblahblah and because of the stupid people in #americant that click on it they actually make click-money from advertising. Wow! More power to ya, Macedonians. And I’m sure, as soon as you save up enough from your fake-newz earnings, you’ll be on the first plane to Mississippi or Alabama or bumfcuk #americant to have some fun in the mud.

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Rant on.


Disagreeing With The Greatest Disagreeer. Or. How Your World Of Worst Is Finally Catching Up To You.

#americant’s comb-over & chief

News link that motivated this post:

“Noam Chomsky: People Who Didn’t Vote For Clinton To Block Trump Made A ‘Bad Mistake’” | HuffPost

Noam Chomsky thinks that those who sat out or protest-voted this election have made a mistake. Is the ageing über intellectual right? Don’t get me wrong. I was for Clinton. Well, I was for Clinton till about the end of July, early August. That’s when I started leaning toward Bernie. By the time the Democratic convention started I was all for Bernie. Needless to say, email scandal here or there, when those Wikileaks came out of how the DNC was so blatantly trying to sabotage Bernie I really started to lose my sh*t. Although I had always known it, The Clintons really showed their corporate automatons faces this time.

Obviously the DNC is every bit as dysfunctional and destructive as any human organisation whose sole purpose is hierarchy, power and control over others and, of course, MONEY. I mean, come on, dear worst-reader. Isn’t that what makes up corporate #americant today? Just look at the work environment in #americant? Look at how people subject themselves to hour long tours to get to work and then home again. Look at how people behave in their offices, how they dress, act, talk, etc. Look at how they consume! Look at how everyone is so desperate for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. The behaviour of the automatons that make the wheels of this machine turn is where all the answers lie to the question of WHAT THE FCUK IS GOING ON.

If I were a young voter, untainted by the madness that has over taken the country since Ronald Reagan and I saw a little speck of hope with Bernie and then saw how The Clintons along with the DNC tried to delegitimise him, I would have sat out this election too. Indeed. Fcuk it.

Anywho. Enough about the mob structure of consuming to survive that #americants have earned.

Back to Noam.

Chomsky says in the article above: “I didn’t like Clinton at all, but her positions are much better than Trump’s on every issue I can think of.”

Really, Noam?

Other than the immigration issue and walls that should rival The Great Wall of China, I’m not aware of any issues Trump has with anything. The man didn’t say a thing about how he’d do things. The only thing he did was project himself to a desperate nation on the verge of a psychotic breakdown as a ray of hope that rivalled Bernie Sanders. Does that mean, according to Chomsky, that Trump is unqualified for the job? Does it mean that we should be afraid of Trump? Please! Come on Chomsky. Lighten the fcuk up. #Americant has chosen for president a left over from the 1970s who wears a comb-over just like the nation wears consumption galore.

People might want to start embracing what has happened this election. Embracing because, sometimes, just sometimes, in order to turn things around you have to go beyond three hundred and sixty degrees. Way beyond. Perhaps this is finally the beginning of the end of the madness that is #Americant. If that’s so than it’s a lot better than the world of worst you’ve been hiding in all these years.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.


Populace, Popularity, Pregnancy And, Don't Worry, You're With Stupid

I'm with stupid t-shirt

Time for proof of how it’s more difficult to get rid of The Stupid than it is to get rid of ants in India or lice in dirty kids’ hair or that stupid Chewbacca mask. Congratulations are (might be) at hand. Even though it probably won’t topple your favourite stupid Chewbacca mask, #americant has something else to put on its popularity of stupid t-shirt. A highschooler just dropped a water bottle on a table and he’s really, really popular. (Pause now. Take that in.)

That worst said, is it possible to actually get rid of the The Stupid in a society? According to the most recent popular video contest, probably not. But then again, #americant hasn’t really ever graduated from high school. On the other hand, if we look at history, it might be possible to get rid of The Stupid. It was got-rid-of in Germany. It wasn’t completely got-rid-of in Japan. Which brings me to this little tangent.

One of the reason the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan was because of how radical the Japanese were regarding the divinity of their emperor. They would not unconditionally surrender because the emperor couldn’t. They actually believed a God cannot surrender to men. Talk about… The Stupid. Nomatter. When we dropped those bombs on Japan they were already defeated–just not in spirit. But I digress.

The Japanese have certainly made good headwinds in their long struggle to bring their emperor bullshit back down to earth, i.e. limit their Stupidity. So. If a populace that believes so deeply in something as noble as a divine emperor can get rid of, at the least, most of their Stupid, how can #americant begin to deal with it? Whether its a political issue like abortion or head shaking popularity i.e. Kardashians or Honey Booboo–and I mean, come on, those three things together really do represent #americant stupidity–how can this be got-rid-of? Well, worst-writer has an answer for you. Ready?

It can’t. Even if #americant doesn’t elect the ultimate stupid in the upcoming presidential race–and I really thought that #americant couldn’t get any worse than Dubya Bush–Donald Trump is proof of how Stupid a population can actually get–without being run by dictator or a god-like emperor. Which means, I suppose, my beloved #americant does have a god-like dictator that rules its collective conscience. It’s called the almighty dollar. And whatever the almighty dollar wants (greed) the All-Sttupid delivers.

Rant on.


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Email From A Friend #260


13 May, 2016

Dear Tom:

Speaking of politics… This is old but it got under my skin:


But I can say, Ted Cruz is the most depressing little dwebe that has ever run for president… I am SO glad that guy was shut out, I don’t care who did it, but that guy would have been the worst president we could have ever had, but I doubt he would have won even if he got the Repub primary.

I loved what Boehner had to say about him! Haha that he was right about for sure. And I don’t doubt for a minute his father was a SOB to.

Tom, why are you not gonna sail around SE Asia first? Or will you not buy the boat till after your 3 years there in India?

I’m about to do the online test for becoming a bar manager at a strip club again… Not sure if I’ll pass but there is this thrill about taking a test at a bar where girls dance in nothing. The question that always gets me is if I can tell when someone has had enough to drink? Haha. 70% of the people I know here in Amerika are technically alcoholics so I think I can manage that one pretty good :-)

Your old friend

13 May, 2016

Dear Old Friend,

I’m always wishing you luck. Also, the worst dwebe in my book that ran for (vice) president was Dan Quayle. But why nitpick about those things, eh.

Not sure how much you’ve been following the primary season, but if you look at what got the likes of Ted Cruz (and Marco Rubio) elected in the first place, then you’ll know better than to just pick out a single guy to blame. Personally, I’m glad Bill Clinton met with Donald trump in early 2015 where he told him, for the sake of country, to turn the fucking republican nutbag party upside down. Trump has delivered on that. Now it’s up to America if it can deal with Trump’s reality show. Personally, I think America has earned The Donald! Of course, the real, underlying problem America faces is this: what made the likes of Cruz and other tea-baggers get elected in the first place? I followed how Marco Rubio got his Senate seat in Florida. Talk about disgusting! The republican that Rubio pushed out in the FL state primary even quite the repub party after that. But I think the problem is elsewhere. I mean, it’s not just in politics and/or elected officials. It’s much deeper. Or is it shallower?

The problem is all Americans in the last thirty years who thought they were “working” or earning a living have been living a lie. Americans are ALL to blame for the mess that is NOW. The fact that the tea party could come out of an already fucked up party which has its roots back to Reagan says everything about a nation/empire in decline. I mean, this is worse than just Rush Limbaugh or Faux Newz and conservative propaganda.

How collectively stupid can a country be?

Any American who believes that they worked and/or earned something in the past thirty years is so full of shit that it’s no wonder the whole country is now awash in that same shit. No one has done anything worthwhile in the US since the fucking 70s, man!—if that. And now all that’s left is a reality show starring Donald Trump?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

As far as what Boehner says or who/what Cruz really is, it’s too late to even ask. That Cruz got as far as he did means it is the true end of the American dream. He is supposed to be the politician but instead he’s a religious nutbag that truly believes in the second coming of a fictional character.

Speaking of dreams. The dream of a sail boat will most definitely not be possible while in landlocked Bangelore. The question is, will we go back to Europe/Germany after this or be sent to some other god forsaken place until my better half reaches a plateau in her career? Either way, before I’m sixty, if the circumstances are not too impeding, I might finally get my dream boat. I hope to dock it in Holland and sail from there. The big dream is to sail across the Atlantic before I pass. That would be cool.

Good luck with becoming a bar manager at this stage in your life. The good news is, as far as having lived/worked the American dream, you can choose to do these sort of things. The bad news is, if you’re doing it because you have to, just keep in mind that the service industry in the US is only tick better than being a slave. And at (y)our age I’m not sure that’s a good idear. Now. If you decided to buy/run your own bar, that’s another story. That could be fun.

Rant on old friend,


Phallic Symbolism Of Colour Bias And Other Taunts

uncle sam bathing suit

Moments that tell all? Or points in the time-space continuum that hide from view but are always there? One thing stands out from all the 2016 GOP debates. There is something seriously wrong with the mindset that has produced the current iteration of the republican party in the united mistakes of #americant. Double seriously. I mean, this shit’s no longer funny. Or is it? Even to worst-writer, who thinks only in terms of WORST, there are moments where I think things can’t get any…. Enter NOW. Not only is the true face of the republican party being shown in all its ugly, hate-filled glory–along with its blatant racism–but the entire world has now been indelibly impressed with a new level of incivility, #americant style! American men can now dangle their private parts in a show of presidential prowess that has never been witnessed before. I mean, that’s it. The American electoral process can go no lower. Or? Ok. There is the race thing. Which means we can’t go any lower than racism and dicks when it comes to our democracy. No. Wait. That’s can’t be true. Maybe it’s always been this way. What’s new is that The Donald has opened up the secret door where this behaviour has been going on all along. But I digress. §Even though I hate what Reagan did with America one has to admit that thirty years ago isn’t enough time to claim that civility once ruled. Thirty years isn’t that long, now is it? From New Delhi to Hong Kong to Paris to Moscow–this is what people around the globe can talk about when discussing the 2016 election for US president: dicks and unmitigated racism. With that in mind, where else can #americant politics go from here? Through out these modern times of human greed ruling everything and being the sole source of action one can witness other governments, parliaments, democracies hammer out there differences–but have they’ve gone so low as America? Haven’t Russian politicians slugged it out with their fists at times on the floor of their parliament? Haven’t south American elected officials thrown water in each others faces while disagreeing? Well, I guess there are some Americans who feel that we have to put something out there to challenge all those other governments–and their civility. Thank you Donald Trump. Thank you GOP. Now we have dick hanging–thanks to not just my beloved #americant but to those voters who played this game for the last thirty years. Oh my. As a kind of pseudo diplomat I’m gonna have to start thinking of new ways to change the subject when I’m at dinner parties in Bangelore or Bangkok and people ask me about America. Rant on. -Tommi

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Batsh*t Blue Collar WWE And Failupwards College Grads. A Love Story.



As the GOP deservedly cracks and crumbles this holiday election season, I’m wondering if liberals or those still capable of thought should take a stand on all this hitlerism and fascism krapp that’s being thrown around like a volleyball at a sorority party where new recruits are required to prance around for frat boys with big cars and new iPhones so that once the girls get their degrees they can stay home and raise brats. But on a lighter note. Obviously #americants are screwed and Chris Hedges nails it by putting blame on the elite college educated post-Reagan that have turned a once great nation into a crapshoot. But there is one thing Mr. Hedges leaves out of his article–and worst-writer is here to provide. The GOP that has been supported by voters since Reagan is not comparable to Weimer Germany or the tribal craze that lead to WW1&2. The GOP has been supported by big and little people who want one thing and one thing only: to buy krapp. That’s why I call it: #americant the land to be free to be stupid where you can consume-to-survive (among a few other things) till your entrails pop out from which you can clay-animate your favourite unicorn. Of course, there is a problem in the unicorn pastures these days. Since #americant can’t make krapp any more, what’s left for it to do? Well, according to Reagan and supply-side economics… this is what’s left. I mean. What’s going on right now is what’s t left–it’s what happens when you elect batsht. Yet, it’s so much more than a batsht election year, isn’t it? Now that Reagan batsht has run its course and there’s nowhere left to go, i.e. religion’s not the answer, neoliberalism’s (as answer to the failure of supply-side-econ) not the answer, and we can’t afford furthering wars-of-choice, is it appropriate to bring #eurowasteland’s recent history into the fold? Keep in mind, what is it exactly that all those college grads that Hedges mentions actually learned? And so. Enter… the consume-to-survive WWE-TV crowd plus all those angry college grads that have to eat their shoes for breakfast. Talk about a batsht! Or. Talk about unicorn pastures of mindfuck galore. What you have right now is a stupefied voting constituency that is so clueless to anything–especially world history–that I am not afraid to ask: is #americant really capable of embracing one of two things #eurowasteland ever gave humanity, i.e. fascism? (The other, btw, in case you’re confused, dear worst-reader, is communism; both of these are a subcategory to the main thing #eurowasteland gave the world: greed. But I digress.) And can this embrace happen all because the WWE-TV crowd plus angry college grad numbskulls and their purchasing power has been diminished by their own doing? Seriously? Maybe, just maybe, there should be some level of consideration to what Trump is doing to the political party that gave rise to this situation, which, as far I can tell, comes out of one of the two parties. With that in mind, worst-writer does not make false equivalencies. And one more thing. Lewis CK’s sophomoric attempt to communicate to his audience (college grads?) is just more proof that this crowd is probably not capable of underachieving at the level of past #eurowastelanders. All-in-all, this craziness might turn out to be a godsend on account what Trump is really doing is bringing down the republican party–that gave us Reagan and the minion/morons that follow(ed) him and subsequently the political mindfuck pastures unicorns are drowning in right now. And so. In conclusion. I say let the freak-show election process play out because I still have faith in #americant–WWE plus college numbskulls n’all. Just saying’. Rant on. -Tommi

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The World Should Be Thanking The(ir) Heavens For #thedonald–Or Maybe Not

earned the donald gop implode

First. Can The Donald really win a general election? If you think he’s worth comparing to whether or not Berry Obama could win when he announced back 2007, think again. There is no comparison. And even if The Donald were to win, would it be so bad? Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want him to win the presidency. I do want him to win the republican primary, though. After what I’ve seen and read since his announcement to run, there is more to this guy than meets his infamous combover, his hate speech and his misogyny. The thing is, dear worst-reader, I’ve heard from The Donald ever since I was a kid. In fact, I’d go so far as to claim that The Donald that is stuck in the 70’s mindset is not far off from the batshit that raised me. Of course, the fact that this guy manages to get his kisser in the news regularly is nothing short of ingenious, to say the least. And what does he do to warrant such attention? Who knows and who cares. He is a businessman. And not just any businessman. He’s the first businessman to run for president of the united mistakes, baby. The Donald represents a part of America that is somewhat dark but not inherently evil. Up to now he gets press coverage because, well, he’s earned it–and so too has the GOP. Just have a look at TV, WWE and beauty pageants, etc. But so have many others earned it before The Donald. We joke and/or kill opinions with the likes of PT Barnum or Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, and the ever present Mitt Romney, etc. by claiming that there are confidence men among us. But is The Donald really part of that club? Can he claim fame to taking advantage of a sucker being born every minute (PT Barnum) or conniving money out of naive investors (Ponzi; Madoff) or just plain suckering a country out of its valuable assets (Mitt)?  Whether clean cut or sloppy joe, these men are no different than those that came before them. And speaking of Mitt! One thing Mitt Romney got right the other night when he tried to condemn The Donald is that there is a confidence artist (conman) in our midst. If you really think about it, truly look beyond the pale, look underneath the veneer of #americant, one thing will be clear above all other things. America was built by conmen and even today it’s run by them. Whether snake oil salesman or religious fanatics or presidents and politicians or businessmen, #americant is a place of the con. In fact, when my grand united mistakes won the cold war (and I was on my way to expat shores because I saw the con of Reaganomics coming), and the Soviet Union was collapsing, Bush#1 told Boris Yeltsin, when Yeltsin asked about managing a free country (paraphrase & creative license): let the criminals have their way just not the whole way. In other words, Bush#1 told Boris Yeltsin to give the conmen rising out of the ashes of the failed soviet state free rein and then added: just don’t let them ever run the show. Hence, Authoritarian Russia has since returned thanks to Yeltsin’s prime choice of protege, Vladimir Putin, to its old ways where only a select few can have both the power and the business (the con). And so, all Russian conmen have been put in their place. If they didn’t accept their place then they were jailed or run out of the country. It’s no wonder that Putin has already come out to praise The Donald–or did The Donald praise Putin? Nomatter. The thing to keep in mind is that after all these years the end of the Cold War resulted in nothing but a world of conmen on the grandest scale ever. It is the only way to keep the human greed freak-show going. So now you must choose between conmen A or conmen B–one of which has a really funny head of hair. By the looks of all participants, The Donald showed up in the nick of time to offer the world a picture of the reality of the con. But is the world thankful? The worst-writer fact is, politicians, especially politicians of major economic powers, are nothing but conmen. For Mitt Romney, who espoused to a higher Mormon calling of public service after pillaging post industrial-age America of any remaining value (it’s the business model of his entire billion dollar career at Bain), to come out and be the pot that calls the kettle black…? But I digress. Btw, the only difference between conman aka The Donald or conman aka professional politician or goody-two-shoes Mitt, is the level of hurt and damage one has under his/her belt. It is clear that The Donald is a sullied, unsavoury character but he is also not a darling to the GOP and their war-mongering. There is no evidence, including his popular (hate) rhetoric, that he would do the same amount of damage to this world that, say, Dubya did to it in the name of the GOP. That may be a naive (although I hope it would also be provocative) claim but it is also a claim indicative of what the world is missing when it complains about The Donald. Could he really be any worse than world politicians of the past seventy years who have lead us to one war after the other in the name of greed, oil and more-more money? Comparing The Donald to Hitler or Mussolini is also preposterous because he’s not politically ideological–he’s just a businessman, not even a banker or a war mongering oil mogul. As far as his inheritance goes, just like his personal wealth claim, proper scrutiny would reveal a different reality. And then there’s his politics we know about so far. On the one hand he supports a minor government funded agency for women’s health care (planned parenthood) and on the other hand he rips the Bush family a new asshole by calling them out on their lies of wars-galore. Again. This is not a post to promote The Donald. I don’t want him anywhere near my child. But if one were to get to know the environment that reared him, that created him, one would also know that there is a big heart behind much of what his type is all about. I don’t know yet how to transcribe that type. It’s a New York, New Jersey or east coast thing, maybe. Or it’s just a down home 70’s thing that I grew up with/in. Yeah, some of these people are evil but I just don’t think The Donald is one of them, especially when compared to the likes of his contemporary dipshit Dubya Bush. I guess that says something about people that can just talk (New York) sh*t. Anywho. What’s clear is that governments must be creative in maintaining power, especially once a force is awakened or when two immovable objects meet. Enter the natural way of things and the inevitable rise of right wing batshittery that is the Republican Party, the GOP, the united mistakes of #americant that has so willingly given rise NOT to The Donald but to its true and ugly bigoted, racist face. And so. World! Don’t be afraid. The Donald can’t get elected president anyway and here’s why according to worst-writer. §The republican base is about 30m strong. That’s it. Doesn’t sound like much when you consider America has, depending on its mood swings, just over 100m people that actually vote. It is the 30m republican voters that keep faux newz and Limbaugh going and they are also the controllers of all media. This base doesn’t necessarily include blue collar workers–who are republican when their situation deems them to be. I call them other voters. It is a combination of the base and these other voters that enabled Dubya to be appointed by the Supreme Court (thanks to Scalia) in 2000. Keep in mind, these other voters are the ones that have shown their true face since Barry O’s election. They were just as angry in 2000 as they were in 2008, i.e. the Tea Party. The problem is, IMHO, these other voters have probably woken up to their stupidity and ignorance. Hence the rejection of tea-party bed wetters Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in this campaign. I mean, come on! Are these two guys the only thing the grand old party has to offer at this point? Seriously! But instead of admitting how stupid voters
are–that got them Cruz and Rubio–they instead channel their voting (anger) into a different kind of stupid. Enter WWE and TV personality Donald Trump. With that in mind, can The Donald win a general election with 30-40m voters that he’s splitting like a twig? I don’t think he can. But if he does, as usual, you don’t necessarily get what you deserve but you do get what you’ve earned. Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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This Article Is So Good I'm Willing To Give Up Oreos For Breakfast To Read It Again

Just kidding. I actually got more oreos and made another cup of earl grey to go along with second read of Matt Taibbi’s brilliant article. Things in this article that tickled me most:

  • Hunks of recent political history that #americants should know. (But then again, if we knew them we wouldn’t be #americant.)
  • Taibbi rips apart the Bush family and I can’t think of a family that deserves it more! Although Taibbi doesn’t go after those who voted for the Bush’s. Or does he? “Dinkley McBush.”
  • Making the comparison between Trump’s wrastling persona and the reality that #americants actually believe in wrestling means that Trump is the perfect presidential candidate for republican blue-collar voters.
  • The author mentions the German word backpfeifengesicht that is used by a psychologist when asked to describe Ted Cruz’s irritating face. It means: a face you want/need to slap.

Definitely worth a read once or twice along with worst-writer’s POV that Trump is what #americant has earned–not what it deserves.

Rant on. -Tommi

Source: How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable | Rolling Stone

Useless Eater From 30k Feet First Class Adoring The View Of #Trump2016 Rampage On…

first class useless eater
I’ll always consider it a fluke being upped to first class last year but I’ll never forget it. What a grand bourgeois experience it was. But I’m almost always fine in eco. Or maybe not.

As I’ve worst-said before, #americant doesn’t deserve #Trump2016 but it has earned it/him. With that in mind, dear worst-reader, I really enjoyed reading the news this morn about the Bush family dropping out of the 2016 race. For that I’m forever grateful to The Donald. And here’s my (ir)rational as to why I’m grateful. As far as I can tell, the Bush family has done at least two generations of damage to my beloved #americant. Alone dipshit Dubya’s tax cuts for the wealthy–an astonishing political achievement when one considers who, i.e. blue collar white people, voted for this guy (twice). The reason two generations are screwed is because–along with these batshit tax cuts–we are stuck in a perpetual war in the middle-east. The reality of paying for both has yet to even be approached. If millennial’s are angry about their future because they are ridden with student debt and can’t get jobs valued enough to pay-off those debts, well, that’s screwed generation #1. Screwed generation #2 is anyone under sixty working for a living. “Prosperity” for the masses who work for a living is simply non-existent. Of course, since I jumped ship over twenty years ago where I said out loud that the results of Reaganomics is an unmitigated disaster, I’ve learned to live a life of comfort, be a father to my son, take care of my hard working wife and live comfortably within rational, debt-free means. Does that make me better than anyone else and worthy of the feeling I’m trying to transcribe in this silly blogpost? Of course not. But it does make my 30k foot flight over my beloved #americant that much more painfully sweet. I found refuge in socialist states on pastures that are less green and thereby the whole time kept peeking out that fuselage window to the grand happenings below–always with tears running down my face because of how much I miss home. And so. All I can (still) say is this: how the hell do the same people that elected dipshit Dubya twice, i.e. angry white blue collar workers + greed monger baby-boomers, now think that The Donald is gonna save them? Seriously? Really? (Short pause.)

Hold a sec. Cough. Gurgle. Chip off shoulder. Go…


I’m just glad that this morn some pretty bad people with a track record of being awful and ugly and evil and war-mongers and murderers… are gone. Hopefully it’ll last and the evil womb of the Bush family can fade away. Go Donald. Go Bernie. Go Hillary!

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.

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Green Magic Markers, Paying, The Donald In London 

Some dialogue while paying for breakfast this morn.

Waiter: Sign here please.

(Tommi takes the pen the waiter gives him but notices it’s defect.)

Tommi: Sorry mate, you got another pen?

(Waiter grunts with a cockney accent and goes to get another pen; he returns with 2nd pen.)

Waiter: Here.

Tommi: Thank you.

(Tommi takes the 2nd pen but it is also defect.)

Tommi: Say there, mate, gotta pen that writes?

Waiter: What? Are you pulling some magic on me?

(Waiter takes 2nd pen and fiddles with it.)

Tommi: One more chance. And remember: Three strikes and you’re out, mate.

(Waiter grunts again and rushes off. A few seconds later he returns and places a green magic marker in front of Tommi.)

Tommi: I’m not signing that with a magic marker.

Waiter: Sure.

Tommi: No.

Waiter: Oh yes you are!

Tommi: No. I’m not. My third grade teacher made me do weird shit with a green magic marker.

Waiter: I don’t care. Sign it!

Tommi: Oh come on, mate. Don’t remind me of those days. It was horrible going to public school in America. Magic markers were everywhere.

Waiter: Did they make Donald Trump use a magic marker, too?



Rant on.

Kahn And The Donald

Kahn And The Donald

Multiple monitors inject (their) information into my brain every morning. The fun usually begins before six a.m. but on this particular morn it began at five. The information, of course, is the freak-show known as (the current iteration of the grand social, national, greed-show) #americant. Most of this information comes to me in the form of news. I get this news from either reading (what remains of RSS feeds, various news aggregators, blogs, etc.) or watching podcasts or krapptube… youtube. As I was catching up on the top-rated freak show of the century, aka The Donald running for the republican party’s nomination as president, a scene and a character popped into my head from a Star Trek film as demagoguery has been elevated to new levels in American politics. The film? The Wrath of Kahn. Remember it? Of course, I’d seen that movie before but it had been a while. So I gave the film another look and then realised that the scene I was looking for wasn’t in the movie. Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, I’m a pseudo trekkie. I own all the Star Trek movies, all three seasons of TOS (the original series), TNG (the next generation) and Voyager. Obviously “pseudo” applies because I don’t own, nor have I ever seen any of the other instalments from this sci-fi universe. Even though I like all the films, except, maybe, The Final Frontier or The Undiscovered Country, The Voyage Home and The Wrath of Kahn are my favourites. But, as usual, I’m off subject again. Nomatter. The subject is #americant demagoguery and what scene in what movie it all reminded me of. And so. On this particular morn the right monitor was catching me up on the madness of The Donald. The left monitor was showing me “Space Seed”, i.e. S01E22 of Star Trek (TOS). For there was my error, dear worst-reader. The scene I had been looking for was not from the movie but instead from the TV show. And after much-much deep thought and tv-soul searching I had finally found it. Indeed. The Donald freak-show that #americants are lapping up got me thinking about the origin of Kahn. Not the origin of the movie but the origin of the character himself and the humanity that created/fostered him. I knew that the movie was a continuation of one of the shows from the original series–but it took me a bit longer to get to the actual scene that was so deep in my memory. Which brings me to Khan Noonien Singh, The Enterprise and the transcript/scene below. Kahn was the product of late 20th century eugenics in which a few of the “last tyrants” ran various parts/countries of earth. Eventually these tyrants were all defeated but Kahn managed to make a spectacular getaway. He and his crew of fellow supermen and superwomen made it to some new fangled space ship. There they (somehow) put themselves into suspended animation and, well, they were found two hundred years later. Keep in mind, this particular episode of Star Trek was written in the late 1960s. I can only assume that the generation of writers that were working at the time in Hollywood were well aware of the eugenics madness that came out of Europe in an earlier part of the same century. And so. After watching it, it hit me like a rock the thing that connected a character from a 1967 TV show with Donald J. Trump of 2015 #americant freak-show politics riding on the edge of societal danger. For your worst-reading pleasure, the transcript is below. For those of you with easy access, the scene takes place at about 29min into the episode.

Star Trek – “Space Seed”, Season 1, Episode 22.

The scene is a briefing room on Enterprise. Seated around a table are Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scott. They are drinking (coffee?) out of cups. A picture of Khan is on a large screen behind them.

KIRK: (Picture behind him is that of Kahn when he left earth.) Name, Khan, as we know him today. (Spock changes the picture Kahn of now.) Name, Khan Noonien Singh.

SPOCK: (Abruptly.) From 1992 through 1996, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of your world. From Asia through the Middle East.

MCCOY: (Obviously aware of this part of earth’s history.) The last of the tyrants to be overthrown.

SCOTT: (Ditto awareness.) I must confess, gentlemen. I’ve always held a sneaking admiration for this one.

KIRK: He was the best of the tyrants and the most dangerous. They were supermen, in a sense. Stronger, braver, certainly more ambitious, more daring.

SPOCK: Gentlemen, this romanticism about a ruthless dictator is…

KIRK: Mister Spock, we humans have a streak of barbarism in us. Appalling, but there, nevertheless.

SCOTT: There were no massacres under his rule.

SPOCK: And as little freedom!

MCCOY: No wars until he was attacked.

SPOCK: Gentlemen.

(All but Spock laugh.)

KIRK: Mister Spock, you misunderstand us. We can be against him and admire him all at the same time.

SPOCK: Illogical.

KIRK: Totally. (He moves to activate ship communication system.) This is the Captain. Put a twenty four hour security on Mister Khan’s quarters, effective immediately.

-end of scene-

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. This scene reminds me of the mindset of #americant right now as it dabbles so energetically and naively in right-wing extreme politics thanks to one political party and the power of its propaganda. And just like Spock, only a few people can actually see what’s really happening both within the party and with those that vehemently support it. While #americant giggles and ogles over how, for the first time ever, a national figure rises out of the ashes of an obviously broken political system, no one recognises what’s really going on. With that in mind, does The Donald sound familiar? Or does this mean that the only cure for #americant is a rational and logical thinking Spock who tries to understand how/why humans romanticise the way they do.

In closing. Let’s not forget how this particular Star Trek episode ended. The threat of the demagogue Kahn was thwarted only after quoting Milton: It is better to rule in hell than serve in heaven. How fitting for what my beloved America has allowed itself to become. Now go buy something and enjoy The Donald show you have earned.

Rant on. -tommi

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Combinations Prevail

four white men of 2015 and beyondThere is no doubt that combinations like this will prevail. Look at the place and the history that makes them–these combinations. First, we have Matt Damon running his trap when he shouldn’t–securing his white supremacy position in Hollywood and playing the fantasy meritocracy card (see lampshade link below). Then we have The Donald teaming up with a fellow cheater (and for added effect fellow cheater Lance Armstrong up in the corner). And there you have it. Cheaters. White supremacists. Meritocracy is bleeding from the walls. So let’s arbitrarily combine them. Combinations–to confuse the idiotic masses who adore corporate America. Adore, indeed. Lust for. Entertain. Bank account. No future–unless you’re one of these achievers. It’s voting time next year. So don’t get confused by combinations. You have earned The Donald #americant. #fuckthemartian

Good luck suckers. Rant on. -t


Robespierre vs Orwell

pledge alligiance trump.png

I’m not really thinking of revolution but I am thinking of the consequence of those who are able, through whatever means, to take advantage of it. These are the people who stand by with white tails and gimmi-geeks and they plaster their wits on the walls of power. The owners of power, on the other hand, laugh and sneer, amused by the people that are powerless but are granted the right(s) to be in the rich man’s room(s). Revolutions are amazing things–only because of how easy they are to turn–not unlike the turning of dead flesh or milk in a jar, both sitting too long in the shinning sun. Turn things rotten indeed. It happened in France. It happened in Russia. It is, for all practical purposes, happening perpetually in the US. Yes. Our revolution of 1776 is in a perpetual state of counter revolution–and rot. Or?

“If the French Revolution were to recur eternally, French historians would be less proud of Robespierre. But because they deal with something that will not return, the bloody years of the Revolution have turned into mere words, theories, and discussions, have become lighter than feathers, frightening no one. There is an infinite difference between a Robespierre who occurs only once in history and a Robespierre who eternally returns, chopping off French heads.” -Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The above quote from Kundera comes from the beginning of his book where he so brilliantly begins by orating the mood and essence of his story. I bring it up because that story is one that is being perpetually played out–even as I worst-write these words today. The essence of that story seems to be engrained in the past, present and future, as some of us are Tomas and we have written manifests that confuse our allegiances. And there is nothing we can do about it, except, maybe, sign a pledge (of allegiance). The only difference between the time of Robespierre, the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, etc., and today is that the story changes colours, it changes rooms, it wears new & improved coats and it even changes hair styles. Indeed. The story goes on. The powerless are clueless to it, too. This amazes and confuses me in such a wondrous way that my head spins like Ray D. Tutto aka The King of the Moon.

I reckon I’m thinking of more than revolution. Orwell comes to mind, too. The whole idear that people are indifferent to the surroundings that lead to both revolution and whatever the opposite is of revolution (counter?), has never been more prevalent. For example, the signing of the above “pledge” by The Donald. Can you believe this? How many examples of Orwellian carnage or the horror of the French counter revolution does there need to be before people get it? Too amused by The Donald, dear worst-reader? Yes. Just maybe. Too amused. But consider this:

How do you think that worked? Donald Trump went into a room with the head of the republican party of the united mistakes of #americant and when he came out he had signed a pledge of allegiance to that party. This is very confusing to me for I am a believer in the US’s bipartisan system of governance. Seriously. I love the left-right system which seems to work so well with the Constitution. And trust me, I live where political parties grow like crab-grass. Yet powerful men in the greatest constitutional nation-state in history go into rooms and when they come out they have signed papers that are pledges of allegiance. As though Donald Trump’s counter-revolution-like campaign wasn’t a strong enough statement or threat to the established party, he has to promise to remain a member. Donald Trump appeals to the most ignorant of the ignorant and he is a TV reality star and he’s leading in all polls among republicans and he has to promise to stay in the party? Am I the only one to be afeared by this?

Why does the republican party need pledges like this? I mean, they did the same thing with taxes. Some nut-job practically hoodwinked the party by making republican politicians sign a “pledge” to not raise taxes. Look at what this has done to parts of America (Detroit, Kansas, the entire school system, roads and other national infrastructure, etc.) Politicians and, of course, constituents have fallen for this nonsense in totality. Taxation is questioned and no one EVER questions how money is spent. Yet. If the politicians didn’t sign the no-tax pledge then they would lose campaign funding which also means they couldn’t hold their office. This is constitutional democracy? Someone’s pledge to a party wields this kind of power! I mean, what is really going on when people, in order to prove their allegiance, have to publicly sign things in order to hold public office? Isn’t that what communist party members have to do?

By-the-bye. It wasn’t enough that Winston Smith was broken by threat of being eaten alive by rats where he denounces Julia and pledges allegiance to Big Brother, but he also had to accept that 2+2=5. Obviously Robespierre didn’t accept that equation and so the French cut off his head–and probably fed it to Orwell’s/O’Brien’s rats.

Man oh man oh man. When you live in shit you really can’t smell the roses anymore. I guess we all better get up off our asses and… I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united mistakes of #americant….

Good luck suckers. The day is coming when you all with have to sign that pledge, too.

Rant on. -t

Link that motivated this post: The 62-word pledge Donald Trump Signed | NPR

Questions Shouldn't Be Asked

questions shouldn't be asked

Some call me the worst explainer ever. Go figure. But the reality is, I explain things. I especially explain things to Eurowastelanders. I guess it just bleeds out of me. You know, the fact that I’m not from–the place where I live and drink (too much). So far this inadequacy has served me well. In fact, it’s lead to my early retirement, a humble but comfortable abode and more tech equipment than I could wish for. But what must I do for all this? Oh yeah. I must. Explain.

So they come to me, these Eurowastelanders, and they ask: what is going on in your #americant?

“Wha?” I say. And I answer: “Nothing. All’s good.”

And then they present their evidence. “Did you read about Donald Trump and what he said to a woman on national TV? Please, lieber Tomas (when the French say it the ‘s’ is silent), explain this to us.”

Here’s the scene lieber worst-reader and fellow Eurowastelander. A propaganda apparatus works in the second largest building ever built. The largest building ever built is, of course, the war building. But that’s neither here nor there. Just keep in mind that we, dear worst-reader, dear Eurowastelander, are in the second largest building ever built. Such a large building is complicated. Not because of its size but because of what’s in it. Rooms. Halls. Stadiums. Toilets. Banks. Basements. Parking lots. Homes. Attics. Fraternities. Women’s toilets. Clubs. Restaurants. DIY stores. Etc. Etc.

The thing about this building is that it is not part of the public domain where it exists. You know, public places have rules, regulations, laws. This building is a private place! Obviously most laws apply in the building–but most of them also do not. Over the years this building allowed public idiosyncrasies–which are also mandated by law, as convenient as they are for the plaintiffs and defendents–to enter its walls. One of those “idiosyncrasies” is the human female. That’s right. The world’s second largest building allows human females to move within its walls. Heck, they can even move through doorways. They can look through windows. And they can most certainly use toilets–that have been designated: female (or the like).

Ain’t that something!

But. As I said. This is a private building. And not all “rights” (by law) have been granted to everyone who enters it. Case in point. There are rooms in this building that do not allow human females to enter. In fact, if you never ask or put any effort into searching them out, you’d never even know that such rooms exist. Yet sometimes, fewer times than hoped for, these rooms are exposed. For the exposure of the room that has motivated this post or the question asked of moi:

We can thank Megyn Kelly.

Here’s what happened. Mrs. Kelly entered, either by accident or by design, one of the rooms in the second largest building. Call it a boy’s room. Call it a man’s room. Call it a strip club. Call it the wall of a toilet in whatever college bar you’ve ever got drunk at where it says: for a good time call. Nomatter how/what you call it, this room must not be entered–by human females.

Boy did this chick enter it.

Let’s try to summarise, shall we? At the recent republican nut-job question & answer session (that faux newz calls a “debate”), Mrs. Kelly posed a question to Donald Trump. This question, it turns out, was quite a shocker. In fact, it wasn’t even the content of the question that was the problem. The problem was that she asked the question in the wrong room. With that in mind, allow me to worst-explain something else about #americant.

There are two types of human females in America. One is the object. She likes men, she dates them, she has fun with them. At times she even marries them and bears offspring. She usually ends up divorced two or three times. And she’s good with that. The other female in America is the subject. This particular female lives for her man. Once she gives herself to him, she belongs to him. She not only takes his name but she takes his identity. For this she gives up her offspring and is compensated in the form of a comfortable wedded life–even if she’s divorced. (Btw, divorce doesn’t mean you were never owned.) The Subject is Mrs. Sonso and she lives in that big house up the street with a car the size of a bus that she uses to transport herself and her rodent legally bastard children to Walmart and that’s Ok because she did great in the divorce settlement. The Object is the hot MILF that goes about her life with a few tears but an attitude of… sothefuckwhat.

(Note: I might have mixed up the subject/object thing. But don’t worry. The gist is the same, just switch them around till the right one pops up.)

Ok. There is one thing that differentiates one American female from the other–other than the obvious (see previous paragraph). One female never really learns to think for herself beyond the man that defines her. Even after she’s been through the gauntlet of marital hell, divorce number three or four, she still believes in the bullshit of whatever Walt Disney and her mother put in her head. And here’s one other important fact. Without this female, conservative America could not have gotten as far as it’s gotten. On the other hand, the other female can think for herself. She may not be Frau Einstein but she sure has learned enough to see through (all) the lies.

Which brings me to American female extraordinaire Megyn Kelly. Whether she’s the subject or object is irrelevant. She is instead a woman who entered the wrong room of the second largest building in the world and she didn’t even know it. Which means she ain’t Frau Einstein either. Nomatter. Let’s call this building that Kelly got herself into what it is, shall we. It’s called MAN BUILDING. And not only did she enter a private, off the grid room of MAN BUILDING, she’s clueless to having done it. In fact. She not only entered the wrong room but she publicly posed a question to those in the room not knowing who is watching what. Hence the headline after she

  1. entered room she shouldn’t have entered,
  2. asked a question in that room that shouldn’t have been asked because the audience she wishes or thinks she could reach with such a question can’t exist in such a room.

The headline after she asked her question: Megyn Kelly goes on sudden vacation (or the like).

Indeed, dear worst-reader. Some questions should never be asked and most certainly those questions shouldn’t be asked in certain places. With that in mind, good luck female republicans. Good luck with the lives you’ve chosen and the men who are your identity. There are many rooms for you to enter. This room, proven by Mrs. Kelly, is not one of them. Again. Good luck republican females of #americant. I mean that sincerely. All of you are gonna need it if you start asking these questions in these rooms.

Rant on. -t


There’s No Need To Announce A Winner. The Winner Is Always A Man. | Salon

Oh No! Conspiracy Abound | DailyBeast

Flop Analyzation

high jump before 1968
Source: google search for “high jump before 1968”. Email me worstwriter (youknow) worstwriter (dotthing) com and I’ll remove it if I’m abusing copyright. I guess.

A confusing, profound and somewhat twisted story where the heart of the matter is lost. This story is the/a perfect metaphor for explaining the goings on of recent clown show. I’m worst-referring to the phenomenon that is The Donald. Indeed, dear worst-reader. The more and more I read about The Donald and his recent faux newz Q&A session (it was in no way a “debate”) the more curious I get. Not to mention the difficulty I’m having trying to explain it to Eurowastelanders, let alone trying to explain the American presidential primary system to them, as well.

Let’s begin with a story. Dick Fosbury won the 1968 gold medal in the high-jump. He did it by changing the jumping technique. His method is called the Fosbury Flop–and it is the way we see high-jumpers perform today. A jumper runs to the bar but instead of trying to leap or straddle over it, the athlete jumps over it backwards throwing his/her body into the air and thereby utilising a more conducive, gravity-centred motion to aide in achieving height. Since the introduction of the flop athletes have never been able to top records with the old method. And now the twist. Credit for athletes being able to achieve in this discipline always goes to the jumping technique. Yet there is one other element, without which, the flop would not be possible. When leaping or straddling the high-bar the athletes landed in a pile of sand where they could use their limbs to absorb the fall. The Fosbury-Flop, though, requires the athlete to land on his/her back–hence the word ‘flop’. When free falling from two meters, a pile of sand does not make for a very soft landing, not to mention the potential for injury.

Here we are, dear worst-reader. We are at a chicken and egg and which came first conundrum, or the like. While the Fosbury-Flop did provide track & field a more dramatic event–not only for the record setting potential but also for the elegant and poetic form of the technique–we have forgotten what is the true reason behind its success. Which brings me back to the word flop and–The Donald. Without the cushion or mat upon which the athlete lands, this technique would not be possible. Yet we don’t even consider the mat or a pile of sand, for that matter. All we think about is the athlete, what the females wear–not unlike The Donald’s hair–and, of course, the record setting jump.

Oh the American way! How brilliant is it to be an American? If only I could tell you. But why tell you? All one has to do is witness it. And then try to figure out: Is Donald Trump, in his quest to be the next president of the united mistakes of #americant, the change in jumping technique or the difference between landing on a soft mat or a not so soft pile of sand? (Un)fortunately, I’m not sure. But I will leave this post with one other worst-conspiratorial thought.

After reading up on the issue a bit I couldn’t help but imagine/see Donald Trump–who actually met with Bill Clinton just before his presidential run announcement in June–being given a Ross Perot welcome to the game by the former president. In fact, what I see/imagine goes even further, especially after thinking a bit more about The Donald’s seething, belligerent and full of contempt (towards republicans) performance at the Q&A session on August 6. Has he been picked to try and (finally) get a hold of what has become of the republican party–a party of dimwits, nutbags and snake oil sellers whose achievement post Ronald Reagan is #americant? Is there a (elite) political class in America that has had enough with what Limbaugh and faux (fake) newz have done? Boy! I hope so. For your sake, I hope The Donald puts all the bedwetters on that stage the other night in their place.

Go Trump! And. Good luck suckers. Oh!

Rant on. -t

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Send In The Clowns

Trump States of #AmericantQue song Send in the Clowns. Lights up on stage. Now have a laugh (and a cry). There you go, dear worst-reader. The scene and mood has been set. Clowns (funny) and sadness (republicans). Except for one thing. There is one thing I didn’t laugh at while scanning the Interwebnets for a view of the clusterF known as the Faux Newz Republican Party Debate, which took place August 6. And I can easily say this regarding what I’ve seen and read about this “debate”: beyond the fact that there was zero political substance in any of it, I have never before seen a better example of people, in the political process sometimes known as democracy, getting exactly what they have earned. I choose my words carefully here, too. I say people get what they have earned and not what they deserve. Somehow, in my worst-mind, there is a margin of error in the word deserve–especially in the context of the misconstrued construct known as meritocracy in America. The same does not apply for earned, though. I mean, come on. Have a quick look at recent history. America has gone through a truly ingenious conservative and republican transformation over the past (arguably) thirty or so years. (I know, the whole transformation goes back to Truman and the same (damn) day, August 6, 1945. But that’s another worst-post.) This current transformation has injected such an overwhelming amount of stupidity into the American political process, that the result can only be this freak show. With that in my skeptic worst-mind, there is no hope that either the freak show or the stupidity will ever find its end. So allow me to worst-say this: the only worthwhile persona on the stage easily belongs to Donald Trump. The moment where he forcefully and with absolute conviction called American politicians “stupid” won me over. He literally called everyone else on that stage stupid. As they truly are. Yeah, I thought. Let the freak show begin. This is why it’s #americant, baby. Let these bed-wetting nut-balls continue on their quest to take advantage of the dumb-downed, all of whom have earned the wrath of their love for stupidity. Good luck suckers. Rant on. -t

Link that motivated this post: Trump The Clown Winner And Losers | BBC