hurensohn tree 1

I take this snapshot while walking in the park and then ask my better-half why someone would cut down a fledgling tree and spray-paint “Hurensohn” (son-of-a-whore) on it. She turned to me as she often does with half a cynical wink in her left eye. It’s her look of “oh my naive little American”–for she is a big German–and says: don’t you know what men in Europe do when their wives cheat on them?

“Oh,” I thought.

Rant on.


career choice ice cream truck driver

Since I’m on a roll with translating today, here’s one more. Saw this truck this morning while walking Beckett, the Killer Pug, and couldn’t help but think of reality. So I snapped this pic. Indeed. Berufswunsch: Eiswagenfahrer. Translation: globalisation means that kids don’t need school but instead a driver’s license and maybe a few phonebooks to sit on. Then they can drive these trucks around and deliver ice cream at the cheapest wages ever. The ice cream company will be very profitable since the kid truck driver will have to be home so his mom can feed him and, of course, that’s where he’ll sleep, too. Indeed. If only the future could be now for corporations. Or is it already?

seed pod.jpg

Photographed on a street somewhere in India. I have no idear what it is. Could it be one of them seed pods from Body Snatchers? Or perhaps it’s a leather case that houses the ersatz medication of an attempt to eugenically enhance an Ogre.

bird - no insides.jpg

In Bangelore during our stint there last year I noticed two things. You can only find green grass where wealth lives. For some reason that green grass might be hostile to the natural order of things. Or. Maybe a cat got to this bird.

Rant on.


mouse half.jpg

Not quite sure. But I am sure that this photo will join the rest of my collection of worst-photos. Should’ve taken better care with the photo. When I took the shot it was clearly the remaining half of a rodent that got the attention of Beckett, the killer pug, while we are on his morning walk. I assure, dear worst-reader, my dog didn’t cause this obscenity. Then again, now I’m not sure if it’s a mouse half anymore. Nomatter.

Rant on.