The End Is Not Nigh, It’s Here

roll coal.jpg
Roll Coal… in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. Pic source: wiki

You know how you can tell you’re already living in end-times? It’s easy really. If there’s a hint of rational thought in your mind, if you can circumvent for a moment all the BS of religious magic, you should also be able to surmise, well, that the krapp you’ve allowed to occupy you has also been fcuking with you since day one. Or? No? What? Am I asking for too much? Ok. Forget that. Let’s move on.

Worst-writer has nothing against spirituality or even lusting after a virgin birth or rising from the dead–after the man you consider as a saviour was killed by your own. Also. Another way you can tell that $hit like end-times is a ruse, is by just watching how people behave. Now that’s the ticket. And not only how they behave but what has brought them to behave as they do.

Are you sick of it yet?

Yeah, baby. These are the end-times we live in. I’m only glad that I found a way to escape the madness. How, you ask. Simple. I got out of the bat$hittery that is the Anglo-Saxon (or is it WASP) world. I now live in a world, at a certain level, of course–and please forgive my generalisations* here–that hasn’t allowed itself to resort to the most inane of human behaviour when it comes to politics or social interaction. Just look at the behaviour of both the US and the UK. WASP anyone? Fortunately there are few places in this world that still cherish a bit of culture, intellect, tolerance, and for goodness sake, good food, etc. Which begs the question: why are men (mostly white men) so bitter and spiteful and stupid? Is it all due to their inability to grasp what it is that has lead to all the inner-UGLIES that they possess and are obviously releasing as I worst-write this?

Remember all the Lock her up cheers from the 2016 Presidential campaign? Worst-writer especially remembers all the women that were cheering along at all those #Trump rallies to lock-up #Hillary because, well, she is a pretty smart and successful person. Was it just me that saw all of that with my jaw dropped to the floor? I got it that men hated her. But all those women??? Was I the only man–reared in that same Anglo world–to have seen it for what it really is? So what is it?

Welcome to a world that can only culminate in the likes of President Stupid. You know, the $hitbag leading the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID all because there is a krapp load of people out there that couldn’t intellectually fight their way out of a paper bag because they’ve literally grown up on Limbaugh, faux-newz, (that which lead to) #Trump, Steve Bannon, chicken hawks, war mongers, greed-galore, etc., etc. Because of all of that the UGLIES that is debase male behaviour, a behaviour that always operated behind the curtain, is now mainstream. Take for example the two links below.

Can you believe that a person driving a Tesla electric car has to put up with a redneck $hitbag driving a modified diesel pick-up truck where the owner gets his jollies by switching a button in his cabin that then makes the motor, by turning off all emission controls, spew black diesel smoke out of his exhaust pipe? And all because he disagrees with… modernity AND electric cars? Really?

The saddest part is that it doesn’t stop with rednecks and their filthy rotten inner UGLIES (that their mothers probably passed on to them because they hate #Hillary so much). The other article linked below has to do with a group of men bullying, in the worst way, two women who were on a bus ride home at night in the UK. Yeah. There are lots of stupid white men in lots of countries.

Come on. Where are the real men out there?

Good luck suckers stuck in the UGLIES of your STUPID white anglo man rule world.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this worst-post:

*Again. I’m kinda regretful about my generalisations in this worst-post. That said, I am worstwriter so I’m also gonna stick with them. Perhaps I’m hereby providing too many details about my own prejudices. So to clear things up, how ’bout this? Even though I am angry, bitter and spiteful, I only let it out on stupid white people for they are and have been my nemesis since growing up in my beloved & missed #Americant–and I’m against violence and intimidation as a form of conflict resolution. That said, I don’t know the race of the man-children that attacked the women in the UK (see link). Nor do I know if it’s only stupid white man-children driving those modified diesel redneck vehicles. But what I do know is that rhetoric stirred by right-wing politics that is hate and homophobia seem to be manifesting more and more. Am I wrong?


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