When Lightbulbs In Your Head Turn On But You Can’t Know It

Pretty good answer, dear worst-reader. Madame Warren kinda nails it. In the video above (time-stamp link), a talking-point question is asked that could be applied to almost any issue regarding the fairytale that is #Americant politics. You know, abortion, gun control, taxation, the rich eating the poor, etc. This time, though, the question is about whether or not the united mistakes government should regulate lightbulbs in the context of an overly polluted planet–that it created. That Warren calls-out the question for what it is, i.e. #Americant stinky bullshit framed in mint-julep sauce, is good enough for worst-moi. But what about the audience? I mean, dear worst-reader, I had a hard time watching this video, even though its something akin to a FIRST in #Americant TV. That is, kudos to CNN for holding the first ever mainstream political broadcast dealing solely with a polluted planet–created by the main polluter: #Americant. The way Warren (and other candidates) have to talk in this TV show, how they have to address the audience–let alone deal with the questions being asked–made me cringe. Yet, unlike the vastness of internet pornography, that makes me cringe even worse (waaaay too much genitalia and fluids!), I was able to get through some of this. My worst-point being: who are these candidates really talking to? Even with such a great call-out, does this mean that #Americants, i.e. those who have facilitated so much STUPID to enable #Trump, are finally gonna wake up from the(ir) nightmare dream? Hardly, eh.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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