Rare Moment Corporatist Creativity?

cello case

As worst-writer has always worst-said: the rarest commodity (product worth anything) within not just The Corporation but the corporate mindset… is creativity. For it is the one huuuuuge element, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, that the rest of us must endure if/when all-things go haywire or, possibly, shoot us to the heavens. When it goes haywire, like a seething wound, bound by thick puss on the verge of hardening–but never quite hardening enough–the minions of a corporate and neo-fascist world wait in the wings entertained or disgusted–all in the name of shareholder value. But don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. There are a few cases of gallant corporate effort. Steve Jobs comes to my worst-mind, don’t you know. Even though I would never have wanted to work with/for him, I’m a big fan on account he was able to take his crazies to new levels and thereby quite literally change the world. Carlos Ghosn, on the other hand, is quite the opposite when it comes to being a creative corporatist. Or am I wrong? For he did come up with a pretty keen way of escaping Japanese corporate $hitbag justice. If the story is true, see link below, he escaped bat$hit corporate Japanese justice by hiding in a musical instrument case and then hopping on a private jet that managed to sneak him out of a country without showing his freaking passport. That alone should get him arrested anywhere in the world. But let’s not mix hairs here, or? Like most corporatists, the man got away with it with no consequences. Just like so many others. Talk about golden parachutes.

Rant on.



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